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    The thread seems to move so slowly these days. Btw, I rewatched their press con vids and I find it cute that everytime MY complimented SJ, he looked super shy and he tried his best to restrain his smile (but failed). when I watched it two months ago, I wondered why he was so excited as they were just normal compliments from a colleague to another one. Co-stars do it all the time to make their chemistry more believable but the expression is not the same as SJ. Thinking about it again, it must've been his first time to hear his gf talk nicely of him publicly in front of hundreds of people, a bit cringy but also proudful keke He laughed before she managed to utter the compliments here LOL Btw who is execitedly and patiently waiting for the Phuket trip tomorrow? He's coming *fingers crossed* And congrats SJ for his 7th anniversary since the debut. He'll shine brighter in the future
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    SERIOUSLY, WHAT DID YOU DO EUGENE! I watched this clip repeatedly and laughed so much every time till I'm out of breath.. it's a copy! How on earth did David and Byunghun keep their straight faces acting this scene?? As long as he could stay on, no paper is too hard to chew and swallow. Hahahaa.. he's MR.SUNSHINE alright! Clip: ePhoenix
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    @BINGO_O he is trying so hard to hide his smile. I also noticed that she repeatedly mentioned that he is very similar to his character....at the press con and the viki interview.... I find this cute since a lot of people thought he would not suit the character. So everytime PSJ mentioned he wasn't like his character, she would jump in and say that he is similar now.... A GF supporting her BF??? I do miss them both terribly and the lack of news about them does not help... It is going to be really hard from now... I'm praying for a really spicy Phuket trip!! Not where they are hounded by the media but some bread crumbs for us shippers to nibble on till they announce their relationship
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    The ex is up to no good; No kiss between DY/JH Ep 43 MY is showing symptoms of dementia which is not seen by the family as yet. HS calls her and she is out of the daze. HS/MY went downstairs and are given a surprise 100 day anniversary celebration by YH/HH/JH, it’s a happy time. HH suggests that they get married which is endorsed by everyone. Ex arrives at MY’s home to stay, they talk about HS/MY, his affair and he says that he does not regret it because he got MS who is moved. JJH is depressed, she is not telling CK who angrily leaves. She later calls ET for a meet with he &YH, she is more accepting and is trying to understand the circumstances. JJH lets them know what she is thinking from YH’s perspective to which YH agrees etc and leaves. YH/ET talk about it before she leaves. Ex is doing some checking on MY’s interests, he meets MY and they talk, it’s civil but not cordial with MY telling him that MS had to lose his inheritance because of him. MY returns to a jealous HS. At breakfast, SH informs WAM that she will be seeing MY. SH meets MY, she apologizes for WAM’s actions, MY says sorry as well and it was her mistake. SH asked MY why she gave away the café, MY tells her that she wanted to protect SH/KS marriage and prevent her from getting bullied by WAM etc. SH is very touched by MY’s words, MY says sorry again, SH accepts the café. ES is playing in ET’s office, they talk a bit, ES whispers to ET saying that she likes him and to keep it a secret. ET whispers that he likes ES and YH a lot too and to keep it a secret. DY arrives for her date with JH who is nervous, they talk a bit and he suggests going somewhere else, DY sort of says no but recalls chapter 6 from the dating book and realizes that he wants them to kiss. DY is nervous in the bathroom prepping herself for the kiss to happen. The leave the restaurant and go by a seat, both are nervous wondering how they should let it happen. JH starts his move for the kiss but they got interrupted by the phone before it happens, this happened again when it’s DY getting the call. So no kiss for the puppy couple JH is at home depressed and frustrated with the no kiss from his date with DY, HH comes in talks a bit and I think reveals that she told DY as to JH’s dating inexperience which makes him more upset and embarrassed. SH tells KS/WAM that she took the café, WAM is very happy and talks to KS about this. The next day, WAM tries to find the café and is shown to a small shop located in a hidden place, it is very simple. WAM gets upset when she sees the place, thinking that she is being scammed by MY; she calls MY who does not answer. HS/MY talk about the lesson being given to WAM by SH. SH then shows the contract to WAM stating the responsibilities etc, giving her a reality check which is supported by KS. WAM gets very upset and throws a tantrum, SH is unmoved. Serves her right JJH meets YH and is civil towards her, YH praises ET and tells JJH her thoughts in relation to marriage etc. JJH seems impressed, YH tells JJH that she cares for ET a lot and talks about ES. JJH later stop by ES’s school to see her and is persuaded to tell a story to the kids. JJH now seem to like ES and is showing interest in her, DY sees this, gets suspicious and calls JH for a meet. DY meets JH and lets him know about ET proposal to YH, JJH’s actions etc, JH suggest that they talk to ET. At meal time, YH is getting teased by the senior doctors, she is silent in this. However, ET comes in and puts them in their place, letting them leave the table. YH scolds him letting him know that he needs to differentiate YH the doctor from YH his girlfriend, later she meets CK to talk about this. DY/JH meets ET bearing ice cream, he gets suspicious as to their intentions, YH calls and he escapes. YH/ET continue their argument to which YH says she does not like it when he gets hurt/looks bad at the hospital etc. (I think); ET tells YH to follow him. In the stair way, ET makes his points to YH telling her exactly why he wants to marry her and kisses her. This convinces YH who kisses him back and they are now okay. DY/JH talk and see that ET/YH are good; YH is finally introduced to DY as JH’s girlfriend and ET’s niece = awkward moment. The ex is investigating on MY’s financial interests, he sees Yoon her assistant who was on a call to MY. HH shows HS the wedding dress that MY likes and they later talk as to what HH wants to do with her life etc. MY was looking for something, HH told her to check her car etc. When, MY looked in the dashboard camera she saw something shocking. During this time MS stops by HS letting him know that it’s okay for HS/MY to marry, they talk a bit more and MS gave HS some key info regarding her health. The car video showed MY how out of it she was, coming out of her car in the middle of the traffic walking with a glazed look on her face etc. MY is very shocked and leaves the house in a rush via taxi, she stops by her doctor and in a panicking mode tells him of her symptoms. Show ends. Thoughts I did not like this episode. What is wrong with this show? It’s bad enough that they want MY to have dementia, now they want her to be punished as well for being a good person by having the ex-steal her hard earned wealth. My mind is just blank right regarding this. DY/JH had a no go with the kiss in which they keep getting interrupted by family calls, so it all points to a no kiss for the drama and from what I am observing a leaning towards the end of their relationship due to the family dynamics/culture issue as how they are going to deal with this issue. Which I do not want to happen, because they are related but in no way related. So now that JJH know of ES she is now looking favorably towards YH, what a hypocrite. The only good thing that happened, ET finally convinced YH why he wants to marry her and we got 2 fairly decent kisses. Have a good week, gone for now and take care everyone.
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    The way he chose her was so cute! Straight to point and no wasting of time! Wait did SA literally think DKS would choose her in that pairing ??? I mean why doesn’t she get a hint from all those backlash from him that he doesn’t have any interest… Dream ON gurl! that preview of episode 7 is making me worried why did KS apologize and Soo ah looks happy!? (ok well thats her normal expression) From what I have seen until now Soo Ah is trying all her waays to show mi rae down by always putting her in a fix be it that guy from middle school or at the time from the bar. She is constantly trying her level best to show others by putting mi rae down. But It is nice that Mi rae's bestie noticed it and told mirae. Hope MR realises the true color of this two faced girl On the other hand I am happy to see KS's mom and MR getting along!
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    Tonight episode 12 makes us smile and laugh out loud .. but not for long.. Episode 13 Preview, marking the (dreaded) second half of MR.SUNSHINE this show is making emotions go on a non-stop roller-coaster ride every week..
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    I kinda agree on @enigmatic_zephy interpretation on sexy part. I think that was what that mopped senior thought about MR who was easy to sleep with and took her to the room during the Fresher's Welcome or whatever it was. Haha I had to choose between and (chose this because i can see SA swirling ) Anyway aside from that I am happy MR has grown a lot from keeping quiet to not taking any trash from others about her from that guy from highschool... banghae tumblr This was the lesson of yesterday's episode :
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    I do not want to wait for a long frustration, I hope that there will be no misunderstanding between our two leads, I hope that SA will not succeed in sowing doubt in the spirit of KS , and I hope she will not create misunderstandings to make MR jealous, I hope that the story of the mother of KS and MR will not be for KS a betrayal since he does not know any the story; certainly I have not read the webtoon, but we are not even in the middle of the drama, but things seem to evolve between our two leads. I really hope that the writers will not tell a story similar to the one I just wrote, what we see, KS is already attracted to MR and even being in love with her and he is not a boy who seems to flirt with pretty girls or other girls, and besides he knows that SA is jealous of MR and wants to harm him, so even if he seems to accept his excuses, I hope he will not become close to SA. Really I hope so and there will be no misunderstandings, so far we have been shown a protective boy who cared about MR and who knows how to judge others according to their behavior
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    o my guess is, Soo Ah hears that DKS is a congressman's son aka rich boy and decided to pursue him by returning his phone DKS must have thought that SA had his phone but was not picking up the other night and didn't want to help or whatever... but then he lears that the phone was actually with Ji Hyo and therefore apologizes to SA ******************* SA is used to be the prettiest girl around.. the first day itself she came face to face with another top notch beauty , even if she has PS.. and you see in these 6 episodes, nobody says SA is more b'ful than MR or MR is not pretty.. on the contrary everyone acknowledges that MR is very pretty.. only difference is.. they keep telling SA how SA is innocent beauty adn MR is sexy.. so technically, that doesn't make SA the queen bee.. n satisfy her need for attention
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    Hi @jojoanna welcome! Welcome to the thread, you brought great observation about LBH and Kim Tae Ri as Eugene & Ae Shin *can't agree more!* The drama is almost halfway, and it wouldn't have attracted the viewers to watch if the actors doesn't have any credible chemistry between them. Truly, the leads match each others so well in their roles and with all the cast, too. And now for the most important scene in episode 12.. so, Netflix was not teasing the fans.. Eugene decided to stay longer in Joseon.. Source: News1
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    I caught up to Ep 10 and already I am getting restless wanting to just watch all the way to ending without having to wait patiently. How "Lee Byung-hun" carries thru the character of Eugene Choi is just so amazing and mesmerizing... ahem...that's one word I did not think I would use to describe Lee BH but this particular drama is just so amazing and mesmerizing all because of him and for that I need to salute him for bringing forth the character so well... Yes... he has a stern face, a worried face, an "arrogant" face at times... but whatever facial expression he wears ... it fits each moment so well. Thank you so much Mr Lee for bringing so much character and life into this k-drama "Mr Sunshine" Next I need to applaud is "Kim Tae-Ri"... she is indeed the perfect one to be Go Ae-Shin. Yes...I read some was against her being the lead actress with Lee because of the age gap... Hey...as I watch from Episode 1 to 10 thus far... I find KTR to be so well matched with LBH. They are like clockworks. Their expression, tone of voice, body language and all are such a match and in sync. Her low tone when she share her thoughts, or when she is mumbling to herself, her facial expression...they are perfect indeed. I can even watch this series and both LBH / KTR without the volume on and just watching them that way is beyond description. Thanks so much to the writer, producer, director who offer the role to this 2 amazing artistes. Age gap or not... important is they bring the story across to viewers. Strangely another series I am so stuck with is Dong Yi and likewise there were comments against the main artistes Ji Jin-Hee and Han Hyo-Joo being their age gap of 14 years... hey...they carried out their role amazingly well too...
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    It does look like he is indeed Ae Soon's husband, he's also Lord Lee Jung Moon's cousin. But being part of Ae Shin's family, his betrayal (colluding with LWI) will really really hurt Ae Shin and her family. But Ae Shin's grandfather doesn't seem to consider him as family, being the grandson-in-law when the relatives were urging him to adopt a male heir. So, it appears that Ae Soon's husband really exists, already appeared and will have a considerable impact on the story, not just a name mentioned in the winds. It might be something that's usually overlooked but the drama keeps track of things deemed trivial so that viewers would not have to assume what happened to this person or that item/subject. Like mentioned earlier, the girl shot by LSH was shown being treated in the hospital. A reason, to highlight perhaps that Eugene felt responsible for her injury (in his quest to avenge on LSH) and also to show the connection to the Japanese doctor brought in by LWK. Su Mi finally decided to burn the troublesome silk baby blanket.. a simple household item but has gone around full circle hiding the banknote, getting it into Eugene's hands and still creating a problem when DM saw it and now demanded payment from Ae Shin. Indeed there are many thoughtful details that surround the characters to make them truly part of the storyline. Still.. did HS finally find out what really happened to Eugene's parents? Eugene has got his revenge, but is HS still in the dark? Or has he decided it's better not to know at all.
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    What the.. @Ahpheng that AS FanClub Meet & Greet is the FUNNIEST ever! How did you think about it? Genius! Fans on twitter were indeed talking about this... and you nailed it. Bravo! And when he sees this.. we better run!
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    I laughed so much with the tram ride, with some of the funny memorable lines. What a funny convo: "The mountains of Joseon belong to the King, but most lands belong to me (HS)" to which the counter was given: "All the easier for me to find your burial spot." Another one after the tram suddenly stopped and the hug between the two men, with HS asking nervously: "Are you alright? You could have ended up with an injury. I am fine." and DM's response of "Shall I look for a burial spot nearby?" LOL AS barely containing her laugh was funny by itself . But what a revelation of HS: "Whether you wear my suits to protect the country, or sell them, I will be your shadow." Wow, I thought he's just a happy-go-lucky guy, but he has his heart in the right place after all.
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    Yes, she also reminds me of Kurumi in Kimi Ni Todoke. Quite two-faced. Actually, if you read the webtoon
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    fans sent psj's agency rice cake, a bracelet and flower to celebrate
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    This part was soo annoying of SA thinking that DKS would pick her. Like literally, woman what is going on in your head?! You STUPID! It was hilarious that he did not pick her (of course) then KMR didn't let SA go with her to get change and takes DKS instead. DAMN! That got her! She deserved that. I hope KMR continues to ignore her and stop being friends with her and have DKS being with KMR get back at her. It's like "That's what you get, woman! You don't deserve anything, because you selfish and evil!"
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    Finally caught up with posts and episode 6! I really liked it KS is always by Mirae's side, i think she considers him second most trustworthy after bestie, i'm glad she didn't let Soo Ah go with her. I have no words for her. You have described everything perfectly in previous posts haha, the best thing about episode 5 was that she had less screen-time. Next preview looks interesting. I think KS will apologise to Soo Ah because he was wrong about something because that's who he is. Admitting that he was wrong is his style, but also being blunt when he knows he is right And Soo Ah will probably never be able to hide her two-faced way, he sees through her too easily. But she is very manipulative, so i expect her to cause misunderstandings etc. I like that KS and Mirae are taking it slow, becoming good friends. It's totally obvious that KS has lovey eyes for her though, i expect some jealousy over TA haha And i liked the story of KS mom, that pretty isn't always as a direct route to happiness. I think she could comfort Mirae at the bridge because she was also in a dark place. I love what she said: You are most precious to yourself or something like that, very good message~ Countdown to Friday again...
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    Another thing about the viki interview....I was rewatching the clip and noticed that every time it was PMY's turn to say something, PSJ would turn his head to look at her.....he really could not take his eyes off.....I don't think they have been in a long-term relationship....PSJ looks really smitten (so cute btw!) and that hardly happens when two people have been together for a long time. But long-term or not, it seems PSJ does like our PMY (very much indeed) and let's wait to see what happens in the future!
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