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    I just died at the scene where Terius tried to dodge Ae-Rin's toy gun by pullin' a matrix-like maneuver but ended on his back instead Guess even a spy has an off day LoL Ae-Rin's your typical frazzled homemaker but sad how she's a widow so suddenly... Her 2 kids oy I do like her approach to parenting them It's very counter intuitive. That scene where the NIS were losing their heads in trying to capture Terius versus Ae-Rin's friends grouping together to search the twins was really funny & sort of relatable with how social media work so rapidly.
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    “Mr Sunshine” Interview ~ Yoo Yeon Seok Q: Please tell us the reason why you chose Mr Sunshine and your first impression after reading the script. YYS: The script was not ready when I was cast. After reading the introduction of the character, I understood the character I was going to play was Gu Dong Mae. There is only one woman in his heart. Because this is a character similar to what I played before, I thought I could express the character well. Also, it would be fun working with writer Kim Eun Seok and Director Lee Eung Bok, I looked forward to it. When I first read the script, I found it very interesting. On top of it, while I was analyzing the character Dong Dong Mae, I was worrying a lot on how to portray his charm. Q: After going through all these worries, what have you decided to portray Gu Dong Mae’s charm? YYS: In Dong Mae’s thinking, his home country had already abandoned him. Having lived as a butcher’s son had broken his heart and he left Chosun, however there is only one person whom he cannot forget and this person is a female who treats him as a human. Because of this single reason, he returned to Chosun. He looks cold-blooded but he has the passion of pure love, the character of Dong Mae has these two aspects. He doesn’t care if the whole world is against him except only one woman Go Ae Shin, I think this is his charm. He is a person who doesn’t care when he is going to die. I was very worried on how to portray his actions and gaze. His aspect of passion towards Ae Shin is similar to the project I played before. Also, in order to portray Gu Dong Mae’s way of life, visually I wanted to give him a distinctive look. Q: I think his visual looks distinctive by wearing kimino and carrying Japanese sword. What are your thoughts about the costumes and makeup? YYS: I have to glue facial hair on my face every time. Because it was my first time wearing kimono, I found it very interesting. Actually, it was not easy at all wearing geta (traditional Japanese footwear) and carrying Japanese sword to act out scenes. When I first wore Dong Mae’s costume, I didn’t get used to it and I found it not suitable however now I am so used to it to the extent that I found it uncomfortable not wearing it. Q: Did you have any reference materials to act out the scenes wearing kimono and what did you watch? YYS: I searched and found lots of footages and movies in relation to samurai in youtube, I watched movies like “Blade of Immortal” “Zatoichi” and etc. I took those as reference mainly because I had to wear kimono to act out the samurai action scenes. Q: In the drama, there are many scenes that you have to speak Japanese lines. How did you cope? YYS: Before filming had started, I have been studying Japanese individually. I couldn't remember the lines well if I used hangul to remember the Japanese lines as I thought it was hard to speak naturally, so I used hiragana and wrote down its meaning to remember the lines. To prepare for filming, I practised the lines, did recording and listened to my recording numerous times. This was how I remembered the Japanese lines. Even on set, someone would check my intonation. Q: Since you made so much effort in speaking the Japanese lines, are they any lines that impressed you most? YYS: “Let’s go”. Because Dong Mae said it many times. Q: Please tell us any memorable scenes and episodes YYS: The memorable scene would be the beach scene that both Hina and I were in. That scene itself was greatand as the filming was in its climax, being able to go to the beach with staff sharing hardship and joy during the filming was more impressive than anything. Q: In drama, you spoke Japanese to your ronin subordinates and they were also following you around. What did you guys talk on set? YYS: We indeed have so many scenes. Because we played the scenes together, we got along well with one another. I got along well particularly with Yoon Ju Man and Kim Ri Woo. Before filming, we normally practiced our Japanese lines together. Q: The scenes in which Dong Mae, Eugene and Hui Seong met in the Japanese bar were like touch-and-go, comical and yet impressive. Would that be ad-libs? The dialogues of the trio were important scenes, were those scenes elaborately arranged in advance? YYS: In one of the Japanese bar scenes, Eugene bought Dongmae snibbles for drinks, Dongmae just took it as a chance and ordered a large serve of sashimi but Eugene immediately changed the order to a small serve. Also in another scene that because Hui Seong left the bar without paying, both Eugene and Dong Mae were trying to read each other’s mind to see who was going to pay, at the end Dong Mae stood up from his seat first and left. These are the scenes not originally written in the script. Also, these ad-libs were not discussed among three of us before filming, we just naturally made them up and played ad-libs while we were filming. We had so much fun filming that. We are also satisfied as audiences did enjoy those ad-lib scenes. Q: Other than the scenes in the Japanese bar, there are other comical scenes but basically this drama has many serious scenes. What was the atmosphere on set? YYS: Other than the bar scenes I just mentioned, we had so many ad-libs, filming was fun on set, we always had endless laughter there. Because we got along so well, we always spent great time when we met. Basically as I had to maintain the profound feelings of the character Dong Mae, I had to do so many preparations with Japanese lines and Japanese sword in one single scene. Therefore, I always filmed in midst of nervousness while doing preparations for the scenes. Q: Please tell us your impression of co-stars Lee Byung Hun, Byun Yo Han, Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Jung YYS: Because Lee Byung Hun is a senior actor, I was really very nervous in the beginning. I thought it would be hard to approach him but he is really cheerful and friendly, he approached me first. He is a mood maker on set, really an interesting person. Kim Tae Ri is very bright and she brings positive energy. Because I was a fan of Kim Min Jung when I was a child, I am very honoured having acted with her and I am really pleased. Byun Yo Han has a mischievous image but actually he is bright and very serious, he is a thoughtful and considerate actor. When we met, we updated what we were up to and we also discussed worries about the characters. Q: Other than the main cast, many veteran actors played supporting roles in this drama. By playing with them, did you get any influence? YYS: As I just said, atmosphere on set was really good. Especially I have been respecting actor Kim Eui Sung since long time ago. This time, we played many scenes together in this drama and because we met so often on set, I learnt a lot from him this time and I got influenced by him. Q: Around Gu Dong Mae, there are female characters of Kim Tae Ri who played Ae Shin and Kim Min Jung who played Kudo Hina, which one of these characters did catch your eye more? YYS: Since Go Ae Shin is a very important person particularly in Dong Mae’s life, in Dong Mae’s thinking, it would definitely be Ae Shin because Ae Shin’s actions and words could influence him. He placed himself in danger and he couldn’t avoid it as Ae Shin was moving forward (t/n: her involvement with the Righteous Army). Rather than concerning Ae Shin’s moving forward, he was more concerned the importance of Ae Shin’s life. To overcome this, he pushed himself forward with strength and courage to protect her in his own unique way. Q: Turbulent times are depicted as the background in this drama, we saw appearance of various characters from the king and to the characters in reality. Other than Gu Dong Mae, if there were another character you could play, which character would attract you most? YYS: All the characters in this drama are attractive, I really want to play them all. If I have to choose one, I would choose Kudo Hina. You don’t know what she knows and what she doesn’t know. The charm of her character is like a mystery of the veil. It looks like she got everything but actually she has a deep wound in her heart, her character is very attractive. Her confident appearance coupling with wisdom really makes her look so cool. Q: There are many action and sword fight scenes. What was the hardest part in filming these scenes? YYS: The hardest part is to do everything in one scene. Overall, there are too many scenes that I had to simultaneously digest well with saying Japanese lines and sword fighting while delivering my emotions in one scene. I found it really hard. Q: You were busy filming but did you watch the broadcast on TV? As an audience, please tell us any memorable scenes. YYS: Because broadcast had started while we were still filming, I couldn’t watch live broadcast of the drama but I always watched the drama online afterwards. It is hard to select which scene is the most impressive because there are just too many great scenes. Source: Kstyle Date: 28 Sep 2018 The rest of the interview is about his travel, his hobby, his monthly fan project since March this year and his upcoming fan meeting in Japan. Since this is a drama thread, I will skip the translation regarding these topics. Note: The source of the interview is published in Japanese, above English translation possibly has slight differences in meaning from its original interview published in Korean. Please excuse my bad English. This is my second post here. Only two more episodes left. I can’t wait to see its ending. I really enjoy watching this drama and thank you writer nim for writing such a great story showcasing these 5 unique characters who have their own individual charms, especially both female characters are so headstrong and brave, symbol of Korean women in new generation more than 100 years ago. Needless to say, watching the scenes of the trio in Japanese Bar was real fun. Just saw @charray posted stills of the bar scene on previous page. Will find out if the trio can still show us some more fun in their reunion after going through three years of hardship.
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    Oo I can just feel you guys being right. Stamping that date on the photo, hmmm looking through her other pics she doesn't do that. Suddenly she stamps a date like it's this huge deal. Looks very very much like a meaningful date for our couple. Dating even BEFORE Hwayugi ends? Hahahha can we call them #ImpatientCouple now? Or #ImpatientToBeACouple or even #WayTooImpatientToBeACouple -Couple ? I recall that other couples who turned real after working together, well turned real AFTER working together! ...not yet DURING ha ha Speaking of Dates.. So after they started dating suddenly instagram turned into a place of laaaaav hintage.: 2018 March 5th/6th: Hwayugi ends and our loverbirds show off very LOVE -GLOWING pics of happiness: Don't be shaken by the 1 day posting difference, I still recall that in reality it was much much shorter than 1 day after Ohvely that CharmingFriend decided to copy his Ohvely's post ha ha ( time of day only distorts it but in reality they posted on same day) 2018 March 10th: The 1st week after Hwayugi has ended on the VERY DAY Hwayugi would normally be airing, except now has ended, our not-subtle-at-all Ohvely posts: Caption by OYS: "What I like..." + with green in the pic. (And our couple's trademarked signature Pink too ha ha) Reminiscient of the SOG&JSM cinema scene of "I brought you what you like...Icecream, green..and ME" ....even some people comment there about it/suspect she's hinting at 503 ha ha and funny how OYS lil sis LeeSeYoung decides to comment "What Unnie likes is me" ....it's like LSY has realized how too obvious her unnie is being so decides to help the lovers out and covering that the post is about her. But LSY, I don't recall there being a "Samjang likes green and Asanyeo/Zombiegirl" scene? 2018 March 14th, aka. Korean Valentines Day Part 2/ WHITE DAY: So our Ohvely posts a blue sky CF on WhiteDay and shortly after this our CharmingFriend LSG posts a blue sky pic too!! LSG, What you doing ?? Copying our unnie's post AGAIN ...And once again, SHORTLY AFTER . And on that SAME DAY of WhiteDay Ohvely receives a CottonCandy FlowerBouquet....sent by a Monkey according to the florist.... and then.. 2018 March 20th: She decides to be brave and thank the for his brave act of flowerly love and so she posts: Caption by OYS: "Thank you!" I recall celebs don't make any thank you posts about FanGifts to avoid making other fans jealous. ...But it's okay this one time, since this one is sent by her number one fan and owner of her heart/and she the recipient of the FanGift being the the owner of his too. ....and later: 2018 July 9th: She posts about Hugging HER Monkey in Japan the place of Laaaav..
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    Behind the scene photo posted on the instagram. Looks like the male lead and the second male lead are going to meet soon.
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    I think HS adopted father is someone who may used to work with her family. He knows about HS. I want to know HS's story after her brother bury her with leaves
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    Im liking it. Especially the part when the kids refused to brushed their teeth. Two differ ways to handle it, in the morning and at night. Clever. And the scenes where those ahjummas trying to help the kids from the bad guy, it reminds me with the ahjusshis from MM. The importance of knowing, caring and helping each others.
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    @ktcjdrama @triplem @gutibear @supergal99 First, I was a little hesitating watching the episodes from this week because of the complains. So now I have finished watching both and it wasn't so bad. Sure, I wished, GMS had already explained the accident, especially after the second missed date. However, I don't think that the writer made such mistakes like presenting GMS as a genius, while on the other hand it is said about him that his brain is shrinking and deteriorating. In my opinion, he is not seriously ill like he thinks he is. Why do I think so? First, his illness is supposed to be a secret and yet, KBS hears from his secretary about the curse of conglomerate family. He discovers from him that GMS's brain is dying due to the accident from 3 years ago. So there are rumors about his illness circulating indicating that his illness is not a secret in reality. This rumor is used by Chairman Gong. They are already expecting him to die at a young age. Then who said that his brain was dying and shrinking? It was the doctor Yoon.... and he told GMS and the chairman Gong about it. GMS is convinced that he is dying. Sure, we know that the director Yoon wants to get the position of the Center director. But what if he didn't lie just to GMS but also to the chairman Gong? Why should he mention it to her, when he is clearly aware that GMS is remembering things? He knows that GMS is remembering JGB each day and he doesn't need to read his diary for that. Why did he point out his "illness" to her? I suspect that there is more to it. I believe that since GMS's brain was severely damaged after the accident in Hainan, Yoon was sceptical about his recovery. My theory is that Yoon knows perfectly well what would happen if GMS was declared to be in recovery and would no longer suffer from his accident. In my opinion, he might have discovered that Chairman Gong tried to have him killed three years ago. By turning him into a "dying" man, he makes sure that his life is not in danger. I do think that Yoon used hypnosis in order to stop his recovery and mess up his memories. Then we all witness GMS's "illness". However, I have the impression that GMS is actually more suffering from a trauma caused by the flashes (intense lights) than a real physical cause (dying brain). Remember that after the accident with his parents, while he was laying on the ground, he saw the lights from the coming cars and couldn't bear the intense lights in his eyes. When his aunt spoke to him at the funeral (terrible words), just after hearing that, he was confronted by the flashes of the cameras... That's why he can not look into intense lights, these function as triggers for his trauma. He is remembering all these painful events. However, his brain has already started healing hence once confronted with the intense lights, he remembers his past memories. In my opinion, he is also little by little recovering from his trauma: When he came to the studio and was playing the brain game, he fainted once he was confronted with the spotlights. So this was his worst reaction: his trauma was so severe that he felt like he was dying. In the episode 7, he forgot his date but a buried memory from his past resurfaced. So he somehow suffered a little (headache, dizziness aso), yet he didn't faint at all. So his condition is improving. Yoon lied to GMS saying that the results were not out yet and he was surprised by the results. He has noticed that GMS's brain has changed and improved. To conclude, Yoon might not be entirely on the chairman Gong's side either. Since GMS booked a room in a hotel for JGB three years ago, JGB might have ended up in that hotel room with that Hallyu actor. This was better in order to remain anonymous. Nevertheless, the killer sent after GMS thought that the actor was the person he should kill. We shouldn't forget that the killer located GMS with his car. Someone must have told him where GMS was staying as he had used his credit card... so the killer just went to the hotel room and killed the actor believing that he was GMS. He hadn't seen his face and he knew that he was with a woman which looked a lot like the woman he had seen with him.
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    It's good balance with other dramas. At least I'll have this after to relax after I watch Mon-Tues premiere of Bad Papa (the one I'm anticipating!) cos that's gonna be a heavy drama mentally and emotionally, morally so it's very different. @nona88 Sure Join and have fun. This drama is sure fun.
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    "When he cried, it’s as if he’s shedding gems from his eyes. I envied him.” - THEORY CONFIRMED Cha Eun Woo is a merman like in The Legend Of the Blue Sea hahaha ISH is a gem too. She is one of the few people who sees him as more than a pretty face and acknowledges his efforts *cough* she's perfect for Eun Woo *cough* A well depicted female gaze is so rare. Often is just ogeling the male body in a fan fetish way ... and like you said, I love how she still has some self respect and didn't fall for him straightaway just because he was handsome. She got to know him better and saw his true self... which is just as beautiful!
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    Hmm.. if I could jump in. Maybe because he (WD) has been told that she loved him and he did have feelings for her, the fact that now he (or his body) seems to remember being protective of her - he assumes it is because of their past (as she has told him) Right now, all he knows is what is told to him. So he assumes all his motivations, feelings, thoughts are due to the past which he shared with her. I don't think his memory per se will return anytime soon because as soon as it does, he will return to the palace. Unless Mr Dimples can be a good ally and help him plan his return to the palace - in this case, his stay in the village may be prolonged.
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    I screamed when he did that. SHY actually took a good look. Lucky girl . And Hoya was trying to keep a straight face . ------------------------------- So all done with this week's episodes. To be fair this drama's script isn't the strongest nor does it have the most ingenious ideas.( yes why doesn't MaSung have a vid or CCTV to keep track of things) ...but I go weak in the knees when I see scenes like this ...him just towering over her in that deadly voice of his. Squeals. This keeps me invested. There were a few things that I did like about the last couple of eps. Ma Sung is beginning to recall some important memories and not just the ones related to GB. He used his position as the majority shareholder at the board meeting. It's about time he realises aunt isn't on his side. We can finally see who the good and bad guys are. Doc, Aunts , CEO Kim - these people need a to be properly punished at the end of this. His secretary and CEO Jang - good guys with heart. I hope we see CEO Jang and GB succeed in this industry. To hear GB tell KJ it is Ma Sung that she likes . It was obvious of course ...but still nice to hear that she still feels the same. And lastly this: I really want her to know his condition soon.
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    Hi everyone I have just catch up this drama yesterday and I like it so much ( sadly i had to wait to the weekend to try a new drama )but at least not missing it , I can't wait to see more of this drama especially the excellent spy dealing with Normal and super familys people So may I join the fun here? P.s. why all the good dramas are in the same time?? making it hard for Korean to choice what to watch live making my Wednesday and Thursday busy catching up all of them
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    It looks like they used stunt doubles in those throwing scenes. If you look closely, you can see that the person's face is always turned away carefully so I don't think it's Choi Daniel. The production staff is probably is sure to take very good care of him so that he won't get hurt.
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    I saw some BTS from the scenes at the museum (and other scenes) on IG, Daniel & Eun Bin looks close, they look kinda cute together (No, I'm not trying to make people ship them, just wanna say they look cute together, that's all ). Poor Daniel, Eun Bin threw him over the floor many times, his body must have been aching all over
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    Theories I've got so far from the story... The hearing aid is only working for Yeo Wool.. Only she can hear it. That's b'cause only she can kill Sun Woo Hye/The lady in red.. And Yeo Wool is "the chosen one". Attorney Beak doesn't have any crush on Da Il. ( I knew it from the beginning ) She just wants to spy on him for a hidden intention... And there's master mind behind her.. Who can that be..??! Chae Won is inherited from her grandpa... And he looks like a ghost..!! Just tell me if I am wrong, guys...!!
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    lol, you all are so hilarious.. one thought: MS was clever enough to use voice recording to prevent his secretary from resigning. So, maybe MS is not as naive as we thought before. If the writer is a fan of domestic-thriller-novel, I won’t be surprised if we have some twisted plots later on.
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    Hint from Netflix? What tissue? What security blanket? Picture of Eushin couple and Maehwa couple taking selfie posted by LBH on his IG. Fans of both ships are happy now........ This child actor appearing in tonight’s episode. Not sure what is his role. Saw his picture with other child actors at the wrap up party.
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    As she told that the director blurred her past face coz they didn't want to make beauty subjective to standards.. I loved how the writer n director were thoughtful abt the subject beauty n delivered it beautifully..
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    thank you for providing us with the magnifying glass... I really love the comfortable interaction they have in the BTS clips. I never feel the urge to ship CJH with any of his past co-stars until now... on the verge of shipping them
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    Great to find out that they've recognized how good they were,how good it was.Congratulations to the Susang team If only Sbs knew what they were doing last awards show It's still the couple and the kiss to beat,imho.
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    The power of the female gaze is one of my favorite parts of that scene, @icyphoenix! I love that Mi Rae is allowed to just stare openly at him and admire him the way we so often see men in media (and life) ogling and rating women. But at the same time, it shows how beauty can be subjective (even when you’re as beautiful as Eunwoo!). Because she wouldn’t even consider finding him attractive until she knew he never laughed at her. She fell for his kindness and straightforward nature, which then meant she was more open to his beauty after.
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    Hallo everyone. Dropping by amidst busy RL to wish everyone a lovely weekend And I hope that all our Indonesian friends are safe. My prayers are with you. even if we have seen all the pics already, here's our baby girl's update about the photoshoot with her thank you. She looks really stunning ... and I am sharing also this, because it's nice to see people recognizing how good SP and JiBong are Happy to see them win in all these categories, and we certainly cannot disagree with the title of "Most adorable couple" and "Phenomenal Kiss" !!! last thing-: @achinawa yes, the pics you shared under spoiler are recent. they were posted yesterday in Hyunie's fan cafe Haneulnari as a set of 3 with the first pic... here is a tweet, saying "Chuseok holidays - Cr: Haneulnari"
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    Preview stills for Episode 23 released. There is going to be another Ae Shin fan club reunion gathering. Isn’t this more positive than all the doom and gloom vibes that we have been getting? I am so looking forward to this scene. But where are the ladies? Credit: @taeri_yeosin IG
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    The difference between the first and the second kills was that the first was a fully planned out assassination, while the second was an act of fear so that there would be no witness to the first kill. The first had the benefit of a lot of thought and contingencies. The second was on the fly and completely improvised. In those types of situations, there are bound to be mistakes due to lack of time and access. More importantly, this is the perfect plot complication that allows Kim Bon the opportunity to get more involved in the life of Go Ae Rin.
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