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    The significance of hands and feet in Encounter (part 1) Everyone remembers this scene: At the end of the episode 3, KJH moves his foot closer to CSH's shoes... but just a little, while he confesses that he went to Sokcho because he wanted to see her, he missed her. After hearing that KJH feels something for her, she moves her foot away from his. With this camera position, the director wanted to use the foot as symbol for the attempt of KJH to change their relationship. He doesn't want to keep this boss-employee relationship any longer, he definitely wants more and since he knows from the radio that CSH considers him as friend, he thought, he could try to be acknowledged as friend. Notice the connection between the small distance he moved his foot and his attempt to ask her to become an official friend. We know that he loves her because from the first episode, he was interested to know if she had a boyfriend. Yet here he only asks merely for a friendship as he knows that he can not ask for more right now. But as you can see, CSH rejects his offer and tries to maintain that relationship as boss-employee. A lot of people understood the symbolism behind this scene, however what I , like many viewers, failed to see is that the director and writer had been already using the feet and the hands as symbols since the first episode. Someone might even wonder as joke if the director is not a foot and hand fetish. Just in the first episode, we have 8 takings with the feet and 9 with the hands which is quite a lot. The first taking is this: JH brings her shoe back and puts it next to her foot. Here, her high heels embody the chaebol world which is a uncomfortable and painful world. That's why her foot has a wound. She might look good in high heels but with such shoes, it is impossible to walk for long and properly. JH with his hand offers assistance. Striking is the meaning behind the hand, JH has to lower himself but he doesn't mind it at all. The hand reflects two aspects: modesty and kindness. This simple taking has such a deep significance but it marks the start. From that moment, the director pays a lot attention to the hands, arms and feet of our protagonists. But let's go back to that scene where JH puts CSH's shoe in front of her. That's when he notices that her foot has a wound hence he proposes to walk barefoot. After convincing her, he offers his arm to help her to come down from the wall Notice that here KJH is keeping a certain distance from her, as he just offers his arm and not his hand. With some reluctance, CSH accepts his assistance one for time. But why does the director spend so much time on focusing on the hand and foot in this scene? In my opinion, first he would like to underline CSH's shyness, she is not used to physical contact. Secondly, he also outlines how quickly their relationship evolves. First, his hand was close to her foot which revealed a huge gap. Now, he is bold enough to offer his arm. The gap has diminished. Then we see her walking barefoot and at some point, JH looks at her feet and notice that they don't look good. CSH is not used to that way of life... being totally destitute that's why he proposes her to buy shoes. Since they drank beer together and walked together barefoot for a while, JH feels naturally closer to her that's why he grabs her arm gently without thinking as he proposes to buy sandals. It's a natural gesture but it outshines how comfortable JH already feels with her. For him, there is no longer any gap between them, they don't really belong to different worlds. However, CSH's reaction (she pushes his hand away) makes him realize that she is not feeling the same. She is definitely not used to be so physically close to anyone. Why buy shoes? He wants her to treat her like a princess but with his own means. He chooses "funny" shoes for her. She is hesitant to put on the sandals as this is totally new to her. However, the moment she puts on the shoes, she notices that they are comfortable. Since she looks at them, the viewer can feel her emotions. She is agreeably surprised that's why she accepts the sandals and walks later happily with him. But before that, the director focuses one more time on the feet. JH is still barefoot unlike CSH. So this taking illustrates that JH already gives priority to CSH. This zoom has another meaning. They are now in the same world... they are equal but not poor. They are not totally deprived. By experiencing walking barefoot, JH realized that CSH did belong to another world but he had no idea that she belonged to the chaebol world. As they walk together, CSH puts her hand on her stomach. She is signalizing that she is hungry. The hand is used here as a way to express oneself that's why we have sign language. The hand is a tool for communication. I had already pointed out that CSH had never been allowed to express herself. She had to remain silent and obedient, however she developed two strategies where she could express herself freely and show her emotions: the paintings and the hands. In other episodes, like in the episode 2 we see her caressing the watch she wore in Cuba. This tender and intimate gesture illustrates that she treasures this time spent with KJH. She is remembering all the emotions she felt that time. In this scene, she does it, when she is alone, no one can see her being so tender. But let's go back to the scene, where JH notices that she is hungry. This is really important because it shows that JH is a good observant. He already pays attention to her body language, which JWS doesn't and has never done. For him, she was always sour-faced as he only looked at her face. He never looked elsewhere. What caught my attention is when they are at the restaurant, the director has two similar takings. Unlike in the other camera positions, the hands are not the focus but they are both in the center of the zoom. Both serve the same purpose. JH's hand indicates his hesitation if he should pay for the salsa show, CSH uses her hand to hide her laugh and smile. Both are expressing a certain shyness. She doesn't dare to laugh in front of him, he is thinking if this is worth. He is still unaware if she is attracted to him or not. He had already told her that he found her cute. This "shyness and awkwardness" will be even more visible later, when they are about to part from each other. They already like each other but they don't know how to approach the other without looking like a flirt/playboy. But between the restaurant and the departure, they went to the salsa show... here, JH is able to take CSH's hands which is really important. She allows him to touch her and become close to her. It took JH the entire evening and night spent with her to be able to touch her, however this was for him a signal that he had some chances. That's why he wants to meet her the next morning. He wants to know if she is as interested in him as he is in her. What KJH didn't see is this. When she is in the taxi, she looks at her shoes and has a huge smile. CSH not only likes the shoes but she already perceives them as meaningful. She is happy and has already a good memory of the time spent with KJH. She doesn't feel that she belongs to a different world from KJH. This is the reason why the director pays so much attention to KJH and CSH's hands and feet. The evolution of their relationship is not only visible with the feet but also with the hands... CSH's shyness was the reason why KJH was very cautious around her and knew that he had to take little steps so that CSH would put down her walls and become physically intimate with him. Moreover, CSH shows a lot of emotions (anger, fear, ...) with her hands, as she has learnt to hide her thoughts and emotions. This is unnoticed by many, especially JWS, but not by KJH. So only in the episode 5, KJH was able to take CSH's hand again, when he proposed to have a some-relationship. It took him some time in order to come closer again... the gap between the two worlds was just so huge, however KJH was determined and persistent in his goal. First, he had thought that he had succeeded after having spent the afternoon with her, nonetheless when he saw this : he got anxious that he might have failed. As you can observe, the picture on the right shows two hands joined together... and KJH had not been able to take her hand after his return from Cuba. That's why he got worried... he knew that if he had touched her hand again, she wouldn't be able to cut ties with him. @dukesa1122@twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@Tasia@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Jamsan posted on YouTube I love this part.
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    The significance of hands and feet in Encounter (part 2) This time, my focus will be more about the relationship between HI and JH. Until the episode 5, we see that JH and HI are close but not so close friends as JH doesn't confide to her at all. She has no idea what happened in Cuba. Only when HI recognized him in the scandal, he had to explain himself. Striking is that JH feels comfortable around HI, he teases her, runs after her after joking but he doesn't really touch her physically. However, after revealing his identity in the hall, HI goes to a cafe and remembers the past. Interesting is that JH approaches HI in order to congratulate her. He knew that she would be alone hence he came. She is thankful but he just answers: What HI hasn't realized yet is what is about to happen. JH wants to take a picture and hugs her with one arm. What caught my attention in this scene was the hand. While JH is focusing on the camera, she looks at his hand that touches her shoulder. He has just declared that she was a good friend and here with this touch, HI perceives JH for the first time in a different light. His hand on her shoulder changes everything. From now on, she views him as a man. JH is unaware that his gesture is quite "intimate" as he keeps looking at the camera. He doesn't see how she looks at his face. She views him as a handsome man... JH's other hand is in the foreground, blurred which serves as contrast. JH is paying attention to the camera, not to the girl that stands so close to him and his face. For HI, the camera in front of her is not important... JH is more important to her hence the second hand of JH is blurred. With this taking, the viewer can see both perspectives: JH is unaware that his casual gesture has triggered something in HI, for him taking a good picture is more relevant. JH gave her the picture later and for HI, this picture symbolizes the moment she fell in love with JH, the moment she realized that JH was a man after all. She clings to that memory hoping to find strength that's why her hand is shown. For her, this picture is a treasure, the brief moment where she was so close to him: a happy memory which is linked to pain as well. Now, we all understand why HI was never able to confess to JH. Since he had declared before, they were friends... this picture marks for him the beginning of their real friendship (no more childhood friends), whereas for her it means the opposite: the moment she fell in love with him. Since JH had touched her so casually once, I sense that HI might have thought, JH would come to touch her again like in this scene and would experience the same. She hoped that staying close to him, a casual touch might happen which would trigger feelings in him. What HI didn't realize is that this memory has a different significance for JH: from that moment, he would always see her as a friend. That's why he keeps saying to her that she is a friend. However, I believe that his words must hurt her a lot because she is constantly reminded that in that moment she fell in love with him. Sure, HI had other reasons to believe that JH might come to love her... they belong to the same social class, she knows him well, she knows his family well too. On the surface, there was no reason for her to woo JH as he didn't seem to be the type to be interested in woman. @dukesa1122@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@Tasia@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    My train of thought was set off by that shot of the broken camera viewfinder. It's been driving me crazy!! But first, those portrait shots from the DOP. CSH on the way to Cuba, her image in the window, then the camera pulls back and we see her in the seat. Despite his positive vibe and open character KJH is passive in his interactions with the world. He watches the world from behind his camera and learns about the world from books. Our first view of KJH is him behind the camera, taking many photos of Cuba. All good, after all he is a photographer. He studies the world, he does not participate in it, he does not experience it. He doesn't seem to have had a girlfriend and learns about love from books. He observes people and things studiously from behind the lens, and notes the life lessons he's learned in his diary. He meets Samuel... He is sitting at a beautiful square but barely watches it, preferring to read. he takes a photo of the bird.... He must be pushed from passively studying the world from behind the camera, into actively participating in the world. That's why his camera breaks. Also note, in the crash scene, KJH doesn't get to see CSH, which is a key thing we're being set up for. (CSH is watching him from inside the car, which is obviously the glass screen between them.) The negotiation happens with Secretary and KJH tries to take a photo. KJH doesn't want compensation because memories cannot be compensated. But whose memories are they? His memories of other people's experiences. He's constantly watching and learning from other people, not experiencing life in front of the camera. Especially in our age of selcas. Public service announcement....Another one of those DOP portrait shots.... we jump to CSH at the hotel is being warned that something is about to happen in El Malecon, something perfect. Back to KJH, now that his camera is broken, he can finally participate in real life. He's attacked by a cutie who wants him to dance. He dances for a while with the girl on the street. His camera is not present. He now has some salsa dancing experience. The little girl is gonna come back later as CSH, lol, and he'll use his new moves on her. Elsewhere, CSH, ever observant as she discusses the camera issue with Secretary, makes a realisation as she passes by KJH on the streets. All this time KJH has not seen her. Later, they're on the way to El Malecon and KJH tries to use his camera. He spots CSH in the broken viewfinder but now has to put his camera down to look at her. He finally sees CSH, not as a subject to study photographically, but as a person. He's looking at her, not studying her. Of course, a bit later, he sees her almost fall over and runs just in time to catch her. He would not have been able to react fast enough to catch her if he was busy taking photos. His camera is slung across his shoulder in "resting pose". This is as opposed to someone actively taking photos who would have had the camera slung around one hand at least. CSH then nods off on his shoulder. We've already established that CSH is asleep to the world. She moves around on autopilot, barely experiencing anything. At this beach, she has taken sleeping pills and sleeps them off... She wakes up, and the two finally see each other, minus the obstructions in their lives, KJHs camera and the effect of her pills. This is the first time they look at one another consciously and lucidly. edit; as someone who loves to travel, I realised how much time I wasted taking photos and shopping for crap. Nowadays, I enjoy just being in a place, people watch extremely, take mandatory photos and shop for gifts on my last day. Minimal souvenirs. Thankfully I didn't break cameras for that... Maybe I should have, then I woulda met Mr Namja Chingu!!
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    So I reckon it's good to have something bright to help tie us over till Wednesday night for that highly acclaimed anticipated sexy steamy balcony scene where there were comments like "The young boyfriend is getting impatient already"....hehe...indeed, KJH and CSH needed to have an outlet with their overflowing love, after all the worries and problems. I rewatched their press con and I swear that they're really cute on stage - seriously overloading with chemistry even then. I can't help smiling at their attempts to make the heart sign together without relapsing into fits of laughter...I'm so glad that they got to work on "Boyfriend" together. It's always good to have a close noona or dongsaeng to fall back on in this industry. Apologies for the quality of the pics...my print screen button got sick.... Even at the press con , the PD gave a laugh when he said "These two...." at 3:50 then he commented that he was caught by surprise (4:16) with their overflowing chemistry and it's his first time seeing such awesome chemistry (4:25).... I think we're equally shocked to see such a gorgeous SCREEN couple with superb acting skills, taking part in such a beautiful drama, exhibiting professionalism at all time even while dripping honey in their steamy not so gentle extremely sweet kissing scenes. I don't want this drama to end.....I want my dose of sunshine to be prolonged! ..and I'm still smiling like an idiot just by looking at their sweet smile...
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    Thanks for the great news @gumtaekand @utkim More news- Tremendous increase in searches for Hotels and Flights to Cuba . According to survey information provided by Trip.com Asia, Cuba hotel searches have increased by 507% over the past month after a TVN drama "Boyfriend" was filmed in the background of Cuba's Havana. In the same period, searches for flights to Cuba increased by 458%. Due to the heightened interest in Cuba, Trip.com is also holding a promotional event ending on the 10th of January providing 2 free round tip tickets to Cuba on Air Canada since there are no direct flights to Cuba. Everyone rushing to Cuba to experience that romance. Soohyun ah don’t disappoint me, you better seal the deal with KJH tomorrow. Otherwise..KJH
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    Encounter ranks as nr1 content influence index from des 31st to Jan 6th https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002753585
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    The report said that in this scene JH and SH will confirm their strong heart to each other . https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000701135
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    This will be my final post for today. I realized something while watching the episode 6. The writer likes to use parallelisms. When JH does something for CSH, the latter will do the same. Episode 4: he stepped up and let people know that he was the man who ate ramyeon with her. He stopped the gossip. Episode 6: she stopped the rumor about JH being a stalker. She left no doubt, when she announced that they were in a some-relationship. Striking is that JH offers CSH a lipstick for her birthday but she doesn't wear it immediately. She is just waiting for the spring. JH has to ask her why she is not using his gift. On the other hand, she offers a necktie to JH which he doesn't wear either because he needs to practice more. She wonders where the necktie is and after hearing his explanation, he allows her to put his necktie. The parallelism is very visible with this situation: JH puts his scarf around her throat so that she doesn't get cold. This gesture is quite "intimate" , moreover, he does it outside. both don't pay attention to their surrounding. They are actually lucky, no one is watching them. Interesting is CSH's reaction. She doesn't push him away, hence her reaction illustrates that she has become comfortable around him. She had already put her hands around his waist while he rode his bike. Then in the same episode, we have the scene with the necktie. The roles are reversed: CSH is getting close to JH... and unlike her, he is quite excited by her gesture. He can't keep smiling. CSH was much calmer in the scene with the scarf. However, unlike in the scene with the scarf... this time, there is a witness. Yet the behavior from our protagonists is the same: they don't notice the presence of an intruder. As conclusion, I am quite sure that CSH will become as active and invested as JH in their relationship. @dukesa1122@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@Tasia@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    To me, it would be out of character, if KJH decided to keep his distance from CSH. Since the episode 3, KJH keeps trying to get closer and closer to her. First, he is fine to be her friend but the time between being a friend and being in a some-relationship is really short compared to the time, he tried to get closer to her. And don't forget these words: He knows that she has been lonely all her life. KJH is not like JWS who wants to see how much CSH loves him. JWS needs some action (showing interest) from her in order to see that love which is ridiculous as he doesn't initiate anything. KJH is fine if CSH takes her time to become closer and closer to him. In my opinion, the ending of the episode 9 shows that CSH has changed. Not only she traveled to Sokcho to see him but next to the lighthouse, she is walking towards him. She makes steps in his direction, while in the past (episode 3 and 4), KJH was the one who moved his feet in her direction. From the episode 9, she has become proactive, she is not just standing there. Sure, unlike KJH she doesn't run but there is a huge improvement. From my point of view, CSH will become more offensive with KJH. For me, this couple will stay together despite everything... JWS ran away and abandoned her. JH is the opposite of him that's why I am not expecting any break-up. The question is: will CSH even be ready to give up that hotel? Or will she fight against family Kim and win the law suit? I am sure, at the end of the day, our heroine will be happy to cut ties with Taegyeong Group. This will be the conclusion. Either she remains the CEO of Donghwa Hotel or she has to give up that seat to JWS who tried to propose a deal to her: "keep the hotel but marry me!" What I have in my mind is: she might be able to keep the land in Cuba. The landowner knew about JH and her. Like she can open her own hotel...
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    @dukesa1122: the way I understood from the lines of Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk, the agreement of "No news is good news," is not a break-up but a mutual understanding that they will will not contact each other unless something really bad happens. The relationship was very much intact. That's why I couldn't understand the Soompi article when they wrote about the break-up as one of the things they hated in the drama. What I found rather amusing and endearing at the same time was the bet they made on who was going to give up on the "no contact" agreement. We know that CSH lost the bet and KJH was asking when they reunited what was going to be the prize for winning it. I wonder if the ending of Episode 10 was the prize for KJH?
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    From Song Hye Kyo herself: @jl08: I can't find an Eng subbed Video Cut where the PD-Nim raved about their chemistry.
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    @africandramalover I liked your analysis about JH as a passive observant who looks at the world through his camera and books. However, this image of a young who appears first as rather passive is presented in the second episode in a different light. When he is interviewed at Donghwa Hotel, he is asked what kind of part-time jobs he had. His answer is: delivery, waiter and worker at a construction site. He wasn't a tutor and the interviewer asked him for the reason: This physical labor shows that KJH is not that passive, he gained a lot of experience and strength as well. He has learnt what effort means. He is much more stronger than he looks like.
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    They've come a long way, from sharing shredded squid to the sweetest kisses.. And oh, JH being teased by So Hyun, still crack me up.. ep. 2 is my happy pills @africandramalover If i'm not mistaken, i think you've mentioned that the PD and DOP are probably Kubrick fanboy, for so many framing scenes, like the one with SH in the plane @dukesa1122 among 290 thousands views on this thread, there's quite big chance that the production team (maybe) keeping eye on this thread , so keep the insight, request, analysis coming, our wishes might be granted I ask for more BTS clips, a long one if possible
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    @utkim They make such a good looking couple! They’re even wearing their signature colors, red and green.
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    @bebebisous33 Now the hand, arm and feet gesture I did notice. Because I am one of those people who expresses something better using my hands. It was so heart warming to see the growth of their intimacy by just looking at how their hands and arms are also getting closer. Once again, thank you for that very detailed (with visuals) explanation. Push it more and I might just make a Guidebook in Perfectly Understanding the Encounter Drama by Bebebisous33 @gumtaek hahaha let me rephrase what I said then. They will be at a stand still. I am happy that CSH lost that bet though because it goes to show that she is finally reclaiming and deciding on her own happiness! I think the production team has their eyes on this thread. They seem to grant our wishes alot I’m not joking. We wanted a good angled kiss, they gave us that and more and all the other things that we wished that was posted by someone else. Our wish: A happy ending! @jl08 Thank you for posting that. Does it have full Eng Subs? Let me check...
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    I felt the need to put something in a spoiler since pretty much every post seems to have comments in it, though not sure that a spoiler is absolutely necessary, especially since I remember that scene with the rings being pointed out previously. Anyway, my random thought while waiting for the next episode is that despite their various differences of age and experience, in a way, both SH and JH are nearly equals and relatively innocent at dating. SH was kept tightly restricted and carefully groomed until she got married. During her married life, it doesn't seem as if SH really got much dating with her husband even, possibly because they didn't see the need to since they were married, and also the MIL took over SH's life. JH was too busy with school and part time jobs, it seems, to have dated much before SH, and definitely not seriously. So, even though SH is a divorcee while JH is a young man just starting on his career, it occurred to me that in the whole dating thing, they were learning about it and exploring it together. Having said that, they are both consenting adults, and SH is not a shy, shrinking virgin, so I'm pretty sure that there was some passion going on in the hotel room in Havana whether they show us any more of it or not. I'm also happy about that because for either one of them to continue to be "just hold hands only" or something would be rather silly at this point in their relationship after having kissed and gone through so much together, and being together in a hotel room in an exotic city when both of them are young, healthy, and in love with each other. Anyway, I suspect there will be more angst waiting for them back in Korea, though the stills of JH meeting SH's father gives me hope that it won't be all angst, and there will be some moments of lightness and support and cuteness. And, any passionate moments would just be bonus fan service.
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    @shyguitar @roshzanna Thanks for a lot for the compliments. It is always great to read that my analysis have achieved something. Not only we get a better understanding of the characters but also the words combined with pictures created such a deepness that pictures alone can not reach. Doing so, it is possible to realize the great work of the director and writer... As you can see, my analysis represent an compliment towards the creators and actors/actresses. Actually, I didn't anticipate that the analysis about feet and hands would be so long... that's why I decided to write another part later. I am afraid that my long posts might scare people...
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    @dukesa1122 I am quite sure that there will be a third trip to Cuba with a proposal. He was talking about Malecon beach and CSH was curious about that beach and the sunset.
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    Translation of the kiss BTS Video Title: Memories of the Alhambra, BTS eps 11, 12 caption: After the numerous troubles have passed, having met again Jin Woo and Hee Joo. caption: On the bustling set, focusing on the script and demonstrating what a pro she is, Hee Joo. JW caption: Huh? JW caption: Something is strange?? JW caption: The short end is in front?! JW caption: (fiddling) (fiddling) caption: He’s just fixing his necktie, so why does he look so dashing…? JW: Why did you come all the way here anyway? caption: Towards the worried Hee Joo, treating her with coldness, Jin Woo caption: But it’s my birthday… Hee Joo’s hurt (cry cry) HJ caption: (You’re being too much) caption: Instead, as a birthday present, you can have Jin Woo’s smile! (title card) caption: Before the shooting of the long anticipated FIRST KISS caption: Practicing beforehand, Hee Joo and Jin Woo caption: Even though it’s just a rehearsal, the thrilling two shot caption: Breaking down and closely examining the emotions one by one, the two people. caption: Everyone is excited~ Staff: It’s because we’re shooting a romantic (scene) for once in a long time. h h caption: The shooting for the scene that everyone has been anticipating(?) has started. caption: An explosion of sadness (cry cry), to Jin Woo who is just standing there pelted by the pouring rain, caption: Going to him with a worried face, Hee Joo. caption: Because of the wind, even with the umbrella, getting rained on. HJ: Even though I’m trying to put it more over oppa, the rain is just… HJ caption: upset caption: Even though no one is willing to believe him, the only one who says she’s willing to trust him, Hee Joo. JW: Try to prove it! HJ caption: (Prove?) JW: That you trust me, prove it. caption: Taken aback at Jin Woo’s words, Hee Joo HJ: How do I prove that? JW: You don’t know? JW: How I’m asking you to prove it? caption: If you don’t know, there is no choice but to show you… caption: Finally, ascertaining how they feel about each other, Jin Woo and Hee Joo caption: There is sadness but also passion, the Magic Couple’s kiss! (title card) caption: The kiss scene filming is finished… caption: Shooting the umbrella falling down, Hee Joo and Jin Woo caption: Only to Hee Joo, the umbrella that keeps flying only to her. caption: #2 shot caption: (Was that successful…?) caption: (Ha….) HJ: It’s because the wind is blowing. HJ: Really. I was trying to angle it away, but the wind… HJ caption: Vehemently making excuses. k k caption: (That’s right! Our Hee Joo is not doing anything wrong!) caption: Having finally started, our Magic Couple’s Passionate Romance caption: Memories of the Alhambra, please love it even more going forward! (end title) caption: Memories of the Alhambra, every week [Sat, Sun] at 9 pm broadcast So, PSH calls HB "oppa"? Cute. @Kasmic @KymberleeD, here you go. Hope you enjoy.
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    Their visuals out of this world. Look so happy together. They have the best date
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    In Havana, looking casual and hot with Coca Cola. CSH, you lucky girl.
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    So.. If you put something in a spoiler, it's like saying not to eat that sweet, dripping chocolate ice cream You can't resist it. You must open it.... and then trap!
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    My perve mode is still on and feeling well... "inspired" @trust3 Im joining you with the pervy mode. But secretly speaking Ive yet to see PSH do any bed scenes I wonder if this will be her 1st. I love these gifs that I found and I shall use them to depict JW and HJ love. Open all gif spoilers I believe it all started for JW - the manipulative, calculating, cold and competitive CEO... HJ innocence which once made him laugh and ridiculed her. Then he changed as he became closer to her. HJ ability to find the good in everything and everyone struck him. He warned her not to trust the world (him) and instead she thanked him for caring. Her innocence and smile melted his heart and his guilt for using her began... "Your asking for trouble" See the parallels The warmth they give each other Standing by each other ...in sickness or simply watching over while one is asleep and offering each other shelter from the cold and pain I like the parallels of how they took care of each other and more so of seeing HJ's innocent smile. Her glow and persistence gave JW the strength to go forward. Despite him loosing all that he had, will she STILL believe and stand by him? Thank goodness, JW paused to allow time for them to catch their breath and gather their feelings. Not only was this a squee moment where I literally had my fingers all curled up but may I add HB and PSH deserve a standing ovation here. I could literally feel and reiterate the thoughts going through their characters hearts. Some may not agree but here it goes (ahem...let me uncurl my fingers to type) HJ: Yes, I believe you JW: Can we? HJ: Yes Like how JW dropped his cane the support he needed to stand, HJ too dropped the umbrella. Symbolizing now that they'll stand and support each other and no matter what comes next, they will share and endure it together Gif credits to - http://captainjoongki.tumblr.com/ and https://twitter.com/GJWiJu @vangsweetie637 I think I went crazy on the gifs BAHAHA! please open them with your wifi. Sorry it will be data hungry Omo @onnififi your back? Did MOA bring you here? no must be Hyun Bin.... PAC members unite. What pervy insight can you bring here now elephant trunk?
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    @ahdrianaa good observation there, I even didn't realize it I'll go with couple rings..but if JH give it that ring after met with SH father,I'll go with engagement ring..JH proposed to SH,becz JH already has permission from SH father?hahaha.. Here it comes Boyfriend day our forum will be on fire tonight..u know whenever I've seen a drama or movie,I always tried to take good lessons from it..n Boyfriend it's one of them...from JH n SH,I learn become positive in any possible way although its hard,always grateful for every single thing that u already have,take action not only talk,stay firm in the face of evil people strong,calm..how far this drama will affect people like me
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    In my opinion, JWS was attracted to her, as soon as he saw her picture hence his memory of their meeting at the restaurant is a good one. His attraction was reinforced, when he saw her for real. Back then, she was a well-mannered and obedient woman. Moreover, she asked him right away, what kind of woman he liked so that he would come to like her. He replied that he liked her style, CSH's style. Back then, he might have expressed, he wanted her to be herself. Nonetheless, In their meeting, CSH was determined to become the woman he wanted her to be. This created the first misunderstanding. However, we shouldn't forget that she never mentioned anything about herself, what she wanted from this marriage. She expressed no expectation, no emotion. She was just quiet and reserved. Since she didn't act like all the other women he had met... trying to impress him, he was indeed impressed. Interesting is his first reply to her question. He had no particular taste, when it comes to women. This underlines one more time that JWS is someone who has no own opinion and no own taste: he has no personality in reality. He is just the mirror of his mother... that's why he never protected his wife from his mother. It is not that he was afraid of his mother, it is just that he had never learnt to distance himself from his mother. I guess, he never went through puberty. Yet, he witnessed how more and more CSH was struggling and he had no idea how to deal with her. In order to let her go, he faked the affair. His mother was misled... she thought, he was cheating because CSH was not loving back her son. What caught my attention is how his mother described her son concerning CSH: His love (for CSH) is pure He is waiting for CSH Why would he loosen his grip on that thing (CSH)? Since she only discovered much later that he had faked the affair (Soo Ah was paid), it really shows her distorted version of her son. His love for CSH was pure in her eyes because he was waiting for CSH to love him. For her, the affair was the result of CSH's behavior. She knew all along that her son loved CSH that's why she had a divorce contract so written that CSH was still connected to JWs's family. Moreover, she also observed that her son was keeping an eye on CSH all this time (third sentence above). So for the mother, it was clear that the divorce was temporary and at some point, CSH would come back. So more and more he is disobeying his mother, something he did not in the past. He was really immature. Then I observed another interesting pattern: remember that CSH criticized him for bombarding her with gifts the next day after being punished by her mother in law. JWS hasn't changed at all this pattern: he still buys expensive things for her or invites her to exquisite restaurants in order to woo her. He has learnt nothing over the years. Once he realized that JH had become very close to CSH, he changed his strategy: he didn't wait any longer and tried to seduce the same way like in the past. Sure, he changed one thing... he attempted to write a good note but failed miserably to impress her. Like I mentioned it before many times, JWS has not really mature. He still considers himself as a good party and he is never questioning himself. When he said to his mother, they shouldn't have mistreated her in the past, the "we" should be understood this way: his mother was rude towards her, so was he because his mother represents him too. However, I don't think that he feels responsible for the failure of his marriage. For him, CSH wasn't ready (she had no heart and no emotion) and his mother mistreated her. He didn't fall for CSH because she was a successful woman. No it all happened before. However, he has been protecting CSH because this way, he has a reason to be close to her and watch over her. Notice that he uses the success of the hotel to call her and compliment her. Taking the hotel from her would mean, JWS would loosen his grip over CSH. She would resent his mother and him even more. Therefore so far, he does anything so that she can keep the hotel. He is aware that once she loses the hotel, he has no longer ties with her and can no longer use the hotel in order to meet her and even visit her. Finally, JWS will keep pursuing CSH no matter what. He thinks after all these years where he waited for her, he deserves her. Moreover, he has all the qualities: handsome, rich and powerful. Since CSH has JH as boyfriend now, he tried to rush the things: proposal... but it didn't work. So he attempted to woo her with flowers. A failure again, moreover she starts disobeying to his orders (meet me at the sky lounge). So what will JWS do the next? My assumption from last week was that he will go to Cuba in order to become her savior but he fails miserably... my predictions are still unchanged. At some point, he might use the hotel in order to force her to marry him again. I am quite eager to know if my prediction is correct. @dukesa1122@shyguitar @roshzanna@twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@Tasia@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    The girl went through a rough marriage with abuse from the mother in law and then a divorce that was messy in the public eye yet she did not cry once according to Sec Jang. However, before they were even anything the thought of having to separate from him made her cry out in front of sec Jang. As soon as she arrived in Cuba, she did go out of the way to look for him scouring the streets like she was going crazy. This is not even the first time for her. From the moment she finds out who he is through him working for her, we are shown that she just can’t stop herself. She’s shown to be jealous of his phone call and proceeds to go to the playground even after insisting to herself and to Mr Nam that it’s not necessary to go there. She is the CEO but we see that from the very beginning he has always had some pull over her. SH has been super crazy about this guy for a while now, even if it wasn’t for the tea lady, she was eventually going to crack somehow and go see him as proven when she went back to the painting and also when she went to go see him after her business meeting when she had already told him she couldn’t make it. Thinking about it, our SH has done her fair share of chasing too. It’s just been subtle and subdued due to her having been so reluctant yet unable to help herself
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    This is the person responsible for the beautiful artwork before and after each episode IG Profile: https://instagram.com/jamsan74?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1xvp3azsdyf82 Hands Down Hats off •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @nmgzlz @stroppyse I predicted that they will break up but will get back together and it really happened. For me, that time off was necessary. It will allow them to step back and reasses the situation and their feelings. Whether it’s worth the fight or not. Because let’s face it, they will be fighting tooth and nail for the relationship to work especially for KJH. His life will be turned upside down and he will have to kiss his privacy goodbye. For me, that is a very big decision to make. Good thing our OTP decided to work it out and have a sit down. Looking forward to their professional growth as ceo-employee as well.
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    @sugarbunnee thank you so much for your awesome post . Just what exactly I have in heart as well but I’m bad in writing. I wonder why your post got deleted, is this thread being so strict that we cannot post anything we have in mind? Please be fair , it’s getting too silly and we are adults with open mind here.
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    So, they are the Magic Couple..they should probably be Magic+Umbrella= MagUm Couple..lol.. Thanks..much appreciated.. Here, I removed all the other unwanted frames and slowed the frame rate so that only the lip biting is visible..lol.. Like @Kasmic, I am another pervert on this thread..
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    Awww.... finally the awaiting BTS is here. It's so great to watch it. This is the best present LOL. Seriously... they give more fuels to the shippers to ship them. Aigooo keyoptaaa... look how she takes care of him for real, ahhh... she should call JW this way too. Hahaha Oh gosh... I love the captions as always!! I ship these two!! Hahaha
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    I must admit i would like the storm to start from that damn balcony however... the pictures @utkim has shared peaked my interest so bad I was wondering how did they came to that point. I guess I’ll have to wait until tonight to find out. and honestly I am not really dreading JWS coming to Donghwa. In my opinion, His presence would only strenghten our leads relationship (but a jealous KJH scenes would be very amusing to watch) lol ahh, hopefully tonight episodes would be filled with love so that I can survive another day. Because in order not to abuse the replay button to ep10, I binged watched a 2016 16 episode drama and my energy is so drained. What in the world kdramas did to me again this time *sigh* off i go to abuse the replay button. Again.
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    OMG you made my day! shucks!!!! Yes it’s a promise ring that signifies this promise: “ill love and cherish you, for as long as we both shall live” *CSH teary eyed* *kissssssssssssmmmmwwwaaaahhhh*
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    Seriously, you guys are so fun! LOL I don't care with the game anymore, just let the writer do what she wants with it. I only want to see more dimples and romances
  39. 19 points
    @dukesa1122 Oh my god!! I would have never imagined that this post would be posted in Ig. Thanks a lot for the info. It seems that she read other posts from me because she knew what kind of job I have which I had mentioned in a former post. @roshzanna I will definitely come to the finale scene in the episode 9... People focus too much on the hug in my opinion. As always, there is much more than it meets the eye.
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    @bebebisous33 thank you for all your analysis. I learned so much . In fact, i envy you having a career in that field. I know you'll come up with analysis of their hands and feet in ep 9's last scene, where some observed that Sh didn't reciprocate as much as Jh. Though now i know why, i also know you are best person to analyze and interpret it. Seeing the stills where Jh meets Sh's father brings positive vibes. Throughout the drama, Mr. Nam always brings good vibes. And seeing him with them with that smile, i don't want to think otherwise. With all the selfies in the bts, and we only seen 1, 2(??)... who is really taking the selfies Jh or Bg?? Ep 11 is just around the corner
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    cr. CJnDrama cr. sasa_928 / Ying_BRJ @rosiepeonie188 you're welcome
  44. 18 points
    Wow... I didnt know that a dream kitchen looked like that until I saw HJs kitchen. Its all there, coffee, toast, Jin Woo... The only thing missing was a goodmorning kiss.
  45. 18 points
    @bebebisous33, As always, I enjoy reading your posts. I agree that KJH was able to use the playground in his letter to show how precious it was to him and how he could understand Samuel's feelings. KJH shows how the playground had memories for him 'from his childhood, his family, his friends, and his dearest lady'. If Samuel had been viewing a gossip magazine, I could see how he easily connected the dots. However, this was a travel magazine presenting the facts and showing a very dedicated employee who gives his all to make each guest's experience is memorable; a real passion to please his guest. For me, I still say it's a giant leap for Samuel to assume that KJH is in love with the CEO of the hotel because he spent the night in a beautiful garden; in my world, that's common for anyone in sales. I work in the financial industry as the strategic alliance manager for many vendors, many of which I'm sure if I said their names you all would know. It is very common to have a company's/vendor representative show up, with no appointment, and camp out in our lobby all day long--all day,(since they cannot freely roam the highly badge access building) hoping they can get an opportunity to meet with me or one of the product managers to discuss the benefits of a product we have showed no interest in pursuing. However, I love what you wrote and will forget reality and go with the beauty of this romance.
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    I really donot know that this was his handwriting and naration until i saw this tweet. fake fan
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    Good News credit: Google translate Boyfriend 'Content Influence # 1' Empress' # 2 Cable channel tvN tdrama 'Boyfriend' was re-ranked as the No. 1 in contents influence index. According to CJ E & M on the 8th, 'Boyfriend' took first place in the first week of January (December 31 ~ January 6) with 269.4 points of Content Influence Index (CPI). 'Boyfriend' starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Boygum are enjoying great popularity with 7 ~ 8% audience ratings. It lasted for a couple of days on December 26th and 27th, but it has proved popular again after the third week of December when it ranks first in the content influence index. The SBS drama 'The Empress' was ranked first in Jeonju and ranked 252.6 points. MBC entertainment program 'I live alone' (252.4) is third, and MBC entertainment program 'Night - Masked King' (246.7) The TVN entertainment program 'Coffee Friends' (239.4), which debuted on the 4th, made its debut in the top 5, while the tvN drama 'Memories of the Alhambra Palace' (233.1) dropped to 4th place and ranked 6th.
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    Honestly, I’ll be good with couple rings for now. Or maybe just a proposal in the Malecon Beach after CSH finally break ties with TG. Kids is pushing it I think. I’m curious. Does Korean culture include the guy going to a girls home, bringing food and presents to the parents and ask for her hand in marriage? Or is it the same as the eastern countries where they decide they want to get married and then tell everyone after?
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    OH I LOVE MAJOR SPOILER Thank you @ahdrianaa it really made my morning.. although i almost burned my hand while making toast and reading about it Also the pic by @utkim our OTP keeps getting cuter i just can't get enough..
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    @rocher22... good morning kiss and breakfast in bed ... I’m sorry @Kasmic, @siddy09 ... i’m not a pervert, i’m just being realistic ... it’s logic since he’s in his 40 (2nd puberty ...)
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