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    HAPPY SUSPICIOUS PARTNER ANNIVERSARY Suspicious partner will always hold a special place in my heart. This drama gave me my OTP NAMJI. I have always loved Ji Chang Wook and looked forward to his dramas. When SP was announced I felt happy for him that he finally got his chance to break his image as an action actor. Then I was waiting for the female lead to be confirmed. Two actresses rejected the lead role that really got me worried about the fate of this drama then came the news about Nam Ji Hyun being cast as the female lead of suspicious partner. I knew her from her previous drama shopping king louie(I just saw few clips from that drama before sp) and wasn't sure if she could play the role perfectly and thought she was too young to play the role. I wasn't even sure if they will have chemistry good enough for a romcom drama. But I was proved wrong. I thanked god for having those other two actress reject the role. Now I can't imagine any other actress who could play the role Eun Bong Hee more perfectly than her. And their chemistry caught me off guard I suddenly forgot about the age difference they had. Every time they were shown together they would set the screen on fire. There were times where I wanted them to just jump on each other and kiss. Their chemistry felt that intense to me. Ji Chang Wook totally slayed his role as a prosecutor. He looked so dashing in those suits and spectacles the fan girl inside me couldn't help but squeal. He has showcased all kind of emotions in this drama very well. Below are my few favourite scenes from suspicious partner. No Ji Wook scenes: It would be crime to not add a shower scene . I forget how innocent I am whenever this scene pops up. I like the way he confesses to her. I got butterflies when he said " I will wait for you, so take your time coming to me". He confessed to her like a gentleman LOL how can we all forget Eun Bong Hee's iconic revenge and No Ji Wook's " I am screwed". In future If someone questions Ji Chang Wook's credibility as an actor I will be slapping them with this clip. His acting was so on point here. He really deserves an award for his acting here. Eun Bong Hee scenes: She looked so cute and bubbly here. She perfectly represented all us fan girls here. Eun Bong Hee is me when I spot my oppa sleeping I fell for her here. She looked so beautiful here. That was the first time in my life I felt bad for a female lead's confession getting rejected. She conveyed the characters emotions so well. I usually hate it when a girl in drama cries after getting rejected by a guy but here I was kinda angry at No Ji Wook for rejecting her despite knowing his situation. When he was thinking "I wonder if I will regret this". I was like boy I am already regretting it for you. LOL this scene never fails to crack me up. I like how she didn't let go of her hair soon after she let go of hers. And the best part about Eun Bong Hee is she is kickass. JiBong Scenes: I felt the spark here. I never thought she could pull this off so well. If you have watched the bts of this scene you will know what they have shown in drama is really reserved compared to the bts. In the bts they were grinding coffee beans The moment where he fell for her. The way he looked at her felt like he was gazing at his moon. After this scene my life was never the same. For the first time in my life I began to ship an on screen couple. When he kissed her I could feel all kinds of emotions in that kiss. At first it was like "he kissing her because he was worried about her, he kissing her because he was relived she was safe but later when he dived in for second kiss it felt like he is kissing her because he wants her." They looked so beautiful and real here. I am so grateful to pd nim for giving us this scene. I wasn't expecting this at all. This scene was so beautiful, sensual and romantic at the same time and about morning after I have no words how to describe it. That shoulder kiss blew me off completely. How to be Eun Bong Hee? This scene is so cute.His expression when he finds her drunk was so funny. He knows that he is doomed. I like how she giggles every time she gets drunk. They both are so cute here. I really wasn't expecting a proposal scene. This scene gave me all kind of feels. They had smiles on their face but their eyes they conveyed something else to me. There was a look of happiness at the same time a look of sadness in their eyes. At the end when he started singing 101 reasons why I like you all those feelings came rushing back to me. I realised this is it from this moment on wards there's no JiBong and Suspicious Partner next week. I didn't what I was feeling that time. When a drama ends with proposal scene it's supposed to be a happy ending but in my case I was holding my tears back. It was just a k drama and like all other dramas it was ending after it runs. But I became so attached to the characters and actors that I didn't want it to end. I kept on pausing it several times just to delay it from getting end. Ji Chang really gave his best performance to his fans before enlisting. I still can't believe I am shipping him with someone other than myself wait!!! who am I kidding I still do that sometimes okay, don't hit me guys. Thanks to this drama I have come across a wonderful actress Nam Ji Hyun. I watched what happens to my family and SKL after SP and gotta say she is one amazing actress in the industry right now. There's so much I want to write but this has already become a super long post. Sorry chingus for taking up lot of space. There are many scenes that hold a special place in my hear but I couldn't share all of those. I feels great to ship these two amazing actors together. Hope this ships sails till the end. Happy First SP Anniversary!!. In future I hope we can celebrate other anniversaries too.
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    HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SUSPICIOUS PARTNER AKA NAMJI SHIPPERS!!! Gosh, where do I begin? What a journey it has been since the first time I watched SP. In the beginning, I came along because of two reasons, my sister @jijifirstandonlyship and my handsome sweetheart Ji Chang Wook. What started out as a good drama quickly became an all time epic addiction that led me here to Soompi per my obsession of our otp NamJi. Not only was I obsessed to find out if the chemistry they portrayed on reel was just as real behind screen, I had also quickly budded friends with all of you chingus in here. Old & new. So here I am, there you are, and here we all are one whole year later. Despite the non official statements, the lack of or maybe the overload of matchy matchy couple items or not. We are all still rocking strong into the year 2018 happily feasting on anything NamJi. Thank God for our D-cut right gals? The timing was absolutely perfect! However, at the same time, I am overwhelmed with the goodies we have been gifted. So much so, I can hardly gather my thoughts together to share accordingly but I will keep trying. For now, please enjoy my little mv of snippets of this and that. I apologize for not being able to deliver something more creative but I think we can all agree that our couple are enough, and together are swoon worthy. Not much creativity is needed. True? Anyhow, sorry for rambling on nonsense but I sure do miss our otp. But I am so thankful to be shipping along with you all beautiful rational, byeontae, and non rational chingus. Happy shipping & stay happily floating on NamJi heaven. Always with love, -Moonlight Serenade-
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    Happy birthday Suspicious Partner! And glad returns to the JiJi family! Best voyages are seldom planned and here we are a year later, still as crazy, still as sweet, still as dreamy as our couple. What a journey it’s been so far! The globe has united as one to cheer for this wonderful gem of a drama and the phenomenal couple it birthed. Deservedly so, if the inescapable addiction, loopiness and sheer joy we’re drenched in are any indication. The family here is as makjang as Noh’s Law Firm and we’re loving every bit of it. I wish the best to all for their health and prosperity… and that we may stay as one to witness the day when our ship hopefully lands sight of an adorned harbour filled with well-wishers and a captain all set to pronounce ‘Husband & Wife’. My heartfelt prayers for our beloved couple… that as their charming tale unfolds, may all their dreams come true. A huge kamsamnida to uri @masthu for this banner that’s as marvelous as herself. Few things in the world are perfect and this is one of them.
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    @pauliza Agreed! Muahahaha. Continuing on my spree! ctto THEIR LITTLE BABIES~~~ Omo. I didnt plan for the post to tell a story but the 2 pic put together is so apt!
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    I just wanted to go back to the start since we are celebrating the first year anniversary of Suspicious Partner. I remember being thrilled when it was announced that JCW was having another drama before his enlistment since I thought the K2 would be his last before leaving for his service and it really was supposed to be like this. Then the whole hoopla about casting his female counterpart happened. It was Lee Sung Kyun then Han Ji Min and lastly Nam Ji Hyun. I wondered if the production had any idea about what they were looking for since all 3 actresses seemed to have different vibes. When it was decided it would be NJH, I was skeptical since the last drama I watched her in was WHTMF and it was airing at the same time as Healer. So I couldn’t help but think that they were too different since I only thought of her as an innocent cute child actress while he gave me the hot handsome actor. I then went to watch some scenes of SKL and even the kiss scenes and compared to SIG’s other kisses, the kisses felt too innocent and restrained. I was then even more convinced we were going to get some puppy love story with cute but lame kisses. It didn’t even cross my mind to check the BTS and I just started watching the drama. I got hooked since the Hotel scene when Jibong faced each other with her looking at him to figure out where she saw him before. The sparks were there and I thought I was in for a nice dynamic between the two actors. I kept enjoying the drama until the first kiss happened and there I kept wondering what was going on since it was totally different from what I was expecting and even JCW’s kissing style was different from his previous drama kisses. I kept looking up the BTS of that kiss to see how it went down and the no cut BTS was one of the biggest shocks to me. Afterwards, I went through all the sbs catch material. I still tried to not ship the real life pair at least till June and never brought them up as a real life pair in the drama thread. But at one point, I became more thrilled about Namji’s BTS than about Jibong’s drama. I cried at the end of the drama and this rarely happens to me especially when the ending is supposed to be happy. I became their shipper because it was just natural for me to do so and I also thought my addiction wouldn’t last too long and would stop after JCW’s enlistment. I have to say that even when I embarked on this journey, I had some reservations about NJH’s readiness to embark in a relationship with JCW because she still gave me, in the sbs catch videos, that guarded air I saw previously from her. It felt sometimes as if she was only going with the flow. Thankfully, the dcut erased that worry and now I am even deeper in this ship.
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    Gwiyeowo. I ended up singing with young NJW Just what I've written in one of my previous post...NJH is Eun Bong Hee. No other actress could've portrayed it well. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun slayed both their respective roles. And totally agree with you dear..Wookie totally deserved to have an award for SP,that was such an intense scene.(that scene alone was more than enough,but he exceeded all my expectations for SP).Luv your selection of favourite scenes,from JW to BH to JiBong hehe.❤❤❤But the necktie scene is not included,aww ..I kid ( should probably make my own selection haha..when I have more time and comp with me..its hard using handphone ) It's good to watch scene cuts even if I watched two episodes from the dvd last night I luv their meetings too even if a lot were disaster ones haha.It's hard letting go ( Will I ever let go? ) Happy Anniversary again SP.❤ P.S. you should watch Hyuni's scenes on Angel Eyes..she was great on it...you'll love her more. @daloula He was so protective of her that I deemed it suspicious Protective in a gentlemanly way though❤ And for those who wanted to see the SP presscon in its entirety: (no subtitles though) Ctto
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    That is why when someone ask you for a hug ....just hug them ! ok ? Cause you'll never know if you'll ever get the chance to be asked by that person again. You might end up with a pair of slippers instead. Don't go about exploding and shouting Ji-Aaaaan !!! you had your chance
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    I cannot believe how much I love this show. The ending scene was chill inducing in its perfection. You guys called it though! Weeks back! Good job you guys
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    I guessing the writer has a timeline when DH will make the crucial decisions he needs to make. Jung hee waited 20 years? to move on..give the DH a break . If I look on DH's situation rationally, what is the right thing to do? I would have just rolled up in a ball and cried my eyes out. We are flawed as humans, and sometime watching other people being flawed we forget or own flaws. What would we do if we were in the exact same situation as the character? How would we handle it in the moment?
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    Thank you so much for your kind words @MoonlightSerenade @achinawa @adi2019jiji @midorinokerochan @khalinkikyo @Changsky @nianderson . I’m so glad that you guys like the banner. I feel lost for words and overwhelmed after Watching all the videos shared in here and reading all you posts. I think I’m better at expressing my thoughts through pictures rather than words. So I hope that these pics can convey my thoughts and love for uri NamJi/JiJi. Since this is the Anniversay week I would prefer to dissect my post and into parts. So don't be surprised if I randomly post out of nowhere lol Part 1 A year ago, I was looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before enlistment. I had doubts when Nam Jihyun was casted yet gave it a try for wookie. All it took was the Subway pervert scene to fall in love with her. Not everyone would have the guts to call out the pervert in public but bonghee went all out and confronted the pervert but she got the wrong guy lol! To be honest hyuni grabbed my attention than wookie throughout the subway scenes, hotel scenes, drunk scene and the couch scene. For the very first time I found a girl more attractive then wookie lol and someone who outshone him. All my doubts about their chemistry just flew out of the the window the moment she asked wookie to sleep with her at the hotel The "Don't like me back" scene had me going gaga over shipping noh ji wook and bonghee yet I wasn't ready to ship them in real life. It was so beautiful to witness Bonghee confess her feelings to Noh Jiwook and it was heart breaking to see him reject her love. I teared up the moment she said "I don't regret loving you" and I totally lost it the moment she asked him for a hug and he just hugs her one..
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    We could also see the super protective side of JCW in that bed scene
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    JiAn Rules !! She goes missing....Chairman calls for an emergency board meeting... So Chairman joins in, in the search for the amazing JiAn Hahhha...JiAn ..how to be you ??
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    The irony, The slippers!! Wasn't Cinderella supposed to leave her slipper and run away.But here's Ji an (not a Cinderella) leaving a pair of slippers that fits our ajusshi which makes him wild and lost in thoughts as he storms out to find Ji an ....just kidding
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    And episode 8! The best not-a-sex-scene sex scene on TV ever! PERIOD!! Dong Hoon and Ji An are in a way, similar. The most romantic non-romance ever! What this writer/director team have proved: you don't need hugs, kisses, back hugs, hand pulling, all that XXX to make the best damned love story.
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    Let's sing 101 Reasons why I like you together with the background of 3.7 millions viewers bts age restricted kiss scene *I think after we watched the dvd cut ,we can come out with the lists of "1001 Reasons Why We ship Namji couple "
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    Here i come again! Heheh. Wahhh. @Harry97 love how u shared ur favourite scenes from.SP. i have to dig up from my memory.. but the fave of the fave thats off my mind would be 1. Necktie scene! 2. JW gives in to his feelings which gave us their first kiss.. and his subsequent confession to BH and how sweet he was to here thereafter.. 3. Laundry kiss and bed scene 4. Proposal scene These scenes must be our fave too right. Hahahaha. Ctto
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    An anniversary gift for All chingus~~ I merged two separated kiss scenes into one from SBS Drama youtube below in spoiler. And also made a slow motion version and a gif. Do you find the difference? Wookie still held Hyunnie's face in his two hands while turned to other side. What a passionate KISS
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    That hug in Episode 6 around min 22 (I even crammed it) absolutely made me a woman!! The heavy panting! the tight hugging! The crying! That hug was the best non penetrative sex scene on TV! PERIOD!! I was so blown away I used to show everyone that scene. Of course they didn't get it! One person I converted into a drama lover later told me that she thought I was strange for gushing over a hug. (We'd just met at a screenwriting class when I showed her that scene). She later decided to look for dramas when she remembered my gushing over the scene. lol All I cared for in that drama was my BIAS in blue jeans, a torso hugging white top, and a gun. I needed him to shoot me. please OPPA! I find his temper stupid. He's what? 40+? Can he grow up!! However, I liked DH's reaction to KH's excessive wailing on his behalf when he asked KH if he thinks he feels more pain than he, DH, who is the one who's actually been cheated on. KH was mourning more than the bereaved! Those punches were well deserved! I felt good. Concerning the ambiguity in episode 13....... I think an issue with the ambiguity is that we are concerned whether the show will crash and burn (like another that shall remain nameless). We are too invested in the show for our worst fears to be confirmed! Is it that the writer has run out of ideas, or they are "carrying us mangoes" (taking us for fools), or is this all the OTP relationship will ever be? What do the production team want? So I agree, there needs to be some movement with DH. The slipper and chasing scene should have been midway in the episode, not at the end. The only person whose story moved was Jung Hee. I loved how she called out Monk for his selfishness. All he could offer her was "let's eat!" The heck!! All she wants to hear, all she's ever wanted to hear is , "I'm sorry." but he offers food. She wants healing dude! Closure! this is a healing drama! style up!! LOL! This rant of hers made the episode for me.... "My entire body hurts, there isn't a single part of my body that doesn't hurt. I hate the fact that my eyes open in the morning and when I open them, the first thing that happens is that they fill with tears. I feel like I won't be in pain anymore if you come, though. So come, come back already. I don't want to grow old and die by myself." (let's eat. Let's go.) "You love baby goats and some damned grass, so why don't you love me? You won't be able to achieve enlightenment here! You need to live with a pain in the bum woman like me to achieve it! You won't be able to achieve enlightenment by being stuck on a mountain like this! Come down from this mountain, before I set this entire place on fire!" "You need to live with a pain in the bum woman like me to achieve it!" I agree, dealing with life and the tough experiences is what opens your eyes and your mind. After all, didn't Buddha go out into the world where he found enlightenment, or at least a basis for his ideology? Locking yourself up from the world where things happen is kinda counterproductive, isn't it? Whatever this monk did, leaving her without an explanation except that he is checking out of the rat race, must have cut her up deeply. Yes, it's been like 20 years, which is rather long, but I love how she feels all her emotions (unlike our lead. lol.) Her reaction is different from mine, if you leave my life, I forget you too. Out of sight out of mind, you piece of crap!
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    Ahahaha... Their bed scene, especially the bts of the bed scene, really gives this real life couple vibe, so natural and no awkwardness, so comfortable Well, which one of their scenes together don’t right? I mean all scenes with them together give the real life couple vibes. Even their break up scene is beautiful
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    "Nietzsche said..." LOL. Well, I never thought I would ever be watching a black K comedy with gangster Hyukkie referencing the German philosopher. But I guess there's always a first time for everything. I suppose in the scheme of things, Nietzsche was influential enough in the 20th century but that his tentacles should reach the Korean underworld is a matter for much laughter. More than that, Hyukkie's da boss and fabboloosly funny. This show surprised me. I thought this was about food and gangsters but actually it turns out to be about relationships, marriage and infidelity. And revenge. (Of course, what's a K melo without revenge) Hyukkie's line "Don't get married... Because it's hard to get a divorce." is destined to be a classic reminiscent of screwball comedies in days gone by. I would pay to watch Hyukkie do fight scenes but that one in the department store was a joy especially the bit where he did his thing with the scissors. The choreography and execution of the fight scene in Episode 4 reminded me of Jacky Chan in his heyday in HK cinema. With that in mind, it's impossible not to notice the Cantonese music in one of the restaurant scenes. In fact, there's an element of this drama that bears the stamp of a homage to the loony slapstick HK productions of the 80s and 90s. To top if off we have ourselves a cleaver of resentment permanently attached to the door of the resident scumbag's lair like Excalibur. I see that Simon and Garfunkel's making a bit of a comeback on K dramas. I thought i heard them on another drama recently and "Mrs Robinson" pops up here in a drama about the fickleness of relationships. The food looks yummy to be sure. It's nice to see someone championing Chinese food although it's not definitely not the Chinese food that I grew up eating or I could afford to eat on a regular basis. It's a misconception certainly that Chinese food is greasy as a whole because much of the misconception comes from the fact that the restaurants serve a fair bit of deep fried stuff. However, home cooked Chinese food is seldom deep fried... and the diversity of Chinese cuisine across regions and the diaspora is too immense to pigeonhole. And yes, I know this is Chinese food K style. "Damn Nietzsche" Heh. I agree.
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    So true. I feel you... Reminds me of that ‘now kiss’ gif ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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    Haha happy 1000 pages guys! I just knew SHE was back when i first saw the comment. Not very creative haha. Lets see what 1023 pgs brings then!!!!
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