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    There are a few new stills, but this is my favourite
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    I translated a little the title of PSJ&PMY recent news articles. I think all reporters are shipping Parkpark or confirmed them as a secret couple. Especially, when PSJ left for Phuket, seemed like reporters teased him. because they knew the reason why PSJ going to Phuket despite hectic schedules is to meet PMY.
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    Whatever way you look at it, it is a subtle sign related his moment to PMY anyway. 1. Logical thinking: have you ever seen PSJ bend his way for his fans? I don't think so. He has his ways of showing fans his gratitude, but as long as it is within his limit. He is NOT the type of person that will do something as fans ask him to if that is something he doesn't want to do or against his will. Example of this including: not bother to show up on his 7th year debut anniversary, not bother to react when fans shouting his name at Guangzhou airport, etc. are the most recent events I could think of. 2. Even if it is fans asked him to do so, he himself should know that singing a song that link to another drama when receiving an award on a different drama is just...not right. 3. If he wanted to do so and fans asked him to do so, and he did that, it means fans love him in WWWSK and support him with PMY. Remember, he was there for FFMW. I feel sorry for other ships. Instead of keep deceiving themselves, they should prepare for the upcoming announcement.
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    and psj even said this song is what he sang in his latest drama(WWWSK). this is why fans shouted.
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    HN responded that she likes him.. HG tried to tell her that if she was saying that because she was sorr... but she didn't let him finish and kiss him... HN then said, "I think I have fallen in love with you, I love you"... HG stared at her and said, "do you know how long I have been waiting...... I LOVE YOU.... A LOT" and then kisses her... *the end*
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    the song Two People is very popular song because of not as OST of drama but the singer(sung si kyung) who sang Two People.(clearly, psj and pmy don't know the song is the ost of Heir. because I didn't know that before you guys said) and Two people is famous for a wedding song. Korean women like the singer's song very much, so men usually sing the sung si kyung's songs, when they propose. I hope if ppc marry in the future, sung si kyung will sing Two people at wedding. he is also famaous for a wedding singer.
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    Do you guys remember how LSG made an “proposal” on MITH? “It's as if I lived my life using words being a singer, actor and entertainer until the moment I met you. The only woman I can listen to, when I am with u, I don't need to say anything. I become confident to say only things that I need to.“ Seems close to his “new” ideal type LSG: “I want someone I can talk to, and someone who make my heart flutter while also making me feel stable”.
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    Flowers for Hyunni from our chingu @luvforever It's so beautuful!! You worked hard dearie! I'm sure hyuni's gonna love it.
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    tonight pic~ even his Korean fans don't know where he is going. if i find out, i'll let you know.
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    I only say this once. If a person doesn't live under a rock, he/she should be able to tell that the whole world is now kind of shipping Park-Park: 1. Korean news even pulled the title "I came alone without Sec Kim" / "I'm nervous because Sec Kim is not there", and it's been translated into many languages in news from other countries, even when he was there for another drama. 2. All other celebs taking photos with PSJ tagged WWWSK. 3. When I clicked on PMY photos on facebook, somehow PSJ photos also came up next --> Is Mark Zuckerberg also PP shippers? 4. Their photos are everywhere on Instagram. End of discussion. Back to trolling game
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    Our rice wreath has arrived! So exciting! All the best to 100 days My Prince uri angel! Fighting! Omggg Girls we did it! Looking at the rice wreath is making me tear up all over again. Thank you everyone for working so hard to gift hyuni with a rice wreath. It was not at all easy. You all went through a lot to make this possible. It's been over a year but united we stand. This project was a success bcz of all your love and dedication. Get some rest my dearest shippers. You all deserve it! *Group hugs* Fighting NamJi shippers!
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    Just to update you guys.. a group of us wanted to do something for hyunni so we decided to send her rice wreath to congratulate her for her new drama! Hehe. Here's some pictures!
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    When you both are in love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9teLxpHSvI
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    Ok, I don't fully understand their conversation but it looks good guys HN didn't run away or deny this time round. She was upfront about her feelings for HG. She gave him a peck on the lips and admitted she loves him. We got another full kiss too! The ship has officially sailed *throws confetti* There definitely was not enough lovey dovey scenes!!! Tho HG was adorable whining about how much he missed HN and his dad suddenly walked in You guys were right; the lost grandmother was the factory owner's mother. Have a feeling that he is going to help HN when he learns it was her who found his mother. The ending of today's episode looks good too. The newlyweds had just put up a family portrait in the house and they slid a photo of young SJ at the side of the frame. SH paid a visit and she spotted the photo of SJ. She immediately blocked it just as HN walked in. Edit: Source: (x)
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