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    The mood in this thread since Cuba TVN’s response Thread TVN Thread TVN is shady and posts about a tired JH Thread TVN Thread We need some real closure about what happened in that hotel room at this point.
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    The fact that she said let’s breakup in her mind makes me think that they won’t, I think Old widow will break her promise to SH and tell JH about how his mom emotionally blackmailed SH. I liked how JH very gently but firmly explained to his mom that having SH in his life was non negotiable. I almost threw a chair when she told JH that a mother would always be there for him and that wasn’t the case with a woman. With that logic JH’s dad should be wary of her How much can you hate your own gender? First she hates ambitious women, then she hates women who are divorced. She wants women to tolerate their cheating husbands because that’s where a “woman belongs”. Her thinking is all kinds of prejudiced.
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    This was a very poignant scene for me. Going home after sharing a warm meal with Kim Jin Hyuk's family, Cha Soo Hyun comes home to an empty, dark house and looks at her dinner table that never had memories of cheery family meals... This drama excels in many things but if there is one I really value, it's the appreciation for the simple joys of life, the beauty of ordinary life which Kim Jin Hyuk and his family represent...things we often take for granted but which for Cha Soo Hyun are "much sought-after, yet elusive dreams" in her solitary, affluent life.
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    So many great observations from everybody! There is no doubt about JH's and SH's deep love and devotion but what really needs to happen is for them to establish more of an open line of communication instead each trying bear burdens by themselves out of consideration for the other person. If they take on more of a united "you and me against the world" attitude, no one will be able to keep them apart.
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    I think we can all agree that the way episode 13 ended was a total angsty downer but I'm choosing not to let that ruin my day by concentrating on all the positives instead. • CSH finally getting her wish to enjoy a home cooked meal in a familial atmosphere. • CSH coolly addressing KJH's lie and telling him she would've just told him not to go. And KJH being an awesome and emotionally secure boyfriend in telling CSH that everything she does is meaningful and whatever she does, she has him in her heart. • KJM being a supportive and loyal cheerleader to his brother, referring to CSH as sister in law and asking about a wedding. He may be a bit of a goof but he is really sweet and well meaning and I suspect a closet romantic. He did help LDC and JMJ get together. • CSH's Appa continuing to support and reassure his daughter and being genuinely happy that she has found her happiness. Looking forward to seeing him execute his plan to protect his party and take down Taegyeong. • CSH teasing KJH about the camera. • CSH telling KJH that she is usually picky about food but she never says no to anything he wants to eat and enjoys them all and him telling her she's even prettier when she does that. • KJH acting like an adorable kid with his new camera and CSH getting a little jelly! • Couple cameras! • The sweet exchange in the ballroom with CSH asking KJH for advice, KJH telling her that he is guilty of thinking about her more than his work, CSH telling him he is a model employee and and KJH stealing a quick kiss as his reward! • LDC showing up at Donghwa and charming JMJ on their impromptu date. • KJH stepping in for the photographer like a total pro, proving again what a multi-talented and capable employee he is as well as continuing to be a valuable asset to the PR team, Donghwa and CSH. • KJH giving the bouquet to CSH and essentially "proposing" to her. • KJH's Appa understanding the significance of CSH showing up to dinner at their house and giving his approval to KJH. Thank goodness one parent has some sense and sees the light. • CSH getting to the bottom of the Cuba situation, heeding KJH's advice and turning Mr. Lee into an asset. He needs to repay her kindness with hard work and loyalty in Cuba. • CSH in bad a$$ CEO mode, taking down ED Choi and JWS subsequently throwing him under the bus.. • The "family" dinner at CSH's flat with Sec. Jang and Mr. Nam. The food looked amazing and such cute conversation. • CSH and KJH totally looking like an old married couple cleaning up afterwards and cozying up on the couch. KJH telling her that her past doesn't matter to him. All that matters is her and all he wants is to spend every day with her. (please let this be foreshadowing to their future!) • KJH must be making something marvelous at the end. This drama has been really good at being unpredictable so I didn't see KJH's Umma being the big obstacle in their relationship coming at all. Like I said before, in her mind, she is well meaning but the way she went about it was super shady and she knows it! It's fine if she can't accept CSH since she doesn't know her but what's really disappointing is that she would be so close minded and not even give CSH a chance or get to know her before effectively foisting her own will on her as well as her own son. She is taking away all choice from him. And this was after she overheard KJH telling his dad how much he liked her and how he couldn't imagine living without her. Those aren't just words! Lady his heart will be broken if he's forced to be without the love of his life not because of idle gossip! We can only infer so much from the preview but let's keep the faith for an unexpected pleasant surprise with a speedy resolution. The more I think about it, the more I can't see a breakup happening. There is just no way KJH will ever accept it and be able to walk away from her. JinSoo Hwaiting!
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    I am a little bother that JH mother isn’t giving her blessing, why the mom can’t just leave them alone. Jin Hyuk already an adult to have his own love life and not interfered by his mother .Tonight’s episode is like a emotional rollercoaster. One minute feeling happy when they are happy and crying when they are sad. ******** This is happiness right here The saving grace of the day
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    Was Cha Soo Hyun getting jealous over the attention Kim Jin Hyuk was giving to the camera she gave him? All of a sudden he was not paying attention her but was very distracted with the camera! @mywinter_93
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    In the preview, Jin Hyuk met with Soo hyun's Appa, right, and it was to him that Jin Hyuk said these words...I cherished her so much. Appas are so cool in this drama!
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    I like your in-depth analysis, chingu. I agree that the Cuban Balcony kiss in ep 11 was really very intimate and hot too....I noticed that CSH's hand was touching his neck intimately too...it's very sensuous, isn't it? Her other arm was round his neck. She has come a long way, giving him permission to kiss her and reciprocating with her touch as well.... I also think that the neck gesture was to assure KJH that she's into him as much as he's into her, that she has let down her guard finally. She could have rejected the kiss or felt uncomfortable so the fact that she's moved into a higher level with him i.e. the intense kiss...it's a good sign of their growing relationship. I thought about the picture of the gal above the guy too....so was surprised when the Cuban kiss ended without a bed scene. That was like teasing us mercilessly. The only nagging thing was KJH looking so sleepy the next day and it's about the only implicit clue that they did make out after all..the PD loves to leave us guessing..lol. It's natural that they would end up in bed together in the Cuba hotel after their passionate kissing and they're both adults and without commitments plus the Cuba settings were so romantic and lovely! Maybe they did.... Back in her room, when CSH said no one slept in her bed before, she was referring to her bed in Korea. Cuba is a different story and she might still feel some discomfort when she recalls that they did it, because she knows that she had let down her guard so she needs to get used to it slowly and I agree with you that KJH is just doing that - slowly easing her to the idea of him staying in her bed with her. His 'human sleeping pill' is just an excuse to stay with her and look after her. I like KJH's patience and understanding. He knows she needs time to fully allow him to come into her life completely. I hope we get to see some touching conversations about this - him telling her that he understands her fear but she needs to let him come into her life including staying over. Did anyone wonder why KJH was so at ease in wanting to kiss her again as soon as he got back to the hotel in Seoul from Sokcho? It's like he wants to take it from where they left off in Cuba...that intimacy. And CSH wasn't acting like she's rejecting him. She wanted to kiss him yet she's conscious that she's in a public place and it won't brood well to be caught. So it is a good sign that she's welcoming him into her intimate life as well. It also could be a sign that they really carried on after their passionate kiss to a whole new level of intimacy... Let's hope for more sweet and touching moments of our OTP in the last 4 episodes.
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    Sec Jang is such a good friend, she is telling SH not to worry and stress before something actually happens. She tells SH to tell JH ! SH worries because she knows his personality and how it will affect everything. Sec Jang agrees and says “ while I am the person who will always be by your side. JH is the person who will embrace you. Carry you if the need arises.. that is the sort of person he is “
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    SH outs Director Choi's nefarious doings against the hotel at the Board of Directors meeting. SH: Before that, there is one important thing that has to be taken care of. Director Choi Any other business can be handled after the voting. SH: It’s not something that will take very long. (nods to Sec. Jang who nods back) Sec. Jang: Please come in. (Lee Jin Ho enters.) LJH: First, I will offer my apologies. For a moment, because I was so short-sighted, that I did something very wrong. Regarding the Cuba hotel email incident, I’m the one who convinced Assistant Manager Kim Jin Tae to send it. I told him to send the email that caused the construction at the Cuba hotel to stop and then to flee. Director: Why did you do something like that? LJH: It was Director Choi Jin Chul’s order. All: What?! Surely not! Director Choi? etc. etc. SH: Thus, I demand an apology from Director Choi Jin Chul. If you really admit your wrongdoing and are truly regretful of it, then this issue can be ended here. Director Choi: Are you thinking that was my intention, CEO Cha Soo Hyun? SH: I’m giving you a chance. Director Choi: If I’m the one who gave the order to Manager Lee, then who do you think is the one who gave the order to me? SH: A sincere apology, that one phrase, is that so hard? Director Choi: I am just one person among all those hired. SH: Who is the employer? (Director Choi just looks at WS) SH: As to what to do about Director Choi Jin Chul, I will follow the wishes of CEO Jung Woo Seok here and all of the Directors. Please convey this to the other Directors. (meaning those who didn’t make it to the meeting) (SH leaves) WS: Since this is something that happened before I took office, the Directors should take care of it. My agenda item is probably best left to the next meeting. (leaves) So, Director Choi has learned that betrayers can also be betrayed. He's been abandoned by both Chairman Kim and by WS. And, SH has left it to the other Directors to determine his fate. He is so toast. The other Directors aren't going to so understanding that he was sabotaging the hotel business for Taekyung Group's personal vendetta.
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    @NongpeeP add JH’s complete confidence and faith in SH. When they left his house after dinner he said this to her ” where you go and who you meet, these aren’t things that worry me because I know there must be a good reason for what you do. After all, wherever you might be .... your heart is with me. I’m correct aren’t I?”
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    Translation of the preview. JH: I cherish the CEO very much. SH: These flowers, how long will they continue without withering? JM Friend: Why? It’s because I’m envious. JM: It’s not because of hyung, so don’t misunderstand. SH: If Jin Hyuk-shi’s family’s normal happiness is shaken because of me, then there is no answer for that. SH: Thanks to Woo Seok-shi, I’ve also learned, how I should separate. Oof. So, JH is still protecting their love, but SH is folding. And, she's folding because she wants to protect JH and his family from forfeiting their happy lives. And, while JH was able to convince her that he was willing to be with her regardless as being the best choice for him, his family is another matter, which she was able to see for herself, both with JM's brother getting into a fight over JH and her relationship, and JH's mother coming to see her. And, it's true that their relationship could continue to bring negative consequences to JH's family. As for JH's mother, I can kind of understand it. She's afraid for her son and for her family. This is also another interesting twist to the usual chaebol romance tale, btw. Most mothers are scheming to do anything and everything to get their child married off to someone wealthy, regardless of whether the child is a son or daughter. JH's mother as an ordinary mother, though, knows that true happiness is in the small, ordinary moments of the day shared with a person you love without the censure of society constantly beating down on them. What she doesn't perhaps appreciate is that JH and SH have created their own bubble world where they are sooo happy. And, that they are strong enough to fend off society, if need be. Anyway, JH's mother is a sharp contrast to SH's mother and WS' mother, and the cliche of an ambitious Korean mother in kdramas. It's a sad preview, and given that tomorrow's episode is only the 14th episode, it might continue with the separation story line. Seeing JH during the separation may be the only thing that brings his mother around, to see her usually sunny son being so sad. However, I refuse to believe that this drama will end with JH and SH walking away from each other permanently. On the other hand, I wonder if SH's last statement in the preview means that she finally finds out that WS had separated with her for her sake, just as she's about to separate with JH for his sake. I haven't watched ep 13 yet, so will probably be back with more comments after I watch it, though I'm also tempted to leave it until ep 14 is broadcast.
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    Ep 14 written preview "No matter what happens,i will protect you" Eventhough Soo Hyun knows Jin Hyuk's family normal life is affected but Soo Hyun does not wish to let Jin Hyuk go, it causes her great pain. Soo Hyun's dad trusts in Jin Hyuk and after much consideration,he cut all ties with Taegyong. An unexpected guest comes to visit Soo Hyun.
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    Well, I have always felt that JH was too close to his mother. And this is where JH needs to show to his mother that he is no longer her son, but a man. So far, JH has always put her first (see the birthday, the way he announced that he had to move to Sokcho) and deep down, he knew that she might not like the idea that he had a girlfriend. I hope, JH realizes on his own what his mother did behind his back. The huge disappointment will mark the moment, when he is a real grown-up man and he tells his mother that she crossed the line.
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    To those who blame Soo Hyun for bringing up/ thinking about breaking up,try to put yourself on her shoes. What else can she do? This is what happens in real life.I'm sure she wants to hold on to Jin Hyuk but then Jin Myung fighting with his friends because of her is the last straw. Living as Taegyong's daughter in law has left a deep scar in her which can never be healed. For a powerful,wealthy and a woman with status to bow her head and cry silently in front of a normal ahjumma, it is heartbreaking.She knows very well that her life resume is lacking (she even thinks that cooking well is her weakness because she learnt those while being Taegyong's daughter in law) ,it's like she is waiting for other shoe to drop because there's no way she can have a man like Jin Hyuk because he is too good to be true. I just want to give her a big bear hug and hope that in the end her tears are worth it. Like what they always say, there is always rainbow after the rain.
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    Every week someone is telling them to break up ,Can we just skip the crisis? - Thinking now… both of their mothers is against themthis drama took a 360degrees on us very quick. When we thought all is well in paradise..sigh ******* the sweetest yes
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    QH should realize the entire blame for bringing ML and GTY together lies on his own head. Who told him to pray for a good husband for ML at the Youqing Monastery? Thats why they say.... be careful what to wish for, you might actually get it.
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    I believe in 1. KJH's stubbornness and his wise gut to handle his mom; 2. Teacher Lee's signal to either KJH or KJH's dad OR both; 3. CSH's dad; 4. Mr.Nam; 5. KJH's dad; 6. CSH's unable to cut tie with KJH; 7. KJH's mom who dearly loves KJH till she can not bear KJH's deep sadness; and/or 8. KJH&CSH's true love One of them or all of them are fine for audiences.
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    I'm absolutely gutted after this episode. Poor SH! SHK was incredible in that scene with JH's mom. I was crying along with her. I get that JH's mom had what she thought was his best interest in mind with what she did but the way she went about contacting SH before talking to JH or even her husband was SHADY AH! It totally justifies why JH was so hesitant to tell her about the relationship in the first place and unlike his dad, she does not trust in him or his judgement at all. The one glimmer of hope I get from the preview is seeing SH confiding in Mrs. Lee. At least she is not trying to face this alone and is hopefully seeking advice. I actually wouldn't even mind seeing Mrs.Lee intervene on their behalf at this point. As long it doesn't go down the typical K-drama route of noble idiocy with her breaking up with him for his own good. However it gets resolved, it needs to happen quickly. We only have 3 more episodes and a long separation would just be too much to bear.
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    Since JH is seen on the other side of the lake, this means that CSH is first on her own but JH still remains by her side, as he keeps following her but in the other world. This could mean that JH and CSH have to deal with this issue on their own. JH needs to deal with his own mother, I hope, she gets aware of the consequence of her intervention.
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    To me, the balcony kiss in the episode 11 was very intimate and hot because of this Look at her hand... she is touching his neck, her hands are so close to his face. Her gesture shows intimacy. She is caressing his throad and neck... This is totally new and outlines that she has put down all her walls. Since I have been focusing on the hands of our OTP, I can tell you the huge difference. The last time we saw her hands with JH, she was just hugging him and her hands were touching his back. This was in this scene Striking is that because of JH's behaviour in the last two episodes, people were starting doubting if they had even sex in Cuba. My conclusion is this: They did. First, we have this drawing and secondly it is because the balcony kiss takes place in her room. She allowed him to enter her room which marks a huge step for CSH. Remember that even JMJ only went to her room and had the door opened (episode 1) because CSH wasn't answering her phone. JMJ had left CSH before which showed that CSH is very distant, even with JMJ. Now, you wonder why JH said this in the episode 12: What does he mean with last time? In my opinion, he is referring to the bed scene where she was drunk. For the first time, JH entered her bedroom. Before, he only saw her living room. Even JWS was bothered whispering that he had stayed long enough in that place indicating that JH remained a certain time there. To conclude, for the first time, he could see her bed, the most intimate thing. JH actually wanted to spend the night there but knew that he shouldn't. Then why, if they already had sex in Cuba? Don't forget the location... they are back in Korea and JH knows that CSH behaves differently in her homeland as there are eyes on them. CSH could do that in Cuba because she felt free and no one would pay attention to her moves. In South Korea, this is different. Sure, they don't hide their date anymore, since JH's identity has been revealed, this is nothing new. The media are no longer interested: they are dating. Yet, spending the night there could create a commotion. Just like it took JH one evening to touch her hands in Cuba and it would take him a long time before he could do it again in South Korea (episode 6), JH knew that he would have to do the same with the bed. Don't forget: "his greed has no limit". Hence in the episode 12, he starts claiming the bed: "the bed has found his right owner". He is aware that he needs to express what he wants so that CSH can get used to the idea. But like always, he respects her therefore he is happy if he is able to embrace her in the bed. He wanted her to get used to the idea. Moreover, this scene implies something else: this is not just about sex, this is about sharing the same bed with her... sleeping by her side. JH is trying to conquer the last room. JH was right with his behavior, since CSH confirmed that JMJ wouldn't even be allowed to sleep next to her. To conclude, they did move to the next level but it was because they were in Cuba. However, JH is now determined to conquer her bed. He is asking her to allow him to spend the night with her, to share her bed with him. I doubt that this has ever happened with JWS. @lolipop86gorgeous @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora
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    Jin Myung's fist fight with one of his friends IS THE ONLY VIOLENT SCENE I've seen in this drama! By the way, I love how he roots for the JinSoo couple and supports his brother in his relationship with Cha Soo Hyun! Omma will have to deal with JH's Appa and dongsaeng! Happy 300th!
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