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    Summary of 118: - JH, DG, JE and the shoemaker are eating fruit and DG gives JH her autobiography. In it is a picture of her with SJ. She is touched. They decide to celebrate with the whole family. - They celebrate and DG has a speech. JH asks grandma if she has taken the calming drug and she asks why that is necessary. - JH has a heartfelt speech about SJ and SH looks a bit guilty. JH takes out YR's recording and the whole family hears what JE's told YR when YR was pretending to beg for her life ... Everyone is shocked and JE tries to find excuses (it's not like that, etc.). - YR comes in and tells even more incriminating stuff, SH goes and shakes Yr - JH has had enough and SLAPS SH!!! Then she screams at her about betraying her and being so cruel to HN. - grandma and JE's dad are speechless. Grandma is bedridden after the shock and JH/shoemaker are taking care of her. - at the restaurant JE is kneeling and SH is trying to console her while the dad is just sitting there. They go to JH's house and SH tries to get in but the dad tells her to stop. - out comes JH and SH kneels and apologizes. But JH will not forgive her and tells her to get lost. JE runs after her and begs some more. JE tells JH her sob story about being discriminated because of SJ when she was a kid (and I think about knowing what happened that day). And she says that SH just did it for her. - JH is furious and takes a bucket and JE gets a shower - Sh tries the JE is pregnant excuse but JH tells her she knows it is a lie. - I feel sorry for the dad - poor guy. He is so disappointed in JE/SH. He cannot believe what the two were up to behind his back. I think he leaves her ? - JE runs home to DH (I guess she want to tell him first before JH does). - HG's dad and Leo are folding laundry and the mom comes home. HG's dad tells her HG is out with HN. - HN and HG scene from the preview. They talk about HN Apparel. ... - JE finds DG but he is not happy to see her. He asks her about how she could do this to HN. JE cries and collapses. DG brings her to the emergency room. - Je wants to tell him something but before she can the doctor comes in. DG asks him if something is wrong with the baby. The doctor says JE should tell him. And she does. - DG finally knows that she is not pregnant. She tells him how sorry she is but he just leaves. - EA comes to SR/HN's room and tells SR and YR to leave her alone with HN. She tells her that she is SJ. The stream is really lagging today.
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    So, at the hospital where DG has rushed JE fearing for the baby as well as JE, DG finds out the truth. DG: It’s me. The baby is okay, right? (at the doctor’s dumbfounded look) Is something wrong (with the baby)? Doctor: It’s probably better if you tell him directly? (leaves) JE: I’m not pregnant. DG: What lie is that… JE: I’m sorry, Do Gyung-sshi. (DG starts to walk away so JE gets up to stop him.) JE: Please listen to me. You said that would be on my side to the end. Whatever happened, you promised to love me to the end. Now, I… JE: Now, I really have no one but you. You can curse me out for being selfish, that’s fine. So, just don’t go. Don’t throw me away. Please. DG: Remove your filthy hands. (leaves)
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    JE and DG's scene after the reveal that HN is SJ, but before DG finds out that the pregnancy was faked as well. DG: Did you know that she was Han Soo Jung?! JE: I was scared. If Kang Ha Nui should become Soo Jung, then I… I will again…. DG: That’s enough. Please! Just stop! Until when are you will you keep trying to make excuses? The day we put up the flyers, you should have told me everything. That Ha Nui was Soo Jung. You should have told me. JE: How could I have told you? If I had told you that day, then you would have looked at me then as you’re looking at me now. How do I endure that? At first, I was scared of my aunt, and scared of Kang Ha Nui, and you… JE: that you would find out, I was afraid. DG: Stop it already. I don’t want to hear it. JE: It was hard for me as well. Do Gyung-sshi, look at me. Please understand me. (DG leaves, so JE collapses.) DG: Ji Eun-sshi! So, despite his disgust at JE's lies, DG still cares enough to be scared out of his wits when JE collapses. And, then he'll find out the truth of how far his wife will go to fool him and gain sympathy from him and everyone else. I almost feel sorry for DG.
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    I’m watching the last episode and while I thoroughly enjoyed this show, it feels like they didn’t have enough time to wrap the story up properly. I have so many questions: 1. What happened with the war? KCE’s use of the Ming army base to meet with LY is odd to say the least. Why would the Ming army wish to be part of such a petty domestic dispute? What would then have made the Jurchens stop the war they were duped to participate in? 2. KCE’s death was too easy. Where did the crown prince suddenly get an army of archers amongst the people who were so clearly in the Vice-Premier’s pockets? And how was it that he knew too he had lost the battle (cf. the scene where he writes his will using the king’s seal)? 3. How did HS get involved in the Vice-Premier’s plot against the Crown Prince? Am I to make leaps in logic gaps that HS told her brother’s friend, who pretended to tell the Vice-Premier that he kidnaped her, and so the Vice-Premier thought he had her as bait to trap the Crown Prince? 4. The queen’s scheming to put her son on the throne. Does it stop just because the king is abdicating to spend more time with her? I am... uncomfortable.
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    HN and HG's scene together. HG is a sweetie as always. HG: If you’re going to grow Ha Nui Apparel into a world-renowned brand… HN: Oh, I am ambitious to that extent! I’m still just a minnow (meaning she’s a tiny company). HG: What are you saying? You’re a carp that’s at least this big. HN: A carp? HG: I’m not joking. You’re still on your first step, and I’ve said that it’s not over until it’s over, didn’t I? (HN nods) Anyway, in order to grow the brand, as far as home shopping is concerned, you really have done things. So, I agree. (HN sighs) I said that I agree, so aren’t you happy? HN: It’s just because I wonder whether I’ll be able to do well. I’m also a bit scared whether I’m just recklessly running into things. HG: When you have a sturdy shield in front of you, why are you worrying? From now on, whatever it is, you’re not alone. We’re doing it together. Understand? HN: Understood. I’m not alone any more.
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    I think HN is in shock and she is in denial. HN has been one of the main people wanting JH to find SJ she just did not expect that SJ would turn out to be her. In HN's mind she had a thought she was abandoned (not sure why she thought this with no concrete evidence that she was abandoned) only now she has learned that is not true and that her family she assumed did not want her has been searching for her all this time. Once she hears what really happen that day perhaps will also trigger her memory of the events to her going missing. Either way its a lot to wrap you mind around with no warning. HN needs time to process what she has just learned. No one can expect her to right off the bat be happy that she is SJ and JH is her mom after thinking for so long that she was abandoned. HN's mindset has to be adjusted yet again. The first time she found out she was a foundling now she learns she was not abandoned but was lost and her mother has been searching for her AND her mother turns out to be the one person she admires the most and lives below her. That is enough to make any person go to drink or at the very least pass out. Also you have to think EA and HN have been close will HN want to give up the only mother she remembers even though she knows how much JH suffered? HN will have to be assured that EA will still be in her life before she is really able to open herself up to JH. Also its wrong for EA to try to force HN out because she knows HN will cling on to her. Her intentions are good but this is not the way to help HN accept her bio mom and family. EA prolly feels that since HN is not really hers she has to give her back, but that is not the case. JH is not the type of person to demand her child back when she knows that EA is the only mom that HN remembers and that EA loved her as her own. Its cruel to do that and I expect at some point JH will have a talk with EA and tell her she is not pushing HN out of EA's life but wants to be a part of that love that EA and HN shares. I think once that happens JH will have a smoother time with HN accepting she is SJ and JH is her mom. I knew DG would get his wake up call this way. He was blinded for far too long and JE did not tell him the full truth. Sure she may have been scared but at the same time when you know that the truth will end up the way it did today then you know you are doing something very wrong that will end up hurting yourself and others. JE knew what she was doing but her jealousy , envy and greed did not stop even after learning HN was SJ. JE had so many times to come out smelling like roses but instead she continued to hide the truth and do things to try to hurt HN. Now her worst nightmare is coming true and DG prolly feels like a total fool for trusting and loving a liar and schemer like JE.
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    SH and JE try to plead with JH. SH: Sister! Sister! Mom! DS: Stop it! Haven’t you done enough? You should talk to me first. SH: Let me go. Let me go! (JH comes out of the gate) SH: Sister, I’ve done things that I should die for, but I’ll explain. Choi Yu Ra, that girl, she threatened me, sister! The money that I embezzled that time, actually, that was all taken by Choi Yu Ra as well. Choi Yu Ra, that girl, she’s the one who schemed for all this to happen! Even Soo Jung being dead, Choi Yu Ra and the scammer plotted all that! All I did was be fooled by it all! Sister, please, believe me! Sister! Okay? JH: You, really, how much do you think to make me a fool? Huh? Since I closed my eyes to your little trickery, do you think… JH: that I look that foolish to you? Do I look gullible? Listen carefully. If it wasn’t for mom, then I would have thrown you in jail myself. SH: (goes to her knees) Sister. I’ll accept whatever you to me. If you want to hit me, then hit me all you want. If you want to kill me, then kill me, sister! JH: If you sincerely understood what you’ve done wrong, then you shouldn’t have come here. You should have gone to the police station! Go to the police station! Go and pay for your crimes! (walks away) SH: Sister! (JE goes chasing after JH) JH: Aunt! Aunt! Aunt! (goes to her knees) JH: Aunt, it’s all my fault. Mom did nothing wrong. I did everything. Having found Soo Jung sister, mom wanted to tell aunt, but I wouldn’t let her do it. JH: Why did you do it? I asked why you did it?! JE: Soo Jung sister, on the birthday when she disappeared - SH: JI Eun! JE: Soo Jung sister had gotten into a car accident, but that car took Soo Jung sister away. I saw that. JH: You did? You saw Soo Jung get into an accident? JE: Yes. JH: Did you know as well? JE: No. Mom really didn’t know. That’s the truth. I’m sorry, aunt. (JH throws water on JE.) SH: Sister! JH: Don’t ever… Final bit under spoiler since max images reached. Wow! Great scene. The only one I feel sorry for is JE's father, DS. He looks so gobsmacked listening to all this that he had no idea about. And, mistake after mistake designed to keep taking JH for a fool. SH first claims it's all YR's plotting, all of it. Then JE decides to try confession of the events back when she was 6 so that JH knows that JE has kept it a secret for all of this time and then actively tried to harm HN/SJ. And, then to top if off, SH tries to use the pregnancy card, thinking that JH might soften for the baby yet again. Seriously delusional lady, SH, to try to continue a fake ploy after revelation and revelation that she's lying as it is. 3 more episodes, and I don't think either SH or JE should be redeemed, but signs are pointing towards JE getting a redemption of some kind with the whole letter to DG, and DG grieving for her. Shucks to that. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Thanks @nohamahamoud2002 and @angelwingssf for the links. I did manage to watch the episode. I don't know what to say. Quite nice. There are some questions on how everybody was able to just quietly listen at the dinner table. In fact, not enough proof and details were given, but okay, they were all stunned enough not to do anything, I guess. Overall, acceptable. I thoroughly enjoyed the stuff, and the acting by everybody was pretty good today. But I must tell you, the award for acting should go to JE's dad. My God, the expressions on his face, starting from the dazed look at the table, to his reactions to JE and SH in JH's front yard, were incredible. He nearly made me cry with the anguish on his face. You had to feel for him, who has been the nicest guy out there, but had to go through this, because of the witches. I could not believe my ears when SH was telling JE's dad that this was all because of him. That if only he was a capable guy and had earned enough money, she wouldn't have to do all this. That woman needs to arrive in hell right now and burn. JE was at least not making any excuses anymore.
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    Video preview translation JE Voiceover: Do Gyung-sshi, in this life time, there are 3 things that I have done well. Grandmother: Where do you think this is that you dare to come in here? Won’t you go out immediately?! SH: Mom. JG: Do you even have a place for all of you to stay? EA: Husband, I’m doing the right thing, aren’t I? Being like this, it’s really for our Ha Nui’s benefit, right? Hmm, just from the preview, SH's brazenness knows no bounds. Also, this drama keeps on infantilizing HN which is disappointing. While I can imagine that HN may find the truth hard to accept, having EA have to literally kick HN out of the house in order to get HN to accept the truth is a bit blech.
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    Love this sentence. JE and her mother have filthy hands and mouth.
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    Translation of JH's accusations of SH JH: In order to keep Kang Ha Nui away from me, you falsely accused her of all those crimes and slandered her, and you used a person to act as if my daughter was dead in order to fool me, and then you made me directly report her death to the police. And after Kang Ha Nui’s mother had figured out that Kang Ha Nui was Soo Jung, the one who pushed her down the stairs was you! (SH just whimpers) JH: As if that wasn’t enough? Choi Yu Ra. After she had found that Ha Nui was Soo Jung, you hired thugs to kidnap Choi Yu Ra and get rid of her. And during that, Kang Ha Nui, my daughter Soo Jung almost died! SH: No. No. No. Choi Yu Ra. Choi Yu Ra, she’s the one…don’t believe her. Sister. Sister, I’m your little sister. Why won’t you believe my words?! JH: Kang Ha Nui’s mother, her memory has completely returned.
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    @nrllee I agree with your analogy. Also, last night while watching the stream I am not ready for long battle; I don’t like dragging battle. I want the back story of how to get back to Hong Shim since she is also principled that she’s not worthy of prince Yul love and being together with the prince because she thinks she has the traitor’s blood. She goes back to the community that adopted her as helpful Hong Shim. Simple yet healing. Moo Yeon leaving his sister - I think it needs to happen because he knows being assasin and then runaway with princess will not make things alright. Being deposed as the princess will be much better for the child and princess at least they are protected and fed for life. Palace has too much restriction. Everything is pushed or shoved to you by greedy and power-hungry people. It has to stop. I love the love of ther Village in effort to support their love story — throw cherry blossom. That’s amazing love. But she was invited to the palace right? They will have lots of time for one with hope for. But sure it will not be shown. It’s for teasing purposes only. Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun together with all the casts — they gave the best acting even the editing was bad or for us written “poorly”. We were hooked with their delivery of lines, cinematography and not to mention musical scores used; we laugh so hard, they tease and killed us with their cheesy lines, oho, am I the one only uncomfortable, more oho; we cried so hard too. We cringed in anger towards the perfect villain and walah he just died like that. VM has still has the last say “I never intend to live the life you wanted to me.” He was there remember. That’s the reason of his greedyness. But I love that VM used the blank King’s command to protect his children. The drama was overloaded with funny scenes, crying scenes and excitement scenes that even we become “pervy..” I also love the sword fight. Amazing! The banter of two intelligent person. hahaha hehehe. So I know we are still satisfied. Anyway, thank you all. See you in the next drama we will watch. I enjoyed everyone’s opinion and how each of us were respectful to each other. I hope it’s like this in my office. Hahhaa! you all allowed me to be peaceful to destressed from work. #Forever100DMP. Note, simple plug (sorry. if not permitted please delete): I’ll go ajumma-fangirling with Exo’s comeback on 2 Nov. I know I never thought at my age to like KPOP idol. I should have never started or tried but I fell in the trap of their goofyness, savageness, maturity in handling their fans but really babies, fashion shows, powerful vocals and amazing dancing. Their concerts is something to look forward - not just amazing performance but outstanding production (including lights, video juice, sounds and stage which is somehow my side work). This group has a lot of things to show and I like their individuality haha! Also waiting for “Roh Ki Soo’s Swing Kids which stars D.O. (Kyung Soo) as tap dancer North Korean to be released this December. So don’t start fangirling with KPoP-Idol. It distracts you more. hahhaa Again thank you everyone! @Dramanoona thank you for recapping; @stroppyse and @triplem, @USAFarmgirl @Jillia thank you always for making me enjoy my joining of forums. I’ve seen you all in other forums and the most reliable and level headed people in this forum! Edit: I forgot this - “Love is not about winning and receiving but its about giving.” Intelligent Palace Librarian.
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    Where medical records become unavailable as needed... where CCTVs stop working when cops need them and start working when crooks need them... where police pick up a button at a possible crime scene and just throw it into the victims's purse... where house doors have no locks... where crooks can teleport themselves to miles away to find a button in a house and replace it with another one in 5 minutes flat... where you can just go into a TV studio with your face covered, wait outside a door till somebody goes out from a room, and walk out with their broadcast "tapes"... where pregnancy tonics are well-known to housewives as amnesia-extenders... and they are as good as barbiturates for inducing sleep... where such medicine are handed over to anybody in boxes with a sticky tape by herbal pharmacists... where kids are hit by cars, and taken to some hospital in the same city and the cops can't connect dots even after the hospital and the parents have reported a missing child... where amnesia starts on specific dates and end on specific dates for no specific reasons... and so on and on and on. But these are all reasons why we love kdrama, no? Because without them, we wouldn't have the dramas!!
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    Patience is not one of SY's strengths in the last few episodes. I think a big reason is partly because he has lived so isolated and sad and lonely so that now that he is finally getting some happiness in his life, he is overexcited since this is obviously all new for him. And that over excitement is making him careless, along with the fact that he so desperately wants to remove himself from his disability state. YR is for certain going to find out, but like all of us seem to believe, she will accept him. She already knows that he is disabled, though she doesn't exactly know how or everything about him, YR has already accepted him.
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    Hopefully THIS OTP can have a beautiful nonrushed married happy ending at least *sulks away pouting and Grumbling about wasted time and opportunities in dramas finales*
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    Let me add one more point to your ratings, so we have 12/10 Great kiss indeed!! The hesitancy he felt at first, but was responded fully by her... I literally felt butterflies in my stomach seeing them kiss. So we know this is definitely his first kiss since he didn't know better to wipe clean his lips before leaving the crime scene, LOL...... at least don't kiss in the dark and your girl will help you check before leaving too, lol.... but who could say no to such backdrop, right? And when Jang asked him, which is more important "limbs" or "date"? He shamelessly answered "Date" But as much as I'm cheering them on, I really wished he would have listened to Jang and rest....
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    Honestly, SIW is annoying me more and more. He acts as if he was decent, worrying and righteous, whereas he is the total opposite: deceiving and selfish. He wants to reveal LSY's secret to HYR so that she will get shocked and ran away from him. I guess, this won't be working on her. Actually, she will understand why LSY is so desperate to keep his secret... moreover, she will come to understand why he said, he wanted just to be normal. Unlike SIW, HYR can empathize. I hope, she confronts SIW at a certain point. So far, she has not realized what SIW has been doing all this time. She doesn't know that he put LSY, Yang and even Choi under pressure. I guess, ES will come to play an important part as he will witness LSY's "accident". I hope, ES becomes LSY's friend as he needs one.
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    I hope this drama hit at least 10% for the rating because they deserve it. The stories, all actors/actress, it's really amazing. Where Stars Land fighting
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    I'm watching raw and only 5 mins in but have to come here and let out my rant first.... Um, helloooooo, what's the use of a locked door when you're going to shout a secret to be heard from outside?!?!?!? *facepalm* But anyway, I'm shipping these two TL
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    Everytime they kissed, something bad happened. Should i stop hoping for more kisses scene?
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    Thank you so much, @stroppyse. I wanted to kill the sound engineer for the loud background music, as I just could not parse the line after "that belly of yours that isn’t even pregnant". Now that you say what it is, I can sorta hear the words! The other line that gave me trouble like this is what DG said, as he left JE at the hospital. I was going to go back and do rewind and check, but you saved me the effort! Yes, these were all great scenes. Again the writer had just the minimum lines in all these instances, but covered all ground pretty well. We never saw what clinching evidence JH had on JE's not being pregnant, though.
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    @stroppyse so very greatful for the translation chingu. I laughed at what DG said to JE. He was right her hand is filthy from all the lies she has told. Chingu , I wonder why the writer chooses this path for HN "b HN has suddenly become unreasonable about acknowledging the family that she knows has been desperately searching for her since she became missing. "From the preview it seems to look like HN will be unreasonable. I don't get why HN is going to act his way. It seems to be a bit annoying. HN knows the pain JH has suffered because of SJ's disappearance. Why make it difficul to get to know her real family. Sometimess Ha Nui ca be soooo darn difficult. Antohter thing that pissed me off is that she still hasn't gotten her memories yet either. NOw I have to keep watching this drama because I need to see how HN get's her memories back and what happens after this s shown to us.... I am so frustrated right now All though daily kdrama tend to drag, drag , drag and drag but this one take the cake. The birth secret lasted way to long. The mother and daughter duo trying to keep mother and daughter apart was to last this long but at least HN should have had gotten her memories back. Why is it episode 118, she is as clueless as the day she was born. She is still nice to JE , even after JE told her to die. This doesn’t make sense at all. Smh smh This is what posses me off the most.
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    I'm okay with no preview tonight. I think I'll enjoy the episodes as of the moment. But hopefully we'll have it on saturday.LOL This drama is sooooo addicting. Surely, one of my favorites this year.
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    I love it when YR kissed back SY. Yay! They're officially dating! So satisfied with this week's episodes and will patiently wait for Monday.
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    I was watching live stream and still watching, watching, thinking whether they put the credits at a wrong time after the kiss. I was like expecting they will show some palace scenes since i thought the episode is going to be long. They started only at 9.30 and for 10 mnts from 9.20 to 9.30 it was ads. so i thought its going to end only at 11pm and there were 10 mts more after the kissing scene which was at 10.50pm. So i did kept on watching tvn live stream until the notice of the next program came on my screen. Alas!!!!!!!!! so much betrayal!!!!!! anyhow thanks for the happy ending. edit: my rant: with all the matured adults present, the ending was childish......
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    Oh god I’m dying laughing . Watch till he end ... Claps!!! Real time ratings !
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    @triplem, here are translations of the clips that you posted about HS' idiocy. The first clips seems to be a flashback to the rest of the conversation that she had had with MY. The second is her rather firm rejection of LY. HS: Because he might find out about the baby? MY: It’s not for that reason. HS: Then why? What is it? MY: To protect the baby of the woman that I love. HS: Surely not… the person that brother was talking about? MY: To me, she is not the Crown Princess, but just a woman who is named So Yeon. I’m sorry, Yi Seo. I don’t think I can live as anyone other than Mu Yeon any more. Since I have to protect the two of them. (end flashback) HS: Don’t forgive me. HS: Don’t do anything for my sake. I am surely a sinner as far as Your Highness is concerned. LY: Are you daring to refuse to follow my order? HS: The one who has caused you to suffer is my brother, and possibly me as well. LY: Because of the dethronement, I lost my mother and lost the girl I held in my heart. You definitely lost your father because of me. Because of that day, I have never been comfortable. HS: It’s all in the past. I am, and those events are. Please forget it all. I beg of you that you return safely back to the palace. Without having watched the episode yet, and with a fuzzy audio, this was what I was able to make out. It seems that HS refuses LY because her brother is a traitor who actively sought to harm LY, and for his own reasons. Furthermore, she wonders whether she herself has contributed to LY's misfortunes. It was because of her that amnesiac LY was remade into WD after all. In the letter she leaves for LY in episode 15, she acknowledges that she had liked LY as well back when she first met him when they were children, but that their fates became an ill-fated one the night of the dethronement, and asks LY to sever their ill-fates since he was the one who clung to it. Despite his explanations of how he has loved only her from the time he met her, she seems convinced that she and her family have brought him little but troubles.
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    TL Choi speaks to the President about SY in front of SIW. I think he defended SY! And SIW is NOT HAPPY about it. OMG SY has lipsticks marks on his lips and TL Yang was smiling to see it. So cute! Bartender Jung passes SY a handkerchief to wipe it away.
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    SY is at the airport. He sees TL Choi. TL Yang is asking YR if she has seen him. I think SY wants to tell TL Choi about his prosthetics. They went to a place with no CCTV and he’s showing the protesthics to TL Choi. I don’t understand what he is explaining. SY is asking for a favour. I think he is asking TL Choi to let him stay at his job? TL Choi is now talking to TL Yang about YR. I think she explains how she knows SY. YR finds SY after searching around the airport for him. She keeps shooting questions at him. And SY has this amused smile on his face. So cute! And he says it. “Let’s love.” another kiss!!! And she kisses him back!!!
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    After EA tells HN that her real parents have been found, EA takes HN to the house, and this is the emotional meeting of HN/SJ with her actual grandmother. (outside) HN: Mom, is this the right place? This is Ji Eun’s house. (inside) EA: Ha Nui. Ha Nui, you should make your greetings. HN: Hello, CEO. Hello, grandmother. Grandmother: Child. Soo Jung. My baby, let me hug you once. You’re my baby for sure. For sure! Soo Jung! Soo Jung! Soo Jung! You are my baby for sure. So, the reason that EA having to go to the length of kicking HN out of the house is weird for me is that a) HN knows how ardently JH has been looking for her daughter SJ all these years so I can't imagine that HN is going to feel resentment towards JH for abandoning her and thus refusing to acknowledge JH and her birth family, however, EA seems to be giving HN no time at all to adjust or b) HN has suddenly become unreasonable about acknowledging the family that she knows has been desperately searching for her since she became missing. Either way, the plot seems very, very thin on this. I guess this is the whole stretching things to fill the extra episode thing? If they needed more material to fill time, they could have given us more HG scenes and I would have been far happier.
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    Currently HN is still in a SHOCK MODE! Just look at her disbelief look while hugging grandma. I hope she wont withdraw herself like what she did when she found out she was a foundling. This time I hope she'll CONFIDE in HG and wont feel confused anymore.
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    what I like the best is that SH wasn't able to protect JE, because YR's recording was of JE's voice JE was exposed in front of the whole family, it serves her right. The poor halmoni was shocked
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    So EA & JH must have timed the big reveal perfectly. I was so afraid that from the evil witch SH's looks, she would rush off to HN's house to get her. Good thing EA told her in time. So SATISFYING to see the evil mum-daughter kneeling and begging for mercy and JH NOT BUYING their alibis! And for once eunuch DG finally WOKE UP!
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    The stream really has a great timing. Out of all episodes it chooses the big reveal one to start lagging. The preview is up. JE becomes a stalker, SH begs grandma to forgive her but is unsuccessful, JE and SH are now living in a very small room, EA throws HN out of the house (I guess she wants her to go live with JH in the big house). 자신이 진희의 딸, 한수정이라는 걸 알게 된 하늬(설인아)는 진실을 쉽게 받아들이지 못한다. 지은네 가족은 집을 나와 여관방에서 지내고, 지은(하승리)은 도경(이창욱)에게 편지를 남기는데...
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    Oooo more spoiler fan cams . Happy family scenes ahead Posted by our twins Lol...when I was checking for the korean hash tag for this drama, this popped up This fan took this at the filming location- king’s bag
  45. 11 points
    Wait! You mean that the kissing between YR and SY on the roof wasn't because YR was thanking SY for being an excellent next door neighbor? ...
  46. 11 points
    SIW is really something!! I think, he announced to HYR that he was LSY's huyng: "Didn't you hear it from him? I was his hyung!" (something similar...) I really want his secret to be revealed in the end... He is the one who caused LSY's injuries.
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    This drama tend to make me happy and sad at the same time. Its not a good condition for my weak heart. A week more to wait
  48. 11 points
    hate him SIW about sy they told him to not wear it i don't know what going to happen but just two wishes no hidden anymore from YR and i wish YR show her strong well against SIW tricks and fire it back at him i wish she and SY start talking more since it will late if SIW play the family problem card with yr to get close to her
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    JE dad the only reason he had a place there it is because of JH. I feel sorry for him but he is the head of the family. What a beautiful scene but the place is clean that's bad, I hoped for a darker room
  50. 11 points
    I saw the last part DG is sleeping in the office, his dad visits him EA takes HN to her grannie and she calls her SJ and hugs her.
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