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    A translation of the bed scene. SH: You should go now. I won’t be able to sleep even more. JH: Move to the side a bit. Quickly. Quickly. SH: Oh. Oh. Oh. (as she’s moving) JH: Whoa. Wow. The mattress is very nice. SH: Oh, I won’t be able to sleep even more! You bother me. JH: Oh, but I’m behaving so well here, so why would it bother you? That’s so unfair. SH: OH, just drink a cup of tea and then go. Get up. (JH leans her back down on the bed.) JH: We had even restrained our mouths before, but we're going to be drinking tea now? (I think this is referring to their pojangmacha meal where they had eaten, but not drunk.) SH: I was really tired today, but since Jin Hyuk-shi keeps acting like this, I keep becoming more awake. Oh, you’re heavy. Move over. (pushing him off) JH: (turning over as SH sits up again) The night is so cold, and I come all the way over here and she won’t even let me sleep over. I’ve even lost the title of the Human Sleeping Pill. (smirks a bit) But, this really is comfortable. It feels like my place. (meaning the side of the bed he’s lying in) SH: Even when Secretary Jang comes over, we don’t share the same bed. This bed has never slept two people, not even once. JH: It’s just that it’s finally met its owner. (meaning the space he’s claiming is his) Oh, it’s nice. I think I’ll sleep really well. I may fall asleep first. SH: Oh, before you fall asleep, hurry up and get up. Huh? Huh? Oh, hurry! Hurry up and go! (JH puts his arm around SH to lay her back down in his arms.) JH: Don’t get all thrilled, and just hurry and go to sleep. SH: Thri-? I have no words. Oh, really. (starts to get up in a huff, but JH pulls her back down) JH: Just stay like this for a little while. I’m in a very good mood right now. JH: If we could fall asleep like this every day, that would be so good. Someday, we will be able to do that, won’t we? (SH stays quiet) JH: What’s this? Why is there no response? SH: Because I’m imagining it, and I like it. This may not be all heavy on passion, but it is just too cute. Acting somewhere between being a new flirty couple and a comfortably established couple. I can't believe she really fell asleep. She must have been very, very tired.
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    Ok this might be an unpopular point of view but all the couple's kissing scenes pale in comparison with this episode's ending! Someone mentioned that by not attending her ex FIL's death anniversary, Cha Soo Hyun risks losing Donghwa Hotel which, as CHS has said to KJH, is everything to her. Here, Cha Soo Hyun is telling KHJ and all of us viewers that he, Kim Jin Hyuk, not Donghwa Hotel, is everything to her.
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    Their love is so pure. Now they can truly believe and depend on each other ,Liked the way the show is progressing. So many feels
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    ********** When “sarangheyo” becomes more than just a word
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    Why are the small details in this drama so good! When JWS meets KJH, there is a painting on the wall of a smiling Tibetan shepherdess with her sheep dog by her side, these guard dogs are famous for their bravery, loyalty and protect the nomadic community’s vast animal herds against the wolves native to the area. They didn’t even have to show the entire painting or focus on it, just a fleeting glimpse but the clothing and colors of the traditional garb of the shepherdess and the famous breed of the dog convey what what the drama crew was trying to do with crazy accuracy! SH is the smiling shepherdess, JH is the loyal sheepdog that protects here and never leaves her side which is why she is smiling. WS symbolizes the wolf.
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    Actually, they were both faking being asleep! (after JH leaves) SH: Are you sure that you’re a Human Sleeping Pill? SH: You’re a Human Wakeup Pill. This second clip makes the first clip even sweeter. JH was trying so hard to get SH to relax and fall asleep, and holds her until he thinks she's finally fallen asleep, even as his arm goes numb from using it as her pillow. LOL. And, he seems so happy with himself as he caresses sleeping SH and leaves. But SH was being considerate of JH as well, and pretending to fall asleep, knowing that was JH's goal, so that he can leave and get his own rest. Aww. These two know each other pretty well. However, it makes sense that SH wouldn't be able to just sleep like that around JH, not when they're so in love and she gets so stimulated around him.
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    The only thing I dislike about the drama, they keep eating! Along with laughing,crying,smiling and squealing - I am constantly hungry when I watch this drama, it’s like my personal PMSing hell with crazy hormones.
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    Everytime he sees her And each time she's in his arms How can we not rooting for them?
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    How much do I love the ending of ep 12. This is the naver clip with translation and commentary underneath. https://tv.naver.com/v/5017690/list/67096 (JH’s family are all at the dinner table waiting for Teacher Lee who is going to be their dinner guest when the doorbell rings.) MH: That’s Teacher Lee! JH: I’ll go outside. (goes outside to open the gate and let her in) JH: Teacher Lee, I’m - (seeing SH instead) (after a pause as JH just looks at SH in surprise, some consternation and overwhelming emotion) SH: Because my work event was cancelled. JH: I’m in trouble. SH: Why? JH: Because there is no way out. From you, there is no way to separate from you. This is SH's declaration of both independence from the person she had been as well as JH's importance to her. The power play that her ex-MIL instigated so that SH would be seen to still be obedient despite the divorce, and thereby reaffirming her position yet again, even in this issue, especially since Chairwoman Kim is planning on kicking SH to the curb afterward is just a mean and nasty ploy to belittle SH and her family. Of course, no one but Chairwoman Kim and WS fully appreciate that. And, though WS is aware of his mother's plans, especially since his mother specifically told him that while she would never accept SH as her DIL again, that she still wanted SH to be seeing bowing before her will, WS does nothing to try to protect SH. Rather, he's still hoping for the best that when he finally wins SH over again (can we say he is so delusional now?), that his mother will accept her again. Anyway, on SH's side, she is being encouraged to be conciliatory to her MIL this once, for the sake of the hotel, for the sake of her father's career. And, of course the memorial day for WS' father is on the same night as JH's family's invitation to come eat dinner with his family. JH who doesn't want to make it difficult for SH comes up with an excuse why SH shouldn't come to dinner (namely that Teacher Lee who is the other guest for dinner at the Kim Household wasn't going to be able to make it either). However, SH finds out that it was a ruse inadvertently from Secretary Jang, and realizes that JH knows about the obligation that SH is being put under and that he is attempting yet again to make it easier on SH. And, this episode has been about JH feeling bad that he is the reason that things are becoming even more difficult for SH, so I can see why he took that step as well. So, ultimately, it is up to SH. She was already conflicted as to whether she wanted to go to the ex-FIL's memorial at the command of her ex-MIL, but without any other facts, SH might have been convinced to attend, for the sake of her hotel and her father. However, knowing what JH has tried to do now, SH finds strength and resolve to not blow off Chairwoman Kim, because what she would rather do is be with JH and his family. JH is more important to her. And, JH understands when he sees her standing there that SH has blown off what she "should" do even amidst the pressures to do so in order to be with him instead. So, the conflicting emotions showing on his face along with the surprise to see her there at all. He's a little afraid for what SH may have to pay for her actions in order to be with him, but he's also moved and delighted to see her there. She's told him that she's loved him, but now she's shown him that not only is he important to her, but that he's the most important person to her. And, that makes it an incredibly romantic and moving scene for me.
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    Ending animation And that's it for this week, everyone
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    Exactly. That’s the dilemma, add to that a dash of emotional blackmail by her mom. @dukesa1122 he is crying because he is touched, he lied to her that the dinner was canceled but the night before he was actually worried about the choices before SH and how life would constantly throw Taekyung group in her path. So when he opens the door expecting the old widow and sees SH, he knows the depth of SH’s action. Her showing up means she is choosing her love and life with JH over everything else.
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    A Boyfriend who wants to conquer her * cough * pervy thoughts~~~ - Rejected like a puppy... * Sly pouts * Opps! I thought he's gonna touch her (.)(.) * A Boyfriend's expression from his Cuddle Mission!
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    I finally had the chance to watch episode 12, raw. Their bed scene is adorably intimate, just like an engaged couple exploring their rights with each other.... I like that kJH is fussing over CSH's insomnia problem by using his own bold ways of lying next to her, holding her in his arms and patting her to sleep....is he really the younger boyfriend or the mature older boyfriend? He's so sweet with her. The last scene was so touching. KJH was moved to tears by CSH's presence and the message is clear - she loves him much more than her beloved hotel. To reach this decision was very painful for her - no matter what, Donghwa hotel is of significance to her. She's personally involved in turning the hotel into what it is today. Her decision shows that she is now able to stay true to herself and not please others. Seeing her emotionally weighing the situation is also heartwrenching. I teared with both of them....lol. No wonder it's the No.1 most watched in Naver. Guess what? I've an inkling that KJH's dad knows that CSH was the one who turned up for their dinner - take a look at his face. He has a knowing look. After all, he had spoken to CSH and I'm sure he likes her. Their hug is so meaningful as it shows the pain that both are suffering, not for themselves but for each other. This kind of love is selfless and admirable. KJH told JWS that he'll protect his woman in his own ways - this is exactly what he's doing since by lying to her that his dinner appointment was cancelled, he's helping her to protect Donghwa hotel by her turning up at the father-in-law's death anniversary. AS for CSH, she's doing what she can to show KJH that he's her priority now. They have both grown a lot in their journey together. Their chicken meal together looks so yummy that I bet I'll dream about it tonight and first thing tomorrow, I'm heading for a Korean meal for sure! hehe... Ep 12 is another beautiful episode and seeing our couple's visuals is enough for a sweet lullaby and I want a KJH as my human sleeping pill please. Wait, according to CSH, he's a human STIMULANT! OMG... are they blatantly flirting....KJH asking her not to get "excited" too..are they imagining boom boom land.... Can't wait! Oh. I forgot. KJH is a gentleman. It means whatever he's doing........he's gentle. He had to control himself the last time....when CSH was drunk I guess. Next time, he might just not be so gentle, hear that, CSH?
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    Happy with the bed scene, chingus? cr : _in__your_dream
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    Anybody else loving the long shots like these scenes? so artistic This one makes me laugh
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    He means it in a good way, it would mean that he doesn’t see his life continuing without SH. The fact that he loves her so much is what terrifies him.
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    My babies are so pure! KJH is choked up and touched beyond words. the big bad wolf dematerialises. It looks like the wolf symbolizes SH’s past life baggage, her choice today meant she seized the power to Make decisions best suited for her own life.
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    Ep12 thoughts WS is a jerk and a coward. I love JH for calling him out on it: hurting the person you allegedly love for personal gain is no love at all. This time it was clear that WS did not protect SH from the machinations of his mother after the divorce simply because it suited him. He gets to control her comings and goings and still see himself as the good guy. WS pays lips service to the she should not be forced to attend the family event position, but then happily sits and waits for her to show up. Hypocritical to the max. And the fact that he used JH's help in Cuba as an excuse to get his way makes him a snake of the lowest order. I wonder how he convinced his uncle to vote for him. I bet it was nonsense about him protecting her from his mother. Must have pulled a fancy act there. Still the truth remains: WS's world revolves around exactly one person - WS. ('SH is what I need' says it all). I was initially kind of mad at JH too, for doing stuff behind SH's back. But then I thought more about it and got to understand it a little. His way of protecting her is lowering her burden, as much as he can. Instead of forcing her to chose, he lowered the stakes. His job is to make sure that she takes care of herself, eats and sleeps well. Beyond that, he trusts her to sort out her own issues. And that is kind of cool. As usual, I love the reciprocity of their relationship - last episode he said I love you and made one huge step in committing to their relationship. Now she does the same. He may be working behind the scenes trying to protect her other love, but she steps center stage and choses him over everything else. No wonder the poor boy is a goner. Really looking forward to SH + Kim family fun. Once they got past the initial awkward phase I hope they get to see how adorable she is, and how happy the two of them are together. Looks like dad is already fully on board, but mum will need some more convincing. I hope she gets to see SH - the lonely kid deprived of motherly affection, and that it proves enough to trigger her caring instincts. But for now, give the poor girl some proper homemade food! And some soju since I doubt any being in existence can resist the adorability of drunk SH. PS: if last episode SH was scared to face the odds and JH was the one 100% certain of their ever after, the balance shifted this time 'round. As WS's meddling chipped at JH's confidence, she finally threw away her fears. Losing full control of the hotel did not matter quite as much as she thought it would. She is now brave enough to follow her dreams, and to redefine what those are. She set herself free all by herself. And that is awesome. PPS: Another thing that I love: at the beginning of the episode they are both feeling uneasy after meeting their respective 'wolves'. Solution: see each other. So often troubles pull couples apart. Here they only serve to bring them even closer together. PPPS: I love how JH calls her SHssi when she is in his good graces but switches back to 대표님 when he is grumpy. PPPPS: for the first time ever, i find couple rings unexplainably sexy. P^5S: Since I saw some fundamentally different takes on the can I spend the night at yours scene, I'll try to articulate my view here: they shared the same hotel room and were intimate in Cuba (the body language is very clear; when they are driving around in the car, for instance). They withdrew within more socially acceptable/ less obvious personal space boundaries when they got back to Kr, to avoid another scandal. He was a gentleman and went home after dropping her at her place drunk. The second time, he just missed her too badly and wanted to spend the night and the hell with caution. I never got the sense that it was the intimacy per se that she was objecting to but rather him being in her bed. As a woman who has been living alone for a long time I totally get that sentiment, the slight reluctance to give up one's personal space. Also, when JH imagines a future together: that future is one where he wakes up every day to the sight of her face - it's all about wanting them to live together. P^6S: I love how SH gets nervous about visiting future inlaws and that she asks her bf what to wear. Also Mrs. Lee for orchestrating the meet the parents so cleverly.
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    I only watched the first 5 minutes of the Episode and had to pause to post about Jinhyuk’s father and Soohyun.. JS — When I first saw an article regarding Jin Hyuk, I figured it was nothing serious, so I didn't ask him anything. But he seems pretty serious about you. So I'm worried about what I should do. SH – I’m pretty unusual, aren’t I? JS — It could be that you're unique, or it could be that he's normal. But it's not something I can judge so rashly. SH – Jin-hyuk is very thoughtful, Hearing you say that...makes me understand why Jin Hyuk is so thoughtful. JS —The thing about love is that only you two matter. But the path you two must take looks too rough to be led just on your feelings. Would it be okay for me to support you two like Jin Hyuk said? SH — When you call us special, I know you mean that I'm insufficient. I know it's hard, but I'd appreciate it if you'd keep on watching us. JS —The players on the ring are the ones who have it hard. It's nothing for the onlookers. ——————— I really liked these parts of their conversation. Jinhyuk’s father is a wise man. His scenes with Jinhyuk had touched me deeply, and now I also appreciate this scene with Soohyun.
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    Sadly, I have been trapped in meetings all day and missed the live run with you all. I least I can go through your posts and review the dialogue, Gifs, Screencaps, and most importantly your commentaries & reactions. I will enjoy reading them at my leisure this evening. Thank you all for doing this. I know it is a lot of work on your part but it really makes watching Encounter such an amazing group event. Last night my wife was making me crazy asking what happened. I told her she had to wait until we watched it together later that evening. Now she is texting me trying to find out what happened in today's episode. I told her our OTP took another break. I have not seen text cursing like that in a long, long time.
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    @autumnight Yes, these shots are indeed interesting. Nothing is random in this drama, like I pointed out with my analysis about the feet and hands. Now, I need to see these shots in their context, however I can deduce that in the second shot, the director underlines JWS's passivity one more time. JH is the one walking away from him, if I am not mistaken. JH's steps have a signifance, JWS remains static which also outshines JH's energy and courage. He might have been hurt by JWS's words but he doesn't remain passive and obedient. He talks back and walks away, something JWS is not used to. @yonaomi123 JH's mother might hesitate and feel uncomfortable due to the huge social gap but she is a warmhearted person. Moreover, his husband has a huge influence on her. His mother thought that CSH might not be comfortable with their standards. KJH's mother has a low self-esteem. In the episode 11, she didn't use the other facilities too scared that she might be a sore eye for others.
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    2 hours+ a week is not enough..WE WANT. MORE! I think our couple is pretty much on solid footing right now.They will need it when they enounter problems in the future. c as tagged
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    Yes, it's the best for me as well. I guess I'm a die-hard romantic person and this drama is possibly a beautiful slow-burning love story and every single episode is just so beautiful. I won't deny that our OTP completes the love story with their amazing chemistry and they always make me happy just thinking about their magical moments together. In fact, just looking at their stunning visuals and their adorable bts interactions make the drama even more meaningful as we know that they shed all inhibitions and to arrive at this level of performance is astounding. I bet both PBG and SHK will remember this drama for a long time to come, especially so when they've gone against all odds and they've filmed beautifully in Cuba too. "Boyfriend" appeals for its old school romance and not whirlwind romance. It's heart-fluttering to see KJH and CSH protecting their love so preciously and willing to sacrifice what's important to them, for the sake of their partner. True love like theirs is beautiful and touching; sweet and adorable; funny and sad. The PD chose well. He's confident of their emotional performance in a melodrama.He said both actors are 'rich' with emotional acting. What the PD didn't know beforehand was the out-of-this-world chemistry between PBG and SHK that even he was in awe. LIke you, I'm pretty optimistic that we'll have a beautiful ending to this awesome drama. All the vibes from our OTP are too sweet to have a sad ending. Plus the PD can't forgive himself if he separates our OTP. He can't have KJH's "human sleeping pill" reputation ruined, you know.
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    Sorry for quoting myself but I had interpreted the drawing right from the start. - the choice CSH had to face. - the door as a symbol for a family and home! Actually, I never doubted her one second. I knew, she would choose JH over wealth. Actually, she never wanted to live in that kind of world.
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    I love SH's response to JH when he asks why she likes him. "Because Jin Hyuk-shi is Jin Hyuk-shi." And, she finally tells him that she loves him! Just, awwww...
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    wow their love for each other is so pure, my heart, i can feel their love, what a portrayal... i wish they can win a best couple this year, baeksang or any other awards that has the best couple they deserve it...
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    No, she didn't actually say those words. But she does open her eyes and says with a smile that JH isn't a Human Sleeping Pill, he's a Human Wakeup Pill. So, what conclusion would you draw from those words. On a different note, I'm really appreciating the roles that the fathers play in this drama, both SH's father and JH's father. I hope JH's mother will be accepting of SH as well, but I thought the scene with JH's father talking with SH was rather lovely. JH's father comes across as a thoughtful man, respectful of his sons' agencies and desires, even as he's concerned for them. I did rather love the conversation between JH's father and SH for what it shows about JH's father. I've included a translation of that conversation in the spoiler since subs are out. I loved JH's father humility in saying that JH is better than he himself is as well as his clear pride in his son, and his care for the woman that his son loves. JH's father is concerned, but he's not here to castigate anyone. Rather, JH's father wants to ascertain for himself, I think, that SH is as serious about JH as JH is about SH. So, the father's rather gentle warning to SH is to not go further if she thinks that SH and JH aren't going to be able to go the distance, if SH and JH are ultimately just going to part after going through the heartaches of being together. And, even JH's father closing analogy about how it's the participants who will have a difficult time rather than for the people who are cheering them on, is a sweet, rather humble sentiment. Btw, I don't think that sentiment is entirely true, since I think the fans suffer some along with whomever they're supporting, but he is right that it's the participants themselves who will have to undergo the trials and live with the consequences. Anyway, I'm with SH in admiration of JH's father and how he's surely influenced the man that JH has become.
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    Chingus, what do you think about Woo Suk's uncle the former teacher and the hotel's director who convinced Soohyun's father for the wedding of WS and SH? He emphasized that he convinced SH' s father because he knew that WS is a different person than that of his mother and father. He is telling WS that the hotel is a No-NO for him since this hotel is loved by SH very much. I think he will be a great help in the next episodes when the battle begins about who will own the hotel. Coz I think this scene will not be probably given an emphasis if this won't have n connection to the remaining episodes. Another one is the scene of Congressman CJH making alliance to other party but not to TG favored party. And the start of secret investigation of Driver Nam. I think all these scenes will help to build the "SOS" for our couple. The conflict is getting tighter as we all see what the MIL and Ex-Hubby are doing but the writer is also building up the characters of those people that will be significant to them to win the future battle. What's important is there is a love, trust and confidence within the couple since they are the one that will be challenged until episodes 16. Like all of you hoping that it will be a happy ending and I think I'm a lot on the optimistic side that they will end up with each other. What else can I say like you I really been hit by this Encounter fever. Another week again will have to pass and sleepless night will befall onto me again. This is me when I'm hooked with Kdrama and American TV series, that's why I avoided watching too much but being a fan of SHK and PBG, I just couldn't avoid to watch it even there was an age gap issue. But seeing them now, who will say that this an issue before; their chemistry is just so explosive. Well, we only have 4 episodes left and it is getting sadder but for sure those 4 left episodes will be packed of mind blowing and heart rejoicing scenes. Peace and Love to everyone. Thank you for all of your profound analysis of every detail of the drama. PS. I have not watched yet the episode 12 since I am still waiting for _. Thank you again that I had a sneak previews of this episode.
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    I can't wait to see the dead panned faces of WS n his mom!! .. When they would find out that CSH is having dinner with her future family!! I hope JH's mom accepts CSH.. I would love to see them close to each other.. Maybe JH's mom can give back some to WS's mom.. Late thanks to @ahdrianaa for live translations n @autumnight for live caps n @gumtaek for speedy news.. N thanks @bebebisous33 chingu for tagging me in her posts.. Have to go through a lot of stuff!! P. S. Finally exams over n I m back to the forum..yaayyyyy!!
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    Borrowing JH’s words, take me with you. @NongpeeP I really hate WS right now, borrowing and tweaking words from Ray Charles; hit the road JWS and don’t you come back no more, no more , no more. No joke, I am really hungry. I am going to go eat now.
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    Interesting contrast between WS and JH: WS always sends SH flowers. Cut flowers are pretty but, realistically, they are already dead and will fade soon. JH gives her something that is alive; something that can grow and flourish.
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    This is my first PBG drama.. started watching for SHK but man..PBG is rocking all the emotional scenes.. can't wait to watch his other dramas.. PBG makes me feel what he feels in every emotional scene
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    So she chose himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS This is a great great drama!! Every episode ends in a positive light so i'm 90% fond for an HE!!! Thanks to all the recappers!!!
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    And JWS thought, with the divorce contract CSH would never dare to miss attending the death anniversary. He came to this conclusion because she had been obedient all these years. And his action and words prove to me that he used the divorce contract to bind her to him. He knew everything and saw it as an opportunity not to release her entirely. So the divorce was just a facade, in his mind he was not really divorced. He is really twisted! Sorry but I can not stand him any longer.
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    The way she decided to confess is suit her character, imo.. Jin Hyuk confessed when he realized he can be meaningful to Soo Hyun and he got confident booster by helping her with Cuba Hotel-gate.. the happy and passionate surrounding match well with his character, and he decided that it's about time to clearly confess.. While Soo Hyun confessed after she realized that this green grape boy will stand by her no matter what happen, and i guess that's why she decided to confess her love when things get rough, although it had break up kinda feel, instead of love confession. BUT, as much as i feel that im not ready to re watch yesterday episode, i cant resist to watch it again just now. And since our writer love to put hints, i can't help but feel a bit of excitement watching the scene of SH and KSJ Is it a hint that JinSoo are going to have White Day date? It's on March, 14 when boyfriend give her girlfriend present, similar to Valentine's day (if i'm not mistaken). In Encounter i guess the timeline is they are now in Feb? Ohh i hope they're going to have romantic date to ease all the pain
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    These two are so adorable together! ********* This scene of Kim Jin Hyuk where he imitates the Little Prince painting is just one of the things that make this drama so special.
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    @jl08 So far, this is the best drama I've ever watched for a long time. I hope, the ending won't disappoint me, but I am quite optimistic. I thought, the episode from yesterday was epic but the episode 12 was as good as the one before.
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    I have a strong feeling this series will end in Cuba, in that garden They filmed for a month, I’m sure they have more footage than they let on Gah, why is there no preview??
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    Do you know that Dispatch has tweets and articles about the drama episodes? Just for the record: These are really screencaps from a Dispatch article. https://www.dispatch.co.kr/1634700
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    huhuhu! I don't know why? BIG HUGS @dukesa1122 Awww~ Too Gentle! Sweet!
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    LDC and Sec Jang are formally dating, he is complimenting her hair and looks. He says it reminds him of old days when mothers.... she cuts in and tells him to eat his food. kjh and sh are at the old widow’s place, she is going through all the side dishes that KJH got for her . Later in the car, SH says it looks like jh’s Mom is a really good cook. JH says she is an amazing cook, SH says she envies him bevauss her mom can’t cook. JH invites her to his place for a meal, she says she is angry because the old widow didn’t offer SH any of the side dishes and usually it’s the polite thing to offer food to others. JH teases her and says she is like a young school student. lagggggg
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    Sh tells him that he eats like a pig and it’s unappetizing, hahaha. He tells her he is touched that she cane out to see him, he really wanted to see her and she says she felt the same way. Lag. he asked her the reason for her liking him, - laaagg — something about KJH being the only person in the world. He insists on dropping her home. When they’re home, she tells him to leave. He tells her to scoot over and jumps into bed with her. She says she is uncomfortable and can’t sleep, tells him to have some tea and then go to his place. He pushes her down and says “ I’ve got tea at my place, did I come all the way for this?”. She throws him off, he sulks saying “ I came out in this cold weather”. But gets a big smile and says the bed is so comfortable, it “ feels like my rightful place”, then SH says nobody has slept on that side of the bed not even Sec Jang. KJH says that the side of the bed recognizes its owner. Lol. she fidgets again and he pulls her into his arms and says he wishes this is how they went to sleep every night, in each other’s arms. sH is quiet, he asks why and she says she is happy.
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    (the significance of hands and feet in Encounter, part 4) Love via cellphone While I was watching this drama for my analysis about feet and hands, I came to realize that the hands are often shown with the cellphone. This connection between hands and cellphone starts with this significant scene: JH takes a picture of his hand where he has just written his cellphone number. Striking is until that moment, we had no taking about cellphones. Why? First, when CSH meets JH for the first time, she has just lost her cellphone. JH didn't use it at all, he had his camera with him. However, when they are about to part from each other, CSH keeps asking about his phone number but JH refuses as he doesn't want to be misunderstood... he would rather like to meet her in person again hence he proposes to meet at the cafe for breakfast at 9.00 am. Since CSH doesn't show up, he leaves a note where he asks her what he always wanted to know: does she have a boyfriend? As you can see, JH doesn't seem to be the type who uses a lot his cellphone, he is rather a direct person. In the picture above, the connection between hands and cellphone is even reinforced because we have CSH's hands holding the phone and we have JH's hands represented in the picture. So indirectly, their hands touch each other through the cellphone. And this is really important because I had already analysed before that JH will use his hands to get closer to CSH and bring down her walls she had created around her. Remember this scene (episode 3), where they play at the beach: He describes himself as the biggest excavator in his neighborhood. With his hands, he puts away the sand and he wins each time. Therefore we could interpret this game as a metaphor for the future events. With his hands, he will little by little come closer to CSH's heart. With his hands, he will be able to destroy her thick walls and make her surrender. But since they had returned to the reality after leaving Cuba, JH was well aware that he had to start from the scratch. Here, CSH was not a destitute woman but a CEO. So there is this huge gap and if he wants to get closer to her, this time he needs to give her his cellphone number. He can not approach her directly, unlike in the past. Interesting is that director gives us another taking. Here JH is happily looking at his hand because he has not just made a move, he has also succeeded with his attempt to get closer to her. CSH didn't reject his offer. Striking is that after giving his cellphone number, JH receives no phone call and no text. He knows that she needs to make the first move as she has the upper hand. She is after all his boss and if he tries to ask her for her cellphone number, this might not be well perceived. JH is very well aware of the image he wants to give to her. So nothing happens... however, we see JH now using his cellphone more often. He checks on her via his cellphone. That's his only way to know what is happening to her. However, parallel to this, he keeps to be in touch with her with his hands. Since he can not see her directly, he counts the floors in order to know where her office is. Notice that the director uses two takings for this scene underlining his need for physical touch and closeness. As soon as he meets her, JH starts to use his hands for real to get closer to her, like here for example We shouldn't forget that he did the same gesture in Cuba and offering his arm marked the start of the first move to get closer to her hand. So he is using the same method again. But now, let us go back to our main focus, which is the use of the cellphone. Only in the episode 5, CSH contacts JH with her cellphone. But she doesn't call him. She texts him after seeing being depressed. So they don't talk to each other but exchange their thoughts via cellphone. Here, the cellphone helps them to create a private sphere where they can be genuine and even intimate. No one can hear them or even see them talking to each other. They can escape from the attention of the media and the journalists. This justifies why for a while, JH and CSH text each other a lot for a while. The fear to be seen together is still there, on the other hand, CSH starts getting more and more comfortable with JH so that in the episode 6, she is not scared to be seen with JH, when she puts his necktie. Some viewers were complaining that CSH seemed to be rather passive in her relationship with JH. However, the cellphone proves the opposite. She is the one who decides to text JH, when she notices his sadness. She wants to help him. She is also the one who called JH first with her cellphone (episode 7) In the same episode, JH uses his cellphone in order to know how far CSH's place is from the Han river. Initially, he is struggling because of his immanent transfer but his wandering thoughts make him realize that he misses her. He wants to be closer to her hence he makes a research. As you can observe the cellphone is here used again as a way to get closer to her. Moreover, he also realizes that he has no picture of her in his cellphone. Actually, he has already one picture of her, but only in his camera. Therefore we can conclude that the cellphone has become more important in JH's life. The closer he gets to her, the more he uses it which is understandable because he used the cellphone as a way to get closer to her first. This was his first approach. That way, he will be able to see her any time. The mobile usage illustrates the evolution of their relationship and their love. Then in the episode 10, JH is the first one who initiates the first video phone call. CSH feels uncomfortable while JH acts as the expert. However, I doubt that he has ever done a video phone call before. JH likes to make himself appear as competent, confident, strong and manly. Don't forget that he is the best excavator from his neighborhood, the expert with the game machine (where he failed), the docent in his neighborhood. As their relationship progressed, you can sense that JH feels more and more comfortable with his cellphone. He has changed a lot. I have the impression that he used to be a little old-fashioned when it comes to the cellphone. However, in the episode 11, hJH calls her in order to have an office romance in a hidden room and he uses it in order to sing to CSH. He has become more and more confident and so obvious that he is not able to hide his huge love for her. They are caught by the cleaning lady ("these are the good times") and his brother hears him singing. JH is more and more taking risks to be caught. What caught my attention in this scene above is his need to touch physically CSH while singing to her. So he goes to the white howl embodying our heroine and touch the plush toy. Our main character is indeed a greedy person, as he can not get enough of CSH. And let take us a closer look at JWS. In the beginning, we never see him calling CSH. They just meet and we have to assume that she called him (episode 3) or he called her. First, in the episode 10, we witness a scene where JWS calls CSH but the latter rejects the offer to meet him at the Sky lounge. This scene is quite important because it reveals that JWS has always had her cellphone number and he could contact her anytime. Yet, JWS has only one picture of CSH in his cellphone... the one he had before he met her. This proves that he never used the cellphone to get closer to her. Moreover, we never see him texting her. Only in the episode 11, he sends a text which CSH doesn't see as she is dating JH. But his text is rather common... while CSH and JH put a lot of thoughts in their texts. We see them texting one thing, then erasing the text and tip another text. In the pictures above with the texts, the viewer see the final message, the one JH and CSH read. To summarize, JWS's failure is visible with the mobile usage. He only sees it as a way to meet CSH. Our main leads utilize the mobile in order to cheer up their partner, to share their thoughts, to convey their love, to take pictures, to sing, to locate the person aso. JWS is a pragmatical person who is not romantic at all. Furthermore this also underlines JWS's lack of expression skills. He doesn't use the cellphone that much because he barely talks. Finally, the cellphone plays an important in the second couple: LDC and JMJ. Although both have a false impression of each other, they are able to connect through the cellphone. JM played a part in it as he downloaded the dating application. What caught my attention is that DC and JMJ post the same picture. They hide half of their face in the picture. The face, half covered, symbolizes that they are revealing just a part of their identity. They are not entirely revealing who they are. However, their relationship progresses much quicker than JH and CSH's as they have less hurdles. JMJ and LDC only needed to get rid of their prejudice and first impression. The app revealed that they had some affinities, yet JMJ had more expectations about her future boyfriend. The closer she gets to DC, the more she changes her criteria about a boyfriend. In the last episode, she made a move in that direction: she visited DC's restaurant as she wanted to see him... yet, she was a little embarrassed. Nevertheless, DC is a step ahead of her in my opinion. He openly admits that he likes her and he even mentioned marriage in front of his friends. @dukesa1122@celebrianna@dreaminsince1998@larrysouth@yonaomi123@NongpeeP @rosschienta17@nubianlegalmind@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb@Tasia@rosiepeonie188 @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Adorable couple deserve to have a happy ending
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    Wow, WS has some nerve on him. He's using the fact that the Cuba hotel had gone into crisis, and then been resolved by a new employee rather than by SH herself as reasons why the hotel is actually too much for SH to handle alone. And, he knows that it's his mother's plotting that put the Cuba hotel into crisis in the first place. That is just low, low, low. Until now, I've been defending WS as being mislead, but redeemable. I guess he's really his mother's son after all. Willing to do anything, no matter how reprehensible, if he can get what he wants. This isn't love any more. This is obsession that doesn't respect any boundaries. Sorry. Just getting around to watching the episode now, and got infuriated at the excuse that WS uses to force his way into becoming the co-CEO of Donghwa Hotel. Also, given WS' night time visit to JH to warn him off, JH knows that WS is there because of himself and SH, so now JH is going to feel some responsibility for making things even tougher for SH. Ugh.
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    About JWS, initially I gave him the benefit of the doubt, that he loves CSH and just doesn’t know how to express it. But after ep 10, that guy is just a sel***h bas***d (pardon my language). He could have given the video to CSH to help her out in the bad situation or even stop the bad situation from happening but instead he used it for his own gain. But too bad for him, it backfired because great things came out of it. By by the way, I lost my bet on the bed scene, I was really hoping for “it” to happen darn!
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    KJH visited CSH at her office, their hearts are heavy with the obstacles and pressure to each other which made them concern another. Do you know how much I hate this ex-husband who is the reason why KJH had this unhappy face and was in deep pain.
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    I knew it!!! She chose Jh’s Dinner!! Sent sec Jang and Driver Nam to the death ceremony. KJh is shocked!!!!!!
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