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    same delulu as urs dear Maybe I should explain this a bit. Her caption is: 차이코프스키 '현을 위한 세레나데' *Butterfly* Tchaikovsky 'Serenade for Strings' *Butterfly* In Korean, the "string(s)" word is translated to "현 HYUN" which means "string". So when u read it in Korean, it's literally "Serenade for HYUN". And when the *BUTTERFLY* emoji here in her caption, it just brought me deeper into delululand
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    I was so moved by @chickfactor's characterisation post that I decided to translate Ji An's description http://program.tving.com/tvn/mymister/8/Contents/Html?h_seq=2 "Would anyone want to get close to me, knowing what kind of child I was?" A rough woman whose body has battled cold reality. Left alone with her ill grandmother when she was six. Words like dreams, hope and plans long thrown away in the trash. Paying off accumulated debts over and over again. She works where she can, eats when she can, and lives where she can. It's not that no one has helped Ji An before. After the fourth time, they always run away. "People who make use of my unfortunate circumstances so they can feel benevolent". She is a cold child who has come to view other people with distrust and a cold laugh. But a great opportunity comes for her to escape her circumstances. She feels no guilt. But the closer she gets to Park Dong Hoon...the more deeply she gets to know him, the more he draws her interest. "Don't you dare touch Park Dong Hoon! I will kill anyone who tries. If you want to take him down, take me on first." As she starts to live this way, she finds herself reborn.
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw yesterday NCT fans n infinite fans were kind enough to share loads of pics n videos of jiwon.. At least they didn't edit out or put credits on jiwonie's face.. Many were gushing abt her cuteness!!
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    Honestly I don’t find Ye lacking at all. If you gals find anyone like him , please send him over. I thoroughly identified with him the first few episodes. I had no doubt who the male lead was after the first few episodes but what I did doubt was the ending given the Writer’s previous record on butchering them( cue - Drinking Solo) I love this bit where Ye told her this. He was reaffirming her worth, something which was important for BY given how under appreciated she must feel - she’s practically the mvp of the team , she’s got those wonderful appreciation cards from the patients to prove that but yet the hospital is not giving her job security. I really hope they give her a permanent position. I dated quite a bit prior to getting married & I agree with this Twitter post in spoiler. I also agree with @Nodame In new relationships it is normal to want to show your best self initially & not wanting to be a burden to your new partner. It’s a whole new world of getting to know each other, negotiating boundaries, learning to Compromise & building communication. This is a 3 week relationship ( given the time line that MH & NW are here for 2 months ). If I choose a partner based purely on me being comfortable with that person , I would have married many times since I hv several really close male colleague & friends. Min Ho has the benefit of time with BY, plus he is not someone she sees in a romantic light . So the relationship dynamics will be different Ahh the cuteness
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    I was actually originally put off watching Healer when it aired (since a lot of the very popular/hyped/widely acclaimed dramas have let me down before so I was worried that I'd watch it only to be disappointed) and only watched it just over a year ago when the hype had long died down. Do I regret it? A little, as I would've probably become a JCW fan earlier, but I have the full boxset for it as well now and have rewatched it 4 times too, haha... I agree there's believable chemistry there and it was very naturally integrated into the plot, but it pales in comparison to the explosive chemistry in Suspicious Partner, especially when I went back and rewatched Healer not long after JCW's enlistment. It's still up there as an all-time favourite drama of mine, though. The rewatch value is high. As for The K2, it's probably my least favourite of the projects I've seen from JCW so far. The way the romance was written into the plot felt very forced and some of the writing/plot logic was kinda beyond me lmao... I was much more interested in the action scenes which were executed brilliantly and also in the dynamic between Je Ha and Yoo Jin (which was really entertaining in the earlier episodes and faltered later on). But ultimately, poor writing and unconvincing romance (I never thought I'd have to say those words for a JCW drama, though I definitely felt he worked hard to make it work as much as he could - there's only so much you can do to salvage writing flaws) let it down majorly... if it weren't for JCW I would've probably dropped the drama. Fabricated City I've seen 3 times - twice with 2 different groups of friends and another time on my flight back from Hong Kong (I was lucky enough to spot it in the movie selection, haha). It's a really good action movie (JCW in action scenes never disappoints) but it pained me to watch him get beat up in some of the scenes. I also watched Seven First Kisses for both JCW and Lee Joon Gi, and the OST JCW sang for it was stuck in my head for ages, haha. I've honestly still yet to finish watching Empress Ki (I think I have about 12 episodes left), just because there are so many episodes and it's not really an easy-to-watch drama (which is why I think I'm kinda picky when it comes to historical melodramas... I'm still recovering from Moon Lovers lmao) so I need to be in a certain mood/mindset to watch it even though I am enjoying it as a drama. I got spoiled something pretty big as much as I tried avoiding it, so that's also putting me off, haha... I'm determined to have definitely completed it by the time JCW returns from the military though. It's a good drama to show off his acting range too - I never would've thought I'd ever get angry/annoyed at a character JCW has played Comparatively, with Jihyun, the only other project of hers I've seen is Shopping King Louis, and I'm a fan of Seo In Guk too (mainly his music, but I liked him in Hello Monster as well) but the romance was very light/fluffy and innocent there to match the overall vibe of the drama - perhaps that's why I felt something was not quite there with the chemistry, even if the drama was enjoyable to watch on the whole and I liked the actors. Sorry I rambled so much, haha - I couldn't help but contribute to the talk of JCW and Jihyun's other projects too.
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    I finally finished both episodes! Wow. JH is at the end of his tether. When he found out she was pushed out of her home ... it messed with his head. He's so stressed out with worry and there's nothing she can do to stop those feelings. The scene where he hugged her from behind was so desperate. He was getting comfort from her but not showing her his face...ergh, so beautiful and sad. I am really worried he's just going to break up with her because the strain is too much. I think they are both dealing with the same amount of stress but she seems to be coping with it better. JH has two solutions for JA's accommodation problems. Both involve him rescuing: moving in with him OR run away with him. I don't think either is a satisfying end of her story. I think he blames himself for her losing her home / losing that bond with her parents. There is guilt and worry tangled with love in both his solutions..therefore, they aren't romantic. It's clear that JA's mother didn't want JA to move out. She is so transparent, it's laughable at this point. She was trying to manipulate her into really dumping JH for real. She looked shocked when JA didn't argue and said she'd leave. Hahahaha. Fail. I think that scene was my favourite JA moment of the series. She told her dad and mum not talk about KS or JH any more - even if it's positive. YES. I am glad she included her father in that. Her mother was being a manipulative four letter word but...let's be honest, JA's mother is right. The best thing for their relationship is for JA to move out. They will kill each other if they keep living together; their relationship was bad before JH arrived. When JA moves out, it may help her mother release her death grip on JA's love life. On a personal note.... Of course, JA wants to try living on her own once in her life. It's all about becoming a strong and independent woman and that's how I want her story arc to end. I don't want her to depend on JH and be constantly running to him for help. He's a wreck right now, he's so worried about her all the time. I'd love if he could trust her to take care of herself and their relationship.
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    I promise myself I wouldn't touch tvn videos every wednesday and thursday night for the past 14 episodes. I clicked them as soon as they popped out. Yes.. I fail.. Every damn time.
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    Oh I remember watching clips of Smile donghae but I wasn't interested in Ji Chang wook then , Suspicious partner is the only drama of him that really caught my attention (I fell inlove with him when I saw the shower scene coughh ) Nam ji hyun's acting and nuances are really on point and when I found out that she's taking up psychology I admire her even more
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    Lmao I can’t relate since I watched Healer while it was airing because of PMY (had the dcut too lmao) and so even watched the K2 (not my fave), empress ki, five fingers, fabricated city and even that Angel short drama with that Kara member even before suspicious partner. I also rewatched Healer for the hundredth time after wookie enlisted.
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    As @aisling says, Lee Seon Gyun is one fine man. I think that's why he can create chemistry with even the weakest actresses yes, that's what I meant. I haven't seen anything of Lee Seon Gyun since that first web conference! @Joseph Lim thanks for sharing those links! Yes as @KevinD says she seems to be an old soul inside. I agree, you need that to channel so much emotion in your songs and especially acting. Lee Seon Gyun makes a reference in the web conference to Lee Ji Eun having a "lonely" side to her. It makes me really wonder what she went through as a child to grow up with such an outlook on life. Excited for her future acting career! @chickfactor that characterisation you sent is so powerful I have been thinking about it all night. It is such a powerful image. At 45, a flower discovered on the street for the first time. I have so much to learn from Park Hae Young. Yes I know this forum has been zooming ahead at top speed! I took some time off earlier also and had like twenty plus pages to read. Not professional, I've assisted on a few local dramas but am still struggling with my first original script. After watching My Ahjussi I feel like I need to tear my story apart and start all over again! I am cautiously optimistic after those leaked scenes. And knowing the last episode will be 1.5 hours makes me feel more hopeful it will be a satisfying ending. I don't need hot kisses although of course more of Lee Seon Gyun's manliness is always welcome. It needs to be emotionally satisfying. Ah I can't wait! Unlike another recent drama which shall not be named. Ahem. They should have extended that by half an hour instead of squeezing crap into the last 15 minutes!
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    Translation of the BTS. No promises on whether @mandy77777 has time to sub this or not, but here is a translation anyway, plus some clarifications on the some of the captions which may be puzzling. In the spoiler as usual. So, it seems that JHI has relaxed enough that he can mouth off a bit and joke around on set which is cute. However, it seems to me that both JHI and SYJ are mostly just really, really tired. And, I can see why since so much of this drama is on them, and they are in so many of the scenes. In the ending scene of the clip where JA and JH are hugging even as the staff are setting up around them, they seem more to be resting in each other's arms than anything more romantic. Actually, this BTS makes me think that there isn't anything RL between JHI and SYJ no matter how much chemistry is between them. Then again, that's just as speculative as anything else. Mostly, I think they're lovely together as JA and JH, and hope that they're able to finish off strong and then get some rest.
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    I hope they release the subbed BTS. The one I’d love to see is the BTS of that scene when LSK as Park Dong Hoon confronted Lee Ji Ah’s Yoon Hee and he broke down and cried. Until now, my heart aches for Dong Hoon when I re-watch those scenes. I can’t imagine how LSK felt in that moment. I think his real self disappeared and he was fully Dong Hoon. His acting was so raw and so real. I think to a great extent, Lee Ji Ah was also influenced by his acting in that scene so her reaction was also genuine. It must have been difficult to shoot that whole sequence in parts and then the director shouts cut and LSK and LJA are still immersed in the scene. No wonder they were so exhausted. But then again, bravo, LSK! Please win an award. Then again, sweep all the awards for Best Actor in a Drama this year. This is acting at the highest level. And I also commend Lee Ji Ah for her acting here. Yoon Hee could have easily become a one-dimensional character but she played her in such a way that made her both flawed and sympathetic. At least to me.
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    He praised his co-star’s acting at the press conference and it was her idea to dress as their characters at the press conference! https://4seasonswithiu.tumblr.com/post/172866868067/trans-180411-tvn-drama-my-mister-press
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    Is it that cold in Moscow??...I see JW is covered from her neck all the way down to her feet...MH is this your doing??hahahaha... I got it! You just don't want a repeat of yesterdays incident...I feel you, dude!!
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    Nothing new with fnc...Switzerland was just a money making trip... and why this song and why is MH the only one that can easily be seen in this teaser hahaha... well that goes to show fnc knows a lot about MinWon...they not wasting any time making some money off of MH, they using him b4 he becomes a married man. @valc22 @icyphoenix is that something new with JW's signature...she adds a butterfly?? Off topic
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    @meiofauna2005 @tiwul97 and our Ship keeps on sailing Thanks ladies @willa7 @tiwul97 @valc22 for that information... And just like how MH came at the end of that night to ensure that he does want to get married...here JW is assuring Shippers, there is SaemBODY special that she wants to serenade...her lover, who is also Chi chi and Dda dda's Daddy...can they just get married already hahahaha...I love you Minwon!!!
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    Lmaooo i knew fnc will never leave a chance to make money here we go Cnblue official tour in Switzerland teaser (btw the song they used ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) Cr Uploader Minhyuk can be seen running
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    oh my goodness ...my delulu fly high now to the seventh heaven ..thank @valc22 and @willa7 hahahahahaha ...ah nice HYUN = Kwak Hyun = Kang Min Hyuk hahahahahahahaha ......
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    Ha Ji Won made fragrance as Russia's Representative artist is Tchaikovsky. Ha Ji Won's music taste is very classy...orchestral music is known to be very beautiful with a romantic tone, the aroma made Ha Ji Won must be sweet-smelling with a little mixture of spices such as cinnamon and wood .... about Tchaikovsky: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a Russian composer in the days of Romantic music. He wrote a lot of ballet music such as Swan Lake and Peanut Breaker. The music is well-known and popular for its Russian features and its rich harmony and beautiful melody. his works are more westernized than the Russian composers of his day because he mixed the elements abroad with the nationalistic melodies of the people. Tchaikovsky wrote many popular classics for the public, including Romeo and Juliet (Tchaikovsky), 1812 Overture, three ballets (Peanut Breaker, Lake Geese, Sleeping Princess and Marche Slave) together with four concertos, three symphonies six numbers and 10 operas are the works most widely known by the public.
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    I guess this caption to redeem 'no boyfriend' statement. Haha, that's normal for celebrity denied relationship.
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    Same thought here! SAME!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *high five*
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    oh, my goodness! JW said "serenade for 현 " I think 현 doesn't mean string. Hyun ! You know!!!
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    @icyphoenix Here is cute ji wonnie for you ♥
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