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    I'm sure that would have crossed some people's mind and I can't blame them since the PD has a knack of zooming out the actual kiss and like someone said, each close shot is when they're done and lips resting on each other...lol. I've observed the angle from behind PBG's head and though it's debatable, some thoughts had me confirmed that they were really kissing: 1) The fact that there was no reason to fake a kiss because the real kissing was already shown to the viewers; 2) The angle that their lips met was highly probable; 3) The slight urgency with which KJH turned his head to kiss CSH...just before it was penned out....you could tell their lips were about to lock; and 4) PBG's ears were red. Therefore, I conclude that despite not showing their lips from behind PBG's head, they were really kissing. I'm still wondering about the shots taken of them kissing because I think it could have been more beautiful if there were close ups of them kissing gently yet passionately to reinforce their hunger for each other, if not to satisfy our hunger! lol... Btw, for a second, I was wondering if PBG was advertising for some hair cream while I was staring at the back of his head....why show the audience the back of his head instead of the eagerly-anticipated, heart-stopping, adrenalin-pumping kiss...or so I had hoped. Well, it was sweet still..... Someone mentioned that it was understandable that PBG had closed his lips initially....I don't think he was burdened at all. In all 8 eps, he was at his natural best. He probably anticipated that SHK would set her lips apart slightly when he went for her lower lip and SHK did just that. It could also be that CSH is more experienced. After all, KJH has only academic knowledge of what love is. If PBG was worried, we certainly won't be treated to the wonderful music of the 'smack' sound at the final kiss.....hahaha....
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    I agree that we shouldn't worry so much about the ratings. However, I see the need for us to be properly informed about the difference between 1) Public Broadcast Ratings and 2) Cable Broadcast Ratings,. I found a very informative, easy-to-read article which I would like to post here for our guidance. Understanding the Difference Between Public Broadcast and Cable Broadcast Ratings DOMESTIC RATINGS OF PUBLIC BROADCASTS There are four nationwide television networks which are available to the public without subscription. They are EBS (Educational Broadcasting System), KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), and SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), each which several channels (i.e. KBS1, KBS2, MBC-TV Busan, etc.) Each drama is assessed by two companies - AGB Nielsen and TNmS - which occasionally come to the same conclusion on viewership numbers, but when they don't their difference is usually between about 2-3%. Both businesses relies mainly on TV set meters whose information is sent to headquarters for 2:00am analysis before it's released for the 7am news. Their reports are typically broken down into a "Seoul Capital Area" average and a "Nationwide" average. The first company is AGB Nielsen - South Korea is a subset of Nielsen Media Research, an American firm that measures media audiences worldwide. In 2011, AGB Nielson monitored a total of 2050 households to establish its ratings. That number has grown to approximately 5,000 households. (Comment: This is what is followed in SK.) The second company is TnmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics). In 2011, it monitored a total of 2000 households to establish its ratings, but is now up to approximately 4,000 households. DOMESTIC RATINGS OF PUBLIC BROADCASTS In 2016, The overall average viewership of public broadcast was 9.97%. SBS ranked first with an overall domestic rating with 11.74%, followed by KBS at 10.39%, leaving MBC behind at 7.55%. (Skipped the part where it mentions specific dramas) With these numbers in mind, I'd be comfortable suggesting that a public show should aim to fall within this range of 7.5% to 12%. This will be the scale I'll use to decide whether or not a public show is rating poorly, average, or above average. Great: Greater than 12% Average: Between 7.5% and 12% Poor: Less than 7.5% DOMESTIC RATINGS OF CABLE BROADCASTS Ratings of cable dramas tend to be much smaller than that of Public Broadcasts. This is simply because public dramas are free for all in South Korea to watch, whereas cable shows are "paid for" channels, therefore they naturally have a smaller audience. It's difficult to compare dramas from both camps as public dramas have a natural advantage. In 2016, The overall average viewership of cable broadcast was 3.93%. tvN ranked first with an overall domestic rating with 4.82%, followed by OCN at 3.34%, leaving JTBC in third at 1.97%. With these numbers in mind, I'll use the range of 2% to 5% to establish "average" viewership and determine if a cable show is rating poorly, average, or above average. Great: Greater than 5% Average: Between 2% and 5% Poor: Less than 2% Indicator Public Broadcast Cable Broadcast Great Greater than 12% Greater than 5% Average Between 7.5% and 12% Between 2% and 5% Poor Below 7.5% Less than 2% https://aminoapps.com/c/k-drama/page/blog/understanding-viewership-ratings/g01h_6u4blLnz8WZNlB3WNRed7eBg7 Conclusion: Public Broadcast and Cable Broadcast have a different range as far as ratings and rankings are concerned and shouldn’t be put on the same level.
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    Stopped reading negative comments for quite some time now and it did help me feel better. I get defensive and affected easily..so yeah that was the best decision ever. Lol On a positive note, Encounter has been receiving so much love and praises after a 'rocky' start. That alone is enough to make me feel overjoyed. cto I still remember reading an old interview of SHK. She said..if a drama is good, someday people will watch it.
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    It is a little early; however, this drama has just moved to number one on my romantic drama list. I don't see two people with an age gap, a class gap, or a wealth gap, I just see two people falling in love. JH is very mature for his age, and although CSH is older than he, because she has always been told what to do in her personal life, CSH is on the same level as JH when it comes to love. I am so impressed with the level of writing, the direction and the cinematography. Encounter is a joy to watch. It makes me reminisce and reflect on when I first fell in love. That stage of a relationship is so special and this drama captures it perfectly. Some thought the kiss should have been more, I thought the kiss was just right for a first kiss. Most people are a little hesitant about their first kiss, and under these circumstances, I thought the kiss was just enough, I loved the way it was filmed with the close-ups, the panning out, the party in the ballroom and their encounters... it was a wonderful kiss that left something to our imagination. (I can imagine the after party and the next morning) All of the actors are outstanding even the evil m-n-l and the pushy mother. I am not always happy with the outcome, but I am always left feeling satisfied that I have watched great episode where all the actors rose to the occasion. This is a first class drama, good work from all involved. Thank you. @rdturbo I am glad you joined our conversation. I used to post on other sites; however, I found many of the posts on those sites were personal attacks on the actors and other nasty irrelevant nonsense that did not move the conversation forward or add insight to the topic. I am glad I found Soompi. Most of the posts here are about the drama and characters. We do not always agree, but for the most part, everyone is respectful of others opinions, analysis and critiques.
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    @asuwish, usually, when I see "melodrama (romantic)" as the Genre, it just warns me that our OTP are going to go through some emotional pangs, trials and tribulations; but it doesn't necessarily mean the OTP will not have a happy ending (Descendants of the Sun, The Winter The Wind Blows, Secrets, etc.). A lot of times, it's two people who already have the odds stacked against them trying to make it work. I'm hopeful for a happy ending, but also can see the two of them breaking up, but finding their way back together. I loved this episode and especially the fairytale elements in this drama. We had a mixture of the Wizard of Oz the Tin Man/Cinderfella and Soo Hyun was a mixture of Man/Woman in the Iron Mask/Fairy of the Woodland Realms...somewhere along those lines. In regards to the Woo Suk, the ex-husband, I truly thinks he loves her. She appealed to him immediately because she wasn't like the other women he'd met. She wasn't arrogant, haughty, falsely sweet, self serving, or trying to impress him. More than that, she's like him in a lot of ways, two people who have mothers trying to control their lives. However he could see how his mother's behavior was taking away the 'little' smile Soo Hyun used to have. He could have selfishly kept her in the marriage, but instead he pretended to have an affair so that he could give her a reason to leave him--to give her freedom. I almost picture it as two people in prison and one helping the other to escape. I liked the two scenes of Soo Hyun with her mother demonstrating her growing independence and Wook Suk who still hasn't found his independence from his mother. Soo Hyun is speaking frankly to her mother about how she will live her life while Wook Suk is still cowering in front of his mother; when she told him he can go get some rest (aka go to your room).....I thought, "Is he 10 years old?" It put things into focus for me. It's clear that Wook Suk had no intention of attending the ball until he heard that Jin Hyuk had been transferred to another location and Soo Hyun hadn't blocked the transfer. He thought that there maybe an opening for him---poor thang doesn't have a clue. Hearing about Jin Hyuk's transfer gave him confidence to then approach Soo Hyun, and be more open to her about his feelings which confused her. I'm hoping that Wook Suk will find the courage again to "let her go". I think he hoped that one day they would get back together again, but didn't expect her to enter another relationship. She probably wouldn't have, but she had an ENCOUNTER in Cuba that changed her life.
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    Sounds like a possibility but it won't happen. KJH can sacrifice his own happiness, provided he's convinced that CSH truly loves her ex-husband but she doesn't. What she'll feel once she finds out about his good deed is simply.....compassion and it is different from love. For me: CSH - WS = gratitude CSH - KJH= LOVE The PD knows many international fans are eyeing him closely.....the writer can always modify her story. As for the fans, we can always express our desire for a good, happy and passionate "live happily ever after" on all platforms available .... Blossom, tvN, "Boyfriend" hashtags, ig accounts etc....why not? After all, it's such a beautiful and meaningful drama and since things looked reverse, a sad end to a melodrama should be reversed to a happy one instead. And don't bother about the silly fan war....
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    I just want to add something about the kiss scene, since we have two weeks to dissect everything lol While overall I loved it and thought it was sweet, I agree with some here that I do feel cheated a bit Why? Because all the close up of them kissing are when their lips are about to part ways. LOL. And all the zoomed out shots are of them actually kissing. I found it so amusing that when he went in on that kiss and CSH slightly opened her mouth they just had to change angles and pan out. And some netizens even commented that those shots from the back of JH’s head aren’t actually them kissing but just pretending to kiss? Whaaat? Anyway I digress, questionable editing but beautifully filmed nonetheless <3 Here’s to hoping for something better in the new year
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    I just completed watching E8. The kissing scene is definitely a nice Christmas gift to us viewers. The kiss although done very lightly serves to cement the love for each other. The relationship is no longer at the "pre-relationship" stage. They are now in the "couple" stage. It looks like more pressure will be thrown their way by MIL but in the end they will survive all the hardship and pain. Since E8 will be the last for this year. I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a far better 2019 to all of us. Stay safe everyone.
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    @dukesa1122, I could understand that SH never felt anything for WS. I think that SH was so caught up in trying to be the perfect daughter, wife, and daughter-in-law, that everything she did was about duty and not much else. And a large part of it was the mother-in-law who is very critical and controlling, even to telling her what to wear, what activities she has to do, which people she needs to associate herself with. It’s as SH herself tells her mother, she found herself smiling when she got divorced because she finally thought she might live. I think her married life was an even worse version of her life under her mother where SH did as she was told, no more and no less.
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    I don't think it's realistic to think that the marriage was never consummated. When they were married, WS was attracted to his wife, and SH wanted to be a good wife, even wanting to mold herself into what her husband likes. Plus, children would have been a big part of the expectations from the marriage. I don't see any reason why it would not have been consummated. On the other hand, I am wondering whether for SH, it was always a duty and never a pleasure, now that you've raised the topic. Btw, completely changing the topic, I was thinking during the kiss scene that PBG has really improved since his on screen kisses in MDBC. I remember at the time, he didn't even really kiss her lips when they were kissing, but rather her philtrum, though that may have been somewhat deliberate because of the controversy over KYJ being a minor still. I guess MDBC was his second on screen kiss, and he seems to have improved in this drama from both of his previous kisses. I think that this drama is the first straight up romance drama that he's done as well, though both Reply 1988 and MDBC had some romance in them, they were not really billed as romances.
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    Oh wow! I know the difference between both but I didnt know how to gauge number to call the series great or average. This is a very informative post @gumtaek. As always, thanks! TBH, I also thought of that when they just showed the back of JHs head but then that would be ridiculous since they also have close-up shots of their lips together. I realize that people and I should chill out. And that the kiss was just appropriate for a first kiss. Wanting more kisses though
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    Just dropping a note to wish every chingu here, a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed Year ahead! It is heartwarming to know that we share a common love for "Boyfriend" and wishes it to do really well and that we owe it to PBG and SHK for such a beautiful love story. Let's hope the drama will shine even more with 8 more episodes and hopefully, it'll have a beautiful conclusion for KJH and CSH. Cheers!!
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    Almost 500k views on the kissing scene. Haha! Let's get it to 1m! Watch it here: https://tv.naver.com/v/4832419 Don't forget to press the heart if you have a naver account. Edit: Views reached 506k as of 7:55pm. Hope it will get more than 1m before ep 9 then maybe the director and writer will be nice enough to give us more kissing scenes. Haha
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    Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster here This is only the 5th K-drama I've watched but so far it is the most thought provoking I've seen. I love how intelligently crafted this drama is. The subtlety is amazing. Being a big fan of the arts and literature, this drama really speaks to me. I have so many thoughts and theories but don't have the willpower to type it right now lol. All I can say is episode 8 was AMAZING. What a great mid-series finale (can't believe we are halfway through ) I just hope the story and characterization will remain consistent until the end. Back to episode 8, I love how the ending showed all the couples and potential couples who came together during NYE. And I love how CSH and JH just threw caution to the wind and decided to kiss in the veranda, very Romeo and Juliet (minus the tragic ending, I hope). Something tells me they will be caught again, seeing as kissing is public might not be the brightest idea but they're so in love so what can we do lol. I do hope though that there's an alternative scenario to this. I don't want a time jump as well, I'm curious to see how they'll handle seeing each other again at the masquerade ball. Speaking of masquerade, I love how it was a masquerade themed party. Their masks fit each characters personality for the most part.
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    @stroppyse and it all goes back to the evil MIL. I had to give a hand to the actress. She’s really good. I really hate her.
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    Viewers always notice when the hero levels up because the signs are visible. For instance, once JinWoo reached Level 5, the audience immediately took note that he could finally communicate with both the pirates (or mercenaries) and Emma in that Alcazaba Café. But I doubt the audience even noticed when the heroine HeeJoo leveled up. To me, she’s in Level 2. It has something to do with the clock. Did you notice them? It always strikes 1:16 am. From Episode 1 The news on TV is droning about the success of JOne at a recent tech show but she's oblivious to it as she sleeps. Doorbell chimes. She wakes up and glances at the clock then goes back to sleep. But doorbell rings again so she goes to the door wondering who it can be. She opens the door and he asks, “Did I come too late?” at the lateness of the hour. She asks in return, “How can I help you?” And he replies, “Do you have any available rooms?” Then the church bells toll. From Episode 5 She’s sorting through her office materials. Phone chimes. She glances at the clock. She answers the phone, “Hola” and she hears, “Is this Hostal Bonita?” in Spanish. The caller orders her to get JinWoo. She resists at first but yields after finding out that the caller’s the wife. See that? In the first episode, it was the doorbell that chimed to announce the beginning of her involvement in the game. In the second episode, it was the phone call from the Wife that signaled her "leveling up." Both times, it was 1:16 am. At the first encounter, she was given the opportunity to say no and close the door on JinWoo. But it seemed like she was caught in a trance and she allowed him in. And I thought that the church bell tolling in the distance was ominous. You see, church bells are rung NOT ONLY to indicate the HOUR (besides at 1:16am, the church bell had no business ringing the HOUR anyway, because it was late by 16 minutes. Ha!) but ALSO announce the DEATH of somebody. That's why we have the term "death knell" and the famous poem by John Donne that goes, "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee." The tradition of ringing the bell is said to drive out the devils hovering and prowling around the area to take control over the soul of the newly deceased. So, here in this kdrama when the church bell tolled, I took it to mean that her brother was "dead" but there was the devil, in the form of JinWoo, lurking around to take over his "soul" or his creative and INTELLECTUAL property, the AR game. And true enough, JinWoo's smile as he and HeeJoo gazed at each other looked charmingly devilish to me. lol. As for the second instance the clock showed 1:16am, I explained it in my blog. Just go over there if you want to read; I don't want to bore people here longer than necessary. source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/12/21/memories-of-the-alhambra-on-heejoos-leveling-up
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    WS feelings for CSH might be true and didn't want her to be miserable while married to him, so initiated the divorce. He might be contented with seeing and having conversation with her from time to time and maybe hoping that someday she realized that she can return his feelings. What he didn't expect is that, CSH fall for someone else. I hope he totally free her from his family's shadow, which is what she's trying to do. The kissing scene is a little disappointing but very understandable considering the fact that it's their first.. Hope to have more in the coming episode ( am I being greedy?)
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    That’s what I thought too. Idk, but something irks me that shes acting like she really hadn’t felt anything toward him. I feel like there’s another big secret that happened between them that lead her to dislike him, aside from the divorce. Or maybe the evil MIL (of course) keeps getting in their way while they were married. About the kiss, I noticed that too. And I remember an interview with SSCP before. SJK commented that SHK covers up his short comings in a very subtle way. I have replayed the kiss alot of times and at first PBG’s lips were totally closed. Had SHK did’t open her mouth, that would have been a smack on the lips or closed lip kiss. I couldn’t blame him though. We all know why there is a slight hesitation on his part. I like the way he went aggressice when they changed angles though. Doesn’t matter, PBG still delivered. I especially liked that sound of a smack on the last part.
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    I’m sad for him. Only because he was raised that way. He must be at a total loss not knowing what to do to make CSH fall for him. I remember his story about their honeymoon in spain and they need to drive west. He wanted to hire a driver but CSH wanted to travel without one and he drove for hours. Thinking about it now, it’s impossible CSH didn’t feel anything when they were married? Driving for hours under extreme heat only because your new wife doesnt want to hire a driver is effort in itself. And, I’m gonna ask this because i think it’s a pretty big elephant in the room, was the marriage never consumated?
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    I've stopped reading those comments because like @leedonghaek, I get defensive and get affected easily. It doesn't matter what they say. The numbers show Their best days are our worst days when it comes to ratings. And even if the numbers wont show. It is still an amazing drama for me and I get to feel all sorts of emotions while watching it. Most importantly, it lets me use my brain. lol
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    Since we had one in episode 3, then another one in episode 6 ... the next kiss should happen in the episode 9... or 12.
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