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  1. I’m enjoying PK/BuJa relationship. I hope she’ll be ok.
  2. [Drama 2017-2018] Jugglers 저글러스

    Daniel Choi and Baek Jin-hee are so cute! Happy that their feelings for each other is known. Can’t wait for ep.10!
  3. Love this couple! They’re definitely using SongSong’s playbook. She was “shining” in her gown. Simply gorgeous! Congrats to her for bringing one for the team. (They deserved more) Of, course she had to mention her partner... During this part, got so many feels.
  4. Morning! Why am I still seeing the photoshopped pics of the Songs on IG? Lol We all have our way of shipping... The thing is we don’t need to do that. They’re legit & their wedding photos are beautiful!
  5. DH/Dad- No punishment for that Grumpy man? DH looks happy even in jail? Still rich w/ the big house. Nothing has changed... The Moo family is so forgiving. Is that even possible? Seeing how awful the Jin family is and GH pain of her husbands death was cause by that family... I can’t even fathom. We didn’t get to see a Wedding. We didn’t even get a time jump of GH/TJ married life. They had 120 episodes to work that in. Too much time on the grandma sulking in her room being unhappy. So it’s not the ending I envisioned... The end game was TJ/GH got back together. I guess I can be happy about that. I would recommend ep.119 for the cute proposal.
  6. @Nancyzak Rain being on Three Meals A Day is a no brainer. He is such a foodie. Watched him on Please Take Cate Of My Refrigerator boy doesn’t joke about food. Lol
  7. 3 more episodes! I feel like it’s going to be rushed ending. I would like to see TJ/GH married & show their married life. GH surprise pregnancy perhaps?
  8. And we’re back to Ninja moves! Happy Honeymooning Songs!
  9. Yaasss! It’s official! So many feels I feel so happy that we were able to see it. It’s a beautiful thing that happened today. Love wins!
  10. How is this happening? I wasn’t hoping for much pics. I thought it would be totally private. So much love between the two!
  11. Friends! We’re finally here! We believed in them and didn’t waver. So happy SHK gets her happily ever after with SJK. Oh, to be a fly on the wall on their day...
  12. Rain & TH congrats on the birth of your princess! Seeing Rain’s schedule is packed! But, Daddy’s got to hustle for his fam bam! OT- Seeing how Rain is going to film a variety show, I’ve been dying for him to do Three Meals A Day being a foodie and all. I can only wish.
  13. Date night! Can’t wait for our lovely couple to make it official!