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  1. Hee Jin really is a piece of work. Her husband needs to grow a pair & stand up for himself. HJ is evil of the week. Don't want to know how halmoni going to handle it. Poor TJ he just simply loves her & accepts her situation. I hope Officer Moo can hold on.
  2. Why is it so wrong for TJ to fall in love with Officer Moo? She didn't ask to be widowed early & become a single mom. Why is that so looked down upon? TJ has thought it thru, he said it himself that he wasn't dating Officer Moo casually. I like TJ brother-in-law, but who the heck does Hee Jin think she is? Her hubby isn't "great" Thug mom will probably have Hee Jin turn on him. She's already being blinded by the money.
  3. Book-ja sold Daesung Pulp to Mr. Han for $750 million for the cash. Sorry, can't help with the Seven Princesses, ff that part to be honest.
  4. Love this thread! 100% believed in Songsong. I 100% believe Jiji/Jibong!
  5. I'm so excited for their wedding?! I mean who's a dorko like me that marked their wedding date on my calendar? Lol
  6. Kim Hee Sun just confirmed what we were all thinking... SJK is husbandgoals or partnergoals like HK. Can it get any better? 2 successful people with kind hearts. I always say this, because it's worth saying. I've been a HK fan since AIMH. I would search news about her enthusiastically... Style, beauty, her love life. She's been thru it. I'm just so happy that she didn't settle or close off her heart. Her Prince Charming would come at the right time. So happy for her (them).
  7. My first time watching a daily... Not familiar with the actors playing OTP, but I love them! Officer Moo looks like IU (to me) Where do I begin? So many characters that are extremely hate-able. Don't know who's worse- Drunken Chaebol's Father/drunken chaebol himself/lawyer/Ms. Seo/Officer Cha's sister... I think that's how I would put them in order right now. Frustrating to see the uphill battle SH/Bora are going thru because of status/money. For Officer Moo/CTJ they're climbing Mt. Everest. The fact that she's widowed w/ child she'll need to battle halmoni, CTJ noona, & back in the pic Mother. Ugh! I know it's only a show, but I'm invested now. Love is love!
  8. JCW must've been taking notes from SJK. I'm almost sure that JCW has NJH in his heart. He fell for her unexpectedly like a ton of bricks. In the two years she waits for him, she will have knocked down some of her goals in life... Mentally, I believe she is strong enough to stay in it. She is 21, but I believe she is wise beyond her years. Jijicouple I'm all in!!!
  9. I really want to see the ring! But, I imagine they'll be low key till the big day. I'm still pinching myself!
  10. So sad Hands down my favorite drama of 2017. It was solid all around. We got the I Love You & proposal. Thank you for that. Side Note- (C'mon JW you can afford a larger diamond) Lol Sorry rant- Y'know BH was such a refreshing female lead. In the beginning she was independent & had her own place. It wasn't luxe, but she had her own place. How was she able to afford it then? Cut to last episode, time jump to a year later, she is still living at JH's place sleeping on the couch? Doesn't that apt have a 2nd room? I mean she was paying rent. I'm pretty sure her pay is more than enough to get a place. It just bugged me! -End rant Going to end on a positive note. I love, love, love the realness of JW/BH relationship progression. I'm really going to miss this show.
  11. And our OTP... back to regularly scheduled programming! Bittersweet I'm not ready to let them go tomorrow. They just got back together. I hope we a proposal at least... Please no rushed ending.
  12. This guy can't be real! Wait, he is!
  13. Hello! I noticed he has ships w/ his other co-stars. Does he usually stay silent or flat out deny?
  14. Hi! I agree with you 100%! Something is definitely happening. The very least a wonderful friendship!
  15. I keep thinking about their announcement. I'm sure they didn't want to announce it b4 BI premier, but the way they did it. They basically gave a big FU to MBC- Boom! We're getting MARRIED! Either go big or go home right? The Song's are so gangster! I love it!