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    Finally ~ He SMILES ... there's a silver lining! We'll just have to brace ourselves ... The End is near to come... @Mydzblue0421 @lu09 @wolfie26 @mathildafc @triplem @tearsofthestar @cenching @sushilicious @stroppyse @ktcjdrama @Heart_Kdrama @alleram95 @Shraddha Kamble @Ameera Ali @nenmem16 @Alice Mendoza @sal2 @Zazu2017 @Shalika Kunwar @KimSunny @Cindy Tjioe @Yeojachingudeul @Yongzura @fitzsimmons @mimima @lhynne @lingkoo @Purnima Dixit @HeartKnows @Lawyerh @greezlybee @thehappiesthapa @USAFarmgirl @angelangie @paolaadl @intrariver @riiko1988 @Pichiie @attriste @snowjewelz @unhelpful @nubianlegalmind @shineem5 @Anh Nguyen Roff @avondale16 @lianee @Anna Tan @evie7 @o10orio @bebebisous33 @camichi @turtle0217 @rocat @Sejabin@bairama@Jack James @fatalflaw @Iam Fanning @dramaninja @0ly40 @braunau @joccu @africandramalover @icyphoenix @lolly84 @Yana Mujay @zagigirl @eyo2eyo @Winksteyk @angiecrosby @mikhaella75 @foxvanilla @Ellirain @lynnys13 @Cestbon @Far^away @anfluffy @plappi @mslilith @ck1Oz @LyraYoo @aisling @katakwasabi @midjohn33 @Fiona0754 @Feriz @guin89 @Meccao @nonski
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    Hahaha! Seriously! Lawyer Dan is so hilarious. <---- Lawyer Dan It's not even an hour after the rejection, she suddenly fell in-love. Haha! She's gigglin' like she can't hold or she's about to pee.. When this beautiful sparkling eyes strike . The heart is about to explode. Lawyer Choi ----- > The realization finally hits! Ouuch! My heart hurts! Ommmmmmaaaaaa! The sound effects rocks! " BANG " " you don’t know what you’ve got until it's gone. "
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    Hold on tight and bite her lips! Eat it as much as you can. I can't see that damn tongue... It's on SHY mode! * on -pervy mode * When bein' HORNY hits you ... Can't resist it! Jung Rok is hyper much on the rehearsal kiss! Let your aggressiveness control you! Go!
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    Ending scene with kiss. JR: Oh JIn Shim-shi, why are you being like this? JS: What did I do? JR: You know that we can’t be like this any more. JS: No, I don’t know why we have to be that way. I heard it all. Why lawyer-nim left me. There were several difficult things, but I was able to get through it all because I was with lawyer-nim. And, by doing that, I’ve become stronger. Rather than losing a chance because of scandals, I’m more afraid that lawyer-nim will disappear from my side. So…if it’s really for my sake, then stay by my side. Let’s start again. (JR is silent) JS: Are you really not going to hold onto me even when I’m being like this? Even if by letting me go like this, you may never be able to see me again? (JR is silent, so JS sighs. JR sighs.) JR: Oh Jin Shim-shi. I love you.
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    Preview translation for ep 15. Here you go, @triplem. JS: I don’t want to go home. Because I keep wanting to see you. Yang: A lawyer consultant? (meaning an onset consultant for the legal scenes) CEO: Nobody wants to do it, right? JR: I’ll do it. CEO: Why are you being like that, so irritatingly?! JR: In order to protect Oh Jin Shim-shi, I think we’re going to have to more fervently date secretly. On script: JS: More fervently date secretly? JR: Even if he is your manager, there is such a thing as having a private life. Mgr: I’ll just use your bathroom. JS: Oppa! CEO: How is the mood between Oh Yoon Seo-shi and the male lead? JR: Kiss master? JS: Oh right, there was a kiss scene, wasn’t there? CEO: Somehow, I think that doing this drama, there is a chance that they’ll start dating in real life. JR: Since I agreed to rehearse with you, I’ll do it thoroughly. If this the way to do it? Cute. It looks as if the next episode is going to be a lot of fun with JR getting jealous over JS and her male lead. Also, JR agrees to be the onset lawyer consultant which means he'll have to be on set watching her film. Poor CEO, he had so wanted to be the lawyer consultant since he probably thought none of the other lawyers would want the gig, but JR volunteered to do it. Plus, another kiss scene albeit JR may be trying to show JS that he's the better kisser for her than the leading man who is supposed to be a kissing master.
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    "Did you forget we broke up? How could I forget that." Imagine the courage it would take to face rejection without at first understanding why. Yet love him so much she is willing to set her pride aside. In encouraging him by not only saying it but in showing him her heart. You may have turned your back and walked away. But I am still here standing no matter what you do or say. She shows him I am still here. Even if I am the only one holding on. She is teaching him that you can't force someone to stop loving you just because you say it's over. Feelings and love don't work that way. Little by little she is showing him I'm not going anywhere. That even apart her love can and does reach him loud and clear. In her understanding why he did it she fight's back. In making him understand that your giving up your happiness for me. Only robs me of my happiness that lies within you. With a tear in her eye she draws him in with her honesty and courage and convinces his heart with her caring ways. He sees her and hears her standing there before him and knows there is truth in everything she says. And love in everything she does for him, for she convicts his heart and he cannot deny what it is he feels. As he surrenders himself to her and says the words I love you and with a perfect kiss shows her how he truly feels...
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    @jeonghyang WOW you sure tagged alot of people (I count 88 wow) wow that mustve been exhausting to do LOL well done ahahha. Now let me borrow that list for a good cause: ABOUT DVD BLURAY ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT !! But not too many signatures left now to reach the target 1500.... so realistically speaking we can STILL MAKE IT!! PLEAS EVERYONE KEEP DOING ThE DEMAND SURVEY!!! Theres NO money requirement so just do IT and HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW& EVERYONE THEY KNOW ETC. DO IT TOO OK!!! @Mydzblue0421 @lu09 @wolfie26 @mathildafc @tearsofthestar @triplem @cenching @sushilicious @stroppyse @ktcjdrama @Heart_Kdrama @alleram95 @Shraddha Kamble @Ameera Ali @Alice Mendoza @sal2 @Zazu2017 @Shalika Kunwar @KimSunny @Cindy Tjioe @Yeojachingudeul @Yongzura @fitzsimmons @mimima @lhynne @lingkoo @Purnima Dixit @HeartKnows @Lawyerh @greezlybee @thehappiesthapa @USAFarmgirl @angelangie @paolaadl @riiko1988 @Pichiie @attriste @snowjewelz @unhelpful @nubianlegalmind @shineem5 @Anh Nguyen Roff @avondale16 @lianee @Anna Tan @evie7 @o10orio @bebebisous33 @camichi @turtle0217 @rocat @Sejabin @bairama @Jack James @fatalflaw @Iam Fanning @dramaninja @0ly40 @braunau @africandramalover @joccu @icyphoenix @lolly84 @Yana Mujay @zagigirl @eyo2eyo @Winksteyk @mikhaella75 @angiecrosby @foxvanilla @Ellirain @lynnys13 @Cestbon @Far^away @anfluffy @plappi @mslilith @ck1Oz @LyraYoo @aisling @katakwasabi @willenette @midjohn33 @Fiona0754 @Feriz @guin89 @Meccao @nonski & L U R K E R S ! ! ! LETS DO THE TYH DEMAND SURVEY (Doesnt cost money to do it) & SPREAD THIS INFO ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS ! kk?? HOW TO DO DEMAND SURVEY : See the LeeDongWookAddictd_Global IG post I posted above. SWIPE left all slides from the 1st ALL THE WAY TO THE LAST ONE then it works. + Also people PLEASE POST IN THE TYH DAUM CAFE FORUM too ! It might also influence their decision to make DVD if many comments there/popular. Go to TYH daum cafe: www: cafe.daum.net/touchyourheartdvd Login. Click on the "BULLETIN BOARD FOR OVERSEAS" and then lets SPAM with MANY POSTS !!! GO GO GO!! (more clearer layout on PC than mobile phones. So I recommend posting on the BulletinBoard on PC rather than phone. Its fine to post on phone too of course.)
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    Here you go @Yeojachingudeul. A translation of the episode 15 text preview. Episode 15 Preview Having met again on an ardent night, ascertaining each other’s hearts, Jin Shim and Jung Rok. Jung Rok, unwilling to let Jin Shim go, asks “May I sleep over tonight?” and causes Jin Shim to become nervous…! Otherwise, Jung Rok who is finding it hard to see Jin Shim with her busy schedule, becomes the onset consultant for her drama… The two people take every chance at the shooting set and at the house to secretly date. While doing that, Jung Rok discovers from Jin Shim’s script that there is a kiss scene…! @Mydzblue0421 tagging you since you wanted a translation of this as well.
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    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting a comment on Soompi ever. I am extremely thankful to the Writer and the PD of this project, who brought such a good drama for LDW and YIN to reuinte. It's just like a miracle. I do love these two people and sincerely, if they do become a couple in real life, I will not expect anything more in my whole life For a long time I have not been so obsessed with a drama like this. YIN's sweetness and LDW's sexy appearance make me happy everyday. I am looking forward to the last two episodes, will surely be as sweet as candies, as always <3
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    hey everyone! today is a happy day! if our OTP made us cry at ep 13, they made us happy tonight! im literally flying with happiness! yes indeed life is beautiful~ woooooooooooooohhhhooooooo!! i love the bromance! i actually teared up watching the scene, CEO has never been serious lmao he’s always fooling around hahaha and teases KJR but he really treasures him like his own brother. aww as expected! our CEO is the best! haha poor CEO yeon. btw, dont u think kim pil gi intern kinda notice it? when OJS came to visit/take her pen? but chingus dont u think the kiss from today ep was too short? or am i being greedy again because pdnim aigooooo look at him, he is so happy he doesn’t need to take bus anymore.
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    Their kiss was BEAUTIFUL! I will say to those who keep asking for love scenes and more skin ship moments....it's RARE to even get THIS type of a mutual kiss on a KDrama show. I've watched quite a few KDramas....and most of the time, the female does NOT participate in the kissing at all. Here, we are lucky to have YooInNa who is very comfortable with LDW. Therefore, she is very present in ALL of their kisses. Be glad for that. I don't watch KDramas for skinships or love scenes because I know this genre doesn't provide those about 90% of the time. We do have the rare few shows that do have them, of course. But majority of KDramas have kisses that are mostly one sided and no love scenes, period.... I think if some people really want the SEXY love scenes, then I highly recommend Spanish telenovelas that are filled with tongue kissing and very showey love scenes. KDramas are more about love stories that are based on feelings and emotions of the heart, not physical type of stuff....Just replying to the many asking for the sexy moments....it's not the type of genre that has them here....especially in a very innocent type of a romantic comedy such as Touch Your Heart. I'm personally VERY happy with TYH. I don't need the physical stuff. Give me beautiful moments instead that are filled with romance and love in the hearts and souls of these two characters....
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    Well. That's how to do a preview. I don't know why having a great kisser for a male lead is bad? After all her real boyfriend in the drama is a great kisser. But no he's the male lead in this drama who's a great kisser. She has a male lead in her drama as she is an actress in this drama. The meta jokes are killing me. I am cringing at my own bad humour. Honestly though the experienced actors are doing a fantastic job being their characters. That was a beautifully timed " I love you." The * I give up trying to resist being with you * sigh was genius.
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    hard sub YS: Oh, are you just going to work now? JR: What brings you here? YS: I have packed you a lunch box. Here. Please enjoy it. Don't forget to eat JR: Oh Jin Shim ssi YS: Look at the time. I have a scheduled shooting so I'll be going now. Eat well and gather strength so that you can do the appeal well YS: You have to finished them all (her foods) (another day) YS: Lawyer Kwon! Do you want to eat dinner with me? I knew a restaurant over there that doesn't have many customers. Let's go together (JR drags her away to more empty place) JR: Why are you doing this, really? What if you keep appearing in front of me and got pictures taken and raised a scandal? What are you going to do? Please hear me out. You have to forget this (their relationship) as soon as possible and... YS: I don't want to forget it. I will be the one who decide to forget or not. Just as I want, I don't want to forget you, I am going to miss you, and if I'm getting worried then I will find you. And if I missed you, I am going to you. What make me impressed in here is the way both actors acting with their eyes. When I look at it closer, it looks they said another lines with their eyes, the opposite of what they were saying loudly. Like when YS brought a lunch box for JR, JR keep looking at YS face as if he's dreaming. If he wanted to be rough, he could just refused the lunch box, but he accepted it gladly. Even when YS left, he keep looked at her back longingly.
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    The last scene in the preview That's right, you should practice a lot we won't mind at all
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    Hmm, just watching the start of episode 14, and the reconciliation conversation between JR and JG. It seems that 5 years ago, JR had been a lawyer with a different law firm. JR had been moved at the time to take a case for some victims against their employer, but his law firm had been on the side of the employer with the CEO of JR's then law firm involved in some way. So, JR had acted as a whistleblower as well as a lawyer for the victims, and had suffered censure and loss of his job for it. At that time, JG had gotten funds to start his own law firm from an investor, it seems, and brought JR in to be a lawyer for the new law firm. So, in the present day, JG tells JR that his biggest regret is not having been able to talk JR out of his actions 5 years ago which led JR to suffer so much, but his biggest satisfaction was in creating a law firm with JR. So, JG tells JR that without JR, what would become of his own life. JG tells JR that they should just stick together and get through whatever needs to be gotten through. Seriously, so much bromance. Btw, I loved SW's role in bringing JR and JG together as well. I guess JG went crying to SW about his fight with JR, so SW called JR to join them, saying there was someone who wanted to see him and couldn't just let JR go like that. JR actually thought it might be YS, I think, and went only to find SW and JG. Then, SW started scolding JR for his actions causing JG to defend JR, and scolding JG for his actions causing JR to defend JG. Finally, JG asks SW if he's there to help or to make things worse, so SW agrees and excuses himself so that JG and JR can talk it out. I totally thought that was a smooth move on SW's part to force JG and JR to defend each other which basically reminded each other of the other's POV. That then leads to the conversation that I summarized above. Cute episode, even when not focused on JR and JS. Though, I realize that nothing can top the "I love you" and the kiss.
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    A translation of the longer preview for ep 14. This preview is slightly different to the 15 sec preview, a bit more content and slightly different editing of the sequence. JR: I may have destroyed someone’s life even, so I have to do whatever I have to in order to set it right. JR: This is my resignation. CEO: Do whatever you want! I don’t need anyone as irresponsible as you any longer either! So do whatever you want! SW: You’re not even middle school kids, you’re fully grown adults. So, why are you fighting? JS: Are you going to work now, lawyer-nim? JS: If I want to see you, I’m going to come see you. JS: Lawyer-nim, do you want to have a meal with me? JR: Really, why are you being like this? CEO: It’s in order to save a person’s life. Who do you think I mean? It’s the nation’s most hated person, Lawyer Kwon. (meaning the CEO has a plan to help JR out) JS: My wish is that lawyer-nim doesn’t waver. (meaning she hopes that he stays the course and doesn't waver from his purpose) I believe that you’re going to handle it amazingly well.
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    Hard sub for longer preview JR: I might just destroyed someone's life. How can I just ignore it? JR: This is my resignation letter CEO: Do whatever you want! I don't need a irresponsible person like you. Do whatever you want SW: Both of you aren't a junior high student so why don't you act as an adult? YS: Are you going off to the office now, Lawyer Kwon? YS: If I miss you, I'm going to see you YS: Lawyer Kwon, do you want to eat dinner with me? JR: Why are you doing this? CEO: It's a matter for saving someone's life. Who do you mean? Who else other than the most hateful person in the country other than Lawyer Kwon YS: My wish is that you won't have a hard time. Gather some strength and win the case in the cool way, I belive in you
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    Quick update: Touch Your Heart is TRENDING at the TOP SPOT again in the US on Viki. It also got 9.8 back for the fan rating! I'm guessing fans LOVED the reunion scenes so much in episode 14 that they voted our show back from 9.7 to 9.8!
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    Some sweet new fan videos featuring our favorite couple! The angst and the happiness! So many talented video makers on youtube!
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    I think I speak for everyone when I say: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!! Finally all problems are over, her stalker issue, the park soomyung case, they r both doing great in their field, she finally told him that losing him is worse than any scandal and he finally gave up... Guys we've through a lot but we were right, the last 2 episodes are gonna be pure FLUFF and hopefully more. I absolutely love the pacing in this drama, it only gets better every episode, and when they say smthng it really gives u actual feels. The way he said I love u, and the way they kissed. Their affection piled up and he went for it. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS SMILE AGAIN And they better show them practicing her kiss scene and not cut where they did in the preview. JR has become soooo much bolder, as we expected after breakup the relationship really becomes deeper.
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    @Lawyerh & @Sejabin & @triplem & @triplem & @sushilicious and everybody This the last time we all saw the goody bag with gifts , girls we need to know who got it at the end All the crying & laughing affect my skin ... not surprised mama boy was calling her back
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    .. this kiss more sweeter than first & second one now @Sejabin & @Lawyerh gonna ask how I know
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    @cenching & @triplem Finally back to each other hand , in their case lips @triplem is he jealous she gonna kiss someone in the drama at spoiler
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    @cenching & @triplem what happen to mama boy love story the pizza on the motorcycle most be that delicious to make her run that fast @sushilicious are u here as well , is that u saying if u can’t beat them at their game join them thank you @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang for the recap
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    Preview translation JR: This is my resignation. CEO: I don’t need anyone irresponsible like you either, so do whatever you want! JS: Lawyer-nim, would you like to have dinner with me? JR: Really, why are you being like this? JS: Just as you have all along until now, you’re going to do well with this. I believe in you.
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    Despite the OTP Sad Moments... The Ukelele Ship is cracking me up! Finally ~ The Feeding " ahhhh " moment... The ELECTRIFYING Skinship ... The SHIP is sailing ... I can hear their heartbeats * in a loudspeaker mode * - EPIC - I just can't breathe with this typical kdramaland scene...
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    ahahaha....Don't worry if PD nim does his part , i will magnify it so much so that all the ahjummas and on-the-way ahjummas with poor eyesight can see from afar... Wookie being cheeky
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    This is hilarious how Park had to signal to Kim to use her as her hostage . This shows she’s certain it’s Kim ( I’m telling you it’s those fatally attractive eyes ) Seriously Park runs the show - even with Koo & Seo’s bad acting , Kim managed to escape This scene is funny too - Sister & Father Han getting angry & fire literally coming out of their heads Lol! Park is still dissatisfied, she’s trying to dig up Kim’s background. Are they playing Twenty Questions or something?
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    I don't wanna never give up on you You are my everything Credit to the owner Link to the lyrics at popgasa
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    Yay welcome more pervy girlfriends .... @Jillia @lynne22 @kokodus @Sejabin @Alice Mendoza @evie7 @bairama Let me know if you have any oppas you want to spazz over...instead of a book club , we have an oppa club where every few days we highlight an oppa to feast our eyes on So far we have 1. The Fiery Priest a.k.a Kim Nam Gil...(I know this sounds terribly blasphemous to spazz over a servant of God ) 2. Hong Kong hottie - Bosco Wong ( yes it is not only K-actors, we can even do fruits - ahem pineapple heads- winks at kokodus) 3. Lee Dong Wook - who is currently trending on our Soompi thread Upcoming oppas ( based on special requests by fellow pervy gals) 1. Ji Chang Wook ( our boy is getting discharged soon) 2. Gong Yoo ( when will he come back to drama land ??)\ 3. Kim Jae wook ( good golly the man with the most chiselled cheek bones is finally leading in a rom-com ..miracles do happen) Tagging the rest of the gang : @Ameera Ali @avondale16 @sushilicious @Sarang21 @angelangie @mouse007 @ktcjdrama @stroppyse @noella faida @Berou @USAFarmgirl @Matilda_Anne @cenching @Lawyerh Please feel free to tag fellow Soompiers to join us - I can send them an invite
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    Kissing scene still number one on Naver this morning Best Comment : The love they couldn't have in their past lives, do it now. ㅠㅠ Credit : https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/touch-your-heart-ep-14-spoilers-lee.html?m=1 Touch Your Heart] Ep 14 spoilers, Lee Dong Wook ♥ Yoo In Na Article: Naver 'Touch Your Heart' Lee Dong Wook ♥ Yoo In Na, confirm their feelings →reunion with a tearful kiss 1. [+408,-13] A drama where every character's alive. To add, it's so heart fluttering from the beginning to end. Jung Rok and Jin Shim, be together forever. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2. [+204,-4] They didn't take long. I like it~ 3. [+144,-4] I thought I was watching Goblin.. The grim reaper kiss... 4. [+112,-4] Such a pretty couple~~ They match well. 5. [+88,-2] I praise this couple!! 6. [+47,-3] Why is Yoo In Na so pretty.... Her voice is so lovely too. She's just lovely! 7. [+12,-3] The two have good chemistry but the story feels like one from 10 years ago.. It's slow.. They took Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, but they could only do this much? 8. [+9,-0] I wish the next episode could come quickly because of the preview. But the final episode is approaching and I don't like that. ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 9. [+8,-0] To be honest, the story is predictable, but I like this more. Is it only interesting when there are plot twists, intense scenes, or twisted relationships between the leads? It's not that way. The world is already harsh.. I'm just satisfied with the two being lovey-dovey, just the two having an innocent relationship. It's healing. 10. [+7,-0] This drama is ending next week~*~ Kwon Jung Rok~❤~ Get together with Oh Jin Shim~^❤^~?! Article: Naver 'Touch Your Heart' "I love you" Lee Dong Wook kisses ♥Yoo In Na and gets back together with her 1. [+196,-7] The love they couldn't have in their past lives, do it now. ㅠㅠ 2. [+160,-5] Just date. They match real well. 3. [+69,-2] It's ending next week. I hope it has sweet scenes all the way with a happy ending!!! Our Ointment couple, let's walk only the flowery path!!! 4. [+55,-8] The two really match well. 5. [+17,-1] Lee Dong Wook is always so handsome. 6. [+12,-0] I'm thinking that Kwon Jung Rok's character is impossible without Lee Dong Wook. 7. [+11,-0] This is my precious drama that gives me small happiness. 8. [+10,-0] Lee Dong Wook's eyes, voice, acting.. His charisma is maximized through this drama. He's so cool. 9. [+13,-4] Yoo In Na is really pretty.
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    @jeonghyang love ur gifs all I want to do with them To touch them , they are so cute big thanks for @turtlegirl for the recap
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    The last 2 episodes will be my dead from sugar complications ... I am going to write my will happily...
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    Yay!! He's gonna be there while she's shooting!! I'm soo happy they resolve things soo quickly and got back together. No dragging it out at all. The CEO of ALWAYS Law Firm is too funny. I still can't believe that he's the president and vice president of OYS's fan club.
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    YES!! YES!! They kissed and made up!!! The conversation in the car between Manager and OJS, maybe he told her the real situation behind their break up...
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    @Alice Mendoza Yup it’s one of the oldest k drama tropes , apart from those love triangles- which thankfully in this drama we had none . ( Though poor CEO’s fanboy heart will be broken ) I was hoping that this drama could be a little angst free but tonight was terribly sad . Nevertheless the positive thing is that this writer made Jin Shim a beautiful strong character. She’s gone through so much before meeting JR , and right when she was getting her life back together, she’s given another blow - having her heart crushed by the very first person she has fallen in love with . But yet , she is still strong & resilient. She does not give up on him & she comforts him even when he tries to distance himself from her . JR must make up for this ( I’m sure he would ) & treat her like gold when they reconcile
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    Exclusive Interviews with Xu Kai, Bai Lu and Xiao Yan. Translated by me: Xu Kai: When Mo Qing had nothing, Zhao Yao was his light. Bai Lu: Lu Zhaoyao's imperfections are what make her interesting. Xiao Yan: My real life personality is very different from Qin Zhiyan
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    Just for laughs, here is KJK holding SJH's flamethrower
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