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  1. I’m liking this... YIN/LDW are great! I’m sold based on 3rd episode. I hope that by the end of this YIN character will actually be a real lawyer. I don’t really care about the actress thing, but it would be icing on the cake if you got a comeback too. I don’t know much about LSW character. Write ups have been OTP focused, his casting got lost in translation. He was a lead in his last drama, surprised he’s playing 2nd fiddle here. At any rate I look forward to see how the show progresses.
  2. Ms. Hong is on another level! I feel for SH is this regard, but with SY I don’t. He had his chance. SJ telling SY to “use” him & not caring why. Gosh, SY hurry and realize that you do have feelings for him. He essentially gave her an out. Even if the truth comes forward it won’t even matter because SJ already “expected” it. SK- I’m really rooting for her. Golf teacher might be suspect, but I say just go for it. I sincerely hope she finds her happily ever after at the end of this. No to redeeming her father. SJ is the only family I want her to care about. Everyone else could poof! Be gone!
  3. That’s right! I keep forgetting the raws are out there... Heol
  4. I couldn’t resist and was very bad! Lol The last episode’s last half was subbed... It’s out there if anyone is interested...
  5. The thread became active, thought new episodes were subbed... LOL Yes, needs to be addressed at some point. WQ shouldn’t be mad or stay mad considering all his trickery from the beginning with her. WQ/ZS have come a long way.
  6. Things just got so good with 20/21! I can’t wait for the next subbed episodes! Thankful for who sub & upload. WQ is killing me slowly with that smile... dimples.
  7. I noticed too. Was she told to eat hesitantly? I don’t think she likes eating on camera.
  8. -I’m getting very impatient with the OTP being a couple. We’re past 50 episodes now & still the same thing. -I feel like SH is lurking just around the corner every time SJ/ES are together... -SD finally got feisty! But, she needs to stop herself being messy. All the secrets will be flowing out. -I wish SK would grow a backbone. The writer made her so pitiful, it’s just sad. The girl needs a hug & just wants to be loved. I hope she’ll be able to turn it around on those meanies.
  9. WQ’s mother is unredeemable. She is actually lucky to have such a capable son who not only kept the art gallery afloat, but grew the company. WQ does all the work. His mother reaps the financial benefits hating her son. WQ not only suffers from his mother’s cold attitude towards him, he gets grief from her brother too. XF told ZS that WQ used to get bullied by the uncle back in the day. Can’t stand them! I would love for WQ to kick her out of YM & cut her off.
  10. Love WQ’s true confession to ZS. I need her to at least be open to the idea of being with him, not just MC. She clearly knows her love is one sided. I’m getting impatient & for me starting to get monotonous.
  11. Just finished watching episode 15 sub... Living for this drama! Yan Xi is doing the most with his dimples! He’s just so swoony!
  12. I can’t stand to watch DR suffer over and over... I just wish she told WDR about it first. Going to sit a few episodes out. My poor heart isn’t cut out for this. I personally don’t find DR “birth secret” a huge deal vs. Mr. Kang previous life history. At this time It should be happy news that father/daughter reunited. The other bomb will be bigger and more damaging.
  13. I can’t stop with this train wreck. I’m watching this dumb show for what? All the characters are so unlikeable. I include SJ too because of his dispicable family. He’s a cutie though. I will say this about SY as much as they push her down, she isn’t a doormat. OTP has visual appeal. Please stop bickering & start getting close. Writer must be a glutton for punishment. So much abuse being done on the show to the characters. When will it get better?
  14. So much to love just with this show! I mean ep.8 alone... Off the top of my head? - OTP such a sweet kiss. It was done so naturally & beautifully. - JH’s squad is goals! Love the relationship with his family & friends. It’s refreshing that his bff w/ a crush remembered that’s what she is a bff. She did what she had to do for her friend. - Mr. Nam big teddy bear who doesn’t want him in their corner? OTP’s biggest cheerleader. He’s funny too! - Secretary/Restaurant Owner bickering antics leading to love... Too much to write why I love this show. I will just leave it at that. My fingers will fall off. Until the next episode friends!