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    Oh wow, the whole puzzle thing is so clever.. ok I’ll try to explain it .. Starting with the puzzle Yul gave to Jisoo 民草 ___ 萬願 民has 1 rectangle, 草has 2, then blank, 萬has 4 rectangles, 願has 5. 民草means citizen, 萬願means 10 thousand wishes. So the blank has to be a word with 3 rectangles and will connect the meaning of ‘citizen’ with ‘10 thousand wishes’. 罒 was Jeyoon ans which means ‘net’ (so the 5 words tog literally means ‘with citizens, you net thousands of wishes’) Yul criticise tat this ans is too simple. The correct ans is 懷 (see the 3 rectangles?). 懷means to embrace or to conceive (making phrase to mean ‘citizen embrace thousands of wishes’ or ‘with citizen, thousand of wishes are conceived’) ******First puzzle solved***** 2nd puzzle : 踵 This was Yul msg to Jeyoon b4 losing his memory. In ep14, Yul explains tat he must hv set it to the level Jeyoon can handle (like in puzzle 1, counting rectangles) - CP so cheeky.. In 踵, there are 5 rectangles. Yul thinks it means 5 doorways fr where his room. 4 places were identified but diary cannot be found. When they found out tat the diary title is 杜口 which has 1 rectangle already, they minus this rectangle fr the 5 in 踵, leading Jeyoon to CP library which is 4 doorways away. Jeyoon did find diaries there but not for month of Mar. He went ahead to burn the place to gain VP trust. So now we move to the aim of finding Mar’s diary. This word 踵 is also made up of 2 separate words 足 (foot) and 重 (heavy). Going back to Jeyoon theory when he first started solving this, he looked for places where Yul footsteps will be heavy -> leading to cherry tree -> which was chopped down by the Crown princess -> leading to Jeyoon searching at Crown princess premises (where he was caught) -> where Jeyoon found the evil talisman place by the Queen Leading to him asking Yul if the Queen is the answer to his 2nd puzzle. But Yul don’t remember. So puzzle 2 is still not solved. Tat scene after library was burnt gave the answer. Yul says, 踵 has to be coupled with cherry tree cos the secret letter has the cherry word as the seal So Jeyoon was right in figuring out answer to 踵 is cherry. And in Chinese, cherry is written as 櫻 which has 6 rectangles. Thus, the Mar diary is kept in a room tat is 6 doorways away from the CP library (which is 4 doorways fr prince room) and in the box tat was made fr the cherry tree tat was chopped down. So clever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (clapping!!!!)
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    One thing I noticed, after watching the clips. YR did not overhear the main parts of the JE and SH conversation outside the JG house. She only heard that if they are caught on this, it will be big trouble. In fact, after JE goes in, YR comes out from where she was hiding and says, "damnit, if only I had come down just a bit earlier".
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    YR YR YR YR If I could I'll sing songs with your name If I could I'll write your name in the sky I'll give you the moon and the stars
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    So, again there are no scenes with our lead pair, @selen4ever ??? ... Looks like another whole episode with the JE story line. Can we just hurry up and have her fall down a staircase and be unconscious in a hospital or something? Argh!
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    Summary of ep. 115: - HG tells HN about SJ Boutique pulling out of K1 and HN is concerned for JE despite just being screamed at/blamed for everything outside - JE goes to SJ B. and wants to see JH but she isnt' there. She tells SH and SH has a plan - JE and SH go to the shoemaker's house and SH announces that JE is pregnant so JH should be more forgiving and rethink her decision. - when JH demands proof SH produced a positive home pregnancy test and DG/shoemaker are ecstatic. - JH is skeptical and only says she will think about changing her decision - the shoemaker says he will talk to her - outside JE questions what SH was thinking and where she got that pregnancy test - we then see that SH had Hanna take it to proof she is really pregnant - and they get overheard by YR - grandma and JE's dad hear about the pregnancy news and are happy - at HG's home I think Hanna tells her mom about SH's weird behavior and the dad is using the mom's cosmetics for his part time job. He also talks to HG when he comes home and it seems HG tells him it won't be easy to do that job. - HN talks to JH and asks her to be kind to JE cause she feels sorry for her. JH agrees. - DG tells HN Apparel about becoming a father and gets congratulated though CEO KIM seems a bit envious - SH steals an ultrasound pic from Hanna's purse and is nearly caught by HG's mom - HG's mom fight with SH about her letting Hanna take a pregnancy test and in comes JH. SH quickly changes the topic. (not sure how much JH heard) - JE goes to the doctor and seems to get bad news - outside she gives DG the stolen ultrasound pic. He is really touched. - HG's dad is bragging about being on TV to JE's dad and the shoemaker - at the shoemaker's house JH and the shoemaker are looking at the ultrasound pic. JH does not seem like she is doubting that it is JE (but she is really good at pretending so who knows) - the shoemaker suggests JH go to a tv show for missing children - JE acts faint and DG takes her to their room and DG tells his parents that JE is stressed - JH says stress is bad for pregnant women so they should all avoid stressing her and DG thanks her. JE is seen looking smug in her room as she heard the conversation - at work HN points out JE should not drink coffee and JE is forced to announce her pregnancy. HG and the team leader congratulate her. - JE pulls HN outside and scream at her for not minding her business. JH sees HN being pulled and follows them outside so she hears it all. - JH is furious when she is thinking about JE's words later at her office. - grandma talks to JE's dad and SH about JE being pregnant (and stressed?) SH does not want to talk about it - a man comes to the shoemaker's home and it seems to be the producer friend for the missing child tv show - JH has decided to do go on the tv show. JE is all :/ the end (no preview aired)
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    While I don't deny that I love ogling at Hawt Bon and cooing at the Joon-Bon scenes....I realised the reason why I adore this show in spite of having to suspend disbelief at some spy scenes is because we have an amazing female lead in Jung In Sun. I love her interpretation of AeRin - there's this genuineness that she brings to the character and she's instantly likeable. As the show progressed I found myself liking her more and more ; her character is indeed well written. Apart from all the wonderful skills she has thanks to her genetics , there's this protective, warm and genuinely caring side that is often on display. Can we blame Bon for falling for her? Bon already has affections for her and in this scene , i think AeRin is beginning to have some feelings as well. It is no wonder , Bon had to go to ensure he does not endanger them. I too am crazy and teared up when he left the note...but I knew he could never stay away ...love that he is still watching over them. So I don't expect the separation to be long... This deserves a gif ... ( btw the genre for this drama is rom-com , mystery ....so please expect the ROMANCE . )
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    JE said some real harsh words there. "For God's sake, can you get the hell out of my life?"... "Stop sticking to my life like a leach"... HN is stunned - "What? A leach?"... JE: "Right. A leach. Just the sight of you makes my blood dry out. Blood goes out of my whole body, I mean" (this doesn't come out right in English, but "HN sucks the life of her" is the implication). HN: "What in the world are you saying I did? What is this big friggin mistake I did??"... JE: "Don't you know that your whole existence is the mistake?" HN: "what?". JE: "Shall I really tell you the truth? I'd be happy if you just disappeared. I mean I'd be happy if you just died". And she leaves. But JH was so mad when she went and sat down at her office after seeing this. Till that point, JH had no plans to really do that documentary (because she knows there is no reason for it). Now she has decided that she is going to twist the knife into JE and SH.
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    I'm now watching the full episode. Just saw this part. Yes, the doctor said she will have difficulties in a natural childbirth. She can get pregnant but she has a blockage in the Fallopian tube. The doc asked her to come back for more tests.
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    Both SH and JE sense something is off since JH turned abusive and throwing JE under the bus recently. JE was quick to sense that JH might know about HN but you can see they are both nodding their heads and saying it is just a phase since she is taking it out on SH because of the embezzlement of funds from SJ boutique. The only way she could keep JE 's job is by getting on the good side of JH. As all of you have said, this will back fire too. Since they think that announcing that JE is pregnant will soften JH up, SH decided to go with it. Since they are both getting cornered, they cannot even think of a plan together. This shows how the chain of lies that has been weaved since SH found out about HN / SJ is getting more and more difficult. This one is going to be their weakest link since JH can order the doctor to check JE and find out that she is lying. She does not even have to go that far. After SH leaves, JH can get one of those home pregnancy test and order her to take it at home. BUSTED!! That was poor thinking and planning on SH part.
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    That's why I said I want want her to fall and be unconscious!! Then she wakes up in jail with her mom, and the mom is plotting to get HN to come to the jail so she can yell at her for why they are in jail.
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    I become really curious too about yeoreum back story, I have no idea at all. Her father kept the photo of him and yeoreum but without his wife or her mother
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    JH did hear HG's mom being angry and saying that SH had asked for a pregnancy test. JH didn't hear whom she asked. But there is more than enough there for JH to ask HG's mom later what it was about and why she was angry about it. This is not going to end well for SH, yet again. By the way, her plan was exactly what we thought. Earlier, outside JG's house, she told JE that it would be fine if she just became pregnant later anyway. JE asked what if she were not to get pregnant. The mom says that they would have no choice but to just say that she had a miscarriage.
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    But it was enough for her to get suspicious. And YR is like a shark when she smells blood. Thank you for translating Do you mind summarizing what the doctor tells JE? I understood that she told her she was not pregnant and JE said she knew that. But after that the doctor says something that makes JE not look happy. Will she have problems conceiving? And the video preview:
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    Too bad the BTS pics show that she won't be going to jail or will be released very quickly - just in time for HN's wedding. Really, HN, inviting those vipers...
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    When does she ever look happy? Seems like "sucked on a lemon" is her default expression especially when she is near a smiling HN. The preview is finally up. 116부미아 찾기 다큐에 위기를 느낀 선희(지수원)는 촬영 테이프 절도를 사주한다. 홈쇼핑 모델을 하게 된 상훈(서현철)은 방송 중 삭힌 홍어를 삼키지 못해 위기를 겪는데... The machine translation (let me try to fix it): SH is in trouble because of the missing child show and hires someone to steal the tape. HG's dad is having a crisis because he can't swallow shaved red fish during the (home shopping) broadcast.
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    I like how quick JH went back to hating JE. That pregnancy stuff was a massive misstep since everyone knows about it .
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    Trouble is - if they make it more real - they would be buys with work - and don´t have time for the story. I know what you mean - but its KDrama - we need to accept it just the way it is.
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    I say how am I supposed to comment or critique when every couple of pages has the kiss in slow mo. All I can say is those 2 can kiss. DO is impressive in that he dares to kiss as an actor. Lol. So yeah no actual thoughts about the flow or plot. Or plot holes. Or MY. All I can say is that WD can kiss. And it looks like a nice kiss scene vs some awful looking scenes. And he doesn't swallow NJH's mouth. And did I see only or an upper lip preference kissing? Cos' I swear since I was watching 4 episodes the last day that I have seen quite a lot of kissing gif. Or did you guys write anything else? Me didn't notice. The kissing scenes overwhelmed my thoughts on this drama. And I still haven't watched a single video of the male lead as an idol singer. Don't spoil my image of him as an actor.
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    So many plot holes in this latest scheme of SH's she never thought about how the family would feel when it turns out that JE is not really pregnant or how DG and JG will feel to learn that it was all a lie cooked up by them to stop JH finding SJ but also to help JE keep her job. JE never should have gone along with it she knows her husband wants a baby and this will just crush him to know she went to these lengths to lie to him because of her job and SJ. Her lie about wanting a child will come back again and DG will realize she never intended to have a child with him. As someone said before all JE and SH did was add more pressure on themselves to keep this lie from falling apart. The sad part is is the two fools do not even know that someone over heard them and it wont take much for YR to tell JH about SH getting Hanna to take the pregnancy test and to inquire if Hanna is missing her ultrasound. Another thing is all JH has to quietly do is go to the hospital behind JE's and SH's back to find out that JE is not pregnant but may have issues. I really hope she did get some bad news like she is never able to have children and JH finds out. I am getting more and more sure as the pressure over this fake baby mounts up JE will think to try to frame HN for it. It gets her off the hook for the lie if she is never found out to have been pregnant and it blames HN to get her pushed away from everyone. The problem is even if she tries to fake a fall its very easy for someone to ask the hospital while she is in it if she was pregnant and to learn the truth. I agree that this could be the lie that starts the truth coming out. JE again trying to harm HN is a red flag for JH. JH is not a fool and if she is again seeing JE being mean to HN its for sure that all their planning to fool JH once again is going up in smoke. This is why JH still decides to go with her plan to find SJ anyway even after all the plotting they did to stop her. Its funny that SH and JE wonder if JH knows the truth of who SJ is now and what they did, but they talk themselves out of it because JH has not said anything. Neither of them thinks that JH could be so angry at them for what they have done she is trying to make them pay and that is why they have not heard anything from JH yet. That foolish thinking is going to get them blown away when JH finally decides to tell who HN really is and expose them. I am sure it makes JH madder and madder to have these two try to play her like she is a fool. SH and JE are both shameless. JE uses her mother to her fullest and SH rushes head on to try to protect her daughter, but both again forget that they have done the unthinkable to JH's daughter.
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    I hope the writers don't make JE blame HN if she fell so she could say "I lost the baby because of HN" it will be cliché and stupid.
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    I doubt she ever stopped hating JE, especially since she has YR to spy on everything!
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    I’m indeed glad both actresses turned it down otherwise I wouldn’t get to know JIS who I adore so much now. She has this warm aura around her that makes her likeable instantly. Also, who in the right mind would reject to work with SJS??? The only reason I can think of is that they might’ve feared to work with children.
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