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    even though it is fake, they both are treating each other with kindness and respect. he was so protective of her on the phone when he told the ex off. in usual contract relationships in other dramas, both feel rather burdened by each other and so take out their frustrations on each other. here, they are on the same page in that it is mutually beneficial for both and so there's a kind of team work approach to this relationship. it makes them more protective of each other and also aware of each other's needs as they are learning about each other. when her manager ruffled his feathers, she wanted the manager to apologize. but rather than hold on to her pride, she makes the move and apologizes. he values sincerity so much that he really appreciated her cards and flowers. it wasn't some grand gift like a car or watch but it meant more to him. and for her to see that, it definitely warmed her heart especially when her ex thought of her as a cheapo instead. it is rather sweet that her cards not only makes him smile but he keeps them as a remembrance.
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    Hello! Just dropping by to share this cool illustration I found of Terius Behind Me poster. I wonder if we will ever see the official photos they showed on the early behind-the-scenes that were released. JYT is really like a CAT. From scaredy-cat to having almost like 9 lives to THIS! Awwwww...... Close enough, right?
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    I really like how this is showing a more calm "real" romance between our leads. While there are a lot of dramatic things happening, I am enjoying how the leads seem very mature about the whole situation despite their differences. It makes me really root for them as neither one is a "jerk" but are clearly two people with a lot of hurt and baggage that needs healing. And with all the crazies that seem to be around, they are going to need each other. As for WH not hugging/comforting YJ when she was crying...I think part of that is a culture difference and not a cold reaction. In the states, people hug/comfort strangers when they are upset no matter gender, but I hear in Asian countries, that doesn't generally happen except between two people who know each other really well or are in a relationship. He was actually being really respectful and thoughtful though by pulling the screen so that she had her privacy to cry and then encouraged her brother immediately to comfort her, as the brother could do so appropriately. Eventually when they get closer, I think he will actually comfort her himself. <3
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    https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17039737&amp;memberNo=10059278 They have already accepted each other unconditionally. DC '''''''''''''''''' guy you're dreaming of“,What’s your favourite season?”
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    This drama is really something. I was in the middle of preparing my visit to my daughter but I still trying to find the subtitle for latest episode. And the result, I forgot to bring one of my promise to my daughter (bad bad bad mother). Now at 2 am, I watch episode 4 (again) on a train use my smartphone because the 100% subtitle is on. I won’t explain what effort I made to play this drama on my smartphone, XD. Btw, I wish our milk couple first kiss will come next week.
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    I would like to think so as well. Unfortunately, that does not always seem to be the case. When we meet people one-on-one, taking time to get to know them very well, we may be able to look beyond the disability. But upon first meeting, people are almost never able to do so unless they have deep familiarity with that sort of disability. Just for example: Yesterday when I was putting my groceries in my car, a very elderly woman who had her car parked next to mine was having a lot of difficulty with her mobility scooter and with her shopping bags. One of the cart boys offered to help her. But he had to speak to her several times, and he was getting increasingly agitated because he thought she was ignoring him. As a young and healthy person, it never occurred to him that the lady was going deaf and could not hear him. But I knew because my mother also had trouble with her hearing as she became elderly. I calmed the young man down, and I gently patted the lady on the shoulder so she would know I was talking to her. And we helped her get things sorted out. She hugged me and said that she was 90 years old but she didn't know how or why she had lived that long. Bless her heart. The young man didn't understand, and he didn't listen; he meant well but he had no experience with old people. Hopefully he learned something but I kinda doubt it. This is the issue in dealing with disability. We have to learn. We need to be familiar with the problems the disabled may face. We will never be understanding or sympathetic until we do. We need to know what sympathy is and we need to be cautious about looking down on someone who is different--it's a delicate line sometimes. By the way, I am disabled myself. I am mobile and I look okay.....but I'm not okay and I never will be. My illness is not fatal but it is incurable and there is no treatment for it. I say this only to explain that I know first-hand about some of the misunderstandings and the pain that disabled people feel when they are treated as something less. In fact this is why I was so very angry with YR early on in this drama when she slapped SY when he said he could not feel pain. Some other posters disliked my comment about the fact that this was abuse of a disabled person. They thought I was taking it the wrong way but I was not wrong. I still feel upset about her slapping someone she knew had a problem--that was childish and cruel. In fact, I have felt sufficiently upset that I have not watched many of the episodes since because I want to spoiled about how this drama handles the important fact of SY's physical limitations before I put my heart into watching the remainder of the episodes. It's a vital issue, and it needs to be addressed with sincerity. Yes, I want to believe that something will change for the better for disabled people, and I hope that it does. I hope that the disabled will no longer be pushed into the background. But we can only change things one person at a time; and we have to be very careful at the same moment not to offend those with physical challenges because they need to be strong on their own terms. Is this a hot button issue for me? Well, yes it is. And that is why I am following this show with great interest even if I'm not watching it right now.
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    now everytime i hear the song ‘careless whisper’, kim bon will appear before my eyes.. ..
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    i am really glad that uri YR is getting stronger in character and she is such a cute galfren..heee. It may be love at first for uri hottie but now itz really cute to see YR so in love and taking initiative to make the relationship work. And as for our 2nd OTP -> these 2 are killing me too hahaha.... hoping to see more sweet scenes (He is soooo sweet ) Erhm...ok... talking about the nasty step bro of uri hottie, i hope that he is really juz pretending to be bad but is actually a good person afterall. Like some chingus mentioned, the last episode he seems to have some big secrets (undercover ? Secret agent?hahahaa...) and keeps wanting SY to leave the airport (to avoid getting hurt again). Since i will be misssing episodes from next week -- i want to say it once again i am liking the good vibes of this drama. *hwaiting!!*
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    This drama has tons of glaring problems (like seriously, many of the airport cases are not quite realistic), but what it does right is in the characters that populate this drama. The drama somehow managed to imbued warmth throughout its run, and I appreciate the contemplative tone that it has taken. On top of the awesome characters, I think what the drama has done best is in creating one of the most moving romance progression in my recent memory. It's rare to see a kdrama OTP who is so balanced in their relationship. Both of them are so giving towards each other. And there's something about YR and SY as a pairing that somehow makes something as ordinary as holding hand become such a momentous moment. All their romantic moments, either big or small, always felt so sincere and heartfelt. I think this week's episodes belong to YR. I was completely moved by her bravery to face her demons (in the shape of a bully); plus her patience and understanding towards SY. One thing that I appreciate about YR as a character is her simple kindness to people. For example, when she witnessed DK and YJ fighting after he let the mafia guy got away, she helped the housewarming party happened to cheer YJ. But she's not expecting thanks from YJ for doing that. Similarly, when she stood her ground and not ratting YJ's name to Team Leader Choi, she's not expecting thanks or anything from YJ. She did all of those just because and without any expectation. I remember that the homeless man once said that she has a pure soul. And I agree with his assessment. Her biggest flaw is her insecurity that can be all consuming for her. Which is why having people like Team Leader Yang and SY as a calming force for her nervous energy is the best growing process for her. Both of them know how to direct her in a positive direction without making her feel small and incompetent, or emasculating her agency. Case in point, when Team Leader Yang gave her the pass. Even though she gave YR advice, she lets YR decides on her own what is best for her. Stripped from her constant need to prove herself due to her self-confidence, YR is actually quite astute in reading about people (except probably reading ES true intention. But ES kind of bring it to himself by squandering his chances). Which is probably why she can understand SY at almost telephatic level. It's interesting how similar SY and YR's confession is. When SY confessed, he did not expect anything from her. He gave her space to think through her feelings. Similarly, when YR confessed, she also didnt expect anything from him. She gave him space to decide what he wants. This is probably one of the healthiest relationship that I have witnessed in kdrama. Yes, SY is hiding things from YR, but YR sort of have gut feeling about it and she understands, through her past experience, that everyone has something that they fear to let other people know. I really like the title of the last episode so much: knowing your pain vs embracing it. She may not know the full extent of his pain, but she damn sure tries hard to embrace them. It takes a special kind of bravery to be able to do that. Lastly, because this is becoming such a long post, my suspicion about YR being adopted is getting stronger and stronger. I wonder whether this is the secret that she's so afraid the girl bully to divulge . But I still cant seem to understand why. Unless getting adopted is also something frowned upon in Korea, which, if true, is very sad. I also wonder whether this drama depiction about how people in Korea treat people with disability is correct or close to reality. If it is, it's such a sad sad affairs. I hope this drama brings more understanding about this problem in the country.
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    This couple is so cute... Only moments after the announcement of their fake relationship and they have their first real couple-fight already.... And why put things in writing? That's one solid evidence that will only cause trouble... Since this drama is kinda old school, that agreement will definitely come into play in the future
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    @unhelpful To me, it looks like the last episode is confirming that Shim is the mole. We never saw Kwon mentioning Bon's Swiss bank account. So this was the clue that Shim must have heard it from Yoon CS. From my point of view, Shim must have called K and Yoon, once he saw the address. He was the only one who knew what the address was. Notice his reaction. Moreover, we shouldn't forget that during the terror attack, agent Yoo called Shim telling him the exact location of the terror attack. And shortly after, K was already waiting for the accomplices who got killed in order to erase all the evidences. By announcing to Shim that RDW was working behind his back, she ensured that Shim would get aware of the evolution which would force him to betray himself (calling in hurry K and Yoon). As a matter of fact, it could be possible that Kwon is there and she is the one who shoots K. Notice that each time she met Shim or the scientist guy, she was alone!! So maybe Kwon realized that someone close to her was watching all her moves. @Dhakra The shot we heard came from a different gun. The writer is not so stupid.... for making such a mistake. There is someone there who will help Bon. My bet is Kwon. She is someone who would have no problem to kill someone but she would never use a silencer, just a regular gun. From my point of view, we should see this scene as a repetition of the past but this time, the outcome is different, the exact opposite. K will be shot and Bon will be saved. Notice that in the last scene, Bon had lost the fight and he is about to get killed, while 3 years ago, the situation was reversed: Bon had won the fight and was about to arrest K, when he was shot from behind.
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    @guinearoyal Not only the fire incident but also all the things the scary girl will be doing she's going after everything connected to YEH including the friends around her to try and het them tio breakup so she could marry him what this dumb girl fail to realizes is the more she hurts YEH the closer sje'll be pushing them together.. He's going to protect YEH at all cost because of her stupidity.. She needs to marry him because her father has threaten to take eveything away from her and kick her out.. Well if she's caught pulling all these horrible acts will also cost her because that's going to relect badly on her and the family.. She could also be sued which I wish that YEH do..
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    SOOOO many awesome scenes, especially in Episode 12!!! First.... DADDY!!! (Creep playing in the background absolutely finished me!! ) Second. I want to live in this neighbour hood!! 3. writernim absolutely killed me with this scene! LOOOOLLLL!!! But most importantly... this sequence had me in tears!!! The sound effects made it even more funny!!! And another love confession...OMO!! OMO!! My kokoro!!
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    And the characters are civil, nice, and sincere with each other.... they find solace with each other's company. I loved how, in episode 3, when they ran into each other at the hotel/venue, they were genuinely happy to see one another.... and it wasn't one sided either...
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    Our security couple is SO CUTE The best FMV for our lead couple SHIPPPPP OR SKIPPPPPP??????
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    I would understand when 10 years ago maybe people would look at SY on wheelchair differently, but I'd like to think things are different now in the society... Actually, if I meet SY on the wheelchair, yes I would be probably be looking his way the whole time.... not because of his disability, but because of the wheelchair itself... how cool looking is that wheelchair... Did you notice the first time Jang steered it out? It moves sideways!! I was wondering how, but I kinda figured it out with the special rows of wheels it has. What an awesome innovation!
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    Is it normal to feel aroused by the lift holding hands / aka soft touches gif by @MarJo_Lei How did LJH made even his hand seem sexy.. or was it just my eyes... PS: Yes, I would really want Manager Yang and Choi to be together... not with SIW... I was just worried because on the poster, the 4 main characters are included SIW
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    @April Twilights That scene with MY and JG at the police station was heartbreaking. Imagine how hard it was for MY to swallow his pride and try to be friends with JG only to be insulted and degraded. MY might have deserved those words for the things that he had done but still... Knowing MY's past, I understand why Jin Kang fights for Moo Young because she understands why is MY the way he is. She knows that he is not really a bad person. He is not what people branded him to be. She knows him deeply more than others.
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    Okay, I’ve decided to make room in my heart for these too. They’re just so great together!
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    whoo what a week in the airport land YR confession, SY finally wanting to share his secret with YR, DK and YJ moving forward in their relationship. also like other said it start to come clear that maybe IW want in someway protect SY from something I feel this gonna be the final conflict... Anyway looking forward to YR and SY finally going on their long waited date
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