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    Me!! Me!!! Namij Goners No XXX Reporting!!! @babyval22 (Don't say i din report yah... ) I know I had an overdue homework not completed yet so yah...I am submitting it now. Hope you all will not find it too long winded... (I am sorry that this maybe too long but I need to pen it down before I forget...) 2018.09.11 - 2018.09.18 One of the most memorable trip that I ever had...... I decided to on embark on this trip simply for 2 reasons which I believe people here can relate: - ShinHeung Military Academy (Wookie's Musical) - Hyunnie's Birthday Although there were many uncertainties and hesitation during the planning process, I'm glad that I made it for this trip and everything turn out well!! ShinHeung Military Academy This musical tells the stories of the a group of patriotic young people who fought and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Korea during the Japanese colonial period. Wookie plays the son of an anti-Japanese Confusion scholar who committed suicide after the promulagation of the treaty of Japan's rule over Korea. KHN plays the servant of an Academy's founder and he is an orphan. The 2 of them became best friend in the academy and fought hard to realize their dreams. I was initially worried that I will not be able to understand that musical but I think after paying for 6 shows, (yes...6 shows... *giggle*) it is not just about looking at handsome faces but I had also managed to understand the story and appreciate the musical.. It was very touching and I teared every time when i watch it.. Some quick thoughts of mine: 1) After seeing both Wookie and KHN performing on stage, I must say that they really belong to the stage... When KHN touches you through the songs that he sings, Wookie's presence can be felt the moment he appear on stage. He steals all the attraction and make you focus on him. When he smile, you will smile, when he cry, you will cry too.. His singing has improved alot and he is able to hit high notes which at times I was really worried that he will crack his voice but "phew', it did not happen... *giggle* 2) Chemistry between the 2 of them was also the highlight of the musical. I think due to their previous collaboration and good relationship, they could show good rapport in this musical and every night, I will be anticipating what kind of adlib surprises they will give us. (PS: I am really hoping to see them collaborate in a movie or drama after they discharge from army next year.) 3) The songs and music Since it is a musical, there are many songs that are being delivered through the characters to tell you the story. Not only the 2 of them, Sungkyu and the rest of the casts did a good job as well. I am not too sure if it's because Sungkyu is from an idol group, his solo songs are rather upbeat (more suitable for dancing...haha) as compared to the others, but well, at least it blends in well too. There are many songs that I like but the most memorable one is still the confrontation duet that both Wookie and KHN delivered. I believe this is also one of the highlight of the musical. Many fans who watched them performed during "Thrill Me" was really excited when they had a duet in this musical too and commented that this musical is actually their "love story.... Both of them delivered it with much emotions and i could actually see tears in them too. (Awwww.... how i wish i could return to hear them sing this song again...) Operation 0917 Other than the musical, the other highlight of my trip was "Operation 0917". Not only did i manage to complete the mission smoothly, 20180917 also became a day that I will never forget... Soop -> Glorious -> Sinsa Thank you to the hard work of the people here, we had prepared great gifts, cards and birthday cake to be delivered to Hyunnie within a period of short time. As I am in Seoul on the actual day, I was en-tasked with the final mission to make sure that the gift and cakes are delivered to Soop. Thus on this day, I actually woke up quite early to make sure that all the things that we had prepared and intact and I made my way to the cake shop 2 hours before the appointment time. (I am afraid that I will be lost and hinder the delivery timing...) When I reach the cake shop place, I was greeted by a nice lady who actually started making the cake at 5am in the morning!! It was real hard work but i think all of you have seen the final output and I must say it is really pretty.. (just that i don' t have a chance to taste it..) I was initially busy taking pictures of our output so when the delivery ahjusshi arrived at 2.30pm (he is really punctual), things started to speed up because we target to reach Soop by 3pm so the cake owner, the delivery ahjusshi and me brought down all the stuff that needs to be delivered to the delivery van(including me) and off we are to Soop. When we arrive there, the ahjusshi thought that I wanted to take more photos of our gifts so he just drove off after putting all our gifts outside Soop doorway. I was a bit stunned because I don't think i can carry all the gift into the office by myself but luckily a staff who happens to return to the office helped me along the way and carry it to the office. I told them that it's Hyunnie's birthday today and these gifts are from her oversea fans. He said thank you and they will deliver it to her. As much as I hope to catch a glimpse of her at the office that day, I don't think she was in office that day... (It's ok..i will see her next time!! :)) After my mission was completed, I decided to make my way to Glorious Entertainment as well since it is actually within walking distance. And also because after watching the musical, I really wanted to prepare some card and gift to give Wookie words of encouragement. So I made my way there, passed my gift to the person in charge (of course i do not expect to see him there too...) After completed my mission, I decided to end my trip (returning home on the next day) to visit Sinsa which I had a pleasant encounter which until now... I still cannot forget and I don't think i will be able to forget.... As much as I want to move on, I find myself falling in deeper every time I return from Seoul. (From Jiscovery to Operation 0917) I don't know what will happen in the future but I treasure this moment that I having now. Most important of all, through Namji, I also gained friendship with the bunch of amazing people here! With the experience we had gained, I hope we have chance for the many other "Operation XXXX" that will happen in the future... Ok...that''s about all for now.. Gtg now... Ciaos....
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    AeRin meets JYT , ask him what’s wrong with him. Why is he disturbing her at her work ? Terius observes them from afar. I think JYT is still trying to get her to work for him? She was going to walk off ..but JYT show her his boot full of bags . Terius interupts . Not sure what they said but the trio ended up having a meal together. AeRin busy mixing the noodles etc . Lol he still expects to be served . ( My stream kept skipping . ) but it seems that Terius is helping her out of a sticky situation he walks her back to kings bag , the other two looking at them from afar ! I think everyone thinks something is going on with the two !
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    Continue: Haha... he says the plushie has no mouth - cant answer him Actress Ha-Im msg him tells him to manage her galfren well - he is pissed. 5 kisses Omo...he recalls seeing baddie Kim
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    I am sorry that my post confused you. So let me explain my theory again. First I had noticed that GMS had booked a room for the night as he had decided to stay with JGB. And here is my proof that he must have used his credit card: JGB had no purse and no phone hence she couldn't have booked any room. Moreover, we could see that GMS spent some time at the reservation desk because during that time, JGB fell asleep. What I didn't notice back then was they went to two different hotels... because in the scene before, they had gone to a certain hotel asking if there was any reservation under her name Joy. Notice the difference between the two desks... Since the first picture was shown right after the other scene (second picture), I didn't notice back then that they were at two different hotels. However the halls were also different. So my idea was that the man in black was actually trying to track down GMS because he had been hired to kill GMS. Nonetheless since GMS missed the flight due to JGB, he had lost his target. Based on this picture, the target is definitely GMS and not Joy. The man is standing next to GMS's rented car. In order to find out about the whereabouts of GMS, he looked for GMS's rented car. He could only know where GMS was thanks to the car. And this means that he must have had access to GMS's credit card account... either the client gave him the info or the killer looked into it himself. Therefore we have to assume that when GMS booked the room for the night, the hit man got aware of it. He knew where GMS would spend the night. So we have two different kind of hotels and GMS booked one room. Yet he never spent the night there as he got injured due to the truck accident. Notice that in the last picture, they are running away hence the killer lost them again in that scene... yet he knew where GMS would appear. Now this is my theory based on assumptions. There was some mixed up and the actor decided to use GMS's booked room, unaware that this room was paid by someone else. Like for example, GMS could have given Joy a hotel key in case that she doesn't find her colleague and she has a room to stay for the night. IT is possible that GMS booked the room under Joy's name but paid with his credit card... hence when JGB fainted, the actor found the hotel in Joy's purse and decided to use her room. That way, he could protect himself from any rape accusation. Using her hotel key signified that Joy had invited him to her room and she never got raped. So back to our killer... he tried to locate GMS due to the credit card account. Then he must have heard that the room was booked under the name of Joy hence when he saw the man bringing Joy to the hotel room, he thought that the actor was the target. So he killed him by mistake, thinking that he was GMS. I hope, this is now more understandable.
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    Does any one think that Kim Bon could have own KIS building ? It's kind of a secured parking space ? I'm still chuckling with this John Wick prelude to his rescuing. Like he has still have to change into suits (dude time is the essence here) And in the end, he went into hiding behind a trash bin without the save my damsel in distress scene. I like how the writer spoiled this and made an anti climatic resolution . This show keeps on dissing spy-theme plot ! gif/
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    **continues** His memories coming back ...he wonders who is that guy beside Kim: Sec Yang shows him the news clip: She tells him the bag is not hers. He says he knows everything.
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    started: Aunt not happy with his decision MS tells aunt not to be greedy and be kind... He asks her to apologise to BG family. She : why apologise- just give them money... MS says she has hurt their feelings and she will lose whatever she owns now (sounds like he is threatening her) ** spotted Only one clip ** Cr mbn:
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    Ok , I’m not sure what happened, missed about 15 mins - but he gave her a bag as a gift to thank her - the very one she asked Yoo about earlier in the shop . She felt weird . How would he know this is the bag she likes . She think of what JYT told him about Terius ; (.he thought she was feeling moved by the gesture .) She thinks of how he mysteriously appeared to save her before this . Then a call comes in on Terius phone . AeRin answers it & puts it on speaker . Yoo at the other end asking how AeRin likes the bag ? She ask him - how you know my boss ? She’s confused & scared - who are you ???? - ends- omg ! Terius won’t be able to hide his real identity from her for long
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    HANDS DOWN one of the funniest kidnappings I've seen His character (I don't think he's the villain) is almost as mysterious as KB but he is so damn likeable PS. when he was startled by his own henchman HAHAHA he's such a coward!
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    Good morning from my side, wonderful ladies LOL it seems our little party here is bothering some people who have too much time to waste on hating As if reporting posts on IG - even those that do NOT include Dcut content - and having them deleted is going to erase NamJi's sweet moments. This is ridiculous. Dear Lurker(s) / Hater(s): whether you like this or not, those moments happened. Those are not pictures or vids edited by us to make it look that things were in a certain way. Deal with it. Do a favor to yourself and stop being pathetic. Move on, you will feel much better. Peace! ETA : just to clarify, I am not bringing up IG issues here. Those will be dealt with in IG, as it should be. Just mentioning this to explain why so many of our latest posts HERE look empty now.
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    you ever find yourself wanting a drama to watch and hoping for some recommendations? well, here's your chance to help your chingus here at soompi by giving a emoji review of a drama that you watched. so instead of writing an essay, just write a max of 5 sentences. your review can even be one sentence! and make sure you include at least one emoji reaction to show how you felt about the drama. you can include a max of 3 emojis per review. example: five children -- -- buy one, get one free! don't you feel excited when you get something free? here, you get 4 romances for the price of one drama! this is just a fun mini-event and so no prizes or participation points. and you can include other asian dramas like chinese or thai since many of us are watching those as well. enjoy!
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    @bebebisous33 thank you so much! for taking the time to explain in more details. Now I get what you mean. But I still need to rewatch first episode because for all their hotel hopping, I was thinking they were only looking for GB's original room reservation. Never thought that MS actually reserved a room for himself or for Joy. His decision to cancel his flight and stay the night was after all the scenes at front desks, by the pool. Then he was also still sending GB back to the place where she last lost contact with her assistants for one last try to find them, whom GB spotted but pulled him to run away. So I never thought a room was ever booked. It could be a miss in translation (first picture). Anyhow, I will go and watch the Chinese subs and get back to you if there is a difference.
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    JYT ask driver to find out more about the namja next to AeRin the male KIS & Terius having play date for the kids one of the indoor playgrounds. He ask Terius multiple questions , all the questions he says yes . Do you like AeRin? yes ...lol! Then he realised he was being trapped & quickly retracted . Long conversation btwn the two , but Terius is basically “manipulating” him to tell something to the other kis ahjumma Poor Joon girl back at home having tummy ache . Terius takes her & boy to hospital. AeRin on the way home bumps into them , they go together. Lil girl had to get x Ray . Lol! Nothing is wrong with her . But Terius was actually so worried. I think she has to stay in hospital for overnight observation. AeRin thanks him for being there - sorry all , this is All I can live cap tonight, I hv to go out now , be back later with more updates -
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    See.... I told you guys HG kiss HN in the car So, this is their 5th kiss scene. Unfortunately, HG's mom saw them kissing...
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    The only goal at the time when the operation was being planned is just to make sure that Hyunnie's presents are delivered. @excitedgal, you are one lucky gal! Truly, it must've been your best trip ever to Korea yet!❤
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    As @galaxy97 posted earlier. The 'kidnappe' ask her kidnapper to send her back home after kidnapping. Never before happen in any drama or movie. This drama is really one of a kind
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    But that's what shippers naturally do, right? We are all guilty of that, at some point. It makes us all giddy and it fuels our shipper hearts. Anyway, WWWSK and PPC has broken my long deep hibernation in k-dramas, soompi and shipping world. Would just like to express my gratitude for keeping this thread alive with all your posts about our PPC. My heart has been filled with joy eversince WWWSK and learning how comfortably the PPC are in real life makes me even more hopeful of these two. I personally believe that they've known each other before the drama and how they use banmal early on their shooting days made me feel they are close. The dating rumor, the coincidences, and their undeniable chemistry on and off screen just make me wanna hold on and believe that maybe, just maybe, they like each other and possibly..well..dated or dating or will date soon. <3 Hope to see them both soon in award shows , another kdrama perhaps and other official (or personal :p ) functions and events. Wishing them both happiness they truly deserve. Until then, let's enjoy this whole shipping feels while it lasts while staying sane and logical of course. Hee!
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    Thank you dearie for sharing your journey with us. I mean who would have thought our mission would be successful with a few unexpected rewards. What a memorable trip indeed. Looking back at the whole planning and liaising for this project was all thanks to everyone's effort, support, and help. Even the whole trying to buy the musical tickets was crazy Definitely looking forward for the upcoming projects in the future.
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    when she plays dumb so funny LOL OMG @plappi icant stop laughing
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    Oh yes.. he has a lot of fans in Go back Couple thread... O...kay... since u guys are "curious" about his role, here's a link to the article posted before the drama started: Another cute update preview:
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    New updates The caption seems to say his past is revealed: New making oh i l had wanted to make a gif of this 'bang!' cute playful moment too hahaaa: All cr to MBC
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    I believe that the mole is agent Yoo's chief, Shim Woo Cheol. However, he is not working directly with JYT but through director Kwon. In my opinion, Kwon has no idea about the identity of the person leading this organization (through the horoscop) therefore she sent an agent to SWC's office in order to get info about GAR. That way SWC ensures that no one suspects him. I don't mind the romance starting very soon... time has already passed on since her husband died. Before she started working again, she was several days without work. So in my opinion, months have already passed on. I really love the character JYT. He is interesting as a villain because he is different from the usual baddies. Striking is that JYT believed her lies. However, GAR noticed that something was wrong with J International. Agent Yoo and her superior are not aware of GAR and her friends' skills. They are definitely full of ressources which will come to play in order to help Terius.
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