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  1. Uee’s look elevated to a new level after marriage. She looks amazing! Not sure if intentional on the stylist part to coincide with wedded bliss? IDK I love it! -
  2. SHK just keeps getting more beautiful with time. At this point in her career she is still blessed with great projects and new CF's piling on to her impressive resume. I know between her and her hubby, she is more tight lipped about sharing details of their romance. I hope to see them together again in something or anywhere. I just love this couple!
  3. My guess is because we were introduced to him having cheated on her. We later find this to be false. Also, if he loved her so much why couldn't he protect her during the marriage? He didn't treasure her when she was around. Yes, we can't blame him entirely because she had a hand in the marriage too. We have yet to see how their marriage crumbled.
  4. You got me! I’m thinking I like the actual actor, not his character.
  5. Ratings wise the show is doing great! Like others have mentioned it’s a cable network. Why we tripping? I do enjoy the other show for different reasons *cough*(CJH)? Encounter is on it’s own level other shows can’t compare. IMHO I’m seriously developing 2nd lead syndrome for now. WS hasn’t showed any ill will toward SY yet. I’m afraid his greed to love her will rear it’s ugly head... I was sad that she returned his gift. Does she realize all the bts stuff he’s doing for her? Poor rich, smart, & beautiful SY... 2 guys falling for her to boot? Love her though!
  6. The preview shows that Mr. Kang accidentally leaves a picture of DR out. I don’t fault him for this, it’s his room. I advise him to lock his door at all times. Why does his coworker roam in & out of his room freely anyway? Since Mr. Kang is a staff member his room would be exempt from her cleaning duties. Who’s next to go DY? I still put my money on her to uncover the birth secret.
  7. This drama kills me. Going to sit a few episodes out. I can’t handle the angst of our OTP. They’re so cute together...
  8. Loving this drama more with each episode. I’m kinda feeling her ex husband. He’s not so terrible. He really loves her! I’m not excusing her ex MIL, but it’s coming from a place of love for her son. She knows he’s still in love with her. Also, it kinda seems in her twisted way that CSY can only be and will be her only daughter in law. I’m more a SHK fan. I must say that PBG is growing on me. He looked especially handsome in episode 3. I might’ve mentioned it before, but I was a skeptic & questioning SHK’s choice for a comeback. I won’t doubt her again.
  9. Does the bad guy find out about WS? It’s so early to be found out already.
  10. BJS doesn’t get the girl? No!!!!!! Kang for me too pushy and in your face. Stalkerish in the way he inserts himself in LDR’s life. ie) Changing departments & following her to the store... Clinger!
  11. Not for nothing Hyun Bin is so handsome! Not completely sold on this yet. I will say that TVN is really winning these days. The quality of their shows are just amazing!
  12. Pretty good episodes this week! - You call that a honeymoon? If you say so... Pretty greedy with OTP being happy. - Love Aunt HJ! Now grandma BFF Shim Chun. I know she annoys some, but she’s my favorite! She makes me laugh with her English & no holds barred attitude. She doesn’t care about status. Just to bridge the gap with Mr. Kang, she’d set up a transport service! Lol The woman is in love! - Can’t nosey grandma be quiet? I hope she knows more of Mr. Kang story to vouch he’s a good person. Dreading the truth bomb. Can’t someone just pull the pin out and get on with it? -DY has to find out everything! I’m going to call her Reporter from now on & her mother Network. Next week again
  13. KDR looks lovely in her wedding gown! I think she might be crying about how her “dad” isn’t alive to be there on her wedding day. I’m tired of the are they going to marry or not scenario. Stop messing with the OTP! Lol