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  1. Yes! My thoughts exactly. Though not enough humble pie was given to EY/DY I’ll take a little bit of comfort in CEO Wang’s scathing remarks. WDR/DR just got too boring towards the end. We only got a hug in their penultimate reunion? Such a dud... Grandma/MH #1 til the end. She and HJ were definitely my favorites in this drama. ??? Friends another drama in the books. It was nice watching with you! Catch ya in other threads!
  2. About our OTP: I don’t picture JR to just let her go & sit on the sidelines. I guess we’ll see... I’m most excited about atty’s Mama boy/Ms. Dan relationship progression. I thought CEO atty would be thrown in the mix as well. Really liking the latter.
  3. Not mad at this show at all. WQ/ZS just too cute! Another one in the books. I’ll just take my OTP moments with me.
  4. Someone is obviously keeping track of the discharge date. So cute! Was not expecting this bit of info, let alone the source.
  5. This drama looks cute. I tried to dive into a few episodes, but the subs don’t seem up to par. Plus, I feel choppy editing too. Are there any quality subs out there?
  6. What in the Ms. Hong is going on? Why does everyone get to know SJ is sick before he does? What happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? (Only in Dramas I guess) So much to speak on, but it would take forever to put down. -SJ/SY romance just went 0-60 like so fast. Yes, I do want my OTP together. But, now it doesn’t feel organic. I don’t want SY to seem “forced” into marriage. Not sure if I’m saying it right... I don’t doubt that she loves him, but there are other factors to consider. I just hope his illness is a misdiagnosis or curable. Poor SY has been thru so much. -SK please girl... Last pity party. Grow a backbone... This character is so frustrating. If you look at the big picture, life isn’t all that bad. I’m just saying compared to SJ/SY/SD etc...
  7. I knew SJ wouldn’t disappoint! SJ & SY are so cute. I’m guessing SY told SJ the honest truth. So, they’re starting off on a clean slate for sure. I can’t wait for subs! Cute moments between the OTP aplenty today!
  8. The husband has too much of an upperhand. It seems he catches on real quick that MR is HK. Despite having received the operation she still can’t rest. It’s that darn purple dress!
  9. I love the little actress Shin Ri-Nah DI. Hope to see more of her future works.
  10. Ms. Hong never runs out of lies... I’ve given up on SH to think for himself. I trust that SJ won’t be swayed by the lies. For SY, I hope she can finally let SJ know her side of things.
  11. I’m liking this... YIN/LDW are great! I’m sold based on 3rd episode. I hope that by the end of this YIN character will actually be a real lawyer. I don’t really care about the actress thing, but it would be icing on the cake if you got a comeback too. I don’t know much about LSW character. Write ups have been OTP focused, his casting got lost in translation. He was a lead in his last drama, surprised he’s playing 2nd fiddle here. At any rate I look forward to see how the show progresses.
  12. Ms. Hong is on another level! I feel for SH is this regard, but with SY I don’t. He had his chance. SJ telling SY to “use” him & not caring why. Gosh, SY hurry and realize that you do have feelings for him. He essentially gave her an out. Even if the truth comes forward it won’t even matter because SJ already “expected” it. SK- I’m really rooting for her. Golf teacher might be suspect, but I say just go for it. I sincerely hope she finds her happily ever after at the end of this. No to redeeming her father. SJ is the only family I want her to care about. Everyone else could poof! Be gone!
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