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    OH MY GOODNESS! - here comes the BULLDOZER @USAFarmgirl @lolly84 @triplem @bebebisous33 @YourHighness . @vangsweetie637 @attriste @Kasmic @Yongzura @dramaninja Now that is a nice body
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    Episode 14 preview translation - 30 sec version YJ: I have lived with perfectly handsome looks, health, and talents. Now, I’m thinking of adding consideration for others to that as well. Since I’m the type to be overflowing with blessings, it’ll be hard to watch out for me. MS: Will you open this for me, oppa? YJ: If you want, should oppa carry you? Should oppa piggyback you? Oh, oh, oh! Should oppa get rid of your anger? MS: Appa! YJ: We are in a dating relationship, father-in-law. MS Father: I’m opposed to this relationship. YJ: Secretary Kim, why don’t you let it go now? (me: this sentence could also mean “Why don’t you let me go now?” Hmm, so MS' father will be a roadblock to the OTP's true love? Though, it's cute how YJ addresses MS' father as "Father-in-law", only for her father to choke. The tears in YJ's eyes concern me a bit. The way the preview is laid out, the last phrase he says could be taken to mean that YJ doesn't want to come between MS and her father, especially if her father is sick, so he decides to bow out, but I hope that is just us being trolled and YJ is actually recommending that MS let something else go. But what else could put tears in YJ's eyes? Given that it's only episode 13, we should expect a last minute curve ball to cause our OTP to struggle, but I hope that MS' stubbornness kicks in to prevent YJ from being a noble idiot of any kind. In a tizzy over the images and videos of the ending bed scene.
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    Throwing daggers at another is so personal in a "professional" environment, don't you think? Only their eyes and the two people who owns them knows what it means
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    Totally Agree. To let all you know, I am a guy. And I just watch some kdramas now. This is 1st time I explore more about BTS of a Kdramas bcs I don't like it. But this couple make me interested in whether they are loving. I think MY makes me love this drama more bcs she is angel. I can see PSJ crush PMY very clearly. All his reactions and nervous around her are the clues. I am not a pro at Psychology I just tell about the same feeling of a man. However I think all of you agree with me. The problem is, I have no idea about our MY. She is very calm in the BTS with PJ's teasing and joking, and you know, woman is hard to understand. I had never known my girlfriend had some feeling with me until she told me. And with an experienced and clever woman like MY, she knows how to hide the feeling, even with PSJ. And it's very hard for a man like PSJ to understand her feeling. Therefore the keypoint is PSJ, he has to get his persistence to break the MY's wall. We have to encourage him instead of blaming MY about her calm and annoyed reactions.
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    She said she wanted to stay with him??? IOMG and then she walked into his house and OMFG this happened to me EXCUSE me while I kill my computer...oh wait THANK GOD for twitter
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    @Cheryl295 yes, perhaps Parkpark gave similar vibes like SSC? I couldn’t bring myself to watch PSJ & KJW after 1 episode of the show so no shipping there. It just wasn’t for me. @luvsjcwpmy @saved2K sure. I will find time later or tomorrow to do the translation. Some are very long articles. Let’s see if I have some time later while waiting for my flight. If you can read Chinese, here is the link https://m.weibo.cn/3472910782/4261904845191590 and you can also check out part 2 written by the same author. By the way, one weibo user (apparently one of the crew) posted previously that during the filming, PSY gave PMY shoulder massages and also brought food for her. During the fainting scene shooting, before the start of scene cue given by the director, the director noticed that there was something stucked to the outside of PMY’s blouse when she was lying on the floor and he asked what was it, only to know that it was a label flipped out. PSJ immediately ran towards PMY and flipped the label inwards. He also commented ‘What would you do without me?’ (I don’t know if he was trying to act coy or something) and it made the whole crew burst out in laughter.
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    whew... i think my brain froze upon reading the words "LYJ taking off his shirt" and seeing that screenshot. if i were PMY and seeing that up close and personal, i would probably forget who i was. hahaha...
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    The BED SCENES were soooo HOT! My hands were trembling! I can't make a gif... hahaha!
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    So MS went to YJ's house. YJ – Miso, what’s up? MS – Sorry, I wanted to tell you sorry because I did not consider how you think…..also. YJ – Also…..(wide eyed) MS – I am not going to go home tonight. YJ – What? MS – I am not going home tonight and I will spend all night with you, VP. YJ – If you go to my place like this, I won’t be able to control my speed…..tonight, I won’t stop. They kiss and move towards and onto the bed. They stop for a moment, lock eyes. YJ – I love you. MS – I love you too. They keep kissing. He finds her hand and interlocks his fingers with hers. END EPISODE.
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    Look at that shiny, shiny ring on her right finger which she has moved to her left. It's not from Mr. Rice because they were barely dating(in getting to know phase), and rings are given only after 100 days of dating in SK. Plus her obsession with monkeys & settling down and her coolest partners obsession with marriage and babies kinda compliment each others. It's obvious now, isn't it? They live in each others heart.
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    I'm sorry I can't comment much on tonight's episode bc I'm still a minor. Bye~ *opens YT app*
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    @UnniSarah PERVZ mode activated! Arousal is too much! I suddenly swallowed my saliva! I keep on staring on their mouth...
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    MS is at YJ's house. She waited for him outside. YJ: the fact that you're here infront of my house. today, i dont think i’ll be able to stop myself He kisses her. oh my word the scene was utterly hot!
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    Who's excited for tonight! Starting in a bit! Calling for nae dongsaeng @jeonghyang and @dojoed @UnniSarah @Kasmic @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @kaoriharang @stargazer187 @USAFarmgirl @lovely_skham @saved2K @moreenke @fatimayahhhh @evie7 @aisling @irilight @MeritaG @lolly84 @hazeljrr_c922 @Silver Fall @turtle0217 @jadore1 @turtle0217 @Wanderer17 @ohoheli @Ondine @justanotherfan @MrsSoJiSub @Ayame @minseojoon @attriste @dojoed @AlexandraReid @rocat @kdramaznoob @tan10can @4evrkdrama @labyrinth525 @saaara @snowlou @elespi @dandelionjd @ck1Oz @blahdeyblah @hrh77 @princessfiana @lagaland @yusefull @lemonnoid @baby.hae @averia @jeijei @dramaninja @enigmatic_zephy @starrysky18 @Belinda Tan @minsunie @0ly40 @saranghaeshinee @lclarakl @pikachu_3275 @valentvcd @lollyminx @icecreamochi @tianaa @imels @Yammylicious @qynn @jejuhallabong @angelguccio @shujunnn @Delulu_jie2830 @blademan @jaslinnj @Dramanoona @camichi @baby.hae @Niki-Forever @realistic2280 @lyca mena Whaaat? @jeonghyang none?! exactly my reaction, lols
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    @iffahmm The name of the toy shop is Hakuhinkan in Ginza. Take note of the colour of the floor and cabinet design. It's a toy shop that sells a lot of plushies, including male and female Monchhichi, and other kinds of toys, but OYS hugged the male Monchhichi Self-explanatory much?
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    That bed scene was done with so much passion and emotion and there's no denying that they were successful in conveying this to the audience. They were on fire and I'm so glad that PMY has let her walls down during filming this scene -- I have yet to see a leading lady kiss that way in a romantic drama, let alone in all Korean series' that I have seen so far. The authenticity and the familiarity of it all made me feel like I was being intrusive of their private moment while I was watching it. Oh god, these two. Those open mouthed kisses are rare commodity in K-Dramas. Seriously. If they really have no feelings for each other then they are very, very, very convincing actors. P.S. Still need an ice cold bath oh lord how can I sleep tonight
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    So, I'm making the assumption Mr. Park pretending to choke/cough with the food in his mouth was not in the script but to tease Ms. Park. Look at Ms. Park's reaction when he was choking....she was really concerned about him until she realized he was faking it. And it appears she was cursing under her breath...Did I misinterpret?
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    I am attached to So Bong from the beginning of the show but today she really impressed me. She fought for Shin III like a lion. She doesn't fear to face mom and tell her that she is an awful human being. She admitted that at first she treated him like a robot but now he is a person for her. A person she likes and cares for. Her confession was great. I am so sad that Shin III didn't get to hear it. Anyway, So Bong, you slays!
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