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    Thank you for your feedback~ I used “could” because I am not sure myself. For me, there is simply no way to know! I have decided that my opinion about 503’s oozing chemistry and LSG and OYS individually will not be affected by this tiny detail. People are not robots or computer programs, they are not designed to respond to someone or something in a timely and definitive, clear-cut fashion. People could have conflicting feelings. They could get confused. Their response could be ambiguous, non-consistent. Their feeling could be fluid and transient. After all, that is what meant to be human beings. Therefore, I decided not to dwell on the “unnatural ness” of how the news broke and how the wording of the statement sounds and how strange things were the passed few days... I ship 503 couple because of their love story has touched a spot in my heart. It is not perfect, but it is so touching, heart-wrenching and sad. LSG and OYS have done a great job potraying the OG and Sanjang. I want 503’s love story to continue. I want them to have an happy ending. i ship LSG and OSY because I believe there are genuinely feelings between these two. And their character and personality and experience in life leads me to believe they are very compatible and would enjoy a lot of happiness together. If things eventually works out for them, that’s great. I will open a bottle of good wine and may even shed a few happy tears (oh, my old shipper’s heart). If it did not, it’s ok, not the end of the world. I wish them all the best in their career and all the happiness in life with their respective partners.
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    The dating with KB is obviously fishy. I believe in OYS that she would never let her hardworks all these years to recover and rebuild her image went into the drain. I mean why post a breaking news about dating but not include any pics?she is in the peak of her career, why would her company do that? how can someone meet and fall in love in less than a month? She is a woman in her 30s not some teenager who go gaga over a bad boy within one meeting. I don't want to relate everything with seungyeon all the time . I still can love my Seungyeon as JSM and SOG (can they give us a season 2 please please ?) but seriously this dating news still sounds ridiculous to me. i will just post my opinion here cos i despise those immature shippers who start bashing my girl or giving fake pity comments on LSG's ig. These two people don't owe you shippers anything so why should any of them be involve in immature shippers mess ?can't people support their careers .. since they have given viewers so much happiness and love through hwayugi? Shipping is harmless as long as you don't attack othe people so i'm still gonna love my 503 . If they are destined together they will find a way somehow... if not what can we do..time will tell maybe. cos no one ever knows..
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    I'm not surprised. Shippers are making their displeasure with the dating known very vocally. I expect her to be MIA for quite some time. I'm glad to see most of us are willing to see the storm blow over and support OYS and LSG, together and individually. You never know what the future holds.
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    She obviously is in distress.. a dating scandal is a past that hurt her so much. so i'm really really hoping that those immature ig shippers can stop maybe people like us should post supporting comments on her ig instead? let hwayugi and this couple leave a happy memory on us instead of making them get hurt
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    I have a split personality. One part of me wants to trust the decision of YS and maintains its relationship. The other part wants to see YS and LG together. Therefore, I decided not to torment myself and allow these desires to exist in parallel. As for immature shippers, they will calm down and there will be less of them. I think this is a possitive side for a happy shipping. Mature shippers understand that they are responsible for their dreams and calling celebrities to invoke responsibility is unreasonable. I like the relationship of Son O Gon and Asana (YS), I want to see them in similar roles in the action movie and thriller.
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    Long time lurker here. I think possibly KB and OYS went on a date or dates but is still really early days. I do wonder why KB agency announced it so quickly. Was it to gain extra publicity for KB? Given her previous experience when his agency confirmed they are dating she released a similar statement. I think she has integrity and wouldn’t throw him under a bus like her ex did to her. I’m not going to be surprised in a few months when they split due to busy schedules / army.
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    It thrills me that hjw is so focused on love and grandchildren in her life!! The interview has made me so happy!! She has set her heart on this and when hjw sets her mind on something there is no stopping her. If she wasn’t in a relationship I don’t think she would have answered the question with so much excitement and anticipation. Chingus I’m sure a wedding is on the way!! That in itself means so much to me. I want her dream about a husband, children and grandchildren to come true. I’m cheering for our warm namja to be the one and only for her!! Go MinWon! Love is everything! Hahaha @lilowon I agree with you. Grandma and grandpa MinWon. They really share the same dreams! Let’s Go! (just quoting kmh )
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    Did anyone need CPR after reading JW's intv?! hahaha...JW's most rewarding role, yes, none other than Genius Surgeon-Dr. SEJ...go ahead Jiwonnie mention your Hospital Ship..woot!! woot!! I just have one question, she said...she worked on it for 6 months?!...I thought it was less than 4 months...maybe she was giving us a clue of when she and MH started hahaha Okay how about the last question and her answer...JW was so excited to be called a grandmother...and the story she wanted to share with her granddaughter..."A Love Story" not just any love story, but her personal love story and she says, she'll do her very best to make it happen...which we believe is happening at this very moment...This also reminded me of how MH wants to have Cnblue grandpa band hahaha...oh these two are just killing me right now...if they wanna get to that stage, they need to get the ball rolling!!! Hello MinWon...get married, have kids then u become grandpa and grandma Ms. JW, you made a Promise...to tell your love story for your g-daughter, we'll hold you to that!! Thank you to Zaneta Cheng...Best Reporter/Interviewer ever!!!
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    After reading her interview, I'm now hoping for the marriage news directly. Just do it then announce.
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    Cant wait for this! Need to prepare some cotton candy, icecream and teokbokki while watching! Better to spread some lotus scents for a comfortable place to watch in!
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    Hello everyone, it's been a while since my last post. Just came back from my vacation Seoul & Tokyo. I'm beyond happy to read the full interview. Even the interviewer wished HJW good luck in persuit love. Mmmm.. could be she knew something.
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    I'm quite suspicious about the timing of dating news. It's released as soon as after CITT promotion ended. Seems like OYS's agency has already calculated this. And, if I'm not mistaken, LSG will have a fan meeting in Thailand on April 8th. I'm sure fan will ask him about Hwayugi, which was so hot recently. I'd like to know about his reaction when be asked about his fav scene. I wonder if it's still the kiss scene with OYS like before.
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    These!! Totally agreed. So Happy this thread still alive and 'hot' the bold line, I don't agreed with it. I don't think they have met before Hwayugi done. Well OYS has her own reason why she accepted KB and accept her agency choice to go public. It's not easy for her too to go public with her relationship. So please keep loving her and support her. And lets support LSG too even they are not together. If LSG-OYS are meant to be then one day we will got the good news (seriously i have the feeling somehow they will be together in future haha, weird right?) So hey lets keep support them now and forever. Well i love 503 and want this thread to stay alive as usual even though we have to respect OYS choices and lets be mature fans and classy shippers . Lets not be like immature fans who suddenly make hateful comment towards OYS and LSG after this dating news comes out. Group hugs chinguudul ❤️
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    I guess they started dating earlier than the day their mothers met together
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    In the interview, I just love how jiwon unnie is so committed to have her own wonderful love story to tell to her future grandkids. Im praying for her success on this. Making an effort to make it happen and make it all work out. I think this time around, she's not just leaving things about her love with 'destiny'. I really hope that she would be happy and proud to share her love story to all. SOON! I know she's always included in our prayers. P.S. I hope unnie's Mr.Right is our NinJa NamJa... But still, it's all up to unnie. If its meant to be, its really up to them. They both have our Love, Respect and Support.
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    Its ok to be delulu, here, chingu.. It keep our shipp on fire. And I think your analysis now is not delulu it was fact , that Wookie was sense Hyunnie hands and hold them automatically.....
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    Ha Ji Won is so romantic. It’s not just about meeting the love of her life it’s about telling a story of love for generations to come!
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    A thought just came to mind...why is Spring so important to MinWon?? could it be their One Year Anniversary?? So they want to get married on that date... that 6 months threw me off a bit hahaha Grandma and Grandpa MinWon...has a nice ring to it...don't you think?? they need to keep on drinking watermelon juice...to help them reach their goal of becoming grandparents
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    Most definitely they lurk here, MinWon loves to tease us...we're waiting for you MinWon!! When is the wedding day?? For JW's latest post...my guess would be, that that's her home, away from home...or more like it's MinWon's home, away from home MinWon Fighting!!! Bingo!!!
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    Yeah, when you're on your 30s we see things differently. it's not like emotions rule over us more than our head, we consider our future even if we have feelings for the other person. What I really wanted to know is if their agency is lying to us about the timeline, cause I don't buy it. Well, in our country, dating doesn't actually mean you are in a relationship already but just getting to know each other. I hope that is the case between them. it's okay to date but that doesn't mean you are already a couple.
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    Hope it won't take long for you to come back. (it means they will confirm as soon as they are ready... ). Tbh, I just don't care about fan war, i just do what I can do, as a responsible shipper. I have an expectation about their relationship (regarding of hints and facts here and there), but I understand if they do it secretly, or even though there's no relationship between them. And.... My conviction of their relationship is 75%..... We'll see... By the way, welcome back dear @pauliza Still .... We are pervy ninja shipper ..
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