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    Hi @Joanna Zhang.... i have the same feeling.... definitely Yun Kyun sang is not attached or else i dont think he would be that so friendly and always reaching out for her hand..... and also at the Presscon... the whispering act was so comfortable. He wouldnt be doing that if he is with someone.... his partner would definitely be jealous And there are alot of fans ( especially those stuck with Bogum Magic) that feel that Solkyul couple has no chemistry ....blah blah and that Kyunsang is not cute/ handsome..... however i beg to differ....he has a very manly feel about him when he is serious and these two definitely have sizzling couple which is hot in a matured way....not in cute...fantasy way but in relatable normal life way.....just notice the look that Sunkyul gives oh sol.....its deep with meanings
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    Thanks for tempering our expectations for the couch scene....will not be flipping tables when I actually watch it.... however despite the potential lack of kisses...that look in the preview is a lot hotter than the usual Kdrama kiss scene save for a few exceptions....lol....
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    No preview again I'm afraid live filming is almost catching up to them Sec Kwon said something about taking care of OD's case so OS is obliged to accept her offer then a short and sweet farewell scene with the Oh Household plus rooftop man. Then off to GS house with Sec Kwon. Then of course the meeting between the OTP then Mother and her current bf arrived. Hilarity ensues when GS refused to go home unless his mother stops her ridiculous decision to stay at his home while OS is there so he checked in to a hotel and terrorize the hotel service attendant with his complaints on cleanliness so he got kicked out I guess lmao. He went home in the end though i don't understand what OS said to him to make it happen but his mother was gone in the morning so I guess that's it. Their shy and awkward at first but GS stumbled upon OS's diary and read the entries (tsk tsk lol) while OS is washing up for the night. I guess something is written in there that made him decide to buy jewelry and flowers the next day as he was going home. But the plot twist is that grandfather talked to OS earlier which I also don't understand but it's probably what was said here before that she must not fall in love with him. Also she found her red cup while cleaning up in the kitchen! So when GS arrived home she kinda saw the flowers he's hiding at his back and cut him off by mentioning the cup and saying some bad things I guess because she hurriedly escaped after then GS threw the flowers in the trash can (sad). Buuuuut, the ending (and another plot twist I guess) is the kitchen scene in the preview where he stated that he's going to make her fall in love with him (whoo boi). Idk what made GS aggressive to be honest lol I guess we'll find out next week.
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    @katakwasabi Yes, the betrayal for HJ would be huge. On the other hand, she would have a similar experience than JW and understand better why JW became so cynical and distrustful. So far, no one has been betrayed so often than JW. In the next episodes, he will experience another backstabbing. JW was right: CSH and his wife made excuses for their betrayal, trying to blame him for their own actions. And this will be repeated: Cha and Park will claim that JW is delirious and endangering the company, hence they need him to be removed from his CEO seat.
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    Since we got nothing to read from our super contributor today, i will post pictures. quite a number of fan visited to boy friend's filming location. Not only korea but also cuba.
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    I agree. Emma might have been created by SJ as a request of KBS who loves HJ... and JW thought that SJ created her out of love for his sister. But the fact that she is always wearing a guitar could be perceived as an evidence that KBS is behind it, since HJ has never played guitar again in front of her family. But in the shop, it is different and that's where KBS saw her playing and was attracted to her. I do think that HJ will play a huge part in the game in order to help her brother, as she can become the Emma in the game: fusion between fiction (game) and reality. Notice that HJ served as shield, when Cha was about to attack JW outside the hospital. HJ had never logged in the game... yet he was stopped.
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    @katakwasabi@bebebisous33 Very interesting theory and plausible especially because we know nothing much about KBS except for he makes guitars and he has one sided love towards HJ. I thought it a bit weird when he told HJ that he wanted to expose what JW did to the media....I thought that was a bit extreme...going straight to the media before trying to talk to JW or find another way to "settle" the situation with the company or JW himself first.... I know he comes off a bit jealous and resentful of JW and they are trying to make us believe its due to his crush on HJ but there could be an underlying reason as you said...It could also be he is the "consultant" who gave SJ ideas on creating the Emma character since he knows about guitars
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    Love to see many interesting theories from chingus, our waiting days till saturday will be faster with this discussion. One thing I noticed, that we haven't had enough scenes or stories about the New World company (CHS), I wonder who's the computer engineer or staff behind this company.
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    @katakwasabi Another point for this theory: not only he wanted to follow her to Granada in order to locate SJ through his sister but also he wanted to take away HJ from JW's side, when JW was in recovery. Remember, he complained to JW that HJ would spend too much time for him and he had always wanted to celebrate her birthday. Since JW was awake, HJ could celebrate her birthday. KBS kept pressuring her to leave the house, not even waiting for secretary Seo. Only after some time had passed (but before Seo's arrival), zombie Cha appeared. So if KSB is our culprit, he might know that HJ serves as protector. Therefore he needed her to leave JW's side so that NPC Cha could make his entrance. What if KBS is able to use zombie Marco and zombie Cha? That explains why there is no trace of another login: at the top, we only have Marco, Master and Zinu. Yet, I believe that someone could use the accounts from dead people in order to enter the game and get rid of his "enemies". The accounts could have been hacked after their death, no one has noticed it. Another point for this theory: the music (guitar) JW hears just before zombie CHS appears: memories of the Alhambra. KSB makes guitars and I am quite sure, he can play the guitar too. Anyway, I am a firm believer that murder was the real motive of Marco and Cha's death... and JW is not responsible for his friend's death. KBS even stigmatized JW as murderer, as a lunatic person although he didn't interact that much with him compared to HJ.
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    Omo omo! the preview - their chemistry is undeniably out there! Although my lack of input in this forum but I faithfully read every single one. I’m really curious what is up with the grandfather. Is he trying to make up with SG after what he did by master planning in the background? Also I wish they tell us more about the rest of the cleaning fairies stories and their comradeship. I want more of OS and her Best Friend interaction too. Can’t wait for tonight episode. Lastly Happy Holiday everyone and Merry Christmas
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    thank you mother for staying a bit too long in the kitchen and @Ponyo_mokona is right tho . he can just duck down the floor
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    No prob! Clips are uploaded faster in the official drama naver page than YouTube. I agree with the tension hehe I guess they should established their relationship first so that we can finally have guilt-free skinship lol @mushforbrains I honestly don't know if I should be glad or not that I have no idea how their gonna reveal the connection between grandpa and the accident It'll probably be with the help of CG but idk how. I'm also a little sad that we'll probably see our cf boys less since it looks like the setting will mostly revolve now in GS home and their respective families I guess.
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    I haven't actually watch the subbed version of episode 9 due to the holiday activities so I'm going too see ep 10 raw first hehe. I'm really amazed on the people making the episode teasers (I think this is a general in JTBC dramas as evident in the views) because they really know how to pick the scenes that will surely excite/worry/agitate the viewers lmao. Less than an hour before ep 10 and I'm replaying the teaser for the nth time May our hearts remain intact until next week. It's really fun how Christmas and New Year's celebration both fall in the Monday-Tuesday schedule because we can receive extra treats from CWPFN
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    This is the most stressful drama i have ever watched. Every episode either makes me mad, frustrated or rolling my eyes but at the same time, I anxiously wait for the next episode *facepalm*. Now I don’t feel sorry for Ari, she is such a brat well the bad ones are equally bad and they deserve each other. And WB, i am quite frustrated with him ...i have a love hate relationship with his character. Still curious what his plan is to bring Yu Ra and the emperor down.
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    Oho...so the almost kiss is a likely trip and fall with a big thick duvet in between... yep chances may be the cliff hanger in ep 10.... thanks for the stills....
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    This is one of the reasons why I so love this drama. We get to see our leads grow and change for each other. How they compliment each other is so heart warming. It’s amazing how they convey how they love each other without always kissing (which what we always see in the usual drama tropes these days)
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    This is a heartwarming simple story of love and redemption, coinciding with the gift of the Christmas season. Thanks for sticking and happy holidays!
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    An old article hints that Emma would be a healer. That article also said that JW can level until 90. It already happened. He reached level 90 now. Like many others, I hope writer can start making HJ more interesting rather than being a damsel in distress. The moment she confronted JW asking about SJ and his pretending emails was a nice progress on her. We still have 8 eps left, hope we'll have to see how HJ or NPC Emma could make something different. I want HJ to join the game too! That way she can try to find her brother. They wasted them for not giving a proper romance for these two. Even they're just smile or how he looked at her or vice versa, the chemistry is just great. So far I really enjoy the game a lot and how JW try to find the answer to all the strange things happened because of the game. So the lack of romance didn't really matter for me. JW has to end his marriage with YR first. LOL. Amen! No, I guess they've done filming a week ago and it has 16 episodes.
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