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    Oh....look couple looks from our OTP anyway Ariel wishes all IWNLYG fans a Happy Valentine with the 2 pictures
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    @Cheryl295 I think its the end of January when SH went to Sokcho. February 11 ...JH was back in the main branch, his first day after the Cuba trip. February 16....the couple ring day Hahaha....Thats the influence of JinSoo to me, i do remember their special dates but can't remember my own, lol.
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    Wow, I can't believe it's already done now Anyways I've been wanting to kind of write a 'mini' review here on my overall thoughts on the drama. For my personal rating, it would be around 8.5/10. Despite a few flaws with illogical sequences/writing at times, some off camera angles (mainly in the beginning), and some costume inaccuracies (which didn't really bother me at all), I still thoroughly loved and enjoyed this drama. The ending of episode 73 (Final) finally made me realise why I have had such a connection and a high level of enjoyment. At its heart, the Story of Minglan is mainly about family (loyalty, familial bonds etc.), specifically living the life the best you can and there have been many times where this theme has shone through. For me, I absolutely adore family centred dramas which are kind of slice of life (though drama TSoM wasn't exactly on the latter at times ). The book was more on the slice of life spectrum but I still believe the drama captured some of this essence. I'll just address some of the flaws/things that could have been done better (all in all it was decent enough that it didn't detract much from my personal enjoyment). As I mentioned before costuming was decent but not historically accurate. Sometimes, the music/soundtracks were way reminiscent of Nirvana in Fire's ost/instrumentals Some minor issues with filmography being a bit weird in the earlier episodes. The natural lighting/candles were a hit and miss (I'm pretty neutral here with this one). Some plot events/logic in the third part of the drama which I believe could be executed better e.g. the trial of GTY and the aunty Kang matter. The main character appears too modern at times/modern thinking (this one didn't bother me either but I see why it could be an issue). One of the things that did slightly disappoint me was the fight/discussion between ML and GTY. I dislike the idea that showing love through being emotional/getting jealous/making a scene means that you truly love a person. To be honest, the 'solving' of miscommunication on this matter wasn't exactly explicit. Yes, I do like the couple and that they are able to speak on personal matters with each other and I certainly know that they both love each other dearly. My problem was that the execution of overcoming this obstacle was not done very well/not as impactful as I would have liked. From what I've heard from the novel, I wished that the drama/screenwriters followed the fight/how the couple solved their miscommunication in the novel Since I'm on the topic of the relationship between our two main leads. Apart from my previous grievance, I loved the couple together. I think they had pretty good chemistry with each other and personality wise, they match each other way. What I did like were many times they did tell each other things e.g. on their wedding night (besides the love miscommunication) and support each other unconditionally despite the circumstances. Writing separately about these two characters... ML was quite refreshing to me, she's (most of the time) aware of the difficulties in life and was pragmatic, however, she was willing to always give her whole effort for particular people, this is in regards to QH early at the beginning, justice for her mother, Granny's poisoning case and defending GTY at the end of the drama (plus more but I just listed some key points that stood out of me). At the same, her flaw was that she was not as great at dealing with her own issues but was great at solving other people's issues lol. As for GTY, I'm so glad he does not fall into the trap of being a stoic cold guy trope which I see often in many c-dramas (and k-dramas lol) but instead is funny/more open at times. He is definitely flawed especially if we looked at his past but he has such a big heart for the ones he cares about e.g. ML, his children, Nanny Chang and Shitou. Ahh there are just so many characters to talk about but the majority were developed well. What stood out to me was that the majority had unique personalities and flaws, most of the time their goal wasn't to prevent the main couple to stay apart (but Madame Qin) but rather had their own interests or matters which was more important in life. For example, SH may not appear to be the best father of the year but I believe him to be a decent one especially in regards to the times. He actually did try to look for good marriages in regards to Hualan and Molan. However, his greatest flaws were favouring CL too much that at times he disregarded justice for the others and sometimes looking to preserve the family honour/reputation (I understood this one a bit more because if you think about, one family' member's action can have drastic consequences for all the members). Although these characters are restricted to the times to follow certain philosophies/way of life, ultimately they are human and don't necessarily follow it to a T because we as people are very flawed beings. To me, this was the most realistic/emotionally connecting part of the drama. The acting across the cast was superb especially the older and side characters. All in all the first 2/3 of the drama was more developed (in my opinion) because it had a bigger focus on family life and drama while the last third focused more on the politics (which is decent enough I don't expect it to be like Nirvana in Fire because of different focus/genre). However, this has been one of my favourite c-dramas that I have invested a lot of time in (I drop way too many dramas lol) and I am pleased with the characters, story and incorporation of cultural aspects. One thing for sure, TSoM has definitely left a void in my drama watching Also I have had a lot of fun reading and discussing in this forum. Love all the different perspectives and ideas!
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    Wow, it's been such an adventure watching the story of Minglan., she was brave, courageous, determined, dedicated, clever, smart, intelligent, and lovely.. I don't even know what to say.. My favorite character was GTY, I guess.. I just love his flaws, insecurity, his bravery, his outspoken nature, his cunning ways, in short his everything.. That was such an all round character.. Then we have QH, that got so maturedly developed that made me miss him so much now, his wife, for being such an amazing wife, she looks at the big picture when dealing with things and I appreciate that.. Our Sheng family, they totally rocked and somehow, this drama is about them and that's why they ended that drama with Sheng family.. Our xiatao and shitou for being the loyal back of GTY and ML.. Glad they got married.. Even though we didn't get to see much epilogue, but I think it's still OK, we can guess the happiness.. In all, the story of minglan made me so proud of women and also so afraid of what we can become if we are not cherished or nurtured well.. So i wish parents can train children well and even if we are not trained well, we should also try to be magnanimous about our disadvantages.. Thanks to the cast and crew of this amazing drama, there were lags but as much as the lags made it more of a drama, so I've no complain.... Hmmm, and I'm so glad I get to meet so many people through this drama.. Thank you all so much for sharing your opinions and making me think more about this drama and making me know a lot about the history.. It's been such an amazing experience.. Hmm, as such, I say thank you to everyone on this forum.. Love you all
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    Another translation of the preview. YS: You’ve come. It’s totally pretty, isn’t it? JR: In a law office, pink pink is a little… YS: Let’s go! Let’s go! YR: Kwon Jung Rok! YS: Hurry and come along! Hurry! YS: Lawyer, you’re really a bad person! JR: I’ve come to see Oh Jin Shim-shi. And for some reason, today, she was also upset at work. YS: The reason that I’m angry at you, Lawyer-nim, today is… JR: It turns out that not having had ever dated even once, a “motae solo” - YS: I said stop it! Really! CEO: He’s really going to take on a big case. YS: You’ve promised, so make sure you keep it. Preview from end of episode 4. It has one extra scene of YS and JR driving to a detention center, plus a couple of lines. YS: You’ve come. It’s totally pretty, isn’t it? JR: In a law office, pink pink is a little… YS: Let’s go! Let’s go! YR: Kwon Jung Rok! YS: Hurry and come along! Hurry! YS: Lawyer, you’re really a bad person! JR: I’ve come to see Oh Jin Shim-shi. And for some reason, today, she was also upset at work. YS: The reason that I’m angry at you, Lawyer-nim, today is… JR: It turns out that not having had ever dated even once, a “motae solo” - YS: I said stop it! Really! YS: Since we’re going for a drive for once in a long time, it’s so nice. JR: But we’re going to a detention center. For work. CEO: He’s really going to take on a big case. YS: You’ve promised, so make sure you keep it. So, the stalker case that JR and YS take on today is foreshadowing, I think. JR finds out about YS' drug scandal from SW. YS was chased by a third generation chaebol guy who got angry when YS kept turning him down, and so engineered a drug party deliberately to drag her into a drug bust. YS herself was drugged while it all happened. Ultimately, YS was found not guilty of drug possession charges, but the fact that she was arrested during the drug bust at all had made the public suspicious of whether she was someone who partied with drugs. The man that we see at the end who has been tapping YS' phone and thus seeing her text messages with JR is that same third generation chaebol who had stalked YS. I think he's still stalking her, and will make a move soon since he sees YS being warm towards JR. Anyway, it's cute how excited YS gets over JR and how she's falling for him so hard and wearing her heart on her sleeve really. JR is more closed up, but it's clear that YS is affecting him as well. I'm pretty sure that the audience weren't the only ones thinking about kissing her when their heads were so close together while she cleaned his little scratch.
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    Oh Sunny-Lee Hyuk- About Lee Hyuk Sunny shipping, I agree. It's not only toxic but also vey disrespectful for Sunny. The humiliation and devastation her life go went through for Lee Hyuk is so sorrowful and disgusting. It's okay if people are asking for his redemption (after he reflects his action) but when people talk about Sunny being cure for Lee Hyuk it feels like they're willing to sacrifice Sunny for making him sane. (I like this picture..always wanted to share it) When Sunny had a crush on Lee Hyuk, resolve to make him fall for her it was cute but so sorrowful knowing she is being backstabbed..Knowing that her believeing the emperor is going to waste. Becuase he's trying to kill her since day one. When Lee Hyuk started to act cute towrds Sunny it was annoying. How could he think about loving her when he didn't even feel sorry for what he did to her let alone appologizing to her. So never really enjoyed their moments romantically. If he can't really be sane without Sunny, then Sunny is not his cure. She's just a drug that keeps his symptoms down for just a time being. Oh Sunny alone Despite being an Sunny- Wang Shik Shipper, I think I wouldn't be that much hurt if Sunny choose to be alone(sure I'll be more happy if they'd acknowledge Sunny-Wangshik). Well, she went through a lot and now she knows how to survive in this crazy selfish world. I'm sure she'd do just fine. Even if an ally like Wang Shik were not there with her, with a personality like that she would've ended up fighting for justice anyway.. It might've taken more time for her to make up that strong resolve though. I think Wang Shik is her motivation in this fight. While she has to fight her own battle (cleaning her name, finding out truth of Grand Ed death and seving Team Leader Hong Justice) the fact that NWS is fighting with his all might to take revenge against Imperial family inspires her. He keeps reminding her that she became a alibi to hide Lee Hyuk's crime. The fact she's not alone in this fight, he's there with her gave her the strength since the begining. Yes..she not necessarily needs NWS in a romantic way but he definitly was her strength. Oh Sunny- Na Wang Shik I've seen many Hyuk-Sunny shipper complaining that Sunny-Woobin seemed forced or have no chemistry and saw many Sunny-Woobin shipper complaining the drama isn't giving them enough romance..! I don't if it's just me but I think they've that chemistry since the begining. NWS started looking out for OS when he was in the middle of a revenge plan. He shouldn't have cared much for her considering he had a revenge ahead but he still did. He didn't want her to be more of a victim than she already was. He cared for her, gave her support, OS started depending on him thinking he was her ally. He betrayed her, she hated him for that. Then she got to know his real identity and they're already like this! Well she had a soft corner for him since the begining of the drama. Yes.. we could say that she was feeling guilty that she became the alibi of Lee Hyuk..But is that really all? She seemed really happy when Woobin gifted her the red scarf..She was reminding herself that he's just being thankful, there's no other meaning behind it. She seemed jealous when Princess Sojin indicated that she and Woo Bin are dating..She seemed happy when she went from Lee Hyuks arms to Woo bin's arm. She didn't even think about pausing the dance. She happily danced away as if she wanted to do that from the start of this double date. She recently shielded him from Lee Hyuk in front of everyone. Told Lee Hyuk to "Shoot me if you want." That may not necessarily proves that that she loves him but that does prove how much loyalty she feels towards. (Edit: In today's episode she said "Before you kill him(NWS), you'll be killed by my hand, Lee Hyuk.") (In love with this picture and exact scene as well..perfectly expresses a lot of unsaid feeling) Many people seemed to still not finding the chemistry. In a chaotic plot like TLE, I think the focus in this couple is not that bad(Is it just me?). Due to definite reasons these two cannot and should not openly show their affection for each other. They're in the middle of revenge, establishing a romantic relationship is not a priority to them right now when they've to catch the bad guys..Instead they express their care for each other by protecting each other. Just because they don't have sizzling hug or kiss scene many seemed to be thinking their chemistry is not in focus. But if we watch carefully, for a long time be it Seojin, Min Yura, Lee Hyuk all are asking us in every episode about their relationship. I beleive there's a reason why they keep doing it though we do not get their(Sunny -Wang Shik's) direct interaction. Am I reading too much into it because I'm in this ship? May be I'm... And I'm not sorry for that. Because I've a weakness for this kind of subtle romance where there's no I Love You but it's still there. (Now off I go, explore the latest episode, raw.. )
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    @triplem KJR is falling for OJS, the real person and not the celebrity and this explains why our heroine is falling so hard for him. He is the the first to perceive her true personality. First, our lawyer had a different approach. From the start, he was not a fan therefore he refused to acknowledge her as a celebrity. He only treated her as a normal person thinking that she would stop working as a secretary. Yet by doing so, he was forced to recognize his prejudice about her. She was not behaving like a typical actress: arrogant and cold-hearted. She was the total opposite... and little by little he started seeing her for who she is. So in his eyes, she hasn't just a pretty face, she has an inner beauty. Our heroine has been able to see KJR's true personality as well. His boss only knows this "cold and distant" side but he is wrong. OYS has witnessed much more than his co-workers and his friend. He is not arrogant as well, he has no problem to recognize his mistake, he is genuine like her, he is dedicated and hard-working too... They have more in common than it meets the eyes. She was lonely just like him. She has friends (her manager and the CEO), yet they don't know the real her... just like YR and SW are not aware of KJR's true personality. @plappi Watching the episode 4, it seems to me that OYS has been stalked by the chaebol and he is still keeping an eye on her. Maybe he ruined her career on purpose so that she would end up alone... as he couldn't stand the thought that she was loved by others. He wanted her all to himself. She kept rejecting him hence he took drastic measures hoping that she would turn to him for help.
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    Just got home & watching some of the YT links - laughing my head off here cause expectations did not match reality during their campus date - she thought it would get all romantic with him sweeping her hair to the side but instead he gave a full on lecture without a break The movie date for “research “ with accidental skinship . I think she also finds out more about YR here . I think he’s beginning to develop some feelings here or at least some sort of awareness. I know it’s too early for a kiss by k drama logic , but the setting here would have been perfect for one
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    @Cheryl295, here are the links from @thepixies You could try Archive of Our Own - https://archiveofourown.org/tags/남자친구 | Encounter (TV 2018)/works And if you can read Chinese, there is someone who posts her fics on weibo - https://m.weibo.cn/u/1771960471?uid=1771960471&luicode=10000011&lfid=10080850167963e2ba0a8632b118e3890f4f74_-_feed --------------- cr. galpinote
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    Thanks for the compliment, but I thought this event was really fun, and it seemed challenging for the players as well. So, well done! Thank you!
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    It is getting harder and harder.... #1 #2 #3 #4
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    Well dang just like that no warning, seems like my roll is well and truly slowed . I mean it's valentines day you could have been gentle or at least bought me some Ice cream. Yup that's me reading these clues. Yup the roll is over.... Haven't a clue but and I too lazy to Google soo.... Waiting patiently for the answers... Hopefully has some new things for my to watch list.
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    For me, the story looks completed, hence a second season wouldn't make sense. But the writer could continue the story from another perspective... No more "encounter" but a different aspect, like f. ex. "motherhood".
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    It's been a while since I last posted anything on this forum but my favorite Goblin couple is playing as lead in this drama so even when the hospital schedule is crazy, I'm still gonna find some time to watch them. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! <3 Can't lie that the plot is not the most interesting one but still, the chemistry is there so why don't we just support and continue loving them! <3 Long live our shippers heart!
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    Yes. A Gorgeous Match Made Through ENCOUNTER. A Beautiful Screen Couple who stole our hearts, despite the odds; A Lovely Sunset that brought music to their ears; Perhaps it's that moment when they fell in love, Two Strangers drawn to each other in romantic settings. Will I see him again? Will I see her again? Who knows....but Once is Encounter. Twice is Destiny. More than twice is a Match Made In Heaven. Kim Jin Hyuk & Cha Soo Hyun, Their Destiny is written in the Stars, That's why they were cheering them in the night sky, While the two figures were locking lips and starving for each other. Oh My Gosh. I miss this couple so much.
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    Lady walks into always. Shows them a pic of JR on her phone. She wants JR to represent her. When JS comes in to bring them tea, the lady requests JS stay with them. I hear her mention stalking. Ok we are getting her backstory. She was dating this guy who took her out to eat and bought her presents. She thought they were soul mates. Uh oh but she was drunk and he took her phone and secretly looked thru it. And guess he found some stuff that made him mad? Not sure but seems like he broke into her place and was threatening her. JS is shocked. JR just being his cool calm collected self while JS is flipping out about it. Ok whatever the lady says now , they are playing some spooky bg music. Uh oh. JS is having a flashback to her drug scandal. We see someone spike a drink. JR notices she's a bit out of it. Cut to EJ, the older office lady, walking home alone thru a dark tunnel. Someone is following her and grabs her. It is the paralegal/plant watering guy. She was really scared. They walk to a bus stop and get on. She's falling asleep and rests her head on his shoulder. He sees her shoelace is untied and manages to tie it while she's asleep on his shoulder. Yup he likes her.
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    The always staff is out to lunch. Mama's boy and subway auntie are bickering a bit. Think subway auntie spoke badly about boss and boss was right behind her. Mama's boy is winning. He's outside the restaurant on phone with his mom and crying. Subway auntie overhears him. She is giving him stink eye. But he walks away victoriously anyways. In office, think JS is still pouting over YR. She just leaves JR standing there at the end of the day, looking confused. JS is riding home with manager. She's ranting and raving. Think manager is calling her out, like clearly you like him. She seems shocked to hear this news. C'mon girl ofc you like him. Who wouldn't? Next morning at office, they turn on some tv program on the computer with boss on it. Think mama's boy was supposed to be on it too cuz he comes into the office looking despondent. Everyone feels bad except subway auntie who is smiling ear to ear about it. Not sure what boss is doing on the show but think he's super nervous and making a fool of himself. Mama's boy is in his office whining to mom on phone. Subway auntie comes in. She's teasing him. He isn't happy. Commercial break.
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    When JR gets home, he's holding some card not sure maybe it was the movie ticket. SW pulls it from his hand and is teasing him. JR and JS are cutely texting each other at night. JS is remembering the car accident incident, the scarf, his smile in the car. She's talking to herself in her mirror. Girl got a crushhhh. Next morning, JS wants elevator just for her and JR but boss comes in. Think boss is complimenting JS and making JR a little jealous or upset. Boss gets a call. Now the whole always team is meeting in the boss office. Not sure what it's about though. The younger office lady pulls up a video of boss on her phone. They laugh at it. Gosh I wish I knew what they were talking about. JR gets up and excuses himself. JS follows him. Looks like mama's boy and subway auntie are having a little rivalry for cases. They both raised their hand for something at the same time. JR and JS leaving when YR comes and interrupts them. The three of them are meeting. JS jealous time heheh. She's kind of chewing on her scarf. Think YR knows who she is. Now I think YR and JR are talking about how they used to like each other. I dunno JS is set jealous. Outside she is pouting. JR looks a bit taken aback. There are 2 girls gossiping in a bathroom. I don't know who either of the girls is. But YR comes out of the stall. Guess they were talking bad about her. One of the girls is working for SW. She goes into the office to talk to him. Not sure if they are talking about YR or what. Sorry i haven't watched ep3 yet with subs so I'm still lost on this storyline.
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    Good morning! Let's let this lovely couple touch our hearts this Valentine's Day. Repeat of yesterday's end. Ooh someone is spying on their lovely moment it seems, but it didn't show us who. They return to the office. Think the office girls are like "wow, JR is really opening up to you", they suspect looove hehe. At end of day JR is about to leave but JS stops to ask him something. Whatever he responds gets her blushing and giggling. At home JS is with manager. She gets a text from JR. Makes her smile again. Manager and her are talking now about something but not sure what but I think JR. Whatever manager says makes her glare at him. Next morning she's trying on all different outfits and planning herself up. They meet outside for their campus date. JR looks nice in his street clothes. The scene where they're sitting in a classroom and he brushes her hair from her face is just her imagination. Instead he's in the classroom standing at the board spouting off all this law stuff lol. She just wanted to be loveydovey with him hehe I'm with you JS. Now it's nighttime and they're in line at a fast food drive thru. Oh no it's not a restaurant drive thru, they are at a drive in movie theatre, cute. They are talking in car. Oh I think JR mentions YR. Now they're watching the movie, well not really cuz they're talking. They must be watching a law movie for more research I think? JS seems confused by whatever he's saying. Lol she accidentally put her hand on top of his. Now she's acting all nervous. But JR is just acting cool calm and collected. Except I think he's a little nervous underneath. Cuz he kind of crosses his arms awkwardly. In car heading home she does something that makes him smile real bright. She's like wow look you smiled hehe. Yeah he's starting to get the feels too you can tell.
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    Becoz i miss them planning to rewatch Encounter tonight with my daughter and with popcorn on the side of us Happy Heart Day To All enjoy on your special day with your love one
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    Ah, I remember this so well. Excitement was in the air because we will be returning to Cuba. There was also collective anxiety as to whether they would kiss or not. Some of us speculated no, because they filmed it in their first month so the leads may not be that close yet. Some said yes, because we felt that the PD would put the Cuban scenery to good use And by George! We were all SHOOKT!!! Specially that balcony kiss at the end of episode 10. It was so hot, steam looked cool. LMAO
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    lols.. here's a nice sweet and light Lemon and Honey juice to re-charge ...........
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    I agree and I think the way he framed his proposal of separation was a clear indication of his state of mind. Gty was devoted to the Imperial family, he said thanks to them he could have Ml and his position, so he put himself as a bait. But I doubt it was a light choice. He couldn’t tell her, but he was broken full of sadness and remorses. He even said that her life would have been better with He and QH. He didn’t want a divorce because he was sure their plan would work but gave her a way to protect herself in a situation that could lead to their ruin and death. I loved this scene because their love shone without talking about feelings, they remembered their past and it was cute how she got him. She guessed he was happy she made a scene and that he wouldn’t separate knowing He was single. for me the drama was good. It was a bit a mess the way they put all the evil characters in the court to accuse gty and some inaccuracies were clear. But even the drum beating made sense. It went back to her promising to risk everything for her mother, her granny and gty. We saw her putting her life on the line for all three. i liked the last scene because it closed the scene on the Sheng family. However I wanted more scenes in the end for gty,ml and their children
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    Even with the text clue from sushi, I still have no idea what drama 1 is....I suspect time travel is involved....so my best guess is
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    I am so shocked by this news. It literally makes no sense. Why would you extend the drama, knowing that one of your main male leads cannot shoot the extension episodes? They did Choi Jin Hyuk dirty. I'm Korean American, so I know some Korean. In his instagram post, he's just acknowledging the news and thanking his fans. I'm looking at Naver, and the news is the number one article right now. Here are some rough translations of the comments: kill**** 아니 남주가 스케줄이 안되는데 연장을 한거임? 이게 뭔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (+4444, -52) Why would you extend the drama it doesn't fit into your main lead's schedule? What is this? juwo**** 주연 스케줄이 안되는데 왜 굳이 연장을 하지ㅋㅋㅋ 이런 경우는 처음 보네 여러모로 역대급 드라마; (+2148, -41) Why would you even bother with an extension when the main lead's schedule doesn't align...this is the the first time I've seen this scenario happen. kind**** 진짜 갈수록 답이 없는 드라마였어요 고생하셨어요 ㅠ (+857, -34) Really this was a drama that made less sense as it developed. You worked hard. ejle****댓글모음 이제 더이상 황품 안봐도 되니 좋아요..진작 안보고 싶었는데 진혁님 때문에 억지로 본거거든요.? .잘되었어요. 팬미팅 대성공바랍니다♡♡♡ (+640, -127) I'm glad that I don't have to watch this drama anymore. I didn't want to watch it anyway. I only was watching for CJH and was forcing myself. It turned out well. I hope your fan meeting goes well. Source: https://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=018&amp;aid=0004311464 This is such a disappointment. I wonder how they framed the last two episodes. Definitely a bad sign for CWB's character, but they did say that he was terminal. That being said, this is also a makjang drama, so who knows? The writer obviously didn't plan his or her script very well.
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    I'm scared that this is all a dream Jin Huyk. Do you know that I'm so happy these days? I'm so, so, so happier than you. I am very happy. I am so happy that you are by my side. But it worries me that this might be all a dream. When I open my eyes in the morning, I wonder if you’re still here today. I wonder if I have just got up from my dream from last night. I keep checking and feel relieved. But it also scares me, in case you disappear, in case you’re taken away. Like those people who used to be my friends, I’m afraid you might disappear too. By the way, I am the cute type. To tell you the truth, I am a very cute type of person, but people don’t know it.
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    Yes there is a singles day in China . Which has become a global phenomenon called 11.11 , where the ones receiving lots of love & laughter are Ali Baba ( who started this ) & all those merchants on their site
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    Not sure if anyone cares, but I've written a few summary for ep 13 and 14 for ppl on youtube - x-posting here in case you want to understand what's happening: Summary
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    Valentine’s Day is for love & romancing all our TV secreens are showing None romantic movies I need to watch old romantic drama tonight Any suggestion @Sejabin @Sarang21 : 1 gifs is a winner for me , I ‘d loved to say love u to him but I’d have to stand in the queue & I got a weak knees * cr .. for gifs owner
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    Awww... get well soon, @Sejabin! Hope this gif cheers you up. Here's the design for our Couple T-shirts, @Table122000. I skipped the usual hearts, flowers, and rainbows couple-y shirts. I want a grouchy, don't bug us! design because we're anti-love anyway. And of course the back will have these:
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    I very much agree. I have noted that most directors and actors are loathe to do 2nd seasons. I don’t see it happening in this case. I wished there was a happy medium. In my mind, KDramas don’t flesh out the story enough, while US dramas over stay the storyline beyond reasonability. It seems like a 2 to 3 season run can fully tell a great tale that comes to a logical conclusion. Take note Korean and US director-nims and writer-nims. Tell a full story but don’t over stay your welcome.
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    Yes, I did. You know what? It's "Boyfriend", Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo who invoked the poetic instinct with their excellent portrayal of KJH and CSH and the drama's beautiful poems and fine lines....it brings out the romantic feelings that were hidden below the hard exterior needed to get by the day to day demands of life. Just like many of you, chingus, when I see KJH/PBG and CSH/SHK, I am reminded of their beautiful chemistry and their struggles and deep love for each other...that I wish at times that there's a real KJH and CSH out there whose love surpasses all things and culminates in their nuptial and babies. That would be lovely. I wish the PD had minimised some unnecessary time and spent it wisely on nurturing the love between KJH and CSH so that our wish for a wedding in Cuba could come true. I still have my wishes for JinSoo: 1. Show us how HUNGRY the lovers were at the balcony 2. Show us the beautiful Cuban wedding with the sunset as their witness 3. Show us their beautiful honeymoon and bed scene, and 4. Show us their beautiful minions calling "Apa" and "Oma" How I wish our dream was materialised on the screen......
  33. 7 points
    Preview ep 5 Hard sub OYS: Oh, welcome! It looks very pretty, doesn't it? KJR: A law firm office with pink accessories is a little bit ... (too much) OYS: Let's go HYR: Hey Kwon Jung Rok OYS: Come here now! Come on OYS: Lawyer Kwon, you are really a bad person! KJR: What's happened with you today? It looks as if you don't have any appetite OYS: The reason I am angry towards you is... KJR: From what I heard, someone who never dated before is called as ' motae solo ' (a single since birth) OYS: I have told you to stop talking about it Always CEO: Our company has made something difficult to be easy (?) OYS: Since we have made a promise, you have to keep it, okay?
  34. 7 points
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone & My technological stuff , that bring warms to my heart , what would I do without you * * https://www.dropbox.com/s/iqpzi0jlwj0abfu/Merged_DBB87_64659.mp4?dl=0 .... Rose are red , it’s nearly spring, To show you my love , I bought you nothing but a hug , it’s cheaper than a dinner for two * * ... Our love is like a glass of hot chocolates , It warms my heart , My greatest wish for us my love , Is that we never part * * ... I think you’re really beauty , In fact there’s no one prettier, will you show me your true love , And take me up to see your mother ... My love for you , never flutter, I’d have serious arm cramps, if it wasn’t for you Cr.. for the owner of gifs * love it , watched it again all night
  35. 7 points
    JS is worried for that small scratch! Omo omo omo... no wonder JR has no choice but to open up his heart. JS is too lovable. P.s. I really hate my stream today. N.B. I gave up
  36. 7 points
    I don't know about you guy's but i think k.drama live get new breath with so many good drama on air this month, almost all channels airing interesting story and plot. Wish "touch your heart" could capture viewers heart more. Tbh the competition in rating will get tight and hard at this rate get 5 or 6 is quite good thou. Ctto
  37. 7 points
    How to act cool,calm and collected .. @turtlegirl, love your pun..lol..fighting
  38. 7 points
    wishing all a Happy Valentine with a picture still
  39. 7 points
  40. 7 points
  41. 7 points
    Wow @Dhakra I would've never guessed that. Hahaha. Ok now I understand what @Lmangla's picture clue for 1 meant. Bwahahahahaaha.
  42. 7 points
    @kokodus Don't worry sis, I know #1. I even watched it. The others you had were right. You did well. Let's call it a day. Good work sis. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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  44. 7 points
    kekeke... glad you figured it out! .. but we are not grand clue master like @stroppyse, trying to give a mysterious clue was really difficult! kekeke..... not intentionally... just happened that way?
  45. 7 points
    Thank you!!! @Lmangla Day 4 Answers: This is me the first half of today looking at ur hints. @packmule3 and @Table122000 Thank you for eliminating 'Cinderella'! I got mild anxiety though - The kind you get when you have answered a question as 'C2H4O' and your friends are arguing whether it was the year 1757 or 1857!!!!
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    @sushilicious You will not be forever single plus single is a choice not because you have no option. *huggsssssssss
  47. 6 points
    Just for laughs, saw a Weibo post (cr: 邱吖球吖 ) of an old episode Translation of what's being said: SJH: Get married this year! PSH: Thanks, wanna get married with me? Watch out for KJK's expression when PSH said that to SJH http://t.cn/EVvJttj For those who missed it:
  48. 6 points
  49. 6 points
    For Drama #3 I need additional clues Drama #1 Drama #2 Drama #4 Edit. I think #3 is
  50. 6 points
    Ahem! Episode 35 recap. Phew. Finally done! I think this may be my longest recap ever. Haha.
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