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    From DC, Soo Hyun was shooting alone at a bakery this afternoon. The blogger says all the ahjussi and chef rushed out barefoot to see SHK. Another sighting- Shk was seen shooting outside a hospital.
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    First, slippers.. Won't take long till he occupied the bed as well #MOREBEDSCENES #WHEREISOURCUBANBALCONYKISSES #JINSOOHAPPYENDING
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    Thanks for sharing this, chingu. I think Kyo is experienced enough to scan her surroundings carefully, even using side glance and corner of her eyes..... and I'm surprised that the recording was done by a man.....hehe...oh yes, we've seen wives sharing videos of their hubbies being mesmerized by #Boyfriend, haven't we? Our two beautiful leads and their love story is irresistible. What's captured in the video reminds me of CSH, our CEO, being extra cautious and on guard, while our KJH is carefree and happily dancing away! #CUBANBALCONYKISS
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    Yeah...I get you, P.O! If Kyo is a moving Barbie doll, then PBG is definitely a playful Ken doll! That's why their visuals together are soooo good! @ahdrianaa I pray that the PD and crew of "Boyfriend" will read ALL our wishes and fulfill ALL of them! In case they need a reminder amongst all our wishes, it's "A MUST" to see these: 1) HAPPY ENDING with NICE WEDDING.... with no illness, no death, no ambiguity 2) HONEYMOON in Cuba with SALSA DANCING, KISSING & HUGGING (I LOVE the Balcony scene) 3) BED SCENE.....OKOK....Just FROLICKING will do..like pillow fighting ok?...Not what you're thinking 4) MINIONS OF #JINSOO COUPLE running around in Cuban Garden - given the space, they need a BIG family! One more wish is to see the deprived Cuban Balcony kiss at the end of ep 10! PD Nim, we can even feel the heat from here..... #CUBANBALCONYKISS
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    Me! Me! I thought that was so sweet of KJH/PBG to actually be the one taking the lovely shots of CSH. It makes the scene even more precious and real because it was shot through the eyes of KJH/PBG, capturing the sweet images of our lovely CSH/SHK. They really worked so hard for this drama to bring us such a beautiful masterpiece. #CUBABALCONYKISS
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    @bebebisous33 yes I would agree for anything to get solved between the mother and daughter the relationship between the father and mother needs to be repaired first, though I still see them guilty of the same thing - the mother is weak for power, it’s just that she is loud and expressive with her demands and the father, he’s weak for not confronting the problem at hand and not wanting to get his hands dirty in the effort. @dukesa1122 merci beaucoup! @stardustvoid and @jl08 someone a few pages ago said that they were sure that someone from the drama team visits the Soompi thread, if they are then they’re reading your pitch . It seems SHK really made an impression on P.O. , we saw the BTS, then we saw him talk about it on Knowing Brothers and he is at it again on radio star. P.O - the first meeting with SHK? I was speechless.... it was like watching a moving doll. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002872751
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    Suddenly I have this wilderness again, what SH mom do if she know that her daughter not come to the death anniversary n know that her husband will not join forces with Taegyong?I kind of think that she will take the extreme way,based on what she always do..I'm thinking of she will try to suicide to make her daugther n husband in agony n make them do her wishes or SH mom hire someone to make JH or his fams suffer such as hurt him physically or make fake news about him..Ok,I think the last one its a bit to much @leedonghaek I always like your picture.. When will I get the kiss scene again?I kind of expacting it every episodes..hahaha Should I add the hashtag? #CUBANBALCONYKISS #HAPPYENDINGFORENCOUNTER #KIMJINHYUKCHASOOHYUNKIDS #GETLOSTYOUEVILMOTHERINLAW #GIVEJANGWOOSEUKANOTHERWOMAN #HOTBEDSCENE 
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    @gumtaek @NongpeeP @dukesa1122 @utkim @dukesa1122 @stardustvoid @jl08 what she said in the beginning when he started dancing with his arms in the air. That’s why he stopped dancing for a second! She must have eagle eyes that she spotted the man shooting this video!
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    You went all Pink Panther on them! Agree to all @jl08‘s wishes dear Encounter staff, friends and relatives reading this!!! Please make it happen! @rosiepeonie188
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    Wont blame them, if i were there, i will absolutely do the same, i would leave whatever i do, just to see a glimpse of SHK
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    Jin-hyuk ah where are you? @gumtaek maybe khxy’s post explains what SHK meant when she said alone? WS was also shooting for BF today. Jang Seung Jo has got really expressive eyes, he’s really good at subtly using them to his advantage in scenes. @jl08 I second that motion, Cuban balcony kiss scene please! I went all crazy to find the hotel and the room, I would really like all my hardwork paying off. Thank you to the dearest staff member reading this thread.
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    Its true ahjussi HB prefers scripts books than reading them on a tablet/ phone. Apparently the bigger the better
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    Oh wow, I remember that post! All that research for science and we never got to find out whose room was it. PD, can you hear us? All kidding aside, this show shines the most when our OTP are together and affectionate towards one another. I hope we won’t have to wait til the final minutes of the finale to see that
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    Writer Of “Memories Of The Alhambra” Explains How Pokémon Go Influenced The Drama At an interview, writer Song Jae Jung of tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” revealed how she came up with the idea for the unique drama that combines suspense with an augmented reality game theme in a Spanish setting. Song Jae Jung explained that after “W,” she was originally thinking of writing a time-slip story as the last part of a three-part series that would include “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and “Nine.” She came up with a story about a man from the future, and that was Yoo Jin Woo (played by Hyun Bin). At the time, the story involved Yoo Jin Woo staying at a hotel room and opening the door to a stranger and who would shoot him with a gun. She shared, “However, I didn’t feel motivated, and that’s probably because I had already written so many [time-slip stories]. While I was searching for ideas to write about, Pokémon Go was the new craze, so I got curious and tried it out.” “I didn’t think of doing a video game theme because it didn’t seem possible to recreate a virtual reality like the movie ‘Avatar,'” she continued. “But if it were to involve augmented reality with items [on the screen] like Pokémon Go, it seemed doable. That’s when I dropped the time-slip theme and decided to only keep the character Yoo Jin Woo.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1293003wpp/writer-memories-alhambra-explains-pokemon-go-influenced-drama
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    I understand, chingu. No worries.... But it won't hurt us to have them sliding down the wall, hugging and crying together and culminating in a make out session in our CEO's bedroom cos 'the bed has found its owner' finally..... Yup. Shouldn't hurt us at all! Come on, PD, 4 more episodes to go....pali pali....more loving scenes for our beautiful KJH and CSH please! You may extend the drama if you need more time. No complaints.
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    @ahdrianaa They are so adorable and we will miss them horribly once the drama ends next week! Hopefully it won’t take long before they release the DVD (and season 2 lol)
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    I love the scenes you r imagining...Let us see their sensualness. It will also be a risk to try for it but surely it will be worth doing and worth watching and those sexist fans will rant again. Peace. .
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    @ahdrianaa Well, my problem with CSH's mother is that she is not admitting any wrongdoing, while the father has. He feels responsible and he is not wrong. This explains why CSH feels closer to her father. I also think that since the divorce CJH has never been nagging CSH, whereas we can not say the same for the mother. Since the mother hasn't changed one bit from the beginning and she was even violent with her husband (threatening to destroy his books, episode 6) which forced her husband to hide his intentions, I am wondering if her relationship with her mother can change, when it has become worse between CJH and his wife. To me, if CSH can have a better relationship with her mother, it has to start between JMO and her husband. The quarrel between the couple is the daughter: happiness vs. usefulness. I also think, this kind of person might even blame others for ruining her "dream", in other words there is a high possibility that she has this victim mentality: I am a victim, CSH and CJH wanted to ruin my dream aso.
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    PBG repping Chaumet more than it’s actual brand ambassador .Just me? or did anyone find it extra adorable that the shots in the woods of SH were taken by JH? Maybe I’m just too much of a sentimentalist. Once again I am amazed by SHK’s youthful looks! In those BTS shots in her room, her cheeks!! They’re defying gravity, I’m a dozen years younger than her but I need to start doing face aerobics after watching her in this drama. I have only one thing that I really want to see which I don’t know if we will see. SH and her mother having a heart to heart, I don’t necessarily mean that things get resolved and they become hunky dory. BUT I do want them to have an actual conversation, no screaming and no tears. Has anyone noticed, SH is so cool, calm and collected with everyone except when it comes to her mother. It might seem like she is partial to her father but perhaps SH’s greatest disappointment is craving a relationship with her mother. Even the way she saves her mother’s name on her phone, it’s like a little child sulking - it’s her small little rebellion that is of no consequence because she allowed her mother to have actual control over her life. So for SH to really move on from her past life, she needs to resolve or get over her relationship with her mother. I love SH’s character arc in so many ways but I am disappointed how she seems to be apologetic towards her father for her actions getting in the way of his political career, this is the same reason why she has shouting matches with her mother! So it’s okay for dad to want SH to have an advantageous marriage for his political ambition but it’s not okay for mom to want the exact same? I also do not like how SH and her dad have conversations about the mother when she isn’t around. I think all three need to thrash it out. If Daddy Cha and SH think the mom is so problematic and hate the mom so much ( which is perfectly alright if they do ) then he should take a leaf out of SH’s book and divorce her , SH should cut her mom out of her life and never speak to her again. Most of you might differ but I see this a perfect example of a group of people find themselves in an unsavory situation, then one person is vilified and everyone blames them but it’s actually got everyone’s acquiescence, at least SH is mature enough to admit that she walked into the marriage realizing the benefits that would come her way and the mom never hid her true nature from her family members, what is the father’s excuse? I also thought it was a bit rich for the dad to act like he is going all out to protect his daughter when actually it’s really SH standing up and protecting herself. While I am ranting, I do want to laud the writer for writing such real characters. I know of a lot of arranged marriages and have actually seen girls, very close friends of mine being more lenient with their fathers, they don’t complain in front of their fathers despite being daddy’s girls but they save all their diva attitudes for their mothers, it could be because we’re more comfortable with our mothers or maybe we just inherently expect more from them? A few pages earlier @bebebisous33 had mentioned about how she had seen some really toxic mothers, it broke my heart because you’re right sometimes life isn’t perfect no matter how badly we want to think something can be repaired, it cannot. So in your professional opinion as an academician who observes families and their dynamics so closely, do you really think that SH and her mother can never have a healthy relationship? Will trying to work on a relationship with her mother make her life toxic? Like I said, I am a sentimentalist and I really do want SH to have the fairy tale that she wanted while growing up - a home with loving parents. She never did dream of a prince but she got lucky to get one, that’s an added bonus.
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    My sister asked me how the player can hear the NPCs talking to them just by lenses, so i said to her that the player can even see the NPC without lenses, so they should be able to hear the NPC without ear bud/headphone
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    I think for me it is only saying and showing how people are really different. SHK is really that way - always careful especially in the public. Seeing and watching her for a long time, she is still the same. But you see the difference of Bogum being so bright and funny but always ready to listen from older people around him. They are just so cute like their cute little drama as SHK described it during their press conference.
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    It looks like, CSH will move to JHs neighborhood. So many future scenes there
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    Zyl was not that popular during the filming of this drama. He gained his popularity through the soul town which was broadcasted after the filming of this drama. My answerwhy he took this role is why not??? The producer is Noon production one of the best production, the cast are zly who is known as the queen of rating, the script is excellent, the director is outstanding, the one who directed famously received drama NIF and love me if you dare and the drama is a guaranteed success. Who doesn't wany to involve on this big oustanding IP. And his character involved a lot of emotion which require a high degree of acting talent. It's a good exposure to him. Being called names by the audience is nothing to the actor. It show the his acting was a success the give a huge impact to the audience.
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