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    My gifts (gifs) to the thread.... Cha Soo Hyun has gone a looooong way!
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    First of all, OH MY WEAK HEART (and stomach, i got butterflies every second our OTP got together on screen). After my link finally worked, i need to digest, drink water and took a deep breath first. Ahhhh I love love love this episode! Encounter absolutely raising the bar so high for K-Romantic drama. It's just on another level. Cuban cinematography and color pallete are so gorgeous. Their visual are killing me.. them in car, while JH block the sun from SH's eyes is everything! Then the sneaking boyfriend scene, drunken girlfriend, and the sudden attempt of JM joining the song are so hillarious. Also, the way JH put the couple ring inside film cup, grabbed SH's hand, put her hand in his pocket to find the ring.. GURL!!! NEVER EVER LET THIS GUY GO!!!
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    An ep 12 preview translation JH: If for the sake of that person there is something to be endured, whatever that is, I won’t run away from it. Chairwoman: Since it’s turned out like this, I guess the only thing left is to finish taking care of the hotel. (me: I think this refers to getting the hotel back from SH?) SH: Thanks to Jin Hyuk-shi, whatever fear is, I’ve gained strength. JH: I’m just here behaving so well, so what are you worried about? That’s too unfair. (me: LOL. Nice move.) WS: Between your bravery and my persistence, whichever side it is, will probably take of it. JH: I will protect that person according to my own ways.
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    She finds the rings in his coat pocket , he teases her and says her mood must be suddenly uplifted. She agrees, he slides the ring on her finger and promises to upgrade the ring in a year. SH says why would one upgrade rings annually, JH says the ring doesn’t match the standard of her other jewelry. She agrees, she lifts her hand up and says it doesn’t match because the ring is way more beautiful than any other piece of jewelry she owns . he promises never to leave her side and she doesn’t need to worry about him going far away like her friends. He promises to slowly make sure that everything works out for them, SH is overjoyed. They hug and he asks her if she would like to take more pictures, they take a picture of their rings.
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    He takes her home, she almost elbows him twice when he is trying to help her to her bed. He kisses her forehead and cheek, looks around the room and notices her painting and lingers for a while then leaves. Sh wakes up and remembers, she force fed him carrots. Then points at his eyes and says they’re pretty, points at lips and says everything about him is pretty. Ends up kissing him. He has to drag her to the car. She even calls him Driver Nam in her drunkenness. he calls her and starts singing drunken truth, it’s because she might have been embarassed about last night. This is him attempting to pre-empt any awkwardness. Where do I get myself a KJh?
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    My favorite scene for tonight is the drunk scene. The effect of the alcohol put down her guard and she became bolder in saying the things she can’t say when she’s sober. I love that she kissed him while appreciating every feature of his face. It’s hilarious! She made him eat the carrot. You’re right, there is parallelism in everything. I love it!
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    Funny is that I wrote three analysis about feet and hands this week and KJH took pictures of their feet and hands in the last episode!
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    Nope. I can't spare 2 entire episodes for separation. There's no time to make babies. Please, we have only 5 episodes left. No separation needed....lol. PD Nim, please make the best of it and give us what we want! We want more beautiful moments of KJH and CSH in each other's arms; we want their families to rally for them; we want sweet tender kisses and hugs; We want a beautiful Cuban wedding and a gorgeous honeymoon night; We want all 5 episodes of sweet moments more than evil moments please! We don't want too much time on the evil Chairman Kim and JWS. They don't make us happy at all. We want to see our sweet couple overcome their problems as soon as possible and focus on their wedding preparations. I want to see Cuba again!
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    Sh starts crying, she tells him that she is scared that one day he won’t be with her. That he too will be made to leave her like her friends in the past. He tells her that he is right there and not going anywhere, he promises that he will only be 1 Metre away from SH at all times. She says okay but then grumbles that a metre is too far, JH scoots his chair and face close to her and says how about 10 cms!?
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    Wow! Sweetness overload... Yes, forehead kiss, cheek kiss....I was holding my breath for the lips next....but alright, it might not be gentlemanly of him to kiss her lips when she's asleep right? (Consoling myself) Though the balcony scene wasn't what was shown to us in ep 10, still, it was so sweet! This couple is responsible for all the diabetic conditions that we're suffering from. Hmmm....I wonder if the hot balcony scene was changed for some reason....our OTP was definitely on fire in the preview! The drunk scene, I could feel CSH's insecurity, because of her experience so I'm so glad that KJH recognised her fear and bought the rings as a sign of commitment. That was so sweet of him. This scene reminds me of "Winter Sonata" somehow....KJH and CSH have such a beautiful date here and CSH posing for photos was cuteness overload. The location is beautiful and our couple's visual is no joke! They are so compatible! It's good that CSH has finally met KJH's parents and KJH met her dad too. At least, I'm hoping for support from their loved ones (except CSH's mum). But I must say that my heart is still beating so fast at the last 2 encounter - KJH's dad coming into the room to meet CSH and JWS confronting KJH. I'm anxious as to how KJH's dad will talk to CSH. I hope so. I want our couple to have as much support as possible from their respective families. P/S I've a feeling their 'bed' scene next will be a cute scene rather than a passionate frolicking expedition that we're all thinking of....lol Where's my boomboom town?
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    I don't think that JH's father will back stab his son. So meeting CSH might have another reason: he wants to know her, if she is serious about JH. Notice that his son revealed the truth to his father first. KJH confided to him because he admires and trusts him. Remember, he announced to his father his transfer first in order to prepare his mother. I guess, the father wants to see what kind of person CSH is and not rely on the media and her image.
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    I noticed that in the preview of bed scene, KJH is wearing the same shirt so it could possibly mean he went to see her right after JWS’s confrontation. Which could also possibly mean, it’s ok for him not to come home that night since his parents are not home either. I’m betting boom2x town is happening! Lol.
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    Well, I don't mind their meddling because if the couple had to face no struggle, this would be boring. I remember one particular drama which started great but when the mystery and the issues were solved, it became a little dull. Moreover, the more encounters they have, the more we can feel and witness their love for each other. That's why no separation but they have to fight for their love.
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    I think boom boom town (LOL) already happened considering how touchy-feely JinHyuk is now. He even called her midday to come “talk” in an quiet hallway at work. He has some serious thirst. And for that reason I think the bed scene we saw in the preview might start cute but not end that way ;P
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    SH asks JH if he knows that she really likes everything these days. He says he feels the same way, she argues that she really really likes everything these days. So he asks her what does she like so much - she likes going out to eat ramyun, the snail and even the chicken feet. She confesses that it’s the first time trying chicken feet. Jh tells her she is even cuter when she is drunk, SH says she knows she is cute but pouts that nobody else knows that she is actually a very cute person. JH says that nobody need know as long as he knows. UwUuuu, my heart.
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    At the swings, they are having a cute argument about who is more considerate as a boyfriend and girlfriend. KJH whines that she doesn’t miss him as much as he misses her, he says he misses her and her face all the time. Then SH says that he doesn’t know how she was worried about him and his playground, so it’s actually him who is not familiar with her feelings. He smiles and pretends to huff then gets on his knees, he is beside her tapping her knee and says he is sorry. This is so sweet. I am going to get diabetes!
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    KJH is so naughty! I love it. back in Seoul he calls SH and tells her that he knows of a secret location in her hotel, she says she knows everything about her hotel. Then he leads her on this secret mission/treasure hunt sort of mission and tells her to come on a certain floor. SH is confused since there is a restaraunt on that floor, JH says he is impressed with her thorough knowledge but he wants her to come over there so he can show her that secret place. She enters the place, he teases her that she didn’t know of this storage facility(?) and he is looookinb at her lips. Then SH says let’s leave, he starts pouting and cornering her towards the wall about to make his move and someone enters. hahaha
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    Driver Nam and Sh’s dad are at the hotel about to eat a meal, Sh’s Dad wants to eat elsewhere but Driver Nam wants to eat in the hotel - he accuses SH’s dad of being tight fisted about money. Driver Nam sees KJH calls him over and tells SH’s dad this is “the guy”. Introductions are made, Nam tells KJH that they are about to go eat outside the hotel and he should join them. KJH says he can’t today but he will rush to meet him on any other given opportunity, SH’s dad affectionately taps JH’s arm and tells him to join them next time. KWS hears this entire exchange.
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    A news article about the tremendous number of replays by the audience ‘남자친구’ 송혜교-박보검, 시청자 무한 리플레이 유발! ‘꽁냥 포인트 4! ‘Boyfriend’ SHK-PBG, the four scenes causing an infinite number of replays amongst the audience The top 4 scenes from episode 9-10 1. Movie date 2. Farewell Kiss 3. Video call 4. Cuba Kiss the article says that the Cuba kiss caused sleepless nights for the audience members. It’s like the reporter was reading our posts.
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