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    In my view there is a tendency around the web to idealize DH... like he's extraordinarily kind or that his affection for J'A is a philanthropic platonic love in a bid to whitewash the more "taboo transgressive" aspects of that relationship. But I wonder if DH was as extraordinary in his kindness and as philanthropic as some might prefer to classify him as, why hasn't he tried to replicate that dynamic with other young people. If the writer wanted us to believe that DH was an extraordinarily good man who was "just" doing a down and out young woman a good turn, why hasn't he for instance, started a non-profit with the big money he's apparently making creating apprenticeships and work opportunities for young people who are doing it tough. I know lots of people who do these sorts of things because they are truly philanthropic. They are people with a calling and a mission. They see something bigger outside themselves that needs to be accomplished. I don't see that with DH. For him, his world is a lot smaller. Geographically and emotionally. His relationships and own sanity was on the line. I'm not trying to diminish what DH did for J'A and vice versa but if we're speaking to motive here, I have to wonder. After all he says to her, "I was dying and you saved me." It's an intensely personal comment about his own personal happiness.
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    So days passed and I'm still not getting over the finale, overanalyzing every detail of the last scene. But before I'm gonna start the long description of DH and JA's expressions, I'd like to address few issues that have been cycling around the forum. I already talked about why JA doesn't love DH with hero-worship and sees him as a man. Now it's DH's turn The hints that he doesn't see JA as a daughter or whatever other statuses some people stuck to JA was given to us even in the first episode. For DH, JA was a woman and a beautiful one at that. He is embarrassed to have a meal with her, because what will people see when they see a married man with a young beautiful girl? If he saw JA merely as a child, I don't think he would be bothered, thinking "oh people will just think that I'm having a dinner with my daughter/niece, there's nothing suspicious about us". JA was never a child to him and the only time he referred to her as such was at the end of the series and that was just for emphasizing the fact that there was such a big difference between them but they still managed to become intertwined in every way. I also want to talk about DH's "love confession". Some think it happened during the hospital scene, when he said "I know you", but for me it was during their last mean. Now, why do I think like that? Let's recall the scene where DH thanks JA saying "she helps me breath", "thank you for being by my side" but adds that if he said it to her face "how would it look like?" Those words hold a lot of meaning to him, he knows it will be more than it is supposed to be for the both of them. But during their last dinner, he says the same and even more to JA, "I was on the verge of death and you saved me" - THIS HERE IS A CONFESSION. He no longer restrains himself and tells her sincerely since he isn't sure when he will see her again. We can actually say that both of them confessed their love in that scene, with JA saying she started truly living after meeting DH. Isn't that beautiful? And now finally on to the last scene, which I'd like to analyze in details and try to explain DH and JA's expressions. More of JA since I think DH's face was easier to decipher and understand his emotions, than JA's. And I trust both LSK and IU to have conveyed exactly those emotions which the script intrusted them. I'm gonna put it into spoiler since it will become a long post, here we go Phew! I'm done! Thanks to everyone who managed to read the whole post from start to finish, let me know what you think of it?? and here's a present to you, a delicious DH/JA oneshot I found on tumblr, rated T, enjoy! http://eatalottransferstudent.tumblr.com/post/174064541907/so-you-dont-like-ahjusshishe-asks-well-i-do
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    JiAn made Ajusshi blushed like a highschool boy kekeke (I used @brose_stv translation for the 1st gif, thank you!)
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    I didn't participate in Ep. 15/16 because I'm still salty. My team are very fast. I don't know what got into them. The last episode was already up for QC 7 hrs ago, but since I'm having none of it, you have to wait a couple of hours more as our other QC lives on the other side of the planet. Special thanks to @stroppyse, who translated 95% of this series. *confetti rain* for our homecoming queen!
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    I think others have pointed this out previously, but here's another reminder that Dong-hoon called our heroine "지안" (simply "Ji-an") in the final line of the drama when he asks her if she's found comfort. I'll try to explain why this is subtly important. How you say someone's name in Korean reveals a lot about your relationship with them, such as closeness and social hierarchy. Keep in mind that this is a huge topic, so I can't cover all the different uses and nuances. I'll just try to give you a general idea. If I remember correctly Dong-hoon called Ji-an by her full name 이지안 ("Yi Ji-an") throughout the drama. This implies distance and formality, and is typical of a boss calling their employee (though the boss could add "sshi" to the end to be a bit more polite). Also, when your Korean parent suddenly calls you by your full name, that's when you know you're in trouble. On the other hand, to call someone affectionately you would add an "ee" or "ah" to the end ("ya" if the name ends in a vowel). You can only do this if you're very close to the person. Typically, this is used by parents-to-children, older sibling/friend to younger sibling/friend, close friends of the same age, etc. It denotes closeness and affection, but a specific FAMILIAL type of affection. Lovers or spouses don't normally use this form of address with each other. It's awkward. It only works in certain relationships. For example, between lovers who were close friends before dating, who addressed each other this way in the first place. There are more nuances, but that's the general idea. It specifically denotes a familial type of closeness. Dong-hoon didn't use either form of address in the final line of the drama. He called her simply "Ji-an". It denotes a much closer relationship than before. Furthermore, he didn't call her Ji-an-ah, so it's NOT a familial kind of closeness, such as that of a father to his daughter OR EVEN an older friend to a younger friend. For me, the fact that he said just "Ji-an" and the way he said it came off as very, very, very intimate. Also, maybe I'm overanalyzing the final scene, but after Dong-hoon asks Ji-an if she's found comfort, the way the camera quickly jumps to Dong-hoon between Ji-an's two "Yes's" makes it seem like Dong-hoon himself is the comfort that Ji-an has found in her life.
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    @triplem@sava2sava @evie7 @UnniSarah @Dramanoona @nonski @alekaonu @Mau_Cherry Finally, the episodes were released with subtitles, although I have to point out that different sentences are still missing. But okay, it is better than nothing. Now that I have watched the first two episodes, I can tell that the story isn't just well written but also very creative therefore it gives the opportunity to write a deep analysis of the characters and the story. From the start, the main villain is not really hidden. Sure, in the first episode the judge CMS is described in the news as a role model and perfect judge. She has a perfect reputation: she was nominated three times to become a judge at the Supreme Court but she refused this position therefore this reinforced her strong popularity. By turning down three times such a job opportunity, she appears to be humble, loyal and dedicated to justice. She is even internationally famous because there is an article about her in the Asian version of Times magazine. Yet, we have to pay attention how CMS is introduced. Her name is mentioned in connection to the murder of Gisung's mayor which is actually a bad event. Striking is that the sun is shining when CMS is introduced but more importantly, her face is not shown during this good presentation, the camera is actually focused on BSP. From my point of view, here the writer created a certain contrast. In the beginning, BSP was shown as a dangerous driver, then later as a reckless lawyer and fighter. His introduction gave the impression that BSP was rather a bad guy. BSP seems to be a corrupt and ruthless lawyer, whereas CMS seems to be the faithful and modest judge. Nevertheless the connection between the sun/daylight and CMS caught my attention, especially after witnessing this scene: Here, CMS is shown climbing stairs where at the top the statue of Lady justice is standing. The first picture above is quite interesting because behind the statue we can see a building which resembles a temple. It was as if Lady justice was worshiped in this temple. To me, this scene without any dialog is far from being obsolete, because it explains quite well CMS's personality. In my opinion, this can be interpreted in many ways. On the surface, it symbolizes her actual life and path. She seems to have dedicated her life to Lady justice. Yet the action of climbing stairs shouldn't be overlooked. It also represents her rise to power. Moreover, I have the impression that she sees herself as Lady Justice and sun. She is the one who decides who has to live or to get punished. (In a later episode, she decides to have BSP and his mother killed) Since she is shown climbing stairs during the day, it reinforces this idea that CMS's life as judge dedicated to justice is fake and just an illusion. Why ? Because this scene doesn't end with her standing next to Lady Justice, she actually walks away from the statue (picture 2) Her turning away from Lady Justice explains that her true goal has never been to achieve real and true justice. She uses the law for her own interest. The law is her weapon. Look at the statue of Lady Justice, she has a sword in her hand! CMS gave the impression of a fair and humble judge which she never was. Since she is shown next to Lady Justice, this could be seen as the pinnacle of her career and life. She has reached the peak of her life and career. CMS has achieved what she really wanted: to become the real owner of Gisung hence she doesn't want to leave this town. However, her turning way from Lady Justice should be considered as a turning point in CMS's life. The fake image of herself as a good judge is about to be unveiled and her power to be destroyed. To me, this scene indicates that CMS's reign is about to fall apart. We are about to assist to her downfall because she won't be able to keep the illusion. Striking is that the town Gisung is also introduced with such a contrast to CMS. Gisung seems to belong to another world, since BSP needs to cross a bridge in order to enter Gisung. Usually, a bridge embodies the connection between two different worlds. Moreover, it is surrounded by a thick fog. His "brother" even notices this: "I've never seen a fog like this before. I feel like I am in Heaven". However, BSP doesn't reply to this comment. This is not surprising because this fog gives me more the impression that you are about to enter Hell and not Heaven. Then the next camera shot emphasises that Gisung is not a paradise, rather like a net where it is almost impossible to escape. The entrance of Gisung seems to be so tiny and small due to the cables and wiring. It really looks like a prison. That's why CMS is able to shine so brightly in Gisung. In this "world" where the fog is so heavy, people are looking for the sun. The sun appears to shine more brightly in a dark world as it gives people some hope. In a world, where despair and crimes are ruling, people are looking for a person who can give hope which is CMS. Since she considers herself as the sun, even mistaking herself as a Goddess (related to Lady Justice), this underlines that she is somehow delusional. Her real and true nature is revealed at night. I also noticed that her true personality is also connected to rain, the opposite of the sun. In reality, she brings death, despair, pain and injustice. BPS's mother and HJY's mother were killed during a rainy night. This is no coincidence. The reality is that CMS is a goddess of death, rather being Lady Justice. NamSJ is actually her shadow. She knows the true personality of CMS: the latter is a thug and crime lord disguised as a judge. Unlike CMS, NSJ is behaving the total opposite. She doesn't care about giving a good impression. For her, pretense is obsolete. She likes power and she doesn't care about good manners as well. What matters to her the most is power and she has no problem to abuse her power (see the scene with the slapping). Since she knows that she can never be CMS's successor (she doesn't have the education for that) she wants her daughter NJH to become CMS's spiritual daughter so that NJH can get her legacy. On the other hand, CMS wants to be seen as a mother by HJY. She prefers HJY over NJH because she sees that HJY has a huge sense of justice. In my opinion, there are many reasons why CMS takes care of HJY and keeps encouraging her. CMS could be feeling sorry towards HJY as she is the one responsible for her mother's death/disappearance. Nevertheless, I suspect that CMS could have been different in the past, similar to HJY but she might have been forced to become like this due to her father. Notice that there is a strong connection between CMS and her father: the picture of them at Ha's studio and it was mentioned in the interview. Another observation is that CMS seems to be quite genuine with HJY. She complained how uncomfortable she feels, when she wears the judge robe. This remark is not anodine: CMS expresses her real discomfort and it is related that she needs to act like a fair judge all the time. Faking to be a good judge represents a huge burden in the long run. On the other hand, CMS can not entirely be herself around HJY because she wants to keep HJY as her most fervent fan. She knows that HJY worships her and this is important for her. She needs this in order to feel less guilty and less burden. Only BPS knows the real face of CMS but he can not tell HJY directly that "all that glitters is not gold". She needs to discover it herself as she has been manipulated and "brainwashed" for such a long time. In order to destroy a "false religion", you need to reveal the true face of that religion: the crimes committed behind people's back. Here are my final words: sun and gold are similar hence this "Golden City project" is linked to CMS.
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    Hello everyone! Here I'll ramble on about episodes 15 and 16 and add some final thoughts. Now, I run the risk of repeating what fellow users have already written - all of you make such pertinent points! - and merely narrating what we viewers can see for ourselves, but there is just so much for me to be excited over, ha ha... Most of these links lead to the corresponding parts of the episode in question. (Please excuse any lapses in grammar. So sorry about that!) -- EPISODE 15: This should not have to be said in light of the drama team having already established their prowess in their art. Still, I would like to thank this team for not forcing upon Ji-an the horrible aftermath of a Car of Doom (life-threatening injuries) and its accompanying side dish of amnesia! She does come out of the accident with an arm fracture, but this was not the key driver behind the plot's progression. Ha! I appreciate that Ji-an acknowledges how Kwang-il was never always an antagonist. More importantly, she recognises that he was also suffering, even as his own pain does not negate the physical abuse which he has inflicted on her. While he could have been expressing his anger at her killing his father, he already knew deep down that doing so did not help matters at all. With this, Ji-an (inadvertently) offers Kwang-il the same understanding of the reasons behind his actions like Dong-hoon has done for Ji-an herself, contributing to his change of heart much later on. Also, could we please have the full log of the conversations between Dong-hoon and Ji-an included in the director's cut box set? Wait, that sounds very intrusive... I thought that the scene when Dong-hoon meets Ji-an at Choon-dae's house was especially stunning. As Ji-an shies away from Dong-hoon, her hair conceals her face and emotions as she speaks those cutting words: "You're so nice to just anyone, like an idiot. That's why you're always suffering." Yet, instead of staying put, Dong-hoon moves to be right in front of Ji-an, thus forcing her to expose her true vulnerability and giving her no room to hide from him any longer. To me, this scene stood out in its execution and in showing the progression of Ji-an's emotions throughout her exchange with Dong-hoon. Of course Ji-an had to one-up Dong-hoon with her response later at the hospital: "I liked all the sounds you made; all of your words and thoughts and the sound of your footsteps, all of it. It felt as if I saw what a human being was, for the first time." Even as the wiretap was illegal and a gratuitous breach of privacy, it was the key contributor towards the development of Ji-an's journey with Dong-hoon. Through this wiretap, Ji-an learnt how Dong-hoon would fight for his loved ones like his family, and later, someone like herself; through this wiretap, Ji-an learnt about Dong-hoon's struggles, all through his voice alone. Wiretapping aside, the fact remains that Dong-hoon and Ji-an connected not on a physical level, but an emotional one. (In a way, this reminds me of that one meeting between Jaejoong of JYJ and a blind fan, who "loves him for his voice".) Ji-an's removal of the wiretap did hurt when it finally happened, even as it was inevitable and necessary. It felt very much as if Ji-an was cutting off a lifeline, and Yoon-hee's remark earlier in the episode that "she was only hanging in there by listening to [Dong-hoon's] voice" only amplifies this feeling The phone eventually going quiet is a painful reminder that Dong-hoon now ceased to exist in that private dimension where Ji-an had first developed her emotional connection with him. EPISODE 16 (before time lapse): Oh, Ji-an's feelings towards Grandma Bong-ae at the mortuary were so palpable! The way she struggled to approach Grandma, the way she looked so much like the lost child that she really is deep down, beneath her hardened exterior were expressed so well. And I could feel her immense regret masked beneath her words: I'm sorry that I could not be there for you more. I'm sorry that you had to suffer too! This was too heartbreaking for me; I'd personally hoped that no character would die in this drama... I think Sang-hoon was driven to help Ji-an (and achieve some form of redemption from his otherwise passive life in turn) by his sympathy for her. The focus on him and his downturned mouth expressed his thoughts so clearly: How could a young girl like her go through so much? This sentiment is also echoed in the faces of all the other older men (particularly Jae-chul). I'm so grateful that the Park brothers and the larger neighbourhood ultimately came through for Ji-an. No, Dong-hoon, Ji-an never needed thirty men to beat up Kwang-il on her behalf, but she needed at least a few more people to send off Grandma (who truly deserved all the love in the world), and this neighbourhood definitely has succeeded in this regard. I also appreciated the close-ups on Ki-bum and Choon-dae during the funeral service; they were two other people who understood how much Grandma meant to Ji-an. Like Grandma and Choon-dae, Kwang-il has seen how much Dong-hoon cares for Ji-an and how much Ji-an herself trusts Dong-hoon. It was likely the combination of Kwang-il's gradual realisation of the two's strong bond and Ji-an's empathy towards Kwang-il which contributed to Kwang-il's eventual heel-face turn (TV Tropes). By relinquishing the audio files, Kwang-il essentially gives up his lifelong grudge against Ji-an; by sending these files to Dong-hoon, Kwang-il just about entrusts Ji-an to Dong-hoon. He finally releases his hold on Ji-an after so many years, and this induces a powerful sense of loss which emanates from within himself in this scene; no, really, just look at him here! The following words are printed on the banner in the makeshift office of Yeongkwang Loans: "I was once in the same situation as you. I will help you as if we were family." These words may sound suspicious considering Kwang-il's status as a loan shark, but it seems that they ring true in this instance. I wonder if Kwang-il will ever find out that Grandma has passed away? I wonder if Ji-an will ever learn that Kwang-il had saved her this one time, like he had done for her all those years ago? These poignant lines marked my favourite part of this episode: Now, I swear I've come across something similar elsewhere, especially for Dong-hoon's lines. Even so, one cannot deny how much Dong-hoon and Ji-an mean to each other, partly because they met each other at this point in their lives, too. And Dong-hoon's subsequent call to happiness ("Let's truly be happy now.") - harkens back to that first instance in winter, but it does not ring hollow this time; both Dong-hoon and Ji-an have resolved their problems both between themselves and with the people around them, and they can only look forward now. Wow, that hug was an absolutely beautiful way to cap off Ji-an's final meeting with Dong-hoon before she left the neighbourhood - I was speechless then, and I still am about this now. I would like to remark, though, that Jung-hee's presence does not necessarily take away from the impact of this scene; after all, she is the only other person who truly understands why Ji-an would consider herself 30,000 years old. This may be a reach, but I feel that Jung-hee represents the viewers of this drama as a witness to the proof that Ji-an would now be able to return to her home in the stars. (Sure, Ji-an may have liked the neighbourhood mainly because of Dong-hoon, but obviously Dong-hoon himself does not make up the whole neighbourhood ) EPISODE 16 (after time lapse): Grandma's last words to Ji-an are so very important: "What a wonderful relationship you have with him, and so precious, too! If you take the time to think about it, each and every interpersonal relationship is quite fascinating and precious. You must repay them. Live a happy life. That is how you can repay the people in your life." It was so fulfilling to see that Ji-an has taken these words to heart and that she is now able to live life to the fullest unlike before. She has not only repaid the Park brothers and the larger neighbourhood with this new life, but also Grandma through her teaching sign language to others. Grandma definitely lives on in her heart! About Ji-an not showing her face initially: In light of this drama's title being "My Mister", I took this part to mean that we would be following Ji-an's perspective in this final scene; it is only when she finally finds Dong-hoon that we are able to take on his perspective and see Ji-an for the happier person whom she has become. In a way, this highlights how Ji-an is not truly fulfilled until she is with Dong-hoon, and it also serves as a confirmation for both Dong-hoon and the viewers that Ji-an is indeed living well. I love how this open ending was done!! It struck a nice balance between establishing that the two leads are now reunited, and leaving room for viewers to wonder how they would progress. And I wasn't grasping for more as much as I was contented here, because I knew that Dong-hoon and Ji-an would have at least one dinner date lined up for them. (This felt much more complete than the ending for Kimi no na wa; while the final line there tied in to the main theme of the story well, that ending also left me so frustrated because I had no idea how exactly the leads would continue after that!!) To me, Adult by Sondia (OST Part 2) is pretty much the character theme for Ji-an - by extension, it would be the theme song of this drama itself - and it was the best song to cap off this final episode, and the end of this drama. "On what day, at which time, at which place / Will my small world smile at me?" Oh, Ji-an, your world is smiling at you right now, and we know that things can only get so much better from this point on. -- I think I had a little more to cover, but there is only so much that I can put words to. Thank you very much for reading this, if you did! I enjoyed reading all of your posts very much during these last few weeks, when this drama brought us upwards on this exhilarating ride and never let go.
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    @noor1 I thought it was suspicious when you got on the ship after ep 16. I always knew it wouldn't be easy to get you onboard, haha... Seriously though, we keep wondering if DH and YH got divorced or not. I don't know for sure either, but I think there are plenty of clues spread throughout the drama for us to conclude that, by the end of the drama, they are separated, if not formally divorced. This is especially true if we look at things from YH's side. I'd say she is the one who called it quits. - Throughout the drama, YH and DH are on two different pages. DH would often call YH habitually on his way back home - but either YH didn't answer his call, or she would cut the conversation short (while being visibly annoyed). Cue heavy sighs from DH. "Want me to buy you something?" - the warmest words to JA, but the most infuriating to YH. In ep 9, YH snaps back: And then again in ep 11, we hear snide remarks from her. Cue heavy sighs from DH. YH has clearly been frustrated in her marriage. Why else would she search for an outlet in JY? As DH says, maybe she thought "it'd be easier to divorce [DH] if [YH] had an affair with him, had [DH] fired, and turned [him] into a homeless person". Divorce has always been on her mind, and DH knows that. DH on the other hand has wanted to salvage the marriage, if only for Ji Seok and DH's mom. To be fair, YH prompts him to share his mind with her plenty of times, but he either evades it or doesn't respond. Home should be the place where people feel the most at ease - but both YH and DH put their guards up around each other, and there's a lot of tension in the air. YH seemed the most at ease around JY while they were still having the affair. And DH shared his thoughts the most when he's alone with either Sang Won or JA... Interestingly, they are the only two people who tell him: It's no big deal. - I had to do a fair bit of digging for this quote, but @arctichare sums up YH's thoughts during the confrontation so well: - YH claims that DH comes "first" to her, but we have evidence to the contrary: Unlike DH, YH is someone who puts her own happiness first. During her affair, YH explicitly plans to get DH fired. To her, it's an unpleasant but necessary by-product of her plan to be with JY. Just before she finds out DH knows, she doesn't care whether it's JY or DH who loses his job. She wants them to fight it out themselves. Wouldn't a caring wife vouch for her husband till the very end? When DH comes home all beat-up, she breaks down in tears out of humiliation that DH knows (as evident from the flashbacks of JA saying, "Park Dong Hoon knows everything."), not because he's in bad shape. She doesn't have the consideration to shut the door before calling JY in ep 11. DH overhears their conversation, and lets out the deepest sigh... Guess what the immediate next scene is? It's clear that he wants to call it quits too, but is forcibly holding on. JY tells her: "The one earnest request that Senior made to me was for me to make sure that you never found out about this! And he wanted me to break up with you, without causing a fuss. Because, on the day that you found out that he knows you would definitely stop living with him." And that's precisely what YH did. She stopped living with him (i.e. separated from him albeit amicably). After all, YH is someone who cannot stand feeling humiliated. What hurt her most when she found out JY's true nature was humiliation, not the fact that he didn't love her. Almost every time she broke down in tears after finding out that DH knows was because she felt humiliated... Do you think someone like her could tolerate living in the same society where everyone knows about her messy affair? - Remember the car scene in which DH and YH are guessing answers to a quiz show, and appear to be getting along well? That's when they're still ignoring the elephant in the room (i.e. the affair). Once it's out in the open, things are very dry between them. - I think it's crucial that the only time we see them having beer together, just the two of them, is when YH tries to bring up her affair. It makes sense that they have another serious conversation about their marriage when they have beer together in ep 16. That's the logical inference, because in the immediate next scene, when YH comes up in conversation, she's already in the US. (KH is more perceptive than Mom about his marital status, and goes as far as to tell DH to move in with them.) - YH waits long enough for DH to bring up divorce / where their marriage stands. In ep 15, when DH sits down to talk, she seems to think he is going to talk about them... but then he brings up JA. And yes, like someone pointed out before, YH's face falters when JA comes up. Remember, if there was any chance of them getting back together: YH's demand was that 100% of DH's attention would go to her and her alone. Someone brought up Corinthians 13:4-7 to illustrate that true love is not selfish: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ... but YH's "love" is envious; she is always measuring DH's love for her... which is ironic because she doesn't put him first herself! - As though it wasn't enough that DH spares so much of his time and attention for his mom / brothers / neighborhood pals... How do you think YH feels that his thoughts are dominated by another woman now? Do you think she wants to salvage this marriage anymore?
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    Hahaha... I love Sang Pil and his minions... the team work is crude but effective. Also great is SP and JY. I really like the actress and she's a very good match for LJG. So far I'm enjoying this more than Dog and Wolf which always felt plodding to me. And I like Seo Ye Ji a lot more as the lead female. Three episodes in and the show is off to a flying start... All in all a rowdy and rip-roaring ride. First day in court and SP throws down the gauntlet and declares war on the judge and her minions. I suppose he must have let slip that it was his minions that created the chaos in court so that he would land up in jail. It's obvious why he's the Lawless Lawyer, taking a rather unorthodox approach to this legal obligations. What makes this show extra special is that it fully utilizes LJG' skills as an actor and a martial arts pugilist. I would go so far as to say that it is tailor-made for him. I like every aspect of BSP... the jovial, devil-may-care lawyer, the confident fixer and the vengeful, angsty son. There is definitely a dark edge to BSP. I feel a strong Money Flower/Bad Guys 2 vibe coming out of this but at this stage, the action tends towards the slapstick rather than the raw, brutal violence of BG 2. In some ways, I would say, LL reminds me of a Marvel superhero flick. The gangster part of him is akin to the superhero side and the lawyer part is the alter ego. It's not much of a mask or secret identity as in the case of Daredevil who is also a lawyer by day... but so far I'm really enjoying how the show plays with and balances out both sides of the character's skill set.
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    Love the contrast between these two shots Episode 15 - JA deleted the wiretap app RED LIGHT, STOP SIGN Episode 16 - DH & JA Reunion GREEN LIGHT
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    @sadiesmith I so agree. Dong Hoon is such a reserved and distant person that actions that count as nothing to others mean a lot to him...eating with someone, buying something for another, even a mere touch of the hand. Everyone who knew him well understood this, which was why they knew his relationship with Ji An was something very special to him. I remember episode 13 when he had that intense heart-to-heart talk with his brothers (which I so love. Thank you, PD-nim and writer-nim, for having deep and introspective scenes like this!). It was very telling when Dong Hoon told them about how Ji An encouraged him when he felt like dying and how he couldn’t bring himself to thank her “knowing exactly how it would seem”, and then Ki Hoon replied that he’s allowed to say that much. These imply that what he truly wants to say to Ji An is so much more than thanks and he’s afraid that Ji An, knowing him so well, will know the true feeling behind those words of thanks. And in episode 15 when he finally decided to seek Yoon Hee’s help, Yoon Hee knew how monumental his actions were for Dong Hoon. With what she had done to him, asking for her help with Ji An would be the last thing he would do. And yet he did. Now, take all his actions and words into that context and there’s no question that Park Dong Hoon loves Lee Ji An very deeply. Speaking of the Park brothers, I just love how protective and sensitive to his feelings they were after that all-night talk they had when he bared his heart to them. I’m sure he admitted to them how he really felt about Ji An but it wasn’t shown anymore. Whereas before, Sang Hoon would tease him about the pretty female employee, but after they talked he and Ki Hoon tried their best not to speak of her to their brother and even panicked when Ji An was at Jung Hee’s bar and Dong Hoon was coming over. I just love them to bits!
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    No matter how you interpret it, this scene is just (heartwarmingly / heartbreakingly) beautiful.. It's been a week and I can't seem to let this drama go... The withdrawal is real..
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    Episode 16 sub is now released! Enjoy~ huhuhu it's over~ I'm #sobbingintherain I'd like to thank the pretty unnies and our only namja dongsaeng of Subbing in the Rain team Translators: @stroppyse @yaselin @jadecloud @Bissu @semplice Timers: @samecut123 @yaselin @ysaputri @cawaiimonster @leesja@Harukogirl @mandy77777 @daydreamer115 @SennaR @blitz06 QCs: @jeijei @Harukogirl@jadecloud @semplice
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    Talking about gifs..how about this Lawyer Ha..i see you and his facial expression..i cant
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    Annyeong, everyone! Today is the first Wednesday that we won’t be looking forward to a new episode. However, though we no longer have the excitement of a new chapter in the story of Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An, I think we shouldn’t feel bad. The beauty and complexity of the story we were given is such that we can re-watch it and discover something new or savor it all over again. I’ve finally completed the whole series (ha! I delayed my gratification to prolong the feeling though I already spoiled myself beforehand ) and I realize that My Ahjussi has more in common with classic literary novels and great films than modern-day television dramas because of the way it was written. Not to be demeaning or offensive but this drama isn’t for the viewer who doesn’t want to exert any effort to think and analyze and ruminate on the scenes and dialogues and all the nuances of the story. You can’t get into this if all you want is something to watch while de-stressing at the end of the day, when all you need is some form of background noise while your brain winds down. MA requires your full attention and emotional investment, otherwise you’ll miss its context and beauty and you’ll be left with nothing more than what seems to be on the surface: a forty-five year old man sharing an intensely emotional relationship with a twenty-one year old woman. And it will sound off and feel icky to you. I can liken it to the controversial Ang Lee film “Lust, Caution”. Incidentally, this also involved a significant age gap between the leads but their interactions were also highly charged. On the surface, it would seem that the film was just all graphic violence and sex. But if you go deeper and read between the lines, watching the faces of the characters, listening to their tone and not the words that they say, then taking everything into context, it’s actually a heartbreakingly beautiful but tragic love story. Like MA, it wasn’t romantic either, but if you watch closely, you’ll see the pain of two people finding love with each other in the worst circumstances and knowing in the end that it can never be because of who they are and what they stand for. ( Though I hope Dong Hoon and Ji An will be, because given what they had and clearly still have, I can’t imagine them being with anyone else and not being in deep pain about it.) My Ahjussi is the kind of story that’s meant to be experienced when you see it the first time, then revisited and savored again. I use the word “experience” because to me, that’s what it was. An experience that I lived through with Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An and all the other characters in the drama. I felt how overwhelmed Ji An was with everything that Park Dong Hoon made her feel in the midst of her anger and darkness and bitterness, and when I looked at her looking at him with such pain and longing and love, and practically laying her heart and dignity and life on the line for him, my own heart broke with her. I felt Dong Hoon’s depression and frustration over his inability to break out of the bondage of his duties to family, community and work, his conflict and repressed anger at the situation and himself because his sense of duty keeps him there, to the point that he’s sacrificed his own self and became an empty shell of a man. And I felt his pain at being unable to respond to Ji An’s affections because of his situation, despite feeling so much for her, forcing himself to keep her away even as he knows he’s causing her so much pain. Even the other characters resonated with me in one way or the other. I wept with Jung Hee over her anger and frustration at being unable to rid herself of the love and resentment that she still feels for Sang Won after all these years, even as she wanted so much to move on. I felt Sang Hoon’s shame at his failure in being the head of their family even as he masks it with his levity. I felt Ki Hoon’s frustration at being in a creative rut and running away from his failures by looking at Yu-ra as a scapegoat. I even felt sorry for Yoon Hee and sympathized with her reasons, though I could never condone her infidelity. And so on. This drama, through its sensitive but realistic storytelling, has taken the mundane lives of ordinary people and transformed them into a thing of beauty. And through the story of Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An, it has shown us how redemptive and transformative a real and selfless love can be. That’s all I can say for now...because there’s too much I want to share and my head is fit to bursting with all these thoughts! Aish.
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    Wanted to post this here, thanks to dongans from tumblr for making it. I thought in the "kiss" scene they didn't actually kiss and did a side kiss but it actually looks like a real kiss haha. Also @LSK you should look a little shocked here but you kinda look like you're enjoying it
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    I actually was looking forward to a full-blown kiss - so a handshake and a look back and a voiceover and a smile depressed me to no end! I loved the ending but it took me 2 days to replay it without crying! Till of course I got back to my senses and appreciated the gorgeously subtle, blissful and reaffirming resolution of one chapter of their lives (the one covered in the series) and the simultaneous wonder of all future possibilities (both personal and professional). And knocking my head over what the actual purpose of the story was: the writer/ director and cast were successful in making us believe that two unlikely people can become each other's refuge and savior and change each other to live better, taking charge of their fates, because they deserve better. A little bit of attention, kindness, empathy and selflessness went a long way in this one! In that last scene, DH and Ji-An's contentment as individuals was contagious and the screen was lit with so much brightness, in contrast to their previous dark moods and claustrophobic pathways, office / subway/ neighborhood. It was magical and real and sublime. They have come such a long way! As for what lies ahead, one lives in hope, doesn't one? After all, they certainly do! (DH's reaction certainly gives hope). If nothing else, they'll have that dinner, maybe more than once, just to stay in touch. Out of all the endings and open endings that could have happened, this one was well-thought out and one for the ages. Truly one of the greatest stories ever told! Thanks to all soompiers here who, with me, passionately discussed every twist and turn and silence and action! It was crazy, melancholic, hair-pulling, fun. May all of us be happy too! Bye!
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    Okay, this is a pretty sweet BTS. Translation in the spoiler as usual. @mandy77777 Title: Goodbye, Jin Ah and Joon Hee I think this may have been the most comfortable I've seen JA and JH in a BTS together. They are a good looking couple with loads of onscreen chemistry, but I have to say that I was not as sold on their offscreen chemistry. I appreciate that by the time this BTS was shot, they had been living as their characters for 3 months, with JH being just such a cheeky, charming man. JA who usually came across as being the more serious, opinionated, and more forceful person in the BTS, relaxes more in this BTS. Their kiss from the happier days flashback was actually cute, but even cuter when watching the BTS. Plus, JH does have a very lovely body. Anyway, I think this may be my last post to this thread. Or not, if there are any good discussions going on about this drama. However, I do want to say my thanks once again to everyone who shared this thread and made it so much fun to spazz about this couple. And, just as time clarified and sharpened things for JH and JA, I think with time, I may come to appreciate episodes 13-15 more. (Though that time is not yet.) Anyway, I'll watch this drama again, I'm pretty sure, and at least bask in the the earlier scenes of JH and JA irrepressibly falling in love. Take care, everyone, and see you on other threads! Thanks again!
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    I translated the article Joseph Lim posted of Seo Hyun Woo's interview. He mentions that he already knew LSK as his senior from their university days. He says that many of the actors were from the same arts university, so that helped them with the comrade-like rapport in the office. "I worked with Sun Gyun hyung a few times in the past on movies, but My Mister was the first time we properly acted together. In his private life, he is a very good sunbae/senior, but on the set, he really felt like Manager Park. I began to see him not as the Sun Gyun hyung I knew but as if he were really my supervisor Dong Hoon and before I knew it I was looking at him with a respectful and admiring gaze. Although I am only a supporting actor, I felt that Sun Gyun hyung truly believed in not only me, but everyone on the team. I think we were able to overcome the difficulties we faced during shooting thanks to him, who always gave us courage and often handed out praise. In my case, especially, I felt a lot of pressure because this was my first drama, but that part of him helped release my nerves. The way Sun Gyun hyung allowed us to focus solely on the scene and pulled us forward was very much like a veteran actor. "I first came to know IU as a singer before an actor. I knew her only as a very good singer, but I was shocked by her acting many times while filming. I felt her deep skill, like that of a true, self-made actress who started out working on indie films and made her way up step by step. The character of Lee Ji An had already taken root inside of IU. I felt a very strong energy from her every time we filmed and her concentration was incredible. I was increasingly surprised by the way she tried to constantly maintain LJA's emotions and thoughts. There were many times I thought to myself "she's really good at acting" while watching IU. Other Idol actors her age and young actors usually approach technical or emotional acting through trial and error, but there were no mistakes like that with IU. Every time I watched her, I just thought to myself "How does she act like that?". I'm not praising her as a colleague, but simply expressing my surprise and amazement (can't think of a better way to translate 신기함). Of course, IU's JA wasn't a role a friendship could sprout with in the story and, perhaps because of that, I couldn't approach her heartily so I just admired her acting from afar. "I think [My Mister] was a project that Sun Gyun hyung and IU-ssi acted while trusting each other. I am glad because it seems that that trust was conveyed to the viewers through their acting and was proven/validated (as in their trust in each other was validated by the great end result). As the drama reached its climax, we (the supporting actors) were also swept along and grew tense/excited. In reality, at first, like JA and (his character's name), IU and I were uncomfortable and awkward with each other, but as the drama went on we became a little closer and more at ease. Not too long ago during the wrap up party, I called out 'Ms. Jian!' when I should have said 'Ms. IU!'. That is how much deeper an impression JA left on me than IU."
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    Sometimes in life, we meet someone who changes us completely. From the inside out. Someone you can't bear to be away from, someone you would give up your life for. And when you can't be with that person, it hurts so much you want to kill someone. You want to die. A long time ago, I met someone like that (not the same person LOL). He got into a car accident trying to save me from another accident. It was literally like one of those scenes in a Korean makjang, both of us in wheelchairs at the hospital (both of us recovered fine). I never realised how deeply in love I was with him until the very end. And then, it was too late. Even today, I just have to hear him breathe on the other line -- and I know it's him. This, I thought, was the ending that Park Hae Young wanted to portray. Everything was leading up to this conclusion - the one great love you can never be with because your stars are crossed. Until Park Dong Hoon's breakdown. The major epiphany of his life. That if he didn't do something, nothing would ever change. Cue lush greenery, blue skies, and smiling until his cheeks hurt. And then she walks right back into his life. So even though I agree 100% with @noor1's observations and sentiment, I have drawn a completely different conclusion. And for me, there is no other interpretation: Dong Hoon is Ji An's greatest love. And she is his greatest love. And they've just walked back into each other's lives.
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    LOL!! I moved on to this show to get over MISTY. You are extremely lucky that you didn't know about the controversies before watching this drama. On the other hand, I was emotionally invested in the drama immediately it was announced last year. It sounded like a drama for middle aged adults, you know, speaking to the ACT TWO of our lives. That synopsis was the biggest plus. I saw LSK listed as part of the cast, I marked the PDnim and Writernim combo and I knew...... I had to watch it! When IU was announced as lead, I wasn't bothered since I didn't have a problem with her acting. I had already organised my watchlist knowing that this drama would be a mandatory watch in March. So right off the bat, I was ready for all this healing, but I definitely expected some type of romance, or at least, I didn't have a problem. How would it work out in the bleak environment the synopsis suggested? I dunno. But my heart was ready. I was ready for no romance, but I was happier to imagine that there would be romance. I ignored all the little controversies that existed going in to the show about age etc. I'm not interested in Ajussi romance in real life, but I separated my personal opinion from the show. After all, My Spring Day and Marriage Contract were Ajussi romance done right. Imagine my horror when they had that mid-series "apology" of a press conference!!! I felt betrayed. Betrayed that they would give in to the pressure of an immature section of the population that was overreacting. A section that had no basis for their complaints, especially by the time the conference was held because the show had already proven itself. I also come from an ethnic nation of extremely hard headed people who understand logic first, then emotion. So when the production bowed to this emotional pressure, I was extremely jolted. When the tyres of a car in a high speed chase scene blow out and the car veers off the screen, that was me. Why did they have to give in???? They should have ignored the little people, stuck to their guns and told the story as is. No apologies. I guess Koreans are not as hard headed as I am..... It's wise to know when to bend your back... a lesson that is lost on me. That's why I look back on my previous posts and track my descent into this separatedness I feel from the drama and laugh . Don't get me wrong, the drama is still amazing on all levels, but i really wish that press conference didn't happen. After that conference, I reconciled myself to the possibility that the OTP would not end up together. The writer has laid out a strong case for them not to be together in the romantic sense. They met each other at a crucial time in their lives and helped one another out of it, and that is enough for me. They can live on the special memories of who they are to each other and the story will remain authentic. On the other hand, they really should end up together. There's no way they can get married to other people and have such a connection with anyone else but each other. It is not fair to their other spouses that the spouses will never know DH and JA the way the two of them know and love one another. We don't need them making another marriage like DH and YH's in the drama world! Wow! I needed to get this off my chest! LOL! Going by your post; 1. If you love someone, nothing they do bothers you. 2. And I love you. Therefore, nothing you do bothers me. I agree with you. For me, that scene was obvious. DH was confessing to JA. He was just being clever with words. My dad loves to talk like this to amuse me or make me think deeply.
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    I want to translate one of these, I thought it was so cute: Yoo Byungjae Is it possible to make a drama this well... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (this symbolizes crying) I feel like this writer, director and actors were sent from heaven to make dramas... It just doesn't make sense (otherwise)... Would it feel this way if Writer Kim Woon-Kyung became younger... If I could write this kind of screenplay and these lines, it would be so great... ㅠㅠㅠ I am always waiting for Wednesday and Thursday to come...
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    YH already knew DH's feelings for Jian because much of it was implied. She had been married to the guy for 15 years. He does not show any level of interest with another female aside from Jung Hee, his mom, and brother's wife. Just look at the way DH treats Yura, he does not even acknowledged her. On episode 14, he went home and was asked by YH if he ate dinner, his response that he ate dinner with a friend. The expression in YH's face was priceless. As another poster pointed out here, DH does not have other friends aside from his gang so him eating dinner alone with another person is a big deal. JYD already stressed the same fact on episode 9. Also on episode 15, DH desperately asked for YH's help regarding Jian. She already knew that Jian is someone important to him that the feelings between them is more than it appears. He didn't even go with YH when she left at the funeral hall. DH never left Jian's side after desperately looking for her. In fact, she was the one that left him. At the ending, the boyish grin that can split his face and him agreeing on Jian's meal invitation. This is not just a simple meal guys where people catch up etc..For someone like Park Dong Hoon, this is a big deal. He still have the same feelings for her. The same way that Jian still loves him after being apart. A brand new beginning and start of a new journey. Edit: another classic example was DH's turning down the chairman's offer multiple times to share a meal together. The only time he agreed was to reveal the truth regarding his marital problems and to ask for the chairman's leniency towards Jian's situation.
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    IMO he started a new business , running his new office with hoobaes from the old office, ( I'm guessing those 4 engineers who used to work with him.), NOT because Yoon hee wanted him to, rather cause that's where his passion lies. Working in architectural field, designing and analyzing the structures of buildings, which he loved doing the most in his old office. I remember how he used to pass the design office each day while going to his cubicle. That's where he always wanted to be. Although he became a director, I remember he came back to sit with his colleagues in the old office. Like he said before, managing office or doing poitics in the company, isn't his comfort zone. His job is to ensure the strength and durability of buildings, so I get where he's coming from. So to me it seems like 'being Happy', that he promised Ji An he will be one, that was his first step. Stepping out from that place which made his life miserable and starting a new journey altogether. He is doing it for himself, not Yoon hee. Ahjussi is finally being selfish. Yoon hee's picture is with their son and I assumed the son is at the center of attention here. He still is in amicable terms with yoon hee , therefore she is in the picture. Like before it's not a group photo. He isn't there in the picture. I see that crying scene as a catharsis for the eventful few weeks. A lot of things happened in his life in past few months, and it's a given he would feel overwhelmed. That he would break down. Now with Yoon hee's departure I would assume he's sad and relieved at the same time that he doesn't have to think about that painful incident anymore but also he would have to start all over again. Take a new direction. I feel like these tears are the ones we shed when we are getting over something. Like after a break up. I don't see it as a bad thing. And I guess ji an has been in his mind too.
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    Ok, I caved in and started rewatching from Episode 1. DH wasnt actually immune to women afterall! In the brother's 1st bar scene together where the eldest was describing a horror movie about his life, DH said it wont work because it is missing 1 impt thing. The 2 brothers looks at him questioningly. And he cheekily answers "a woman". I almost choked on my coffee. Did that comment come from DH haha! Then immediately scene cuts to restau kitchen where you find the woman, JA. Little did the brothers know the movie in their minds will now be complete, they now have the unlikeliest female protagonist. i love this intro. Even how JA just unceremoniously swatted the bug and the shock on DH face. Priceless! btw, I think even the cinematography is different, episode 1 reminds me of french films like Amelie. I am going to check if there are some more interesting details we may have missed esp. I just wish I read Korean so I can also read signs in the background. Anyway, here goes, 2nd look at MA...
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    I don't remember who said it (@africandramalover?) but they were absolutely right when they said DH was reminded of the external-vs-internal-forces conversation when he broke down in ep 16. (Isn't it cute that he's watching tvN on tvN? Hehe. I used Naver's papago translator to try and understand the subtitle on the right-hand-side, and it says something about "temporary framework". I hope y'all are rewatching, like me, in order to cope as well as to discover hidden gems like this one. I swear everything's connected like a masterfully crafted movie. Not a single detail has gone to waste!) DH's breakdown scene is so meaningful if you bring together (1) DH's conversation with JA in ep 8 and (2) KH's reflections about the film Nobody Knows (2004). ---(1)--- DH: Every building is like a struggle between external and internal forces. Wind, weight, tremors... We have to take into account all external factors that may affect the building so the design has to be able to withstand all that. We usually design apartments to be able to withstand 300 kilograms. And as for places like lecture halls or schools, where many people gather we design the buildings to be able to withstand much more weight. If it's just one floor, or a food court we have to take into account the areas where people will sit as well as where more of the weight will be centered when we're planning them out. We always have to make sure... that the internal forces can withstand the external forces. And life, in a way... is a struggle between internal and external forces, too. No matter what happens... you'll be able to withstand anything if you have sufficient internal forces. JA: So, what are the "internal forces" when it comes to life? DH: I don't know. JA: You said that I seemed to have strong "internal forces." DH: One of my friends was a really smart guy. I thought we'd have a really successful guy come out of our neighborhood. But not long after that guy graduated from college... he shaved his head and became a monk. At the time, his parents were bedridden and sick... and the entire neighborhood was in shock. And there was something that he said as he left. He said he wanted to try becoming a person who had nothing. Everyone struggles for their whole life, trying to have things. So they live their entire lives trying to prove themselves to everyone but nobody truly knows what they are gaining by doing that. And, even if you do end up getting what you want, if the things that made you feel safe...and the things that made you "you" start getting fractured... it's impossible to withstand it. And you crumble. All right, let's go! Let's see this through until the end! And, when the things that you thought made you who you are... and the people you thought were pillars in your life... don't actually seem to provide you with any inner strength... and that nothing... is what it seems... I guess that I subconsciously agreed with him. And maybe that's why I gravitated toward a resume that just said "running..." instead of the other resumes that were decked out. That's why I thought that it was better than the others. JA: I hate winter. DH: It'll be spring soon. JA: I hate spring, too. I hate all of the four seasons. I'm so tired of them. It's always the same four seasons, over and over again. DH: I don't think that's something that a 21-year-old should be saying. JA: But that isn't all there is to me, though. I doubt that I was only born once. Let's say that I lived to see the day I was born 60 times. And was reincarnated like 500 times. Then I'd be around 3,000 years old, maybe. DH: 30,000. JA: Yeah, 30,000. I wonder why I keep getting born. ---- ---(2)--- KH: So, how's she doing? Is she doing well? DH: How would I know? KH: She doesn't call you? DH: Why would she call me? KH: There's a little girl nobody knows. The mother abandoned all of her kids and left so the kids have to fend for themselves throughout the entire movie. But I shut it off after just five minutes. The eldest kid, who was 12 years old, would smile and would beg adults for money, and that's when I turned it off. I couldn't bear to watch that movie, because it broke my heart too much. I wanted to break the TV open, drag the kids out of there, and raise them myself. I'm a movie director, and yet I can't even watch a movie. So how am I supposed to direct one? So I watched it, the next day. I was glad that I watched it after all. It turned out that the kids... had some inner strength of their own. All human beings have some sort of power within them. ---- - Even if you do end up getting what you want (a stable, well-paying job; a family of his own; respect from society), if the things that made you feel safe...and the things that made you "you" start getting fractured (wife; family; job)... it's impossible to withstand it. And you crumble. So Dong Hoon loses what he considered were "pillars" in his life, ends up with "nothing", and crumbles. Thankfully, through his own inner strength (that SW, JA, then KH taught him about) he is able to make a fresh start in his second spring. - KH says, "I am a movie director" (assuming that DF subs haven't screwed up again), and he forces himself to watch a difficult movie so that he can learn from it... so he really has decided to give it another shot? Good for him. I hope he is able to get back with Yura. They complemented each other well. - I love that KH asks DH how JA is doing, not YH. And then he immediately talks about a hypothetical scenario that happens to be eerily similar to JA's case. - Little girl who is abandoned by her mother and is forced to start working as young as 12 y/o... resorts even to begging... possesses an innate inner strength. Reminds me an awful lot about JA. - I love that JA doesn't let herself be defined by her age (21 y/o). And I bet she doesn't hate spring anymore now.
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    Ki Hoon totally knew that DH was making a spectacle of himself the way his eyes were drilling hole into the back of Ji An's head in the bus. He was lucky all the other passengers were napping. The whole thing with the sunglasses tickles me to no end, it was sooooo cleverly done. Best way of inserting PPL. Someone already said upstairs that in order for Dong Hoon to stay true to his character, he won't be allowed to express in words how he feels toward another female. We will know through a third party, and we got a ton of that from Jung Hee, Ki Hoon, Sang Hoon, Joon Young, the other directors, etc. Also keep in mind that his love language is not words of affirmation (or physical affection apparently), it is acts of service. That's how he loved Yoon Hee and his family. So it's totally within his character to not verbalize how he feels, and that is never an issue because all his friends know how much he loves them and they love him in return. When it comes to Ji An though, he really does not need to say how he feels because his eyes speak more loudly than his mouth ever does. Here is another example:
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    These visual details gave me hope of a greater promise for these two. Until I realize that these are seen only from JA's perspective. Red light was JA stopping connection with DH using wiretap. And the green light must be a mssg for JA to go on. And in response to another post, I dont agree that the delicious meal is just more of the same. Actually it is a big deal. Because this time, it was JA offering. This reinforces how much JA has changed in the time they were apart. And which could partly explain DH's big smile. One of his thoughts could be "oh wow, we both have come a long way" esp when he raised his head looking up as if in recollection. Although something else explains the shy smile and downturned face as if he is considering the offer and if its a good idea to accept. When he smiled back that was when he decided to accept. That smile and acceptance of JA's offer of meal is the single best positive indication that there is hope for these two to get together. And JA saying she will call sealed it. That last scene clearly shows that their individual circumstances have changed. And it suggests that they still have the same feelings for each other. That JA still act on how she feels (she can approach him and ask him to meet again). The only change in their dynamics is DH accepting what JA was offering. (I know its just a meal but all that facial expression and prolonged response from DH just means it is more than just a meal). He is opening himself up to what JA was offering. Something he withheld in the entire drama up to that point. So they will meet again. This time DH will be open. For now that's the most we can get from DH and from that ending. (My ged, getting this guy to open up (romantically) feels like pulling a tooth!!!) What happens next depends on our own imagination and preference. there are endless possibilities.
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    @noor1 ^^Trust me I have all the questions that you have in your mind. That whether the noncommittal dong hoon would ever reveal to ji an how he feels about her. That's why I really wish we could see the script lol. I am wondering about the conversations LSK and the director had while preparing for these scenes. Maybe it went like, try to act like you are startled, quite affected by her confession, but don't make it seem like you love her. You can't have the lovestruck puppy look. But then how would you define this expression? I for one can't lol. Or this one, [ I have to thank the wise poster from DB who had this observation.] Seeing how intently dong hoon is looking at Ji An, Ki Hoon gave him the black sunglasses. He says in a matter of fact tone that Sang Hoon wants all three of them to wear the glasses, but it could also be seen as Ki Hoon telling him to look at Ji An to his heart's content without getting caught lol. So I don't know, Seems like too many coincidences for me. Or when he asks dong hoon after he is back home dropping yoon hee to the airport, how's Ji An doing. Or whether she calls him or not. Ki Hoon is always the observant one even if dong hoon never opened up to him. Also about the separation, the moment dong hoon tells his mother that Yoon Hee has gone to the US to look for information on college, Ki Hoon tells him to move back to their house. IMO about Ji An, Dong Hoon gave his comment on episode 12 like someone said before. He was even hesitating to send her a text saying thanks thinking how would that be perceived. So, as a morally upright person as him declaring verbally how much she means to him is almost like asking her out by his book I guess. I also think what Yoon Hee said was right, that she knows he's still trying to be part of the family for the sake of his mom and the kid. But because he's a family man and loyal to the people in his life, it wasn't possible for him to leave her from his side. So she made it easy for him by making the move herself. At least that's the impression I got.
  34. 18 points
    I think the first time the writer reveals DH likes JA is when DJY tells her the way to seduce him is to get him to eat and drink with her. That when DH does that, it means he likes her. She is so stunned that she can’t stop staring at DH at the subway station and even misses her stop. Then DH finds an excuse to wait for her by going food shopping, further emphasizing that he likes her. DJY knows this about DH because they both joined the western music appreciation club because they both liked the same woman in that club. They both competed for the affections of the same woman, YH. There is a scene of DJY and YH listening to western music together during one of their trysts. The only way the writer can reveal DH’s feelings for JA is through a third party. If he says it out loud, he loses his integrity, and everything goes downhill. He is a married man. Remember, everything he says is being recorded. For example, if Kwang Il had heard words of love between them, he would never have trusted DH with those recordings, and JA would have gone to jail. After DH sees JA again after the time skip, he is separated from his wife, and initiates skinship with JA for the very first time. Doesn’t let go of her hand until she has to leave. There are spoken promises to see each other again and to call. These two always say what they mean and follow through on what they say. The two of them have just begun.
  35. 18 points
    Thank you and very well put. Sometimes I don't really know if half of my annoyance to the lack of skinship was because I was so smitten by LJE and LSG chemistry or because of DH and Jian. Looking back, I think it is still toss up in my opinion. I agree that the point of this story was not a romance per se but to show a human interaction and healing first. I was just bummed that they didn't show more of the love story instead. However, I could understand the writer's POV that two broken people cannot start a healthy relationship if they don't heal first on their own so the writing needs to prioritize that more than anything. I agree with you. The LJE and LSG onscreen chemistry was partly eclipsing the whole show that we forgot LJA sometimes as the wife. I could stare at those two leads forever just walking around and not doing anything. They were just that beautiful together. If the show would've casted another actress that had no chemistry with LSG then likely all these shenanigans between a shipper vs a non-shipper opinions would not likely exist. I could speculate that the production itself was surprised by LJE and LSG's palpable chemistry not until they started filming. I think they explored the true potential of that chemistry more than any other OTP, I mean we have 90% (up to episode 14) that were in my opinion just intensely romantic between DH and Jian. The subtlety of the love line I was ok with because if anything the show didn't budge on their tone. Although, I admit that at one point I was frustrated by the lack of clear delineation of DH's feelings. I initially hated episode 15, my real time reactions from that episode were not favorable. However, I rewatched episode 15 again and those scenes with Jian were a confession from DH. May I also add that episode 15 was also a hallmark that the love triangle was clearly brought up the surface with YH-DH-Jian sharing the same screen together. JYD is right when he said, you people surely have interesting lives (effin jerk). Again, not our typical k-drama love triangle where both women fighting over the affection of a man, with wrist grabbing etc.. But it was clearly indicated that YH and Jian respected each other in some ways and were trying to figure out their feelings and their next decisions.
  36. 18 points
    Same here. Looking back, the attraction of PDH to Jian started from the beginning. She was always the exception. He accepted that "buy me food" invitation way too easily from her and even sat down for a drink at the bar. I think he was attracted to her first - And I agree that Jian already knew and used that to her advantage. He probably stares at her all the time or make small awkward talks. And also DH's conversation with his older brother was another to point out. He does not consider himself a loyal husband or anything, it's just that he didn't have that temptation. He always thinks of Jian as a woman. It's just that when he rationalized then starts to downgrade or deny his feelings for her by calling Jian as a kid. Regardless of his attraction, we all know PDH try his very best to stay away from that temptation until the end.
  37. 18 points
    My laugh out like a loon moment. Have I said how much I love this motley crew And the mood shifts to horror-thriller This drama is definitely a keeper! Look at LJK's expression!
  38. 18 points
    Yay! I finally finished watching Episode 16 with subs!!! I was already overwhelmed when I watched the raw live streaming. I was screaming when the last scene came on and practically freaked out when all Dong Hoon did in the end was shake Ji An’s hand. It was like PM&I deja vu to me and I didn’t like it. Good thing I decided to check out Soompi and Tumblr and other sites and my fears were put to rest when I read comments about that scene, especially that handshake. But I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that, maybe, maybe, Dong Hoon decided to go the noble idiocy route after all: happy that Ji An has finally integrated into society and seem to be moving on, but sad because he knows she will do that without him. But again, my fellow Soompiers put my mind at ease. Hehehe. It’s difficult to interpret when you can’t understand the words, although it is a testament to their acting skills that I still felt their emotions. I have so much I want to say but it’s almost midnight here. For now, all I can say is that My Ahjussi is the most romantic non-romance drama I have ever watched. And Park Dong Hoon and Lee Ji An had the most intense and intimate non-relationship ever. I’ll definitely say a bit more in the next couple of days because I am sooooo not over this drama.
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    It was likely one of the reasons why Lee Jieun was willing to sign up for this role despite the ridiculous controversies made by her haters and her own immature fans late last year. The combination of Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Won Suk, and script pen by Park Hae Young was a sure winner. She could not turn down this opportunity because that would be crazy. Plus the fact Kim Won Suk personally sought out LJE and offered her the role of Jian. I think LSG really made her focus and take her craft in a whole different level. As one of the actors said in that interview, LJE never broke character even when the cameras were not on. The immaturity of the controversies last year was partly looking down on LSG because he was not the "typical pretty boy oppa" and it focused more on his age gap with LJE. If anything, My Ajusshi brought to light another double standard in Kdrama land that despite your tremendous talent as an actor if you don't fit the conventional k drama pretty boy (like Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung), you might as well be type casted for a role fitting of an older man. If you are not a pretty boy Ajusshi, then forget about having a love line with a much younger actress because the k-drama feminazis would revolt. I am wondering now if Mr Sunshine will undergo the same water down neutered version of a love story because the age gap of Lee Byung Hyun and Kim Taeri is even wider than our MA couple. Those same immature fans are already stewing in their little corners, in fact I saw a lot of tweets apologizing to LJE for misjudging about her decision to take on the role in My Ajusshi. I think those apologies should also be extended to LSG as well because the controversies really affected him personally. However, he still continued to strive and accepted those criticisms gracefully. LSG even gave a warm and relax working environment to LJE judging from their interactions behind the scenes. A selfless actor and a gentleman until the very end. It makes me teary eyed thinking about it. The only way for a young actress to learn and grow is work with sunbaenim actors like LSG. I wonder what those immature IU fans are going to do if she will be paired next with other veteran male actors half her age. Is this going to be their thing now where they will create another controversial protest harassing IU in social media if they happen not to agree with her drama role choices? Pls people grow up and learn to respect because surely IU was showing so much respect for her leading man in My Ajusshi. LJE commenting about LSG being her "best partner" was more like a stab in the heart directed at those haters and immature fans. Aside from their explosive chemistry and sexual tension than can melt a steel bar, she is also defending and taking his side. The inevitable conclusion is LJE will refuse to go in romantic roles anymore after getting a taste of her versatile performance in My Ajusshi. She will probably follow the same path as her LSG sunbaenim and going after versatile characters. LJE will likely stay in cable like TVN and JTBC since all of her projects were successful on both networks. The pretty girl naive roles don't suit her anymore and she will likely avoid that in the future.
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    Guys, I have a confession to make: this drama affected and influenced me so much that I replaced my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S9. Park Dong Hoon is such an effective endorser! Too bad they didn’t have it in his shade of dark blue. I’m planning to check out the supermarket for that Maxim coffee next. As to Quiznos, uhm, maybe for my next lunch? uhm. I forgot to ask the attendant at the store if I’ll get to hear Dong Hoon’s voice on that phone.
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    I swear the folks on DCInside are so sharp when it comes to noticing the littlest details of this show. Before DH's breakdown, we saw KH and his mom re-pot this particular indoor plant. The plant's name is India rubber plant / Rubber fig (인도고무나무) According to this site, the meaning of this plant is unchanging love and eternal happiness. The act of moving a plant to a better pot symbolizes how Dong Hoon (who in episode 4 thought that he was born in the wrong place and couldn't be reconstructed) will have a new beginning in all aspects of his life, by starting his own business, facing the failures in his marriage, and becoming an individual who prioritizes his own happiness. source
  42. 17 points
    I found this forum late last night and oh my, was I grateful! I have followed K-drama for 10 years and I have never been this emotionally stimulated by any of them until My Ahjassi. A week had passed like a breeze and yet I still find myself fixated with this drama in every way. Simply having a hard time letting go of it here. I just want to leave a message to thank all the contributors here for your keen observations and all the beautifully written pieces. I am overflowing with emotion and feeling truly lucky to have been able to immerse in the story of Park Dong-Hoon and Lee Ji-An with you guys. Lots of hugs to all of you!
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    @noor1 lol, You tried always to be very objective before (and appear to achieve a higher degree of objectivety than most of us), but forgive me if I say this: it seems that the ending has playing with your emotions more than you would like or would expected, and this is maybe affecting your normaly way of see things objectively. Am I wrong? I apology if I am. I will say why objetively YH and DH are over, albeit it isn't clear if they are already divorced: 1. The drama never ever tried to make any movement to show any process of healing their marriage. So, narratively wise, there is no room for saving their marriage. If we agree this writer is good, not dealing with this "saving marriage" and then presenting them on the last minutes as "couple saved" it would be just bad writing. 2. The drama showed many times the impossibility of saving this marriage, which one was the barman saying that you can endure for a time, but then it is ended a marriage if there is betrayal. 3. As many pointed out, YH was ashamed maybe repented, but she wasn't in love. She just wanted to attone for her sin. Never she tried (at least not hard enough) to save their marriage, she was just waiting for DH's decision. 4. The pics: objetively, for someone who kept a family photo (he, wife, son) on the office desk after knowing everything about his wife betrayal, why wouldn't he keep a family photo on his desk after everything is forgot and healed? No, this means exactely that they are no more a family, and the 3 brothers's pic shows his family now. Three pics with mother-son from three different moments means that she is abroad for a long time. She is settleted there. Plus the info about the fact that the mother wants the son to stay there until college tells for itself. 5. The pics show that DH is in good terms with YH, and in a sense he doesn't alianates her from his life. He is a generous person. (plus, if he hasn't any hope to be with his soulmate, what difference makes to have his son and mother's pics? lol). 6. What is unclear is if they are already divorced. If this is an year time skip, so probably not yet. It would be in character: if he or she hasn't others plans (e.g. marry somebody else) they probably could stay many years separated, but not officialy divorced. About DH-JA meeting again and she being only kindred hearts of him like the monk would be. First, the show stated that the monk and DH were best friends, but never stated/showed that they were soulmates/kindred spirits (or at least I never saw that way). Second, the drama till the ending showed that JA is in love with DA, but let implicitely his feelings. If we are talking about kindred hearts or soulmates, and they are kindred hearts/soulmates of each other, the logic says that in this kind of situation both kindred hearts/souls will be at the same page; therefore, if we have one half that explicitely shows its feelings, we can deduce the other's half feelings from the first half of the soulmates/kindred hearts. So, logicaly, if JA loves DH, then DA loves JA. That's simple.
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    Lol..Jian is the best witty killer(words) . More hint to happy love line Thanks to owner
  45. 17 points
    More highlights.. These two continue to bring on the sweetness.That stupid judge i posted earlier could learn from this "gangster lawyer": a.He declares his trust for her and her capabilities b.Cheers on his "office manager"(lol and handcuffs are not cute but LJG makes them look cute c.She can handle her own but he is still worried about her going along to these street brawls..that the Sang Pil gang find themselves in
  46. 17 points
    I am currently catching up on the subbed episodes and I have to say LJG’s Bo Sang Pil has so much swag. I love how he is cheeky & confident , slightly arrogant without being obnoxious. It’s not easy to do that , so mad props to LJG for making a cocky person so likeable. I like our hot tempered Jae Yi. ( Seo Ye Ji has been on my list of to watch actresses ever since I saw her outstanding performance in Save Me) I love how she won’t back down even if it may seem naive. She’s a tough cookie unafraid to speak her mind & use her fist. . I knew there was something cheeky in the way he said that he doesn’t do background checks of those he is uninterested in. From what I read here their encounters were not chances left to fate as BSP has clearly done his homework & is here as Jae Yi’s protector . But honestly I think he’ll need some protecting himself given her temper. They really do make a great team & BSP is right here: @bebebisous33 Great analysis of CMS earlier . I relish the fact that the antagonist here is a strong female character. She practically runs Gi Sung ( is this a fictional town?) . I’m now at the part where Jae Yi still hero worships her. My heart might break for JY once she discovers this woman who has been a mentor & maternal figure is not the righteous judge that JY thinks she is.
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    @Wotad @violina @Dramanoona If HJY's mother is alive, then I don't think that she has amnesia because we were shown that there is an unidentified person who knows what happened in the past and is trying to unveil the truth. In the episode 1, BSP received an important notebook which was the signal for him to return to Gisung. Then in the episode 3, CEO An received a picture frame containing pictures that proved that An was a killer. Moreover, he was given the stone which helped him to kill a man. The person sending these parcels must be close to CMS because he/she knew that An was behind the murder of the mayor he/she knew that MCS had already chosen the new mayor: CEO An. It had not publicly be announced so far. Moreover, the pictures show An, when he was dressed as a thug indicating that this crime happened 18 years ago. So this can not be the work of BSP. The person who took these pictures was an adult back then. As for the reason why HJY's mother didn't return to her family is quite simple: she knew that if she came back, her family would be in danger. Knowing nothing was the best way to ensure that HJY and her father wouldn't be suspected. Let just say that HJY's mother survived and was not killed by WHM, the latter lied to An. Striking is that WHM's wife said that WHM would never kill someone... Yet, WHM was supposed to kill the boy but he didn't He acted as if he had done it. Interesting is that HJY's mother was only knock-out and put in restrain in the trunk. This outlines WHM's hesitation for killing someone. To me, it looks like BSP doesn't know that she is alive. He believes that she was buried somewhere as he heard that they should bury the bodies. Finally, we shouldn't forget that HJY's father is a photographer and was close to the family Cha. Maybe the mother was also a photographer just like her husband but she had a different job: photographer/journalist. Since her husband trusted the family Cha so much, she couldn't reveal what she had found out. Let us not forget that we have a lawyer in possession of a chip card who was killed. We must question where the chip card came from. However, in the episode 3, it is clear that the father CMH was not innocent at all, based on the conversation between An and GS. Cha talked to An in a manner that underlines An's respect for Cha. An was back then a thug!! Like I had pointed out before, CMS became like that due to her father.
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    Who else would watch a spin off movie with just them walking and talking ala The Before trilogy? I would. Another dialogue we didn't get to hear directly was JA telling him not to die. On episode 13 DH told KH how JA encouraged him "When you feel like you want to die, don't die" I wish that talk didn't happen off screen. I'm even more curious now what else did they get to talk about. This is just making My Mister withdrawal even worse
  49. 17 points
    It not only may have crossed my mind...it 100% crossed mine. The more realistic view of that voice over for me is that it happened in some future conversation whether pre or post-coital ..versus telepathically.
  50. 17 points
    Oh, not me. I knew their lips really did touch, but the whole thing was edited to go so fast that it was very hard to see. The irony is that the officially posted YouTube clip of this scene, by TVN, features the exact moment their lips touched as the picture for this video. It's like they wanted to make sure viewers know it really did happen. Not sure if that makes sense, so here it is. Like some already said before, TvN is their biggest shipper. It's just too bad we did not get a repeat, and for real this time. But do you think the director's cut will show more?
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