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  1. I love dramas & medical ones are my favorite! I'm so impatient for the subs. It's only subbed until Ep.20. I've watched the rest raw anyway. I wanna know what's going on.
  2. Thank you so much! Getting so many feels from the preview alone. I wish I knew what is being said. Can't wait for Wednesday!
  3. Another ship confirmed.... Sigh When will it be our beloved Song's turn? (IM)patiently waiting! Miss them. Ninjasongs!
  4. How could I forget the "bed" scene? That part adorkable for WJ. He's so confident at work, but when it comes HW, he really turns into mush and shows his dorky side.
  5. Feels like ages ago, it really thought that was the starting point of their relationship. @dhakra My thoughts exactly! Their relationship just naturally progressed.
  6. In my mind they're already dating... They just haven't realized it yet. Haha - bus accident scene, WJ was her HW seatbelt. - spent the day together, brought her home to meet his dad - eating out together intimately - held hands - he stayed w/ her at the hospital. I know my boss wouldn't do that. - they're in touch all the time after work i.e.) texting, walks her home Yes, this weeks episodes were kinda meh in OTP movement... The two still makes my heart skip a beat. HW suggested team outing. WJ agreed so fast and even said they could go by themselves. Oh so subtle way of initiating it a date. Being the boss has his advantages yah WJ? Til next week... I hope for progress. If we have 4 Ep. I hope they'll have time to show us the romance & not rush the ending.
  7. HW is so feisty! She has WJ in her corner. I am kinda disappointed that the romance still hasn't boiled, but I can appreciate the realism of courtship. I'm happy Mgr. Heo will be questioning WJ. At least that will open his eyes to finally realize what she is to him.
  8. Yes, they gave us the wedding & babies... Happy ending right? I love this drama, don't get me wrong. I just feel like BS was selfish in the end. Yes, she's helping others I get it. So disappointed that when MH called, she was irritated with him cuz he needs help w/ the twins. It's a shame it didn't end w/ their little family together in one frame. MH getting punched by his daughter wth? Just my thoughts... Still love MH/BS sweet scenes. Moving on... What about ODP & Sec. Gong! Funny! ODP with his English? Still wearing his accessories? What a scene stealer... It's funny to see him as Manager to Chief Kim to Gangster/ODP. Such a good actor! Going to miss this show... I hate when a drama ends. Need a replacement for Fri/Sat now.
  9. Hi! Just popping in from another thread. Again another great drama I almost passed on. I didn't back read so, not sure if discussed. Sorry in advance. I feel like the culprit could be the Doctor in the future. Something is odd with him for some reason. I guess I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. The actors are all pretty great.
  10. OTP night visit scene gave me Pretty Woman vibes. Finally! Even though it only alluded to the fact... Still happy they showed this side. It's ok, when two people fall in love it's only natural. I don't want it to end. Happy that wedding is our OTP, thought they might be trolling and the ceremony was for BS parents renewal of vows. Only because her dad ran away...
  11. Why am I swooning over Ep.10 preview? The worry, longing, & loving looks WJ gives HW. Oh my feels...
  12. Can anyone help with the OTP ost they've been playing? Really loving that song!