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    Thanks a lot for your help. It seems that there is no English translation of this poem and I can understand why. This is the original version Will dir den Frühling zeigen Want to show you spring Want to show you spring, that has hundred miracles. The spring lives in the woods and doesn't come to town. Only the ones who far from cold alleys walk in pairs and hold hands - may see it once. Okay, this is my own translation. The problem I had is that first "waldeigen" is a word created by Rainer Maria Rilke and secondly I tried to keep the structure of this poem. Waldeigen means belong to the woods/forest. You might not know but German is a very creative language, you can create your own words because it is possible to put two words together. Yet people will understand what you mean. What caught my attention is the following. Spring is connected to nature ("woods/waldeigen"), contrasts with modern life and civilization (town). And this fits our OTP. KJH represents nature due to different associations (sun, green grape, wind). Hence for the poet love is a natural phenomenon, however he doesn't just outline that only people in love are feeling and seeing the spring, the two persons have to be active. If you pay attention to the title (want to show you spring), it is an invitation to fall in love. One is active in his courting. You have to leave the room and walk in the streets with your loved one to experience it. And that's why we see our OTP walking in the cold streets (episode 6, 14 and 16). They actually do what Rilker described. They don't feel the coldness of the winter as their love warms them up. Moreover, the verse 3 and 4 clearly shows that love is to be found in the nature... hence leaving the town and going to the woods can lead you to find love. It looks like that for Rilke, love is not a state but a process... And KJH acts exactly like the person in this poem (want to show you spring). He keeps asking for CSH's acceptance to love him and to fall in love with him. Besides, we clearly saw that KJH was proactive in his pursuit. He used his hands and his cellphone to get closer to her. Interesting is that the subject in the title is missing: either it is "I"/"ich" or he/she "Er/sie". I chose the first person because it becomes more personal and direct. Yet, it could be "Wants to show you spring". I pointed it out because I wanted you to understand why I chose it this way. Besides, my own translation is not perfect, quite far from it and someone could claim that it is different. Another observation is the contrast between hundred miracles and once. In my opinion, the poet could be referring to the uniqueness of love. Real true love can only be found once, but we have many people who can experience the same "spring" hence we have hundred miracles. And CSH was the one who kept mentioning her love as a miracle. Spring indicates that there will be changes in the persons who are in love, because spring announces the appearance of new leaves, new flowers aso. Something new and beautiful will surface, like a rebirth which can be connected to CSH's awakening. While reading this poem, I couldn't help myself thinking about this picture (Doisneau, Baiser de l'hôtel de ville). Okay, I was supposed to write about feet! @dukesa1122 @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16
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    RED KJH and CSH have something in common: their favorite color is red. KJH chose the red diary for HI and even used a red box for the camera case. However, you will notice that CSH is actually very reluctant to admit that she loves red. During this drama, we see how CSH is fighting to find herself and to reveal her true personality to others and the presence of red is used to see the progression, her journey of self-discovery. This is implied from the first episode on that red is her favorite color. First our heroine got upset, as soon as her ex-mother-in-law sent her a dark blue jacket with a blue skirt. The viewer saw, how CSH disliked the clothes. Blue contrasts so much with red but this is not enough to realize that she likes this color. The real evidence is when she is in Cuba. There, she is wearing a red dress. In South Korea, she is dressed in a conservative way: white, black and grey. Why did she just wear red in Cuba? CSH only wore such a bright color in Cuba because she is just a nobody there. She could choose such a dress because she knew that people wouldn't pay attention to her. Hence we can come to the conclusion that she only wears red, when she is not observed. Her experience in Cuba transformed her hence after her return, we see her wearing a red necktie with a light pink shirt. This marks the first step. We can say that the moment KJH entered her life, she started changing therefore the viewer notice little changes in CSH's clothes as well. Then in the episode 6, she is wearing a light pink suits and we shouldn't forget that she is about to go to a press conference where many pictures will be taken. The more time passes on, the more daring CSH becomes. In the episode 8, she meets JWS in a red dress too. Yet, her dress won't be noticed because as soon as she leaves her office, her coat will cover the dress. And here is the best evidence. In the episode 11, she goes on a date with KJH. So we see that CSH is still trying to hide this so that the beholder come to the conclusion that she is still hiding herself. Yet, this is no longer grey, white or black. She becomes more courageous. The progression is even more and more visible because in the same episode, she is finally wearing a bright red coat. Yet, she is only showing it to KJH. She is on a date with him and this is not revealed to the public. But this is different, when she is about to break up with KJH. She has planned to organize the perfect date in order to leave him with good memories. This time, she is also wearing a red coat, but the difference is that here she wants to attract people's attention. Pictures of her with KJH are later uploaded on social network. She decided to reveal herself to the media (her favorite color) in order to announce her break up with KJH in private. That way, she is able to get the media's attention and no one will notice what is happening to KJH. Yet, her plan didn't go like she had planned. She had to postpone the painful news to KJH. But CSH was so scared to reveal herself and reveal her liking that even in her flat, in the beginning her paintings contained a lot of blue. However, in the episode 10, we see changes in her flat too. We have more paintings with red than blue. Above her own bed, there is this huge picture with a lot of red. In this taking, we see her using a red sweat shirt and this kind of clothes is rather personal. To conclude, the more episodes we saw, the more red CSH started wearing or bringing into her flat. But the real highlight is this: the dark room. This is the place where CSH feels at home hence CSH is able to gather her courage and change her mind. She makes huge decisions in her life and the dark room filled with red was the reason why she could change her mind. She was forced to admit that she missed KJH so much (episode 9) and why she couldn't smile without KJH (episode 16). And this is not a coincidence that each time when CSH returned to KJH's side, she had gone before to teacher Lee and her dark room. But there is a reason why CSH likes red so much: her mother. The latter showed up once in red and we could sense that this was her favourite color too. She only dressed in brown or dark blue, when she met chairman Kim as she knew that the queen would never accept such a color. @dukesa1122 @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16 @beejoy111
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    I'm not familiar w/either actors or their work but I beg to differ, specifically if it is based on their character's as TY & QH. QH's character is bare/shallow in characterization. Every scene ZYL as QH been in w/ZLY as ML is super cut&dry. There's no substance in their minimal dialogue onscreen as a pair. The interactions is rather dull & the scenes for both of them consists mostly of shortlived walks & dry conversations. There's no variety. I wouldnt say it's at the fault of the actor but mostly due to QH's characterization. I dont find him appealing as QH. With FSF as TY, there's more energy & excitement, especially with ML&TY's first full on conversation as adults. Even when they weren't romatically involved yet, the witty/snarky dialogue between the two makes ML & TY as a platonic pair more engaging/interesting onscreen than the bland romance/affair of ZYL & ZLY as QH/ML. Not only that, ZLY/FSF as ML/TY are constantly smiling in each other's presence. She has more variety in expression with FSF/TY, in comparison to ZYL/QH, in which majority of the time, she's either sad/distressed or nonchalant w/QH.
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    We are owed interviews with Park Shinwoo and Yoo Yang-ah. Encounter seems to pay homage to a film that Song Hyekyo admires, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, the 1996 film directed by Peter Chan, whom she has also met, starring one of her Hongkong friends, Leon Lai. For example, two scenes from Comrades are echoed: the couple’s bicycle ride and the kiss through the car window. Although, yes, these are also romantic tropes. I would love to know what inspired Yoo and Park, as well as whether SHK had any inputs in the script. There are other aspects of the drama which seem to be a reflection of SHK’s personal experiences. If anyone comes across interviews with the two creators, please share them. Thanks.
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    Lol they made this scene funny , when this was such a serious scene in the book....ML scared SH with her talk of killing Kang Aunt. The reason I went from not that interested in this show to very much interested was actually FSF. After seeing his scenes from the first teaser...I was happy with just the glimpse of the way he was playing his character and also glad they chose someone mature looking as that was the characters requirement. BTW, I have never watched any of his dramas before. I'm happy to say FSF has grabbed GTY essence perfectly. Equal parts rascal and charming, ruthless and soft. ZYL is actually perfectly cast too but his character is really under developed and hence we find his actions not making sense. For e.g. After ML talked with him on the bridge.....we didn't see follow up to his reactions...the narrative never went back to him to show us how it affected him or if did affect him at all. For that the fault lies with the writers.
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    I share the opinion of those who posted previously that I really don’t see the “superior” performance of the actor Zhu Yilong according to some comments on here. I never found myself saying “wow, this person can act” when I watched his scenes or even notice anything great about his performance. It’s not until I started to read this forum I saw comments about his performance that has me scratching my head. Then again, it’s not too often that I’m impressed with an actor. When I think of performances that impressed me in a Chinese drama I immediately think of Nirvana in Fire where even the side characters like the Emperor (I find him fascinating) and the two major villains kept impressing me with their acting. Or even Mark Chao’s acting with his eyes and mannerisms throughout Ten Miles Peach Blossoms whether as Yehua or Moyuan made me take notice. This, of course, is my opinion. I always enjoy ZLY’s acting though in everything I have watched her in.
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    I can tell that you're from ZYL's fandom but I have to disagree here, this kind of blind appraisal only hurts your idol and causes unnecessary fan war. I admit that I was awed by his outstanding performance in Guardian but I haven't felt the same thing here. His bright and charming appearance doesn't work well with GTY who is jaded by injustice throughout his upbringing and who climbed up the social ladder with his military merits. It also doesn't help ZYL that QH is a boring and pathetic character. However, the fact that we've spent hours of discussing QH and his sad life appeared to me that ZYL did a good job, I would say they cast the right people who make us feel exactly how we should.
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    Just started a brand new IG account for these lovebirds
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    I cant really judge his acting as a whole since I've only only seen him in TSoML. But so far, I really do enjoy him as GTY. I'd say the acting in general in TSoML is a bit toned down so it isnt as overtly dramatized/loud as most dramas that I've watched in general but then again Ive been exposed to mostly kdramas. Its definitely fine/alright if you dont like him as an actor. Everyone has their own preference. There's plenty of actors/actresses I'm not quite fond of either.
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    Dayuuuum. That IG post should come with a warning sign. So sweet and passionate! I’m surprised no one has zoomed in on the zoomed out shots of the playground kiss Okay, this made me miss Jinsoo more than I already do Have you guys noticed that all the kissing scenes in this drama happened in a public place? Balcony included because anyone can see them from the streets lol
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    romantic kiss from our favorite Jinsoo couple reverse kiss
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    Love has no limit My greed has no limit. I want to have tea with you. But once I do, I want to enjoy a meal with you. I want to tell you my stories. I want to tell you how I feel. I want to hold your delicate hands. I want to hold you in my arms. ... @dukesa1122: thank you for your kind words. This post is for you :). @bebebisous33: I'd just like to join other members of the thread in thanking you for your excellent analyses ("Cha Soo Huyn's eyes" is my favourite so far).
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    You can tell gty had a rough childhood by the way he can still laugh and be silly even after got caned many times. The emperor, ed and ministers probably think he’d be at home wallowing in sorrow and pain, naaaah he is at home relaxing and acting spoiled to his wife.
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    ่ @bebebisous33 Thank you for writing about CSH's eyes. You made me rewatch to explore more indeed. One of my favorite parts in ep.16 in addition to the most favorite scenes with KJH and CSH is Ex-husband's mom and Ex-husband which explained how a mother-in-law who is very powerful from the Chaebol family could not make her daughter-in-law admire their wealth and their high society world from CSH's eyes which has never appreciated this Chaebol's life. This Ex-husband's mom also mentioned that the guy who changed CSH is the fruit seller's son. I might feel slightly different as from Mr.Nam's words, CSH has just come back to be her original self when she met KJH, Ex-husband's mom has never known CSH's identity before her marriage. CSH's eyes expressed her appreciation to KJH's family and her treasuring such warm family led to break up incident later. ================================================ CSH's eyes in early episodes:::: As CSH used to be gossiped for forcing a male employee to go with her to the rest area which KJH was glad to prove with note in Cuba Cafe that he has been attracted by CSH first by asking whether CSH has had a boyfriend yet. However, from CSH's eyes in ep1-2, I wanna point out that KJH has never know when CSH has been attracted by KJH. It is KJH's and CSH's Encounter with the feeling development of attraction, fondness, affecttion, and love. 1. When CSH rush to Cafe in Cuba to meet KJH but too late, let see her eyes to be disappointed. 2. When CSH asked for KJH's resume&CV to read what he wrote, CSH felt his sincerity to tell the truth when they met in Cuba even she was just a stranger, her eyes expressed her gladness. A playground in Hongjae-Dong where the real Encounter of KJH and CSH reflected CSH's attraction to KJH. This place is the reconciliation place for KJH and CSH in ep16. 3. CSH has been attracted by KJH till she might be jealous to his phone call from afar with her eyes' expression. Secretary Jang is the first person who knew CSH's high interest (Later, she objected till she accepted KJH as CSH's boyfriend) and Mr. Nam is the 2nd peron who knew CSH's attraction.(Later, he supported as a cupid for KJH and CSH.) @nikir I read the news reporter's question with doubt, how could an actor who does not drink alchohol or smoke will be suspicious that he should in order to act realistically. Acting as a murderer, the actor is no need to kill anyone in real life, it is acting.
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    This is such a great interview, she bared it real like how ML will do.. I love it when she said she couldn't really understand ML too but when FSF told her that she was an idealist, but ML is a realist that does things the way life is.. So true.. ZLY played this character well and I know like us, she has learned a lot from ML as a person.. I also love how she said there can be no excellent way to balance work and personal life or else it wouldn't be a problem at all.. So you just have to work hard on all things worthwhile. Can't wait for her to deliver the baby and make a comeback.. Looks like FSF & ZLY relationship is more like ML and GTY, understanding and love.. So sweet, I wish them an eternity life together
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    There's a saying "Better to travel 10,000 miles, than to read 10,000 books" That's probably one way to describe QH. .. In accordance to the law of rites, in accordance to the books, QH is technically not wrong, where the Emperor should have his legitimate father (the deceased Emperor) his Royal Father. His behaviour is actually consistent with his character from the very beginning. Bound by customs, bound by books.. By law, he's not wrong. By customs, by rules, by the books, his argument is justified. The issue with that is all these have no variables, and are idealistic, while in the world, there are simply too much variables, and it's far from ideal. Born as the only son of Duke, QH has the most privileged status. Born into the top of the food chain, highest rung of hierarchy. It's his blessing, but also his curse. These, has essentially made him, in Granny's words, blind and deaf. That, this "adopted" son was not adopted under normal circumstances. He was instead, the then Emperor's last hope. That, the issue on how to address the biological father is all but a political maneuver on things a lot bigger. That, the very people he called out as fawning and crafty subjects, are the very people that put their life on the line to stop the rebellion.. His biggest weakness, is his inability to critically analyse, independently judge, and forming his own conclusion. Blinded by hatred and prejudice against GTY, he believed that ED is the victim, and GTY's side is blinding the Emperor. Bounded by his status and privileges, his argument on legitimacy was actually the same argument he put out during their "school" debate in earlier days..idealistic, and without merit. For all things have their place, without questioning why... He could not understand that more often than not, things are not what they seem to be... He could not understand because he has already concluded that he knows..by the books. That idea itself has locked him in, and limited him. He sees what he wants to see, and what some others want him to see... If only he could take a step back, take the prejudice away, perhaps he could see things as they are, and not be a pawn in the game...
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    I agree, in ep 57, when both he and the shen general went for boys night out, if you all remember the lady, his friend, weixingshou, that was with him at the polo match that made where he saw Yanran, and helped her, they went to the lady's brothel so he now asked the lady that his friend's wife does the absolute best for him, she kepps the home peaceful, she is so perfect at taking care of the house but somehow him/'his friend' is discontented, that why is it like that.. The lady now said, even though she knows he is talking about himself, that the husband must find the lady boring, he said, no, she is very interesting, so interesting.. She now asked when was he the happiest with her, he said when she finished half of a whole pig trotter herself, he was happier that day than the new year itself, like her feelings was so sincere, there was no thinking involved.. The woman now said, looks like your wife is not pretentious, he said quite the opposite, she is always covering up, no matter what he says, she nods her head, no matter what I do, she speaks in support, I don't really know if she is helping me or just doing it for her marquis husband, then he was like 'omo I just said my name when I was supposed to talk about my friend' The shen Gen, now joined them and said, GTY just has the personality of making trouble out of nothing, that among the houses, which house is as peaceful as his, which big Madam is as virtuous as his, He now said, I don't want her to be virtuous, I want her to be real.. So I think he knows she loves him but as we all can feel too, which he also feels, she still covers up so that's why he is still acting pouty, I think they're done with the phase now, his pride just took over and that's why he is still pretending to be angry.. This couple makes me laugh more than normal, it's like real life issues
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    To me Feng Shaofeng is handsome. I know that his look may not attractive younger people since most younger people now days like this kinda pretty boy look. FSF is just my type, manly and gentle. Of course i love his acting also. Yea im his fan so yeh. Minglan's maid XioaTou was in one of FSF drama The Starry Night The Starry Sea she only appeared for 3-4 eps tho but i find it kinda funny cus in that drama XioaTou play as the girl who tried to get in between him and the lead actress lmfao and her name was Michelle lololol Sorry so out of topic. I thought it was kinda funny sooo.. Hahaha
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    They have kept the granny poisoning plot.Yay!! We get to see no holds barred ML.Much needed for SH.How could he sacrifice old madam?He owes his life and current status,comfortable living because she was there to guide him towards it.He is extremely selfish and coward.
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    Exactly, like I said I know ZYL is a good actor, but considering this drama GTY is not a character that needs a bright and doll-like actor to play the role, it will feel less energized, for me the best person is the person doing it now, FSF, he is handsome but not some kind of idol beauty, he is manly like GTY, his age is similar to GTY's, and considering what ZLY said he told her about the character of ML, he seem to be someone that thinks like GTY too.. In short, If I see another actor playing GTY, it's definitely not ZYL, I just don't see the 'omg, he acts so well' kinda face to make me think he will havethe greatest chemistry with ZLY, if there will be chemistry, since ZLY has chemistry with all her male leads, it's not this kind of GTY's role that will make him have that superior chemistry with her.. And like someone says there, even though it's the script, QH and MLan's script are so dry, so I don't see how someone will see them as a lead option for this drama.. Definitely not seeing or imagining it at all from my views
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    @NongpeeP Yes, KJH never realized that she was attracted by him as well. Don't forget that she asked him for his phone number but he refused. He never noticed her awkwardness with her hands, as he was himself feeling awkward just before parting from each other. @thistle @avondale16 Thanks a lot for the compliments.I was afraid that the post with Rainer Maria Rilke might affect people Maybe I should propose a class about European literature on this thread? LOL
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    getting exciting now. She made me laugh so much. "Dad don't worry, I will deal with this and not implicate you. I will just ask people to take the culprit outside and kill them" And the dad was like
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    I'm pretty sure he knows his wife loves him. The issue is he has yet to realize that ML is not like him who express love so overtly/openly because opening herself to love/vulnerability frightens her. That's where he needs to understand & talk it through. She already told him that she's afraid of losing him to another woman during their argument in the night going home & it seems it's not clicking in his head. But then again, TSoML still has about 20 episodes to be aired, so more dramatic tension will ensue.
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    I really enjoyed that argument she had with TY that night on the way home. It's telling where her mind/heart is at the moment. I think they both really need to talk out their personal conflicts they have with eachother where they both aren't confused/ misunderstand eachother. Although TY is making it a bit more difficult for her to see him on a emotional level since he has such a big temper. He definitely gives her alot freedom, but he doesn't seem to grasp where her heart is currently. I really like the tension. TSoML perfectly illustrates a more realistic approach to portraying marriage that's not perfect. They both have bruised hearts that still needs mending. Theyve been married to eachother for a year so it's still a work in progress for these two.
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    Omg in episode 55 when Shitou called XT, Tao'er literally makes me screamed with happiness! Yey his action of wooing XT is so obvious that GTY pointed it out loud hahaha. And in addition I'm so happy for Danju. Her cousin (future husband) sounds nice as he willing to wait for Danju and marries her. I hope for her happiness
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    I am so happy that Zhang momo gave a piece of her mind to Auntie Kang (who is a great actress btw)! She was on point with her insults! I don't really understand what's going on between the royal family members, so I just been skipping that discussion lol. I do appreciate that all of the veteran actresses are wonderful in their various roles. For me, this show is being carried by the ladies.
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    I agree. I'm glad that ML knows where to channel all her energy on important matters, not trivial things, such as the ordeal w/the concubines. That's why TY needs to approach her in a way she can openly express her current predictament w/him & not make the situation about him only. She finally expressed her sentiments that night on their way home to him & it was really great since she started to open up but he made it about him. Second time when he got beaten & ML fed him, she expressed herself there, but TY made the situation about him again. ML is still a new pup when it comes to love, so TY needs to sit back/listen first & not be brash about it. He only knows how to express love in a outward/ physical manner so he has yet to learn that love is not just that. ML is starting to open up which is nice to see.
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    I actually dont find FSF handsome, although he isnt bad looking either, but the thing about FSF as TY is he HAS this physicality/strut & daunting energy in the way he carries himself that really entranced me w/TY's character, which also makes him as all more attractive/alluring onscreen. It also helps that TY's characterization is far superior than QH in everyway. ZYL is doing a decent job as QH w/what he's given with but he definitely would not fit as TY.
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    TLE does not make its audience take a breath!.. it’s definitely getting more intense and i am actually holding my breath to see when this runaway train is going to stop!. the imperial castle is beginning to crumble and Many secrets/truth are being revealed. This writer is really good at keeping the audience guessing what is going to happen next. However, I am beginning to see that the villains will be punished and good will triumphed. It is really about justice and repentance as @Lmangla rightly pointed out when she described the writing style of writer Kim. Hopefully she stays true and not change her scripts! there are 3 particular scenes that caught my attention 1. Wb telling LH to let Sunny go if he really loves her. And it did hit the emperor real bad. LH only thought of keeping Sunny by his side and making her accept him is the way to protect her. He finally realizes it later but how will he repsond to it, we do not know. Right how he is telling himself maybe it is best to let her go but I am really interested to see what happens when he finds out that the feelings between WB/Sunny are not 1 sided and the identity of Wb is revealed. Letting go is a form of loving her as well and protecting her. That is the diff between WB’s love for Sunny vs the emperor 2. Sunny telling LH to act as an emperor and not just be one. More importantly she told him to stand up and not keep silent as the latter is also a crime. Kudos to the writer for adding this very important message to LH. Again .. I would like to see LH take that into action. Only then he can learn to be a better person 3.last but not least is the heartbreaking scene of WS/WB mom’s telling her son to stop hurting and not follow the path of YR. this is all about learning to forgive. Every character in this show uses one another for their gain and what is important is whether one realizes the damage and hurt he/she has done and pulls back/ repent and seek forgiveness . I am glad that WB stopped using SJ and apologized to her...the faster the better so that it does not drag. I am hoping that LH will get there one day... admitting that he is wrong and accept responsibility This definitely did not even cross the mind of the 3 evil women. Even MYR who has faced death so many times and yet she crawls her way back by hopping onto the more powerful camp. It does not even matter if she were enemies with that person before. Boy!.. she really goaded WS to strangle her and almost hit her with a rock when she still insists that his mom was wrong and Deserved to be killed. Although it seems odd we do not get many WB/Sunny scenes and instead more of LH acting cute ( I swear that it gives me goosebumps each time), if one looks at this weeks episode, there are subtle reminders that the two of them do care deeply for one another and the writer is constantly reminding us that Sunny does not have feelings for Hyuk or forgiven him yet. I love the way how the director/ writer added in the scene where the stars display from WB was still hanging outside the empress chamber though the light has gone out. AND LH saw it! In addition, the way Sunny hesitated in answering princess SJ if WB meant anything to her. + of course her lurking around the pillar with a worried expression when WB was hurt badly by ED i am still hopeful that the writer will wrap this up nicely and am looking forward to next week. This time no WB to be around to investigate with her. I actually miss seeing them working together...hopefully he recovers. he really gets beaten in almost every episode I would like to share the english translation of the oST 5 only one day. This is exactly the unspoken feelings of our main OTP My heart is shaking No matter how much I pretend it’s not When I close my eyes, I think of you And it makes it harder When you turned around, why did you look so sad? I’m right next to you Look at me, just for one day I’ll embrace your aching heart My heart is filled with you My feelings keep growing, what do I do? Don’t be in pain, turn around for a moment I’m right here Look at me, just for one day I’ll embrace your aching heart My heart is filled with you My feelings keep growing, what do I do? Slowly come to me If only I could feel your breath for a moment Even if only pain remains, the memories are so precious Words I could never tell you: I love you Come into my arms, just for one day I don’t care if I’m just a passing person to you My love is strong for you I’ll be a ray of light to make you smile Just for one day
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    You're welcome. But German is not my first language. It is my first foreign language. French is my mother tongue and English my second foreign language, just like latin.
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    here it is the zoomed out kiss but its so white you cant see their lips
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    @rosiepeonie188 And there is one event CSH didn't witness which could have made her waver: she saw how KJH's family was affected by her (CSH as KJH's girlfriend). KJH had to go to the police station due to his brother. She got upset as she had the feeling that she would ruin the happiness of that family. Yet, she never heard the conversation between KJH and JM at the playground. Instead of bringing them apart, KJH and his brother got closer.
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    @bohmi @avondale16 In my opinion, the discussion between CJH and his wife and the conversation between CSH and her mother revealed that Jin Mi Ok used to be different in the past and that she became selfish and greedy after losing her first dream. I guess, this could become another topic for an analysis.
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    QH's mum coddled him too much which is why he grew up thinking the world is either black or white and go by the rules. He has never had any upheaval in his life except when he was forced by his mum to marry for political alliances and thereby thwarted his plan to marry for love. He never think of consequences of what his actions could bring to his family. In a way he is very rash. Even his parents could foresee the problems he is bringing by meeting all those officials to go against the emperor. But he obviously would not listen and met with them anyway. Sometimes, I like to think that he just doing his job but sometimes, I wonder if he weren't just being a little petty towards GTY. But what bothers me is that he is being used as a puppet by the ED and he could not see it. Anyway, I am excited to see how it will unveil further. I hope that GTY and his trusted friends at court will be able to kill off any rebellion and put eveyrone concerned to prison or exiled them. Like the Royal consort (whom someone posted saying that she is the ED's niece ?), QH, all those corrupted officials etc...... Madame Kang and Qin should not just be beaten to death. It is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too easy as punishment but rather, I want them to suffer before and repent for their hateful behaviour. Nothing is worst than to their image and reputation being tarnished beyond repair so that they can no longer hold their heads up high, strutted around like proud peacocks (errrrr peahens) and to lose the respect of their peers. That would just serve them right.
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    Ahhhhh the back hug scene thanks! can i make a request if youre not too busy? This one is a sad scene but it’s one of the scenes that tugged at my heart, it’s when CSH was with Sec Jang and she was saying something about not being the right timing and she was driving around crying. Thanks! @avondale16 Hahaha! Pages are moving slower now, you can catch up! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Looks like we’ll be seeing her soon!
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    Pd-nim says its about courage. KJH did have courage after twice being turn down or break up with CSH. KJH is encouraging himself by saying and reading... " if the sea's job is to make waves, my job is to think of you (girlfriend/boyfriend)". @violette00 on page 38, you wrote this, "bold- if the drama really portrays this thing very well; then I'm gonna love this show with all my heart because the above thing is something you will rarely find in kdramaworld. " Question- How do you feel about this drama now after its ending? -
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    Pretty much. He such a dolt & naive. He's setting himself up to be played like a tool. Even his parents realize QH is putting himself in hot water. He has nothing to gain from all of this. He needs to set his personal agenda against TY aside. He's childish & still doesn't seem to realize his actions affects ML too.
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    Hi @leeza77 Who is SH???? Well said chingu @greenwatch08 The more Little Mdm Qi plot against them, she pushes them closer. GTY and ML knows of their intentions of sending spies into their own home. Since they know their true intentions , they must be as one to stop them from causing major problems in their marriage. After watching Episode 55-56 with subs, I find QH to be disgusting. Why I say he is disgusting is because he has let himself be used and his own father believes that they should let him let him succeed and fall so he can learn his lesson. I agree because he won’t listen to anyone telling him what he is doing is wrong. THE ED played him well , she played don’t disrespect your mother and I have watched your mother grow up. But QH didn’t take into account that ED is the Emperor’s stepmom right now. He hasn’t read between the lines ED is saying. She wants The Emperor to acknowledge her as his mother so she can gain control and remain in power. QH being sheltered and doesn’t know what it truly feels and mean to be adopted and not being able to recognize their own blood parents. Hasn’t even realized that he is insulting the Emperor and that he is making the Emperor his ENEMY. Instead of having the Emperor respect him , he has the Emperor lose all respect for him because he is siding with ED who still want to keep a corrupted court system. This is the first time I have come to really dislike QH. He has opposed the Emperor and now the Prime Minister because of his naivety. I wonder doesn’t QH take into account the good the Emperor has done since taking his position. The way he keeps going I have a question Chingu’s ( IS THIS DEBATE WAS DONE SO THEY CAN MAKE RHE ED STEP DOWN FROM PARTICIPATING IN COURT ANS RETIRE). If this the reason behind bringing this up, ED played her cards right she she can continue disrupting court and stopping the changes the Emperor is trying to make for the people. The problem with QH is that he really doesn’t know he is being manipulated and doesn’t understand how politics really work. He is being manipulated and once he loses his value, he will be thrown away like garbage and his career will be ruined.
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    Ty's stepmom saying there's no such thing as a husband & wife being as one body but the irony is that ML & TY are two souls/one body together always. She underestimates them all the time. Her pettiness makes her a nearsighted dolt & that's why she loses everytime she plants her childish schemes. The hug fight is funny. The argument perfectly illustrates how both are currently feeling. It's good to see them talk it out. There's truth in what ML say about men change in hearts & disposing their wives for other women & how if she was in that situation, she wouldnt be able to do anything about it. The thought of TY doing that really hurts her. TY needs to explicitly tell her he wouldnt do that to her since she doesnt realize it. More misunderstanding . ML & Danju scene is so bittersweet. ML is so thoughtful sending her off to a good person but Danju teary/not wanting to leave tugs my heartstrings. XT & Shitou are cute. TY not paying any attention to the concubine like a walking nuisance.
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    It is indeed sad that General Shen lost his first wife because the assasins stormed into their home and mistaken thought that lady was the current Empress and beheaded her. So they wanted to repay that "debt" by having General Shen marry the younger sister so that the Zhou family can enjoy the privileges. Understand the reign of thoughts but they had conferred the Duke of Ying's daughter to marry General Shen for political alliances. That is why Ming Lan had commented that General Shen household is in discord because of taking a concubine by royal decree when Empress Dowager tried to push out her maids to Ming Lan. I just loved Nanny Zhang "cursing" at Auntie Kang and she felt flat on her face exactly like Big Madam Wang.
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    https://www.soompi.com/article/1300948wpp/park-bo-gum-reveals-his-thoughts-on-popularity-and-his-goals-for-2019 Park Bo Gum Reveals His Thoughts On Popularity And His Goals For 2019 Feb 2, 2019 by R. Jun In an interview with Sports Today revealed on February 1, Park Bo Gumtalked more about his recently concluded drama “Encounter,” in which he acted alongside Song Hye Kyo. The actor said one of the reasons why he chose the drama was because of his genuine affection for his character. “Jin Hyuk is a character that is passionate, optimistic, and adventurous. Even if it’s something small, he knows how to treasure what he has, and I really liked the confidence he got from that kind of mindset.” He added that Kim Jin Hyuk knows how to love and care for those around him and that he hopes viewers will remember his character’s kind heart for a long time. Park Bo Gum is well-known as a close friend of Soong Joong Ki, and prior to the airing of “Encounter,” many called it a romance between him and his friend’s wife. In response, Park Bo Gum said firmly, “‘Encounter’ is not a romance between me and my friend’s wife, but a romance between Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun. We were each acting out our characters, so I focused on my portrayal of my character.” The actor had endless praise for his co-star, saying that realized firsthand why Song Hye Kyo is called the ‘melodrama queen.’ “One of the reasons why everyone compliments Song Hye Kyo is that when she is acting a sad scene, she says everything with her eyes. When I saw her eyes, I realized what they were talking about. She was really like CEO Cha Soo Hyun, and because of that, I was able to fall deeper into my role as Kim Jin Hyuk.” Park Bo Gum isn’t afraid of his popularity waning, he said. “Popularity isn’t forever, and I’m not afraid of my popularity falling. Because it’s inevitable. I’m just thankful and amazed at everyone who supports and loves me unconditionally, even though there’s nothing that I’ve done for them. I want to cherish it always and work hard to give back.” His goal for this year is to be on screen more. “I would like it if there were more days in which I was able to see viewers through acting projects. I want to show everyone something new, so I also want to try acting in a genre piece. But more than anything, I want to be a part of projects that viewers can relate to. And I’d like it they were projects that I could relate to, as well,” said Park Bo Gum. “Encounter” is about the love story of Cha Soo Hyun, the daughter of a politician who has never had the chance to live her life on her own terms, and Kim Jin Hyuk, a free-spirited individual who finds happiness in the normalcies of everyday life.
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    @avondale16 Strangely I have no real favorite color because it is a combination of similar colors: burgundy red, pink and purple. Somehow I ended up writing something else again... no analysis about feet. However, at some point I'll write it for sure, although it is great to surprise the readers.
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    SongHyeKyo❤️ParkBoGum 13.75% (513 vote) Its now 528 Done. Ok will do it again, daily. Update... its now 19.17% (853). Thats is super fast. Bravo, good job, chingus. SongHyeKyo❤️ParkBoGum 15.58% (609 vote) 4 ParkShinHye❤️HyunBin 15.58% (609 vote)
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    @UnniSarah & @leeza77 Yes the ED needs to step down.. She used this adoption business to keep in power.. I couldn't believe she tried to blame the PM saying she was drunk.. QH entered this court ring and yet he still don't know how to read people wanting to be in the front row seat at the helm of it all.. The Ed is playing him like a fiddle.. Did he not think about his on fillia situation that happen when is own dad was held hostage.. I think the question should have went back to him would he call his own father uncle if he had to take the throne.. I think in episode 56 he should have realized he was being played by the Ed and made and enemy out of the emperor.. I thought the Emperor should have had him whip that way he would know to stay out of the Ed and Emp power struggle.. The Ed wants to use him to keep fanning the fire in the court all she wants is all the Emperor favorites out of there just so she can control the king even if she's not in the court.. Yes she played her cards some what right but she exposed herself to QH if it read between the lines.. She left hin high and dry just like that.. Lesson #1 QH since you missed the real lesson #1 when his father was in a crisis and she did nothing.. Actually it was two lessons were he hasn't read between the ED fine print.. Yet after what happened in court the next time she calls for him my advice to him is he shouldn't go it's not the Ed thts loosing face it's him..
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