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    Encounter laid it's cards right away ,Song Hye Kyo & Park Bogum have proven their commanding presence by bringing to life the sentiments of their characters. ****** Opening Credits is captivating ****************
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    cr. jamsan74 welcome @jjeennyy19, @kdramaislove
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    On December 3, the Good Data Corporation revealed the rankings of the most buzzworthy dramas and cast members from November 26 through December 2. The results are based on the analysis of reactions on 34 dramas through news articles, blog posts, online communities, social media, and video clip view counts. Several new dramas premiered and made strong debuts on the rankings. 1. tvN “Encounter” (16.87 percent)2. JTBC “SKY Castle” (10.84 percent)3. tvN “Memories of the Alhambra” (10.81 percent)4. SBS “” (8.11 percent)5. JTBC “Clean with Passion for Now” (6.73 percent) Actors of the new dramas dominated the ranking for cast members who dominated the most buzz. The “Encounter” leads took the first two spots, while actors of “Memories of the Alhambra,” “Clean with Passion for Now,” “Death Song,” and “Fates and Furies” also ranked high. Check out the top 10 below: 1. tvN “Encounter” – Park Bo Gum2. tvN “Encounter” – Song Hye Kyo3. tvN “Memories of the Alhambra” – Hyun Bin4. JTBC “Clean with Passion for Now” – Kim Yoo Jung 5. tvN “Memories of the Alhambra” – Park Shin Hye6. JTBC “Clean with Passion for Now” – Yoon Kyun Sang 7. SBS “Death Song” – Lee Jong Suk8. SBS “Fates and Furies” – Lee Min Jung9. SBS “Death Song” – Shin Hye Sun10. SBS “The Last Empress” – Jang Na Ra https://www.soompi.com/article/1272777wpp/encounter-tops-rankings-buzzworthy-dramas-actors @icyphoenix OMG!!! THE FIRST KISS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO POOR CEO
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    First kiss Preview It seems love started to play it's role..
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    I love haelmoni!! I am convinced now that her dementia is kind of her ability to judge character of people. Those who truly have a good heart will be welcomed and got a nice character in her memory. I wonder since they found a new friend for haelmoni. Our OTP can go for their second Hawaii honeymoon next time. Hahahaha. They don't need to rush back in the middle of their trip cause chun su will be there to give haelmoni a company. At this rate, I forsee another wedding in the future. Kang ahjussi and Chun Su. Lololol The true evil here is DY!! I hate her more and more!! She knows that things will get worse if she puts more flames to EY's hatred toward DR. This cunning witch, when will she get her karma??? See how her mom feeding her with those silly ideas makes me more furious with these two. EY might not be that twisted and poisonous if she stops being friend or listen to DY. DY keeps feeding her hatred from time to time makes impossible for hard working DR to get acknowledged. As long as this cunning DY is around provoking her all the time. I just hope that DR won't be a pushover SIL like she wishes. Since EY is blinded by her hatred she couldn't see that she got nice DIL with a heart of gold. She's too busy thinking more reasons to hate her. Sighh... I wonder when WDR said that she is not that nasty, will that be true or it's just him who couldn't see her mom is turning evil slowly but sure. I love the first day of the newly wed, it's lovely that DR wakes up early even she amazes the maids with her effort. See, that good people always be on the same page of other good people. Even she didn't brag like DY but they voluntarily announce how nice she is for making all those delicious dish for everyone. I notice EY was actually agreed to this point but intentionally refuse to it just to show her protest. Sighh.. silly EY. All the glitters that DY has isn't gold. Am I the only one who annoyed with the lady haelmoni. I know she feels emphatic and care a lot. But all of her action turned her to be a nosy buddy. I just hope she kept quiet whether she sees Chaffeur Kang or why he was there. She doesn't have the right to poke any deeper to the buried secret. What's wrong with her actually?? What could she expect if she meets him? He clearly told her to forget and keep it a secret. Sighhh.. I can't understand her. I hope she doesn't spill anything recklessly to DR. If someone needs to tell the truth, it's not her place to tell it. She doesn't have the right to do it when she was politely requested to keep quiet. But despite with all those nuisances plot I am so pleased with how happy and sweet our newly wed OTP. DR is looking prettier with her new hair style. Finally she unties it! I hope DR will grow stronger and prove to that silly DY that she is not an easy pushover. P.S. I'm sorry for my long ranting. I can't help it. Lol
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    I swear , I ‘ve re-watched yesterday ep over and over again ( is that sad ??) was definitely my favourite ep Now reading all the comments @nohamahamoud2002 halmoni got a good test
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    @bohmi OMG thank you for that!! I love the opening and ending animation art so much I checked out the artist and his/her works are awesome https://www.kpopmap.com/park-bogum-is-the-perfect-uncle-on-the-set-of-encounter/ Park BoGum Is The ‘Perfect Uncle’ On The Set Of “Encounter” DECEMBER 3, 2018 Park BoGum is well-known for his kind heart and consideration for others. This time the actor was seen being “the perfect uncle”, “a sweet dad”, or just “a caring older brother”. The actor is currently filming for the drama “Encounter”. On the set, Park BoGum had to act with children. The actor was kind and attentive to the child actors. He was also trying to be close to them. Some pictures of him and a child actor warm the heart of netizens. These pictures were uploaded by the mother of the child actor Yang HeeJae on Instagram. Take a look for yourself. The mother explained that during the break time, Park BoGum came to HeeJae and offered first to take pictures together. The actor would have won the hearts of kids on the set. Do you find the actor’s actions sweet?
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    Halmoni recognizes good people even in her dementia. She kicked Daya's mom out and welcomed her sis instead
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    Hello everyone!!So far I'm loving Encounter and I think I've invested emotions with the characters already that I'm hoping for their happily ever after. This drama is definitely setting us up for a rollercoaster ride that I'm preparing my heart this early.
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    It's monday! And these 3 are adorable. Can't wait for episode 3.
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    Daya's auntie might a bit over the moon on certain thing but her heart is good at the very least.....and Halmoni in her dementia state knew very well who is the good and who is the bad..... even when she was in her normal mode she still able to know what is going on and what is the best for everyone.....which was why she proceeded to check herself into the hospital when her DIL came to her and cry about WDR and DR at the beginning before everything EY worried for happen right thru......
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    oh the nice girl? now u mention it.....they do seems like a good match  Oh... That's great idea. She's good. And it would be better if she gets to meet Sec Hong. She's very a nice girl. Hope the writer will see this. ~~~~ I agreed that staying together whatever the problem is would be much represent the title. DR will be the only one for WDR and Mr. Kang. And watching the couple faces every troubles and pass them together are more interesting to watch rather than the old same stuff like 'we shouldn't be together and that's the best for us and everyone'.
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    Hello all, just want to share the small details Koreans and Chinese fans have noticed in ep 1-2. Director Park Shin Woo may be using these props to suggest the plot of the drama. 1) Just like this car, CSH crashed into KJH quiet world. 2) CSH intrusion not only breaks his camera's viewfinder but also (into) his life (i think this is why his age is similar to the camera) 3) Through the viewfinder, KJH saw the book ' The End of the World, Girlfriend' 4) CSH' heels First and foremost, CSH' heels symbolizes her identity/status. Even though the heels hurt her feet, she never once thought of taking off the uncomfortable heels. After KJH proposed walking barefoot together, she finally picked up her courage to take off her heels. These pair of uncomfortable heels were held by KJH, so are they telling us that in the future, KJH will share/bear these 'uncomfortable' with CSH? 5)Watch The watch on the left is in Korean time, while the right is Cuba's time. After sending drunk KJH home, CSH wanted to change the time to KST but did not do so in the end. On the 2nd day during the interview, she wears the watch with Cuba time. What is the meaning of Cuba good time for CSH? i think everyone knows . 6)Paintings-using colors, depicting their different characters. CSH- before the struggle/rebel, a lonely shadow KJH- the setting sun radiance, just like the sun, filled with strong colors. 7) Negative Why use a magnifying glass to look at the negative? KJH says he would 'washed out' these pictures, it is a process of turning black and white negative into colored pictures. Is it a hint that he will turn CSH black and white life into colorful ones? 8)SwingsThe swings at KJH favourite playground, as we can see below, left swing is CSH and right is KJH. After CSH sent KJH home, we can see that the left swing is swinging= CSH heart is fluttering. While KJH is sitting on the swing with his female friend,the swings do not move. 10) Heels and soft toy For KJH, his most treasured possessions are camera and books. He puts everything that is connected to CHS on this important place. Heels beside his camera, the soft toy that CSH gave him, he replaced his books with it. 11) KJH magnifying glass+film negative=CSH watch credit: dc and weibo
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    This is everything!! You described it perfectly. I understand people's reactions to the ending. Its tragic but to say its ruined makes no sense to me. I wish they could think of what you said because it would give them a better understanding of this drama. Yes, the acting and chemistry between the leads was way better than original. I also think the way the characters were much better written than 100 million. While the characters and relationships in both shows had a lot of depth, layers, and complexity I was more emotionally connected and invested with the characters of TSHLYE.
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    Lol i ran across this pic and for some reason I find it funny. PMY: hehe Im so happy PSJ: dont look at ur gf PSJ whatever u do dont look at her!!! Just look straight ahead and u wont look awkward at all.
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    Hi I'm obsessed with this drama and everyday I read your comments so finally decided to join the thread
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    Enjoyed reading all the different thoughts on YYJ and CWH actions in ep.10... I am quite tied up till Wednesday, so I don't have time to analyze and give my thoughts into their actions. All I know is that both of them care deeply about each other, so even though they each have flaws, things will work out just fine I never caught the date of the engagement, is it on any of the dates the drama is airing? That will determine whether it will actually take place or not. I'm guessing CWH will come to the engagement with the result of his investigation. Or, engagement will never take place because he will take action before the set date. Btw, he didn't even look at the envelope, so I'm guessing he probably didn't know when it is?
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    Staying together through thick and thin: The victory of united human spirits In “Nameless Woman”, groom Doo-Chi married bride Yu-Ri, against his family’s opposition. When both had just declared their oaths, the police broke in and Yu-Ri, still in her wedding gown, was handcuffed and brought to prison (Yu-Ri was framed in a murder case). However, Doo-Chi went to the prison. Although Yu-Ri asked him to leave, Doo-Chi once again, between bars, declared his undying love for her. The setting might be a prison; however, this is one of the best declarations of love. When Yu-Ri was released, the first thing Doo-Chi did was to register their marriage. Since then, Doo-Chi’s family did a lot of awful things to them, like stealing their designs, tampering her products with undesirable chemicals, but they never split even once. They stayed together through thick and thin until the end of the serial. There are a few other dramas, in which the main leads, once united, keeps staying together. These include “Five Enough”, “Father is Strange”, “Shining Eun-Soo”. These stories show the triumph of united human spirits in the face of adversaries. Unfortunately, in most dramas, the main leads, when facing the highest difficulty, choose to split in the middle of the serials, in the mistaken belief that the split is the best action for the happiness of their beloved ones. Then, the following episodes just offer scenes in which the separated leads get lost in work, get drunk, or cries alone, and being miserable as they miss their beloved ones. They would only get to reunite at the last episode, often in the last minutes. While some scriptwriters may think otherwise, these dramas essentially show the losing side of the human spirit against adversaries. This may be the reason that many viewers are not happy. It is a mystery as to why many script writers, including in the famous “My Golden Life”, seem to choose this type. I sincerely hope that “My Only One” would develop like “Nameless Woman” & similar dramas, in which Dae-Ryook and Do-Ran, whatever difficulties they may face, would stay and band together until the end of the serial.
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