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    I haven't watched episode 6, but judging from the comments, i reckon it is another fantastic episode. Let me share a bit about the article written few days ago https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0010518014&oid=001 I do not have time to translate the whole article but the jist of this article is that 'Boyfriend' is not a Cinderella but a Don Quixote's story. One of the main reasons why there are a lot of negative noises surrounding this drama is because unlike Cinderella story, Don Quixote story is perceived as unrealistic and unfamiliar to many. In reality, Cinderella story can happen to anyone including you and me, that's why despite being repeated many times, it is still well sought after. The journalist encourages people to watch because it is a rare drama that teaches us the importance and to be grateful of the small and simple things in life. I love how every lines, conversations even art pieces serve as a purpose and bring about connections. One scene that leaves a deep impression on me is when both the leads were at the tea house. Jin Hyuk says' the tea you steep the 2nd time, tastes the best' For me, that is a subtle way of Jin Hyuk in telling Soo Hyun to let him in, let him be the 2nd man to enter her world.
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    "It's already spring for us" -How can just looking at two people just gaze at each other make me so giddy and happy. The actors are doing a phenomenal job and have A++ chemistry. So cute that both of them have a mini shrine to each other set up in their rooms. "Every now and then she smiles, it really makes my day." -I had written earlier just how much JH values SH's smile and how he's striving to be the one who brings out that side for her. I don't find it to be a "savior complex" from his side, more like he is trying to be an equal partner to her in the best way he can. Its funny, but I think the actress playing the tea maker is the same evil mom who ruined the otp's life in pretty noona who buys me food. Looks like she's earning back kdrama karma points by being the cautious but warm supporter of JH's relationship. "Relationships are important to you. Value is important to me." -ICE COLD. That scene literally gave me goosebumps. SH's mom is equally odius to both her daughter and husband. I feel characters like her are too far gone already to really be helped. I don't know if she can be redeemed. "You know, there are people who just make you smile." "Time passes by Soo hyun-ah, no amount of money can buy it back." "Nothing can stop flowers from blooming in spring." -Driver Nam gets the award for best supporting act. Great, sagely advice and the original Jinsoo couple shipper. "We are in a 'some' relationship." -This show is spoiling me with its endings. If last week was JH's turn to step up today it's SH's. It warms my heart to see just how much this couple care for each other. That "its ok" expression from JH was heartbreaking. SH must have laser vision to have caught it from the back of the room. I lol'd at the various expressions after her confession- loved to see her father and driver Nam smiling. This is one OTP I will support till the end. Love the other posts guys. Let's keep supporting encounter till the end.
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    I just finished watching E6. This episode is all about establishing a demarcation line. The first line were established by Congressman Cha against CSH's ex-mother in law. Congressman Cha I think is now politically savvy that he can now shield himself and will no longer bow to the wishes of CSH's ex-mother in law. A lot of pressure will eventually be thrown against Congressman Cha but I think he now knows he can defend himself in the political battlefield. The second demarcation line was established by CSH herself. With all the media present at the party and all important hotel officials and guest around, she announced her relationship with KJH. With that announcement, all the intentions of the evil people including MIL, CSH's mother, the Board of Director who planned the question came crashing down. The announcement this time around is no longer about friendship with KJH but it has now evolved into a serious relationship. It's like CSH telling everyone to stay away from her relationship. I was smiling like a cheshire cat looking at the faces of Secretary Jang, Mr. Nam, CSH mother, the announcer, the MIL, the Director and CSH ex-husband. The line has been drawn. I'm happy for both CSH and KJH
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    Awesome analysis in this forum..Finished watching EP 6 subbed, and I could see lot of foreshadowing!! 1. The "garden" of the hotel that CSH refers to in Cuba - its the same hotel that KJH liked in Ep1 (as pointed out earlier by one of our chingus in this forum). So we can defnly expect some scenes in Cuba related to the hotel 2. CSH said that Cuba hotel is expected to be ready by next new year - which means that most likely we will see a time jump to next year end since there are some Cuba scenes that we are yet to see..hopefully the hotel will see the marriage of the OTP? 3. WS came between his mom and KJH and in a way defused the scene. Also both times when WS intereacted with KJH he was polite and not rude . I believe he will play a key role in helping them get together . After Ep6 am convinced that he will not be the bad guy in this series...now I feel lil sad for his unrequited love..but as pointed out by our expects he had hi chance and he blew it. Reg. Cuba future scenes here's the video in spoiler I found earlier this week. Now, am more convinced of a happy ending
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    I finally had the time to watch both episode today and what a roller coaster ride it is. My cheeks hurt watching those two. Aigoo.... highlight of the 5th episode for me is how both of them gathered their courage and took the plunge to have “some” relationship. KJH is courageous enough to ask her that question, and in turn CSH gathered her courage to say yes. *fist in the air* And highlight of episode 6 for me was when KJH went to see his teacher to have some tea alone, when the teacher said, For you, it’s not “some” relationship... you really like her... his face changed as if he has been caught. And to think that how he asked for a some relationship first, he really is being considerate towards CSH. for me this is where KJH won against JWS. Not that I’m belittling JWS love for CSH, it’s just KJH wears his feeling on his sleeve and really went all out on her. that muffler scene... that necktie scene... cemented how small gestures seemed like leaps and bounds for them. As for the holding hand scene.... if KJH did not point out why she doesn’t want to take a chance with him, maybe she wouldn’t even think of holding his arm. Does anyone knows the song playing after they held hands? That song is so nice it seemed to ring in my ears even when I’m not watching.
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    Popular korean makeup YouTuber Haneulina who is a big fan of SHK uploaded a makeup tutorial for CSH’s look. Great production value, she even got the real $900 Avouavou red dress.
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    I believe, you misunderstood me. I am pretty well aware that JWS loved and loves her and didn't cheat on her. BUT since he told her that he had fallen in love with another woman and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, for CSH it was like he has been "cheating" on her and had never loved her. Yes, through his gesture he wanted her to leave his family but he had in his mind that she would come back later to him. It doesn't matter if he has been fabricating the story because CSH is not aware of this. He did hurt her with his lies... As for the daddy long leg, there is a reason why CSH refuses his help just like CSH's close friends. They don't want to be indebted to him. They don't know what he will ask after helping her. Due to the past, they are very cautious around him. Since his mother is manipulative, they also think, JWS is not different. They are not entirely wrong as he is trying to manipulate behind her back. Sure, his intention is to win her heart. Nonetheless, he is unwilling to let her know that he loves her. He wants her love without telling her that he loves her because he wants to have the upper hand in the couple. Maybe he is scared that his love could be used as a weakness. And the episode 6 proved one more time to me that JWS is not powerless. He threatened director Choi which outlines that he can even work against his mother's plan...
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    Everyone, get your popcorn or whatever you prefer. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! GO SUNNY! GO GRANNY! BEAT THEM UP! When Granny took the wig off, you knew it was about to get real! LH... Just because you're emperor, don't expect that you can do whatever you want and not get away with it. It doesn't work that way. Do stuff like that and it will come back to bite you in the butt later. Same goes to YR. Then WS... Come on man! My poor Sunny, she can't trust anyone but Granny. I can't wait to see the look of LH's face when he realizes that Sunny was never playing him. Her feelings for him were truly genuine, she was never after his money and actually cared about him until he pulled this mess.
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    Thank you for pointing this out. No offence, but the woman was thrown from a cliff the night before and is dealing with her husband's betrayal. The murder of GED happened and we expect her to watch her temper. I'm surprised she is not sitting in a corner crying about her fate lol.
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    I’m torn about JWS too. Watching him so far up to episode 6, he was most pitiful when he bumpes into CSH while trying on a new suit. For the viewers, it is very telling that the picky woman he was referring to was CSH but for her, it wasn’t the case. Her facial reaction is silently violent, since it reminded her that their marriage collapse because of a 3rd person. In my opinion, she tried her best (in her own CSH way) but he choose the easy way out to let her go instead of fighting together. remember KJH said lets allow the feeling inside them fight and she was like... fight? She was lost in thought for a bit then agrees to “some” relationship.
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    Md plucks up courage . Goes to Ks room , sees a note from YB ..he’s like arghh ks walks to see the flowers. yB in a white suit. Looking all dashing ! She’s like TOP Star shi ? Then he snaps his fingers. Fireworks goes off He’s says again - you who came into my world ! He’s like congrats ks . Lol! She smiles !!! He walks up to her . Was about to kiss her , she holds Back a bit . But he knew she would , says Chop Su. Then gently kisses her. She did not stop him !!!!!!! Wah my heart is pounding - eps ends -,
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    Has it been pointed out? I've watched several KDramas and it has been said that when a woman gives a man a tie (romantic context), in a metaphorical sense "she has placed stakes around that man and claimed him as her own". ctto
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    Now I have been thinking how they will develop the relationship between S & WS after these recent development. If Sunny forgives too easily, I would be bummed because it is a cop-out since WS made some bad decisions at her expense for his own goals. I can’t accept if they go with the usual ‘ I have saved you before and/or again now that you have feelings for me - forgive me etc.’ He better earn back her trust lol. I just recall the Princess and swimming pool scene. I think it is setting up something....(if anyone finds out about her white swimsuit please tell me! I love it!)
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    @scarletlover1 I don’t think LH cares at all that Sunny has genuine feelings for him; in fact - he knows it but has other priorities: power and lust with Yura etc.
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    And if I may add. I think it is not Sunny who is behaving like a child. It is Princess So-Jin. Considering that she grew up in the palace and had an upbringing of a princess, she still throw tantrums LOL But she is a princess who probably did not get any favor throughout her life and also became a front for his brother's wrongdoings.
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    I love this line alot. This is the first time I'm going to comment about JWS. Mainly because I was trying to understand him. I think the reason is simple. He said so himself. He, like CSH, knows the feeling of not owning your own life. When they got married, he might have seen that CSH has been pushed too much to the side or pressured by his mother and it reached a point where he cant stand the person he loves being stifled like that anymore, especially by his own mother. That might be the reason why he made up the outrageous "wanting to marry the other woman" alibi just to get Cha divorced and out of his family. He has been at cross with his mother twice and he never failed to remind his mother that CSH is not a thing. He did not however expect CSH to be involved with another man especially after the signed divorce contract that hinders CSH to ever be involved. So I understand the hesitation from his part in doing anything upfront like what KJH is doing. MIL played her part well and because of that i hate her. Not as much as i hate CSH's mom. At least MIL has a reason deeper than just being selfish and chaebol. At least she's almost doing it to CSH because she knows his son loves her. CSH mom however, she's pure evil, selfish! argh
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    I like this scenario very much.. I still think he was loving CSH all the way.. He might have tried relationship with other girl.. But seeing the wallpaper on his phone it seems he was always struck on CSH!! .. He has that two sides where he checks out KJH's tie n feels assured that CSH might have not given him tie.. But he knows the truth but still He wants to thing sorts!!.. I want to know more n more abt him to give judgement abt him.. He came Two times n saved KJH knowing his relationship with CSH.. I don't know whether it's to help CSH or he has a big heart!! I m actually very confused by his behavior.. I can understand CSH's condition in marriage!!
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    I am posting this just so we get the right information. There are several articles with this news. The 'boyfriend' 6th viewership rate was 8.6% and 10.1%, respectively, for cable-based, IPTV, and satellite-based pay-per-view platforms. The TVN target (male and female 2049) recorded an average 4.4% and 4.8%, respectively, and occupied first place in all channels including terrestrial broadcasting. (Paid platforms nationwide / provided by Nielsen Korea) http://mnews.imaeil.com/Entertainments/2018121408475852155#cb To back it up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Encounter_(South_Korean_TV_series)#Ratings As you will note, ratings slightly went up for the latest episode. Just to set records straight.
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    Could be love for YR. Maybe lust from our pov but love from LH's ...everyone definition of love is different.
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    lor she is not behaving like an empress ^__^, even before her temper erupted, she was never acted like an empress she was like a scared caged mouse, darting from one end to another, finding a place of her own, trying so hard to fit in beside i assure you, none of those in the palace behaving like what they are supposed to be aside from the grandmama everything is vile, wicked, cruel and ugly and some of them are supposed to be from honorable royal blood, the divine sacred royal blood of grace and virtue and they are even worse in character the empress just shout and scream and a lil erratic while the rest are doing the unspeakable for way too long already she would most probably will change more after the death of the grandma most probably because she will partly blame herself for her death before she acted wild and nothing bad happen to anyone else aside from her and now partly because of her, a life was taken but that's a part of her growth experience like wang shik who had to lose his mom and being betrayed to the extent of being killed in order for him to change himself and able to control his temper now sunny would experience that too sunny is not a calculative woman she didnt come to the palace with hidden motive or has a conniving way of seeing things that is her flaw, she is portrayed as she is a simple naive gal, who sees things through rose coloured glasses but i prefer her to fight back, not crying in a corner whining about her pathetic fate maybe the way she handles things now is still not good but it shows that she has a fighting spirit, and that she is not the type to let everyone tramples all over her yes she is a lil feisty now (i am hoping she would be more feisty in the future actually) but then again she was lied again and again, almost got killed on her wedding day, hubby doing the horizontal lingo in her presence with another woman and so on from the day she got married she has been treated like a dirt from almost everyone there, even the nanny doesnt respect her let alone others she can be loud, wild and harsh as she can for now and slap yura a few more times, lee hyuk too actually before she wise up and become more in control hahaha
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    Oh yeah, I love how the same actress plays Song Hye-Gyo's mom in both shows. But very different personalities! She's a great actress. She didn't do much in DOTS, but she was a great Bad Mom in Oh Hae-Young. And she was a great Good Mom in Mother. Here, she might be the worst mom of all. Because the Bad Mom in Oh Hae-Young sort of atoned for her misdeeds by the end. A couple more thoughts: - I love how the Ramen scene and the "some" scene - aside from being swoooony - also works so well to neutralize their enemies. If you tell the truth, the baddies can't use it against you. - Looks like Soo-Hyeon's dad is firmly on her side, and doesn't give a fig about the evil MIL. If these two moms really want to make the dad President of Korea, doesn't HE have to agree to it? He doesn't seem interested in doing what they want, so it looks like Game Over to me. What are they even fighting and hissing about?
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