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    Facing reality isn't always easy but what hurts most is the why?
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    @yonaomi123 Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower! I am happy that my analysis and posts are appreciated by so many. , Besides, I wish to all of you a happy new year!
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    ... & & to you . * spreading the love all around
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    Supergal99 I sure wish I could have said good-bye. Your great sense of making others laugh and smile and your warmth will be missed. Hoping where ever you are happiness is there too...
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    @lolipop86gorgeous Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower! I guess, Encounter is the reason, right?
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    Missing you and thinking of you too
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    hmu if you wanna talk about asians and asian culture my fav actress is スカーレット・ヨハンソン
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    Sad .. sad.. sad
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    @gm4queen wonderful my most favourite jazzy style
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    @gm4queen a nice song I like Minhyuk (I like the seven actually) they are so good, but Minhyuk can sing both rap and ordinary singing I like them in that order Sungjae Minhyuk Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyuksik (equally) Ilhoon, Peniel (equally)
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    Ooi ooiii let go my red short skirt ah! let me go in peace
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    My baby supergal99 is it you? how could you leave me? hiks this a song to cheer you
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    400 days, you are still and always an inspiration to me here I left sunflower song to your page hope you are dancing there
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    @bebebisous33 where are you really miss your post.. Ep13...14 and preview 15 so heartbreaking
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    Thank you for following me, @Tasia!
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    God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It takes a little patience & a whole lot of faith. But it’s worth to wait
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    Happy New Year 2019! Let's watch more dramas!!!
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    UnniSarah Thank you for thinking and including me in your holiday greetings, I am overwhemed. Our best wishes to you during this holiday season, and lots of good luck, and happy drama viewing, in the new year.
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    It may be a week late...but I'm still grateful that my guardian angel reminded me about it...so, here's my HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (last December 3) to my dearest and precious chingu and best friend SEJABINI!!!
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    hello, thanks so much for the comment on my post. and nice to meet a mod. still trying to find my way around soompi forum and well, the technology that goes with it (aging person here, generation from the first internet service). may i ask how does one post photos here? from howi understand the buttons set-up, one can only do so by providing a link to where the images can be found? am i correct? what if i have screen grabs that i put together and wish to upload here, i still need to upload them first someplace else? looking forward to the tips. thank you!
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