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    My gifts (gifs) to the thread.... Cha Soo Hyun has gone a looooong way!
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    Love in Cuba tvN lied to us, it is not a melodrama, it is a lovestory and a very beautiful one on that. They have truly captured all the moments to be cherished till eternity ******** Such beautiful pics. Kyo’s beauty is just incomparable. https://twitter.com/_AuroraRain_/status/1083104077779738624
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    The relaxed and happy vibe of this scene is so lovely. JH and SH are just a young, beautiful couple in love and having fun in Havana. SH is the happiest that we've seen her in thus far, and that's probably in her whole life, since her childhood at least after her father decided to become a politician. She's just basking in the love of JH who is the playful, affectionate, caring, protective boyfriend. And the kissing scene on the balcony is well done as well. It's a natural progression for them from being lovers having a wonderful day together to sharing the night together. No translation needed for this clip since all that is said are a few random comments from them on the beach such as JH saying "Oh, that color is really..." while pointing out the blues of the sky as they're walking. However, I'm still posting this YT clip because it's so much fun, and not just because it's another sweet kiss scene, and I'm being pervy.
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    First of all, OH MY WEAK HEART (and stomach, i got butterflies every second our OTP got together on screen). After my link finally worked, i need to digest, drink water and took a deep breath first. Ahhhh I love love love this episode! Encounter absolutely raising the bar so high for K-Romantic drama. It's just on another level. Cuban cinematography and color pallete are so gorgeous. Their visual are killing me.. them in car, while JH block the sun from SH's eyes is everything! Then the sneaking boyfriend scene, drunken girlfriend, and the sudden attempt of JM joining the song are so hillarious. Also, the way JH put the couple ring inside film cup, grabbed SH's hand, put her hand in his pocket to find the ring.. GURL!!! NEVER EVER LET THIS GUY GO!!!
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    Borrowing the picture from @NongpeeP. Just some thoughts after watching episode 11. It seems that the wolf in the last frame of the graphic is being petted on the nose by SH even as she's comfortably held in JH's embrace (assuming the male and female figures in the graphic are JH and SH ). So, I don't know whether the wolf is SH's ex-husband or more symbolic of the various forces ranging against JH and SH's relationship, including the disapprobation of the public, Taeyang Group, SH's ex-husband, the Director who covets SH's position, JH's family's concern, or even SH's uncertainty of their relationship. Still, the fact that the tableaux seems peaceful to me with SH petting the wolf seems to indicate that the wolf is being tamed by SH and JH. Given the episode, I rather liked the potential symbolism of the wolf as SH's uncertainty which is then tamed by JH and SH affirming their couple-dom with each other in the exchange of the rings. This is just such an easy love story with such an attractive OTP. Their scenes of being cute together just puts a smile on my face watching them. JH maneuvering for a quick kiss from SH at work was very cute, with their text messages and phone calls, despite being foiled. Drunk SH is definitely a cute SH, especially as she allows herself to express herself openly about how much she likes JH. I also liked the ending with the little reminder that while the OTP are becoming more comfortable as a couple, they still have to deal with the external world, including the people who love them as well as the people who mean them harm. WS' confrontation with JH that ends the episode is interesting. When JH asks WS what brings him there, WS' response is "The woman whom I fell in love with at first sight and who I'm still deeply in love with." I think WS is just a sad soul who can't admit that he's possibly gambled stupidly and lost the love of his live without her even ever knowing that she was the love of his life, but that it's too late, even if she knew, for her to ever come back. I'm also okay if the symbolic wolf is WS, since JH and SH can tame WS and help him become a real man rather than a playboy at his mother's whim. Either way, unless they pull a last minute fast one, I'm becoming more and more convinced that we're going to get a happy ending with this OTP. Ohmygosh, I totally had a chuckle as well. And, then I had to blush at where my thoughts had led me...
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    After scrutinising the much-anticipated balcony kiss..... I really love this sweetness overload kiss scene too! They really kiss like a couple so in love with each other and needed to make love make intimate physical contact with their lips! They also look so comfortable with each other and their lips found each otherls so naturally! CSH is spoiling KJH.....and he (PBG) looks kinda shy at the end..... SHK is truly gorgeous, needless to say. She's so adorable when she's drunk! I said before that I like PBG's mature look when he's looking serious but..... Oh boy, I find him really, really so handsome and manly when he's kissing! I could drown in his passionate look... Ottoke.... Best SCREEN couple ever! Best kissing scenes! Best Feel Kiss! Best love story! Best romance drama! Best chemistry! Couple with most natural intimate scenes! Best heart-fluttering scenes! Most Gorgeous couple! I'll award the PD as best PD only after he gives us Mr and Mrs KJH and their juniors. Calling PD Nim of "Boyfriend"...... Juseyo!
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    An ep 12 preview translation JH: If for the sake of that person there is something to be endured, whatever that is, I won’t run away from it. Chairwoman: Since it’s turned out like this, I guess the only thing left is to finish taking care of the hotel. (me: I think this refers to getting the hotel back from SH?) SH: Thanks to Jin Hyuk-shi, whatever fear is, I’ve gained strength. JH: I’m just here behaving so well, so what are you worried about? That’s too unfair. (me: LOL. Nice move.) WS: Between your bravery and my persistence, whichever side it is, will probably take of it. JH: I will protect that person according to my own ways.
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    She finds the rings in his coat pocket , he teases her and says her mood must be suddenly uplifted. She agrees, he slides the ring on her finger and promises to upgrade the ring in a year. SH says why would one upgrade rings annually, JH says the ring doesn’t match the standard of her other jewelry. She agrees, she lifts her hand up and says it doesn’t match because the ring is way more beautiful than any other piece of jewelry she owns . he promises never to leave her side and she doesn’t need to worry about him going far away like her friends. He promises to slowly make sure that everything works out for them, SH is overjoyed. They hug and he asks her if she would like to take more pictures, they take a picture of their rings.
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    @NongpeeP That's why I am still thinking that the wolf mostly symbolizes JWS, he wants to buy shares of the hotel so that he becomes the shining knight. This is why the wolf stops in front of CSH... his first attempt is not to eat her. However, this doesn't mean that the wolf is tamed. But my prediction is, once he realizes that this move won't give him the expected result, he might decide as Co-Ceo to put CSH under pressure. Notice the contrast between JWS's rings and KJH's rings. He put a lot of thoughts... they went to a beautiful place, they took pictures and he let her find the plastic box. JWS just put the rings on the table saying that it was romantic. He keeps using his money... the wine, the flowers, the shares... He is just deaf, blind and arrogant!! CSH has insecurities and even abandonment issues. JWS literally abandoned her, when he faked the affair and begged for the divorce. I have the impression that CJH will sacrifice himself for his daughter's sake... revealing the bribe and the circumstances of the marriage so that T. Group will lose its reputation and suffer a lot.
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    Episode 11 Reviews Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Park Bo Gum ♥ Song Hye Gyo, secret date → Drunken Truth → couple ring.. uneasiness x happy times 1. [+1745,-32] The scenes in Cuba are like a movie.. 2. [+1156,-26] It's so pretty. I've been waiting, and even waiting is heart fluttering.... The Cuba scenes are really lovely, the playground scenes and couple rings. Fighting, Boyfriend, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo. ♡♡♡ They are so pretty~ So lovely. Today's was the best, really.. 3. [+945,-30] The all-in-one Park Bo Gum gift set. Thank you for doing this drama. 4. [+721,-19] Park Bo Gum's charisma is awesome today. 5. [+666,-33] I'm appointing Song Hye Gyo and Park Bo Gum as the masters of melodramas~~ 6. [+284,-3] Kim Jin Hyuk is such a sweet and gentle man. Is there a boyfriend like that? Park Bo Gum's acting is so heart fluttering. He does well. 7. [+244,-1] Park Bo Gum is so cool when he sang Drunken Truth [t/n: by Kim Dong Ryul]. And when he faced her ex-husband, his face changed. He's a cold and handsome man. 8. [+196,-1] I have to go to work, but I can't sleep tonight. Ah, seriously. I have to watch the rerun at dawn. I can't even sleep. Song Hye Gyo and Park Bo Gum have insane chemistry. 9. [+146,-3] I'm just thankful that Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo did this melodrama. Every scene in this episode is perfect, it's so interesting. Ah, this drama is getting more and more interesting. Park Bo Gum is so sexy in Cuba. He looked so affectionate when he delivered his lines while giving her the couple ring. And at the end, his expression turned cold. His acting is so handsome!! Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Park Bo Gum ♥ Song Hye Gyo, heartfelt confession "My heart's filled with you" 1. [+1817,-50] The scenes in Cuba made my heart explode today. Looks like workplace romance is such a good thing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is Park Bo Gum so good at acting sly? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+1291,-36] Today's episode is insane. Jin Hyuk is so heart fluttering. Be happy with Soo Hyun. Cuba is so pretty. 3. [+1069,-29] They are so sweet and pretty today. It feels like my dead love cells are alive again. Park Bo Gum is so handsome. 4. [+876,-32] Park Bo Gum who sang Drunken Truth is so cool. 5. [+262,-15] Song Hye Gyo's just taking pictures, but why is she so pretty? 6. [+193,-5] Seriously, today's episode ㅋㅋㅋ was so sweet. It's insane. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My heart's filled with Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun couple. ♥︎ Isn't Park Bo Gum really good at delivering his lines? 7. [+181,-4] Today's episode is really sweet and heart fluttering. Grape, Peach, let's be happy. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo do melodramas well. 8. [+166,-4] Song Hye Gyo is so pretty. Why is she so pretty? I get so immersed because she has good acting skills with that face. Park Bo Gum is so sexy. Park Bo Gum is handsome, but he's more sexy. It's so fun. Source: melohwa.blogspot.com
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    Okay, this is just so seriously romantic. The walk where JH gives SH the couple rings. H: What is this-? (finding a 35 mm film canister in his pocket) (JH just mimes shaking the canister to her, so SH does, then opens it to find couple rings) JH: Your mood has suddenly gotten better, hasn’t it? SH: Very much so. (JH puts a ring on SH’s finger.) SH: It’s pretty. JH: Once a year, I’ll upgrade it for you. SH: How can you do that? You can’t change couple rings every year! JH: Because it’s too different from my Cha Soo Hyun-nim’s jewelry. (meaning the ring is not as good as SH’s other jewelry) SH: It is very different. (holds up her hand) This one is the absolute prettiest! JH: Inside me, you fill me up completely. Unlike the friends that Cha Soo Hyun had liked, I can’t go far away or disappear. Since I am wholly Cha Soo Hyun’s. I, until the day that you sleep (meaning the day she passes away), until that day, I will protect you by your side. (SH hugs him) JH: In time, I’m going to do everything for you. SH: I’m so excited! JH: Shall we take a picture? (SH nods, then puts a ring on JH’s finger.) (Later, in SH’s closet, she starts to take the ring off, but stops herself. JH in his room has no intention of taking it off.) The couple rings in of themselves are sweet, and indicative of JH's regard of her and his desire that they be a couple. However, his words to her are even more than the ring. They convey love, respect, and a solid, unwavering support with a promise to never leave her side and to always be on her side, something that she's never had from anyone, not even her parents. I think that's the last of the YT clips for me to translate and enthuse over for now.
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    He takes her home, she almost elbows him twice when he is trying to help her to her bed. He kisses her forehead and cheek, looks around the room and notices her painting and lingers for a while then leaves. Sh wakes up and remembers, she force fed him carrots. Then points at his eyes and says they’re pretty, points at lips and says everything about him is pretty. Ends up kissing him. He has to drag her to the car. She even calls him Driver Nam in her drunkenness. he calls her and starts singing drunken truth, it’s because she might have been embarassed about last night. This is him attempting to pre-empt any awkwardness. Where do I get myself a KJh?
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    This is a translation of JH and SH's exchanges near the beginning of the episode, though I don't have any video. I'm putting the conversation in a spoiler since it's a long piece. I wrote it up because I just thought the exchanges were too adorable. It starts with the text messages after JH has reported back for work at the Donghwa Hotel in Seoul having been transferred back, and finishes with getting interrupted in the quiet space where JH and SH meet while JH was just about to score a kiss from SH. I just had to laugh during the sequence. If Havana was about being free to indulge themselves in their romance, Seoul is about trying to make their romance work despite the various constraints. This scene sets the tone that JH is going to continue to be eager to be with SH, even while respecting her position and her, and doing it all with a sense of fun. This sequence was a lengthy one in which, really, it was about JH just being a guy trying to get a quick kiss from his girlfriend at work.
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    How are these the same person? Cr.@mywinter_93 Cr. @nowornever0616 We have trauma since 2015... If this drama had more darkness and our Jinhyukie had 0.001% maliciousness in him, in Ep.12 WooSeok would be found dead. It’s been almost 4 years but this gaze still gives me chills
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    @NongpeeP Like you, from the start I never felt pity for JWS. To me, he was already self-centered and selfish the way he asked for the divorce. He wanted to be loved by her... but he never tried to make her like him. To love, you need to make an effort, like JH said. For him, CSH was so emotionless. She was part of the problem. He never questioned himself. Being handsome, rich and powerful were good reasons to see him as a good party in his mind. This was enough. Concerning his selfishness and ruthlessness: Even if he didn't cheat, CSH had to endure the humiliation of being stigmatized as a cheated wife by the media, had the impression that her husband didn't love her... and most importantly he let her handle the consequences of the divorce alone. The divorce contract was made by his mother but JWS didn't stop her. He definitely knows about the content. He knew about the clause and for 4 years, he changed nothing. Why? Because that way he felt entitled to monitor CSH's life. He became the stalker, the moment she was a divorcee. In his mind, he thought, this woman doesn't seem to have a heart, she is so cold-faced... maybe with the time, she will change. And he waited for a signal that CSH was living like a normal woman. He never understood why CSH was never attracted to him. He never told her that he loved her and he never thought that he needed to give love in order to receive love (give and take). For him, it is all about to take. If he had to give something, then his expensive gifts... JWS is so confident that he will win... in reality, he thinks, if he wins the hotel, then CSH will come back to him, she is used to that luxurious life. Yet this is not going to happen. CSH will follow JH, she will be willing to give up her seat if needed. And JWS will be left empty-handed. Honestly, I wished, CSH would win the law suit because this special clause seems to be excessive, even "illegal". There is also a reason why Donghwa hotel was never successful before and on the verge of bankruptcy... How can a queen perceive her clients as "kings" and serve them correctly? For her, everyone is a subject... hence she never tried to treat the clients as "kings". Everything evolves around her and for that kind of business, you need the exact opposite disposition: be "humble and gentle" so that they feel comfortable like home. @rosiepeonie188@nikir @thadora@jl08 @xu_lyfe @twtwb @thistle@roshzanna @shyguitar @Tasia @Yongzura @sassylove
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    When I translated that scene, I translated that line as "You fill me up completely." A more literal translation of that could be: "Inside me, you have filled me and are densely spread throughout me." Trust me, it sounds way more romantic the way he says it in Korean. But, the meaning I hope is clear, that not only is she inside him, but she's pervaded every cell of him, so that she is a part of him, and he can't be apart from her. Though, I have to admit that "You're tight inside me." sounds waaaayyy more risque.
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    SH wakes up from her drunk night, and JH teases her on the phone by serenading her. A translation underneath. (SH remembers her drunken night in flashbacks) SH: My Jin Hyuk, say “ahhh”. JH: My Soo Hyun-shi should eat it. SH: Eat it! (shoving it into his mouth, he chews) So nice. (me: this last line means that JH is being obedient) SH: Aigoo, so pretty! Your eyes are pretty. And your lips look pretty, too. (kisses him while he laughs) So cute! SH: Whyyyyy? If I get in, then we’re going for a second round, right? JH: Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. SH: Manager Nam (meaning Driver Nam), let’s go to the office. (end flashbacks as SH keels over in embarrassment. SH gets a phone call from JH.) SH: Oh, Jin Hyuk-sshi, did you get home okay last night? JH: (singing) Okay, I don’t know if I might have been drunk. I don’t know if it was a mistake. When it’s morning, because I don’t remember at all, I don’t know if I’ll be worried. However, definitely, tonight, I have something to say to you. Even though I’m sorry for my weakened looks (me: while drunk), don’t think it was all just drunken nonsense. SH: Stop it now. I remember everything. JH: (still singing) Whenever, the words that I prepared to say when I’m in front of you come out the reverse of what I meant, I turn around and regret them. But now, I’ll confess to you that I loved you from the first. I love you like this. Even if my awkward words seem corny or unbelievable, for me, they’re not just words. Never again - MH: (coming into the room singing) Never again… JH: Second verse will be later. (hangs up) (SH gets out of bed singing the song. LOL) So funny. Both SH's horrified flashbacks, but also JH calling her to tease her about her drunken behavior. However, his teasing is so sweet actually. I mean, SH in her drunken state had really just shown how attracted she was to him. And, JH knows that he loves her, so even though it's a tease, he's actually still singing that he loves her, and that he knows that she loves him regardless of how she embarrassed she might be this morning after. Plus, it's cute how he hangs up with a promise to sing the second verse to her later. LOL
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    My favorite scene for tonight is the drunk scene. The effect of the alcohol put down her guard and she became bolder in saying the things she can’t say when she’s sober. I love that she kissed him while appreciating every feature of his face. It’s hilarious! She made him eat the carrot. You’re right, there is parallelism in everything. I love it!
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    Funny is that I wrote three analysis about feet and hands this week and KJH took pictures of their feet and hands in the last episode!
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    Nope. I can't spare 2 entire episodes for separation. There's no time to make babies. Please, we have only 5 episodes left. No separation needed....lol. PD Nim, please make the best of it and give us what we want! We want more beautiful moments of KJH and CSH in each other's arms; we want their families to rally for them; we want sweet tender kisses and hugs; We want a beautiful Cuban wedding and a gorgeous honeymoon night; We want all 5 episodes of sweet moments more than evil moments please! We don't want too much time on the evil Chairman Kim and JWS. They don't make us happy at all. We want to see our sweet couple overcome their problems as soon as possible and focus on their wedding preparations. I want to see Cuba again!
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    Sh starts crying, she tells him that she is scared that one day he won’t be with her. That he too will be made to leave her like her friends in the past. He tells her that he is right there and not going anywhere, he promises that he will only be 1 Metre away from SH at all times. She says okay but then grumbles that a metre is too far, JH scoots his chair and face close to her and says how about 10 cms!?
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    Another great episode. This episode had a lot of endearing scenes to enjoy.They are now engaged. Maybe after the conflict (the wolf ,Jung Woo Suk?) WEDDING will take place. I Loved you from the beginning c as tagged ********* PREVIEW JH – If I have to do something to save her, whatever it takes, I won’t run away. HJ – This happened so we can take care of the hotel well, that is all we need to do. SH – Because of you Jin-hyeok, fear is fading away from me. JH – I am behaving well over here, so what are you worried about? WS – Your courage and my struggle, we will see which one will be decided JH – I am going to save her my own way. https://www.dramamilk.com/encounter-episode-11-live-recap/
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    Wow! Sweetness overload... Yes, forehead kiss, cheek kiss....I was holding my breath for the lips next....but alright, it might not be gentlemanly of him to kiss her lips when she's asleep right? (Consoling myself) Though the balcony scene wasn't what was shown to us in ep 10, still, it was so sweet! This couple is responsible for all the diabetic conditions that we're suffering from. Hmmm....I wonder if the hot balcony scene was changed for some reason....our OTP was definitely on fire in the preview! The drunk scene, I could feel CSH's insecurity, because of her experience so I'm so glad that KJH recognised her fear and bought the rings as a sign of commitment. That was so sweet of him. This scene reminds me of "Winter Sonata" somehow....KJH and CSH have such a beautiful date here and CSH posing for photos was cuteness overload. The location is beautiful and our couple's visual is no joke! They are so compatible! It's good that CSH has finally met KJH's parents and KJH met her dad too. At least, I'm hoping for support from their loved ones (except CSH's mum). But I must say that my heart is still beating so fast at the last 2 encounter - KJH's dad coming into the room to meet CSH and JWS confronting KJH. I'm anxious as to how KJH's dad will talk to CSH. I hope so. I want our couple to have as much support as possible from their respective families. P/S I've a feeling their 'bed' scene next will be a cute scene rather than a passionate frolicking expedition that we're all thinking of....lol Where's my boomboom town?
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    I don't think that JH's father will back stab his son. So meeting CSH might have another reason: he wants to know her, if she is serious about JH. Notice that his son revealed the truth to his father first. KJH confided to him because he admires and trusts him. Remember, he announced to his father his transfer first in order to prepare his mother. I guess, the father wants to see what kind of person CSH is and not rely on the media and her image.
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    You're only crazy if I'm crazy, too, because I also heard it and it made me wonder if someone was following them. ..........I'm still watching the ep but I had to come back and comment on the camera shutter clicking because I noticed it right away. I also noticed that now JH is taking pictures in color with his phone instead of B&W the way he did with his old camera. And I had to laugh when I saw JH sleeping in the airport. Can't imagine why he didn't get enough sleep in Cuba.
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    I have just finished Encounter ep.11 with English Subtitle. I can feel KJH's and CSH's love to each other. They are learning to understand each other more.KJH’s matching rings is the symbol of his promise to always be by CSH’s side and the ring can confirm CSH reality to have KJH, not just a dream. When CSH discussed with Mr.Nam about Director Bad, they are like a mafia. I appreciated KJH's dad who is blunt as CSH mentioned to KJH. KJH's dad said he trusts KJH but he wanna know KJH's thought about his tough love in order to consider whether to root on or to stop, KJH's dad directly told KJH his considering but not answer yet. I thought that KJH's dad might need to know CSH's thought(as he asked Manager to arrange meeting CSH) in order to complete his considering process. That's wise for a dad who loves his son and found out his son is in love with a woman in CEO position in a Chaebol’s shadow. CSH saw how KJH's family is, she felt their family bonding which she has not. For ex-husband who I will not remember his name, he asked one of Hotel's director to help him have co-CEO position in the hotel, such director who used to be a part of procuring CSH to be this ex-husband’s wife by persuading CSH’s dad that this ex-husband was not as badly as his family (still guilty from what ex-husband did to CSH and ashamed to face CSH’s dad) This ex-husband declared the war with KJH with the word of love at first sight and he still loves. From ep.11 and the preview, this ex-husband might try to be the knight on white horse to CSH about the hotel with his personal fund (money again), this time he did not prepare bag, shoes, dress, flower, luxury brands but the Donghwa hotel (is at risk by his mom and spy) that he thought CSH treasures. This Ex-husband wanna show KJH that KJH is not as rich as the ex-husband so KJH can not protect CSH as the Ex-husband is offering. ================================================= Watch: Park Bo Gum Sings A Sweet Serenade To Song Hye Kyo In “Encounter” TV/FILM Jan 10, 2019 by J. K Park Bo Gum made many hearts flutter with his performance in the latest episode of “Encounter”! The actor is currently starring as Kim Jin Hyuk in the tvN drama, with Song Hye Kyo playing his girlfriend Cha Soo Hyun. In episode 11 that aired on January 9, Cha Soo Hyun woke up in the morning feeling embarrassed as she relived flashbacks of what she’d done the night before while drunk, when she hadn’t been able to control her feelings of love and affection for Kim Jin Hyuk. She had lovingly fed him and raved about all his handsome features before landing a kiss on his lips, which made him laugh. He smiled at her fondly after getting her in the car to drive her home, despite her protests. As she sat on her bed looking mortified the next morning, her phone rang and she saw that it was Kim Jin Hyuk. She briefly steeled herself for the call before picking up and asking him, “Did you get home alright last night?” In lieu of an answer, Kim Jin Hyuk began singing Kim Dong Ryul’s song “Drunken Truth.” In the lyrics to the song, the singer makes a drunken love confession, as the alcohol is acting as their liquid courage to say something they’d always wanted to say. When he paused to hear her reaction, Cha Soo Hyun laughed and said, “Stop it, I remember everything.” He kept on singing with a big smile, and Cha Soo Hyun grinned as she listened to his serenade. Eventually he got interrupted by his brother Kim Jin Myung (played by Block B’s P.O), who burst into the room to join him in the song. Kim Jin Hyuk said to Cha Soo Hyun over the phone, “I’ll sing the second verse later,” and hung up, which made her smile again. https://www.soompi.com/article/1290197wpp/watch-park-bo-gum-sings-sweet-serenade-song-hye-kyo-encounter
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    And.... I just laughed at this translation: "You're Tight Inside Me" ... My imagination is running wild Apologies.. I'm thinking of dancing boomboom pow!
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    Even my double shot grande Americano feels so sweet watching this.
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    I noticed that in the preview of bed scene, KJH is wearing the same shirt so it could possibly mean he went to see her right after JWS’s confrontation. Which could also possibly mean, it’s ok for him not to come home that night since his parents are not home either. I’m betting boom2x town is happening! Lol.
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    Well, I don't mind their meddling because if the couple had to face no struggle, this would be boring. I remember one particular drama which started great but when the mystery and the issues were solved, it became a little dull. Moreover, the more encounters they have, the more we can feel and witness their love for each other. That's why no separation but they have to fight for their love.
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    I think boom boom town (LOL) already happened considering how touchy-feely JinHyuk is now. He even called her midday to come “talk” in an quiet hallway at work. He has some serious thirst. And for that reason I think the bed scene we saw in the preview might start cute but not end that way ;P
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    SH asks JH if he knows that she really likes everything these days. He says he feels the same way, she argues that she really really likes everything these days. So he asks her what does she like so much - she likes going out to eat ramyun, the snail and even the chicken feet. She confesses that it’s the first time trying chicken feet. Jh tells her she is even cuter when she is drunk, SH says she knows she is cute but pouts that nobody else knows that she is actually a very cute person. JH says that nobody need know as long as he knows. UwUuuu, my heart.
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    At the swings, they are having a cute argument about who is more considerate as a boyfriend and girlfriend. KJH whines that she doesn’t miss him as much as he misses her, he says he misses her and her face all the time. Then SH says that he doesn’t know how she was worried about him and his playground, so it’s actually him who is not familiar with her feelings. He smiles and pretends to huff then gets on his knees, he is beside her tapping her knee and says he is sorry. This is so sweet. I am going to get diabetes!
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    KJH is so naughty! I love it. back in Seoul he calls SH and tells her that he knows of a secret location in her hotel, she says she knows everything about her hotel. Then he leads her on this secret mission/treasure hunt sort of mission and tells her to come on a certain floor. SH is confused since there is a restaraunt on that floor, JH says he is impressed with her thorough knowledge but he wants her to come over there so he can show her that secret place. She enters the place, he teases her that she didn’t know of this storage facility(?) and he is looookinb at her lips. Then SH says let’s leave, he starts pouting and cornering her towards the wall about to make his move and someone enters. hahaha
  43. 21 points
  44. 21 points
    Awwww..Honey...I know you will keep your word. SH-ah , don't leave him ok? Or I will snatch him away from you. Writer- nim, I'm watching you in 3D, my babies better not be apart.
  45. 21 points
    It was perfect! I’ve been grinning like an idiot since this episode started. Everything was so perfect. @gumtaek those 100,000 people have good taste. @leedonghaek I liiive for the content in your posts! never let go
  46. 21 points
    I love the fact that JH had the rings in a film canister, just like he had his extra money in the film canister in Cuba.
  47. 21 points
    cr : _in__your_dream @gumtaek Sorry I just realised I posted the same gif.
  48. 21 points
    Driver Nam and Sh’s dad are at the hotel about to eat a meal, Sh’s Dad wants to eat elsewhere but Driver Nam wants to eat in the hotel - he accuses SH’s dad of being tight fisted about money. Driver Nam sees KJH calls him over and tells SH’s dad this is “the guy”. Introductions are made, Nam tells KJH that they are about to go eat outside the hotel and he should join them. KJH says he can’t today but he will rush to meet him on any other given opportunity, SH’s dad affectionately taps JH’s arm and tells him to join them next time. KWS hears this entire exchange.
  49. 21 points
    A news article about the tremendous number of replays by the audience ‘남자친구’ 송혜교-박보검, 시청자 무한 리플레이 유발! ‘꽁냥 포인트 4! ‘Boyfriend’ SHK-PBG, the four scenes causing an infinite number of replays amongst the audience The top 4 scenes from episode 9-10 1. Movie date 2. Farewell Kiss 3. Video call 4. Cuba Kiss the article says that the Cuba kiss caused sleepless nights for the audience members. It’s like the reporter was reading our posts.
  50. 20 points
    It's Soo Hyun's turn to get drunk! She keeps telling Jin Hyuk she likes him! Am blown away by our JinSoo's visuals and chemistry!
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