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    Agree with you totally, chingu! Why do people feel the need to bring over the same article so many times? What good does it do to bring joy to Boyfriend fans? Perhaps it's driven by sadism at its worst. As for the clueless journalists - they always create the wrong headlines anyway. I guess it's because they need to make a guilty living by creating hell for the good people. Do we not see the cast and crew nearly freezing in the cold weather while filming? Please check the bts if you haven't, before making things tough for Boyfriend's lead couple. BOYFRIEND did so well internationally because we can enjoy the drama without helluva lots of inhibitions. Once in a long while, we are treated with such a beautiful and romantic drama, full of literary works and fine lines that stay with you. There are so many meaningful messages that one can learn to live by and I hope Korea is able to see the main message - that a divorced woman can have a respectable place in society; that a divorced rich and powerful woman has the right to fall in love with a young guy from an average family and still be respected by society. That mothers-in-law have a part to play in the happiness of their children by understanding how much their sons love their woman. That the sons need the moral support from their fathers. That love means having to persevere and overcome obstacles together. That not one party should give up because it's too painful. And if the sea's job is to make waves, Mine is to think of you, and Among a multitude of stars, one look down at me Among a multitude of people, I look up at the star How romantic those words are. If only the human race has more of such meaningful and beautiful lines brought about by BOYFRIEND, the world would be a better place for all, including the journalists and 'fans' who make things difficult for PBG and SHK. "I wanted to ask you this if we met again. Do you have a boyfriend?" YES. I have a BOYFRIEND, thank God. I have: A heart-warming drama that touches my soul and calms my heart and reminds me to cherish my loved ones, even when things get tough. An amazing lead couple who gave their best against all odds, to bring a heart-wrenching yet beautiful romance amidst gorgeous sunset and passionate indulgence with hot kisses and lips smacking...two beautiful silhouettes merging into one in the fading night sky filled with multitude of stars cheering for them.... No only are they hungry for each other, but We're famished with their love for each other too. So who makes such a beautiful drama possible? It's the ACTOR Park Bo Gum and ACTRESS Song Hye Kyo. Don't you think we should cheer them for their dedication and courage, instead of finding faults? A shout out to the KOREAN journalists, KNETS and non-Boyfriend fans! We're not talking about whose wife. We're talking about the top actress, Song Hye Kyo and the top actor, Park Bo Gum. They have an amazing screen chemistry that goes beyond description. Savour it and not destroy it. And please feel free to have it properly translated to Korean and place it on the major Korean websites! Enough is enough.
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    @Lmangla @sushilicious Your event is going to Touch 10 pages within the 1st 10 hours . You can tell what soompiers love so no one posted that their favourite meal is from Subway ?
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    Basically 2 things. Foods & oppas
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    Oh yes . Let’s post one more for oppa here .... Sorry wasn’t intending to make this a “Guess the abs “ season 2 thread . But won’t you feel hungry each time you call your cat?
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    Omg ..won’t you get sick . I love jambu air too but not that much . @Lmangla I have never once felt guilty about adding new oppas to my list . . They all deserve to be loved ...kkkk.... —— favourite food is actually Japanese. I can eat it Everyday . That’s why every time I see @sushilicious name , I’m hungry @TRaNz @bedifferent My foodie friends ..this thread is for you What @Lmangla?? Mango is so not the king of fruits . I protest . Kkkkkk ( I love mangoes too ) . @angelangie That’s too much durian . Anyhow these days , it is too expensive to eat like that
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    I spend at least a third of my screen time on Soompi ( that’s almost close to 2 hours a day ) , so it will be an understatement to say how much this forum has impacted my life . For one it , changed how I watch my k dramas. It is fun to watch dramas live together , read different POV & see things from other perspectives. It definitely enriched my drama viewing . I later on joined the General Threads . Add /subtract is my home thread where i met many awesome peeps like you all . You guys made made me laugh , opened my eyes to the world of c dramas & pineapple heads , reminded me of how different Our cultures are but yet our hopes & fears are the same . I believe my day is not complete without checking in there . Love to you all , you know who you are ..specially remembering our angel @CatchMine_ID who is watching us from above . Another thing I love most about Soompi is the spazzing . Where else can you fangirl shamelessly over a hot oppa who has no clue you love him so For my fellow jung kyung Ho fan girl , a happy birthday @katakwasabi I have to thank @Jillia for recommending this to me For my fellow Park Hae Jin lovers @nonski @hibiscus23 . Let’s hope for a better year for oppa And i definitely must give a shout out to all my girls on his royal sexiness Kim Ji Suk’s thread . @joonminfan @turtlegirl @tibba @heyyoooo may our hottie continue to see his career rise @supergal99 @Visually-wandering My fellow pervy friends who can spazz with me over many oppas
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    ooh such a great description! so true! have actually learned so much about people and relationships as everyone gives a different reading on one character or a drama. even something as simple how we have different ideas on what we could consider romantic was such an eye opener... some of the stories you hear remain with you long after the drama finished. so one thread, we were laughing about how kdrama is obsessed with first love and how that never happens... then one poster shared -- during kindergarten? sunday school? there was this 5 year old boy who used to run behind her 3 year old daughter and everyone said "awww, these two are so cute!".. she on the other hand was like "my baby! leave!" hahahha... they moved and years later, this boy and girl ended up meeting in uni and getting married. she said that he was a perfectly nice son-in-law and had no idea why she was so annoyed when he was 5.
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    AAAAA am sooo glad with the second episode! I really find this drama light and fun (at least, its taking an hour for me to giggle seeing the two of them and the firm's funny crew from my stressful day). Now, I'm hoping that we'll get tons of funny LDW faces like the ones we get from goblin
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    Oppa swooning is never an off topic here on Soompi . @Matilda_Anne You do know your mum is well loved here right ? I always enjoy your stories . We need to get her to have an account! @ktcjdrama where are you ? So true . When you tell me you like a drama , i immediately check it out !! Like I started watching Rebel not only for my oppa but coz @stroppyse loved it & watched it twice ! It’s not even a genre I normally like .You guys have such a big influence on my drama watching .
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    why are all the kids on return on superman so cute?... love how variety shows can be still clean, sweet and entertaining (without any weird fights unlike some reality tv shows... )
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    Hi everyone! I'm usually not really participating in any events - unfortunately. But thought I would do so this time. Because questions I can answer. kkk I've been on Soompi for so long - more than 10 years - even though there were periods I was less active due to no drama airing I was interested in. For me, since I live in a country where Asian dramas are not known by many people it's impossible to find people to talk to about the dramas I'm watching. So to me the Soompi community is important because we share the same love for different kinds of Korean dramas. I'm able to fangirl over OTPs and sweating over hot men exposing their abs ( @triplem ). I still remember vividly the "The Innocent Man" thread where I started my real active time as a member. And it's still one of my all-time favorite melodramas. And now I'm going to share a yummy Swedish dessert I had for the first time just yesterday. It's called semla and it's a bun filled with a sweet almond paste and topped with whipped cream. So... did I do this correctly, @Lmangla?
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    @jl08 5 stars and a whole lot of trophies to your post chingu! ••••••••••••••••••••••• Found this vid in YT and oh my! The feels! We really saw their relationship evolve before our eyes! Ctto
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    @triplem what a coincidence! I’m having Japanese food for dinner later. Yumz. I love Korean food too. But what I’m really craving for now: I’m so glad I found Soompi back in 2017 when I was so crazy about FIS and my beloved JoonMin couple. I finally had a place to spazz without feeing silly! Although I usually don’t have time to watch a lot of dramas, I really enjoy spending time here, even if it’s just lurking and reading all of your posts. It’s nice to find like-minded people and have to chance to unwind, discuss, analyse, laugh and swoon. Love all of you guys lots! And lots of love to the mods who keep this forum going like a well-oiled machine. Will continue to lurk and contribute whenever I can. Hugs and kisses!
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    Today my breakfast was from McD and it reminded me of @TRaNz LOL. The almighty Maharaja Mac
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    I actually like this change from the novel. Manniang the brainless villain overstayed in the novel and would have been boring by now in the drama. Now we have the battle of the familes and some delicious suspense as we don't know how it plays out. Old Madam Kang vs ML is way better than Manniang or even Stepmom vs ML.
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    I wanted to ask you this if we met again “Do you have a boyfriend?”
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    This thread is legit making even more hungrier. But continue on please~ serve more virtual fooddddd hahahah A food pyramid for yaaallll Hehehe
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    encounter effect? I hope we get translation about his tweet
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    478 @mouse007What a cheap attempt Best bet ever! It was so worth to make her "S" disappear. I somehow have the feeling "someone" is secretly reading here and uses us as new inspiration for ideas. @kokodusI still call you coconut behind your back. @avondale16Yo bro, how are ya today? Now with your new fancy dp....I have to sadly tell you....you and @dotonlyare now A+D or.....a.D. ....anno domini........so you are still connected in the way that now the time begins where we count how long both of you don't have a dp
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    @kokodus That's what I was hoping for too. I'm dying for Endgame but Captain Marvel doesn't have as high a level of excitement for me. It's still high, don't get me wrong, but I'd have much preferred to work for the CM release and be off for Endgame. Oh well, maybe I'll get a new job between now and then... one where I don't have to work weekends at all. 476
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    Ooh we should have guess the hand-holding event!
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    sorry i stop taking Durian eons ago lols......cause i remember my grandpa use to take back baskets of it....and u know what.... Breakfast - Durian Lunch - Durian Dinner - Durian @@"""""
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    ... which will be used to show our appreciation for oppa/ajusshi? ... or as @Lawyerh pointed out, the revolving door of our favourite oppas? ... and @triplem ~ it is a good thing these oppas don't know we exist; it means we can upgrade and keep adding to our fave list without feeling one iota of guilt! hahahahha...
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    -2 @cenching You don't know about me, no matter how crappy the drama is, I'll go and watch it just for my idols and I'll let myself believe that they are good. LOL. But anyways, unfortunately, I also think this DL-YZ reunion is just a hoax or as @lynne22 said "a wishful thinking" LOL. But seriously MDL needs to stop giving me false hopes. Even if I didn't believe the news, deep down in my heart I hoped that it would be true. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.
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