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  1. Date night! Can’t wait for our lovely couple to make it official!
  2. Waiting is getting intense. The thread has been slow, need news on our lovely couple. I have been revisiting past interviews & of course Dots episodes.
  3. HJ is a piece of work! Couldn’t she for one day stop throwing a tantrum because nothing is going her way? Her stepbro came to visit for the first time & of course there she goes showing her behind. The Queen Mother per usual goes to her room upset AGAIN & orders TJ dad/Stepmom to get out. HJ is her mini me for sure. TJ’s father is nice, but he needs to step it up & put his mother in check. Now they’re upset over how he spent his money? The way he spends it is his business. That’s it! HJ isn’t entitled to it. BTW- I love how TJ can work with GH and freeze her out at the same time.
  4. Tomorrow another cringeworthy episode. I keep thinking when GH will wake up. She lost TJ bye girl! I want him to be transferred now & have a hot bad @as detective partner. Ha! Bio mom is on neutral ground with me. In some episodes, she was described worse than Chairman. Hope she has some hidden artillery to help her son. I think the lawyer she’s trusting is being shady. It’s probably CJ that will buy the rest of her buildings. Plus, I believe he just bought the chicken shop building too & will eventually kick HJ out.
  5. GH really messed up big time! She chooses to ignore TJ feelings regarding DH. So, ultimately he ended it with her because over and over she kept choosing DH. Actions speak louder than words... TJ throwing down with GH at the gym was kinda much, but why do I feel happy about it? Maybe that will wake her up. I want her to feel the pain of losing TJ & be the one to win him over. Her family knows that it feels wrong with DH around, but they don't say anything. WR needs some discipline, that little girl has been coddled all her life to make up for not having her father around. Enough is enough! TJ family irks me. All the grandmother does is yell at people to go to her room & sits there looking po'd. TJ dad & HJ what in the what? I'm so happy stepmother finally said something. They treated her like a servant. I feel bad for her, she longs for her son to be around because she's lonely in that house. In fairness to TJ- he wasn't the one who wanted GH to leave WR so they can marry. He of all people knows what it's like living w/o a mother. He couldn't possibly ask GH to go through with it. He was still trying even though conflict kept creeping up. He got a place for them to live in! He has the ring! Plus, he told his dad that he's pushing thru with the marriage. If that's not trying I don't know what is. GH turn to show him that she feels the same.
  6. Best GF award to GH!! Lol She doesn’t get it. So clueless this one. I get that she’s trying to be careful cuz of WR. Stop using WR as an excuse, it’s getting old. Re: DH/WR it’s just a bit much. GH should put her foot down & limit contact between the two. What really irked me other than her treatment of TJ, is the fact the DH has slimed his way into GH house and was all up in her room. Poor TJ, get your hard earned savings back & void your bank loan. Miss Clueless won’t know your worth until you’re gone.
  7. Did I miss the part where the main lead get replaced? Did the writer change? Why make TJ the bad guy regarding Woori? In fairness, he told her to sit & wait for GH. The kid was impatient. I don't find him at fault. My recollection this incident happened before... Writer must come up with something else. Not buying it. TJ might be a little preoccupied w/ mom's ties loan shark fam. TJ put your head down, get back to the main branch & put that case to rest. Say bye to GH for now, she getting on my nerves. You need to let her miss & appreciate you. Starting to dislike GH anyway. She's wishy washy & giving DH hope. I guess Bora took care of that... Guess, I'm going to miss next weeks episodes.
  8. Coming out of hiding just to say how frustrating it is to watch now. Been skipping/FF because I feel like every episode has been the same. TJ/GH bickering. At odds with their family. SH/BR girl needs to step back. She's just crying. DH/GH why does she keep interacting with him if she doesn't want his affection? Today I noticed that GH stood closer to DH instead of TJ outside confrontation. The girl says she loves TJ, but shows opposite. A simple text to TJ, hey meeting w/ the person you hate, he has info on SH. GH character confuses me. Team TJ on this. He just needs to cut his losses & work diligently to have enough clout to bring DH family down. Maybe date a couple of girls... I'm done! Going back underground. Peace out!
  9. C'mon I'm ready for some romance! Dr. Song/Kwak bring it on! Very cute coupling!
  10. Watched it w/ subs... Super sad. TJ's family is being cruel and unrealistic. I would love nothing more for them to be together, but not at WR's expense. Either TJ stand his ground or GH I know it's going to be difficult need to let go. I'm letting go the next few episodes go by. I'll just lurk...
  11. If I were TJ I wouldn't let GH do that. He knows how it feels to be abandoned by a parent. I would be very disappointed with TJ if he allows it. I watched without subs. Does GH mom like the idea of DH for her to marry? What the heck?' She doesn't know he punched her son... SH hopefully will continue to support his sister.
  12. IKR? Yes, it's all about communication. GH should've been honest about everything DH. Her mother, Woori, & bro doesn't know what's going on. DH is the adult, he should know better too.
  13. This weeks episodes have been hard to watch... How about everyone try telling the truth instead of saying "it's nothing" Seems like TJ/GH is going to hit a rough patch. It's understandable that GH wanted to protect Woori, but she hesitated too long. I'm afraid her "friendship" w/ DH will be awkward towards TJ... When did WR start rebelling GH?
  14. TJ's family is so frustrating! Just because the G/ma & HJ took care of him, they're using that against him to feel guilty. That's not love. I'm sorry, but how could they judge Officer Moo so badly w/o getting to know her. All they heard was that she had a kid too. The family was turned upside down! How dare TJ fall in love... Best brother award! Love how SH is supportive of his sister. Officer Moo hang on to TJ. Let him bond Woori.
  15. Yaasss! Wookie took his kiss scene with Ji Hyun to the next, next, next level!