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    OH MY. The new stills are daebak! I love PBG's boyish look and I've a thing for tall, handsome and slim guys in jeans.....with unbuttoned shirt..never mind if there's a tee-shirt inside......it's enough to deprive me of oxygen! SHK looks so youthful and sweet and so cosy next to PBG and it's only possible to be so sweet in Cuba. I hope they'll dance salsa together, ice-skate, and romance the night away with warm hugs and beautiful kisses! I say BEAUTIFUL kisses, PD! Are you listening? Right. No drones, no hidden faces, so hair cream, no weird angles that leave us imagining, no far away takes either that makes us crane our neck to see if they really kissed! So frustrating.....lol. I don't understand the PD. Why torture all of us? Are they sadists or what? Such a beautiful couple - they deserve to share the best and most beautiful kisses with us! The cinematography has been great so what's with the kissing? They're capable of more affectionate and intimate moments that defy tradition...I want more "smack" sound as often as possible......hehe... I'm treating them as professional actors as a screen couple ok... before anyone got mixed up with reel and real again! The Garden of Love will house their beautiful romance. Their story will resemble the old man and his wife. It'll be a happy love story. I'm also hoping the wedding of KJH and CSH will be held in the beautiful garden. It'll be our dream come true, won't it? I wanna see the handsome groom carrying his lovely bride to their honeymoon suite in Cuba's Donghwa Hotel and catch the stunning sunset whispering sweet nothings! For those who can't wait, treat yourself to this pic. Keep looking. PBG and SHK are so gorgeous and adorable. I'm smiling like an idiot. This sweet couple just makes me LOOK like an idiot all the time but I'm fine...seriously. Nope. I'm not. I can't wait for the next episodes anymore. Credit @Jemrie who post here.
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    @dahae2006 Hahhahahah... IKR. Seriously, I didn't expect this series of pics in Cuba to appear now. I thought this will be for the final episode when they return to Cuba (for the third time now that they go there mid-series?). And with CSH and KJH both look so peaceful while glueing each other's bodies, well... it made me lose my mind. I have to rant somewhere. and it made me return here? hhhh.. Oh, and someone mentioned JH taking it to the next level while they're in Cuba? Well... I'm not sure Bogum is up for that. He's very stingy with showing skin. Youth Over Flower was the only show where God blessed us with bare-chested Bogummy (to my knowledge). But if Bogummy decides that I'm talking rubbish here and shows me that I'm very wrong and give us a bed scene, then I'm all for it. Surprise me, Bogum-ah. Go all out, I challenge you. P.S. Bogum-Ssi, what I mean by "bed scene" is Opps... sorry mates. got carried out. *fliphair
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    Can I give my take on this? I agree that ex-hubby has done many things for CSH. He's also not a bad choice as you said yourself that he's not bad looking, intelligent, rich and so on. Only one thing tho: Cha Soo Hyun doesn't love him. She didn't, she doesn't, and likely will never , like him. Otherwise she would not return the gifts he sent her. Otherwise she would be shown rethinking his words when he said he likes her. Otherwise she would be happy (other than frowning) when he confessed his feelings for her. We don't love (and marry) anyone in our lives just because they are good looking, rich, protective and kind to us, right? The same goes with CSH. Despite what ex-hubby has done for her, his heart just didn't connect with CSH's. Instead, her heart connects with KJH right from the start.
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    It's New Year's Eve somewhere and here we are ranting about JinSoo Anyway, if the script was already fixed with how the story will flow, and they had 1 month to shoot, they should put kisses scene in Cuba. It would be odd that JinSoo kissed in public with the chance of getting caught, because they miss each other so much, but not having kiss scene while they're miles away from evil MIL. So, i guess the masquerade kiss wasn't the first kiss scene for PBG /SHG as KJH-CSH.. if that so, maybeeeee the kiss was too hot to handle that the PD nim decided to tone it down, since it was suppose to be their first kiss? Oh well, i'm just ranting cause i miss them so much Fingers crossed for JinSoo's hotter kisses in Cuba!
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    Glad that this pictures made you to come out from lurking tien @tiendoank . how can they be so handsome and beautiful .
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    Anyho, Annyeong chingudeul! Finally I let myself out after being a comfortable lurker most of the time. Blame tvN fot the last two stills. I was totally [and surprisingly] okay with not getting new eps last week. I mean i just did my things well and reran the episodes. I didn't beg. I didn't complain. That was.. Until today. The two pics somehow broke down all the patience I've built at one strike. Seconds go too slow it's painful. Now even though it's already Monday and I just have to endure two days, I start thinking how to make World skip Tuesday. I want the new eps now. Now i just want to curse whoever uploaded the two new stills... All while mezmerising at how CSH looks so homey resting her head on her boyfriend's shoulder. #whyamIstillsingle End of rant.
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    I dont think this will happen So is SHK. In her 22 years she never showed any skin on her torso. We got a glimpse in DOTS only because of the wind. Lets discount showing skin from her legs and dipping neck lines ok. It’s for fashion’s sake. I dont think we’ll ever see a kiss while they’re in Cuba. This was shot like a month ago and they were just starting to get to know each other. But I am seriously hopeful because we have excellent actor/actress. If we ever get another crappy kiss though, I’ll go with several people here and fly to Korea.
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    This is so funny and frustrating at the same time. I agree it’s just a kiss, some people are clutching their pearls too much. I also read that some fans think that the kisses were fake and just camera tricks. However, I stumbled through this IG post. The zoomed out kiss looked the hottest but it was SO zoomed out you can barely see anything LOL I swear if we get another over edited kiss...I...I will always have this forum as a support group LOL
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    I read somewhere, I dont know where anymore. That they made the kiss like that so as not to shock the locals/and fans that cant seem to erase SJK out of their mind. By doing zoomed out shots it wouldn’t be too “lude” for the family’s of both sides knowing that she’s married. If you ask me however, SHK is not SHK in this drama and so is PBG. They are KJH and CSH. And IT IS JUST A KISS PEOPLE! Nobody got pregnant from a kiss! So we need better kissing scenes with better angles please! Dont make us slow mo the kissing scenes just to see how they did it! Agree. However, let’s just be happy and see what happens next week. Odd though that they don’t have the same results with CPI.
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    If this happens, I will take the next available flight to Korea just to give the director a piece of my mind. No quarrel just some scary talk and I will demand for a reshoot.
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    JH's goal is always to go to the next level when it comes to their relationship.. we had a proper back hug-- then eventually a public kiss.. so now that we know that they will be in Cuba-- maybe JH will have more courage to take it up to the next level??? maybe a little bit more intimate? can they share the room? whaaaaaaaa sorry if i offend anyone. it's just my imagination.
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    Today Drink truck has been sent before and recently the food truck has been just sent to Encounter's Casts and Crews for their dinner. That meant Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Kyo, Casts and Crews are shooting drama on the last day of 2018 in the very freezed weather with Cold Wave (Real feels will be much more frosty...minus 2-digit degree celcius) Fighting all!!!
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    This! Even the pirates had a role to find City Hunter. But Emma. Oh Emma. She sat there with her guitar, conversed a bit in her echoey voice and disappeared. The thing is she said nothing benificial in the slightest. Why writernim why? Why did you think it was ok for Emma to say nothing helpful for JW to complete his quest? You made Emma as a marginally useful NPC if not completely useless. Emma could have warned JW that only Alhambra weapons can be used in the dungeon. She could have told him to go to the shop and buy more weapons, and thank her later. Oh Emma! You had so much potential. So so much potential huhu I blame the writer for this lack of development for Emma. Theres 6 episode more. Maybe Emma is the game overlord, who knows right? Hahaha
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    I've been so busy in preparing for 2019 I havent had the time to watch the sub ep as yet. It's ok maybe Im procrastinating because the thought of seeing loyal Seo saving his dear boss then disappearing plus the look of guilt and pain in JW is Im starting to tear up again....NOOOO!!!! I hate this writer, seriously why?? of all people I cant even look forward to the further development of our beautiful couple...Jung Hoon! If this drama turns out to be like a dream sequence of JW playing this AR game and once complete al is back to how it was before I swear I'll boycott this writer - Sung Jae Jung. Positive thing is no one died but then the thought that over 10 eps of this to only become a mirage I'd log in myself and my target will be the writer. Im demanding answers... And then there is Emma and HJ..Oh dont get me started. I need to calm down and just
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    I agree... Even if you want to drop the series, you simply can't do that! Hyun Bin is too hot to handle. But the game itself a mess now. And we only have 6 eps more. I really don't feel that the plot got a progress in the past 10 eps... So I am really waiting to see how the writer unfolds these messes one by one. And I'll be glad if there's theory for deceased people to come back. At this rate, it's hard to believe that many people would survive at the end...
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    I know everyone's tired of theorizing at this point, probably, and I had posted two theories before (which probably don't make sense), but I still want to try my luck. I have a background in sociology of the family (and took a basic course of criminology), and I know it's only 1/3 of criminal profiling, so as usual please take this with a grain of salt. So. I originally posted this on Twitter, but I want to elaborate more (please bear with me). I won't point out at any certain suspects, but instead map their possible general profile. Criminal Profiling of Red Cry Based on The M.O, The Victims, The Location, The Timing of The Crimes A. Age, Gender, Education Level Profiling Poetry is important in Korea, both aesthetically and as a part of the social movement since the 1940s, and during the dictatorships in the 1960s-1980s. The revival of Korean modern poetry was marked by the publication of Daum's poet anthology (2009), Based on this chronology, there's a possibility that Red Cry is/are as young as 20 y.o and as old as 60s y.o. Despite this importance, an average Korean student can only interpret a poem based on their personal meanings. Red Cry have knowledge of poetry, but not the sensibility in interpreting the poems contextually nor culturally. So: Judging from the diverse methods in the serial killings and the victims' statures, the more strenuous of these killings were probably committed by young, fit male(s?) or female(?), while the verbal attacks could be carried out by weaker or older male(s?) or female(s?). B. Occupational Profiling Some of the killings were committed at night and took physical strength to commit. At least three of which were done at remote locations, hence Other killings were done by persuasion, indicating possible manipulation skills, knowledge of psychology. Therefore, C. Geographical Profiling The fast internet speed in South Korea, especially Seoul (30th in the world by 2018) the wide coverage of wireless network, followed by the availability of the internet for 75% of household make it difficult to map out where exactly Red Cry access the internet from and from which type of areas. Their knowledge of Seoul urban landscape points out towards a born and raised Seoulite or at least someone who had spent his adult life for a long time in Seoul. However, in Go's case it indicated the killer was probably a person who D. Mindset Profiling Due to the tendency of average Korean students to connect poems with their own personal turmoil regardless of context, there is a high possibility that Red Cry was an abused child, an eyewitness to such abuse, or an abuser, who is familiar with art but not a poet The element of sadism in some of the killings is a result to exposure to sadism at a formative age (either during childhood or adolescence). The levels of comfort and ability in micro social interactions (personal and face to face) vary. In some of the killings, the victims were approached in a friendly way, in some others they were directly assaulted and killed. E. Familial Structure Profiling Modern Korean families have been changing in terms of size, membership and values. More women work in the public sphere, and more families spend their time apart. As a result: The main problem in Korean families is childcare, both the lack of places conducive for childcare and the division of labor within families in maintaining proper childcare, regardless of social class. Consequentially: Currently the suspect(s) live in either a very small familial setting or nonexistent familial relationships, which enable them to mobilize and/or to access the internet privately. Sources
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    Not a bad match though, but maybe on the next drama? SH doesn't even see WS as someone who matters. Like he doesnt have a say on anything-- someone who just goes along with what his mother tells him. Imagine she was already his wife-- he had all the chances to make her totally his-- he could have had children with her-- loved her and protected her. It's not as if everything can be controlled by the MIL even inside their bedroom. And if you really love someone-- you protect them. If she was suffocated living in the same house with the MIL, WS must have done something to protect SH. His way of protecting is kind of bizaare. Like if he really wanted his future with her, why ruin something that is already there? they were already married. the only thing that makes me want to root for WS was the fact that he's rich and capable-- which makes them more matched in terms of status. but on the contrast, life is not all about wealth and status. Wealth can be earned over time.. what's important is being close to the ones who really make an effort to be in your life regardless of the odds. For JH, her smile is everything--- he would jog miles and miles just to test how far he can go. JH is not perfect-- sometimes I see him like a kid that doesn't match her persona-- but maybe that's the reason why SH was drawn to him. He takes life easily, passionately and freely. WS is not bad though-- it's just over for them. WS is just a part of her past that she has to deal with.
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    @dukesa1122 ditto on the kiss with better angles! No drone shots while kissing please. This is Havana. This is Latin America, we need to see el passion. Lol
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    HOLY SHAHSHSGJSSHJAHAGAGA AAAAHHHHHHHH Well, we already guessed the Director would be abusive towards Eunho... And I had a feeling Red Cry would go after him later on, but... Now I'm curious how it happened and if it would really be Eunho or Red Cry <or both, in case they're the same person>. Since Red Cry is acting a little more violent and the crimes seem a little less planned lately, I wonder if he's killing on a whim now without masking it anymore as suicide or covered crimes. And if it's really Eunho who did it, I wonder if Red Cry pushed him to do it like they have pushed PYT and MHJ to execute the punishments. I feel bad that 3 cases have involved Eunho now tho. Jiheon won't let him off now akdhsjhsjsshja
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    He changed it in his office..... but yes he is really rocking the long coats..... he looks awesome...maybe because of his tall frame And i am so happy to see that couple picture of Solkyul....at least it stopped our frustrations for not getting to watch tonight. Happy New Year to @Jillia who has always updated this forum and all the rest who is loving CWPFN and the actors in there. Hoping that 2019 will bring new friendships( I think there is already a great friendship between our OTP) and new start ( If Yoojung is dating....i hope we will know in 2019 and be done with it....because too much of a speculation going on) and new dramas for all the actors of CWPFN.....but i think it will be only in the 2nd half of 2019 if they do accept any dramas....
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    They better. Alot of easy going smacks and hugs would really compensate the pain and anxiety it caused us for waiting 14 days! Can I stretch it so far as giving us a full on kiss with BETTER angles?
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    I hope the writer is generous enough to give us a few hugs and kisses this week since we've been waiting for almost 14 days to get new episodes. A little reward won't hurt.
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