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    For all of us who still miss the drama, SHK and her styling team yesterday went to the same restaurant where JinSoo went! I think they even sat at the same table or around it if you compare the picture shared by her stylist and the one taken by bgmyh1316. Credit as tagged.
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    Yes, indeed the author has more credibility about the perfect chemistry between SHK and PBG. Thanks for sharing this. I've no doubt about our love for PBG, SHK and Boyfriend, though I do understand that everyone is different and some may not see the overflowing chemistry between the leads. It's obvious to us because we're in love with their awesome acting and chemistry. We've seen the growth of KJH since ep 1 till ep 16 and he has definitely become a man of good stead to take care of CSH. Admittedly, he was a young boy at the start, out to explore the world and lived his life freely with no burden. Yet the moment he fell in love with CSH, his life became focused on loving her and doing all he could to protect her and shield her from harm, to the extent of handling CSH's MIL and Mother with honesty and courage. We've seen how KJH persuaded CSH not to give up on them by suggesting a lay-off period and till the end, we've seen how he persevered to love her in his own quiet ways, by not letting go of her, though she suggested the breakup with him, triggered by his mum, the last straw so to speak. I can't think of anyone else who is able to bring us the great dynamics and off-the-chart chemistry between PBG and SHK in bringing their love story and problems alive and giving so much depth and width to their characters. PBG may be young but he did such a great job as KJH. SHK is so good at making the gap disappear that not every noona is able to. She makes one feel that falling in love with an awesome, handsome younger guy is the best thing to happen ever. She showed viewers how she could be cared for so lovingly by her younger half. Their emotions are explosive. When you're crying and feeling so heartbroken when they're sad, and rejoicing like an idiot when they're happy, and longing to see their passionate moments......wishing you're there to feel the heated kisses.....you know how GOOD PBG and SHK really are. Even after Boyfriend has ended and you still YEARN to see them in the same frame........despite the age gap, their chemistry has been absolutely magical! Yes, they're both so good that they deserve the Top Excellence Awards, the highest of the highest.
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    Dropping by to post this excerpt from an article on SHK's Elle Interview" "Despite the 12-year age difference, Song Hye-kyo was loved by many viewers for her perfect chemistry with Park Bo Gum."Source: http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=587254 The article and its author has more credibility, right?
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    @gumtaek n @jl08 very well said.. Encounter has become one of the best melodrama with so many achievement that its already got..we, that saw this drama from the start, understand very well the beauty of this drama,what kind of message that the writer want to convey to us through SHK n PBG with CSH n KJH character..n it suited them very well,I even imagine that out there,there is someone named Cha So Hyun n Kim Jin Hyuk (yes,up to that extent)
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    so here was day 5 choices which everyone had! did your brain get trained well over the four days that it was easy to guess? thanks to everyone for playing along, participating, taking a peek or bringing food! @tas82 @Sejabin @Ameera Ali @Matilda_Anne @mouse007 @Sarang21 @Dhakra @ktcjdrama @packmule3 @triplem @staygold @kokodus @Lawyerh @Table122000 @stroppyse @lynne22 @angelangie @LyraYoo @dotonly @bairama @USAFarmgirl @nrllee @joonminfan thanks to @bebebisous33 @phikyl @stroppyse for their inputs and ideas for this event. re: @sushilicious : we will tally and post the winners soon. hope you all had fun. see you all at the next event!
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    What a journey! Every artiste played their character so well, from our beloved ML & GTY, to our second leads QH & WIFE, everyone from Sheng Family (Beloved granny, SH, DaNiang, RL, HL, CB, Molan), Shitou & XiaoTao, Rong'er, Danju, Mdm Zhang, even DaNiang's maidservant, to our protagonists, Mdm Qin, Aunty Kang, Aunty Wang, even MN. Relationships and love goes beyond our OTP of ML - GTY. Granny - ML, GTY- Shitou, ML - XiaoTao & Danju, Rong'er - ML & GTY, CB - GTY, ML - Mdm Zhang, QH - wife were all very heartwarming and lovely to watch. I've laughed at GTY's antics, CB's hilarious actions, DaNiang's amusing expressions; I've cried with ML over the mum's passing, granny's poisoning, and finally in her desperate attempt to save GTY, cried with Rong'er to witness the death of her own mum, and when she finally called ML "mum"; I've smiled at the sweetness and little intimate moments between ML - GTY. Loved both the explosive GTY, and the more subtle, quiet and subdued ML; full of wisdom granny, straightforward RL, and comical DaNiang & CB. Cheered when those that ML extended help to came back to show support, friendship, and loyalty from Mdm Zhang, Yanran, the Sheng's couz, Danju. Really liked the friendship formed btw ML and QH's wife under the most unlikely circumstances It has its flaws and shortcomings, but pulled enough heartstrings, and gave enough hope to keep me going. It's a relatively "quiet" slice of life family drama, and I've enjoyed the subtleties of things, appreciated the suffering & limitations for women during the era, and loved the various relationships, that goes beyond blood and family. It's not a perfect show, but definitely worth every minute of the time watching (and re-watching). It's been a great 1.5 months watching TSOML; reading & discussing the difference thoughts, perspectives, insights and analysis of the show and characters, sharing of spoilers, previews and bts, historical facts, and translations. Thank you @cherubstomato @linhlinh111 @Golden Flower @nichiwoohee @dancingbee @lclarakl @Suzzy San @frenchfan @dito@minglan1@mooose @minoku2209 @leeza77 @jewelsc @hello210 @matrim @zenya22 @Jackie1048 @sava2sava @heatherbee @greenwatch08 @UnniSarah @lilkat75 @fra8
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    To those who believe that there are supposed to be no Sunny and Wang Shik romance since the beginning Some in this thread and many in SNS are trying to say how Sunny and Wang Shik were not supposed to be couple, just partner with same goal...I just remembered today that Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk together presented the couple awards in 2018. Here's what they had to say on their love line.. Choi Jin Hyuk Jang Na Ra So they were presenting couple awards..CJH clearly told he wanted to have the couple award with Hwangu Mama and JNR clearly said though at this moment they're more focused in revenge than love but by next year they're supposed to fall in love. So she asked for support and interest from the viewers. If anyone is interested to see the video i'm leaving the link bellow. It starts from 1:26:30. So you see The Last Empress not only promised us Sunny - Wang Shik romance to the viewers but also to it's actors. Surely Choi Jin Hyuk and Jang Nara knew what they were talking about. So if the production don't want to go through the promise we'll know they had changed the story line at the last moment and obviously deceived us.
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    Could anyone recognize the actor who is playing the chaebol Lee Gang Joon, OYS's stalker? @turtle0217 KJR will defend her as lawyer too... because so far, OYS couldn't prove that the chaebol was a stalker and had set up a trap for her. No one believed her when she claimed being a victim of that chaebol, the existence of the articles KJR read proved that she tried to get rid of him with the media but it didn't work out. In fact, the articles got forgotten as the drug scandal occurred. LGJ used the drug scandal to discredit her and ensure that no one would believe her accusation. He used the same weapon than her (media)... so this stalker is a huge opponent. He has power, money and can influence the media. In my opinion, KJR will have to use a different approach to get rid of him: exposing him as stalker won't be enough. From my point of view, he might start investigate this man in order to find any dirt on him, then ask SW and YR for help.
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    Well said, chingus. Can they name any other actor and actress that can portray the roles? Cha soo hyun should be portrayed by an actress that is really so beautiful and good in acting to bring out the love and emotion from her love interest , Kim jin hyuk. KJH on the other hand should be portrayed by an actor that in a way is similar to the character KJH and a green grape( to borrow the word) to be able to express his emotions naturally. Boyfriend is not for everyone, just like any other drama. But it get more attention in both good and bad ways that any other drama. Never in my life i defended a drama, an actor / actress, characters but because boyfriend is one of a kind, like a rare gem, i'm more than willing to do it.
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    So true , after watching with subs, it's clear that unlike his CEO and colleague ( mama's boy) , who are still star struck , he sees her real worth and understands the agony she's going through ( though she puts up a brave front) . My favourite bit was in the car towards the end of eps 4 when he told her that the victim need not suffer further and should go live a full happy life. I love the way their relationship is progressing - she's also bringing some colour and much needed smiles into his life. ============== @intrariver I was actually quite taken aback by the stalker in the apartment of their client, which was of course a foreshadowing of Jin Shim's own stalker problems. It's crazy and extremely creepy that JS's stalker has been tapping her phone and privy to all her calls. In fact at the start of eps 4 after the scarf scene, the camera panned out shakily - someone's stalking them and I suppose it is this chaebol guy who's tapping her phone. But this bit does give the drama some substance , or else it will be boring. I also like how every episode has a case that it deals with , so its not entirely just romance ...though given the amazing chemie of our OTP, I am not complaining with romance being front and centre ======= Anyhow I also like OTP 2's romance ( SW_YR) . A lot of angst in this one. Dated for 7 years before breaking up - so very curious as to what really led to the break up- I don't really buy the whole bit about her selfishness or self centredness to be honest. Very good response by k nets for eps 4- of heart fluttering moments, LDW's gorgeous visuals (poke @zagigirl) and the creepy stalker Credit to : https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/touch-your-heart-ep-4-spoilers-lee-dong.html In DRAMA [Touch Your Heart] Ep 4 spoilers, Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2019 Article: Naver 'Touch Your Heart' "Heart fluttering texts before sleeping" Lee Dong Wook x Yoo In Na, love that's getting deeper (ft. stalking) 1. [+517,-21] This is so sweet that I smiled till my mouth ripped. But the ending gave me goosebumps. I hope the JinJung couple only walk the sweet path. ㅠㅠㅠ 2. [+271,-6] The stalking gave me goosebumps. The person who hit Jung Rok's head in the preview, I hope he falls down while walking. 3. [+262,-11] I screamed when I saw the stalker under the sofa... It's embarrassing. Lucky that my house is a studio and there's nothing much in here. 4. [+132,-12] Lee Dong Wook's gaze made my heart flutter. 5. [+124,-12] This drama is really interesting. Is that 3rd generation chaebol who's eyeing on Oh Jin Shim a stalker too? 6. [+41,-2] Lee Dong Wook is going to help Yoo In Na when she's in danger.. Ah, she's so adorable when she's jealous today. They leave me smiling. To be honest, when I saw the water bottle lying on the floor, I went, "No way." But it really happened. I was so surprised that I kicked my blankets. 7. [+43,-16] It's interesting~! 8. [+24,-0] Watching the ending, it seems like the 3rd generation chaebol is still hacking Oh Jin Shim's phone.... 9. [+20,-0] I screamed together when the stalker appeared.. At that instant, it seemed more like a horror drama than a romance drama.. I had goosebumps. Article: Naver 'Touch Your Heart' Yoo In Na explodes in jealousy.. Weak at Lee Dong Wook's smiles 1. [+551,-17] I think it'd be good if the two date for real after the drama. 2. [+228,-1] I was shocked at the person under the bed. It was so scary. 3. [+189,-7] This couple is really cute. 4. [+136,-6] This drama is interesting. 5. [+142,-13] Their acting is natural. 6. [+29,-1] It'd be strange if she doesn't get jealous. 7. [+31,-4] The ending... I'm still having goosebumps at the guy who's stalking Yoo In Na.. KakaoTalk hacking. 8. [+21,-3] Look at Lee Dong Wook's visual... It's insane. ahahahha...I try not to ship drama OTPs but they have such great fun and chemistry even off air .. especially after cute cuts like this ...at 1:30 This was a k nets comment
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    I understand your feeling but you need to read the whole thread before you give your damn opinion because everyone in this thread is positively loving the drama.If you don't appreciate it and feeling some miscasting about the drama then I must tell you this - you are not welcome here,dear! Create your own thread that will support your sentiments because we enjoy our stay here doing and writing positive comments about our beloved drama and until now to be honest I miss them so much , my JinSoo couple. And if happens someone is dissing it here in their own thread that is created for them then I can't allow that because I can't be able to sleep. It just happened that you dissed my baby drama and I am not allowing it. If those lines u were quoting about the dialogues of Encounter - let me clear about this - lines or dialogues become powerful depending who delivers it and even if those dialogues are delivered million times - PBG ans SHK delivered it differently . They delivered it with perfect portrayal of their roles, and within the context of their roles and scenes. One more thing, if you just watch it you will know that Jin Hyuk is a man in his late 20's and in his early 30's so In sung, Ji Sub and Dong gun is not fitted for the role since they are in their late 30's and early 40's and to say about your so-called chemistry - We all here see, feel and love the "Explosive Chemistry" of Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo. They are the right actor and actress to portray in this drama. Sorry for answering you like this but please don't take down the sanctity of this thread because we love this forum and we only want to spread positive remarks with each other about Encounter. This is my first and last answer about your comment. Sorry Chingus!
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    This is the most beautiful I'll upgrade these rings once every year for you. Why? Because they're not at the same level with your other jewelry. That's true. This one is the most beautiful. My heart is full of you. Unlike the friends you used to like, I can't go away or disappear. All I think about is you. Until the day you take your last breath, I'll be by your side
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    Chingu I'm crushing big time on our hot lawyer and have a big girl crush on our actress I'm going to go crazy when they finally kiss.
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    alright guys. i already read the naver article. btw, i'm just gonna point out the main points... "the meeting between KJK's former (HJY) loveline and current (SJH) loveline". HH said: "now, KJK's former loveline and the current loveline are all in one place". and later HH added, "the couple i'm rooting for is 김종국♥송지효 (KJK♥SJH), i felt sorry for HJY".
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    I believe Gu Ting Ye's wish of a passionate and clingy wife came to a circle after the incident of Auntie Kang at her birth of their son. Ming Lan practically hung onto him with her dear life. She screamed at her nightmares and he does his best to pacify her. Note that now she did not handle the situation by herself. At that time, Gu Ting ye armed himself with a sword at all times. Because he need to clam his wife down, he even did not responds to the Emperor's request ... that was in the act too. Loved Sitou's over protectiveness of Xiaotao and Sitou is also a rank officer hence Xiaotao is wearing a Lady outfit. Xiaotao is no longer a maid and she comes by often to chit chat with Ming Lan. Such a sweet ending ...
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    My Thoughts on Ep 439 I find it funny that HH points out all these things spartace do, because to any spartace fan, these are normal. We see spartace having private convos and sharing food and even interlocking fingers in the background all the time. But now those things are being pointed out by HH and brought to the forefront, and I find it funny that people are saying its fake or just for show. KJK and SJH have been like this for several years now. KJK's "stop it now" in the car was so cute. KJK's warning that there are people nearby when HH is teasing sprtace is interesting. If they're a love line on the show, it shouldn't be a big deal. MC did stuff in public without problem, but KJK seems very aware when it comes to being teased with SJH that there are people around that could overhear. Most people have talked about the spartace moments, such as they arguing over who gets to eat and holding hands, so I won't get into it. I will say that their tones of voice is are so different with each other than with others. They speak to each other so gently and with so much fondness. This is also the second time I've heard KJK swear on RM, and it's in relation to HH teasing him about SJH lol. I thought it was interesting how YSC seemed to check with KJK before calling HJY. I think he wanted to make sure KJK was okay with his old love line coming onto the show, especially after KJK's been trying to put some distance between him and that love line. I also found it interesting that the captions dubbed her "like SJH's sister and KJK's girlfriend". I don't remember a huge fuss being made about her relationship with SJH (it was mainly outside of the show that fans said they were close to calm down spartace fans who felt like HJY hurt SJH by having a love line with KJK), but now it seems important to point out that she and SJH are close. Personally, I on't think it was weird for HJY, SJH, or KJK at all, and it's only because viewers know their variety relationships that it's weird. But, interestingly, it is a trope in literature that the Final Partner meets the Previous Love Interests, before ending up with the protagonist. It's like a comparison thing where you see why the previous love interests weren't right for the protagonist and why the final partner is. While RM is obviously not a piece of literature, the show is trying to tell a story of the world created in RM that is comprehensive to the audience, so I would not be surprised if the mention of KG and the mission with HJY were scripted in some way. With spartace as a love line, we have had SJH stating clearly that she has moved past KG, and now we have had KJK and SJH meeting HJY again. (This all very meta and would take a lot of explaining, so don't mind me. If you want to hear more, I'd happily talk about it, but for now I'll just leave it at this.) During the dried food on SJH's lips, I actually think KJK's first instinct was to help her. You see him make a movement in her direction until HH speaks. I think HH's teasing actually stopped him. And, as others have said, SJH is actually intiating a lot of this love line. She goes along with the teasing, and it's the most active I've seen her on this show for a long time. As someone else already mentioned, SJH and KJK shuffle towels at the end. The hidden spartace moments we all know and love still exist.
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    I think the writer forgot what she wrote about the synopses: fighting against injustice: the powerless little people are fighting against the powerful, corrupt monarchy and toppling it. Yes all this revenge saga was started with death of WS’s mom. Sunny and WS are the central figures because their battle isn’t just about personal revenge. Their low-keyed heartwarming relationship shows why they should triumph at the end against a group of noise, greedy, self-centered psychos. These two, Sunny and WS, are barely making a living. They can only offer a small gesture through a handful of food, an inexpensive red scarf, or a common little bandage. But they know what is important and what is really needed in a relationship: trust and care. JNR and CJH knew about their characters: Sunny is an empress and married. They developed their slow burning chemistry which needed a lot more screen time than what they were given in order for the viewers to feel and appreciate the intensity and restraint underneath the slow burning. I myself would have been missed about it early. Thanks to you and others, I began to see and appreciate as the noise and madness grew ever louder around them. Unfortunately the scenes about their relationship became sporadic and were overshowed by LH’s crazy whip lashing acts. Yes There should be a balance between the good side and the bad side because the drama is about revenge and justice. Maybe the writer doesn’t know how to create a rich/ nuanced character for the good side. If she had to spend more time not only with Sunny-WB but also LY or Byun, she didn’t have to fill in with all this nonsensical stuff she is tossing out. This kind of stuff can work in a long daily as nobody can logically track down each blob over a span of a long 6mos. Am I seeing a bizarre warped chemistry of the writer and the pdnim?? hehe To them, a nuanced LH is, love or twisted?, twisted or love? …. Haha
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    RM eps 439 HJY scene : (Restaurant situation, before meet HJY) PD : We have several chance cards that'll reduce the price KJK : There's always a way out. PD : (give the chance card to green team) Choose one. KJK : There are discount card, rip off card, changing dish card. YSC : The lowest changing price card is the best. We need to get this one. KJK : All right. YSC : This is our only way to win. KJK : If we pick the other cards, they'll only counterattack. YSC : Getting something below 7 dollars seems impossible. Should we do that ? HH : Let's do it. SJH : We choose this card. PD : All right. You choose the lowest price card. Once you passed the mission, you will obtain the card. Green team : Okay. PD : The mission is called Hello, My Friend. YSC : Hello, My Friend? PD : You need to call a friend of yours. Visit that friend, & do a mission together. If you succeed, you're price will be regarded as a lower price than your opponent's. HH : That's amazing. YSC : Can we call whomever we want ? PD : Yes. KJK : Do you know anyone around here ? YSC : I can try calling since it's Monday. ....... (HH call LSY but didn't answer) YSC : How about HJY ? KJK : Do you have her number ? You should call her then. Should I try calling her ? (YSC calling HJY while during YSC & HJY talking on the phone, KJK too obvious didn;t interest & still looking at his phone but still hearing it & in the end of talks, HJY said yes) (Meet HJY) ............ (KJK saying & explain : thank to HJY because she want & can appear on TV suddenly to help green team mission, mostly public figure didn't want because no make up, but HJY already). ........... HH : Look at you two (pointing SJH & HJY while looking at KJK directly). They're best friends. KJK : I know. YSC : She kissed her. (HJY kissed SJH's cheek). HH : Look at SJH. Wait. (while smirk). ?? : What. HH : Nothing. SJH : We ... HH : This feels weird. It feels like American soap opera. They're from MUD & they're from this show. Booth of them are close to him. KJK : Just move on. (while seems the annoy face came reminded me when HH teased KJKHJY when SBS Award). .............. (HJY play the game) After the game, KJK : You should came on our show again. HH : You've been ... HJY : All right. HH : You're only focusing on MUD. HJY : I'll visit you soon. RM is family. (saying good bye & thank you) - finished -
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    #ASIATOURinBangkok The most famous female MC in Thailand who has done MCing for Park Bo Gum's fanmeeting in Bangkok 2019, her name is Opal.(most wanted MC in Thailand esp. the fanmeeting session) Opal has mentioned over months that she sneaked time from looking after her twins and family to watch Encounter / Boyfriend till late night. She mentioned to PBG that she has just cut her hair to look as same as CEO Cha Soo Hyun. When she saw props from seaside in a part of fanmeeting, she mentioned it looked like from Sokcho. PBG kiddingly called her "Tab Pae Nim(CEO)". PBG sang Encounter / Boyfriend's OST, Always be with you. When MC mentioned SokCho and Park Bo Gum was glad to hear she remembered the location from Encounter / Boyfriend, She told him that she is a big fans and PBG kiddingly called her “Tab Pae Nim (CEO)”. MC screamed and said it was as same as series she watched late night but she heard live. PBG mentioned he heard Encounter / Boyfriend has not officially been on air yet but MC told him all Thai fans can find way to watch. (Eg. Viu) Encounter / Boyfriend will officially be on air in the main channel with largest coverage of audiences in Thailand very soon. From Fanmeeting:::Behind the scene Encounter / Boyfriend in Cuba : To film Kim Jin Hyuk in Sunset. Credit: Ch7 in Thailand: Main channel with the largest coverage of audiences.
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    @triplem This was my favorite scene from the episode 4 too. When he consoled her by saying that a victim shouldn't feel burdened and should live happily, it really showed KJR's sensitive side. OYS was surprised by his words but he didn't explain why he said it. He didn't want to let her know that he had discovered what she had been through 2 years ago. His respect for her privacy was really telling. Like @Ameera Ali, I suspect that the chaebol Lee Gang Joon has already installed CCTV in her flat or is even listening to her: the huge bear, the light bulb that needed to be replaced... I also think that KJR might become his target first because he represents a thread in his obsession. He is noticing how their relationship is evolving, they get closer and closer... so he needs to "get rid" of his rival. Unfortunately for him, KJR will survive and OYS will take care of him which will have the opposite effect: bring them closer. That way, SW will meet "uri biso" so that he will ship them as a couple.
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    Time flies and It’s the end of Anti Love But Anyways, here are the results! Thanks to this who have participated in this event! @Matilda_Anne @USAFarmgirl @lynne22 @LyraYoo @nrllee @dotonly @tas82 And for those who scored 15 and above! @kokodus @Dhakra @Lawyerh @mouse007 @packmule3 @Table122000 @staygold @Sejabin @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 For those who did not get 15 and above, don’t be sad...Because everyone is getting points! Thank you all for participating in this event, and We hope to see all of y’all faces again in our future events! Here @Lmangla and I thank you so much. *bows*
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    @stroppyse A BIG THANK YOU for taking time to translate YR and SW's character description. You are awesome! It is her pride that is standing in the way. Lets see what will bring them them back again Based on the description, am glad that there will not be a triangle too. That is good. Cannot afford that for a 16episode drama. Thank you for helping to understand YR and SW background. Have a lovely day! Not sure if this has been posted before... Source Nice! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/02/ius-food-cart-gift-to-touch-your-heart-set-for-yoo-in-na-impresses-netizens IU's food cart gift to 'Touch Your Heart' set for Yoo In Na impresses netizens IU's food cart gift to the set of tvN's 'Touch Your Heart' starring her good friend Yoo In Na is impressing netizens. On February 14, Yoo In Na's manager posted the below photos on Instagram with the message, "IU noona treated the film set with something big. Chicken soup, galbi-jjim, bulgogi, octopus stir fry, a bunch of fruit. I ate until I was full." After seeing the pictures of the feast, netizens were surprised to see how IU went all out to show support for her friend Yoo In Na, who's currently playing the role of Oh Yoon Seo in 'Touch Your Heart'.
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