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    Tumblr refuses to let me post in the tags but: gifs!
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    mi rae’s real friends genuinely being happy that her and kyung seok are together was so sweet
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    Wooo she is so pump up haha Last one I promise....
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    oh really?!?! ...feels like fate! Beyond cute that she was serenaded with and liking his song even before meeting him 2016 - Serenaded by future husband's song. 2017 - Meets future husband. 2018 - Engaged to future husband. 2019 - Wedding? Or at least an announcement of going to be wed. isn't that just so sweeeeeet? Edit: Thinking about it. Does this mean she liked him already BEFORE meeting him!? Or at least admired his song(s?) thinking how romantic i̶t̶/̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ >he is. So being (not so discreetly) stared at by the singer of the song(s) when she met him in Hwayugi scriptreading made her really nervous and her heart flutter? This not usually shy girl suddenly so shy. Back then I thought there'd be a scene at the beginning of the drama where Samjang would behave really shyly. Well, there's no such scene. Lady wasn't acting out emotions from the script, but that shyness came from meeting Mr. Right. GIF credit: to fellow submariners. Sorry don't remember whom of you made the GIFs. Edit 2: I'm so very glad the LikingHimBeforeMeetingHim post somehow managed like a boss, to become the Pageturning post that can't be missed.... getting the honor of being scrolled down from. Coolest Partner is confessing about Charming Friend to us all every scrolldown.
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    There was sexual tension mixed in from the whole "grabbing the picture frame and falling over in a slightly compromising position" that I felt was a good lead-in for the kiss. The kiss was innocent and at the same time there clearly was sexual tension (for a college/hs idol drama this is refreshing), the way kyung seok looked at her with HOODED eyes, caging her to the sofa and the slight muscle/hand tension. Also, the dim lighting, the director improved (there were some skinship scenes in the beginning I thought was too "staged" that it lost the feels/spontaneity in the moments, like when chanwoo pushed mirae and KS put his hand on her waist to stabilize her - not my fave on how it was executed and edited or the type of shots chosen). Another thing I liked about the kiss is mirae Responding/kissing back. More times than not, during an actual kissing scene the guy does all the kissing and the female actress doesn't move her lips and feels somewhat awkward from the actress' part.
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    More stills, getting ready for their high school date. Looks like KS had to go home to his father's house to get his old uniform?
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    welcome chingus to another event! how you well do you know the faces of dramaland? over 5 days (17 sept to 21 sept), we will release a picture card along with a verbal clue on each day. there are prizes and participation points to be won! are you excited? to give you an idea of what the game will look like, do you know who this actor is based on the card and verbal clue? verbal clue: I was a national swimmer in my youth, Didn’t think about much else, But then modeling came to find me, And wanted me to show my fine self. Tried my hand at acting And had to work it a little while, But then I went to Bali And found myself in style. Now I’m an actor extraordinaire, Though I prefer being a rapper. But in movies and dramas is where you’ll see me, at times gritty, though mostly dapper. will you be participating? for questions, tag me or @stroppyse , our clue master; a special shout and big thanks to @supergal99 who helped us with designing the cards. Rules: 1. the card will be posted sometime before 1 PM KST (afternoon) each day 2. once the card for the day is posted, feel free to submit your choice here in this thread for the previous day card. please use spoiler button to put your answers so that others have a chance to not see. once you have submitted your answer, feel free to look at others guesses. it is all about having fun and so please don't change your guess based on others response. 3. you are free to talk to each other and converse and have fun. if you need additional clues, give a shout out to me or the clue master.
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    I thought the sister was cringing because of the hearts on his ID - maybe by Mirae lol Edit: The restuarant scene with his sis: Kyung-seok works at a restaurant, his sister brought her friends to it. They think that he is so handsome, is he real? KS tells them that he will buy everything. His sister asks what his ID says ID: I have a girlfriend CR: dramamilk
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    Eun and Mi Rae being there for Soo Ah really touched my heart. I may not like the girl, but I love my girls and how supportive they are of someone they can see is struggling. I'm glad the drama is focusing a little on how people can uplift others instead of tearing them down.
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    OMG!! They look so good together and DKS looking at MR like that, even though we cant see his eyes, is sending everything of love, infatuation, admiration and contentment of being with her. And he is already thinking of future proposal to her... my inside turns into jelly just hearing those words. It's going to be hard saying goodbye to my beautiful babies...
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    The entire kiss sequence makes perfect sense and executed so well. (If it was just the blowfish face thing only I'd have rolled my eyes) It's the two's first time dating (and their first kisses) so the first kiss was ofc unsure and testing out the waters (and new sensation of each other's lips). When they got used to the feeling (and what to do), the second kiss is more confident. That was very fitting and satisfying and a little awkward as it should be for first loves~
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    This is so cute. Buying something for their first girl/boyfriend. Remember those feelings of your first love. *sigh Cr. valeriemperez.tumblr
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    Silent lurker here. I followed this drama since episode 1 and like you all, anticipated for every friday and saturday. OMO, it is coming to an end. So sad. I was going to post earlier but somehow getting login page issues. Anyways, that's fixed and I'm here, when it's the finale of this show. I really love the characters and actors/actresses here. Hope they will get to work on other awesome projects together. I have a lot to say since I missed out on the discussion. ISH is really a good actress. The way she portrays MR, I do not think any other actresses can do the same. Her voice is really easy to listen to. I can see her progression from start to end. She's really coming into her own skin and stopped grading faces. MR-DS is a good match since they help each other through the struggles of life - the best of both worlds in friendship, family and love. I've honestly never even heard of CEW before or his idol group ASTRO which I just recently came to know. Man, this guy is all visuals from top to bottom. He outshines most, if I dare say, almost all actors and idol singers. That's subjective and my opinion only. For his first project, I approve 100%. As for today's daebak kiss scene, I expected less but they offered more. No complaints but clapping for me. If any of his fans are against it, I don't understand why and don't care to even know why. That's what pains me to see idols acting cause they will always have to cater to some of the most craziest fans who think they own them. It's really dumb IMHO, like do they want him to succeed in the entertainment industry or not. So far the comments see good so I'm not worried about the so called age gap since it's not extremely noticeable. It is a learning curve for him and what better actress like ISH to be his first love counterpart, so what's there to complain about? WY is really a good friend. Man, I wish there was a guy friend who was like him. He's really understanding and patient. No wonder he has so many admirers since as HY, who has been fabulous as MR's awesome cool friend and the other short hair girl who gave him the funniest confession. I love their scenes to bits. This guy is really a comedian, I will definitely follow his new projects cause he's such a versatile actor. I can see him going big in the near future with his acting chops. And for SA, what a witch from start to finish. Her back story does not even make anyone pity her. Just because she feel a need to look pretty to gain acceptance and popularity, it does not make it acceptable to harm others the way she did. Eun was nice to care about her but with her type of personality needs more than that. Maybe at a psychiatric hospital would ring a bell. She honestly believes she is above it all and uses that as a excuse for her crappy behavior to put others down. Watching her fake self for the last 14 episodes was just pure torture - I was like, someone, anyone, call it out. Just because she had a poor experience with her "servant" friend does not excuse her from hating MR from the beginning just because she's pretty due to her plastic surgeries. It's MR's personality that takes her to good places and meeting good people but it's SA's rotten personality that makes her keep digging a deeper hole for herself and in the end, she's left with no one but herself to blame. Her hatred for MR is so strong that she's blindsided on everything else including friendship, trust and loyalty since most of her manipulations, schemes and tactics are self-taught. I'd love to be a minor extra character to step on SA like the cockroach she is...sign me up...I'll be the one to call her out on everything she's done starting from episode 1 so we can get an extra 15 episodes to focus on the progression of MR-DS's relationship and WY-HJ storyline. I loved today's episode cause it seems that everyone is slowly unraveling the colored snake that SA is and slowly releasing the sleeping monster deep within. One scene where SA was telling the coordinator that he doesn't like perfume and likes natural scent and not artificially made. Like why did you even sign up for the class to learn how to make perfume. SA is getting incredibly dumb or she''s just disoriented since so much drama is surrounding her. Her so-called friend JH is one of the worse characters and easily hated for all the right reasons. She travels where the tides flow, completely untrustworthy and will throw you under a bus without any hesitation. Who is she to say that DS has low standards when it comes to dating whom, why she is so nosy asking him who he's dating and instantly thinks its a celebrity. What kind of clueless and brainless student like herself gets accepted into any university? This is the exact type of person I would avoid in RL. JB was great to call her out as a weirdo in her own way. lol. love that *had to repeat a few more times. I cannot wait for the last episode. It will definitely be bitter sweet. Hopefully it ties in all the storyline so we get to see more lovey-dovey scenes from our protagonists and more karma coming to our antagonists. I hope at least we will see some long overdue apologies from mrs. snake herself. Stay tuned for the finale everyone!!!!
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    Gahhhhhh they kissed! First thing first, i like how when they struggle for the picture it didn't fall into cliche trope where they accidentally fall on top and suddenly became aware of each other. I like how kyung seok sits naturally and when mi rae bends him it was kyung seok who was flustered and its only him being aware of how close her leg slips between his . Mi rae's main concern is the picture and the picture ONLY. coming back to the most important part, THAT KISSEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said. I like the camera work when it kinda hide the kiss behind the sofa when the shot is on Eun woo. Maybe to tone down angry tantrumous morbid fans
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    It nowhere felt innocent.. It was like a hungry Wolfy type kiss.. I never expected this one.. I literally pinched my mom to confirm it was true
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    How I felt about JH in the episode 14 Also the last scene... it’s nice that he prevented a car accident but did they have to stand in centre of that other lane??? I was nervous the whole time and anticipating that something would hit them!
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    Yes they both progressed positively due to each others’ presence. DKS and her sister was able to reconcile with their mom and correct their misconception on her thanka to MR. I am happy with WH because even he was ao into SA before he was able to move on after seeing the TRUE character of SA. I also admire YE for being genuinely concern about SA. She did not reach out for SA out of curiosity but because she was really worried about her. I continuously hate JH on the contrary. She’s ignorant until the end about SA’s real feelings. Especially when she said that “It’s ok SA because DKS has a low standard in choosing someone.” I wanted to slap her so she could finally wakeup from her nughtmare and illusion that SA is far better choice than anyone else. The father also getting his piece of karma now and how DKS just rubbed salt to his wound but all he was able to do was tell him to leave. I felt bad for him. I am looking forward for tomorrow’s episode because we can see more of our OTP’s happiness now that they can express theirselves more out in the open. I also wanted to see how will the interaction between MR’s parents after finding out that DKS stayed the night with MR at their house. How will SA end up? More cute scenes of our couple. A few more hours and hopefully the typhoon will soon stop before it airs so I can watch it live without any power interuption. Also I want to see this scene in its entirety
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    @volturi987 I never imagined CEW to be like this.. I always had an innocent image of him.. He shattered it completely ,they way he kissed, it was completely sexy.. He was like an alpha domineering male.. The way he held her hand while kissing her, Gosh! Soo manly
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    what i love is the way he hold at the back of the sofa...! the boy is IN for good... like he is dead serious and knows what he is doing...! whew! funny the screen capture of the beginning of the preview seems to be in the bed with someone's feet showing... my initial reaction was..."whoa...! they did it all the way...???!!!".... ohhhh gracious!!!not them... it was SA's scenes for next week!!! hahahahah! hold your horses, not too fast boy...! is there any one writing a fanfic on this...? this needs an 18+ version of the story on what happen next!! lol
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    OMG GUYS I'm in Paris, at the Louvre and I almost cried out loud!!! I fist thought it was just a dead fish stare kiss but when they startet making out I almost cried out loud I was grining like a creep the whole time anyway so I would not have been surprised if the security would've come and take me away hahaha
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    LOL... so the guy who bumped with HN asked her if she works around the area. HN said no and he said, no wonder... because there's no way he would've not noticed someone as pretty as her passing by... he asked her her phone # so he could give her a call and invite her to eat... As HN tried to answer, HG showed up and said "NO, she can't". He then showed the guy his ring and said they're together. The guy left and HG looked at HN and said, "what's this/what happened" and HN said "well, I was just passing by and bump into him... (very low key voice)"... LOL HG~HN conversation in the coffee shop... HG: if I didn't interfere, were you going to give your phone # to that man? HN: NO, what would I give my phone # to other man? I was going to tell him that I have a boyfriend, but you interfere.. (HG smiled) HG: just now back in the company, what's the reason why you avoided me and ran away when you saw me? HN: I think I will have go around without wearing this (holding the ring) HG: what do you mean not wearing it? you can't, you have to wear it... it's the show that KHN-ssi is mine and without it, situations like the one that just took place (man hitting on her ) will happen...... i don't want go thru this for my heart's sake (not 100% sure about this last sentence ) HN: I was caught by JE... when she saw this (ring), she realized that we're dating HG: is that right? HN: are you not surprised?...... I mean, you are a MD-nim and I'm the company's CEO of one of K1 Shopping clients... aren't you concerned that other people will get know about us and put us in a tough spot? HG: come over here... (HN leans forward and he flicks her forehead) HG: KHN, you're unbelievable or you can't be helped (something along this lines) ... don't know my personality? I didn't give you a ring with a light heart... HN: i know... however, I have to think of your position as mine as well. You said to keep professional and personal matters separated! HG: who said not to do it? Of course we have to keep them separated.... but us dating, you don't have to purposely hide it... We're no longer in the same team, but even if we were, when I work, I know how to keep them separated..... Even if we're in a love relationship, I wouldn't go easy on you... HN: i know that, but.... HG: because you keep touching the ring, you're making it obvious for people to notice it ... just normally wear it (meaning to stop touching it... hahaha) HN: alright HG: also, what the guy said about you being pretty, please don't get the wrong idea/misunderstand (HN looking confused) HG: because I'm different/weird (sorry, couldn't get the exact word he meant, but is something along these words )..... KHN is ugly HN: what is wrong with you? I have had other men confessing like the one who just did? HG: how many exactly? *the end* these 2 are wayyyy to cute and funny!! love them to death!!
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