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    Wishing you all a new year full of love and happiness @bebebisous33 I wish that I could use all (positive) emoticons for your posts. I really appreciate your analyses which really help me to appreciate "Encounter" even more. Thank you again.
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    @luv_jinsoo @rainy12 Thanks for the encouragement and compliment. This is the new analysis for today on my blog. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/93258717/posts/2159104002 Since some complained that they couldn't have access... I am posting it here too. The playground and Cha Soo Hyun's change of heart A lot of viewers perceived the parallels between the scene in the episode 16, where Cha Soo Hyun returns to her boyfriend’s side and the scene in the episode 2. The playground symbolizes the place, where their love began and was completed. In the episode 2, our heroine went to that place after reading Kim Jin Hyuk’s letter of motivation. In his letter, he described how meaningful this place was to him. While watching the view, the viewer listens to the song CSH listened to, when she watched the sunset in Cuba. The music serves as a tool to show that our heroine is remembering the wonderful moments she lived with KJH in Cuba. However the difference between the two scenes is that their position is reversed. KJH caught her at the playground which surprised him and made him happy. In the episode 16. KJH is sitting there looking at the falling snow when Cha Soo Hyun appears behind and joins him. (episode 2) Each time, KJH is surprised as he didn’t expect her there. The other similarity is, the two situations are always encounters. The right timing played a huge part in their love in order to start and to be completed. (episode 16) Striking is that Cha Soo Hyun sits on the left swing, while our protagonist is seen sitting on the right swing. It was as if the left swing would always belong to his girlfriend. He doesn’t dare to sit there. This playground with the swing is so sacred for both of them. Nonetheless, this scene from the episode 16 is not just as a reminder of the saying: this love began and was completed there. There is another scene which shares a lot of similarities with the scene at the playground: the fateful encounter at Morro Cabana and the beautiful sunset. At first, you might wonder. Let us go back to the scene in Cuba. First, CSH has a problem with the taxi as the latter is broken. (episode 1) She is forced to leave the taxi, take the ferry and walk to the top of the hill with her high heels. (episode 1) And now, if you go back to the takings before Cha Soo Hyun meets her loved one in the episode 16, she is also forced to leave her car as there is some construction work on the road. (episode 16) Then we see her walking to the top, determined to reach that place: the playground. The takings are quite similar to these from the episode 1. (episode 16) Both scenes illustrate her determination. On the one hand, she wants to watch the beautiful sunset and the other hand, she wishes so much to be at the playground, the place she remembered her experiences with KJH in Cuba, the place where he approached her knowing now her identity and later acted as if he was her knight touching tenderly her knee. Sure, there are huge differences between these scenes (day versus night; moon versus sun; coldness versus warmth) that’s why the beholders might not catch the resemblance between these two events. Yet both have something in common: the presence of water (sea and falling snow). In another analysis (forum soompi), I had written that Cha Soo Hyun’s element is water. The snowflakes look a lot like stars due to their form. It was as if the stars would celebrate their reconciliation and the finalization of their love. Moreover, Kim Jin Hyuk is also attracted to go outside, when he sees the snow falling. He looks at the window episode 16 and his feet are the ones leading him to that place. Nature is leading him there. And just like in the episode 1 where Cha Soo Hyun arrived on the top before Kim Jin Hyuk and sit on the wall waiting for the sunset, in the episode 16 our hero is waiting for the snow. CSH is about to rescue him from his melancholy, just like Cha Soo Hyun was saved by him from falling down the wall. While the sunset in Cuba touched her heart and led to her awakening, the scene in the episode 16 symbolizes a different aspect: Cha Soo Hyun’s change of heart. In Cuba, she woke up literally and decided to change her life (enjoy life and abandon her sadness), the viewers witness the change of her mindset. However, only her mind has changed, not her heart, as she keeps controlling her heart. In the episode 16, the change of heart happened in the dark room. Here the red color reminds us of the sunset in Cuba. That’s why the scene in the red room was added, while we see her walking to the top in order to reach that playground. This was her third and last huge revelation: her own happiness was dependent of her boyfriend. Without him, she is not able to be happy. If she had given up on him, then she would have been miserable all her life. The difference between the time (day versus night) can be easily explained. Cha Soo Hyun’s world is the night as she is associated to the moon which means that KJH has been able to enter her world completely, just like she entered his world as well: the playground. In both events, we see natural phenomenons: snow and sunset. Nature is omnipresent and is a driving force for them, although our OTP is surrounded by houses and buildings. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    Wow! Glad that the love for Boyfriend is still going strong! @bebebisous33 You're really awesome!! Your analyses are really interesting and thanks for taking so much time to share with us. Please continue as we're all looking forward to more analyses....You're doing such a great job with Boyfriend! @gumtaek That ep 1 screening in PBG's Japan FM is awesome! Thanks for sharing....looking at the entire promotional vid, I already feel so excited for the Japanese fans to catch the drama. The visuals and gorgeous settings are enough to pump up the adrenalin and I'm sure the Japanese fans wish that the drama could be screened as soon as possible! @stardustvoid @dukesa1122 @twtwb and many other chingus, Thanks for staying here and why do I feel that this place feels like home and that KJH and CSH owe us some future episodes where they progress from Boyfriend to Mr and Mrs Kim? hehe..... And when the kids come along and they bicker over the kids....it'll be PBG's wish come true to act in a bickering role with a 'same age actress'....haha... Btw, why do people feel so elated when they read about PBG's reply that it's KJH romancing CSH and not he romancing his friend's wife? Isn't that a GIVEN from the start? lol.... I thought that was pretty clear. Did someone got mix up with reel and real from the start? OK, I hope for #Season2Boyfriend and if not possible, a #Boyfriend movie with PBG and SHK would be great! Just imagine the cinematography in a movie! We already caught glimpses of that from the drama and it's so beautiful. So I'm wondering if a movie come true, will we be able to stay sane looking at the visuals of PBG and SHK on the super huge screen... Meanwhile, PBG is busy with his FMs. Can SHK please grace some magazine cover and talk about Boyfriend? Now, we can be elated if a miracle happens and SHK and PBG can be seen in the same frame......promoting Boyfriend! And I'm still having the #Boyfriend bug.... Btw, P.O's detailed description of meeting SHK......is daebak! I take it to be her vibes are "electrifying" and "stunning"......to make such an impact on him!
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    This is a new version of The significance of hands and feet (part one) posted on my blog. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/93258717/posts/2159232603 Here, this is what I changed. In the same episode, just before they went eating, Kim Jin Hyuk stood at her hotel door and the director used two takings in order to point out that they were still in two different worlds. But at the restaurant, the situation has changed, KJH has decided to step up and be more active in his pursuit of our heroine. So only in the episode 5, KJH was able to take CSH’s hand again, when he proposed to have a some-relationship. It took him some time in order to come closer again… the gap between the two worlds was just so huge, however KJH was determined and persistent in his goal. Little by little, his hands got closer to hers again but it took some time: episode 3: he repeats the same gesture, when she had to jump from the wall. Here he helps her to enter the truck. episode 4 notice that his hands don’t touch hers yet First, he had thought that he had succeeded after having spent the afternoon with her, nonetheless when he saw this : episode 5 he got anxious that he might have failed. As you can observe, the picture on the right shows two hands joined together… and KJH had not been able to take her hand after his return from Cuba. That’s why he got worried… he knew that if he had touched her hand again, she wouldn’t be able to cut ties with him.  And the break up is also reflected in the hands: In the episode 15 KJH tries to hold her hand but he fails as he can only grab two fingers. episode 15 In a similar scene, he tries again to hold her back but this time he only grabs her wrist. He doesn’t even dare to touch her hand. He still respects her, although it is painful for him. And this visible distance between their hands culminates to the point that his own hands are about to cut his ties with her and her world. With his hands, he wants to write the resignation letter. With his own hands, he is about to leave her world as he has the impression that his hands and love were not strong enough to keep her by his side, since she feels guilty. she could destroy his happy family. But then he remembers, his good memories with his girlfriend and his own advice: to endure pain and hard times with good memories hence he changes his mind. He won’t give up on her… his strong will and determination are back, he won’t let her influence him.
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    The slap SH gave ML, although hateful and unjustified, did drive home a point. That ML will no longer bow down to the 'master of the household'. And SH realised that too. When she was willing to have the family disown her in exchange for justice for granny, and SH wanted to slap her again, she took a step forward rather than a step back...shows how determined and resolute she was to get to the bottom of the matter and seek justice. If my understanding is correct, SH seems to try avoiding the matter by going off to work, only to have ML told him that she has taken time off for him on behalf. Forced him to face the issue... If only he could see beyond saving the family's face and understand how fiercely loyal and loving ML is towards the granny...he would be able to see how well she was raised even without him playing his role as a father. He should be proud that she's such a filial person...
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    The elements of the fairy tales in Encounter episode one Through the introduction with the drawings, especially in the first episode, we have the impression that we are about to watch a fairy tale. First, we see a flying horse, an imagined animal. Then the main character, Cha Soo Hyun, is presented as a princess living alone in a huge castle. She is wearing a crown, however she leaves her huge palace and has to go through a huge forest full of thorns in order to be able to see the sun and the sunlight. She arrives in Cuba. From the start, we see the reference of Cinderella. Cha Soo Hyun loses one of her shoes which KJH has to pick up episode one , he even buys her new ones, sandals that are far more simple and comfortable. Just like the prince, Kim Jin Huyk has no idea about her identity. He is just fascinated and attracted by her. Even Cha Soo Hyun exclaims after her return from the ball (salsa show) that she has been Cinderella. Furthermore we have other allusions about Cinderella: more than one ball (the second happens at the end of the episode 8), episode 8 and 9 the mask representing a pumpkin, episode 8 the fact that the color of the mask is grey, the same color than ashes because she is hiding herself behind her expressionless face. Don’t forget my interpretation in another essay where I compared our heroine to a fire that had been covered with ashes. Only her eyes are revealing her true feelings and thoughts (especially after Cuba). The other reference is the Sleeping Beauty. This is visible through the drawing (the forest full of thorns). episode 1 Then Cha Soo Hyun describes herself as a vegetable in front of her husband. During many years, she was like the Sleeping Beauty (in the fairy tale, she sleeps for one century). This explains why she was suffering from insomnia. How could she fall asleep, if she was already in a coma? The common denominator of these two fairy tales is the existence of the prince. The prince is the one who awakes the Sleeping Beauty with his kiss and in the second one, the prince finds Cinderella thanks to her special shoes. In my opinion, since Cha Soo Hyuk is linked to the sea and Kim Jin Hyuk is associated to the sun in the drawings, we have to imagine that the sunset in Cuba represents the kiss of the prince, the sun kisses the sea which causes Cha Soo Hyun’s awakening. So on the surface, the prince seems to be Kim Jin Huyk. However his situation doesn’t fit the description of a prince. He comes from a lower social class. He has neither powerful parents nor wealth. However, we shouldn’t forget that first in different fairy tales like The story of a Youth who Went Forth to Learn what Fear was or The King of the golden mountain (both from Grimm), sons from a lower social class (merchant, craftsman) are able to marry a princess at the end and become kings. As you can see, the origin of our hero can’t be the main objection for not considering him as a prince. However, we have a real prince in the story: Jung Woo Suk. He is rich, handsome and powerful. He represents the archetype of prince charming. He is the prince since his mother, the chairman Kim, views herself as the queen as the leader of Taegyeong Group. Striking is that we have two princes in this “fairy tale” which is quite unusual but not extraordinary as some few fairy tales contain such elements. So the existence of two princes indicates that there will be a competition. Who can earn the princess’ love? episode 11/12 the confrontation and duel: who will get Cha Soo Hyun? Cha Soon Hyun can never love Jung Woo Suk as he has no idea what she really likes and who she is. But are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty the two only fairy tales that are mentioned and exploited here in Encounter? I see two other possible references: Snow-white and Little Red Riding Hood, although there was no explicit allusion like with the other stories. First since the stepmother is jealous of Snow-White, she abuses her and wants to get rid of her. The beholder can observe the similarity. Moreover, since CSH’s nickname is the Ice princess, it means that her “face” is white and cold like snow. And Snow-white received the same name due to the color of her skin which reminded her mother of snow. Then we saw that chairman Kim abused Cha Soo Hyun so that at the end, she left the “palace” divorcing Jung Woo Suk. Snow-White is forced to leave the palace. At some point, the queen wants to kill her, when she realizes that she is still living with the dwarfs. Here, Chairman Kim wants to take away Donghwa Hotel as CSH has been able to change the financial situation of that company. The impact is almost the same. Since CSH put all her energy into that hotel, taking it away from her would mean to kill her literally. The dwarfs are the driver Nam and the PR-manager Kim Sun Joo among others. The final reference is The Little Red Riding Hood. First, we see Cha Soo Hyun wearing a red dress in the first episode, the same color than the little girl in the fairy tale. Then later, in the drawing of the episode 11, a wolf appears. The wolf could embody Jung Woo Suk who has come back in order to claim his “ex-wife”, his first love. What people most don’t know is that in the original version, the French fairy tale written by Charles Perrault in the 17th Century, the story ends with the following moral: Moral Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. I say “wolf,” but there are various kinds of wolves. There are also those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all. As you can see, the author warns the young women not to listen to seducers. I see here some parallels as CSH was also convinced by her parents to marry Jung Woo Suk. She was polite, complacent and sweet (just like in the moral) and at the end, her life was ruined. Sure, the message has been modernized and transformed. However, the message is that people should think really hard and not allow themselves to be influenced. Naivety and ignorance were the reasons why the women were easily seduced; in CSH’s case, I would say that she had been trained to listen to her parents. Striking is that many fairy tales end with a marriage with the saying: they lived happily ever after. Since our heroine has been married once and is now divorced, this characteristic represents a contradiction to the fairy tales. In reality, the characteristics of the prince have been perverted. Due to his power, wealth and social status, CSH suffocated and suffered so much that she became a vegetable. Moreover, her husband was not even able to protect her from his jealous mother hence CSH judged him as weak and poor in the end. On paper, JWS was the perfect husband candidate, in reality he was the opposite. The elements from fairy tales happen after her divorce indicating that divorce is not the end of the world. This is also a chance to get a new start. In my opinion, the writer is in fact trying to demystify the fairy tales. Kim Jin Hyuk is just an average man and as such he is as brave and strong as any other man. A real good husband is the one who pays attention to his partner, observes her carefully and takes care of her. Money and power are not a synonym for happiness. To conclude, this drama sends the right messages for women by using elements from fairy tales: Fairy tales (marrying prince charming) are just an illusion be independent, a normal person might be the right partner for you, be happy with simple things and enjoy the ordinary days of your life. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    Okay, i haven't watch the ep yet, so i wont judge. But base on the clips that i saw in ig, i can't see no rejection at all. Okay, i was talking to my friend (coshipper) just n0w and she said, i quote "At this point, what else can JK react to their tease? Of course he had to act shy and blush and asked them to stop. Just like how we use to do when someone teased us. But then, I'm sure we got flutter too!" It's like when our friends teases us with our crush, we become shy and we tell them to stop. I remember i threatened by friends i'll hit them if they continue to tease me. We have seen jk being like that all the time. But the catch here is, if there's nothing going on why not deny? He can tell them to stop and justify himself. If he is really serious about finding someone to date this year and marry next year, and its not jh, so what's the use of this all. In the end who get bash? More than jk, it will be jh. We've seen him protect her from the crowd, do you think he will allow all of this 'coz im sure he knows the backlash it could give to jh, his very good friend, in the end? And again, why now? They have refused it since then so why now? Then my friend also said "If both of them playing along with the teasing, there's no need to have a loveline anymore. Better get a confession and make an official announcement!" Which i agree. Some, even i myself was thinking, why use "loveline?" But it got me thinking, if they don't deny and both play along, people will get curious and eventually either one need to say something, but if they play it in a "loveline" they don't need to say anything 'coz its a loveline. They can mask it thru a loveline. I don't know if you agree, but it's just my opinion. And for years jk would usually hide his care and affection for jh, but last night we have seen how jk takes care of jh. If all they are doing in the show is really for nothing then why the h.eck are they doing it? For ratings? Rm has been in the lowest than now, why not use it before? Why only now? And for years we have seen jh being in the sideline when it comes to jk, she is the supporter/audience, but now she is the "one" already, and i don't know about you, but jh is glowing with happiness. It's like she became free. Free to do the thing she wants, and free to express her feelings. Let's not be too negative again. We always wanted them, now we have it. We might as well enjoy it. Maybe we are just not used of the idea them being the center of attention. It's just the matter of getting use to things. Let's see where they will lead us. And regarding them separating next week, guys we are talking about SA here. The most competitive members of RM. You think they would settle just like that. Both needs action. And besides isn't it fun to see them compete each other. It's not nice that they would just be loveydovey all the time. A little action can add up to the spice. So guys, let's just enjoy what we have now. Let's complain later when we see something that is beyond normal and worth complaining! Happy shipping!
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    Kim Jin Hyuk. A man of his words. -------- @bebebisous33 Already following you on wordpress .. just read your new version of hands and feet.. Oh my, who's cutting onion? tearing up reading your beautiful observations of their hands gesture during their break up moment ---------- If anyone stumble upon observation/ any comments about initial script compared to the drama, please share.. So curious is there any big changes from PD /actors improvisation/ad-lib during drama production
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    The granny poisoning incident is harder to take than I imagined. I loved ML and I loved granny and so I was prepared for this to be heartbreaking, but it's still worse than I thought...and this is only preview... Show really set it up for us to be so invested in their relationship... When ML sobbed inside granny's room, my heart broke with hers. And the first thing that came to mind was "GTY come back already! ML needs you, even if it's just a shoulder for her to cry on.." Thankfully, in the next preview, GTY turned up! Good to see that he's there for her when she needed him most, just the same way she was always there for him when his going gets tough...
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    @bebebisous33 Thank you so much for bringing this comparison between early episode and the last episode. I really like what you wrote with each amazing observation. I rewatched as you mentioned and I found out that CSH read KJH's resume in ep2/KJH's letter in ep16 in CSH's CEO office. In ep2, KJH's resume made CSH feel his sincerity when he told any stories about his life in Cuba to the stranger as CSH, all are the truth, the man who attracted her in Cuba is fascinating. In ep16, CSH's dad might make CSH rethink whether she can live with worry to others for the rest of her life. KJH sent CSH the high-heeled shoes in Cuba which striked her mind how they started their attraction to deep love which CSH might not be able to bear separation anymore. In ep16, CSH did not call KJH to find him but CSH chose to go stright to the playground where KJH used to mention in the resume in ep2 that he will be at playground when he has a lot on his mind, the playground will soothe KJH, taught him to relax, and cope with pain. ep 2 ep16
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    Actress Kim Seo Hyung wants to try Cha Soo Hyun character. cr. ladysong14
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    Just random CJH pics.. So used to seeing cuts on CJH's face thanks to TLE.. How can he still looks this handsome with all these cuts..!!
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    @dukesa1122 @avondale16 This is what I changed in the analysis "RED" in my blog. But I linked the blog to facebook. https://bebebisous33analyses.wordpress.com/2019/02/03/red/ However, after the break up, there is a regression. She is seen again with the light pink coat (see the image below) and then with white clothes again. So the color of her clothes reflects her emotional state. She is again suppressing her feelings (episode 15). The writer's choice for Cha Soo Hyun's favorite color is not random. Although she was described by the media as the ice princess, she was in fact the opposite: a passionate person. She could be compared to a fire covered with ashes and Kim Jin Huyk as the sun was the only one who could lit the fire and remove the ashes. Hence everyone mistook the ashes for her true personality. Don't forget that the fairy tale Cinderella is often hinted in this drama (the balls, the loss of shoes, the hidden identity). Now we can see clearly another connection between the fairy tale and Cha Soo Hyun, as Cinderella used to live close to the ashes.
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    I'm sorry to say this but you're comparing apple and orange and also thinking highly of SH. SH is only 5th grade level scholar official with no power in court (he only got promoted to 4th grade this episode). He also doesn't come from noble family though grandma (who is also not his biological mom) was only daughter of Marquis of Yongyi, she already severed her ties with her maiden family. His late father was also not former influential official like Wang's dead father who was honored in imperial ancestral temple (though grandpa Sheng gained 3rd place in imperial court exam and true scholar). Hualan's in-laws are hereditary noble Count family though they were not in favor with current emperor. Their position is much higher than Sheng family. Plus, Hualan did not face near death during her delivery or pregnancy. Her mistreatment was related to financial means by her mom-in-law not from Count himself or her husband and this can be passed by saying HL herself contributed to family expenses being filial. Her son being taken away by her mom-in-law is also NOT a crime. Grandmother can raise her own grandson (in some cases it is being considered favorable for the child in case of ML since grandma came from noble family) and favorable especially since HL's husband is second son who has no right to inherit the title (so neither HL's son). Also, her mom-in-law could say that she has doubts about HL's ability and integrity to raise her grandson after Molan's scandal. The children being burned by fire burner can be considered accident and negligence of the servants not cuz of her mom-in-law. Zhang family has Ying Guo Gong (duke) title, 1st grade official and Guo Gong himself is accomplished general and established minister for three emperors (unlike QH's father who wasn't accomplished and doesn't have real official position though he also is a hereditary Guo Gong). Like I mentioned in earlier post, emperor decreed this marriage so that he, empress family and Huan wang can get support from older ministers with established power in the capital and their marriage is considered state's affair. Please remember emperor and empress family and relatives came from You Zhou and have no established power or big army in the capital. So, only daughter of this family had difficult early birth due to concubine Zhou bumping into her (though supposedly accident), almost died not getting immediate treatment by imperial doctor (whom Zhang family invited to help with the delivery) as well as General Shen himself not treating his new main wife and CZ right (he is not supposed to let CZ disrespect the main wife, let her attend parties though concubines aren't supposed to) became not only a big political issue but also a crime committed by Shen family. It was never new main wife's fault as she has been avoiding the conflicts with CZ, even dismissed her not to pay respect to her, stayed mainly in her own courtyard and avoided a lot of parties that CZ was attending. Thus, Yin Guo Gong couples have every right to request to either send away CZ or dissolve the marriage amicably. Since YGG has always been righteous, it was life/death situation and not their daughter's fault, they even dare to plan to send her to the temple if she no longer wants to stay in this marriage even after emperor and empress punished CZ and her brothers (meaning if she gets sick of unprotected and unloving husband). I guess she decided to go back to general manor after CZ and her family was punished as she starts having feelings towards her husband as well as she knows her husband already developed feelings for her as well and her marriage will be fine as long as CZ behaves and not favored. Other posters like @linhlinh111 and @martin already pointed out the importance of scholar officials needing to have clean reputations in the court for them being able to survive in their officialship. The officials can be found fault not only in your job performance but also for your societal role and reputation related to filial piety, dealing with relatives/ in-laws, disciplining your children and servants, and family reputation as a whole being head of household. The minimal punishment will be losing your salary for a time period, not being promoted or being demoted. We also have to remember that during that era, losing the official job is not just losing it, your properties will be confasticated and you and even your family will be exiled as the most lenient punishment for that kind of crime (sometimes being jailed or killed). This is very similar situation with SH's reaction to Molan's husband request of his presence at CL's spiritual tablet erecting ceremony supposed to be held by Molan. I saw a lot of comments bashing SH and saying he still favored children of CL over ML because of his love for CL. If you watch carefully and pay attention to the conversation, SH ignored Molan. He did not say anything or have any reaction when Daniang told Molan to close her mouth and stopped talking about CL. However, Molan was very crafty and made request in front of her husband instead of in private with her father. Then, her husband who did not know the whole CL's situation, started persuading SH on behalf of his wife since CL being his real mom-in-law. Please remember Molan's husband Liang Han did not know about CL helping arrange Molan meet Liang Han and spread the news of their involvement and LH carrying Molan at the temple. In addition, SH has to give some face to this son-in-law who came from noble County family since his family status is higher than Sheng. (You can see SH gave GTY's face too by listening to him as GTY is a third grade official as well as Marquis when he stepped in.) If he kept his silence or kept refusing the request, he needs to give a solid reason to LH, meaning he has to reveal why CL's was buried in farmstead and why her spiritual tablet is not at the temple. Then, Liang family will not only look down on Molan but the news will spread and the whole Sheng family's reputation will be ruined. He also need to deny about ML's mom death in front of LH even if he found out the truth from ML (I doubt he knew the truth till ML brought up about witness and doctor's testimony) to save his family's reputation. If his family's name is ruined, not only his official position, but also CB's officialdom, CF's career and the lives of all his 4 daughters at their in-laws' homes will be at risk. By having one CL killed another CW and him not knowing, he can lose his officialdom or at least be punished and all his kids are at risk, especially CF and Molan. Thus, accusing him of not loving ML and only favoring CL's children is too extreme. If you look at beginning episodes, there are a few scenes where SH's eyes expressions show his love for ML. Although it was not shown but briefly mentioned that he took ML to Daniang's courtyard and asked her to be raised together with HL and RL. It is just that drama doesn't really have much time to show his fatherly side towards ML and they dramatized and spent a lot more time about his relationship with CL. Also, you need to remember all people in Sheng family has been fed and clothed by SH's salary and income from his properties. Although ML was raised by grandma, the money they spent and their pocket money all come from common which is SH's money. The grandma, Daniang and CL have their own personal separate income which they saved and used for their children future and dowry. SH didn't help CL cover up with ML's mom death. It was CL who was clever enough to make it hard to find fault blaming everything on servants and those servants such as Momo who could deliver mainly come from Wang family with Daniang. Unfortunately, grandma, SH and Daniang were all out of town and CL was able to manipulate everything to be rid of most of the faults off her shoulder. She made it so that her main fault was not being able to control the servants and ask them to work diligently but she also claimed that the servants didn't listen to her. So, SH took away her authority to manage the house and neglected her for a while. Yes, it was his fault in favoring CL more than he should. However, we have to remember SH's weakness of his childhood trauma of his mother and him being treated badly by his father's other wives and ignored by grandma who was main wife. In addition, CL made him feel that he owed it to her (her children as well via her) for becoming his mere concubine (not even highly honored concubine, there are different levels of concubine in chinese) though she is a talented di daughter from good official family (Both CL's parents are from good scholar official families and her father was also a mid level official. If her father didn't die early and her mother couldn't manage the family properties well, she wouldn't end up being poor and sent to grandma). Some of you might argue that he could have investigated more thoroughly like ML finding the doctor who took her mom pulse once but he didn't even know that doctor existed or what that doctor told CL since CL got rid of everyone who can be on CW's side including Shao Tie. ML's mom death not getting justice at that time was not only SH's fault but also partly grandma's. Being the oldest and main mother of the family, SH requested her involvement and manage the house but he ignored his request and only took ML in, told him to sell the servants at the capital and told him to treat the main wife right. That's why grandma apologized to ML for not taking her sufferings into consideration when ML took the matter into her own hands and got the testimony from the doctor. I have restrained commenting on some of the characters like Sheng Hong, Daniang, QH, stepmom, QH's wife since most of the posters here are not seeing them from their perspectives but considered them plain evil since they disrespect ML, harm ML and give her and GTY troubles and I did not want to type more arguments. I hope this long post won't cause displeasures for a lot of you. I just think that we should watch the drama like this for story, all characters' development, and presentation not just for OTP's moments. The reason that I have interest in this drama is because all the characters are grey (not all black or all white, villains characters' motives can also be reasoned and understood) though the writers still make OTP characters a lot more favorable, more flushed out compared to other characters and ML involved in every single problem/issue even before she got married. I think the reasons these characters being hated by viewers especially international viewers are (1) their background story and their characters are not being flushed out well/ not enough time to show though mentioned briefly here and there (it is hard for viewers to understand, absorb and remember everything from subtitles) (2) trying to force or include some of the new/ unimportant plots so that they can involve ML or give more OTP time (3) trying to dramatize some scenes though they don't follow the logic of previous scenes. (I have given examples of some scenes in the beginning of the drama but I'm not going to do that here as too long to explain some nuances in writing and not as effective as explaining verbally.)
  17. 12 points
    It was exactly these societal rules that kept him from being able to directly draw that line. Remember, to the outside world, the Stepmom is virtuous and GTY is the bad son. In fact, the Emperor purposely gave GTY a manor that was right next door to the Gu manor because he wanted GTY to reconcile with his family for propriety’s sake since GTY is now a high official. The fact that GTY and ML already in a round about way ignore Stepmom has already been seen as unfilial, especially before the walls went down and the two majors were joined. They have to bide their time until there’s a hole in Stepmom’s facade in order to legally separate the Gu household since separating a Noble household was a matter that had to be approved by court. As sad as it is, the fire and stuff was the ammunition they needed to be able to get approval as well as the Stepmom’s exposure. GTY is very lucky that ML is level headed and intelligent since she understands some of these nuances better than GTY sometimes.
  18. 12 points
    I agree. No matter what’s going on, there’s no denying how happy SJH has been the past little while. I love your description of her as “glowing,” because she is literally glowing. She’s no longer the quiet, almost invisible, half-forgetten but often shamed supporting member. She’s front and center. Before anyone says she’s just happy to have more screen time, don’t forget that she’s always happily given up her screen time so others can shine, both members and guests. As you said, she’s free to express her feelings. Take that however far you choose to take it. One more thing, some fans are upset re: what SJH said about KG. Frankly, I appreciate that she released KG’s ghost today. I’m not saying this because I ship her and KJK. I appreciate her doing this FOR KG. Yesterday, I read comments from fans who suggested that KJK should get KG’s approval before being with SJH. That’s insane. MC’s over. Fans need to let KG go. He’s happy now, and I see what SJH did today as her way of finally and officially cutting ties. Whether she’s “replacing” him with KJK or not isn’t the point. Hopefully “fans” respect SJH’s words, and they finally and fully support KG. Our precious squid deserves it. Whatever happens with SA, let’s enjoy them while we can. If we’re right and they do get married, unless they get on a show like Return of Superman, we won’t see them together like this, again. “Fans” complain when SA are not lovey dovey enough. “Fans” also complain when SA are on full display. Come on, y’all. Just chill and enjoy the ride. It’s just getting good.
  19. 12 points
    Park Bo Gum's Best 5 scenes (Japan FM) 1. Drunk Jin Hyuk scene 2. Invite ramyeon infront of everyone 3. I came because I missed you 4. Barefoot in Cuba 5. Putting gloves on Soo Hyun (?) Ep 6 (Not sure of the trans on this)
  20. 12 points
    She got much condemnation after the fire. People started questioning her pure and innocent act. GTY being the smart cookie he is, is also someone who likes to hold grudges. When he saw his house on fire....he rushed in to save ML. After everything was under control he went and set fire to stepmom son's house....as retaliation. No one was hurt but the next day when the news about the fire was spreading ...another rumor started that said it was the stepmom who started the fire and to deflect suspicion from herself she burned her own son's house. It was then people started putting things together about stepmom's action....concubines, rumors of ML's bad attitude, GTY's bad reputation were actually underhanded ways to harm GTY and ML. GTY went to court the next day with little burns and bruises on his face and hands and asked the emperor permission to official divide the house of Gu.....stepmom, her son, the uncles and aunts...everyone got kicked out of the Gu manor....and were given some part of the Gu property to live on. GTY and ML moved in the manor after renovating it. The reason stepmom went crazy was she lost everyone dear to her...her son, her grand children and it was because of her own actions. And the marquis title that she had worked so hard to get for her son was completely out of her hands after her son died and ML gave birth to another son. He was on his salt mines investigation trip.....the one he is on right now. ED fake charges are all newly written for the drama it was not in the book.
  21. 12 points
    At last, a family who would risk everything for their daughter, and not use her as a commodity. The state uncle is guilty of favoring the concubine, neglecting the wife, leave his bum richard simmons
  22. 12 points
    @NongpeeP seems like Mnet makes full use of bogum Fan meeting in japan to promote Encounter in Japan before it airs. Save cost for them. for MDBC, they invited bogum to fly over to japan and promote the drama. His japan fan meeting is the biggest among all his FM. ( 2017 FM - 10,000 pax) @aiyumestranger If you can back read, i noticed one chingu wrote fanfiction after ep 8 or 10 if i am not mistaken.. or get helps from @avondale16
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    The queen in Encounter As you have already guessed, the queen is the chairman Kim. Now, you might be wondering why I chose such a taking. In the foreground, the beholder notices the chessboard, while she is in the background. Chairman Kim has just heard the news that the assemblyman went to the prosecution office in order to reveal the bribes he received from Taegyeong Group. The chessboard embodies perfectly the life of this terrible woman. She is just like the queen in this game. She is the most powerful pawn in chess, can move in every direction and at any distance. She has even more power than the king. Since she has always considered herself as a queen, entitled to everything, she believed that her power was endless. However, she made a huge mistake. Just like in chess, the game is over when the king is caught: checkmate. If life is a game for the chairman, this means that all the other pieces are just pawns that can be used and thrown away, the moment they become useless or a thread to her. As time passed on, we saw how she lost her trusted minion and then the director Choi. She always thought that losing a pawn is not terrible as they mean nothing to her. However, she never realized that she was losing little by little all her pawns so that at the end, she became dependent of one pawn: Cha Soo Hyun’s mother. In the picture below, we see Jin Mi Ok kneeling in front of the queen. She is humiliating herself in exchange for her support. However, chairman Kim abuses her power. She lets the woman kneel and rejects Cha Soo Hyun’s mother. Notice that the door frame corresponds to the form of the chessboard indicating that her world and life are in reality limited. This scene also illustrates the delusion of the queen. She really thinks that her realm is endless but this is quite the opposite. At the end, since she saw how Jin Mi Ok humiliated herself, she has the impression that the former will never betray her and testify against her. But the opposite happens. She testifies against the queen who ends up in jail. Striking is that her realm (door frame) has the same form than the chessboard which can be explained by her liking for squares and oblongs. Ironically, she ends up in jail which usually has such a form. Her realm has been reduced to a prison cell. If she was the queen in the chessboard, who was the king? I think, it is her son Jung Woo Suk. She acted as a overprotective mother isolating him from others, even harassing his wife. Now, we can understand why the chairman Kim never liked Cha Soo Hyun. Sure, the gaze was a reason. However, just like in a chessboard, there is only one queen. There is no room for a princess. This explains why Jung Woo Suk is not able to see his mother at the end, as the latter refuses his visits. She has realized that she ruined her life and her son’s life as well. Life was a game for her, she saw others as “dust” or “dog” or “race horse” forgetting that in order to be a queen, you need subjects. By losing all her pawns, she lost all her subjects, Jin Mi Ok is the perfect example. If the queen doesn’t act reasonably and shows no loyalty, then why should a mistreated subject have any loyalty towards the queen? This justifies the chairman Kim’s action: she throws the chessboard enraged that she had been betrayed. Her gesture underlines that she has realized that life is not a game and pawns are not just useful and disposable items. Once lost, they are lost forever. She got aware too late that her power was limited by the number of pawns and the size of the chessboard. She can not control the entire media and the prosecution office all the time, especially when the politician Cha Joon Hyun had already mobilized the journalists and alerted the authorities. @dukesa1122 Okay, I just copied my text. I was surprised that you can not access to my blog directly. @dukesa1122@luv_jinsoo @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    Watching episode 59 just brought home the fact that even though ML is very intelligent, good judge of human character she can still be cornered for harm.Granny imparts another valuable lesson to ML about treacherous human nature.
  25. 11 points
    @Sirry Usly You misunderstood. I want SH to lose everything. In the novel i think GTY was sent to the frontlines to protect the kingdom and he asked to bring his family with him. From what i've heard he doesn't lose his status.
  26. 11 points
    It's rare to see parents like Madam Zhang's. Most of these dramas the daughters are just a chesspiece. State Uncle was too stupid and naive because the concubine is a relative of his late wife. I hope he learns his lesson. Luckily ML was able to save her.
  27. 11 points
    MNET Japan Booth at PBG Fan Meeting the script they said is before Cuba long kiss
  28. 11 points
    ...I can sympathize a little bit with Big Madam and Aunty Kang here... GTY is an orphan he shld have been treated with care and respect. Her family clans are also enjoying benefits from assets left behind by GTY's late mum. They made GTY their scapegoat and put all sorts of blame to keep the father away from GTY. Now scheming non-stop to break ML/GTY. There should be no room for any compassion wth these wicked people.
  29. 11 points
    Bo Gum will hold his Japan Fanmeet in Saitama Super Arena, the venue of the recent 2018 MAMA Japan.@NongpeeP said no. of tickets sold is approximately 25K. The Cuban Encounter of Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk in the breakwater of Malecon Beach is flashed on the screen...goid advertisement for the drama. @rahma92 posted this in Bo Gum's thread.
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    If he had that sense of righteousness then ML's mom and brother wouldn't have died so painfully. CL wouldn't have had the audacity to bring him humiliation by encouraging Molan to outrageously woo 6th son of Liang.
  31. 10 points
    The Duke of Ying and his wife had their daughter very late in life so she was very precious to them. They asked to dissolve the weddign agreement but General Shen did not want to. I think he is starting to care for his wife. Duke of Ying said that as a man, he could understand that Gen Shen was indebted to his late wife's family but they have to think of their own daughter's future. So they took her and the baby until the problem is solved. Here is where the ED come and played her dirty tricks. She came to visit Mrs Zhang at her parents home and told her that General Shen refused to send the concubine away so she had sent her eunuch to punished her and supposedly doing this for Mrs Zhang. So having heard this, she was very unhappy with her husband.
  32. 10 points
    wow reading the soompi article about today's episode and I'm amazed at how jihyo and jongkook have become masters of avoiding making any official statements lol https://www.soompi.com/article/1301212wpp/running-man-cast-teases-song-ji-hyo-and-kim-jong-kook-with-mentions-of-gary 1) When the members were teasing them in the beginning JK's responds (according to the article): So, he doesn't even trying making an official denial but instead explains why he was taking care of her? hmm.... 2) When Haha asked Jihyo “Did your heart flutter with Gary in the past or does it flutter now?” she responds: Never answering if JK makes her heart flutter. I also love that JK's smile was so obvious after she said that that they even mentioned it in the article. lol For those who hate that Jihyo and Jongkook are being labeled a "loveline", while I agree, I also agree with what everyone here has said. It's impossible for them to be marked as anything else until they announce. I think we just have to remember that there are 1036 pages on this forum of skinship between them long before RM started to make them a "loveline".
  33. 10 points
    I watched the latest episodes, and the most appalling scene was when CWB sported a new hair cut/style: Either the stylist has lost Choi Jin Hyuk's hair gel or she is a fan of Dumb and Dumber: Not. A. Good. Look.
  34. 10 points
    @doubleicon ...the system automatically replaces curse words with “Richard Simmons” or something like that. I had the same reaction until someone on here explained it. If anyone’s watched the argument between Aunt Kang and her husband, please explain what happened with their Shu daughter. From the way it sounded, the Shu daughter didn’t become a concubine like Aunt Kang planned.
  35. 10 points
    I can’t remember the backstory but it probably started off as Stepmom was sent there for her sister’s child. But for some reason, I have this feeling that by that time, she was already plotting everything to become the Marchioness and have her own children inherit. By the time old Marquis marries again, his family’s already rolling in the money brought by GTY’s mom. In the drama, they explained that GTY’s mother’s existence was kind of swept aside because of her merchant background. In the novel spoilers people didn’t even realize she existed at all. credit: copied & paste from Adnana from novel spoilers GTY is over 20 years old so she took a long time planning and scheming just to get an inheritance for her son. It’s no wonder she goes crazy. She’s lived most of her life in a game of manipulations. After seeing the Wang matriarch (Da Niang/Aunt Kang’s mother) and brother, it’s no wonder Da Niang and Aunt Kang turned out the way they did. I think they are a family of scholars and officials?? And in that scene, they’re still very hauty talking down to ML even though she’s got a higher status than them. They need to be taken down a couple notches for constantly covering up Aunt Kang’s crimes.
  36. 10 points
    Thanks again for your analysis @bebebisous33 It does not only make me read it but digest it and think It made me think that Chairman Kim hated Sh because Sh became a threat to her queenship and the only one who does not recognized her queenship. Sh maybe the obedient daughter in law but her eyes tell otherwise. The more she hated Sh. We always say that a castle cannot have 2 queens. When the husband of Chairman kim died, she crowned herself both the king and queen. I agree with you that Ws is now the king but she cannot hand it over to him fully, he still under her control, because he has a wife who should also be the queen. To her Sh is a nobody, not fit to be a princess, much more to be at her level. That's why when Sh became a queen because of the success of donghwa hotel, she wants to take the hotel and make Sh that nobody again. The playground... Jh said that when he is sad, having a problem or his parents scolded him, he went to the playground. During the entire drama, we saw him first at the playground when he saw Sh. The next ones with HI but they were talking about Sh, after learning from Jmj about Sh life and the last one , their reconciliation. Its all about Sh. I think when Sh asked him ....what will you do when the playground disappears? It does not matter to him. He found love because of the playground, it started there and completed there. There is no reason to be there again anyway. Sh causing him to go there is now assuring him love and to be with him till the end. ( i hope im making sense) One of the mystique of the drama is that every scene is like having a collaboration with each and every other scenes. If you missed one, you cannot understand the next one and be at lost. P.S. you mean @Cheryl295 the script book is incomplete and only up to before their 2nd trip to Cuba?
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    Trailer....good CB. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4335741778469521 Gty comes back and defend ml https://m.weibo.cn/status/4335746062169973
  38. 10 points
    Jang Nara Appreciation post.. Is it wrong that I like watching anger in her face(Since her performance in Go Back Couple) ? She can express her sadness or anger so well...
  39. 10 points
    Watching this drama made me go through a lot of emotions : this shows that all the actors and actresses are TALENTED. They played their role so well that we either love, pity, feel sad for them or hates them. Whoever the director is, bravo! You made the right choice to choose the actors and actresses for the respective roles. I read that ZLY was chosen as main actress right from the word go but for the male lead, it took them a while. They had so many choice to choose from. FSF managed to carry this role well as he gives you the strong male impression. Plus he is mature for this role like the writer would have wanted. Bravo to the wole casts! Let me slap her!!!!!!! Such an evil woman. Going lunatic is too easy for her!
  40. 10 points
    Agreed2. Sunny is using some strong sentences lately. Her words are barbed and direct. Maybe this is what Hyuk needs instead of all the manipulation and sweet facades he usually gets. He seems to not understand veiled words, the cold hard truth is what is needed to dig the dagger straight through his heart. Even when evil mum said this he was taken aback: (Ctto) I don't know how the drama will end, i just hope Hyuk stops pittying himself, he turns to be the best version of himself, make at least one good deed by his own accord, let go of Sunny if that is what she wants and grovel on the ground begging for forgiveness from NWS, Sunny, Sunny's family and some others. Most importantly feel remorse, what he did was wrong, it should never happen again. Sunny..i hope you will use your inheritance wisely. Na Wang Shik..fulfill you revenge arc asap. Try surgery rather than wait. Who knows, you might survive.
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    @roshzanna Thanks a lot for the new input. It was a great reminder. Therefore the analysis "the importance of time" on my blog has been changed. I took your observation into consideration but added another thing: the use of calendar. https://bebebisous33analyses.wordpress.com/2019/02/03/the-importance-of-time-in-encounter/ I have discovered that I could invite people on my blog. Is anyone interested? My plan is to put all my analyses together but since the drama is finished to make a few changes concerning older posts (the importance of nature in Encounter which was written after the episode 6).
  43. 9 points
    @Golden Flower actually the "reason" for SH to favour CL over his main wife because he was also a concubine's son is..."interesting". For if so, why did he favour one concubine (CL) over the other (ML's mom), as they are both concubines, getting very different treatment. If he was once being discriminated as the son of concubine, why favour Molan over ML when they are both concubines' daughters? Isn't he repeating the mistake that his parents made?
  44. 9 points
    i do feel this "loveline" is SA's way to date "publicly". also, it protects both of them from other lovelines until they are both ready to make the marriage announcement.
  45. 9 points
    Like most of you guys, I didn't watch the subbed episode yet but I think this is the natural flow of things. At least, I was expecting SA to be labelled as a loveline. Because after all that teasing during episode 436, don't tell me fans were expecting members/PDs to label KJK and SJH as a real life couple? Basically, if SA were referred to as the "real thing", what would happen next? Annouce their relationship? Continue filming while everyone knows their real equation? Treat each other as friends or lovers? Ofc NOT! So the most natural thing to do is to let koreans get used to the idea of a possible romance between the two of them, be it a loveline or whatever. Just like YJS told HAHA in the opening, "take it easy, it's difficult for SJH to be in a second loveline". How can YJS refer to KJK and SJH's equation if not labelling it as a loveline: "take it easy, it's difficult for SJH to be in a real relationship in front of cameras"??? I think everyone is still bitter toward the word loveline because loveline means a "fake" relationship so deep down we think that turning SA into a loveline would mean that they are a fake couple. However we forgot that many lovelines/TV relationships turned out to be a successful pairing. That's why fans still hold hopes when they watch lovelines on TVs. Even though they know that it's a loveline they still hope that their couple would turn up into a real relationship. We are discussing things but we are majorly taking our opinions into consideration without thinking about KJK, SJH and the other RM members's view on this matter. I believe that turning SA into a loveline has been discussed with SA themselves, the PDs and the other RM members before serving it to the viewers. Everyone knows that taking this step is not a baby's play. It can cause more harms than gains to KJK, SJH and RM. Like you guys mentioned above, SJH would be the biggest loser since she has been part of one of the most loved lovelines in SK so it would be burdensome for her to get into another loveline on the same show. If it was on another variety show, this problem wouldn't even impose but we are talking about RM here. KJK was in a successful loveline with HJY on RM but got the awrad as a MUD couple while all the interactions they had was on RM. So I don't see any need for RM PDs to push for SA as a loveline. If they really want to spike things up, they would have made HJY as a permanent member on RM and continue with the loveline to their heart's content. So any rational person would ask "then, why take the risky and non certain choice?". Is it for ratings? I don't think so, because the sad truth is that RM has been done for since long ago, they tried everything but the ratings wouldn't budge. So if not for ratings, then for what purpose are they linking SA? I deeply believe that SA had plans to announce their relationship during 2018 but for many reasons, their plans got delayed/pushed to 2019. I remember when SJH was a guest for MUD, she said that they discussed a lot about whether KJK had to join the show or not. Any "sane" person would think that KJK is the most suited/eligible male celebrity to be part of MUD, so why would a "single" man like KJK hesitate before joining a successful show with an average ratings as 20% ??? The only rational reason I could think of is that he is in a committed relationship and that he had plans to get married in 2018 so he didn't know if joining MUD would bring him criticism if he stays only for a single year on the show, so basically he knew that joining MUD will delay his marriage plans for like 2 years (2018 & 2019). As a kind of "confirmation" to that is KJK's mom's answer to SJH's words, she told her that she thought her son wasn't qualified to be part of the show(MUD), so if we think more about her words, it basically means that KJK was not qualified to be part of MUD because only single men who can't get married despite their successful career can join the show. In KJK's case, he is successful, he is not married so he basically fills all of the requirements to join the show. So is the "being single" condition not fulfilled?? The naughty look on KJK mom's face and the shy SJH tells it all. Back to today's episode, I 'm not sure but when they said that KJK is an easy man who can get fluttered easily, I liked how SJH defended him by saying "if he was easily fluttered he would have been married long ago". So YJS told her to flutter him/marry him?? (it's a guess I'm not sure). But I really think that SJH was fed up with HAHA's repetitive statement that KJK is an easy man who can easily get seduced if you hit on him three times. So maybe SJH took this opportunity to make things clear once and for all. Even the caption was "Is she defending him now" ?
  46. 9 points
    He made some mistakes but I guess he thought that going against his family in a direct way was risky. It could have damaged his position and status and given ammunition to his Enemies. In that society you had to be filial even if the family was a mess. however he seemed sad when he told ml that if he hadn’t married her, she would have had a happy and peaceful life with He. Maybe he felt remorses. This is why I guess he will propose the amiable separation, to give her a peaceful life and not to drag her down with him. IA that in the end he is lucky that ml is a gem,
  47. 9 points
    @NongpeeP Your observations (comparisons) were also very good. You added elements that I had missed, like the letters... this is why I enjoyed reading your analysis as well. As for the next topic, it will be about the fairy tales in Encounter.
  48. 9 points
  49. 9 points
    Because if SA are getting the fans ready for an announcement, calling their interaction anything but a LL before that defeats the purpose. See the clip below, and look at the members’ reactions to SJH’s answer, especially HH’s and LKS’s. Very natural, even happy. KJK’s shy smile is also visible. We’re so used to SA being a secret couple. Now that they’re on full display, let’s just enjoy them. Credits as indicated. Thanks.
  50. 9 points
    I believe the punishment is 50 slaps. I worried more for the Eunuch's hand. He is not doing a good job as the Concubine can still protest at every slap. I believe the evil in women here is the result of the position they are in. Stepmother was married literally to look after the old Marquis children and his love went away together with her dead sister. I think her change over was when she heard the old Marquis praying to meet his first wife in the next life. She had no standing in that family so her life will be seen in vain if she did not scheme for power.
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