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    Ahhhh That kiss just become so much sweeter slow mo. You can see JH probe first, asking if its ok, waiting for CSH’s response. And then finally, she opened her mouth and they both dove in to that wonderful sensation of first kiss from the one you love. The feels. It brings back memories of how I felt with my first love
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    @africandramalover Actually, I had written two very long analysis about the drawings, the first about the representation of JH and CSH in the drawings and the second 10 days ago under the topic of nature. Now, I would like to add another observation. In the episode 1, we see the castle and the princess. The latter leaves the castle and wants to take her carriage. However, we are shown a huge forest composed of thorns and brambles. On the other side of this forest, there is this young man reading. In his world, the sun shines brightly which is the total opposite of CSH's world. The forest as impassable border could be seen as a reference to the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. Since CSH had never been able to live her life, she was actually like a sleeping walking beauty. Therefore she suffers from insomnia as she is already sleeping. The appearance of JH can be compared to the prince who entered the woods. In the fairy tale, 100 years have passed before the prince can show up and see Sleeping Beauty. Here, there is another similarity. CSH needed to wait for some time before JH entered her life, although they had met before. Finally, in one of my former posts (the one quoted above), I had pointed out that the enemies are often represented as natural elements (snakes, waves). This underlines that the obstacles our OTP will face are just natural phenomenons and reactions. And now we have this insurmountable frontier, the forest full of brambles and thorns. The forest serves as border between the two different worlds JH and CSH are living but at some point, JH will enter her world. But let's take a closer look to the drawing from the episode 7. Unlike the last two drawings, we can observe two huge changes: the return of dark colors (dark blue) indicating that the hostility and the burden have increased a lot. Not only the sky is dark but also the young boy. This illustrates the sadness and darkness of his thoughts. The young man is crying too as a tear appears. JH is now facing a terrible situation which makes him sad. Striking is that this time, CSH is symbolized as the sun. In the former drawings, JH was often linked to the sun. I think that this time, the reversed situation can be easily explained: for him CSH has become his "adoration", she is now in the center of his life. He worships her but as you know, the sun is very far away which seems to be insurmountable. For his "cult", he must sacrifice himself. But the tears turn into stars. And in my opinion, the stars representing the tears can be perceived as signals that his sacrifice will be noticed and all this won't be in vain. The stars belong to the sky and they are closer to the sun. CSH will hear about the transfer and even if she comes to accept it, JH's decision leaves a bigger impression on her. He decides to leave her in order to protect her. And this is where I would like to compare this situation to JWS's sacrifice. JWS left CSH in order to free her... he did it out of love (he believes that he loves her but he just loves the image of CSH, the ice princess). He never told her his true intention. However, this is where the similarities end. JH was forced to change his workplace, whereas JWS was never forced. He thought, he had to. Secondly, JH gave many times signals that something might happen and CSH should focus on the happy memories so that they overcome this burden together. JH wanted to create more good memories hence he took a picture of CSH and him together. Then in the episode 8, they date for the first time officially. JWS never took a picture of CSH, while they were married, not even during their trip to Portugal. He just has the picture of CSH before she became his wife and this is significant. This outshines that JWS lives in the past and he just loves the image of CSH, the celebrity and the ice princess. Thirdly, JH never lied to CSH, he just hid it from her in order to protect her. JWS lied to CSH: he even paid someone in order to create the rumor that he was cheating on her. JH never asked anyone to get involved. Funny is that the moment JH is sent away (JWS expected CSH to stop the transfer), JWS believes that CSH is not madly in love with JH because she accepted the transfer and thinks, he still has some chances to woo her again. That's why he visits her office and declares that he likes her. I said funny because deep down, it reveals that JWS's gesture (getting a divorce) was not a real sacrifice on his part because he can not imagine that JH would sacrifice. JWS saw his own action as a momentary situation... he had imagined that they would go back together. He just wanted to wait for some time. So this was not a real sacrifice as in his mind, CSH would remarry him. However, he made a huge mistake as he decided everything on his own, while JH talked about it to CSH. He convinced her that this was the best for both of them. She would maintain her integrity and he would come back on his own effort and merit so that people can no longer gossip about a young man seducing a rich older woman. JWS used the rumors and gossips to destroy his marriage... our OTP does the opposite. @twtwb@alekaonu @icyphoenix @USAFarmgirl@celebrianna @dukesa1122 @stroppyse@xu_lyfe@philosophie
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    The complete BTS Clowning Around! Kyeopta! And we didn't see this!
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    Yay for the new BTS! The captions said they had a never ending selca session. My question is who do we need to beg just to get their selcas? Why isn't TVN uploading their photos? And the forehead kiss.. I don't even know what to say anymore. I love Jinsoo couple. my gifs are so LQ (been a while since I made gifs haha) but it can't hide their chemistry. lol Thanks tvn for feeding us today. It's still a long way to go before ep9. Btw, Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Omg! Adorable behind the scenes!! I mean, these two are king and queen of visual, they're out of this world gorgeous! There's not much of NG scene in this bts clips, i guess they're really put all efforts to wrap it without wasting any time.. my heart flutters so much just to see this two in behind the scene.. 8 episodes left, i got feeling, it's going to be hard to move on after Encounter.. AND THAT FOREHEAD KISS?? WE NEED THAT IN SCENE PD NIM PLEASEEEE
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    OMG, Behind the Scene Encounter Ep7-8 can make my Christmas happier BUT PD nim, why did you not insert these clips to the real on-air version ?!?!? ...Cutie ever our KSH and CSH. https://tv.naver.com/v/4861133?
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    https://www.soompi.com/article/1281623wpp/6-dramatic-moments-episodes-7-8-encounter-that-were-not-over 6 Dramatic Moments From Episodes 7 And 8 Of “Encounter” That We’re Not Over FEATURES Dec 24, 2018 by binahearts “Encounter” has continued to be the talk of the town this past week, especially considering that epic moment at the end of episode 8 that a lot of us were anticipating. There was a lot of wondering in terms of when the big moment would happen, and after several dramatic events throughout the episodes, it finally came. And we’re still not over it! Here’s a look at six dramatic moments from episodes 7 and 8! Warning: spoilers for Episodes 7 and 8 of “Encounter” below. 1. When the director tells Jin Hyeok he’s getting sent to Sokcho As a result of Soo Hyun revealing that she’s in a “some” relationship with Jin Hyeok, he gets transferred out of Seoul to Sokcho. In this particular scene, Director Choi is telling Jin Hyeok that this is the least he can do to protect Soo Hyun from further harm. Jin Hyeok, being the sweet guy that he is, complies and decides that it’s best not to tell Soo Hyun and to just follow orders. Director Choi being a puppet to Taegyeong was pretty annoying. So when he meets with Jin Hyeok to tell him that he has to move to Sokcho, we’re not only devastated but totally upset that Jin Hyeok agrees to do it! It’s pretty unpredictable from this point on as we don’t know if he’s going to get sent away or if Soo Hyun is going to find out and rescue him. Regardless, the drama is getting more and more dramatic. 2. Soo Hyun coming back to the hotel after hearing news about Jin Hyeok Soo Hyun’s short responses to Jo Hye In when she tells her over the phone that Jin Hyeok is being transferred to Sokcho is boss. Her nonchalant demeanor and calmness shows just how much control she has over her feelings. She doesn’t lose her cool. It’s a dramatic moment that is totally owned by Soo Hyun and the confidence in which she responds to this news is powerful. And when she goes back to the company, the charisma she exudes is so respectable. We can feel the anger that she feels for Director Choi and are anticipating her confrontation with him. Can we just mention how cool she looked when she walked back into her company? Like, such a BOSS. During her confrontation with Director Choi, we feel the tension in the air, but she totally owns the conversation and room, making Director Choi second guess his decision to go behind Soo Hyun’s back and betray her. Her passive aggressive threat to him totally had us cheering. She’s scary, but she’s not going down without a fight. 3. Jung Woo Seok telling Soo Hyun that he likes her This is a messy relationship. Woo Seok is married to Soo Hyun, fakes having an affair to get a divorce, and is now trying to win Soo Hyun’s heart again. I don’t know about you, but this guy’s thinking has me totally confused. I’m not sure why he had to go so far as to fake an affair to divorce Soo Hyun, but alright. One things for sure is that Woo Seok oozes royalty, wealth, and he’s owning this part. So when he drops his pride and tells Soo Hyun how he feels, it’s pretty intense. We’re loving how this is officially developing into a love triangle. The more drama the better, I say! I’m not sure how to feel about Woo Seok yet and we’re not sure if he’s technically the antagonist in this series. He does love Soo Hyun and doesn’t seem to like Jin Hyeok (obviously), but he hasn’t done anything to sabotage their relationship… yet. But the part where he tells Soo Hyun that he loves her is obviously a step into the direction of there being some intense drama in the episodes to come. I’m curious to see if he’s going to be a bad ex-husband who gets in the way of Soo Hyun and Jin Hyeok, or if he’s going to be a good ex-husband who just loves his ex-wife from a distance. Let’s hope for the latter! 4. Manager Nam showing up in Sokcho After Jin Hyeok gets shipped off to Sokcho, he ends up with a job at the front desk, a position in which he was obviously demoted to. We’re upset that he won’t be at the masquerade event that he planned and even more upset that he’s so far from his family and Soo Hyun. So when Manager Nam comes to the rescue, I was high key cheering and fist-pumping away. This particular scene felt very Cinderella-y, which I loved. The fairy godmother, aka Manager Nam, comes and rescues Jin Hyeok to bring him to the ball. He even brings him a full suit and a mask! It’s a total fairy tale and so romantic! I had a huge grin on my face during this entire time knowing that he could go to the event that he planned, and more importantly, see Soo Hyun. I loved every aspect of this part, especially Manager Nam. Where would their relationship be without him?! 5. Jin Hyeok grabbing Soo Hyun’s hand Once Jin Hyeok and Woo Seok are at the masquerade, we know that both of them are looking for Soo Hyun. So when somebody grabs her hand, we’re left wondering who it is until the very last minute. It’s an intense moment for this love triangle and although we kind of feel sorry for the ex-husband, we’re rooting for Jin Hyeok to take off his mask and sweep Soo Hyun off her feet. 6. The kiss After Jin Hyeok takes Soo Hyun aside and reveals his face, she’s touched and surprised that he’s standing in front of her. They’re both smiling at each other and we can sense what’s coming. I don’t know about you, but all I could think about was Song Joong Ki glaring at the screen from a distance. Despite this, it wasn’t as awkward or cringe-worthy as it could have been. It did set up for some dramatic moments that we know are going to come in the next episode. It raises various questions about whether anyone saw the two kissing or if there’s going to be more scandalous news that exposes the two being at the party. Regardless, we know there’s going to be some more obstacles ahead that we have to brace ourselves for. Oh, the drama! Catch the latest episode of “Encounter”:
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    Behind the Scenes Encounter Ep7-8 Tight Hug, KJH pated CSH's head, KJH kissed CSH's forehead, KJH stared CSH and CSH smiled back. and the last scene is Happy New Year from Park Bo Gum. During Welfie, it is cute that Song Hye Kyo started to make her face boo and pig first and Park Bo Gum followed her ... Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo, haha cutie and comfortably close after shooting for a couple months from day to night time. https://tv.naver.com/v/4861133?
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    I didn't recall seeing him kiss her forehead. Why PD-nim, why???
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    For Christmas, I spend time reruning Encounter/Boyfriend, the first time I watched to read the subtitle, rerun to enjoy beautiful scripts, and appreciate Park Bo Gum&Song Hye Kyo's amazing acting. There have been more and more reruning to watch KJH's and CSH's gesture and facial expressions. When I rerun Encounter Ep1 after finish watching ep8, I found out more dimensions to feel surprised for detailed acting, thorough script, and spendid photography, Encounter/Boyfriend is like a piece of gorgeous art indeed. I found that KJH and CSH showed their boyfriend and girlfriend here and there; for example: - When KJH asked CSH why she has not used his BD lipserum yet and convinced with spring reason. - When CSH asked why KJH has not used her necktie and asked him to move the existing one and tied her necktie for KJH. - CSH called KJH that she wanna meet him at his PR division. You know what I mean boyfriend and girlfriend might meet each other's collegues sometimes in order to see what she/he's going on there and whom he/she is working with. - KJH asked CSH about oppa's care, CSH guessed it might be protection but KJH showed his jealousy by asking why it is not support (to support sister with her boyfriend), rather than protection. (to protect sister from boyfriend) With CSH, KJH speaks from his mind to her. For example, when he insisted that he will post at new location by tomorrow, he mentioned that his concern for this reloation is he can not run over to meet CSH when he missed her as he used to do, this is what he really did to measure the distance between Seoul and Sokcho when he was informed to relocate from such spy man. By the way, I noticed from social network that due to strong worth of mouth and great response from medias/SNS, there are much more audiences who will spend Christmas and new year by starting to watch Encounter/Boyfriend and is screaming about KJH&CSH. For the audiences who have already watched, they are starting rerun. As a fans of this Encounter and Park Bo Gum (also appreciate Song Hye Kyo from her acting in Encounter), I am glad to realize that ther are much more audiences to enjoy this artistic drama
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    Omg so cute Jinsoo . I wonder is that PBGxSHK or KJHxCSH in character
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    Behind the Scene Encounter Ep7-8 with Eng Subtitle Thank you for the kind translator. It is very cute that BTS crews call their nickname like this. Kim Joon Hyuk & Cha Soo Hyun = Peach & Grape Couple 1. 2.
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    Our OTP from Encounter https://www.soompi.com/article/1282661wpp/park-bo-gum-song-hye-kyo-buzzworthy-actors-week-sky-castle Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Kyo, And “SKY Castle” Continue Their Streak Of Most Buzzworthy Actors And Drama Dec 24, 2018 by C. Hong On December 24, Good Data corporation released a list of which dramas and actors had received the most public attention from December 17 to December 23. The list is compiled through an analysis of 35 dramas in the areas of news articles, blog posts, community forums, social media, and video clip view counts. JTBC’s “SKY Castle” ranked No. 1 again for the second consecutive week and increased its percentage of attention, from 14.73 percent last week to 17.96 percent this week. Moreover, its cast members also ranked among the buzzworthy actors of the week, from Yeom Jung Ah (No. 5), Lee Tae Ran (No. 7), and Kim Bo Ra (No. 8). tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” showed steady growth for three weeks and this week overtook “Encounter” for the second spot. Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye also took No. 3 and 6 respectively on the actors chart. tvN’s “Encounter” fell to fourth place this week due to a competitive time slot, while SBS’s “The Last Empress” rose to third. “The Last Empress” showed impressive standings in the video clip view count category, with three clips from the drama gaining over 400,000 views. Some of that buzz, however, was due to the news this week that Shin Sung Rok sustained an injury on set and allegations of extreme working conditions. Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo topped the list of buzzworthy actors again this week for the fourth week in a row. List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Dramas: JTBC’s “SKY Castle” (17.96 percent) tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” (14.3 percent) SBS’s “The Last Empress” (13.7 percent) tvN’s “Encounter” (12.67 percent) tvN’s “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” (3.61 percent) JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” (3.49 percent) SBS’s “My Strange Hero” (3.36 percent) MBC’s “Less Than Evil” (3.04 percent) OCN’s “God’s Quiz: Reboot” (2.81 percent) KBS’s “My Only One” (2.68 percent) List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Actors: Park Bo Gum – tvN’s “Encounter” Song Hye Kyo – tvN’s “Encounter” Hyun Bin – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” Jang Nara – SBS’s “The Last Empress” Yeom Jung Ah – JTBC’s “SKY Castle” Park Shin Hye – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” Lee Tae Ran – JTBC’s “SKY Castle” Kim Bo Ra – JTBC’s “SKY Castle” Kim Yoo Jung – JTBC’s “Clean With Passion For Now” Yoo Seung Ho – SBS’s “My Strange Hero” You can watch Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo in “Encounter” below:
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    I'm more into the storyline of JH & SH than SH & WS but I found it fascinating that there is an FMV for SH & WS. This is for those who support them (don't get your heart broken ladies cuz that relationship is bound to go nowhere ) I hope not. They have got enough drama already. Ramyeon shop, press conference, the director's exposing her among her employees. They deserve their privacy but I think someone will be watching. Whoever that person is, he/she needs to back off our OTP's backs.
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    I wish they could've included everything but if I had to choose, the smooch would be my option.
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    Maybe they chose the 3rd smooch instead of a forehead kiss forehead kisses are so sweet though
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    Merry Christmas, Cleaning Fairies! I won't be able to watch tonight's episode live since due to the timezone I will be at my parents for Christmas dinner. Same goes for tomorrow. But I will be able to join the discussion this evening. I'm looking forward to it. But hopefully these photos were taken a couple days ago because I don't want them to hit live filming yet. @emily00 I was wondering about that as well.
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    In the discussion about the art in the drama, I don't recall anyone pointing out ep4.. We start with a picture of the girl and boy, holding hands, surrounded by snakes. Well, hello there! Mother and Mother In Law! At the end of the episode, the snakes recede... Snakes, poor creatures that are the scapegoat for all the evil in the world... In this episode, - MIL tells the artist not to deal with CSH, and her ex sorts out the issue while telling MIL to keep off. - The lackey approaches HI to post the article. She refuses. - MIL and Mother plan to push CSH dad to merge the parties. MIL even throws in the "You can treat me as your in-law" line as bait for Mother. - Mother gives CSH the gift from MIL. Mother sends her a message from MIL when she tells CSH, "what do you think this gift means? It means she has her eyes on you and you better behave!" - The Secretary (I don't like her, sorry, not sorry) meets with KJH to warn him about playing with CSH heart and messing up her life. She also wants to return the lipstick. She has the best interests at heart, but she is the biggest cockblocker with her concern for CSH. If her suggestions had succeeded, our couple wouldn't be together! - The backstabbing employee posts the article about CSH on the intranet... - The director and MIL plan how to use the article to bring down CSH at the board meeting. - The director accosts CSH in the lobby to confront her about the man she's taking advantage of with her status. KJH, in his most epic takedown, immediately cuts thru his BS and the episode ends with CSH smiling. there are multiple snakes around the two, whose plans are taken down by the end of the episode and the snakes recede in the ending animation. Yay! Someone mentioned the use of picture frames. I wonder why they used this shot (can't remember the episode)
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    I agree with most of everyone points regarding JH. The more i look at it I think JH is actually the type of person who will not share his burden. He will not tell anyone his pain and his sorrows. He is very carefree and bubbly type of man who always looks happy and buried all his worries inside. Remember he said 'our relationship has become truly special now' after he shared with SH his secrets. In the other words he just not the type who will tell anyone even to his family and friends about his life. Even leader Mrs Kim frustratingly angry at him because JH didn't tell her about the Sokcho transfer. He didn't even tell SH . Luckily HI told SH or else I think SH will furious if she found out about it after coming back from busines trip. I think this could be one of conflict can happen between JH and SH in future. I hope JH can be more open with SH if anything bad happen to him again. Remember when SH feel relieved how JH didn't lie to her in Ep 2 about his neighbourhood elderly barefoot climb the mount. There are other situation too which I can see that JH honesty and sincerity are the things that make SH attracted to him but I can't recall it. Ya actually I do feel bad when he lied to his mother. He is such a sweetheart and try to protect everybody but at the end he will hurt himself more if this continues.
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    Though my heart goes to JH's mother, i can't blame him and won't force him to tell the truth. His mother is the typical old fashioned, whose idea of a family and relationships are confined in a box, can't think out of the box and will never treat her child as an adult no whatever age it is. Maybe JH is testing waters and find it not the right time to tell the truth. At the father and son talk, the father is receptive and perceptive . Even he said something about love indirectly, his father understood him. I don't think this will be the case with his mother. We still don't know his mother's reaction in situation like this. She maybe calm and funny outside but when triggered emotionally, she maybe like an erupting volcano. Things are happening fast for JH. How can you handle pressure from a first regular job and a first love at the same time? Its stressful and he is dealing with this all alone. CH knows only half truth. And the only thing she can assure JH is their relationship.
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