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    The deities up there are fair. They gave me a face that appeals to a few, but a humour that appeals to many. I'm probably the samjang of this thread if demons keep coming back for more of me. But nah, I'm here to bring world peace.
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    Much love to all loyal fans who keep this thread alive ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Is that a new picture of Wookie posted by his friend? Maybe a late post, and the pic was taken when our boy was out in March? My lunch break is over, so I don't have time to try and decipher the caption right now...
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    This is random but: calling out to all the fanfic writers of hwayugi??if you're reading this.. I know you guys suffer major heartbreaks but please don't stop writing or translating lol They are my only med to heal my wounds and withdrawal syndrome and now i'm only left with @kopikosong sense of humor to keep holding on
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    I keep telling myself that I'm not funny, that I'm just a 'one hit wonder' BUT the entertainment god decided to bestow me with another exciting content to gif about. wow wow wow so seunggi ssi, coffee, tea or me??? EDIT: Hey I am kopi too! So 2 out of the 3 options are me EDIT 2: By the way, if no one realised, they are endorsing the same drink in the CF above.
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    Daily dose of multivitamin cr seungyeon vietnam ah finally got a chance to be a pageturner
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    Today is D-6 for the director cut dvds to start getting shipped I think I need to start a countdown : D-6 Still praying it won't get lost somewhere in this wide world on its way to me
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    Hi everyone! Joining in... I was almost worried that I wouldn't like this enough due to JA's behavior towards DH, but she is growing on me. I'm not sure how the writer will play out their relationship or if there's even gonna be a romantic one, so I'm hoping it's something tasteful. What I'm most looking forward to is both the ceo's & cheating wife's comeuppance. I want them both in a place of never-ending humiliation and pain, like the midget CEO getting fired, and not have any other company to go to and just be bankrupt. The cheating wife, well, I want some hair pulling and possibly getting disbarred (I know I'm reaching here guys, lol, must be the actress, never liked her roles XD ), or just be completely humiliated. Cheating is never an option, if she's truly unhappy with DH, then she should've called him out for it, tried to fix it, and then called it quits if nothing was working.
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    The flower went time traveling to the future and to wait patiently there until this fated couple reunite again in another project. So do not worry of my onnie missing a flower anymore because i just give you the answer where that flower went lol yes yes yes I am delusional right now but hey it is a free world and now i have stay in the delusional stage and can’t seen to move on.
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    Soo, having common interests canuglamping and VR? I’d say they really talk about these things. It’s like one of them went their first and then told the other, and then the other one went to check it out. That’s how close ChaeYoo are. And that as a matter of factly, I didn’t say “I think or I feel” because these things are too coincidental to not happen purposely or intentionally. These are already considered proofs. Hello real world! Also, if were to exaggeratingly jump into conclusions then I would say they probably went their together (canuglamping and VR) instead. In one of their super secret ninja dates, haha! ChaeYoo has so many things, evidences, proofs that point toward something more than being a close friend. When I first ship them it was just because if their amazing chemistry, and that KS and the BTS. It’s kinda shallow, I ship a lot before because of their chemistry. But ChaeYoo’s chemistry is at a different level. Plus joining this ship has made me realize theirs more to them than just chemistry. And you don’t have to be delusional because it’s way too obvious. So let’s keep this thread moving chingus, unnies and dongsaengs!
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    Yup! Everyone is different too! And i will prolly be in the same situation as you too.. >.< We totally should dalal! Oh god. Im getting so excited now that the day is near! Hehehehe. Praying hard that i can concentrate on my exams first man! *keeps fingers crossed*
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    I love love love episode 5. It is so nice to see LJA warm up little by little towards our Ahjashi . Life is so hard when your working place is a battle field, where you have to survive and overcome every misery to protect your family and fulfill your duties. I can feel his heavy breath to my bones. And LJA , too. She now sees what kind of life he is leading. And I guess she is now can relate more to him and see that life is hard for every good person. I hope she helps him out unveil his unfaithful wife. She really makes me hate her every episode more and more. I also hope LJA will expose the CEO to the cheating wife and make her take revenge on him and that both of them, cheaters, go down hill =========================================== The new character added to the cast , the actress, is damn funny. She is so refereshing . Her interraction with Director-nim is hilarious and the facial expressions of the big bro while hearing them talking crack me up everytime. I bet she will be willing to be his leading lady for his next project and that both will give it a try. I will be looking forwards to this..
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    (Phew) Yet another painfully dreary ep. but sort of enlightening at the same time (odd how it works) Love how Ji-An is instigating Ahjusshi to be more proactive in taking control of his life. Btw is it just me who finds his heavy sighs, breathing come off like a sexier version of Darth Vader LMFAo!??! No, just me? OK then eheheheh Oh I don't mind listening to Ahjusshi's voice like Ji-An either, Lee Sun-Gyun's voice smoulders like melted butter There were some truly tender moments like when Dong-Hoon praised Ji-An for caring for her Grandma, asking the meaning of her name. Ji-An looking out for Dong-Hoon in return by slapping that male co-worker & shutting down that annoying ***** female co-worker. Bravo Ji-An, well done indeed. Aish Drama when will these 2 poor lost souls get together?! They need happiness STAT. I LoL at Grandma wrapped in blanket inside the shopping cart! She reminded me of E.T. - both very adorable Ugh the entire company dinner was really hard to watch It's one thing to show respect but to demand for it?! Are you kidding me?! Also noone and I do mean NO ONE deserves to be demeaned and devalued the way Joon-Young & his equally pathetic minion suck up did toward the staff. And anyone catch the parody where Joon-Young passed his luggage carrier to an aide at the airport?! A sarcastic nod at the elite in South Korea perhaps? That earlier conversation where Dong-Hoon's younger brother talked of not getting caught dead in cheap underwear was both sad but oddly funny idk. It's like I remembered how someone I used to know kept saying she'd never want to die a virgin. In any case both are pretty sad whereas I can think of worse when it comes to death... Joon-Young is getting way too cocky that he thinks he covered his dirty tracks, you're forgetting that Dong-Hoon's a structural engineer, he ain't stupid. Can't wait for his wife to be outed. Unbelievable that she got jealous over a phone call Joon-Young received like really LoL? What makes you any better huh. And Joon-Young, I hope you get what's coming for you I really do.
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    Bello everyone! I can’t believe i activated my soompi account again to be able to comment in this forum. I’ve rarely been a shipper, I supported a couple only once but after watching SP I couldn’t help but start shipping this couple. I was lurking but I thought that this forum was a really nice place to join! I will be commenting from time to time when my everyday life allows me!
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    You can never get enough of these two Our white white CUPPLE cr seungyeon shippers Cr seungyeon vietnam
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    Loves this scenario CR: see post OYS has been active in ig today. She seems to be in a good mood. And LSG was in a good mood yesterday. In my delulu mind, they are happy because of each other lol
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    No surprise there. Lee Jieun (IU) is giving a tour-de-force performance as the character of Lee Jian by deglamorizing herself and completely shed off her cute image. She looks dangerously sexy and captivating as a bad girl with her tomboyish hoodie. I prefer IU playing this dark broody characters over her previous well publicized roles. The level of commitment she made bringing the character of Jian to life is astounding. As part of a vast k-drama community, I seriously applaud her efforts and courage. She is not afraid adding versatility into her acting resume. I must admit that IU is gaining so much traction with cable channels lately. From the success of her reality show with JTBC last year and now with TVN. She is finding a good niche of critically acclaimed projects while shying away from Korean public broadcast. In fact, I really hope IU continues acting in cable dramas and take on roles that are unconventional. She has the knack and a good level of understanding for it. The ratings are good but I will not expect it to be higher because of the hard realistic story line. My Ajusshi is really depressing and also infuriating at times. The good part about their ratings is the show able to consistently hold viewership every week which could translate as having a loyal fan base or a cult following.
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    Ep5 belongs to PDH, and we see first hand, how his inherent integrity keeps him true to himself and extends to his compassionate treatment of others despite the abuse that life has heaped on him, and I ache so unbearably each time I see him kicked down. Through LJA, we hear the broken voice, the laboured breathing as he controls his sobs, our window to the rawness of his emotions that he reveals to no one, all of which cuts me to the core and has me railing on his behalf at the utter injustice that life has dealt him. As such, I gritted my teeth in frustration when, even after knowing so much and hearing the lengths to which he protected his brother and mother, LJA still ran to DJY with the intel regarding the phone call logs, her cynicism and pragmatism refusing to let her see beyond her own prejudices. However, nothing could stop her defenses from being slowly chipped away, as fate continues to throw them in each other's paths. I believe the turning point was his kindness to her grandmother, extending his help without being asked, not questioning the eccentricity of her actions, even returning the shopping cart on her behalf. His words "You're a good person" are simple yet profound, acknowledging her and her love for her grandmother in a form of camaraderie without judgment or pity. In that moment, she is shaken, being recognised as a person, a decent human being rather than just an inconsequential faceless tool, and that, more than anything else, cracks the barriers that she has erected due to her own harsh existence. At last, she begins to involuntarily care for the wellbeing of the man she has been systematically trying to bring down, and her actions after are propelled by this change, furious to the extent of slapping someone on his behalf, giving him the hint about payphones, and rushing after him because I believe she is concerned for him, in what he might discover even as she is furtively helping him uncover the painful truth about his wife and DJY. This drama continues to take measured, almost leisurely steps which crushes the soul yet imbues a glimpse of hope in the long, lonely tunnel ahead. It is such an intimate look into the lives of the two main characters and the gradual unfolding of the slowly but surely changing dynamics between them, that oftentimes I find myself holding my breath as we walk quietly with them, seeing them through each other's eyes, living through their pain, and grasping on to the sliver of comfort that they unconsciously derive from each other's presence. Beautifully, poignantly delivered both on a cinematic and narrative level, I catch my breath and find myself immeasurably moved as they touch each other's lives without even realising it.
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    Is this an old pic? Omo his shoulders! Seems like everyones missing wookie including us TT Since wookie is at his base and fans have calmed down, his friends aren't ninja acting anymore lol Look at the king loves team being all open with their reunion but our SP team doesn't even post a proper reunion pic (which had been held twice. One was a get together to send off wookie info dropped by kyw and the other reunion might have been in Dec; around the time wook was on vac and Mr Bangs pic had bottles that didn't add up to the number of people sitting )!! Why is everyone trying their best to keep SP reunions a secret as if theres something to hide!! Uri SP team is the epitome of ninjaness keke. Kings loves reunion: https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/05/yoona-hong-jong-hyun-cast-members-king-loves-reunite/
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    @kopikosong... Our couples matchy matchy style... Creating this gifs.. me be like..
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    Lol at the caption: if Aji 3 has chingu mode, YSH has boyfriend mode But seriously, I've always appreciated the way YSH took care of CSB Whether it be him sharing food or other items with her, slightly tilting the umbrella more toward her during their first kiss filming so she doesn't get as wet, watching out for her dress at the MBC awards to make sure she won't trip, and the gestures he does in the video below. All those things he did definitely shows signs of good boyfriend material
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    Excited to see his picture... More manly and look healthy.
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    I guess CSB is the one who really tried to hold herself down in public. She’s really trying her best not to get touchy and get bashed by basher-shippers. Like the MBC awards, it happened after the VLive and someone who were at the actual VLive mentioned there was so many hate comments on CSB that’s probably why she didn’t hold his arm at the red carpet. But you can see the real “them” in the BTS. They probably didn’t think too much of the BTS will be shown to the public.
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    That line brings back memories,lmao *with a mischievous grin on here haha* Ahahaha...same here praying it reaches its destination in good condition
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    I have been stalking Dramabeans whole day for Ep5. Then after ep6 aired i went back to rush work. Now 2am then i found DB recap. Couldnt sleep if i leave the awesome comments alone w/o posting. This is how deep i am into tale of JiAn's Ahjussi. . Here we goes i quote Dramabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/04/my-ajusshi-episode-5/ ' COMMENTS This show, I don’t even know what to do with it. It seems so stark and bleak, but there’s so much going on in each scene that I feel like I could watch an episode ten times and still not catch all the nuances and tiny meaningful moments. I was particularly struck by the way Ji-an kicked Dong-hoon’s foot to keep him from missing his stop — it’s the first thing she’s done purely for him, with no benefit to herself. Such a small thing that most of us would do without thinking, but coming from Ji-an, it’s monumental. She wouldn’t have bothered to do even that much for him a few days ago, but then she overheard Dong-hoon defending her to his brothers and coworkers and saying that he feels like she understands him. It’s not much for her to keep him from being late to work, and it even pissed Dong-hoon off a little, but a true connection began to form between them in that moment. It’s so interesting to watch Dong-hoon and Ji-an struggle with how to deal with each other, because while I’m used to seeing drama characters deny their feelings for someone, My Ajusshi puts that dynamic into a completely different context. While I think that the actors have amazing chemistry, for me it’s not a romantic type of chemistry, but more of a sense that they just somehow get each other despite the fact that they’re completely different. They don’t even like each other, and in fact there’s a lot of animosity and hard feelings between them, yet they’re drawn to each other in a way that they don’t really understand. They instinctively feel that they share something in common, but they don’t yet know what that is. It creates this interesting sense of confused attraction, as if they can’t help but be drawn to one another even though they’d rather stay far away. I love how they’re reluctantly beginning to help and stick up for each other, even though you can tell it annoys them both. Ji-an is beginning to grudgingly respect Dong-hoon, and he even told her that she’s a good person. I love that he didn’t qualify it with anything like “when you’re not stealing money” or “to people you love,” but just a straight “You’re a good person.” And Ji-an is realizing that Dong-hoon is kind and thoughtful, the way he waited to help her take her grandmother home, and how he even asked her a few personal, but non-intrusive, questions about herself. But my favorite moment was when Ji-an smacked the team member who suggested that Dong-hoon should suck up to Joon-young, especially since she’s still helping with Joon-young’s plot to get Dong-hoon fired. The fact that she was offended on Dong-hoon’s behalf shows more emotion from Ji-an than we’ve seen before, other than her angry scenes with Kwang-il. I still don’t quite understand either Ji-an or Dong-hoon, but I’m starting to see what it is that connects them — that feeling that they don’t quite belong, that there’s not really a place for them in this world. Ji-an disconnected from others when she killed a man and spent three years in jail, and even her closest friend, Ki-bum, often feels like little more than an acquaintance. On the other hand, Dong-hoon appears to live a normal life with family, friends, and a good job, yet he feels like he should never have been born and goes through his days as if he’s just dragging himself around like a dead weight. Their reasons for feeling alone and isolated are entirely different, and yet there’s something about it that puts them on equal footing. I can’t wait to see how they are together, once they begin to spend more time with each other." (Above all cr. Lollypip, Dramabeans.)
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    Seems like it doesn't it? But we never know when it was taken. HAHAHA. It could be anytime man~ Seems like wookie's friends are missing him too during this period. Maybe he's having intense training or sth so they can't visit him. LOL. Me and my imaginations. Haha!
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    @aqualy How SOG peeled JSM is for him to know and for you to not ask him unless you want to turn into a sweet and sour human. @aihaibara610 There seems to be a misunderstanding. His name is not Kimbap, the last two letters are different. Anyway, it's better to avoid taking his name, mentioning him or even admitting his existence altogether in our thread. It's also frowned upon by mods. Let's just stick to shipping out couple. It's good to study these videos as much as possible...for science.
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    I am just glad that KangGun is still being a ninja and looks like he doesn't even bothered about his band or his fans nowadays ? He has once said that if he has found a girlfriend and if his love to her can overcome his band or everything that he usually does, then he will get married. Sorry I forgot what were the exact sentences of his at that time during one of his interviews, but it's in a magazine after HS drama ended. a So, the more KangGun become a ninja and missing from the world, I think the closer the time they get married.....Just pray hard for them and let them to be ninja couple as long as they want while preparing for their romantic wedding day as soon as they can :-)
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    That’s true, when she began eavesdropping she was only determined to find some dirt on him but now... It seems like she’s addicted to his voice, to his presence, it’s like she’s seeking solace just by listening to him... She’s definitely letting her guard down around him. If he only knew how much he affects her... So its Ji An who falls for him first.
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    Are They Watching The Same Thing As Me??? Sometimes there is not that perfect place in which to place your thoughts but your heart want's to say it anyways. I often wonder are they watching the same thing as me? When the ratings are low and the criticisms are high and I think why is it they can't see what I clearly see... I have already shared my feeling about Joy and I feel the same way about her Characters partner who honestly are the reason I am here! Along with the great writing which I am enjoying. To me no matter what drama it is the reality is whether or not the story & it's characters are able to move you in some way enough to make you keep watching and stay... I also don't believe ratings are the final say as to whether a drama is successful or not the real answer to that isn't about numbers but about each persons own vision and how it affects them as individuals. To me their chemistry is amazing and like the gif above they continue to draw me in and make me want to know more about their love... I respect each persons view, though I don't always understand why the comments must be made in a way that are hurtful and sometimes even cruel. I think it's good to be reminded that actors are people too and their desire is to create within themselves characters that you & I can believe are true. Wouldn't our energy be better spent in uplifting them and encouraging them as they are young in their careers and are still growing too!
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    DH and Audit team boss are talking in a room After the meeting DH sees CEO and they talk I kind of wasn't paying attention to these scenes --- The cheating lady is talking to JA and asking her to do her a favor The office worker JA slapped asked JA something about the photocopier, the office worker is riled up, kicks one of the drawers at work DH, cheating lady and another team member are talking DH is asking both of them what happened and their opinions Cuts to scene of DH asking why he slapped him JA says its because he badmouthed him Cuts to DH and JA on the train standing a few feet away from each other JA looks up towards him but DH is in his own world thinking -- Cuts to a scene of DH calling his team member and saying that he heard what happened His team member apologizes multiple times DH says they shouldn't work together The call ends and DH turns around to see JA standing with her back against the wall of a building He walks towards her and talks to her and says stuff about you can't help it that people will talk bad towards you and he feels embarassed He apologizes after that to her and says thank you
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    This is what kmh and hjw are doing right now @tiwul97. Hilarious @happyy! Hahahaha
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    Favourite moments from episode 5.This is really masterpiece of a drama.
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    Waiting for your posts here, chingus, eventho just a small scene of dvd cut Sad... I couldn't have it
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    @kopikosong is the best lmao. can't stop laughinng at your gifs and puns... . Awesome Creativity and sense i bet spies with no life who have been praying day and night for this ship to sink still comes here everyday to see your postst
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    I guess uri SeungYeon will soon win the most important award "The best Kdrama couple 2018". SSC will be the biggest competitor of 503C both in the couple and individual poll. I used all my equipments to vote and with each device using different wifi networks will help to increase the number of votes. With 3 devices and 2 wifi networks I can vote for them 60 times each poll everyday. Let's vote to support them together hand in hand on stage one again.That's my dream. Keep voting!
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    I'm dying from laughter The edit of OYS face is priceless, Russian shippers did a good job
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    Looks like younger bro's failed actress friend is planning something to ruin him even more ??? Her male friend is taking photos of the two bro's workplace?? She comes into Jung Hee's bar where the two brother's are Cleaning boss sees her and greets her and treats her like a super famous celebrity DH comes home after drinking and sees his wife entering the apartment, DH looks like he's a little tipsy They're in the elevator and he asks about her smell DH just watches her at home - at this point he looks fed up tbh -- Cuts to JA's home where Grandma and her are watching TV Ki Yong (debt collector) comes in knocking on the door multiple times He's wearing a black suit with a bag of food (the death anniversary of his dad?) He breaks in the door He looks a little out of it as well JA has her ear phones on and is shocked that he's there She tells him to get out but he insists on staying He offers food to his grandma JA tries to hit him with a glass bottle but he catches on -- Cuts scene to JH bruised and hurt sitting on the stairs replaying DH saying 'You're a good person' on her phone
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