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    It’s a really good thing SHK is so regular with her yoga classes, that’s the only reason her back didn’t crack during that balcony kiss. Please don’t forget to watch the BF videos on YouTube too and give a thumbs up , the views on BF’s videos aren’t as high as they should be. Probably because we are watching zoomed in versions elsewhere in twitter and Instagram @bebebisous33 your posts are amazing as always! Thank you, so much!
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    In one of my earlier posts, I had even wished that JH would become JWS's friend as he has no one. For JWS, we actually have two possibilities. Either he keeps pursuing her to the point that at the end, he even tries to force CSH to marry him by using the hotel as tool or he finally gives up on CSH, as he sees her happy. However, after giving some thought, I am even doubting that JWS will start working at the hotel in order to support CSH. Why? I realized something important. JWS is actually the only one who witnesses the evolution of CSH-JH's relationship. First, at the bar, he asks her if JH has nothing to do with her but she doesn't deny it. So he knows now, there is something. Then in the episode 4, he sees how CSH accepts JH's gift. He saw that JH used an old truck and CSH had no problem to sit in his car. Nonetheless he calls CSH "Daepeonim" which shows that they are still formal towards each other. So this scene which JWS sees makes him realize that CSH feels comfortable around this young man despite his poorer social background: no luxurious car, no expensive gift... Then later when he meets JMJ, he has to endure this terrible humiliation. His expensive gift was refused and rejected. In that conversation, he indirectly warns CSH through JMJ that CSH needs to be careful. He even lets JMJ know that CSH met JH without her. So he is definitely using JMJ to control CSH. But this is not enough. In the episode 5, he has to hear that JH protected CSH by giving up his anonymity and showing that he was close to CSH. First, he doesn't do anything against CSH or JH because he knows that JH will suffer from his action. Moreover, he had just seen that they were just friendly. He still doesn't view JH as a possible thread. He just protects CSH from his mother... in his mind, this is the least he can do, since in the past he did nothing. However, in the episode 6 he observes two important events... and he is the only one to know: He suspects that she might have bought the necktie for JH but he is not sure. So when he visits the office of PR team, he looks at JH's necktie. First, he is relieved but then a few days later, he witnessed this very intimate scene. Don't laugh but a necktie could be seen as a symbol for phallus due to the same form. In Germany during the carnaval in Cologne, on a certain day, women can cut neckties which means that they are interested in the man wearing the necktie (sex). While JWS sees this scene, he gets aware that they are no longer friends and acquaintance, but they have moved to the next level. However, he doesn't know how far. So when CSH announces that they are in a some-relationship. He hesitates... did she do that in order to protect JH or not? That's why he goes to JH and asked him directly. JH confirms the official announcement. When he hears that JH has been demoted to Sokcho and CSH didn't stop the transfer, he has the impression that the some-relationship has not moved on therefore he considers that this is the right time to confess. But CSH ignores his confession, even rejects the thought that he might really love her. Yet, in the episode 9, he is the only one who sees JH kissing CSH. Look at his reaction: he is hurt and disappointed therefore he leaves the ball. The media only mentioned CSH had a date and went to the theater but JWS knows that they kissed and that she spent her entire night with him outside. He waited for CSH in front of her home. It was around 5.00 am, when she came home. Yet this doesn't stop him from proposing to his ex-wife a few days later. He knows that JH is her boyfriend but he asks as if JH didn't exist or mean anything. When CSH declares that JH is a special person to her, he is meaningful to her... he tries to diminish JH's worth and value. With these words, JWS implies that JH can not offer protection and can not feed her... Only with him, she can live a life in luxury and do what she likes: running the hotel aso. Furthermore, in French, there is this expression: promesse en l'air which means empty/hollow promise. If you translate this expression word for word, it is "promise in the air". As you can see, the air and the wind are associated to empty and no guarantee. With JH, CSH will get nothing in JWS's opinion... she might even lose everything. JWS still believes that his status and wealth can be a reason why CSH should marry him. So he is not even trying to get her love. Nonetheless, CSH is not swayed by JWS's proposal and thoughts. She rejects him one more time. Then the incident with the hotel in Cuba happens. JH flies to Cuba in order to persuade grandfather Samuel that there has been a misunderstanding. CSH also flies to Cuba in order to meet the owner. So far, JWS knows that director Choi is behind the incident. So my speculation is that JWS will also fly to Cuba believing that with his status and reputation he can become CSH's savior. However, I suspect that JWS will witness how JH and CSH spend the night together at the hotel. With this, he knows that they are intimate. This could explain why JWS decides to join the hotel in order to impress his ex-wife. If JH could move her heart with his hard work, maybe he should do the same. To summarize, I am convinced that JWS will keep pursuing CSH, although he is always the witness of the change in their relationship. He doesn't want to accept the obvious truth. Moreover, we shouldn't forget that he even declared that he would continue, even if he is rejected 100 times. This is definitely stubbornness. @twtwb @xu_lyfe @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle @Yongzura@Tasia@icyphoenix@guinearoyal@jl08
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    One could interpret it that way, given how passionate the balcony kiss was. I mean they could’ve just kissed regulary, standing up but no, they had to kiss oh so passionately while swaying side to side. The body language said so much! Loved it! Anyway, yes the writer may be trying to tell us something, so I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that they did have sex that night unless we are told otherwise in the next episode. Or the ending image could also allude to the scene where JH was lying in the garden reciting that poem about the stars, and CSH could represent that one star staring down at him, coming down to the earth and giving him a kiss @dukesa1122 I kind of got the feeling that he wanted to kiss her again too in the movie theater and inside the car before he left. That’s why it was so satisfying to see him actually run back to her just to kiss her despite the freezing cold I can’t seem to move on from the kiss. Help? Lol
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    @stroppyse Lol. I am a good student. Who is used to being told... no segment more than 8-10 sec long. Too short and you would get choppy words. But for subs to fit on screen. So I subconsciously count when a scene is on. And I am used to noticing abrupt cut away switching scenes. Encounter doesn't actually have it. I have watched a few melo dramas where the PD is just 2-5 sec too long lingering on a scene. Drives me batty. And the BGM is not irritating. Or too late- omg subbing Chinese drama is a nightmare- the BGM is too loud for me to hear anything. And to be honest I sorta swooned when CSH was praising KJH on the phone. Especially since she said it with a straight face. There's hardly any technical jargon here i.e. legal or medical so been enjoying understanding the conversations. That's why Ji Min has caught my fancy as the frustrated supportive friend losing her cool. She makes me laugh. And she is so cute. I like the 2 actresses playing the mothers as well you see. I love the the evil Chairwoman- or the actress playing her- her voice is always so dignified. And I like CSH's clothes as well. She is so professionally stylish. No flashy pretentious jewellery. Muted colours or if using colours rich jewel toned ones. I even like her white tops. The lighting PD is good. Nothing too dark. And no glaring flashlight lighting up the night sky obvious. The car scenes- and they are so many- don't have the camera mounted too close or the bumpy feel when the car is on a wheeled trailer truck and the team in front feel. The night scenes are really well done. Sokcho is picturesque. Lots of nicely framed beach frames on screen. The locations are so good. And Cuba looks cool. One of my acquaintances spent Christmas and NY in Panama. Not the same but the whole vibe, backdrop and the sky looks so different and I like the old school feel to it. Like Asia. But like 40 years ago etc. I am not saying this drama is the best I have ever seen. But I am commenting that the directing is smooth. There are not many unnecessary scenes. Almost all the cast can act well. There are hardly any screeching characters. The second leads are not too much into the foreground. The main leads are allowed to spend time together. They are not bleating idiots. As we all know from countless previous dramas some main leads can be real twits. CSH and KJH have flaws but since I watched ep 1-10 within 2 weeks its not glaringly obvious. The female lead is usually shown to be suffering, slapped, having a nose bleed, having an empty bank account in front of the atm, working and suffering overtime, sacked, humiliated, lose their house, blackmailed etc. You get the picture? Did you see any of that? And KJH did- Sokcho- but then it didn't make it such as if he was having a terrible life. So what if he had to commute? The writer wrote around it. Its not as if they had 2- 4 episodes of the OTP not seeing each other- like on other dramas. And this would probably not be noticed. The writer keeps scenes brief. There are not many- hardly any- run on sentences. Long, long sentences that take 3 screens of translations. Its easy to follow. Like you said I nitpick. And I know when there is nothing to nitpick. So therefore I am free to just watch the story. And * cough, cough * as a bonus we get a proper kiss scene. And hugs. And no stupid zoomed in too close till the face fills the screen filming. Plus there is reciprocation. Sometimes in other dramas we get a long period ie ep 10 before the OTP comes together properly. Sorry for the essay. This will probably be my longest post. I better get back to real life. Work is getting busier and I have already been saddled with 2 projects I have to prepare teaching sessions on.
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    I've been re watching Encounter for God knows how many times. But after the hot-steamy-i love you confession-kisses, yeoksi.. Park Bo Gum-Ssi and Song Hye Kyo-Ssi, you two are skillful, gifted actors. Using PBG hair as the hint, all the PBG long curly hair in korea scenes, must be one of the initial shots (PBG in library, doing part time jobs, Airport scene when he got a call from Donghwa Hotel, at the bus on the way home from the airport when he still in 'unbelieving' stage that the girl he met is going to be his boss, hang out with Dae Chan and Hye In at moon snail cafe, having conversation with Hye In at the playground, and asking question about Cha Soo Hyun -the ice princess- while actually they (probably) haven't shot the Cuba Encounter scene). In episode 2, JH's hair is already short. When JH and SH eyes were met at the new empoyees meeting, JH looked awkward and shy, while SH stared at him in wonder.. I mean, THEY ALREADY SHOT THE LONG HOT STEAMY HUNGRY kissing scenes! and they have to go back to the stage of 'having a crush'.. and as the story goes they started to develop deeper feeling, which means they express their feeling by gaze, stare, smile, all the facial expession and body language, while again, they already shot that hungry kissing scene in Cuba! Unless PBG using hair extention in some scenes, for me they have nailed all the right emotion stages, even with those leap of scenes. Oh Wednesday, please come faster.. can't wait to see JinSoo going around Cuba, as their relationship sealed with a kiss! I mean kisses.. steamy kisses
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    I was backreading and omg the posts from around when the kiss scene aired had me dying of laughter! You guys are hilarious! Those kiss scenes really made me want to go back and take a look at how far JH has come- Remember this chingus? Nervous JH and SH being as cool as a cat. credits@tumblr Man did our boy GLOW UP! Proud of you JH. credits@tumblr My thoughts about the rating Whew! Including all these pics and gifs took me nearly an hour to write, I'm so thankful to the posters who keep supplying us with their wonderful posts and I appreciate your hardwork. Also surprised to see so many thoughts about the ex husband, especially from @bebebisous33, I hardly think of him at all while watching the drama so thank you for these posts, amongst your others, of course.
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    Can I join you guys celebrating the to-die-for kisses? Or you have had enough? cr: odetoyouth616 (Twitter)
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    Lol. This knetz summary is spot on: 9. [+124,-12] <Summary for the episode>As long as it's Hyun Bin...... Even if he becomes a game addict, he made her brother disappear, limping with one leg, divorced twice, became jobless, getting sued, a woman like Park Shin Hye would give up her birthday party to take care of him, feed him, protect him from the rain with an umbrella and even accept his sudden kiss. Source: https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/01/memories-of-alhambra-ep-11-spoilers.html?m=1
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    The PD didn't make a mistake, chingu. I discovered that we're like Pavlov's dogs...they give us a conditioned stimulus with images of the passionate kissing scene that's coming up and extracted a conditioned response from us - SALIVATING. So in summary: When a bell is rung (throwing out sweet images) = we expect food (kisses & hugs) so we'll tune in definitely to savour the 'gastronomical' delights of KJH and CSH, while they, in turn, devour each other! I believe the steamy balcony scene will be screened in ep 11, the night before they go back to Seoul.
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    I think that I found their room , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct. CSH’s room in first episode She is back in the same room in episode 10 It’s the Habana Suite at Hotel Saratoga in Havana, they probably shifted the furniture around for aesthetic purposes. But the stupid continuous and curve on CSH’s balcony kept throwing me off because KJH and CSH were making out on an individual balcony. A quick search of google shows that the only floor which has separate balconies in that hotel is the 3rd floor ( the hotel claims to have 6 floors on their website, if the counting throws you off because of how floors are counted in your country then just go from the penthouse to the bottom and subtract 3 floors). The Habana suites are situated on the 1st floor and 3rd floor, given how CSH’s balcony is too elevated to be the first floor so it’s certain that CSH is on the 3rd floor. Looked on the hotel website and realized that KJH is probably staying in the room adjacent to her suite, which would explain why his balcony is individual and she has a continuous and curvy balcony. The red arrow indicating his room and the blue arrow indicating her room. So did they end up in his room and how did they end up on his balcony, please watch episode 11. Judging me? I don’t care, I found their room.
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    @xu_lyfe This is not a coincidence that JWS and his mother are always shown in dark rooms. Both love dark colours (black, brown...) but the mainly reason is to underline that their world is suffocating and even rotting. Black and brown are respectively linked to death and earth... in western societies, people are buried in the ground (= earth). Moreover, they are never seen outdoors (one exception with JWS, when he spoke to JH at the bus station). In reality, I could even say that they are already living in "coffins" (remember the liking of oblongs LOL). A "flower" like CSH would wilt, that's the reason why our protagonist could never smile in that world. Then the use of oblongs illustrates the rigidity of their world. There is no movement and change... everything is organized and planned... if there is some trouble, it will be erased or flattened. Evening Among a multitude of stars, One stares down at me, Among a multitude of people, I stare up at that one star, Where , when and as what will the two of us, You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again? (Translation from VIU) This poem has been used twice in this drama, once in the episode 5 and the other at the episode 10. Striking is that the drawing in each episode was referring to that poem. In the episode 5, we had the impression that the frames were like stars shining in this darkness. The frames were representing the memories of our OTP’s different encounters so that the idea of “when will we meet again” is visible in this drawing. But now, let us take a closer look to the drawing of the episode 10. Behind an hedge, a man seems to float in the air in a garden. The hedge serves as wall and keeps intruders away. The man is looking at the sky. The garden and the sky are colored in dark and gloomy colors. I had mentioned in my previous post that the dark colors are an indication that the main characters will face huge problems. In the episode 10, the major issue is the possible loss of the hotel with the garden in Cuba. What caught my attention is that unlike the previous drawing, JH is not drawn in black but in white. Why the change? Sure, one reason could have been to create a contrast because JH would have been barely visible in such a gloomy scenery. However, the creator could have used yellow or gold, since JH is often connected to the sun or star. Yet, white symbolizes purity and innocence which fits JH’s personality. Moreover, his trip to Cuba is indeed so selfless and pure because he just wants to help his girlfriend. As you can guess, the drawing illustrates a scene in the episode, when he is waiting for grandfather Samuel in the garden. But why did the illustrator make JH float in the air? Let us not forget that JH has been compared to the wind (the scene with JWS in the episode 9) and in another drawing a red butterfly embodied him. Both have something in common: the element air. As conclusion, JH floating in the air is another indication that JH belongs to the element air. We all know that he is close to nature. However, the darkness seems to disappear a little as later, there is a golden frame surrounding JH and the garden, as if he was protected. This corresponds to the roof of the porch. The way the director shot that scene was really amazing as he was actually following the poem. First, we see JH looking at the star (“Among a multitude of stars”). Then the camera follows JH’s gaze and shows us the sky full of stars… Then we have to imagine that the camera position changes and from the sky, we are brought back to JH. But it gets a little closer to him. This camera move refers to “one (star) stare down at me”. As you can see, the camera position is changed: it is up , then down… (the translation here is from Viki) Striking is that as the camera position changes each time, the closer it gets to JH and to the sky indicating that they are getting closer to each other, it even becomes personal. It was as if there was an exchange between JH and the stars, and especially an exchange with one star, the one representing his beloved one, CSH (“Among a multitude of people, I stare up at that one star”). The star reminds him of CSH and that’s why when he recites this verse, he starts thinking about her. In the last mentioned verse, the star is a metaphor for a loved one because before people were mentioned. This personification explains why JH starts thinking of CSH and their different encounters: “Where , when and as what will the two of us,You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again?”. While looking at the stars and starry night and reciting that poem, we have the impression that JH is wishing to see CSH very soon. This is not a coincidence because don’t forget the expression “when you wish upon a star”. Stars are linked to inspiration, dreams, aspiration, guidance, pursuits and magic. Indeed, CSH serves JH as an aspiration, she is his guide… Later, CSH remarks that this feels magical… and it was as if his wish had been granted, when he met the next day. This justifies why the drawing from the ending looks like this: CSH as star comes down to him… she is followed by shooting stars. And we all know that a shooting star is associated to wish as well. The issue with the hotel has not only disappeared, but also his girlfriend has come to him and his biggest wish has come true: “as what will the two of us… meet again?” She is now his lover. He finds strength and comfort in the starry night. CSH inspires him to do extraordinary things (the masquerade ball, the super service, aso). His dream is to be with her no matter what. Okay, that's it. Let me know what you think about this. @twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir @dukesa1122@stroppyse@Tasia @philosophie @thistle @Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    Good to know that some K fans are defending the article. Thanks for all the good suggestions! I feel for SHK and PBG. Like all humans, I'm pretty sure they would be happy with all the encouragement that viewers can give, to them. It's also an affirmation of their acting prowess and everyone needs affirmation in life, no matter how good one is. Let's do what we can. __________________________________________________________________ Oh my....the non-verbal language between PBG and SHK is so good, seriously. I've mentioned that they have parallel responses like one blinking the eyes and the other blinked in response right? Well, now in ep 10 at 1:03:21, I see PBG raising his eyebrows first before SHK responded with raising hers too...lol. I had thought that it was SHK who raised her eyebrows and was wondering why she did it.....haha... These two lovebirds are really something... I meant KJH and CSH. _________________________________________________________________ Anyone wonders why there are so few BTS for for this drama? I want to see more! Now that I've rewatched the recent episodes a few times....my take as to why KJH did not admit that he loves CSH to the Garden Owner when he was asked, it's likely because KJH did not want to use that to win him over as it may come across as insincere, like he's saying he loves her just to get the land for the hotel. His sincerity lies in saying he miss her. Plus the fact that KJH, after achieving his right to protect CSH by winning over the guy at the end, it gives him the well-earned momentum to walk up to her and tell her he loves her. To me, it's important to him that she is the first to know that he loves her.
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    My obsession with side profiles is starting to worry me. Where can I find another Kim Jin Hyuk? cr : summergum_
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    @stardustvoid delurking from my silent mode to let you guys know that the ring is from Chaumet and it's the same style as the gold bracelet she's wearing at the end of the last episode.
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    Since there are only 6 episodes left. This is the ending that I want to happen: - CSH’s dad will finally grow balls and confront his wife and keep her in check. Frankly, she’s acting like someone who grew up poor and scored an anchorman for a husband and her ambitious delusions got the better of her. She’s not making any sense. - Dae Chan and Sec Jang will start dating and sec jang will spend her day offs helping dae chan and they will continue to fight and bicker. Honestly, these two are just too hilarious! - I’m guessing Su Joon’s daughter has an inkling that her ajussi is in love with her mom. And she’ll pave the way for them to be together. I dont know bout you guys but i find Su Joon really beautiful. And she will be insane not to accept Mr. Nam. - WS will finally accept that CSH is not for him. He will know the meaning of true love and will finally show CSH that he loves her by letting her go and stand up against his mother. He will help KJS and CSH when the lawsuit will happen. Yes, I still have hopes for JWS and I still do not think that he is a bad guy. - I am excited to see what KJH’s parents especially his mom’s reaction about their relationship. I want a scene of all them having dinner while KJH will finally introduce CSH to them. I bet his dad will back him up and help him with his mom. - Finally, I want CSH to keep her company and have a better life with KJH. All the minions will be caught and fired out of the company. I want them to end this series in cuba, in the garden where it all began and ended. With them wrapped around each other and kissing a sweet kiss that conveys success and relief on finally being able to have that freedom to love each other. ....Wishing the drama Gods for some if not ALL of these to happen. Oh please oh please
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    There will always haters, why care about them dc
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    I know subs are out, so I wasn't going to post any translations since the subs are pretty good. However, I just loved this scene and wasn't entirely happy with the netflix translation, so I'm posting another translation and a commentary for it anyway. HJ: (on phone) I’m leaving now. I didn’t realize the time had gotten so late. Just go ahead and go to sleep. I said I’ll be there shortly. Yes. JW: Is that home? (meaning who HJ was on the phone with) HJ: Yes. My grandmother. JW: It’s late, so you should probably go home immediately, shouldn’t you? Get in. HJ: I’ll just take a taxi home. You should just go. Taking me there and going back, it’s too far. It’s fine if I take a taxi. JW: You said I should be your boyfriend. Would it be suitable for a boyfriend to send you home in a taxi this late at night? Get in. (in the car) HJ: Please say something. Really. Why haven’t you said a thing from since back there? As if you were a person who had been dragged out against your will, making the person who is riding next to you feel sorry. HJ: I only said that before to make you come and eat. You can just forget about it. JW: About what? HJ: I’m saying that you don’t have to be my boyfriend. JW: Why are you just changing your mind as you please? Am I being dumped within an hour of starting to date? HJ: I didn’t mean it in that way… JW: I’m dumbfounded. You shouldn’t be like that. After causing my heart to waver. HJ: Who is wavering? You, CEO? JW: I’m not a CEO any more. The Koreans use a single gender-neutral word to indicate both boyfriend and girlfriend, so it makes the translations a bit misleading sometimes depending on the translator. It always requires more context to be translate into languages with gendered word equivalents. So, the translations out there, including the preview translations that has been done, mine included, mistranslated what HJ had said to JW about being a boyfriend/girlfriend. So, prior to the scene in the clip, when JW wakes up to find HJ still at his place, HJ says "If a birthday must be spent with a boyfriend, then you can just be my boyfriend. Is that so hard? To be honest, I'm too good for you. Isn't that so?" So, later in the car, HJ mentions that JW doesn't have to be her boyfriend any more. I'm mentioning this because I noticed that there is persistent confusion over the boyfriend/girlfriend thing in the translations, even on the Netflix version. Anyway, on this scene itself, I rather love that this is the scene where flirty JW is back a bit. Despite everything he's gone through, he's still very drawn to HJ, and he's still able to tease her a little. However, I do also think that he's pleased about being her "boyfriend" no matter how or why HJ had brought it up. And, her response in the car gives him a hint of her feelings which leads to the conversation and the kiss scene later on after JW's phone call with Park. Btw, I went back to my post on the kiss scene to add a translation of the conversation before the clip, and to modify the translation of the clip after watching the episode and having a better understanding of the context of what is being said. @Kasmic, I'm tagging you just because I think you would enjoy reading the edited translation of that kiss scene if you want to go back and read it.
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    Korean fans of the drama were up in arms defending it. If we know Korean or if we have a Naver account, we can comment. To put things in perspective, it was an isolated article. Sadly, however, it created quite a stir among the Knets gauging from the number of comments and upvotes/downvotes for each. How can we help as i-fans? -Livestream all the episodes. -Always keep this thread HOT by posting our analyses/ insights of the drama (I have to say that a lot of the posts here can rival or even surpass those of professional drama bloggers) -Tweet these reviews of the drama using the Korean hashtags -Post these on IG -Comment in the drama blogs with recaps of Boyfriend. A credible positive review of the drama posted in these blogs may be able to change the perception of some about the drama. -Go to Naver and Daum and access articles about the drama and the cast. I posted the links many pages back. Sorry, I can't remember the exact page. -Watch the Naver TV Video Cuts of the drama. -RT all tweets of @CJn Twitter about the drama with the Korean hashtags -View official tvN YT links of the drama. -Stream official OST links I am sure others have suggestions. P.S. This thread is hot right now and it's not even the drama's airing day. BTS...Kim Jin Hyuk Parody of the Episode 2 Drunk Jin Hyuk Scene with Cha Soo Hyun in her car by B1A4.. So funny!
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    I have to say KJH was very very bold to caress CSH's upper bottom.
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    Can't wait for the balcony's scenes next week Hope we can stay alive. cr: odetoyouth616 (Twitter)
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    In my mind, there's no doubt that they had s*x. It's the ultimate language of love and desire. When you're in a beautiful place with all the freedom to express your love, it's hard to go against what your body tells you. A man and a woman in love, in one room.. my gosh.. how can you resist it? Not to mention, they're at the right age, and both sure of each other's feelings. Go for it KJH! Make us proud lol
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    Your analysis about JWS is not weird at all. I have always said that JWS doesn't love CSH but just her image as the nice and obedient woman she was in the past. This explains why he still keeps the one picture he has of her. Notice that this photo was taken as if she was applying for a job: the arranged marriage. This picture doesn't represent her true personality, she has to pose in order to fit the criteria. I even doubt that he knows what love is. The moment he realized that there was some competition, he started changing. Let us remember his actions and reactions: After the revelation of the "ramen date", JWS calls CSH in order to meet her. At the bar, first he compliments her for the "scandal". He describes the news as entertaining indicating that there is nothing deep behind it. I noticed that in that conversation, they are actually listening to each other and even JWS pays attention to her facial expression. He notices that she is scared. He even asks for the second request/question she had in her mind. That's when she asks him why he is still single. Initially, JWS has this impression that she finally shows interest in his love life so he is quite happy. But he is totally wrong. She would like him to be married so that their mothers would stop bothering her with the idea of getting back together. He comments that she is mad. As you can see, he is not deaf and blind here. They are actually communicating. However, CSH is getting more and more upset because he acts as if he knows her. JWS is hurt by her remark and replies that he didn't even know that she was such a goofy woman. I don't perceive this remark as a compliment rather as a critic, even CSH doesn't like his comment. And this was caught my attention: CSH reminds him to "watch his language". After watching the other episodes, I had noticed the poor expression skills of JWS. JWS needs google and his secretary in order to write a message in the cards. Therefore he might not criticize her for her bad taste but he chose the wrong words. However, his remark "a goofy woman" indicates that this doesn't correspond to the taste of someone living in his world. He only accepts her request (not the man to be fired) on one condition: JH has nothing to do with her implying that she doesn't start a relationship with him. In that scene, JWS is trying to portray himself as a good ex-husband who can listen to her but who is helpless in front of his mother. Indirectly, he is blaming his mother for the failure in his marriage. Then he really intervenes by confronting his mother: first, he doesn't want her to fire JH as it could backfire on them. Besides, he refuses that his mother meddles in his love life and marriage. Here he clearly reveals that he wants to be back with CSH but he wants her to choose him. This scene illustrates that JWS is able to speak in front of his mother, he can express his own opinion and desire. It shows that he follows what he wants but acts in front of CSH as if he was powerless. In my opinion, JWS had this idea, if he reminds CSH what kind of a mother chairman Kim is (an authoritarian mother), she might "pity" him and start loving him. But why did he choose to lie to her about the "affair" and the "love of his life"? Why did he ask for the divorce? I guess, he imagined that he had not the strength to change the situation: his mother abusing his wife and dictating what CSH should say, how she should smile, what she should do. Don't forget that later she described herself as a vegetable or being in a coma. JWS must have felt it: CSH was not a wife in his marriage but a "sleeping beauty". He knew that if he had confessed to her back then, this wouldn't have changed anything. CSH wouldn't have been moved by his love confession as she had no "heart". In the same episode, JWS decides to buy CSH a dress and in the episode 4, he visits her in Sokcho. So for him, the scandal was the signal that CSH is now living again. She has a heart and she can even smile. She is back to normal. That's why he waited for so long. As long as CSH showed no interest in a man, this meant that CSH's heart was not really beating and couldn't be moved. That's also the moment he starts looking into the hotel matter as well. In the episode 4, he is informed that there was a terrible comment about CSH. He asks his secretary to investigate the matter and erase the bad comments. Later, he invites director Choi and warns him. He even announces to him that he has no interest in the hotel but Downghwa Hotel is his ex-wife's work. This wouldn't be manly to take away the result of her hard work. And this shows that JWS only begged for the divorce and asked his wife to set the things into motion. On the other hand, he washed his hands off her with the divorce contract. He wasn't the one who took matter into his own hands. He let it happen and CSH had to bear the consequences: the constant meddling of her ex-mother-in-law. But JWS knows the content but showed no concern. Even after getting divorced, CSH is still "abused" due to that terrible clause. CSH knew that if she hadn't accepted this clause, the chairman Kim would have never allowed the divorce. the divorce is not just to set her free, it is about JWS who didn't take any responsibility in it. He allowed his wife to take the whole burden. Even in the episode 3, he wonders why she blames him for the divorce. In his eyes, she signed the divorce and his mother was responsible for the failure of his marriage. Now, CSH is the one who has to live with the stigma "divorced", while his "affair" is long forgotten. JWS is still considered as a good party. The more the relationship between JH and CSH progresses, the more stubborn, blind and deaf JWS becomes. Notice the contrast between the conversation in the episode 3 and in the episode 10. In the latter, JWS calls her in order to inform her that he is at the hotel waiting for her. CSH refuses to follow his demand and tells him that she won't come. JWS still thinks that she will obey and meet him that's why he waits for her for three hours. This indicates that he still believes that he can order her. At the end, he gets mad that she didn't appear. Let us not forget that he breaks up with Soo Ah, after CSH had announced that she had a some relationship with JH. So he gets aware that their relationship is deeper and represents a danger to him and his "dream". He even thought that since CSH hadn't stopped the transfer, he had some chance. That's why he visited her at her office and confessed to her so abruptly. After witnessing them kissing, he meets CSH in order to propose to her... he still believes that his status and wealth can impress her: the hotel, living abroad aso. To conclude, JWS is superficial and lacks knowledge. Moreover, he has always been passive and has never reflected why CSH couldn't love him at all. He thought that she was not loving him because of the abuse from his mother and she had no heart as she acted like a "vegetable". That's why he never tried to woo her before... he wasn't even sure if CSH's heart could be moved. Then he just started to oppose to his mother the moment he realized that CSH might be interested in another man. AND THIS INDICATES THAT JWS HAD THE POWER AND THE STRENGTH TO CONFRONT HIS MOTHER IN THE PAST BUT CHOSE NOT TO. Like I had mentioned it before, JWS has never thought himself, he has never reflected why CSH was behaving like that... as he didn't pay attention to her own thoughts and feelings. He never talked to her, he never listened to her pain because if he did, he would have realized what kind of man he was: weak and far from admirable. He was hurt to hear that when CSH thinks about their marriage, she remembers him as weak and responsible for her suffering. He thought, she would blame more his mother. In my opinion, JWS is a coward who ran away from any burden and responsibility and let the others (CSH, his mother) deal with his problems. From my point of view, JWS will show more and more interest in the hotel not in order to support CSH, quite the opposite as he realizes that he has no chance to woo her any longer. By "overtaking" the hotel, he believes that once he gets it, he can propose CSH this deal: marry me and you can have the hotel!! That's my prediction. @twtwb @Yongzura @xu_lyfe @dukesa1122@stroppyse @philosophie
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    At first, I was extremely bothered by negative comments and ratings but now, I'm honestly starting to care less. The ratings aren't consistently increasing, yes, but they're still consistently high. It's even in the top 10 most highest-rated cable tv dramas already. As for negative comments, it's very obvious when the person commenting is genuinely offering constructive criticism (which I appreciate reading) and when the person commenting is just trying to criticize the show without actually watching it by reusing the same old comments that people had even before the show started airing (ex. comments about how weird the couple is, how the show "lacks content", how the show is boring). Every single constructive comment I've seen about the show appreciates how the show seems to subvert kdrama cliches and tropes, and how almost every scene is laced with nuances or symbolisms you can't see just by watching it in its face value. I do understand, however, why this type of show won't appeal to the sensibilities of everyone. These days, people like really fast plot-based shows that spoon feed to the audience what's exactly happening. This drama, however, requires the audience to read between the lines and the dissect the scenes to appreciate it more. There was a comment on ep9 from dramabeans that I really loved: ChinguMode Bitter Killjoy: "This show is so beautiful and what really struck me about this episode was the small moments that showed how much both protagonists have changed because of each other. That show in an earlier episode of the beach with the bench mirrors the lonely girl shot in the painting in her office. In the previous episode, it was her sitting there and then he came into shot and joined her. In this episode, it's now him sitting there alone. In contrast, she's out and about in Seoul, photographing life - observing and living it. Looking at a work of art in the open rather than one trapped in a gallery. He's now stronger and more thoughtful, but less carefree. She's now less bound by the suffocating strictures of her life. And of course her late-night drive to Sokcho mirrors his earlier one. This remains a relationship where each gesture of one is eventually reciprocated by the other in a way that re-enforces their equality despite the differences in age or status between them. And that's why it's one of the most stunning shows I've ever seen - because its beauty is in its simplicity." I love how the couple started out as foils of each other but now they're slowly changing the other and are slowly adopting the good and healthy sides of each other's personalities. SH, who lived her whole life trapped in a world full of restrictions, is now a lot more adventurous and proactive. JH, who lived his whole life contemplating on romanticized ideas from books, not jaded from the bitter realities of the world, now looks at the world with a more realistic lens. In a way, JH brings out the youth that SH lost, while SH brings out the gravitas from JH (that a lot of ppl found that he lacked in the earlier episodes). I think this subtle sharing of each other's personalities can be symbolized by the slowly growing shrine of items of each other that both SH and JH have in their bedrooms. Side note, but do you guys think the balcony makeout scene and the ending scene image of the girl on top of the boy are implying that the couple took their relationship to the next level™ already??
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    BREAKING NEWS: A foreign couple commit a series of misdemeanors in Havana cr : dc
  26. 19 points
    Not to mention that I think SHK had trained as a ballerina in her youth. Just seeing the words "balcony kiss" makes me blush now. That was a seriously hot few seconds.
  27. 19 points
    He looks so hot here! I feel bad for fangirling over someone's boyfriend. Sorry SooHyun-ah.. cr : en_junio
  28. 19 points
    @Kasmic, translation of the kiss scene. I'm editing this post to include some translated dialogue before the clip starts. (JW has just finished a call with Park and is standing there. HJ gets out of the car and comes up to him.) HJ: Why are you just standing there being rained on? JW VO: Despite how much effort I had put in, there is nothing that has changed from a year ago. HJ: What’s going on? Something is going on, isn’t there. Is it something bad? JW: He’s telling me to leave again… HJ: Leave? To where? HJ: Why are you leaving? Where are you going now? HJ: What happened? JW: Have I ever told you about my family? HJ: No. JW: My parents have passed away. I don’t have any siblings. I don’t have a wife or children either. A friend who I had thought of as no different from being my brother became my enemy and died. My secretary who was like my little brother also died. The man that I followed as if he were my father has turned his back on me. Even the company that I made has thrown me away. Now, I really don’t have anyone by my side. Before, they all used to trust my words and followed me, but now no one trusts me. They want me to acknowledge one of two things. That I’m either crazy or a murderer. However, because both of those things aren’t true, I can’t admit to them. He’s telling me to leave again, but I don’t want to leave. Since leaving would mean admitting to them. (mid-scene, the clip below starts. Translation for the clip underneath.) JW: If even only one person in the world told me that they trusted me, I wouldn't leave. Do you still trust me? That you trust me, can you say it? HJ: I trust you. I told you I trust you. I will trust you. JW: Prove it. That you trust me, prove it. HJ: How could I prove that? JW:You don’t know? How to prove it to me? (JW kisses HJ ) JW VO: There is nothing that has become better than a year ago. I am still a miserable, defeated man, and moving faster into ruination. If there is anything different from a year ago, it’s that I haven’t left, and Hee Joo is by my side. Whew. Sweet kisses. edit: I changed the translation and added dialogue prior to the clip because when I watched the episode, I realized a few things. First off is that in Korean, the word for "belief" is the same word as "trust". So, JW is asking HJ if she still believed in him and trusted him, and didn't think he was crazy or doing random things. It also fits better with the kiss since the kiss is about trust, so I changed my commentary about watching this scene. It's not a flirtation nor an act of desperation on JW's part. He does crave the warmth and belief that HJ has offered him freely and willingly at a moment when everyone seems to have died, turned against him, or both. So, the kiss is an acknowledgment of their attraction to each other, but it's so much more than that. It's also a life affirmation.
  29. 19 points
    HIT REPEAT!!! She kissed him back My heart is you"...indeed. @stroppyse we need translation please
  30. 18 points
    Is it just me or everytime the camera showed the scenes of MIL and WS, the room is always dark, the lightning is sad, gloomy and I feel so suffocated. I love how Sec Jang slowly loosen up as the last sentence when she showed CSH the rumor about JH, she said : what should we do with JH; she definitely truly show concerns about JH and CSH. To me, driver Nam seems to be wise and experienced as whenever he said something to CSH, they all come out so precise and genuine. ” Nothing can stop the flower from blooming” ”JH has his own life, and if he chose this life, he has already prepared for it.” Never any drama that costs me so much energy and time as well as excite my adrenaline and emotions like Encounter. Talking about going to other drama blogs site and defend for Encounter, I never did that to any drama but there I am, typing my response to those anti-fan, hater like a lonely keyboard warrior fighting against bunches of ignorance. I understand and respect that people have different opinions but why can’t they do the same, why why why ???? Anyway, I come to realize you can’t just change people’s prejudices as they from beginning don’t have open eyes when watching drama. And realize Encounter is only for people who enjoy fine art, not for ones who have common taste Hahahaha, that makes me feel so superior.
  31. 18 points
    I don't have anything terribly interesting to say, but wrote this up so might as well share. The writer set JH and WS up as polar opposites of one another: One is the socially-accepted choice, the one with all the money and the power, but also the one who was a complete failure at protecting her and making her happy; someone who, despite the 'SH is not a piece of property' comment to his mother early on, sure treats her like one, completely ignoring her wishes and disregarding her feelings; he does not think her capable of making her own choices and sees her career as a cute hobby. The same patronizing view goes also for her love of art. He thinks everything is fine as long as he buys her another dark and kind of ugly expensive dress. He does not understand her, nor is he willing to listen and learn from what she is telling him. Finally, he is an absolute catastrophe when it comes to communicating his feelings. In contrast, JH is, on paper at least, completely unsuitable -much younger, poorer, and her employee. He has nothing but his brain and determination to fight with, yet he gives his all to protect her. The highlight of his day is seeing her smile. He always treats her with utmost respect - even when he challenges her to expand her boundaries, it would take the slightest hesitation on her side to back off. He greatly admires her as a self-made woman and a success story and hopes he can contribute in his own small way to making her vision reality. He loves art just as much as she does, and encourages her to expand her artistic horizons (his presents: a poetry book, the camera). He just gets her, at a fundamental level; sometimes without needing any words. And although he’s prone to pretending to be fine when he isn’t, he’s always encouraging open communication, asking questions, listening closely to what she is saying. He tells her she is cute, and beautiful and amazing every chance he gets, until she starts believing it too. Now matter how obtuse a viewer may be, JH is obviously the right choice for her. Which was probably the whole point.
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    I really couldnt guess. For the life of me, I dont understand why that scene was inserted there. Might have been a preview before the preview of the next episode (is there even such a thing?) or that really might have been a mistake. Let me add that they even had a press con and they were extremely awkward with each other, SHK didnt even hold his arm properly, it was limply curled on his arm and that they went ahead and explained first that PBG’s hyung (SJK) gave him the green signal to act without a burden. In a way, they were already preparing the viewers because this type of scene will happen.
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    All those gifs..aigoo. I remember reading a comment somewhere. She said JH and SH weren't kissing, they were eating each other's lips.
  36. 17 points
    Agreed! I didn't find it out of context either. They had developed feelings for each other before either of them even knew the extent of the game or that it would take so long to find SJ. I think HJ is fully aware that SJ is missing but her instincts tell her to trust JW, she knows that all he has been doing for the past year is looking for SJ and she believes what JW told her about SJ being alive. So they taking some time to recuperate is an investment of time not wastage, something necessary given all JW has been through and is going to go through. They need some tender moments in this storm to keep up the strength and to not feel lost. I also think often times people mistake that when you are going through a difficult phase that you are sad or worried all the time. Yes for major part of that phase you are gloomy and worried BUT the only way you pull through such a difficult time is with a little bit of LOVE, CARE and HUMOR- these are what prevent one from falling into depression and giving up. So the romance is not mistimed. This is the time they need each other the most. Having said that, I think the debate about them finding time for each other when everything is a mess could have been avoided if maybe the character of HJ was written a bit better- I mean if we could also gain an insight into what she went through- her sufferrings cause she couldnt see her brother. But then again the voiceovers indicate that the story is predominantly from JW's perspective so maybe we get to know more about her life in the coming episodes.
  37. 17 points
    About WS: One minute of screen time for the ex-hubby is a minute I'd rather see spent on characters I love such as hunky teddy bear Manager Nam and PR Director Nim. And the thought of JH befriending WS gives me the creeps, seriously. Can't WS find some other helpful pal to help him grow up? In my own life, I cannot imagine being best buddies with my spouse's ex-girlfriends, never mind an ex-wife! I'm not that enlightened. Starting to worry, too, a bit about SH always being so tired. The way, for example, JH calls Manager Nam to pick her up because she'll be too tired for the drive back from Sokcho. It made for a fun "sad story" convo between SH and Nam, but she's a young woman. Why so easily tired? Her driving skills seemed fine. Unlike other kdrama drivers, she actually used her turn signal before doing a U-turn in traffic at speed. Anyway, I am nervous now when our lovers are so happy that her tiredness will suddenly become some horrible kdrama disease. Please happiness and health for our lovers! Perhaps SH needs to eat more iron-rich foods. Take care of yourself, woman! Re: @larrysouth's concern about the danger of JH and SH falling over the balcony while passionately making out. That worry never occurred to me! But thinking about it, a bed would be a better location absolutely. It's a safety thing.
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    Dear chingu, Do you know if we as international fans of whom some are nearly crazy over the romance and beauty of our OTP (some of us have ignored our other halves totally and repeat the kissing scenes till panda eyes appear) - are we able to respond and rebut that super- bias article against "Boyfriend" and its cast? I know ratings are not everything but I'm more concerned about the writer's anti-stand against the drama which is totally unfair to the cast and crew. If we make enough noise, maybe it'll prevent other journalists/antis writing against the drama now that it's coming to a near end. This drama deserves much more accolades than a piece of bullsh*t article and negative comments. Oh no, I already feel my withdrawal symptom coming..... I need 24 episodes please....never mind about the evil MIL and WS....let them do more stuff but I just want to see my sweet couple getting stronger by the episode and of course frolicking in bed the Cuban garden or even enjoying a session of intimate onsen catching snowflakes and frolicking in the warm spa... since the weather is freezing. It's a good way to keep warm together. Regarding the straying hand on the super-passionate balcony kiss, all I can say is that SHK must have been so relieved to purposely slim down for this drama....hehe.. that scene is so hot and if the PD fails to deliver the promised goodies.....he'll have us to reckon with. >.<
  39. 16 points
    Amen to that...keep it on replay lol! Awww thank you @stroppyse for your translation. I melting and as I watch it on netflix I melted more particularly when JW said that HJ is with him....BAHAHAHA! I actually fastward just to see the kiss scene again. After surprising her with a first kiss he stopped, like he was waiting for her consent. And he continued for a deeper kiss and she responded. Baby girl can kiss back. BTW did anyone notice that the hug scene was not aired..hence this kiss will be continued tomor @dramaninja gif away... I cant wait to see them.
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    @Kasmic i actually thought JW needed to be slapped. He was too erratic. He need to come to his senses. We continue after the ad break The news about Seo's death is all over the media Stocks tumble down. JW's face is shown everywhere. Wow. I dont think he can make a comeback after this. JW is no longer the CEO. He is dismissed. JW is in the hospital and he sees seo. Oh no. Wait. What is this. Its a flashback. I thought JW was hallucinating heh JW returns to his alchoholic state. And drinks like no tomorrow judging from the bottles around him HJ comes visiting JW with programmer dude. Side note: Seriously HJ. You can do far better than alchoholic JW. #sorrynotsorry Programmer dude leaves but HJ decides to stay. She tells JW its her birthday. JW brushes her off coldly. And now she's talking about her last birthday party with her friends. This exchange is exhausting to see huhu JW sleeps. He woke up and HJ is in the living room watching tv. Ok. I'm confused whose birthday it is. Is it HJ's or JW's? Hahaha Ad break HJ successfully brings JW out of his house and they eat at a restaurant. JW is driving. Side note: he needs to teach us his skills, since you know his left foot is not exactly in good condition to be driving haha Edit: no need. He can totally drive. His right foot is fine haha. Office dude calls HJ and wants to talk to JW. Ahhh i want to know what they are saying. It seems important. Now we jump to sujin and papa cha. No idea what they are talking about. But sujin is pretty here. And theres also yura with papa cha (this is all told by office dude to JW via the phone call). Office dude is crying while talking on the phone with JW. JW is just staring blankly And as per usual theres a mini flashback. It starts raining. So HJ brings an umbrella for JW. He starts talking about family or the lack of it(?) JW asks HJ 'do you believe in me?'. HJ says yes. That was sudden. Awkward imo hahaha Side note: poor cane discarded lol The end. Preview They start dating. JW visits papa cha. It looks like he is playing the game in front of papa cha.
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    @stardustvoid I can't move on either LMAO. It's just so rare to see that type of kissing in kdramas. The type that's so passionate, the couple are actually already swaying and leaning into each other.
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    Okay. In that case, think of all those layback spins that she must have done. Plenty of flexibility for that balcony kiss... @leedonghaek just posted some lovely gifs of the balcony kiss, so I won't post more of those.
  46. 15 points
    Actually, the story with JWS could be perceived as a destruction of the prince charming myth. Let us not forget that the writer has used a lot of references from fairy tales: - the sleeping beauty: CSH described herself as such in her marriage. She was like in a coma, even the drawing in the beginning reminds us of the forest created after the curse in order to protect the sleeping beauty - Cinderella (the shoes, the ball, even CSH mentions it, JH knew nothing about her identity) In these fairy tales, the hero is prince charming: he is rich and powerful therefore with his position, he can give the heroine an happily ever after ending. Furthermore the prince has no friend in these stories like JWS. The bride and princess has no worries about money and is protected and respected by her husband. In this story, JWS embodies the archetype of prince charming but his attributes have now a negative connotation: his power and money turned her life into a real nightmare, he didn't protect and respect her at all, she was unhappy and the marriage was short-lived (no happily ever after ending). Actually, the ending was the opposite: a continuation of hell, even if CSH felt happy for a short time. She could finally breathe a little. And let me add something about HI: so far, JH still considers her as a good friend BUT he is still unaware of her conversation with CSH. Moreover, there is a huge difference between HI and JWS. Like I had mentioned before, JWS witnessed important events in JH-CSH's relationship and realized the evolution of their relationship, unlike HI. HI only knows that CSH admitted that JH and CSH had a some-relationship. When the article about the date appeared, she didn't see the kiss hence for her, JH and CSH were still in a some-relationship. Don't forget that even KJM could deceive his parents by saying that he had met CSH in Cuba and they were just close. By asking her to stay away from JH because the latter will suffer, HI thought that this relationship could be stopped before it becomes too serious. HI knows that the media can manipulate... it had already happened in the past with the ramen date. Then since nothing had happened for one month as CSH kept her distance from JH, I am convinced that HI is still believing that they didn't go any further than some-relationship. @twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle @Yongzura@thadora@jl08
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    A translation of the episode 12 preview. JW: Dress prettily and come outside. HJ: Why? JW: Because this is a date. HJ: If you come outside like this, will it be okay? JW: It’s not as if I don’t have a plan at all. HJ: You have a plan? JW: If, Professor, this is something that you’ve been planning for a year, then what would I be able to do? Prof: You say you don’t know how to step down. I’ll teach you. Prof: What brings you here? JW: I wanted to see you, Professor. That I am telling the truth, I can prove that here in this place. From now on, Professor, you are going to share my fate. We’ll go together until the end. Interesting. It's not as if Professor Cha is a separate character being entered into the game it seems, but linked in some way to Zinu? This will be interesting to see how JW does that. Also, JW and HJ have another date. Yay! But, I'm still hoping for HJ to have a more active role than as support and love interest. Though, thinking back to this writer's other works, the female character may not have been the most immersed in the action. Still, hoping is free. edit: Just realized that the Netflix episode is out already, which means subbed episodes are probably up everywhere. I may just stop translating anything for this drama since Netflix is so fast.
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    @stresseddesserts Oh, the material and price are interesting. The bracelet has been worn in the kiss scene filmed in Cuba(September 2018) while the ring might be filmed in January 2019. Production team has amazed audiences with detail story, script, and commercial CFs too. @dukesa1122 KJH and CSH would have probably stayed in Cuba for several days, their clothes would change. KJH might arrive Cuba on Friday morning and went to meet the coordinator to ask sending his letter to the garden owener but such coordinator denied because of garden owner's dissatisfaction. That's why KJH had to invade and sleep in the garden in order to attempt meeting the garden owner next day(Saturday). From the scene Secretary Jang booked the flight, CSH might arrive Cuba in Saturday morn and even after the garden owner accepted apology, CSH might have to stay in Cuba for days till working day for the coordinator in Cuba to deal the contract with tons of clauses among three parties (DongHwa, Cuba Coordinator, and Garden Owner) KJH has taken days leave so both of them could be in Cuba for several days till the contract with garden owner has completely done. @rosiepeonie188 Your observation is interesting, plan on filming and editing is thorough. Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Kyo's acting with switched time in Encounter and real time in filming are challenging indeed but both of them can nail the roles. Let rerun and think about the filming has not been sequentially done but skipping here and there between 2 strangers and 2 lovers, Thump up PBG&SHK indeed.
  50. 15 points
    Chingus, I’m caught up with ep 9 and 10 and I love the episodes. This drama is indeed very romantic. The shots, the acting, and the BGM are all perfect. I like reading all of your analysis as well. Originally, I was thinking that we need a time jump so that JH can be more mature and show himself to be more financially stable to provide more security to SH. However, after the last 2 episodes, I’m starting to change my mind since it seems that even with his current situation, JH is able to protect SH. Furthermore, JH’s stubbornness somehow give me some comfort that he will able to take care of SH. Regardless of the rating, I am proud of PBG and SHK to take on this role. I think they did a good job and this drama is Daebak.
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