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    alright chingus, I am wrapping up when I am still awake and sane! hahahha... feel free to keep sharing food and having fun! it is lunch time here and it reminds me of the centre for many of our meals -- rice! a big muah to all the chingus who stopped by, shared awesome food as well as what they loved about soompi -- @UnniSarah @Sarang21 @icemaid @phoenix24 @angelangie @katakwasabi @gm4queen @happyfanlgx @cenching @Sejabin @LyraYoo @Maryam @kokodus @Lawyerh @triplem @nohamahamoud2002 @avondale16 @Matilda_Anne @joonminfan @Jillia @staygold @Ameera Ali @Visually-wandering @pawla @rori0711 @USAFarmgirl @packmule3 @Dhakra @mouse007 @kokkuri33 @bairama @Minoo Maani @dotonly @Kasmic @hyuuhikari @stroppyse @lynne22 @nrllee @wenchanteur @angelwingssf @alcides14ahjumma it was a great feast!!! it was so fantastic to hear how our differences in culture, country, language and background creates this vibrant atmosphere where we can learn from each other even as we get to spazz over our love of dramas and oppas! for all our silent chingus who stopped by clicked the reaction buttons or even just took a peek, thank you! am off to the next event -- anti love game. do stop by and try your luck even if you are not familiar with these dramas. it is all about having fun, chatting and laughing with each other while playing a game. and you don't lose anything for making wrong guesses. everyone gets points even for participating. so do join us! and cheer @sushilicious as it is her first event as event organizer!
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    There is one thing that caught me off guard in this drama--the amount of well placed humor. It's not over the top, slapstick comedy (which I hate), it's a natural flow and it helps tone down the angst so it doesn't bring down the drama. The actors are also natural in their interaction which makes the humor works. Some of my favorite comic scenes (there are many, many, more): 1) GTY - when his stepmother and aunt wanted to bring him the news that ML had been "engaged" to HE and all the drama surrounding his female cousin. GTY informed them that ML and HE wasn't engaged, and he was the one behind the plot to break them up so he could get ML for himself. 2) ML - When she had to escape from the palace as a page and deliver the decree from the king. She was running from "Second Uncle" (GTY) and finally noticed it was him, and the crying conversation that ensued with him laughing at her pointing out that the Officer she was looking for was with him--I love that scene. 3) ML's Father - although the scene was very serious when the family met to discuss grandmother's poisoning, the looks he would direct at ML and the look she would give him back was pure, connective, acting genius. 4) GTY's Brother's Wife - when ML was having her baby and the fire burned down GTY brother's house. Evil mother in law didn't know how the fire got started (after they tried to burn down GTY's house with a lantern). DIL's : "Mother-in-Law, you really don't know how our fire started?" MIL's Assistant: "I heard from second house's report that the wind was strong and it started from a flicker that flew over from the yard next door." MIL: "Next door?" DIL: "I bet that flicker is very tall and named Shitou." I laughed so hard at this conversation, while also thinking--you don't mess with GTY and his family. There are many, many, many hilarious scenes. This drama could be heavy melodramatic or it could have been comedy. However, the writer struck the right balance.
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    Hello! ive been checking this thread out for a while now and decided to make an account. I fall into the category of the group believing in them dating haha. I don't really ship many people after the drama ends cus I usually start shipping due to the the chemistry on screen but i barely see it off screen so i forget about it. However, It's a bit different with these two ???? When I was watching those VIKI interviews after the drama ended, i was honestly SHOCK by the touching and the closeness between the two. I have never EVER seen an interview like that between two actors in the kdramaland keke. I enjoyed the drama very much and support these two (together and individually) Here are some of my fav moments (i wish they didnt edit too much cus there were times where they just stare at each other thinking about an answer to the question haha) Look at them panicking after realizing they are staring at each other and Minyoung's eyes not knowing where to look haha. same minyoung same "WHATS PERFECT ABOUT ME?" that comfort level and the way he's staring at her.... SO SOFT You can Seo Joon's little smile when she started answering the question and he turned away quick when he realized what he was doing This is probably my favorite. Besides her staring at him like he's the love of her life haha, her subtle body language (in the beginning) he moves, she moves.. it's like she always making sure she's giving him her 100% attention. this is honestly rare to see esp in kdrama interviews, usually when one actor is answering a question, the other actor would just look somewhere else spacing out/listening... they dont do... this.... keke when the mc asked them to do a pose, they stood there confused for a while and Minyoung reached out to him to hold onto his arm... reminds me of something people often do with their loved ones when they are nervous/awkward with other people Look at how awkward PSJ is after copying her and realizing the camera is there HGDSKLJGHSKG it's okay we know we know hahaha if they arent dating, then damnnn they are rlly attracted to each other and are so comfortable lmao I ordered the DVD so i hope we see some more cute linger looks and interactions in the bts footage.I can't wait to see cute photos!!!
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    Since it is her real name, it shows that KJR sees her more as a person than as a diva. First, he was trying to show her that her status as diva had no impact on him. However, the meaning changed in the second episode. Calling her by her real name is now a sign of respect. She is a person and as such, she deserves to be protected as she has feelings like any other human being. I think, he thought first, OYS would hide behind her name as celebrity so that she wouldn't work for him in reality that's why he called her by her real name. He wanted to show some boundaries. Yet, he didn't realize that her name as star is a part of herself, since she gave up her studies for this kind of career. So in her eyes, he was rude. She is still unaware of his actual intention (showing respect) by calling OJS. To me, KJR will play a huge part in her career... She became an actress because she was beautiful. However, her acting was not good. KJR has discovered her good points which the CEO of that entertainment company and her manager failed to see, too blinded by her looks: her good memory, her determination and her good attitude towards work. She is definitely not lazy or arrogant. So he will be the one who lets her good traits shine!
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    The best thing is to watch the actual episode.. Ep 74 TV version already explains the reason GTY asked for the divorce, although I do not really understand, but GTY's reason is not to test her, like I think ML now said if he thinks this separation will protect her, he is wrong.. Let's wait for eng sub to understand better.. What made me so happy for this scene was that GTY cried, the ever smiling and arrogant GTY cried, even though he was pretending to be cool, he really cried and they hugged each other in the end.. So awesome
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    Yes sadly SDW decided to leave on his own accord due to the scandal as he didn’t want it to affect the drama . It’s sorted now , but what a waste as I do like him very much . Fortunately they were able to get Lee Sang Woo to do this ..I am looking forward to Kim Se Won’s story as well . Seems his reputation as an elite prosecutor precedes him- and even though he’s a bit of a joker & relaxed around Kwon , he did not waste time getting straight to work . @bebebisous33 Liked your perspective above - the fact that he sees her as a person first , rather than just a celebrity if I recall correctly , her real name Jin Shim translates to sincerity . Hence the title of the drama - Reach of Sincerity is suppose to be a word play of her name .. Yes , I’ll never forget her as that ghost in Goblin. It really does seem Like they might set her & mama boy up . I like the head of the law firm too . I cracked up when he came all suited up in a fur jacket to welcome OYS. I’m curious as to what he’s “blackmailing “ Kwon with so much so that Kwon had to give in. But knowing that this is a comedy, it could very well be something silly
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    Encounter / Boyfriend: Dong Hwa Hotel's PR Team Reunion 10 Feb 2019 at 17.00 KST. Papago ....Precious relationship~I was so proud and happy. our MT# Kim Hye-eun # is Lee Si-hoon # Park Jin-ju # Jeon Son-ni # Park Bo-gum# Kim Ho Chang#Bogam couldn't come that day. #The group photo was taken in a video call.. .I love you all.The next meeting. See you at Jiwonyeon~♡
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    There seems to be a lot of speculation in terms of what GTY knows and what he doesn't. And what the Emperor really knows.. The previews may also be rather misleading. Even if this is all part of GTY's plan to weed out ED's supporter, I do believe there were elements that caught him by surprise. Ie MN to come back, for one, would not be in his plans since MN really has little interest in the fight btw Emperor and ED. Reckon it's safe to take that it's part planned, part unplanned. And the stakes have gotten so high for him to let ML go. Show has established that he would protect her no matter what, but also established that he truly loves her, and isn't one who would propose for separation just to test her. I don't know. It feels the matter is too serious to be a test. He has always been able to wager it all for her, so it has to be bigger than anything for him to propose that. Now I just need to brace for impact... Everyone seems to want to have a piece of our power couple, everyone wants to contribute to their downfall. I'm sure they will rise from the ashes, but first, we need to see them getting burned...
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    Gty’s ability to not be miserable in dire situation is amazing just say that ml will be there, he’ll make a pity party to get ml’s attention. Must be exhausting being his enemies wait... ml should cane him if he’s mentioning separation just to get her pity
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    Err Rice doesn't contain vitamin D. It actually has vitamin B1/Thiamine. It's in the outer bran layer. And polishing the rice gets rid of that layer and it leads to Vitamin B1 deficiency and the disease is called Beri Beri. Hence they say brown rice is more healthy. But rice has to be washed, only polishing is not good. LOL.
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    Characters like Molan and Aunti Kang are detestable, but I'm more angry at their parents, mothers who destroy their daughters' lives in the name of love and the near non-existent father roles. It makes me wonder how they would change if they had been raised and loved by someone similar to Grandma, or how ML would turn out if she hadn't grow up beside her. Many villains in this drama are just products of the era, how a distorted social system traps and drives people crazy. It's a system that can enlarge the darkness in human hearts and those with weak resolve and faulty moral compass will succumb to jealousy and greed. I hate them and at the same time pity them.
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    So we have ML who just came back from her trip to hell, still recovering from childbirth, doing everything within her means to save GTY, going to the Shen's, going to Empress, putting everything on the line, literally begging the Empress, fainting outside trying to seek justice (as seen in the trailer), crying in silence, all the pain and agony, the heartbreak.... And GTY is HAPPY?? I might be in the minority, and I'm hoping (badly) that there is more to it...but I'm not impressed. It's just wrong...on so many levels...
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    I'm not sure but based on my knowledge on historical practices, unless her father openly disowns her (which he won't do cuz it will stir up a public scandal), he has to take her back. Not only that, to avoid public eye the divorce will be done as quiet as possible. What he does to her after that though, is behind closed doors. It can either be being grounded or exiled for life. Or he can give a signal to her husband to kill her off in silence (I don't think he would do that but possible). All and all, they will deal with it underground. These are 2 methods that are usually used in this kind of situation if both parties are smart. Another stupid method is that the husband kicks her out while the father refuses to take her back. Letting her loose is usually the root to another trouble.
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    Another translation of the new preview. LH: This richard simmons! Kill him! DE: Immediately lock Oh Sunny up! MYR: From now on, anyone gossiping about the Empress in front of me, if you get caught by me, there will be no mercy! LH: This is an unusual sight. (meaning something he hasn’t seen before, but audio isn’t too clear, so not 100% certain of this line) SN: Are you going to be cowardly till the end? LH: One thing at a time, let’s talk about it. DE: This is an old lady who can’t distinguish between heaven and earth. (meaning she doesn’t know her place nor whose presence she’s in) Lady: Long time no see. LH: According to the law, we’re still a married couple. Since that won’t change, live as my woman until death! Hmm, so LH is still cray-cray, but he's determined to hold SN until the end. Btw, the Korean non-usage of pronouns means that in that last line, while LH probably meant that she'll be his wife until SHE dies, it may be foreshadowing that she'll be his wife until HE dies. Just speculating.
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    Or The Tsunami of Minglan.. More apt due to the roller coaster, up and down, full of villains, the spy, the pretender, the puppet master, the crazy ex, the evil step sister...story..
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    Hahaha I know right. Gu is actually a funny one. As they say, when your woman is jealous it means or shows she loves you more than. So maybe he's soo gleeful about it. I like the comedic touches in this drama. omg remember when changbai mistook Gu's intention of marrying his sister. Everyone's reaction had me laughing
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    Come! I join! Who wants to partner with me! Just kidding haha I fly solo Anyways, do enjoy the games guys love y’all
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    episode 67 and 68: while the empress and her cohorts eyes are directed on GTY, Prince Huan and the emperor, I think the emperor has a secret weapon in the sage and calm scholar CHANGBAI. Nobody is paying any attention to him. And Changbai's most stealth and most efficient weapon would be his sister Ming Lan. The reason I say this because of the embroidery of Princess Zhao that GTY presented back to ML. Point the attention to GTY whom everyone thinks is the pillar and the offensive strength of the emperor and cover the secret pillar of offense that will wage a surprise attack while they busy with GTY. @lclarakl My favorite was when GTY went to the forest with Shitou after the jealousy fight with ML and while roasting poor bunny, Chang Bai arrives. The conversation they had cracked me up with Changbai reciting poetry verses, sighing or rolling his eyes everytime GTY complained about ML. While GTY was being irritated, I was cracking up everytime Chang Bai responded. I enjoyed that exchange very much. The other one is the exchange between Big Madam Sheng and Countess Wu when Big Madam went to negotiate marriage for Molan and 6th Liang while Countess Wu countered with wanting ML in addition to Molan. They were using methaphors but the countess metaphor descriptions of Molan cracked me up. Madam Sheng was a hoot a comic relief until her sister Kang woman arrived at her doorstep.
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    Exactly.. I also feel that some are planned some came as surprising but it might still be in control, but it seems the resolution planned will have to be very intense now, and that's why GTY is asking her to separate so she can atleast be a little bit more safe.. So sad but it seems to GTY, he just wants her to be well disregarding his sacrifice.. I think it's not to test ML, but he really wanted to, like the grandma weibo said, it might be a grand plan and ML was not told for her safety and also to make the plot look so real.. GTY is someone that will sacrifice his life to get his plans done and he is someone that will not let someone down.. So he probably wants ML to go back to Sheng house so the Sheng can protect her while he carries out his plan and if anything goes wrong, she does not have to face the GUs or be a widow.. I actually feel sad for GTY, for being such a loyal officer and to ML, for having such a loyal officer as husband.. And we also know he wouldn't even want ML out of his sight for one seconds, so he must have a lot of fear regarding the outcome of his plan and how it would affect ML if she knows and if it goes wrong.. That's what I love most about the character GTY, the ability to still be in control of his bad happenings is amazing, even if he planned or it is not planned, he still make sure not to fell down by his obstacles but would rather make best for it
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    This is Ms. Wei who makes Ming Lan burn with jealousy though it is all misunderstanding Well, there are reasons for Ming Lan to be upset when this Ms. Wei is not only pretty but also smart. She is also good at listening and that is why men like to go to her. GTY and his gang must be very comfortable with her enough to use her room for strategic planning.
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    Playing chess with Prince Huan lol..He needs to shove him out of his cell or else ML will figure out there is more than what meets the eye.
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    I got some free time so I guess I’ll try to answer your question as accurately as I could. :-) https://www.soompi.com/article/1302089wpp/shin-dong-wooks-grandfather-admits-fault-in-fraud-controversy the issue has been resolved so it’s a pity for him to loose his chance to appear in the drama but LSW is good too so it must be fate that the character went to him. As for why JR is calling YS as Jin shim, (this is a personal opinion) Oh Jinshim is her real name. Yoonseo is her stage name for almost 14 years so I think she got attached to the name. It was hillarious to see how she became flustered when he called her by her real name. I bet in these 14 years, nobody has addressed her that so in a way, JR has become a bit special.
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    Saw raw epi 74..the court scene turned into a market brawl with the emperor dropping by in his gardener attire to get things in order...I couldn't help but laugh on how wittily they conveyed lack of seriousness in the matter from the ruling imperial family's end. ED is skillfully being lured into the trap with GTY as bait. Has GTY returned the official military seal or is it still with him? If not,then emperor is in cahoots with him. MN had stabbed GTY then she went round town blaming him of taking way her children,killing her son and throwing her out after using her... The matter was discussed among officials and they were pacified when GTY showed his stab wounds.So how did MN come again to repeat the discredited sob story? Did the script writer forget the dialogues that were delivered few episodes back? Or MN was purposefully let out for Gu,Wang,Bai villains to utilize her..She is the weakest link in the chain...
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNPHs8MgLl8 Someone named Sandman Lee was nice enough to translate this scene on youtube. they wrote "Some brief translation. Sorry for my poor English. 0:00 ML: Anyway, he'll be exiled after autumn. We still have time to think up something. Pity I've made the royal family unhappy. General Shen and Madam Zhang said they'll help me to persuade the Empress. ChangBai: You always act after thoroughly planning before. This time you've been too anxious. 0:30 General Shen, Empress's brother: Now I have no proper man to lead the army. Wish your Majesty delay the penalty to the criminal Gu, and send him to help me to conquer the rebels. I'll watch him back afterward. Emperor: He's not the only one who's qualified for this mission. General Shen: He's a talented general with full knowledge of the geography of the border. Emperor: Shut up. 0:56 Maid Xiang: Why did the Empress Dowager suggest Wang family, to support the idea of letting Gu join this military mission? Qin: If Gu stays prisoned here, he can easily find support from all his friends in the capital. It would be hard for the Empress Dowager to hurt him. However, if he dies in the war fire, who can blame her? Xiang: So we only need to wait for his death? Qin: This rebel comes just at the perfect time. (turns around) Everything is coming to the end." So from this I think it's safe to assume that he gets out of jail and comes back home in time to stop the ED.
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    What I realised whilst watching this was that office politics can be so unfair, especially in the competitive environment. Although EH and HR tried to stand up for DY, it became clear that they held little power in swaying Director YS opinion. I felt that HR should have personally told DY instead of making a phone call to the printing company. Girl, you know this would hurt her and it would have been better if you told her personally before making a public call about the change. However, in saying all this I think this is important for DY to grow and strive to do better so that Director YS can finally acknowledge her capabilities. DY: I'll start all over again even if I think I know how because I'm a new employee (ep. 6) EH gift of the book with DY's name in it is a sweet gesture showing that no matter what he is on her side and is always rooting for her. How swoon worthy is that! A man who doesn't fight your battles for you but supports you and allow you do it yourself because he knows you are more than capable of doing so. DY: He didn't ask when he knew I was struggling We just had a silly conversation (ep. 5) EH: All I have to do is put on ointment when she falls I believe she will get up and charge forward (ep. 6) The snippets of inner thoughts and little background history gives more life to this drama. EH: I read Dani's favourite books to understand her That's how I learned more about her (ep. 5) EH: The moment I said I liked a lake I saw while on the bus, she hit the stop button I think is this one of the most important indicators that DY feels something for EH but due to their long relationship, she can't distinguish if it's just being friends or more. DY let me tell you that this happiness and feelings of wanting to be with someone longer is derived from romantic emotions. DY: When I'm with him, I wish the moment would continue and my day would last longer (ep. 5) @Dramanoona I definitely agree with you that EH is cautious of confessing his feeling for DY because the reality is that they have a history together. EH: On my first birthday after losing my mum, Dan-i cooked for me It was the best birthday ever (ep.5) EH needs to be clear with his feelings towards DY because if he makes a move and is rejected by DY, this would change the dynamics of their relationship. DY means way too much to EH to be just casually dating, I think if they do end up dating, marriage is definitely on the horizon. EH also said that he needed to ensure DY feelings before confessing, and he is willing to wait. Again I agree that this is where EJ's character comes into play. However, as many in the forum has started speculating there must be some sort of relation between EH and SJ. EH: I don't like her being with other men I keep making a fool of myself in front of her (ep. 6)
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    RM eps 438 Opening : - SA sitting side by side. - PD : The team leader of the winning team can go to LA with only 1 teammate of his / her choosing. HH : No matter who wins, the can pick each other. This is complete fraud. (LOL. I laugh directly after HH said that). LKS : Interlock your finger ! Interlock your finger ! - KJK presentation about LA really expert & make all of members funny & laugh. SJH paid attention about it. - SJH presentation about LA make a interesting & KJK paid attention about it. SJH : since KJK didn't drink the alcohol, we can go there. HH : will play truth / dare ? SJH : We'll play that too. LKS & YSC exiting. HH : Ji hyo, are there any deals you'll offers us ? Like you'll tell us a secret / something ? Will you tell us the part you skipped when you told us about ur Christmas ? KJK : That day with the balloons ? (KJK exciting, seems so surprise) ?? : Will you tell us that story ? She should. KJK : That day with the balloons ? (SJH laugh) YJS : Will you tell us the story ? Will you tell us ? ou will tell us what you skipped ? Will you ? SJH : I will share it ! I will tell you. (LOL . The way she replied it really make me laugh.) HH : I have to choose hers. YJS : I've decided. I have to listen that story. HH : I couldn't sleep for a week. I even made up the stories. You know ? I made up the stories. KJK's face smile, shy, looking at down, seems nervous. - 13.04 - 13.08 : KJK's face seems so nervous & serious while the fingers in his lip. - HH chose SJH : I have been neglecting that girl a lot lately. I must listen to her story. I bet it's new. (KJK's fingers touch & stroking his nose, while smile, shy, & laugh, KJK's eye slighty glance to SJH. SJH laugh while the fingers close her mouth & hidden in KJK's back). IMO : 1. Since SJH's team won, so far really curious, who will SJH pick. Ofc not KJK. LOL. Never ever happened / the others members & every people will judge SA honeymoon. LOL. (I'm guessing HH). 2. Really interesting to read KJK's expression when SJH's christmas story bringing up.
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    (Disclaimer: Subtitles might be different on other sites. I'm going off the ones I was watching.) Haha: (After asking Jihyo if she'll tell him the end of the story and she agreed she would) I couldn't sleep for a week. I even made up stories, you know? [cuts to Jongkook looking down almost shyly] Later on after officially picking to be on Jihyo's team. Haha: (talking about the story) I bet it's new. I bet it's new. Another Haha moment that stood out to me was at the end when the members randomly started to tease SA for spinning the wheel together. Haha: [laughing] We get excited about the smallest things. Gee, I wonder why that is. lol
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    Cant bring myself to care about her anger or tears she been such a horrible ,dreadful and evil person this whole drama I just find it really annoying.
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    lol what a concidence ... I better but proper credit then. Every event needs a little bit of abs to make it even more enjoyable.
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    Preview for ep 7 Translation DY: Seo Ji Soo-shi, you calling this a date was on my mind. EH: Noona, I don’t think he’ll do. DY: That’s right, isn’t it? SJS: Why did I do that? DY: It’s totally over. EH: Hey! Don’t meet Kang Dan Yi anymore. SJS: I said no. EH: Even if I have to search all over Seoul, I want to go get Kang Dan Yi back! DY: This could be the last time that I date in my life. EH: Not there. Here! EH: If I keep liking you, what are you going to do about it? So, the above is the translation for the YT clip put out by tvN, however, the preview at the end of the episode had a couple of extra lines, so here is another translation of the preview at the end of the episode. EH: Kang Dan Yi-shi, please correct the parts that I’ve highlighted in red. HR: Didn’t you just answer your phone? If someone is waiting for you, then I’ll… DY: Seo Ji Soo-shi, you calling this a date was on my mind. EH: Noona, I don’t think he’ll do. DY: That’s right, isn’t it? SJS: Why did I do that? DY: It’s totally over. EH: Hey! Don’t meet Kang Dan Yi anymore. SJS: I said no. EH: Even if I have to search all over Seoul, I feel I want to go get Kang Dan Yi back! DY: This could be the last time that I date in my life. EH: Not there. Here! EH: If I keep liking you, what are you going to do about it? It's really just the first snippet where HR tries to offer to do the job that EH has asked DY to do, probably to prevent her from leaving work to meet SJS. You'll see at the end of the episode that EH evades HR's hand reaching for the clipboard to insist that DY does it. EH's petty jealousy knows no bounds! So, I think HR suspects now that EH has feelings for DY based on the way he was looking at her when EH and DY were talking at the coffee station. I'm excited by this preview though because it seems to indicate that EH finally tells DY how he feels. Though, DY may not quite be ready to hear it. Do you mean that JSJ is related to EH? Or to the writer who has gone silent Kang Byung Jun? We know from episode 6 that Kang Byung Jun was EH's father, though your illegitimate child theory is as reasonable as any as to why EH's last name is Cha rather than Kang. I doubt that SJS is related to CEH, though I guess I won't rule it out since kdramas love coincidences and fate so much.
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    That would be me ..glad oppa's lovely abs are still used in many event threads...I almost thought we're having guess the abs season 3 @Dhakra @staygold if sushi and lmangla are using the dramas that i think they are going to use, you guys won't have a problem. Think you'd be able to guess.
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    Iw onder who the murderess is. It is full of suspense now. Seems like Minglan beat the gong for a very longtime since it shows daytime and then there's Xiaotao beating it and it is quite dark. I hope Molan will get her just dessert. Looks like her hubby has backbones and not easily blindsided after all.
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    So good to hear that this C-drama does have a happy ending. So many of them do not. This has been quite the journey for ML and GTY. They deserve a happy ending, with some with peaceful times -- for a change.
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    Tread: I'm sure some of the Moderators will have a laugh at this because I have been known to break a rule or two or three... Just a friendly reminder that per Soompi rules, we are not to quote pictures or videos. The Mods, who are busy monitoring the forum, will have to go back into your post and delete out the pictures and videos. However, you can copy and paste the pictures and videos into your own comment. I have a vested interest in what you've posted because I'm late to the thread and the things that are being reposted I'm finding extremely interesting--so thank you for sharing.
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    I agree and disagree...... I actually think that GTY is extremely confident and secure in himself and those he's close to around him; despite being deceived by two women in the past. In the matter of love, I think, despite not having a father's love, he did have the love of his mother, grandfather, his daughter, and Nanny (the wet nurse who raised him), he also felt secure in the love he thought the had from fake stepmother and manipulative lover. However, despite being deceived, it didn't shape his whole reality... he still openly and willingly gave his heart to ML without any reservations. What is causing his insecurity has to do with too much knowledge from the past. He knows ML is faithful and loyal to him, however, he wants to hear her say or act in a way that demonstrates that she's in love with him (let the little green eyed monster out). After all, he was the middle man between her and her first love and tried to get them back together. So having that knowledge of her previous love, he's a little insecure as to whether or not she's completely over ex--that she's willing to bare herself for him and not hold anything back .
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    Can someone please explain the conversation between Molan and her husband? I only get the part where he asked her why she married him, and whe she said because she loves him he said richard simmons. Looks like her husband mentions something about ML and how evil Molan and her mother are. Did he find out about Molan involvement in the releasing Aunt Kang?
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    @Sarang21 be prepared , don’t forget ur helmet @staygold : don’t be lost that the direction to the start point
  41. 9 points
    In normal circumstances, yes i agreed. But gty, despite of having a cheerful disposition, i think he's an unsecure guy. Being unloved by the father and fake love by the stepmom. When he saw the kind of love and devotion share between ml and grandma, he wanted the same thing. And he got it tonight from ml. I can't blame him for being happy for that despite the crappy circumstances. He didn't plan that. Just took pleasure out of it.
  42. 9 points
    If you join me than we can share the doll cr. to @triplem
  43. 9 points
    what is this game? do we guess abs again?
  44. 9 points
    I'll be nice as long as @Dhakra doesn't get on my nerves. ./glares. But you know what, I've decided that I'll not get triggered by him, I'm going to keep my calm throughout this event.
  45. 9 points
    Agreed, something may go awry. But then gty left shitou to be with ml, to protect her. The last time shitou was left with ml, during the rebellion of the late emperor. Gty must have confident in shitou ability to protect her. And shitou himself was not bad. Eventhough he looks kind of dumb (ha ha) he's actually a clever person.
  46. 9 points
    So apparently they started at the restaurant with all wearing white jackets and teams were only formed there. Lol jihyo noona used the strategy of saying she will tell what happened on the Christmas date story she told earlier for members who joined her team. Haha hyung decided to join jihyo noona's team because he wanted to hear the whole date story
  47. 9 points
    kekekke... sometimes when I am washing the rice to cook, I am randomly reminded of how @packmule3 asked if she should wash rice and we all gasped! and she was like "what, what did I do???" ... our reaction still has me smiling after all these years. hahaha... good soompi memories!
  48. 9 points
  49. 8 points
    I shall be here tmrw! Abs with inner peace and self realization and social justice!! Preparing to crash and burn!
  50. 8 points
    hahaha i just had my lunch and rice too
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