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  1. Sorry long post: I'm not clear as to how the friend was pegged as the traitor. Also, wasn't he part of that Bali group? What could be a possible reason for him to betray SHK trust. I've never read anything negative about her as a person. In fact, she is a do gooder. I don't get the hate for her at all. All I can say is jealousy. She's got it all. Wealth, fame, looks, & hottie boyfie. Plus, other than looking good on cam, she can actually act. This is something you would see in a drama. The time right now is focusing on JK movie. Now because of prior agency statements, some fans are angry with them because they look like liars. Was it so hard to let them release the news on their own terms? If you really think about, they have been steering the ship themselves all along. It's what you see is what you get. It might've not been verbalized, but there are enough "coincidences" to know they're real. It will be harder now for us to get any hints. I hope this makes them stronger.
  2. Totally forgot about BH other "dad" I was thinking pair BH mom w/ Chief Bang.
  3. What was supposed to be a beautiful memory has turned into somewhat of a nightmare. In Kyo's world seems you can't trust anyone. Allegedly the "friend" sold her private IG pics to MBC. Unprofessional on all levels. Starting with the staff at the resorts in Bali. You can't stop them from talking amongst themselves, but an interview on tv? Really? Is there no privacy anymore? True, I was excited knowing they were vacationing together. We're waiting patiently, not time to announce the relationship. This is not how it should be done by using using tricks. I hope there relationship will withstand this storm.
  4. Stupid question- Does Bong Hee have a bathroom & where? Does she have to share with office & clients? JW has a huge place. Just curious I guess...
  5. 1.Can JW and JH just date in real life already? I love that this drama actually depicts how relationships are supposed to be when 2 people are in love. Yes! They hug, kiss, cuddle, & sleep together. I hate it when the girl just stays still or acts surprised that her bf is kissing her... 2. I hope they introduce another female character for EH that is worthy. Neither of the prosecutors won't sit well with me. The ex had a choice and she ruined their friendships. She should just focus on herself. Can't speak of the other one, but one of my fave scenes is the fight between her BH.
  6. I didn't want to jump on board the ship, but I can't help it. They're too cute not to ship right? I don't know how JW is with his other co-stars. I once seen a q&a with him and Yoona (felt friendly) I didn't feel their was a connection. With JH (sparks galore) I can picture them still keeping in touch when filming is done. I would hope they do and JH can be support during military. Just like with Rain+KTH it can be done. Also, LMH+Suzy are making a go of it too.
  7. JiBong Couple! I'm a very diehard Songsong shipper. I have same feeling & vibes with bts. You can't fake that closeness. It could be the start of something, who knows... Hope they continue to communicate while he's in the army.
  8. Thank you! Have been wondering if a thread has been made. Here it is!
  9. SHK is going to support her man. She most likely will attend the screening incognito, No red carpet & probably won't sit next to him, but close by. She wouldn't want to take away attention from his movie. Whatever the decision is, I'm sure they talked about it.
  10. Yes! All the current shows I was watching have all ended. I was in a "drought" But, I have landed here and I'm staying here. JCW/NJH WOW! I normally don't ship JCW w/ his OTP partners (Yoona) came close. NJH is sweet and a breath of fresh air. Tell me why she was third choice? It's clear to me she should've been THE choice. This show would have a different vibe if it wasn't her. They're so good together.
  11. SongSong/Kikyo Couple missing you guys. Keep re-watching my favorite parts of DOTS and fanvids to hold me over until the next move. I guess I just wanted to comment today. Reading sad news about KWB just shows life is too short. You can't take anything for granted. Hope their dreams of love & family come to fruition. Don't let the chance pass you by.
  12. I will keep myself in check (for now) Could it really be? Guys just don't don't go around mentioning family & marriage unless he has someone & specifically this year? Love him! He has always been open about his feelings for her. So brave of him to make such an announcement. You'd think at the peak of his career, marriage & starting a family wouldn't be on his radar. It's his first wish of all things... I keep going back to the beginning, starting with his non-denial "denial" on that news program. Neither agency squashed said romance. When I first started watching DOTS, it had me at hello. I knew it was going to be special. Waiting for the icing on the cake!
  13. Yes! I want a season 2.