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    I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words. I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when he opened his door to find Soo Hyun standing outside. The overwhelming sense of joy, relief and love in that look was everything! It gave me such feels and brought me to tears. We all knew and I'm pretty sure they had a tacit understanding that she loved him back but in this episode she actually said the words out loud at a moment when he really needed to hear them and then she showed him just how deep that love was when she turned up at his home, reinforcing the message that she chooses him and he is what she values more than anything in the world. Jin Hyuk had been dropping hints all along that he was all in on this relationship but with this one gesture Soo Hyun showed that she is just as committed and it was wonderfully sweet how he reaffirmed it yet again with what he said. This couple uses their words and also backs them up with actions. They are absolutely end game! JinSoo may just have become my favorite Kdrama couple ever. Everything from their fateful meet cute to the lovely and natural progression of their relationship has been sublime. And for all the heart fluttering romantic moments, this is a relationship that is well grounded and solid because it is balanced and based on a foundation of mutual attraction, respect, consideration, understanding and friendship. This is the type of relationship that is built to last in both the drama world and the real world. This is a couple that actually communicates with one another and when facing hardship, each would rather suffer on their own than see the other one suffer. They just need to be better at recognizing that they are at their strongest when they are a united front. This is what a healthy and loving, adult relationship looks like. Take a good look JWS! I'm anxiously awaiting the next ep for the family dinner. I think/hope it would go well. The setup with JM blabbing about the event for the death anniversary of SH's ex FIL and her showing up to dinner at their house instead should speak volumes to them about her feelings and level of commitment to their son. Daddy Kim has already shown that he is willing to give JinSoo a chance by encouraging JH to invite SH over for dinner and having him on board should help convince Mommy Kim. She is a modest and simple lady but she is also kindhearted. She doesn't know SH and probably worries that because she is rich, she is "fancy" and accustomed to a certain lifestyle. And SH is anything but fancy or snobby despite her status. She happily rode in Dae Chan's truck and some of the places that SH and JH have gone to are far from high class (Subway!) and she has enjoyed them. Once Mommy Kim sees how down to earth she is, it should hopefully put her at ease. She is the type of mom SH wished for and never had so how sweet would it be for the two of them to bond. I don't know what the deal is with JWS at this point. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt that there are actually altruistic intentions behind his actions but everything he does just comes across as self serving and deluded. He definitely doesn't have a clue about what love is and honestly dude needs to learn how to love himself before he can love anyone else. A good place to start would be by getting out from under Mommy's thumb because she is toxic. SHK and PBG are both killing it with such exquisitely compelling, multifaceted and emotionally resonant performances. They have truly brought SH and JH to life in the most beautiful way. Anyone who wants a master class in acting with your eyes needs to watch these two. How can there only be 4 more episodes? Never have I wished more for a drama to be longer and I hate long dramas. Surely there will be more angst but SH and JH better be getting a happily ever after or I swear I will fly over to Korea to track down the production team to demand a reshoot!
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    @rosiepeonie188 Thank you so much. Your post really inspired me to find out the timeline even more. Encounter's Timeline KJH&CSH existed in the Kdrama as same as the filming has begun in September 2018:::: (KJH with long hair has been filmed in Seoul with Parents, Friends, and Neighbors before going to Cuba which filmed both long hair and short hair KJH) EP.1 - September 2018: CSH announced Sokcho's opening plan - 29 Sepember 2018: CSH had press conference in Cuba and then she met KJH. KJH&CSH spent evening till night in Cuba together. The next day KJH and CSH went back to Seoul. One Month Later EP.2 - Around early November 2018: KJH was the new hired employee in Donghwa and met CSH again during Welcome New Hired Employee's speech by CEO CSH. - 27 November 2018: News about dating at the rest stop has been released. EP.4 - 1 December 2018: CSH's birthday, KJH gave her lipstick serum. KJH's colleague mentioned this year his birthday(and CSH's) was on Saturday. EP.5 - 11 December 2018: KJH and CSH was in pre-relationship. EP.7 - Around Mid December 2018: KJH and CSH confirmed their relationship as Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Then KJH has been relocated to Sokcho. EP.8 - 31 December 2018: First Kiss on the New Year in the party. EP.9 - January 2019: KJH's personal information has been revealed, CSH requested to take a break from their relationship. One month later EP.10 - Early February 2019: CSH went to see KJH and activated their relationship. KJH helped CSH solve problem in Cuba about the garden. KJH confessed his love to CSH. EP.11 - 11 February 2019: KJH has been relocated back from Sokcho to Seoul as the face of Donghwa Hotel - 16 February 2019: Matching Rings
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    @nubianlegalmind @dukesa1122 Thanks a lot for the compliment! By the way, I wanted to remind that I had even described JWS's world as a buried coffin because of the dark colors (brown and black) and the liking for oblongs. And in the last episode, CSH is asked to attend a death anniversary from that family which actually is indeed associated to death and buried coffin. My interpretation of their world was point on. If she had gone there, she would have been asphyxiated again. From my point of view, JWS has no idea how his life and horizon are limited... he thinks that his superiority is a blessing, yet in the end he knows nothing about life, love and friendship. That's why he is always shown alone and why he is able to stalk CSH. Even in the last episode, his loneliness increased because we didn't see his secretary. So far, he has always been shown with his secretary who kind of helped him and almost acted like a friend. But since JWS got this new position, he is now on his own... stalking his ex-wife. As the opposite to JWS's home which I connect to a coffin, JH's home is represented as a tree. The latter means protection, comfort and also symbolizes life, unlike the coffin since it is usually made of dead wood. Remember that JH has always been linked to nature. While JWS keeps referring to JH as the wind, the writer gives us another symbol for JH: the tree. First, he asked her to meet CSH in that beautiful alley with huge trees, then he mentions the story about the love letter buried next to a tree, then in the episode 12 he offers a plant, which looks like a tree. He also tells her to consider the plant as himself, his head and hair. Now, we know why CSH, often represented by the bird, can only love JH more and more: the tree and the air/ wind are the elements where we can see birds. The bird flies in the air but when it will seek protection in a tree. Furthermore, CSH told JH that she would have been scared, if she hadn't JH by her side... so JWS's actions did instigate fear but she is able to overcome it because of her boyfriend. I was wondering who is in the car with Nam and JMJ? Or there is no one else? Maybe it is her father... he said that he would do anything to protect his daughter and this would be great. Or has she asked Nam and JMJ to lie that she got suddenly ill in the car? @celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    This is the trending dialogues in the Kdrama land: KJH: "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now. I'll never be able to escape from your charms". OMG, I can see the future wedding.
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    I love ep 12 too, with all the sweet moments and especially the ending...I noticed that CSH's tear rolled down her right cheek at the end. She was holding it all in, especially after having faced an emotional turbulence in making having to make a decision. It's like the old CSH vs the new CSH - who is stronger now. I'm so proud of her that she chose her new-found freedom, confidence and most importantly, the love of her life. Without KJH, she'll be living in fear. He taught her how to live for herself and do the things that she wants - she did not need to ask for permission. Remember she had asked him if she could wind down her window at one point? His reply was "of course, it's your car". She knew that there's no way that she could let a good man like KJH slip out of her life. She doesn't want to live in a cage again. It's now or never. It takes courage on her part too, to go against her MIL's and mum's wishes, knowing she'll need to face the full-blown wrath. KJH understood her courage, that's why he was so emotional because firstly, she showed that he's her priority and secondly, she's ready to face the possibility of losing Donghwa hotel, which is so precious to her. He's emotional because she risked everything for him. "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now. I'll never be able to escape from your charms" Profound love indeed - she is ready to give up everything for him. He's ready to love her till the end (nami island). I'm still tearing at their emotional hug. I don't care. I want this drama to continue forever. I want the Cuba ORIGINAL balcony scene that we were deprived. And please PD Nim - we're all mature viewers and won't be shock at what you had intended to share in Cuba. You don't remember? The urgency of their kiss of course....hands all over....... I hope there'll be a flashback on this.... Btw, I also love their conversation clarifying each other's 'imagination' about KJH's purpose in staying over during the chicken feet meal....plus KJH's pouted lips when CSH shoved him over saying he's too heavy.... lol. As for JWS, you gals have great discussion about his motives and I enjoy reading all your views. For me, I can only surmise that he started with not too good intention, more like out of jealousy and wanting to 'win' CSH over by competing with KJH...but along the way, my guess is he could see KJH's sincerity and love for CSH. As he had done her a favor in the past to free her, I think he would do that one more time....along the way, to redeem himself for not coming to her rescue when his mother was giving CSH hell.
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    I am not sure I see this episode necessarily as being melancholy. Instead, I see this as an episode where CSH and KJH are in deep personal reflection in preparation for making probably the most crucial decision of their life. They both understand how high the stakes are and the potential impact it will have on them as a couple, their families, and the employees of Dongwha Hotel (their extended family). When I look at their faces during Episode 12, I see the weighing of options, the potential outcomes of these decisions, and the uncertainty of how this will play out. Our actors do such a great job of using their eyes to express feeling and making only very subtle facial expressions to let us in on their thoughts. By the end of this episode, we finally see that resolution register on CSH's face as she sits in front of the mirror. The power of the moment where KJH sees CSH at the gate is not lost on me. He is both ecstatic that CSH has demonstrated in her actions that she is all in staying together as a couple and facing whatever the future holds for them. At the same time, he is also unbelievably worried about CSH's safety and well being as how he will protect her. PD-nim is bringing us through the emotional wringer. In Episode 11, we are so exultant at seeing our OTP commit to each other romantically and experiencing such incredible feelings of love for each other. However, in Episode 12, we experience angst for CSH as she seems to be facing insurmountable odds in defending her hotel while feeling anxiety for KJH not knowing how he can protect CSH in facing so much power, money and ruthlessness from JWS. This is such an outstandingly done drama. One thing that struck me is that I believe it was Teacher Lee that suggested they invite CSH to her dinner. This will carry a lot of weight with her parents concerning accepting CSH. Teacher Lee is a close friend of KJH's parents and based upon what I am seeing of her; she seems to be regarded somewhat as the respected village elder. I think she is communicating her endorsement of their relationship to KJH's parents, which I think will go a long way toward their accepting them as a couple. Sorry for the overly long post. I just had to rave about this series.
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    Regarding WS' purchasing of the shares of Donghwa and entering as the co-CEO, I think in his mind, WS thinks that he is doing it for SH, but it as an attempt to get SH back rather than simply a benign helpful act. Donghwa Hotel is important to SH, so WS is going to enter the Donghwa Hotel at a level that forces SH to pay attention to him. And, in order to have some ownership parity with SH, WS has purchased the shares from the other directors at Taekyeong Group who own shares. (It's not clear that either SH or WS have more shares than WS' mother, though. Anyway.) And, in order to actually be a competent co-CEO, WS is studying up on the workings and finances of the Donghwa Hotel Group. It's not clear how WS was able to convince the Directors who are friendly to SH to accept him as a co-CEO since a CEO level appointment is made by the Board of Directors, but I hope we'll find out more at some point. Right now, since WS seems to have used the near-failure of the Cuba hotel deal as the reason why SH needs a co-CEO, I'm still mad at his character, and I hope there was more than just that in terms of getting the other Directors to agree to let WS be co-CEO. If it was the Cuba hotel incident, then I definitely want WS and his mother brought down with revelations of how Chairwoman Kim actually created that sabotage rather than through any mis-steps from SH or her people. The uncertainty is what WS is going to do now that SH has blown him and his family off, even more so once he realizes that she blew them off to be with JH. It should become clear to everyone that as important as the Donghwa Hotel is to SH, that JH is more important. I don't think his mother called his love for SH "pure" in the sense that you seem to read it. I would have to go back and rewatch, but I think the word used while it can translate to pure, also means innocent or simple. So, WS' mother was mocking his love as being foolish and innocent in the sense of "not knowing enough to know better" if that makes sense. She was definitely not saying it in a complimentary way. LOL. I liked the visual presented by this image, though perhaps "they knocked boots to sneakers in Cuba" is more accurate? Anyway, I also think that they made love in Cuba. I'm with you in that there is no way those steamy kisses with 2 healthy adults who are mad for each other was going to stop and just sleep holding hands. I think in Seoul, they are being more circumspect because of all those watching eyes that SH and JH are afraid will besmirch the other person. They are definitely in the mode where they want to protect each other. Also, they have many more people that they are answerable to, including JH's parents. While JH is an adult, he is still living at home, and his parents would be curious if he spent the night away from home. I got the sense that JM has been crushing on HI for as long as HI's been crushing on JH, but because HI is older and his brother's friend and is crushing on that same brother, JM has been treating her like a sister and not letting on. He's been keeping an awfully close eye on her to know exactly how long she's been crushing on JH, not to mention him saying that he had thought that she would have gotten over it through all those years in high school, college, and while JH was away at the army.
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    @NongpeeP Great job with the timeline! By the way, last week I had imagined that JWS might fly to Cuba in order to help CSH and I have to admit that I was wrong. However, his actions from this week proved to me that he is even worse than I had imagined. He explains his action in the name of love... Love is his excuse. He loves CSH that's why he hurts her. This reminds me of an "abusive" spouse who beats his wife in the name of love. Sure, JWS was never violent and never hurt her physically. However, he knew that he would hurt her, when he joined the company. He knew that he would hurt her, when he faked the affair. He let CSH suffer, stigmatized as a woman who couldn't please her husband (even CSH's mother kept blaming her for that and I am sure, JWS's mother did the same thing). He has been hurting her mentally. He knew that his mother would harass his wife but he never stopped her. His behavior (bombarding her with gifts the next day) really reminds me of an abusive husband who wants to "redeem" himself with his expensive gifts. I couldn't help myself thinking of the movie with Julia Roberts (the enemy in my bed) that's why love can not be an excuse for his action. His mother might have punished CSH because she was considered as a commoner and she didn't love her son... When the mother described his son's love for CSH as pure, I almost chocked. "pure" because he had no sex with her or "pure" because he never showed his love? To me, his love was never pure because he was only thinking about himself and his needs/desire. In this drama, I have the impression that the writer wants us to see what true love is: selfless, caring about the other, willing to put his own desire behind and show respect to the partner, worrying about the other... JWS is never worried about CSH's pain. JWS hasn't targeted JH's family yet because he knows that this could backfire on him. He was the one who mentioned it to his mother. A newly hired is fired because of the ramen scandal, he convinced her not to fire JH. JWS is not someone who attacks in the open. He makes sure, he keeps a good reputation, although at T. Group, there is this rumour that he is scary like his mother.
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    Jack and Rose (Titanic)....I mean Jin-Hyuk and Soo-Hyun JinSoo(Encounter) Credit @Aaltafunissa twitter
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    Finally got time to see episode 11, my thoughts- I like how there's a recurring theme of SH saying "I know every example of ___ that exists" for e.g. all the art galleries in the city, or about the playground, and JH surprises her every time . Its hard to hold back after enjoying their privacy in Cuba, it was hilarious to see JH go for the attack within their first day of being back at work, but who can blame them, really. When he bit his lip and was being all suggestive, I don't know how SH kept her cool. She has a core of steel. Also, while Bogum has been flexing his emotional chops, this scene made me see hes got great comedic timing- him struggling to explain why exactly he called her, and look at that cap of him fleeing the scene lols. Finally, I get to see a scene of healthy, real, mother-daughter connection. Happy to see all the side plots trickling along, hope Driver Nam joins their family dinners soon, too. And of course, for SH to eventually experience having a mother who cares. They both know why JH was that essential element required to heal bond the b/w Samuel and Donghwa Hotels. It was more emotional, less business. JH and Samuel harabeoji come from the same stock- people who value genuineness and human interaction, no matter how fleeting. A sanctuary garden in Cuba vs a playground in Seoul- both are imbibed with meaning because of their life experiences. And they both are hopeless romantics- no wonder they clicked. Nice to see SH realise the connection. More under the cut Yet to see ep 12, but will return with my thoughts. And I should really login more, I once again have nearly 50 pgs to backread. Keep the discussion train going guys.
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    My two cents fellow Encounter Chinguuuus!!!!!! Someone, forgive me for not remembering, said that they felt melancholy after this episode. That is because it was a dark episode. We had just come off of the high of seeing Jinsoo couple loving each other and frolicking in Cuba. We even got to witness a few cute dates when they first came back to Seoul. Then the WOLF entered. I really love the director's use of color in this drama. I think it was @bebebisous33 who noted that now both JWS and his mother are wearing black all of the time now. I noticed that too. I also noticed that JH is wearing a lot of gray. The story isn't black and white anymore. JH has entered the picture and introduced that gray in the middle and has turned CSH towards him versus her constantly being pushed in one very dark direction. The lighting in the scene with SH and JH's appa was very serene and calm, which reflected in their conversation. Then we switch to the scene between JH and JWS and there was very little lighting on JWS and he smirked and snarled at JH about what was to come. But when the camera focuses on JH as he is giving JWS a proper talk down about love, the street light is shining on him very directly. Later on, in her office, I noticed CSH's jacket, as I have a similar jacket. In fact the entire episode, we see her wearing reds, blues, patterns and colors that provide a sharp contrast to JWS entering her sacred space. JWS is already digging the grave for himself. His actions aren't protective at all. They are selfish and sinister. He stalked and watched JH arrive home with SH. He watched JH share a warm greeting with CSH's father. He watched JH chatting happily with Director Nam. JH has firmly become acquainted or close with everyone who means anything to CSH. Director Nam addressed JWS very formally. There was no comfortable banter between them. Then you add in JH's success in Cuba, his ability to come back to headquarters and back in the PR department and the magazine feature and JWS got desperate. Yes, he is a chaebol. Yes, he is wealthy. But, he cannot live his life as he pleases. He could not get the woman he acquired through an arranged marriage to fall in love with him. And it just became too much for him to sit back and watch someone that he feels is inferior to him obtain all of the things that he wants, mainly the love of CSH. His intention was to let her go and somehow be a knight in shining armor that would somehow lure her back to him. The problem is, he does not know her. He is in love with the "idea" of CSH. When they were married, she was like a robot, nodding and obeying because that is what she was taught. However, the conditions that CSH found herself in while in Cuba forced her to be more upfront. It also gave her the fleeting opportunity to be herself for a change, do what she wanted and get to know JH. Such a small luxury, but a luxury none-the-less for someone like her. So, from the beginning, JH got to know the "real CSH". JWS does not know the real person, nor does he want to know that person. He wants her to go back to being the robot that he can control and have his way with. He has convinced himself that she wanted out of their marriage because his mother wasn't nice and he pretended that he cheated. But, the truth is, and this is what he is afraid of, SHE NEVER LOVED HIM! You can't re-create something that was never there. Furthermore, he doesn't love her, just the idea of her. He could've helped her a bunch already. The video. The stocks. Conversations with his mother. But he has sat idly by quietly hoping she would come to him, and then maybe he would step in to help her out. That is super selfish. So, CSH at the end of the episode, decided not to go to yet another dark place. A death anniversary where she would have to wear black and be inundated with cameras and reporters (the disrespect). Instead, she chose the light and comfort and love, even down to what she was wearing. Neutral tones to compliment JH, who consequently was wearing a black turtleneck, thinking he would not see his lady that night because duty called. She didn't look out of place. She looked like she was going home. She could sacrifice because she too is discovering her real self. The flashback to their walk and her talking about how she acquired the hotel in her divorce settlement let me know that it was consolation. The least they could do for her pain and suffering. So she threw her all into it. However, now that love has entered her life, she is open to putting her all into something/someone else. Especially, when the reciprocity is so good. JH gives more than he receives. For SH, this was a no-brainer.
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    Let us not be disheartened because this drama has replayed 2x after the prime time in National and 3x in Metropolitan after prime time also. Even the replays ranked in Top 10. This showed that viewers chose their time in watching it. Plus the fact, tons of live streaming are out there. If you add these 7.623+1.677+1.431=10.731% (National) and 9.630+2.139+1.761+1.572=15.1025%(Metro) Koreans find their comfortable time in watching the drama. TvN replayed it non stop until 12MN. because after midnight it is a different ranking. This is the reason why the prime time has this shared of viewers only. So much fun with this drama and so much addiction in digging every info. So that's basically the reason. You all see even the replays positioned in the Top 10 ranks of Daily. Most of the time replay doesn't have much viewers. TvN made so much replays that other Koreans don't bother to watch it in prime time. They know that it will be replayed many times until 12MN. TvN will not replay it if it doesn't attract viewers. if TvN don't do so much replays, majority of viewers will watch the prime time. Cheer up!
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    Boyfriend will start airing via MNET Japan starting March 21, 2019.
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    I have loved PBG for a long time. He stole my heart when he appeared with Seo In Guk in Hello Monster. Those eyes... He could really transformed into any character. In Reply 1988, he lived and breathed Taek. He stirred up my maternal instinct and I wanted to take care of him. In this show, I was so taken by his acting here with SHG. He transformed into a younger man who is very stable and mature in his actions and thoughts. I wanted to date him. I am really impressed. PBG can have sizzling chemistry with anyone he is partnered with. I suspect even with a plant...
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    Now I'm already finished watched epi 12..ah really,like u guys said, it's really like roller coaster..all of the scene never disappoint me,I like it very much.. I want to point out my interest in this episode: 1. In bed scene;I like the way JH stroke SH face very gentle n with the hand with the ring on it really give of 'manly' aura to him,now I like to see his hand everytime (I hope I'm not sound like a hand fetish) 2. Still in bed scene;when they cuddled together on the bed, although there is nothing happen (which strangely for me,not disappointed at all cz director gave cute bed scene for us ) JH give me HUSBAND aura rather than boyfriend,which I like it...may I change the title with Husband instead?haha..oh on the other note,PBG, u really work out don't u?his body looked bulky in that shirt,I super love it (now I sound like a pervert) 3. In this episode, although I'm not sure cz we still have 4 episodes;about HI,up until now I see her in a good light,she is surely a good friend, even though she still have a feeling with JH n knew that he is not going to reply her feeling,I'm glad she is not turn to devilish friend that backstabbing JH,n hurt SH..n I hope she's still remains good until the end 4. Confrontation between JH with the SH ex hubby;I notice that everytime they met,JH never once bow to him..when JWS finished talking with the PR team,everybody but JH bow,not even the slightest head bow (correct me if I'm wrong) or when they met at the corridor,JH done the same thing..for me it's a very good thing to do, although they r still in the office, it's indicate that JH feel equal to him not bother by the fact JWS now is his 'boss'..u go boy,fight till the end protect your princess from the evil wolf!!! 5. JH father that want to invite SH to dinnertime becz of mrs.Lee suggestion n JH reluctant;for me, maybe his father little reluctant at first,but he changed his mind in the middle..maybe he wanna see whether he will give full support to his son relationship so he suggest to invite SH to come.. but it's different with JH mother,she clearly not very like the idea,yes, I'm understand her feeling,who wouldn't anxious to invite your son CEO a.k.a soon to be daughter in law in your house,that have very different life like hers fams..my mother or maybe every mother will have same feeling..I hope with SH come to their house, she can see who the real SH is,that made her son fall so hard to her.. 6. SH mom n the ex MIL;what I can say about these two?they r really selfish mom..SH mom who only seek of power,fame, desperately beg,no, it's like give an order to SH to attend death anniversary for her mother sake n give an excuse of his father election..so lame excuses, its for her greed of course..n what ex MIL said to JWS if SH came to anniversary, she will make sure that SH fams won't live peacefully,whoaaa that is pure evil..she only see people as a tool 7.SH said I love u (especially when SH hold his hand with the ring on) n ending scene,what can I say?I just like it n its perfect..I cried cz of it.. 8.Sec jang n DC hyung,hahaha cute couple..even DC know how to treat/love sec jang, even though at first they r always bickering..JWS u really can't compare yourself with JH about how to love SH,u should learn from the scratch,why not have private lessons from DC hyung instead 
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    I keep oscillating between thinking there is going to be a tragic or happy end. There are arguments to be made for both possibilities, the writers have laid down a trail of bedcrumbs; some just to cause confusion in our minds. If you have 17 minutes to spare, find a quiet corner of your room and listen to this audio excerpt from the World’s End Girlfriend, the book JH was reading episode 9 and he quoted that poem to SH in the last episode. There are several themes that will jump at you after listening to this excerpt. It’s hauntingly good, dealing with themes of parting, love,memory, death, the impossible becoming possible?, hope, time. I know it ends with a cliffhanger, still trying to find the complete book in English. These goosebumps enduring lines, in quotes are lines from the book; the other text are just my observations. ”Metasequoia, the living fossil” ( the tree was considered extinct but a miraculous discovery in China earned this tree the nickname of a living fossil, what was once considered dead and gone, came back to life) “There is a Metasequoia tree at the end of the path he is walking and this is the end of the world where he and his girlfriend will someday sit together, leaning with their backs against the rough trunk of the tree. As fire and tears seep into each other or as the moon and rainbow would” ( JH says his only path is towards SH, since she is his entire world ; his world ends with SH. He tells SH to lean against the tree and she thinks it’s an odd pose. Can fire and tears seep into each other? And a moon and a rainbow, together? But if the Metasequoia could come back to life and make the impossible possible, then is there truly any definite certainty that fire and tears can’t come together?) ”love will belatedly fade away, at a touch, just a touch, without a trace, not a mark, like snow in March” ( is love fleeting? Can the memory of true love fade away?) “memory being what it is, you lose sight of many of the cogwheels turning and meshing with each other. All events leave some kind of mark and after a while this makes it possible to know what the first cogwheel was ......... then it took three seasons - fall, winter and spring - to pass before the next cogwheel began to turn” (JH and SH probably met sometime in November which is fall season, they have spent winter together and now it’s about to be spring. Will they spend the summer together?) @yonaomi123 SHK is known to post cryptic photos late at night, she did it all the time during her last drama. She posted those snaps of CSH around 2:00 am KST.
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    LOL Jin Myung is that annoying little brother. Some of us have siblings like that that ruin moments. And him trying to Tattle tale to his parents about his hyung singing to his GF and JH bribing him. The funny faces he makes behind their father. It gave me a good laugh & brought back memories of my brother & I.
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    @nikir @gumtaek @Far^away @boredahjumma I doubt that JWS created that Co-CEO seat in order to help CSH so that he plans to give her all his shares from the start. IF so, why would he visit JH and warn him to stay away from his woman? Why would he say that CSH is not someone JH should date based on his social background and his age? Yes, he was nice and well-mannered, when he visited the PR-team but there were witnesses and he had to act as a good and nice Co-CEO, especially after JH has become the face of Donghwa hotel. He is arrogant and rude in front of JH alone because he doesn't want any witness. To me, in front of our hero, JWS shows his true color. Striking is that he used the incident with the Cuba Hotel to criticize CSH as she was not able to solve the crisis herself. I doubt that he has another scheme: giving her all his shares. If he had the intention, why hasn't it happened yet? What is he waiting for? Is it to prove that JH is not after CSH's money? But if this is his reason, why did he have to hurt her that way? Why did he ask to meet her often and ask her to eat for lunch? In this scene, we witness how he uses his position as Co-Ceo to interact with her, as from the episode 10 on, she had started disobeying his "invitations" (orders). He knew, he could no longer use his past relationship and his "love" in order to meet her. CSH had showed him that she didn't care for him at all: he waited for her for three hours... He was gracious enough (in his mind) to let her know that she could take her time but he, the prince charming per se, had been stood up... He has the video evidence of his mother's involvement and he didn't use it to reveal what T. Group did. He used it for his own advantage. In his mind, the shares as Co-Ceo can make him look attractive. Don't forget that he uses his money to woo CSH all the time: the dress, the flowers, the expensive wine ... now the stakes are higher, as he knows that JH is even allowed to enter her house. JWS knows very well that even CSH's mother can not even enter that house. So far, only JMJ had that right. Here, he saw a man entering CSH's house and spending some time there. So more and more he sees that he is loosing his grip on CSH hence he uses her love for the hotel to tighten up the leash around CSH's neck. I will be even bolder to express the assumption that JWS knew all along the way his mother set up a trap to Cha's family with the loan but since he had fallen in love with her at first sight, he wanted to have her and decided to play along with the game. He let her think that this was an arranged marriage, whereas in reality he wanted to possess her. I could definitely see a pattern due to the way he reacted with the Cuba crisis. Then, let us not forget CSH's warning to director Choi: do you want to remain T. group puppet or do you want to work for Donghwa Hotel? And this will be all about. IS Donghwa hotel independent from T. Group or not? If JWS gives her the shares willingly, then there is no real fight between Taegyeong Group and CSH. However, I want CSH to fight against T. Group and as such against JWS. So far, she has never stopped her husband. In the past, she remained obedient and quiet, then only in the episode 10, she finally refused to meet him. After so many years, she dared something like that that's why I am expecting CSH fighting against her ex-husband. Now, I see JWS differently from HI. While there were many parallels in the past, HI's evolution represents the opposite of JWS's evolution. HI is hurt but she accepts that JH will never love her and only views her as a friend... she cries but that's it. JWS chose the opposite path: he won't give her up, he will do anything to keep her by his side, even it means that he hurts CSH. What I am expecting is this, a revolution. Director Choi has the video too. Remember that JWS sent him this... so this video reveals that JWS knew what his mother did and covered it up. This video proves that he is an accomplice. I hope, this will be used against him and his mother. Director Choi and the other nobodies (using the words from chairman Kim) like LIH or KJT could testify against her.
  23. 21 points
    Aigooo... I must have read I don't know how many pages! (not that I'm complaining) You guys just rock this drama! Hello @sugarbunnee. So glad to see you posting here again, chingu! Woo-Suck Yes. I am turning over. I'm throwing my other cheek. He has no hope whatsoever! Sorry, I change my mind. People change. As everyone who actually reads my posts know that I was rooting for WS to go to the light, pretty much just like what @stroppyse felt but after watching this week's episodes, I was just totally stomped with the way the he is acting. He totally lost his mind. It's true, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. His actions are unreasonable, selfish and downright hypocritical and did I mention selfish already?! @Carmarie's analogy is spot on. He is being possessive of a person just because someone else suddenly wants it. And JH wants it so bad. So @bebebisous33, I am so glad that you didn't take me on my bet because you are so right about him. By the way, I guess you are one of the big reasons why everyone pay extra close attention to everything in this drama. The production team should give you an award or something. ..... I wanna write down my reactions but I wanna save my breath or my typing skills since everybody already posted what I wanted to say. I just love how subtle this drama is with almost everything. How everyone (especially in this forum) started to notice all the subtleties too. We even pay close attention to paintings and colors now. I mean, can you name another drama when you've paid this much attention? Coz I can't remember myself doing that. (or am i just the weird one?) This is a seriously stimulating drama and I love every bit of emotion I'm feeling while I'm watching it. Only 4 episodes left and why do I feel like it's too short? We need more What am I gonna do with days without Encounter to look forward to? Ugh. Better get my boyfriend ready for this by the end of the month ~~~~
  24. 21 points
  25. 21 points
    Talking about Jin Myung, he really is a mood maker. His personality is a good balance of Jin Hyuk and I think he will play a large role shortening the gap between their family and SH.
  26. 21 points
    Someone in this forum asked about JinSoo relationship timeline, how long have they been together. Well luckily our writer and PD-nim were aware about this.. How JH keep his memorable moments with Soo Hyun make us easy to trace What i'm curious is, which moment JinSoo became BF&GF? - last date before JH moved to Sokcho - NYE Kiss - Getting back together after break - JH love confession in Cuba What do you think, chingus? Anyway i found this when i tried to track back JinSoo's timeline The crew were clearly behind them .. for what i've seen, PD-nim seems like perfectionist, the fact that this half second scene with crew in it must be frustated for him.. That's OK, PD nim, i just realized that after replay it for dozen times just give JinSoo happy ending, will you pleasee
  27. 20 points
    I was really impressed with JinMyeong in this episode. He navigates all these different roles (trustworthy little brother, burgeoning partner to DaeChan, innocent/naughty youngest child, and now dependable and insightful friend) so effortlessly. It was nice for the drama to highlight that the Jin brothers are more similar than they are different. The barely there hint that JinMyeong likes HyeIn was so smoothly done during the masquerade party, that I'd actually forgotten about it until this episode! Hopefully HyeIn, now that someone has acknowledged her heart, will be able to move on and find her own happiness with someone else. And on that same note... Kim SunJoo what the heck? Why'd you ignore Manager Nam like that? Is she entering the push/pull stage already? Is this her professionalism? I'm very curious. Hopefully, we'll get to see Manager Nam ask her about it in the next episode...
  28. 20 points
    Even about him almost telling that a girlfriend would be uncomfortable to visit her boyfriend's parents.. cute.. this is one drama where none of the secondary characters make me cringe or skip the scenes.. no over the top scenes anywhere.. even sec and LDC is cute.. but the brother scenes are really funny n realistic
  29. 19 points
  30. 19 points
    @sugarbunnee thank you for coming back! The last scene brought me tears and reading your post one more time! I like the way they love each other so much! So healthy and sweet!
  31. 19 points
    I also enjoy watching Jin Hyuk and Jin Myung scenes. In some scenes JH has the holding power over JM but in the latest scenes JM cutely bullied JH. I really, really love the scene with Jangsoo Apa and JM when he is teasing his Oma...Such a familiar scene in our house. P.O has been a good match as a brother to JH and friend to DC and HI. They deliver heartwarming scenes and I don't escape it to watch because it is not boring.
  32. 19 points
    I beg to disagree. I didn't say he did plan to give all of his shares to her. Now or later. Maybe my words skewed toward that train of thought so I'm sorry for confusing everyone who read it. Let me arrange my words better. I think he came to Donghwa primarily because he thought that if he gained the hotel, then SH would have no choice but to go to him, since the hotel means everything to her. I also believe he think that he is protecting her right on Donghwa by snatching the hotel himself since he did it without his mother's help. He definitely up to something, and this is implied when he doesn't say a word when his mom asked if he also had the same intention as hers for acquiring Donghwa. For me, at the end of the episode SH just delivered a slap on his face by ditching the death anniversary event. It means the hotel is no longer everything to her. But KJH is!!! I can't wait to see how his face contorted with anger when he realised the one who came was Sec Jang and Mr Nam. Serves you right! To Soo Hyun, you go girl!
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    Oh what a lovely image you’ve painted here! A tree for SooHyun to shelter in when the rain gets a little too intimidating, is the perfect way to describe JinHyuk. He does offer refuge to her, in so many ways. And then he alternates with being a butterfly, encouraging her to open her eyes/spread her wings and fly free. One of the things I liked best about the episode opening credits was how it showed SooHyun facing the wolf, seemingly on her own. Except, of course, teeny white butterflies were fluttering around her the whole time. She was never really alone, though battle itself could only be won by her. ~~~~ Perhaps it was melancholy only in relation to the giddiness that had come before? Or maybe it was only melancholy for people like me who are suspicious drama watchers lol. Following their story through this episode put me on such an emotional rollercoaster that by the end of the episode, I just was not sure if SooHyun was going to pull the "Noble Idiot" route and try to protect JinHyuk and their "extended family" by kowtowing to the Chairwoman or if SooHyun was going to follow her heart. So when she made that decision and showed up at JinHyuk's gate with that "of course I came to you my love" expression on her face, I really thought I was going to cry, I was so proud of her. But because I didn't trust SooHyun to make that choice, the whole episode I was expecting SooHyun to tell JinHyuk that this was the end of their love story. That it was time to bury their love under a tree or something like that. Also, did it strike anyone else that SooHyun didn't let anything get in the way of their date this time? The first date JinHyuk asked her on in Havana, she missed because of her job. Now, on this much more important date with JinHyuk and his family, she dropped everything and made sure that she'd be there with him. This writer is so good, you guys... ~~~ @dukesa1122 I'm glad you like the name change for JWS.
  35. 18 points
    I'm finally caught up with all 12 episodes of Encounter so I'm back here on this thread to share some of my thoughts... I am so very disappointed with WS. I think I mentioned in my previous posts here how I felt somewhat sorry for him because he clearly still had feelings for CSH and was trying to protect her from the side. However, with these last few episodes, he's turned into someone I have no sympathy for. I actually really appreciated that conversation between JH and WS where JH tells him that what WS is doing isn't love because love doesn't mean hurting the person you claim to love. WS is clearly very selfish and I honestly don't understand why he is doing such underhanded things now. I mean if he was willing to pay someone to pretend he was cheating so CSH could be granted a divorce, then why is he desperately hanging on to her now? I was so happy when CSH's dad said "what kind of a father would I be if I cannot protect my child?" (or something like that) to Manager Nam. I cannot wait to see how he's going to protect her. Because seriously, she needs at least one parent who is willing to do something for her sake. We all know her mother is utterly selfish. I have also noticed the following and I'm not sure if they were intended or if it's just me reading more into them.... The paintings/artwork in CSH's office and home. They are often paintings of a person who seemed lonely. In every scene where she is contemplating at home or working alone in her office, it would always show a painting depicting how she was feeling - alone. I thought it was also interesting that during the scene where she was in her office, looking at a document with an area for the CEO's signature, when she got up to walk to the window, it panned to a painting behind her of a group of people. To me, it's as if it's saying "it feels crowded in here" which is probably how she was feeling with WS forcing himself into Donghwa. Also, apart from the paintings, CSH's room and office are very bland - not much colour, everything in perfect order, with just the basic decor. In contrast, when we look at JH's room, they are filled with photos he's taken and little mementos he's collected. I feel like this is also meant to give us an idea of what their lives have been like. CSH has been, simply put, just existing. She didn't have attachments or special memories/mementos to collect. Her life was plain and not colourful so to speak. In contrast, JH's life has been full of fun memories, books that have shaped his thinking. His room is full - as if to say his life is full and colourful. I also really loved the scene where JH gifts CSH his beloved camera. One, it's the one material possession he treasured most. He treasured it so much that he did not want it replaced after it got broken during the car accident in Cuba. He declined monetary compensation for it because to him, that camera meant more to him than just an object. The fact that he gave it to CSH meant that she was more precious to him. I also thought it might be symbolic in a sense that JH is gifting her with the same view of life he has. She's slowly learning to enjoy herself, she goes out more, tries new things more and is seeing things through JH's perspective so to speak. It's as if by looking through the lenses of his camera, she can see what he sees and I think that's lovely. And the ending of ep 12 when she shows up at his place!!! It says so much!!!
  36. 18 points
    You might be onto something: JWS might propose her the shares as a bait, just like he did with the painting but CSH refuses in order to cut ties definitely with him. She doesn't want to be indebted towards him because she knows, he would use it to bind her to him forever. He would keep mentioning this so that CSH would be forced to do him a favor.
  37. 17 points
    Me neither. The excuse that he has a terrible mother is not a real excuse. If so, why is CSH so different from him? CSH has also a difficult and controlling mother but she is not scheming like he is. Yesterday, I wrote as a joke that while JH was rumored to be a stalker, JWS behaved like a stalker. After giving some thought and researching about it, I really came to the conclusion that JWS indeed behaves like a stalker: Here we have: - seeking attention and it is unwanted - calling often, trying to meet often - sending letters and flowers and all these are unwanted - following -spying, monitoring And we saw JWS has been doing all this, since the beginning... moreover, the harassment is increasing. CSH is not feeling fear in front of him right now but she is definitely uncomfortable and pressured. She keeps pushing JWS away and the latter even forces her to meet him (see his conversation in the episode 12 at her office). Therefore I can not feel pity or even sorry for him at all. He can do what he wants, he was able to purchase a lot of shares without his mother knowing it. He has a lot of freedom but he tried to justify his past behavior saying that he had the same type of mother like CSH. However, I believe that that was just an excuse. He definitely had more freedom than CSH and his uncle did blame him too.
  38. 17 points
    Absolutely correct. JWS can't fire KJH because of this big merit. He will just sulk inside and just watch how KJH is doing with CSH but still he cannot do anything that irreversible. The writer is just so genius to be able to put a solid back up with KJH's character since he is a newly-hired employee.
  39. 17 points
    I have so many thoughts about episode 12 and I have not watched it fully subbed...with this drama, everything is nuanced; therefore, the subs are important. If I ramble, please bare with me and forgive me. The main question I have is what would make some of the shareholders think that the hotel was in trouble...don't they read their financial reports? So what if CSH have a love interest, I am sure many of the board members have mistresses. If my investment is doing better under new management, why go with someone who has no experience? Does JWS think the former hotel leadership will help him when they were a part of the decline of the hotel? What I don't like is: 1. JWS looks at CSH as property and not a respected human being; 2. JWS has no confidence in CSH abilities to make informed decisions although she took a failing hotel and made it five star again...how arrogant. Why is it now that JWS decided to step up to the plate? When he had her, he did not protect her from his mother. I will use this analogy. Many times a kid will get tired of a toy and put it way in the toy box and forget about it until another kid decides he/she likes the toy and want to play with it. The kid who owns the toy, had no interest in the toy; however, once another child likes the toy and wants to play with it, then all of a sudden, it's mine...I want to play with it, you cannot have it. It is the same with JWS, he was not interest in getting back with CSH until JH showed interest in her and she in him. Now, "stay away from my woman." Really, you have your chance and squandered it. If JWS really loves CSH, he would let her go and wish her happiness. I would not say that JWS is evil yet, but I will say that he is petty, childish, and arrogant.
  40. 17 points
    He was rather offended when SooHyun said he had the backing of his mother, wasn't he. Someone must have mommy issues. Someone also has not graduated beyond pulling the hair of the girl he likes, in order to get her attention. And I'm sure his mother is quite aware of how immature her son is. The question in my mind is whether or not his mother will allow him to get away with whatever plan he's hatching. So far, WooSeok has achieved her goal-- control of Donghwa-- without getting any negative attention from the media. He's obtained the majority of the shares, all without any fuss. Now the last thing on her agenda-- making SooHyun crawl-- is the hardest part. I think his mother is letting her son do all this so he can see how futile it is (meaning making SooHyun love him) and thereby make him angry. She hopes (imo) that he'll get angry enough to punish SooHyun and her parents himself, so she won't have to lift a finger. And once he's vented his anger, he'll be her obedient son again and marry a woman she chooses. In my imagination, I think JinHyuk got his thoughtfulness from his dad and his stubborness/steeliness from his mother. I'd quite like to see SooHyun's mother trying to ride roughshod over JinHyuk (or SooHyun!) when his mother's there to hear. I think we'd see a whole other side of Joo YeonJa, just like how we do when JinHyuk is put face to face with WooSeok or his mother. @ahdrianaa Maybe she just thinks the emoji looks a like a cute mini version of SooHyun?
  41. 17 points
    SHK hinting at somethinng about CSH in her new post? Translation - Cha Soo Hyun (apple emoji of the girl with the tipping hand/information desk girl)
  42. 17 points
    Good point. Yes they knocked boots in Cuba. I believe the "Boom-boom" did happen in Cuba. Sometimes, we just have to use our imagination. There is no way that those kisses were that steamy on the hotel balcony and nothing happened. I think that is why JH was comfortable in suggesting he spend the night. While JH was laying next to SCH in bed, and she told him to go, JH said something to the effect ... and I am being so good. Which I took to mean, there was a time in the past "Cuba" that he was very bad. I think SCH is more constrained because they are back in Korea. SCH is aware that someone could be watching her house; therefore, she was reluctant to have him stay because she did not to risk a picture of him coming out her house on social media. I am wondering about her thoughts the next morning that he was more of a stimulant...just saying. I have to watch episode 12 again with the full subtitles, before I make too many comments.
  43. 17 points
    Well, I have to disagree with you on this. His intention was never to protect her... He has always been using that as an excuse, even when he started meddling in the affairs of Donghwa Hotel. He just wants to possess her. He knows from JMJ and the uncle that he has been blamed for not protecting CSH that's why he acts as if he is trying to protect her, this explains why the uncle agreed to side with JWS first. But his real intention is to have CSH, nothing more... so he doesn't need to realize that he can not protect her because it is not his true intention. He just needs to act as if he was protecting her, yet he allowed his mother to corner CSH. He didn't stop her and JWS was actually hoping, CSH would come to the death anniversary. For me, JWS needs to realize that he has never truly loved her... it was more an obsession as he couldn't bear the thought that there was a woman who was not interested in him. Don't forget that we were told many times that JWS was really popular among women (l. f. ex. at the shop, where he met CSH per coincidence). @Far^away When I tagged you among others with my former reply, it was because you were discussing if JWS will give all his shares to CSH as he wants to help her and I didn't want to quote all the posts. I know that you had a similar point of view like me. I didn't misunderstand you.
  44. 16 points
    Having no preview for next ep, gives us all headache, even a crack in our skull. The last 12 episodes shows us the progress of their relationship, how they deal with the obstacles on their own, on their own way . And the last scene is like a ..,signed, sealed and delivered thing. Maybe the director is preparing us for a new stage in their relationship, where they will do things together, think as one, decide as one. With all the things that may happen, the first thing i want to see is Sh deleting Ws contact number in her phone. Or at least place it in the blocked numbers. If someone is annoying me, i delete the number but most of the time i blocked it. Sh had said if Ws needed something , just make an appointment or go to the relevant department. What is the use of having his number. So, just delete it Sh. I don't buy a not so good ending. Why would they feed us, invest our feelings in love, hope in loving, all is fair in love, love conquers all, possibilities in loving if at the end it all be useless. Its a wrong signal and discourages everyone to go through that process. We have seen art, literature, books, poetry, fairy tales, mythology in the drama. But the parallelisms remain indirectly, not literally translated but mostly in reverse. I also have my own thoughts in the book,,,end of the world, girlfriend.. i still need to compose my thoughts. ( and need to make a living first)
  45. 16 points
    I really hope JH has realized/ realizes that.. only 4 more episodes.. can't wait but don't want it to end either
  46. 16 points
    I have to admit that this drama keeps surprising me in a lot of ways. I love how in this drama CSH and JH are a couple determined to support each other despite opposition. I loved, loved, loved the end of episode 12....CSH made it clear to her ex husband, his mother, the media, and especially JH that she chose JH. The tears in JH's eyes at seeing CSH standing in front of his house said it all; in that moment the writer let us know that he had doubts that had been weighing on him, but she laid them to rest....you could feel his relief. There are only 4 episodes left and there are going to be some more challenges; we know the ex mother in law is going to come down hard on CSH after her snub by not attending the family memorial. Maybe her ex-husband will finally become a man in front of his mother and stand up to her. He lost the woman he loved because he couldn't protect her. I also am loving my second ship---CSH' assistant and JH's restaurant friend....he's just too cute. Loved that little rose scene.
  47. 15 points
    @sugarbunnee I agreed with Your whole comment and observation. ======================= 1 Jan 2019: PBG filming Encounter: buying small tree for CSH scene.(lemon smell from touching and the feel is like CSH is stroking KJH’s hair) 11 Jan 2018: Drink and Snack Support for Park Bo Gum& Encounter: From Music Bank Encounter: KJH&CSH’s chicken feet and seaweed riceball. Fans went to try the same shop.
  48. 15 points
    @bebebisous33, JWS’ second? time sitting in his car outside CSH’s house definitely elevated my perception of him to the creepy level. As a viewer I felt his violation of her privacy more acutely in the episode where JH brought CSH home after she got drunk. Even while he watched JH leave the apartment it made me shudder because of the way it seemed like he was lurking in the dark and JH had absolutely no idea he was being watched from the dark. Downright creepy to me. It does remind me of the image of the wolf prowling around in the dark as shown in the opening.
  49. 15 points
    @charlieblue17 Your post written as my mind for KJH, CSH, Ex-husband. Ex-husband prioritized only his own benefits but KJH prioritized only CSH and how to make her less pain more happy. Over Wed - Fri, I was pretty busy but craved to join this forum, in addition to rerun Encounter. @rosiepeonie188 Your comment about the confessing time matched KJH&CSH's is very interesting and yes, they are. White day will be 14 March 2019 in Korea, could we hope anything special? @Far^away After watching Ep.10, I thought they might be as out of bracket. After watching Ep.11-12, I thought it might probable be as in your bracket. @roshzanna KJH's dad looked sensing things quites fast, we could notice from his facial expressions eg. Ramyeon at rest area news or door bell in ep.12 @bebebisous33 Totally agreed with your comments. Ex-Husband is three-faced: With CSH, he showed his "dog in the manger" when KJH appeared. With KJH, he looked down and throw all faults to KJH why CSH has to face cruel situation while actually this ex-husband is the root cause of CSH's pains. With Exhusband's mom, he pretended to sympatize CSH which made his mom act more cruel to CSH. @jl08 I totally agreed with your comments about KJH and CSH, they are like this. @mellinadear KJH's little brother is caring KJH when KJH was relocated to Sokcho. When KJM is with KJH, his teasing KJH made us see KJH in lively&funny side, true brother bonding here. @rosiepeonie188 Thank you for your inspiration to find timeline. @bebebisous33 Thank you so much for your analysis in this forum for days and weeks, they are very interesting to read and think. For this comment, the ex-husband could be abusive no matter body or mind. @stroppyse I guessed the reasons why some directors voted for the ex-husband because this ex-husband invested with majority shares which he can change director seats upon the shareholding he held, those directors who would not like to be removed might vote yes for ex-husband. In the board of directors, there were some objection from some directors but this group can not overcome. For making love discussion, it stills at odds. Could we run to ask our KJH&CSH about this because they both only knew what is correct.
  50. 15 points
    So you made me cry again JH and Sh... I agree with you all, this is the best ending in all episodes. It hit me too deep and i don't know how to bounce back. I think i'm in trouble too, from 12.40 this morning when i watched it till now i'm not in my usual self. This episode is about courage and taking risks. In choosing Jh's family dinner, Sh is not only cutting her ties with taegyeong but risking an important part of her life, the hotel. But she already hinted us that she is not that crazy with the hotel. A part of her is letting the hotel go. Now that she is assured about her relationship with Jh and Jh sticking with her through thick and thin, she is ready to take the risks. Her saying i love you to JH just sealed it. Happiness, freedom, Jh and i will include Jh's family are all that matters to her now. If she will loose some and gain some let it be. Looking back at ep 1, when her purse was pickpocketed, she loses all her valuables. But instead of tracing her steps back to the hotel, she continued to her destination. She has nothing at that time and taking risks, being alone in an unfamiliar place. And there she encountered Jh. It is when she has nothing that she finds the road to happiness, freedom, the love of her life. Now, she is not afraid to lose what she worked for, if it will mean having Jh in her life. Keeping some open spaces in our life, will enable the most important things in our life to come in. If it is crowded and full, we may miss those most important things. Jh's father... i believe Sh's humbleness, nervousness when they met made him assured of Sh. Being a ceo, he expects some airiness, But not Sh. And when that door bell rung, his smile, made me also think that he knew its Sh. Why? Maybe, with ms. Lee's foot condition, its impossible to go near the door bell, she will just made a call or ms. Lee is someone who don't patronize door bells. Or maybe, something that Ms. Lee said. Ms Lee... is she the father and son spiritual adviser? Thats why she acquire a church on sale as her place?It seems, they has high regard on her on serious matters. ( Well, i think i need to visit ms. Lee and have tea) Jh's mother... she only has low self-esteem. Intimidated by something and someone not on her circle. Since her world revolves their house and market and neighborhood, anything and anyone outside of it makes her knees tremble. Give her time, and with Sh for sure they will click. WS... from the first time i saw him, i distrust his smile. A betrayal's smile. ( he doesn't deserve a space here).
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