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    There is nothing Korean kid actors can't do, is there? I am shipping ahjusshi and the twins so hard. They are so natural and believable. At this point I don't know if I am sorry for Kim Bon. Or sorry for So Ji Sub. He did probably go down the slides 50 times with the kids right? I mean did they do the hairband scene in one take? Go Ae Rin had the token ahjumma permed hair. But her chemistry can't beat the kids. I might make a resolution to watch this just for the kids alone with Terius. Heck care the plot holes. How is it possible that all the child actors in Kdramas are such good actors? And so adorable? And ok, such good actors they emote better than half the idol actors I see. And I will now backtrack to see the BTS of SJS with the kids. The neighbourhood ahjummas swooning killed me. Just a slight mention of the very beautiful, very feminine, very young and very well nourished NORTH KOREAN nuclear physicist. Let me die laughing looking at her. And Kdrama. Not saying a highly educated woman can't be beautiful. But you guys are talking about a North Korean government regime nuclear physicist here. Give me a break. Let me win a 80 million lottery here.
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    Awww a bit disapppointed that your theory @sysupporter , didn't hold water. ...HERE, let's comfort ourselves with this DELICIOUSNESS that LSG just said on the lastest MITH episode ! : https://mobile.twitter.com/LSGfan/status/1046402489749307392 There. STRAIGHT FROM HIS MOUTH. He said it. HE WANTS TO CREATE A FAMILY. No longer just asking about other people's marriages/kids/families, but now he directly says he wants his own. Those people who still think he's either single or not interested in a serious endgame/marriage type relationship are seriously kidding themselves. LSG being Mr. Straigthforward Hide your hormones better boy!!
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    @charray, @elfvanvan .. It may not mean anything but we need something to lift our spirits up after such a tragedy, right. KTR did very well in her debut drama but she is more a movie actress. Besides, it will be hard to top MR.SUNSHINE and her Lady Ae Shin character, especially. For LBH, this will probably be his last drama.. later, we don't know. He took the role because of KES and now it's even for both of them. Who knows.. maybe there will be another project of them together after all the 'limitations' in the drama. My gratitude to everyone sharing at the thread, it's been an unforgettable three months of anticipating the episodes every Saturdays & Sundays and discussing our heart's content about the characters and their journey in the drama. Despite everything from the beginning it was announced to the ending of episode 24, MR.SUNSHINE is undoubtedly ONE OF A KIND. Raising the bar higher in Korean drama production and performance.. everything is top-notch in this delightful & memorable adventure to a traumatic destination. See you.. see you again.. in a non-depressing, non-torturous, non-traumatic project. Please.
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    I think it's recent because the make-up artist also posted her Nylon cover with this so she may have done the make-up for her Nylon photo shoot.
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    This was a drama-of-a-lifetime. I was glad to be part of this thread. [SPOILERS!!!][Mr. Sunshine Roundup] Episode 24 (finale) https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2018/09/spoilersmr-sunshine-roundup-episode-24.html Original Source (Star News via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Honorable sad ending..Kim Tae Ri joins the national independence army in Manchuria Nationwide ratings for episode 24 (finale): Currently unavailable as of 12:07PM PST, I'll update it once Nielsen is publishes them. 1. [+11650, -27] Thank you to the ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the country... And thank you to the actors for their enthusiastic performance.. 2. [+5585, -32] I was happy because I was able to watch the drama 'Mr. Sunshine' and because I was able to feel it. I sincerely thank all the people involved 3. [+5361, -46] A country where because they looked down on skills, looked down on the army, the ordinary people stepped in, grabbed guns and taught them, and volunteered in the front lines and died.... It's not so different from now.... I hope they pull out the chinilpas at least now so that they can release our ancestors' sorrow.... ㅜㅜ 4. [+3556, -30] It was sad and tragic. 5. [+2465, -109] Aren't they hanging the flag up backwards because the country was robbed? The day we take it (the country) back, the country will stand straight and the flag will stand straight.. Do you think they did that without knowing? In this type of masterpiece.. 6. [+1591, -4] The thing I liked the best about this drama was the part where not only did they make a detailed reference to the Five Eulsa Traitors but also the Seven Jeongmi Traitors. I think that many people probably don't exactly know the Five Eulsa Traitors and probably don't know the Seven Jeongmi Traitors even more. Instead, I think it's important to take shameful history and teach us not to repeat that. 7. [+1572, -8] This was the best drama of my life.. It was more vivid, beautiful, and heart-aching than any historical movie. While watching the drama, it was my first time thinking about the country. The actors' acting.. And the cinematography plus the directing and the subject matter.. It's a work of art that won't exist again!! Bravo!! 8. [+1486, -9] Until the ending, the drama was to the point where it was the best drama of the year but after the ending, it looks like it's a life drama. The lingering is no joke. During the scene where the train was separating, Kim Tae Ri's sobbing and Lee Byung Hun's acting is really engraved into my mind. And Goo Dong Mae and Kim Hee Sung's last moment was really like that life. Goo Dong Mae was a sad life but because he lived a life where people trampled over anyone and killed them it was sad but it ended pitifully. Kim Hee Sung lived a life where he was confined by his ancestor's wrongdoing so he lived while trying to atone for the wrongdoings but in the end, unlike his ancestors, he died beautifully like his life with nothing in return ㅠㅠ 9. [+1348, -6] The captions at the end, "See you again in our country that becomes independent", thank you for letting us watch a drama like this... 10. [+1333, -7] There weren't any kiss scenes but the love story was stronger than any other drama... Original Source (news1 via Naver): Finale 'Mr. Sunshine' Everyone dies in the war except for Kim Tae Ri…Honorable sad ending 1. [+798, -3] It was a masterpiece... 2. [+430, -2] I would like to thank the members of the Righteous Army and independence fighters who let Korea exist until now, we can't let this drama end as a drama but need to make sure to receive a formal apology from Japan 3. [+407, -2] Only Ae Shin survived but Yoo Jin, Dong Mae, Yang Hwa, and Hee Sung are all precious and are all alive in my heart. Starting from Righteous Army leader Hwang Eun San to Gunner Jang, Haman-daek, Haengrang, and all the Righteous Army members whose name we don't know, thank you. Those people are the history itself.. Goodbye.. See you again.. 4. [+300, -4] This is the all-time best drama of my forty year life, it deserves to be called a drama 5. [+237, -1] I think it'll be hard for me to re-watch the last episode. Because my heart hurts.. 6. [+56, -1] It's the best drama of all time, no it's passes a drama and it's a movie. It's a really deep drama that made me realize that Japan was a country like that and thanks to the members of the Righteous Army, we're able to live in a country that regained its independence, thank you
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    LBH, I always know you're a great actor, but you again and again proves it. Sometimes it's too much that I need to remind myself you're fine in real life. Please don't choose tragic ending in your future project after the next one. And my beautiful Eugene Choi, hope you reincarnate in another life and have a normal life with Go Aeshin, your love of life. Crying whole lot at the moment, but I would like thank all of you, to watch this drama til the end together. And now that my emotions are sort of leveled out, I thank KES and production staff, actors and actresses for this drama. Any other ending would have been a cop-out. ( except I have issues with music director or director with BGM choice at the last scene ). Hope to meet you all again in happier project!
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    There are those in the past, present and future who did or will answer that voice within them. Stand up to their enemies no matter the odds, fight for their beliefs and resist change to their traditions and way of life. For they understand that freedom never comes free there are always those whom pay the ultimate price. In paving the road to protect what and whom they love to hopefully a better future by risking all they have including themselves... One man stood tall touched, taught and inspired a boy about having courage to never be afraid to fight for whats right. Whom held his words and voice within his heart and never forgot that person or what he was taught... When it comes to wars and conflicts there are no happy endings whether you win or lose...
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    Well, I cried buckets. Soaked through an entire box of kleenex. I saw it coming, and it didn't hurt any less. Back in July, I predicted everyone would die. They have to, because it makes narrative sense. Each main character is a symbol of Joseon. And Joseon falls. This story isn't about an individual's happiness. It was never going to end the way anyone wanted. Because that's what history tells us. They lose this fight, and they lose their country. But they fought like hell against it, and put their lives on the line, as futile as it seemed. And their sacrifice mattered. Each sacrifice paved the way for Joseon to rise again. Ae-Shin is Mother Joseon. The three main male characters loved her fiercely, but it was not all about romantic love. Their love symbolized their love for Joseon, because they knew that she loved and would die for Joseon. Each man had turned their back on Joseon before, but they each came back because of their love for her. And she survives, because she is the small sliver of hope that lived on. She is the Joseon that lived on. So I knew that the men would die. Bloody, beautiful, and cinematic deaths. And so they fell, one by one. But knowing it would happen did not make it hurt any less. As each men had their final goodbye scene, knowing that death awaited them, and as they walked straight towards it... I thought, this is Korean cinema at its best. I mean, I love the modern romances, the comedies, the time traveling, the historical dramas. I love the crazy makjang dramas, with all the chaebols bickering. But the Japanese Occupation and the Korean War are still raw wounds in the national consciousness. There are people still alive who have lived through both (the latter years of the Occupation, not the turn-of-the-century "Mr. Sunshine" years, obviously). And every Korean alive is a descendant of a survivor. (Well, either a survivor or a traitor, I guess.) This story runs in their blood. So there is just something about this type of story that is sure to make you turn on the waterworks. It's a particular feature of Korean cinema, a unique ability they have, to hit this next-level of emotion simply by evoking this history. It's almost like every Korean is constantly, even unknowingly, on the verge of tears, ALL THE TIME, and a reminder of this time period is enough. Like, all it really takes is a snap of the fingers and the dam breaks. So I saw it all coming, but it doesn't hurt any less.
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    Ok, already went to bed and now woken up, feeling heavyhearted. Denial mode is still on. Why can't the ending be.. that Eugene got badly injured but he survived the train mission. It's somehow a waste when he's actually a very good strategist (like Eun San), especially with his military background that would be a big benefit to the future RA. Such a waste of a good man, but he already decided (or rather being decided by KES) to die early for AS. Didn't he just got back to Joseon in 1907 and died the same year? Sigh, what a waste.. and worst, not even one progeny to carry on the legacy.. is he not human? ( purely personal protest). Don't mind me.. denial mode is hard to kick. Now going to pick up the scattered pieces of my heart and get through the days with no sunshine.. Nonetheless, glad to know that the Korean netizens & public's very positive response for the drama. MR.SUNSHINE is indeed and truly an EXCEPTIONAL drama by an AMAZING production with the most IMPRESSIVE performances, from everyone in the cast.. not a doubt about it. But it's also a highly hazardous drama for the viewers' heart, mind and well-being with a definite KES-phobia plus an infinite traumatic effect. My utmost gratitude to everyone at MR.SUNSHINE soompi. It's been my daily sanctuary for the past months. A special thank you to @Go Seung Ji for starting this drama thread, we missed you here. October 1, 2018 “Mr. Sunshine” Cast Say Their Farewells As Drama Comes To An End Source: Soompi by C. Hong On September 30, one of the most popular dramas of 2018, “Mr. Sunshine,” came to an end. The penultimate episode, which aired on September 29, took viewership ratings of 15.4 (average) and 16.5 (peak) percent, including cable, satellite, IPTV, and all other paid platforms. It was the most-watched show in its time slot across all cable and public broadcast channels on Saturday night. Just before the drama’s finale, the cast shared their feelings and comments on the project coming to a close. Lee Byung Hun, who played the Korean-boy-turned-American-soldier Eugene Choi, said, “As the drama comes to an end, I remember all the moments throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter of this year. As my first drama in a long time, ‘Mr. Sunshine’ was a never-ending parade of excitement and nervousness.” He continued, “I want to say thank you to the viewers for their interest, time, support, and love. This is a drama that is very memorable for me, so I hope that it is the same for them as well.” Kim Tae Ri, who played the Joseon noblewoman Go Ae Shin, said, “The memories have piled up like mountains, but it feels strange to realize that this epic 24-episode run is coming to an end. Filming was always fun and brought me happiness, and I’m grateful for that. I hope that my happiness will translate to an enjoyable experience for the viewers until the very end. Thank you for the love you’ve shown Go Ae Shin as well as Kim Tae Ri.” Yoo Yeon Seok, who played Goo Dong Mae, a rebel fighter desperately in love with Go Ae Shin, said, “I feel a lot of regrets at saying goodbye to a project that I’ve worked on for a whole year. Because we filmed for so long, I’ve grown close to the senior and junior actors, co-stars, director, writer, and production staff. I’ve also grown close to my character, Dong Mae, so it won’t be easy to say goodbye. I hope that Dong Mae will remain in the viewers’ memories for a long time as well.” Kim Min Jung, who played the beautiful and powerful hotel owner Kudo Hina, said, “In an acting career, it’s hard to find a project that has both incredible popularity and amazing cinematic value. I’m therefore honored, proud, and happy to have been a part of ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ I’m grateful that people could find Hina’s words and feelings relatable. It’s a character and project that will remain in my heart for a long time.” Byun Yo Han, who plays Go Ae Shin’s fiancé Kim Hee Sung, said, “I hope that ‘Mr. Sunshine’ has taught us to remember the people in history who should not be forgotten. Thank you to everyone who loved Kim Hee Sung and ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and I hope it will remain a memorable project for years to come.” The production staff also released a statement saying, “Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Kim Min Jung, Byun Yo Han, and the other cast members have poured their passion and effort into filming. We would like to thank them and the entire production crew for their hard work. Thank you also to the viewers who made ‘Mr. Sunshine’ the talk of the nation and please look forward to the finale on September 30. Source (1)
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    Good Bye Mr. Sunshine. It was a joy to go on the picnic with you. Thank You. credit: Netflix
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    WHOA. They do read the tweets.. Well, it's only 'proper' so that it will be impossible for a Season 2. September 30, 2018 'Mr. Sunshine' Will Not Return For Season 2, But The Korean Melodrama Will Deliver A Proper Finale By TAI GOODEN Bustle Jisun Park/Netflix Period dramas and romance go together like Queen Bey and Jay-Z. Who can resist fantastic costumes, a historical setting, and a sweet flirtation between an unlikely pair? No one, obviously. So, it’s no surprise that Netflix was able to roll out Mr. Sunshine, a series about Eugene Cho (Lee Byung-hun), a Korean-born United States Marine Corps soldier who returns to his native land in the late 19th century and falls in love with a beautiful woman named Go Ae-shin (Kim Tae-ri). The final episodes of Season 1 will drop on Sept. 29 and 30, but Mr. Sunshine will not return for Season 2 because the entire series was only ever supposed to be this long, according to Deadline. The report confirms that Netflix acquired the rights to start streaming the Korean drama worldwide from production company Hwa&Dam Pictures and Studio Dragon. Netflix has been positioning itself to dominate the global streaming scene through beefing up their international show offerings recently with foreign-language series like The Rain, Dark, Undercover Law, and Deadwind. Mr. Sunshine was created by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, who are both known for their international hit Descendants of the Sun and is currently airing in South Korea. Mr. Sunshine debuts two episodes a week, so Netflix is deviating from its usual "binge" style format to make sure the releases run in tandem with the regular broadcast. This allows fans around the world to get new material at the same time and avoid those pesky spoilers. Moon Hee/Netflix And, it's a perfect time-frame for a summer mini-series because it will wrap up the story near the beginning of the fall TV rush on cable network as well as streaming services. So, if you want something to fill in that mini-gap in your TV schedule and make you get in your deepest feelings, then you should totally be watching this show. Mr. Sunshine actually didn't drop new episodes on the week of Sept. 16 because of the Chuseok (Harvest Mood Festival) holiday, per Rove.me. That means fans of the love laden series are beyond read for these remaining episodes following the holiday break. A glance at the show's Twitter hashtag reveals fans' bittersweet emotions about the drama thus far and the inevitable end of this saga. There was a massive explosion and cliffhanger at the end of Episode 22, so there could possibly be some major deaths to reconcile. Viewers tweeted about their their hopes, dreams, fears, and theories for how it will all end in the series finale. Mr. Sunshine may be ending soon, but it's visually stunning and melodramatic episodes are immortalized (sort of) on Netflix for future trips down memory lane. And, at least the show is able to have a definitive ending instead of leaving fans high and dry after a sudden cancellation. That's the beauty of a mini-series. Hopefully, this love story will deliver a finale that conjures up more heart-eyed emojis than crying faces.
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    In this drama,the things I like the most are ... emojis in the end of each ep ! They are so cute ... as the real characters !
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    I'm having a hard time editing my previous post to includes more photos. I apologized for this second posting. Since I cannot fall asleep, I will share some photos. Today is also actor Kim Jae Young (Hong Sim's older brother) birthday! Happy Birthday to the lovely Jae-Young.
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    The crew reunited again for an event (Seoul ELand FC). Edit to add: According to the comments, Nam Ji Hyun had free tickets to the event and she invited these casts.
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    So here's my theory about LSG's trip to see LHG's concert which was in Tokyo on 9/28. Our OTP did another Japanese trip for one of their anniversaries (9/28) and LSG attended the concert (alone or together with OYS) and returned to Korea with LHG to avoid being caught. And LHG is helping our couple by teasing him about being lonely on his post to throw any viewers off the trail. It incorporates both the 28th day and a trip to Japan! I can hardly believe that LSG would go all the way to Japan to attend LHG's concert alone without her, especially since he'll be off to Morocco soon and they won't have much time together then and it's on one of their "anniversaries"! ctto
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    Some happy BTS pictures of the casts to cheer us up after the sadness in episode 23. I really like the picture with Eushin couple and Maehwa couple. Maybe Kim Eun Seok could have told a different story with them that might not cause so much heartache maybe a romantic comedy where the 2 couples will go on double dates and we see how the 2 badass ladies boss their men around. But for me, I still like this story as told by Kim Eun Seok and would not change anything.
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    Hello all Sunshines! I have been a silent lurker on this forum and I decided to sign up for an account. I appreciate the wonderful conversations here. I also love it when people share beautiful fan art and those comic strips are hilarious! I waited the entire day for the last episode's English subtitles. While waiting, I decided to rewatch ep 23, ep 1 and 2. Rewatching the earlier episodes reminded me of why I enjoyed this show so much. It is poetic, bittersweet, beautiful, and simply wonderful. I got to see the beauty of Chosun in that time period. I witnessed a lovely "labu" story between two people that would not happen before Joseon Dynasty. One was from the noble family and the other as a slave. Go Ae Shin wore beautiful hanboks. She lived in a beautiful hanok. As she slowly walked out of her comfort zone and sheltered life, she started to see things and learned from Eugene Choi. What Chosun was she fighting for? She was strong and vulnerable at the same time. Eugene lived between two worlds. He ran away from his homeland to live. He was always thinking about going somewhere. He wanted to belong somewhere. But when he comes back to his homeland, he found solace and joy with Go AeShin. He smiled whenever he was with Go AeShin. I love the snippets when we hear Eugene's prayers to God. He also mentions Joseph. And so, Eugene's death reminded me of Joseph's death. They held onto hope and helped people. They were Mr. Sunshines The hope passed onto Go AeShin and Righteous Army members to fight for freedom. The second lead roles, Gu Dong Mae and Kudo Hina simply reminded us that we are simply humans. Gu Dong Mae was ruthless yet he had a soft heart to protect his loved ones. Kudo Hina was mysterious yet she held raw feelings. She looked to Gu Dong Mae even she knew he loved Go Ae Shin. It was heart wrecking, but she lived beautifully. She wore beautiful dressed. And eventually she bought paintings and lived as Gu Dong Mae told her to do. As many people have expressed that this drama has made us learn a lot about Korean history, we are also reminded of what power and control does. Betrayed Chosun people become traitors and turn back on their own country. The Japans used hatred to take control of the Chosun people. But there are the Chosun people who are willing to die for their country. Teenage Gunner Jang claimed that he would not die like his father did. He eventually did and had a heroic, bittersweet death. He was brave. He was righteous. This was long and so I am going to end it here. I am going to rewatch this series. If anyone wants to rewatch and analyze the episodes again, please let me know! Thanks for reading if you got to the end! Haha (:
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    I feel so lame for quoting myself but look who keep liking Ohvely pics through her staff heeheeee... it’s no other than....
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    We end on a high note. AGB Nielsen Ratings: Episode 1 7/7/18 8.852% Episode 2 7/8/18 9.691% Episode 3 7/14/18 10.082% Episode 4 7/15/18 10.567% Episode 5 7/21/18 10.835% Episode 6 7/22/18 11.713% Episode 7 7/28/18 11.114% Episode 8 7/29/18 12.330% Episode 9 8/3/18 11.695% Episode 10 8/4/18 13.534% Episode 11 8/11/18 12.792% Episode 12 8/12/18 13.399% Episode 13 8/18/18 13.327% Episode 14 8/19/18 15.626% Episode 15 8/25/18 12.893% Episode 16 8/26/18 15.023% Episode 17 9/1/18 7.694% * Episode 18 9/2/18 14.722% Episode 19 9/8/18 14.114% Episode 20 9/9/18 16.500% Episode 21 9/5/18 14.280% Episode 22 9/6/18 16.588% Episode 23 9/29/18 15.419% Episode 24 9/27/18 18.129% (Finale) * Pan Pacific Games 2018 Source tVN
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    Now we have LSG that openly admits that he wants to create A HAPPY FAMILY. And we have OYS that is wearing her shiny thing openly on her right hand....and posting pics with monkey doll on her ig. Those two lovebirds are so obvious...
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    @misspiggie your last comment I had to lol even though I was still traumatized by the ending. I am more convinced that I should never finish another KES drama. I never did actually until Mr. Sunshine. I know it would be a sad ending but not this tragic epic death of a favorite character. Is it too much to ask for the two of them stay together fighting for the cause and groom the future resistance babies like Ae Sin's parents did? A few questions, hope you can enlighten me (sorry my mind went blank many times in this episode): 1- What was the scene of them eating fish and casually chatting in the end? I didn't get what it was for, like a whiplash to me. And I am just too traumatized to go back and rewatch it... 2- Why did DM die? I get that he was killed by the ronins but what was that for? He could have died when his master slashed him in Japan. So KES revived him so that he can have the last words with the two ladies in his life, that's it? I don't get his death that's what I am trying to say.
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    Thanks- this is a very good point and comforting! He's learning from all these masters and personalizing it now- a good sign.
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    @rubie I will be back with final thoughts and more photos. Letting it sink in. Thank you to you and many posters here for making the experience full. Truth be told, I am not a KES fan (the only work of her I have watched is Secret Garden) but truly this is a wonderful drama in many ways. It is one of 2018’s best and will be remembered for a long time. I wish them all the accolades and awards now and in future. Was my second time watching KTR and LBH (besides Forest and Inside Men). Eugene was the soul of this drama, given that everyone has repeatedly said AeShin is Joseon’s spirit. A well written and acted character so I am glad LBH gave him life.
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    I'm not the only one who is crying isn't it ? DAEBAK! and again.. it's one of the best kdrama I've watched eventhough almost all the casts died in the end expect AeShin. But this drama has the best in my favourite. Everything. From the strong story. the superb acting from all the cast. the Cinematography it's incredible beautifully. the OST too woahhh I LOVE ALL THE OST in this drama. they deliver the feeling with a best way. eventhough it's just talk, gaze, or hug even they shoot each other. woahh It's incredible best in every scene. thankyou all the cast..all crew..writer~nim..pd~nim... for your hardwork for make this drama so great. my favourite kim eun sook's drama after GOBLIN. SEE YOU AGAIN.
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    Heartbroken. Crying buckets ... even if I knew more will die. I was hoping for at least the 2 leads to fight side-by-side -- towards a brighter future for Chosun. Consoling myself with the fact that finally a great show that I enjoyed after a couple of years and will reminisce the good times with the past episodes. KES fooled me again -- SHEET!
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    I know, right? I've never seen a Korean kid actor who didn't look completely natural. (But I have seen a lot of stilted performances from my own country when it comes to child actors. Also, in my country, it's like they get them on and off the screen as quickly as possible. In Korea, you can actually have a child be the actual star of a show. Cause they can carry it!) I am going to love this show, I can already tell. Perfect mix of spy action and humor. And I love the kids!
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    Hi, just read and enjoy this thread already. so far I enjoy watching 100 days my prince!! Love the chemistry between DO and NJH. They're cute together.. And I love the bgm.. so beautiful.. But the only thing that confusing me was the 10 years timeline,, Cant wait for eps 7 tomorrow
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    Sorry for chopping up your post. Love what you wrote. Dong Mae’s own low perception of his self worth was partly the reason why he didn’t realize he can be loved by anyone, let alone return that love openly. All these times, we and he thought Hina’s jealously toward AeShin was always due to her infatuation with EC. Alas, it’s not. It’s for the only man who ever said she is beautiful and deserving of simple happiness without having to bargain and manipulate for it. Her life has been tragic ever since her father’s betrayal and her mother’s disappearance. Living in the shadow for the country, yearning for a love to call her own. King Min Jung is exquisite in her role, I won’t forget the graceful way Hina lived her life. I teared up so much at the scene on the beach, with him calling out her name Lee Yang-hwa, and at his place after seeing all her paintings. She thought of every detail beforehand. Forget your life as Lee Yang-hwa and stop living as Hina Kudo. Carry make up in your purse instead of a gun. Hang a beautiful painting in your room instead of a fencing sword. Meet a good man. Don’t cry and don’t bite. Just dream of living a normal life. When Hee Sung used his camera to record history and passed it onto the seamtress, she is trusted with the burden to not let what happened be forgotten. I cried. When he said his goodbye to his father, I cried again. It was his mother who finally understood the need to protect Joseon irregardless of class or wealth. She’s a changed woman. I too trust the last episode to not let their sacrifices be without a change.
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    Hello @misspiggie good to see you here. I know .. I said I won't be watching.. but who can resist the finale no matter how depressing it will be. I was watching episode 23 with still a quarter episode to finish (dreading the ending of H&H ).. had to take a breather.. seeing how easy for the traitors to just give up crucial information for a quick recognition & success from Japan and yet they're actually being further humiliated & downgraded every time.. it's always never enough to please the new master. It's a lesson that KES is trying to point out besides the cruelty and sufferings. I was watching and it feels that there would be sunshine after all the sufferings .. like in most mini-series we'd often watch. We have the intro.. we have all the trials and tribulations.. then, the sacrifices and hardships to finally see the rise of good over evil. But here, the war is just starting and it doesn't end till another 60 years (right?) .. at the same time, we're already at the finale.. any happy indication.. is simply out of sight and out of question. Sigh. Anyway.. it's a Sunday.. would tonight be too traumatic to start a new week tomorrow. Two good sharing from MR.SUNSHINE alumni ~ Photo: Ko Woo Rim Too bad we won't be seeing the same Do Mi after 3 years, maybe that's why he hasn't appeared. EC met GS but no mention of the boy. Clip: Saram Entertainment
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    What an amazing Episode 8...!! Lovely...!! In my opinion this Thai BL Series has already surpassed almost all the other Series in all way possibles. The script is amazing... the kisses have been overwhelming; and the acting from the entire cast is far so much better...!! This is like WOW....!! How could MCOT produce this, and then reject it...??? What a huge mistake...!! Episode 8 was a settling down episode... and that for everybody shown on it: Pete & Ae cleared up the most important issue that has been bothering Ae: Their social class and status differences. Ae eternal problem since the beginning has been: "How could ever this sweet loving prince find ME in anyway desirable...? I am short, and I not handsome, and I am from a poor social status." Their both dialogues on this issue were so beautiful. First, Pete reminding Ae how important he has been to him, helping him in so many different ways... and then that talk about Ae's hands... Wow... so much poetry and meaning in a simple gesture...!! Absolutely inspiring...!! It was also settling down for family affairs: The first steps have been done. Both mums were please with their future "son-in-law's", both families were please their sons have such good friends. Much better was Pete's mum... as she knows Ae is not just a friend to/of Pete. She only needed to listen to them talking... and on the lunch follow their eyes contact all the time. I think for every parent worried about their gay sons watching them in love and in good hands most be a huge relieve and a reason to feel happy as well. And then even Pete moving into an apartment alone... their future <Refugium> with both kids already overloaded yet unable anyone to do the first move... so cute... as they both are inexperience but certainly looking forward their first time together. That, combined with Ae's words to Pete "you are my first many things" are probably the most romantic words I have ever hear in a Thai Boys Love Series so far.... and the best part is... these are not just sweet words... No... they do express a deeper sense and meaning of belonging and needs. This episode has been for me probably the MOST gratifying Thai Boys Love in years....!! So glad they make it into the big screen...!! Cheers...!!
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    Hello @pamonologues Finally, your first post at soompi. It's never too late to share your thoughts here. Love reading what you have posted. MR.SUNSHINE is just different.. just not the same as most Kdramas. Whatever we feel about it.. before or after the finale, it's really a drama that we've grown to appreciate so much. Please continue to post your thoughts as you re-watch the drama, I'm sure there will be fans to join in and talk about the drama. We may be feeling a bit differently (angry, wary, disheartened, upset) right now due to the ending but I think, sooner or later.. the usual feeling of love for the drama will come around. I'll definitely be stalking this drama thread to read future comments and sharing from new fans. So.. see you.. see you all again.. LBH and YYS did not attend the wrap-party last month but they finally got together for a meal with the others. Perhaps, last night? Photo: Kim Na Woon (Lady Cho, Ae Shin's aunt) YuJo, Kyle, Eugene, Lady Cho, SeungGu, DongMae #MrSunshine
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    Deep down.. whether we like it or not, we kinda knew but chose to ignore. Wishfully thinking for a little twist and ray of sunshine.. a glimmer of hope.. anything. Already expecting the worst, it didn't help lessen any pain. The drama is really good conveying the reality of history (that you wrote so precisely, thank you) as well as making the characters grow that we love them so much.. so, yeah.. it hurts.. a whole lot more. October 1, 2018 The Seoul Awards Announces Nominations For 2018 Source: Soompi by E. Cha The Seoul Awards has revealed its full list of nominees for 2018! The award ceremony, which is now in its second year, honors achievements in film and television dramas. Only films and dramas that were released between October 2017 and September 2018 were eligible to be considered for this year’s awards. In addition to the categories listed below, there will also be a special Hallyu Artist Award, as well as a Special Acting Award and several Popularity Awards. The Seoul Awards 2018 will air live on SBS on October 27 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the full list of nominees below! Best Drama KBS 2TV’s “My Golden Life” MBC’s “Money Flower” SBS’s “Should We Kiss First” tvN’s “My Ahjussi” JTBC’s “Life” Best Actress (Drama) Kim Sun Ah — “Should We Kiss First” Kim Nam Joo — “Misty” Son Ye Jin — “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” Shin Hye Sun — “My Golden Life” Best Actor (Drama) Kam Woo Sung — “Should We Kiss First” Lee Byung Hun — “Mr. Sunshine” Lee Sun Gyun — “My Ahjussi” Cho Seung Woo — “Life” Best Supporting Actress (Drama) Moon So Ri — “Life” Ye Ji Won — “Should We Kiss First,” “30 but 17” Go Sung Hee — “Mother,” “Suits” Go Ah Sung — “Life on Mars” Best Supporting Actor (Drama) Heo Joon Ho — “Come and Hug Me” Park Ho San — “Prison Playbook,” “My Ahjussi,” “Lawless Lawyer” Yoo Yeon Seok — “Mr. Sunshine” Bong Tae Gyu — “Return” Best New Actress (Drama) Kim Tae Ri — “Mr. Sunshine” Jo Bo Ah — “Goodbye to Goodbye” Won Jin Ah — “Just Between Lovers” Lee Yoo Young — “Your Honor” Best New Actor (Drama) Woo Do Hwan — “Tempted” Park Hae Soo — “Prison Playbook” Jung Hae In — “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” “Prison Playbook” Jang Ki Yong — “Come and Hug Me,” “My Ahjussi” Best Film Source (1)
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    @haymochi Oh gosh, how did I miss that Hermès perfume clue? Too many coincidences that I no longer believe in coincidences anymore haha
  34. 7 points
    OMG I’m gonna watch it later with full english sub and gonna analyze every second of it. Hahaha. Naughty EunWoo I think she will attend the vacation. Didn’t she confirm it in vlive? Even super busy Cha Eun Woo will attend too. I need more DoRae/EunSoo moments again Can’t wait for the new variety show. I watched CEW in Master Key last night and he was hilarious. I hope he will come to more variety show too.
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    ** poking head in to check out So Ji Sub's physique and drama posts ** So far, so good.
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    What I just saw... raw version (no translation), no logic/realism. I know that Eugene said her something before his death, she also said something during the training of new RA members, but it will not be enough for me... I dont need to know the meaning because I feel disappointed with the development of events in Mr Sunshine. I saw many sad endings... but this was tragically made by writers. Very bad ending - script and many strange scenes (too many to mention). I don't understand the last episode - totally unpleasant and spoiling the impression Mr Sunshine (first half of the series was ok but later it was only worse, the last three episodes are totally mess). Hina once said that "a sad ending leaves a significant mark" or something similar but the writers only spoiled this ending. The writers point of view disappointed me. I will skip death of the rest of characters. It was sad (Hina, HS, DM, Eun-san, servants - palanquin) but I'm very annoyed and disappointed by something else in Mr Sunshine. I really liked the characters Eugene and Ae-Shin in many episodes... but what they did in the last three episodes is completely destroying of these characters (my support for them and their difficult/complicated love went to waste because of forced script and bizarre point of view KES). She began to behave strangely after the 16-17 episode (her disappearance for half a year was a big mistake and later an attempt to use Eugene, I wanted her senses to return after Japan and I thought that she was back on the right path but ending of series finish off my mind) and he began to follow her and stopped be smart, rational... Train: another suicide mission, she is one of the most wanted people in the country (a normal person would ask the Emperor for help and secretly leave the country because she ceased to be useful and she is married - this make sense, Eugene followed her and lost his life this time - WTF) Why didn't he order japanese soldiers drop their rifles (he is a former high-ranking American officer not moron!). Writers had to come up with something stupid and comical because it didn't make sense. After his death, she still fights and can die every day - it's so stupid. Why did he sacrifice his life? She trains next generations of RA like he did and I have to be satisfied with it? I don't buy it. As a viewer I am devastated by the solution of many scenes in episode 23-24 and previous ones. I have the impression that they killed all the people around Ae-Shin so that she would still fight (revenge, homeland, no one was left) and that's what I got out of the last episode - disappointment. We don't even know what happened to her. They quickly showed 1919 and Domi. What!?! They cut the scenes terribly... If I was a Korean, I can understand Eun-san's/RA members death in an ambush, HS beaten to death (sense of pride present korean generation by their sacrifice), but Eugene's death was unnecessary and ruined the whole impression (DM's death also made no sense, he almost died in Japan and suddenly found himself in Manchuria in a hideout for drug addicts - unreal, the same meaning as Eugene in prison for 3 years - treason oO). I don't want to be mean but from my perspective Ae-Shin led to his death. I understand his desire to save his wife but she could not at least be pregnant (I would reconcile Eugene's death, she survived and raising up their child)? A 44-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman (a married couple) never slept together... They are both too much unrealistic and at some point they both became tiring characters and I stopped understanding their decisions. The result disappointed me completely Hmm... A former slave (sad youth), considered to be a stranger (still in the last episode oO), had to die for a weird reason (no sense to me) to be appreciated by the country and society. Of course he was loved by a noblewoman and he devoted everything for her. It is a pity that he suffered more often because of her than he was happy. Noblewoman (she lost parents, family, home) devoted private happiness to her homeland and loved the former slave (even married him). Of course, she had to devoted everything for the country and behave more and more strangely. Typically for Korean series, several things have been either cut or forgotten (English school, emperor's adviser, uncle Ae-Shin and many more). Where is the logic here? I feel as if through lack of audience they ordered to shorten the series and flattened threads and killed almost all of the main characters. In the last episode, I also saw a lot of mistakes (implementation) which is terrible for the series created by the year.
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    Time for another week! This week will be revelation week I feel.
  38. 7 points
    Yes she does. I think @darr has also said the same. She is also a great actress. She had a role as a calculating selfish character in "Golden Pouch" also - as a chaebol chairman's second wife. There she did everything to keep the chairman from knowing of his actual son, after placing an imposter kid in his place long ago, so that she could control him. Pretty nasty stuff. But there it was she who had lost a daughter some 25 years ago (actually she abandoned her at a church orphanage thinking she could get her back later, IIRC). The daughter was the lead lady and the step-son she kept away was the lead guy. After that drama, it was pretty clear that she would fit this role like a glove. The dresses they have picked for her in this drama have been good too - but I think she would look good in most dresses. Anyway, it is rare that I would watch an evil character for how well she acts. She is pretty good.
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    I couldn’t agree more chingu. Besides the ending I cannot accept, I’m also salty there was no kiss scene.
  40. 7 points
    Thank you for compiling the 'finale' group photos, @bedifferent.. it's truly the end now, huh. More behind-the-scene photos, from TEYU Grasping the reality now.. feeling drained and denial mode kicking in..
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    Yes that FM in Taiwan when he ask not to send him off. I came with a conclusion but is better for me to wait patiently until all surrenderings is covered and saved. Or maybe to tell my theory after they get married. ;-)
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    Btw that person isn’t a make up artist. I think she is a staff of High Class Spa Myrthen SPA Salon... Ohvely was signing her own poster with the bling bling on her finger Not really sure if it’s very recent or not
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    Can't believe I suspended everything to finish episode 2 to 4. So captivating! SJS is so good a spy. Emotionless and very smart. I think the bad man was feeling rather guilty that our heroine husband was killed so he employed her after initially rejecting her and is paying her huge amount. Can we say he has small conscience? Why is that handsome dude the bad guy? I love the community folks and how they look out for one another. So cool. Seems our secret agent com spy has officially became a surrogatedaddy without knowing it. These kids will be the death of him soon and I think from loving them,he will get to appreciate their mum and eventually love her. Looking forward to enjoying the drama. Hope it garners good rating
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    This was very well said I couldn't have grasped the full meaning behind that scene between HeeSung and his parents. Writer Kim Eun Sook has so many symbolic intentions that she incorporates beautifully into her stories. I believe she has already written a much bigger picture for this drama that goes beyond what happened during this time period. On that last scene when Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman almost held hands but didnt, at first I thought that was cruel. They should've been able to do that just before their last breath. But then, in retrospect, I thought what makes it more cruel was that why should they only hold hands at their last breath, they should not be deprived of doing that at any time. There should never be a circumstance of a turbulent period to deprive anyone of living.
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    No, because the aunt Gong is the actual CEO. GMS might be the heir but he is not the CEO, just a Director Center hence this can not really endanger the Group. Moreover, these are rumors and the aunt has to keep his illness a secret or better said a rumor because she lets GMS think that no one knows about his condition. IF GMS knew that everyone is talking behind his back, he would have realized much sooner that Yoon betrayed him and his aunt was aware of everything. There is a reason why I am not hoping that Manager Kim was behind the actor's death. I mean, this would mean that the police made a really sloppy job. Since Kim is linked to JGB and the actor, they should have asked for his alibi. If he killed him as a mistake, then it wouldn't have been easy for him to create an alibi... Moreover, JGB was cleared of any charges hence it seems that they found evidence of a different person. That's the reason why I am more opting for a hired killer.
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    Rumor has it that charming friend has presscon , promotions, etc but he still came through the back door and sat beside her Just answering you. You mean in Taiwan when he asked his fans not to send him off at the airport?
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    This has been true of JE in the past, but since she is now with DG, there have been signs that she has regretted her wrongful acts in the past. I know that JE has still been aiding and abetting her mother while she was secretly dating DG, but it didn't have the same degree of animus towards HN, I feel. Plus, JE at one tells SH that perhaps they should just stop it, to which SH had answered that it was too late to stop it and if she had known how things would turn out that she would never have started it. Anyway, the drama is clearly trying to redeem JE, so it wouldn't surprise me if JE confesses to DG, and then attempts to help HN in some way, even though JE clearly won't betray her mother or anything. But, probably not for another 10 episodes or so. In the meantime, I'm hoping that it will focus more on HN and HG's romance and attempts to reconcile HG's family with HN. Not to mention, I'm sure there will be several more near-misses and fakeouts in terms of JH and HN figuring out that HN is actually SJ. The thing that I'm having a hard time figuring out right now is EA's silence about it.
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    So happy that wookie and SP and namji won this award even though it's not the official kind and etc. Seriously, our OTP was robbed of their best couple award so many times but i guess they dun need that recognition since it's widely recognised alr. But it still feels good to know so kudos to all fans who have been voting for uri OTP~ and this is more than 1 year to boot! Keke. Have a great weekend everyone!
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