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    I think we shouldn't compare PPC and SSC answer when their rumor surface, as their situations is totally different, with SSC most people believe that they dating after or maybe while they were shooting the drama (CMIIW as I'm not following them) so for them to give vague answers and not denied anything won't do anything harm to them as people still love them but for PPC, the situations are more complicated than SSC as they are so many rumors that could harm both of them is they took the same way as SSC in term of handling media and public (not denied the dating rumors firmly) such as : 1. Rumor about PMY got the role because PSJ 2. Rumors 3 years dating. if they're not denied it , both of them will get more hate. Public will say that they are not profesional, arrogant (as we already see so many comment like that on PSJ's article) also if they're not denied about 3 years dating rumor, PSJ will get hate as knetz thinking that he was the victim of BJH and YHM dating (knetz thought BJH was cheated). Same as PMY because of LJK scandal. When those rumors happen (BJH dating news, LJK dating news), both of them got so many sympathetic responses from knetz , even at the time both PMY and PSJ already cleared up to media that they got nothing to do with them, that they were only friends, but knetz still believe they were victim and blaming BJH and LJK. So, if they didn't give firm denial answer about 3 years dating, knetz will bash them. The conclusion is, all of the answers from PPC are the best things they could do to protect their personal life and also their career. This is also what JTBC reporters discuss, that they also thought the public response gonna be totally diff with SSC if they admit they were dating. So, back to the main point that i want to talk about, why we must compare SSC and PPC answers when they are diff people and on diff situation? But one thing that i'm very sure are the reason why many people compare PPC and SSC is because we wish PPC could be like SSC, it's because how inspirational SSC to us, that's why we want PPC will got married like SSC too in the future, i believe that no one in PPC shipper trying to copy or replace SSC.
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    Ok delulu mode on.... why meet in London or Paris when they can meet half way....Brussels maybe? It will only take 2hrs from London and about 1hr 30 mins from Paris . Everyone knows he is in London and she in Paris so they need to find another place lol
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    PSJ please post something on ig i'm so bored We promise not to connect everything with PMY... just post anything
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    Am I the only one in this thread that was not affected at all (even feel positive) after those events after WWWSK? I prefer PPC to deny all recent dating rumours (doesn't matter whether they dated or not). My reasons: 1. PPC should deny dating rumours. They would lose more if they confirmed their relationship: the success of the drama, their upcoming work, etc. 2. PPC should deny dating rumours. Same as other Kbiz couples, dating is someone's personal matter and should only be brought up by themselves, not by media. I feel that SongSong treated the matter perfectly. They wanted to be the ones who announce their relationship / happiness to fans. It shows that they respect their fans. Recall the last time when you announced your relationship to others. Do you prefer to share that happiness with those you care for and you know will care for you or do you prefer your relationship to be rumoured before hands by non-related people? For me, PMY's answer is kind of along this line. And she earned respect from me with that answer, to be honest. 3. Everyone knows the media was trying to steal spotlight. Of course, for the sake of the drama, the cast and crew, it shouldn't be that way. The focus should be on the drama, not on themselves. What if they confirmed their relationship? It would look like they're trying to steal bigger spotlights. Considering the context of their denials (and it was not even a strong denial), I think it gives me more respect to them. Some time context is more important than everything else.
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    Oh please don't pity Park Min Young.... it's my 4th ship with her.... trust me...if Park Seo Joon will not make a move somebody else will hehehe. She is a very strong woman, smart, talented and comes from a good family too. In short she is a good catch. She doesn't need anybody to make a name for herself.... she is a class of her own. Another thing regarding their rumor.... just remember... if there's a smoke chances are there is a fire. No matter how silly S.K. media look like to us right now.... they may not be as stupid as what we perceive them to be.
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    Uhmmm no offense, if you think like that, please keep such thought to yourself becuz no one sees it here. Keep in mind that this is PPC thread. If you’re not 100% convinced about this ship, I think you should not force yourself. Moreover I dont believe in a jinx. People have their own decisions and make their own destiny. If in the future, they don’t get married as we wish, it’s ok because it’s their lives, not ours. Not every couple ends up together no matter how much love they share and how much time they spend with each other. At least they’ve fought for that chance to be together and made the most of the experience.
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    So the conclusion is: she was in a hotel room somewhere in Europe for most of yesterday, filling herself up with 'Vitamin L' so she looks so gorgeous today * dirty-minded mode can't be turned OFF anytime soon * We probably need to start exploring private group conversation. With my dirty-minded mode default ON, I'm afraid soompi will either ban my nick or I can't face PMY when I have a chance to meet her in real life
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    If you gotta hide and just want to enjoy each other's company not visible in the public's eye, there's no other better place to spend time together than a hotel room abroad Do you guys think it's really better that they are not always together but still find time to see each other? I mean there's so much thrill and fun in that. The longing omg it would be a sexy fun time everytime they meet LMAO (excuse my rated mind)
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    My take of the whole thing (can't believe we dig this up again). 1. PSJ side: this is fairly clear. Different media used different words when doing the editing, but the general meaning is the same: I am interested in her (as a character / as a person), and I leave the future open. 2. PMY: a bit harder to know the truth because I think Namoo made pressure to media to edit the articles properly before release. Anyway, judging from the Naver article that was deleted, I didn't see any "No" or any negative vibes in it. The article simply reported that she said "I'll let you all know when I'm in relationship or getting married." This, to me, is more like "I might be dating him but it's none of your business. I don't have to give into those rubbish rumours with no foundation. Whenever I'm ready to announce my relationship to you all, I will do so. I am the one that holds control of my own life and it will be that way." The "No comment" and "Not now" that made the final cut to the official article carried similar vibes to me. I like PMY's answer more.
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    I read back a bit but cant keep up with all the posts so if someone already shared this - sorry. I think someone asked about what Minyoung said about getting married. As saved2k mentioned in one of her posts, about getting married is/was one of Minyoung's favorite topic during interview. Last year, post SDQ she even mentioned about how most probably she would neglect her career if she has a daughter. In short she has never shy away from this topic. And there are always several versions from the same interviews. Mind you all the articles non stop milking the issues came from that one time interview done by her. Here is another 'latest' article -Minyoung talked about marriage.
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    The way they try to stop one another from doing / saying something
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    @suie Hi I am a SongSong Shipper too, yes even after all the rumors, SHK went to SJK China fanmeeting, they also arrived at Baeksang holding hands and many more. @leeagassi I do not know if you are really ParkPark shipper but I will answer you as a SongSong shipper, I beg to disagree with you on your comparison. KJW was only like his little sister and she is now in a relationship. Only their shippers continue to push a ship who has not sailed after all. Even if KJW was in DOTS, a lot of SSC shippers did not ship PSJ and KJW. While so many of us are now in this ship. Just take a look at instagram, whose accounts were seen by Korean media? Those accounts are originally for SongSong. There are so many of us in this ship as we sensed the same vibes as them. It is stressful to think about superstitions and the future we do not know so just be happy and wish for the best for ParkPark.
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    @leeagassi When Koreans like PSJ who always said he will keep relationship secret, posting a pic with a drama partner without hesitation means he is not hiding something. The main difference why he openly posted pics before with KJW but hesitated to post with PMY until such time fans are requesting for it everyday. Their BTS are fun but only have that Buddies/ little sister vibe. You cannot see that intense gaze he always gave PMY. Even in Youn's Kitchen, PSJ was also close to JYM that they also have shippers. KJW has a rumored bf who is also an actor. JYM is linked to actors but she denied. PSJ denied BJH but rumored persisted for 2 years until such time they broke up so nothing more to admit. About wedding scene, well it is superstition and also, in Korea, you can marry just by papers. Registering the marriage is what makes it legal there. Not the ceremony. Or they may opt to marry in Las Vegas
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    I think we all came to the same conclusion here that she's most likely in the hotel room for most of the day
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    Just checked PMY's IG update....damn she looks amazingly pretty... I have seen some of PMY's dramas and I admit she has always been quite charming...it's just that her charm has somehow increased after WWWSK ....she looks more gorgeous and glowing than ever delulu mode: the reason of which may be PSJ's love lol
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    Sigh we have just been able to think of places to date So yes, looks like she's flying directly from Paris to SG on SIA, which means she'll be there tomorrow morning. Oh no I'm not in Singapore by that time yet In summary the time was tight, however, looks like they both had Aug 7 off. What happened in Europe stays in Europe.
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    That's what I notice he never did that to his other co star lol... just PMY, he probably wants the world to know he can hug his girl whatever he likes... she's his girl Dirty mode on lol... yes... I guess he adores her chest lol
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    Judging from their stealth modes I doubt it if they have time to update IG WWWSK finished filming around 25th July? It's been 2 weeks my friends. May you recall the last time you met your partner after 2 weeks away? Did you update IG? I've seen that quite a while ago. Is it the reason she had NG right after that?
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    Just give me the happy ending we’re all deserve. ---------------------------- belladonna2018:
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    But you guys must remember, pmy denial only comes after they edit her article for one whole day. Until now, we still dont know what is her exact statement.
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    Hi @leeagassi! Welcome to the thread. From a previous Sewon and Changmin Shipper (and a very short-lived SHJ and ME shipper), I totally get where you're coming from. I had one foot in this ship and the other jumping around. Lol! It took me a couple of WWWSK episodes and BTS clips and several pages of this thread to finally come on board and start participating here. There are rare occasions I look back at IG posts regarding those previous coupledoms and I still see the spark and chemistry I loved between them. Then, honestly, I feel a tinge of doubt that maybe, just maybe, those ships are still sailing? And then I snap out of it because the power of our couple is too strong. Lol! I feel like expressing your worries is an honest dose of reality. It really can't be helped at times so don't feel too sorry that you brought it up here. Yes, this is shipper's paradise, but we can't all be delulu all the time. I agree that we have to remain positive about our couple and share all these date ideas, theories, pervy inside jokes, and many more. But in my POV, this is actually a good place to air your concerns precisely because of what you said -- the folks here can ENLIGHTEN you. Help you see the LIGHT that is PPC. I'd like to give new members here the benefit of a doubt that when they say something not entirely positive (but not outright disrespectful), that they are not haters or spies from the other ship (unless proven otherwise). Maybe they're just lost souls seeking for the right answers or confirmation in paradise. And instead of turning them away immediately, it might be good and neighborly to explain the why's or how's (as some people have done already) without the judgmental tone. It would be really sad that instead of this ship increasing in numbers of supporters and PMY/PSJ gaining new fans, people end up going back to lurking and hiding in their caves afraid to speak their mind, totally turned off by the type of fans here, or just leave. Such a shame. Anyway, although this might be extremely cheesy... I like to think PPC stands for something else -- POSITIVE PEOPLE CARE.
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    Hi guys! after days of silent lurking I'm finally out of my cave I can't take it anymore! I just want to say hi and hopefully we can get along well okay what is this idk!! A little bit of introduction I am a songsong shipper and I like both PSJ and PMY of coursee I've watched SWP, FMY and WWWSK and for PMY I've known her since healer and just when busted came out she officially become my girl crush and since then I've watched QFSD and now WWWSK. I regret a lot why didn't I come here when the drama's still on air it would have been more fun! I enjoyed camping here I laughed a lot you guys are so creative, funny just full of positive vibes and I love it! Not to brag or anything but if you guys need some translation I would love to help! (even tho I'm not that fluent yet). Alright I'm going to end it here hehe Looking forward to spazzing with you guys! *I'm so sorry if some of you are offended or anything but I've actually joined this forum for quite some time and I just want to remind you guys to not quote pictures or videos because it will take longer to load the web (when I was still a newbie I got reminded a lot so yeah don't want you to repeat the same mistake as me!)
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    Ikr, she looks so happy and glowing. even after the rumor broke out, her smile was bright at the airport and we thought we were more stressed and worried about the news than her LOL. Or is it partially becuz the secret is out in the open?? Although they both denied, most of people know SJ is taken for now :)) so any girl who has any ulterior motive should better stay away :)) sorry I’m talking nonsense here. Anyway MY doesn’t strike me as a overjealous girlfriend at all.
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    New & final stills tonight So ... Happy Ending right ?
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    Be aware this is a very long post. I believe that everyone had seen ep 1 to 20 that's why we are here right? So not putting this in spoiler section. ***************************** From EP 1 to 20 (Wufu moments part 1) I hope to meet an outstanding woman, she who freely grows even amidst the weathering of wind and waves, she who can soar at the same heights as man. Not those golden canaries forcibly protected by layers of feathers, those who can never know of the thrill of flying through curtains of howling rain, who can never understand, how to pursue their own beliefs. (from novel) (1) WJ- It seems that Xuanyuan Sect's martial arts skills are quite mediocre. (2) FY- Your Highness, can't you tell the difference between me and my twin? WJ- You are very smart. Unfortunately,you are too inexperienced. Did you really think that the chains could hold me down? (3) FY - What a great day. First, I'm learned senior's engagement. Next I found out about your secret. Now you want to kill me. I'm just a servant under the Xuanyuan sect, I actually ended up getting in the way of such important people. Fine, Kill me if you wish. WJ - You are smart. You should understand that it's best to act sensible. If you wish to live, keep your mouth shut. FY - You are smart too. You should know that if you wear a mask for too long you might forget who you truly are. WJ - Fu Yao...Interesting. Why don't you ride with the wind and soar way up to high into the sky? FY - The more they suppress me the stronger I have to become... (4) WJ - There are indeed concealed talents here. Even a mere servant is so capable. What an eye-opener! FY - Have you fallen for me? WJ - You're both fighting over me. As for me...I get to enjoy having to admirers. FY - I'm not vying against some stupid mouse. WJ - Then who are you vying against then? FY - Of course! You... (5) WJ - Fortunately, I made it here in time. I hope that no one will bully you again when you make it out of the realm. WJ - How will you thank me...with your body? (6) WJ - Let me tell you that just to let Mr.Zong examine you, Ihad to say a lot of good words to him. WJ - You dreamt about me? You like me,don't you? You don't like me then why did you dream about me? FY - Although that time, I fell off the mountain and became a bit muddleheaded for injuring by brain. But I remember everything before that. If you continue being like this, I'll tell the other that I saw the Hell Apparent. WJ - When I gifted you the crystal jar, you'd rather enter the Wuninan Realm than betray me. Tell me, will I believe that you'll betray me? (7) FY - I know you saved me. Although there is nothing I can do now, please remember, one day you will surely need my help. WJ - I will remember what you have said today. (8) FY - Don't think I'm weak now. I still have strength to hit you. I'm warning you, don't take advantage of me. WJ - Take advantage of you? How come I feel it's like us falling in love with each other? FY - Did you do something strange to me when we were in the water? WJ - Tell me about it. What was strange? Does this count as something strange? To be continued...
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    How in the world does she still look so good after a 13 hour flight?!?!? Ms. Park arrived in SG. (Okay....the security man beside her caught my attention....MUAHAHAHAHAHA)
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    Hi all, Delurking also to share that I am enjoying the drama too.... it is something to look forward to after a hard day’s work. This is my first viewing of Shin Hye Sun’s work (although I have heard that she’s a solid actress elsewhere), and my second for Yang Se Jong (saw his Temperature of Love with the captivating Seo Hyun Jin). The drama is quite delightful so far, with good balance of hilarious and heart-rendering scenes: I love the little whimsical, quirky ideas - the plunger, the Choco pie, the laced sock, etc. And my heart got stabbed (ooof! so painful, but so good!) at the parts where Seo Ri grieved over her lost years, and during the onion-peeling-crying scene. It helps that I love everything that is miniaturised... soooo drawn to Mr Gong’s occupation and wished a tiny bit that I pursued that line decades ago instead! I look forward to more entertainment in the coming weeks and I hope the dog does not encounter any mishaps!
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    Actually PSJ also said similar things. There are tons of articles about them and only the first ones that came out are translated by Soompi and other English sites. In an article that came out yesterday he said that may be because of their chemistry. Have you ever wondered why Koreans do not believe them? It is because they do not need translators they can read between the lines. Unlike us international fans we rely on translators which may distort some original meanings. @nargyz No he did not directly say that. What he denied is the 3 year relationship and the collages of supposed evidences. But he admitted seeing PMY overseas sometimes for work.
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    @leeagassi and another couple "kim so yeon- lee sang woo" drama real i think photo shooting is taking place in Chelsea now.
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    Well I think they are aware that many are not buying their denials. So that would make them "unofficially" a couple in public. That those wishing to date either of them would now have to think twice.
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    Uhhhggg I like your thinking. Please msg PMY on IG with this idea also with these types of brilliant idea I think we really need a private group chat created now. To add in the fuel, her stylist (the last one on the list) updated photos of herself only from Aug 6 and man, I mean, there are tonnes of places to meet in Europe between London and Paris. If I were to date someone in private, I would choose a small rural town between London and Paris so I won't bump into too many Asian that can recognize me
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    Hello, I've been itching to post on the discussion also but some things have been holding me back. I got interested in the show because of Dr. Do In Beim/Yang Se Jong but I'm also enjoying everyone's performance. It's my first time watching Shin Hye Sun as lead and I can't believe I didn't remember her from She Was Pretty. Speaking of, the show has the same writer as She Was Pretty, right? There weren't really bad/evil second leads in that one. I mean, *SPOILER!!* I thought the Girl BFF would be evil and mean but although she served as foil to the main leads, she wasn't bad per se. That might also be the case here. Maybe Rin Kim will seem as the antagonist but I believe there's still some good in her. She did say she hasn't connected to anyone in a long time, right? Of course, there would be some initial struggle at first. She was her rival after all. But I bet once she learns of the misfortunes Seo Ri had, I'm sure she'll soften up. She's had her time to shine, right? Heck, she might even help her get back to performing. (I really wish for this to happen huhu I don't want her to turn bad.) We're only halfway (or more than half) through the series and the stories are all just getting unfolded even more. There's so much to uncover from the leads as well as the others. Maybe since we've all watched and enjoyed too many dramas, we might have found some patterns on how shows often go but as in some of our previous experiences, they can happen or they may not. Let's just all look forward to the episodes every week and, if there's something we might not be satisfied about, then I guess that's fine. To each his/her own. But I hope we don't rain on other people's parade. There's still some good things to uncover.
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    I'm getting out my soap box and would like to go on record as saying I am loving this story and just watching it without looking for points of criticism. My favorite Korean actress is cast as the Aunt in this drama and we have seen maybe 30 seconds of her so far. Still I am enjoying the show and not worrying about Shim Yi Young's lack of screen time or complaining about it. Of course there is a good reason for her absence so far. She had just wrapped up taping her daily drama 4 days before the first script reading of this one. Therefore, her character will probably emerge later. So far I have found this drama as light hearted and funny at times. I have not gotten emotionally attached to it yet but I love watching it. Until next week's episodes, hope everyone enjoys themselves here.
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    What Park Min Young did was more of damage control for Park Seo Joon. Bashings kinda die down after her firm denial.
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    Aww, really? Fang is so adorable and quiet, is your friends dog the same? Although, in the show Fang is supposedly pretty old, that could be the reason for him being so quiet. I just hope the writer doesn't kill the dog for emotional impact. I will post that as soon as I get some free time. I agree but please don't take this the wrong way or as an attack on you but you are quite confrontational and like to quote almost every post in the thread. I was trying to avoid having to defend the show, characters and the likes (like many others are doing in the thread) so I preferred being a silent member. Also, I don't mind criticism or reading them, but reading them over and over and only that kind of gets tiring and put me off from participating.
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    Hi, I'm just want introduction myself. Actually, I always check and read this thread. Before I am silent SSC shipper too. Back PPC, I never see their BTS before. And then I accidentally watched their Viki interview and I feel different vibes, the way PSJ talk to PMY and how close PMY to him, those viki interview has different vibe. And then I watch some of their BTS and interview, PSJ always make joke for PMY. And when the news comes out although they're denial and with their so many coincidence, no wonder they're so close like that. Their closeness is impossible only 2-3 months, right. I hope they will ended like SSC. It's okay if they always denial dating news. I don't need dating news. I need married news.
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    @sugohaeso my delulu twin and @parkparkloveu... you guys wrote the exact same thing that I had in my mind... @leeagassi no one in this shipper forum can prophesy anything about ppc chingu...if PSJ and KJW are meant to be they would just be. If he is destined to be with PMY then that would be the reality...nothing is certain in life and all of us here are just trying to be happy with our speculations. PSJ, PMY, KJW all of them might end with some people outside the industry so why ruin the fun thinking things like that? It's a shipper forum so keep on "delusioning" as much as you want but in your heart just keep on wishing them the best both in their reel and real lives. Delulu note: PPC may break any sort of superstition with their ninja love story...they may register their marriage without holding a proper ceremony like parpark said, keep on maintaining their relationship highlighting that they are just close colleagues as long as they can hide it well...my heart is prepared for anything
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    To a lot of people the two of them are already SOLD OUT, as PSJ's character Lee Young Joon says. Yes I agree that for couples who are in hiding, the best place to spend quality time is in a hotel room in a foreign place.
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    She knows that we are looking for her... No need to explain in detail if you're not hiding anything, sweetheart. She knows that we are looking for her... No need to explain in detail if you're not hiding anything, sweetheart.
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    you're all so funny guys... i can't contain my laughter.... every time i read your assumptions, conclusions or whatever you call it... earlier my eyelids are drooping but after reading your comments I am fully awake now and you're all daebak detectives P.S. PMY caption is in english... maybe she is also one of the lurker here and she read that we are looking for her... that's why she came up with that caption explaining everything...
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    She just updated her Instagram. And the caption is so funny tho. She knows everyone is looking for her so she explains everything thru her captions
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    no~ seeing conversation on PMY staff IG, photo shooting was finishied the day before yesterday(Aug 6). yesterday she had free time(Aug 7). the pic pmy wearing white jacket was taken on Aug 6. so i wondered why pmy didn't post pics on IG in her free time.
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    Oh so the forums weren't working for awhile yesterday? I thought it was really strange that this thread was inactive for 6 hours. Lol!! Hmm... the Vlive interview is pretty funny. More so than PMY's reaction, I think ChanSung gave away a lot more with his nervous laughter, rapid eye movements and hands. Honestly, I can't quite decipher PMY's reaction though, as well as the other co-stars, except that they were all shocked because the MC's answer was really out of the blue. LDD and PMY almost had the similar response, while YWJ seemed puzzled at first. If I weren't delulu, I could say that the men were confused how the MC could come up with that reply when they were focusing on the drama and there were 3 good-looking men beside her. Lol. I actually really like that during YWJ's turn, he mentioned PMY's name instead, and from what I heard and understood in my very limited Korean, completed the sentence "Daebak, Park Min Young na wa." It was sooo cute!
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    Finish watching with sub. 66 eps just went by so fast. Can't believe we came to farewell to this drama. What a beautiful journey ! I feel satisfied, really very satisfied about the ending, about the message that the drama wants to convey. At this point, I do not want to talk about the plot holes or bugs in the script. Chinese dramas, especially the genre is both wuxia and xianxia, both real & unreal, Inevitably there has been several times where it just doesn't make sense/nonsense, do not know what happened, where and why. Maybe the drama logic will be somewhere lol. Fuyao is a combination of many elements, many stories, so it is more complex when they deploy the plot line. If it's just a drama that is filled with love, it's simple, but Fuyao isn't only that. It's not only about the love story, but also frienship, harem, intriguing, master with subordinate, ... It’s not only about the true love with mutual respect, concern and understanding to each other, but also courage, benevolence, self-sacrifice, .... Wuji and Fuyao's love is not just about themselves, their heart is always on the great cause, for the friendship, family love, for the peace of the five continents. I appreciate the reasonable redaction script drama of the writer from a very complicated novel like Fuyao. The original novel itself is not often tight in the plot, so I do not ask the drama to reach something logical about logic. I simply liked the way they built the relationship & the love between Wuji and Fuyao based on their journey on five continents. I admit the drama has so many faults like the draggy, cringy part … but whatever, there’s still valuable meanings behind the story. In the interview with Fuyao's PD, he wanted to be able to convey the "positive energy" to the audience. After all, what he wanted the drama to convey was the humanistic meaning, when Fuyao chose to sacrifice herself instead of killing Wuji, when Fuyao killed the demon inside her, the director wanted to express two sides of good and evil in the mind. Like the left hand fight with the right hand, finally we still turn to the righteous. PD said that: "I feel that everyone in the world is not the same, language, skin color is not the same, but only one thing in common, it is human." Thanks to the efforts of the actors, staffs and production teams, to bring us this brilliant series. I'm enjoying this so much.
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    I normally just scour random forums that talk about dramas I watch. Rarely do I ever make an account to post my opinion. However, this post made me think of some things about the final two episodes in more detail, so I decided to make one. Firstly, I'd like to thank this drama for improving my proficiency in Mandarin from limited to elementary. I'll state my opinion/assumptions on some of the questions you had. For my opinion on the ending, I actually found that it made sense. The only problem I have with it is that I had to think about possible scenarios in which WuFu could've been saved prior to the last 2-3 minutes. 2 seconds of Doc Zong and co. showing up would've made it a much nicer ending. Who knows? Only rarely does everything align with itself and you get a 10/10 drama. This one is rated 9/10 for me. The love story behind Wuji and Fuyao was tremendous. All the character developments were on point (aside from Ya Lan Zhu and Zhan Bei Ye). The only flaw I see is the Tiansha Arc. The story slowed down to a crawl, wasn't interesting enough, and didn't make much sense. That really affected the pacing going towards the end of the drama, where some things had to be rushed.
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    @ash623 they can be comparable on how they treat each other how they looked at each other and all the mushy stuff but as to how they addressed the rumors and the rumor situation then and now were very different. In the first place, SSC is one of the biggest reasons why denials are not easily believed now. People will always say SSC also denied. kinda hard for KCouples now to deny convincingly.
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    Shall we start a little of something here while anticipating tonight's finale? If you are to name that ONE OTP scene that you love and will absolutely stick with you for a long time, what would it be? For me, it will be in episode 34. The whole attempted rape scene and the aftermath. The moment when Wuji realizes he cannot lose her. The moment he snaps and went berserk when he found out she was greviously hurt and the moment he stood up to his father. That was the major turning point in this love story in this drama. Up till episode 33, I wasn't sure of Wuji and his intentions towards Fuyao knowing he flirted with her when he is already engaged. But boy, am I all rooted for Wuji after episode 34. It is like he reached a breaking point and decided there and then to throw everything he has built for years out of the window for Fuyao. I love it. He didn't waver. Not even in front of his father. Not even for the throne he work so hard to be worthy of. Swoonworthy level 999.
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