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    Signs when you like someone. 1. SHE/HE SMILES AND LAUGHS AROUND YOU—A LOT This may seem simple, but if a girl/guy likes you, being around you is likely to put her/his in a good mood. If she’s/he's always smiling when you talk to her/him, and if she/he laughs at even your dumbest and pun-heavy jokes, that’s a sign. Credit: rose_atilia 2.SHE / HE DEVELOPS AN INTEREST IN YOUR INTERESTS credit: seungyeon_couple Credit:rose_atilia Credit: seungyeon_vietnam 3. SHE SAYS YOUR NAME...A LOT If a girl likes you, she probably spends a lot of time thinking about you or talking to her friends about you. All that time results in your name being on the tip of her tongue. “[If a girl likes you] she says your name a lot when she talks to you. Credit: rose_atilia 4. SHE/HE ACTS DIFFERENTLY TOWARDS YOU THAN OTHER GUYS /GIRLS The best way to tell if a girl/guy likes you is to compare how she/he treats other guys/girls with how she/he treats you. Credit:rose_atilia Our OTP expresses it all so even the tiniest hint cannot escape from the eyes of all seungyeon shippers. ( Daebak all have hawk eyes) .
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    Woaaah it's amazing, my four thumbs up for you, i love it , wow. Their kiss indeed so many. Please share another video once you make it again. Omo it could be, LSG call OYS baby and OYS call LSG cotton candy (somsatang) , omo cute hahaha Me too, need to pay extra attention to it haha Yeah he posted it on his ig. I would like to think it was OYS who took those pics. LSG :"Yeon-Seo-sshi can you please take a picture of me with your phone cause i didn't bring mine?" (The initial reason behind this is to make OYS has his picture on her phone) OYS : "Ah of course" LSG start to pose (he was trying hard to look sexy handsome to make OYS fall for him ) *this is just delulu guys don't take it serious haha*
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    LSG was supposed to hold OYS's hand to prevent her from removing GGG, but, why were they holding hand?
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    Lots of hints are being given by the OTP. LSG is talking seriously about marriage and settling down in MITH and OYS is being crazy cute with connections to SOG and Hwayugi. Dear TVN(maybe the OTP too) and Production house, you tried hard but failed to keep us from shipping the couple. We got suspicious and found the answer to their attraction anyway.
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    I swear I thought the same thing I was like to my sister hey I bet LSG worked out a lot before doing that shirtless scene in Hwayugi and my sister said which shirtless scene and I was like the bed scene and she said but he didn't even show his full body and I said do you think that he would not work out before appearing shirtless in front of his female co-star (in my mind I was like he really likes to show off so I'm like 20600108% sure that he worked out before doing that scene with OYS, his crush or should I say gf to be) On a side note can we appreciate his gorgeous body. Wow
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    Oh wait, and did OYS tiptoed for that hug? Seems like her body automatically reached LSG’s too.. their hug scene is so in sync..
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    The way his hand wiggles to tighten his grip around her waist. And how she tiptoes, snuggles and plants her head on his shoulder. THIS IS SO PRECIOUS GAH
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    This is my favourite hug too, aside from the backhug when JSM was jealous of SOG saying Summer Fairy was beautiful. The way LSG presses his head against OYS so affectionately will always make me swoon. In this one above, the hug just seems so natural. One puts her head on the others shoulder and the other one pulled her close with his hand on her back. And he never stops caressing her hair
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    Ahah, I'm sure LSG prepared himself before this back hug scene, making sure that his abs look good for his OYS Okay, my imagination went wild, stop me please!!!!
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    I noticed this too! She actually reaches up and put her head on LSG's shoulder (in hugging, one do that to press your body fully against your partner) which is breaking her character as JSM at that point because her next words are "Do you think this is enough?" In that context, she should have just stayed still when SOG hugged her but she didn't. It's also another evidence of heart over body/mind I guess, this time on OYS's part Sorry if I'm being delulu haha
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    Almost Kdrama I had seen, hardly to see such a tight hug like that. Actors usually try to stand so far that their body not to touch each other. But no! OYS tried lifting her legs to put chin on LSG's shoulder. And, LSG pulled his hand on her back tightly. Omo. What a sweet hug more than real life. Love it
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    Waaoooooooo oOmonaaa.. oh my God... this this this.. they have feeling each other please married in the middle of next years... thanks @OMihO
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    I think we are coming to the conclusion that LSG has no control over himself around OYS.
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    Keep voting guys. They're leading category 1. I just realized that category 1 got the most votes. And it's nice to know that our couple leads the poll
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    Since this thread moved, I didn't bother about the ending of Hwayugi (moving to fav scenes analysis phase) And, I was so busy to catch up all your cmts here. Now, I'm very excited waiting for the end of LSG-OYS in real life. I really would like to see them together early one again to know how would they react to each other after filming Hwayugi So, I actively voted for them in "The best Kdrama couple 2018" Link: https://namesns.com/m/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569 The vote based on IP, not user. So, I used all my equipments to vote. I also intend to ask my friends and colleagues for help but I'm afraid of being deride like a crazy one (In fact, I was crazy because of our couple so much). I was even stealthy to watch your vids here, what would they think if they caught me watching those hot scenes like that Recent time, my main job is to: 1. Wake up, take my phone and vote. 2. Go to office, turn on my computer and vote. 3. After finishing work, back home, turn on my laptop and vote I voted for uri couple 30 times/day
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    Yes, we're doing very good even thought we don't have any bts Nothing will stay unseen from shippers hawk eyes Fighting!
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    Part 2: Prologue~an event or act that leads to another Never forget the memories that once made you smile "I like it when you smile. But I LOVE it when I'm the reason." No one knows the ending of every love story. Some thinks it will end up happy, but they will find out soon that it is not. Some thinks it will end soon, but to their surprise it ends happily. Love is mysterious. It will not reveal itself until it is not the right time... Nam Ji Hyun Almost Confirmed To Play Ji Chang Wook’s Love Interest In New SBS Drama JiwonYu March 28, 2017 (in early celebration of 28 March 2018 1 year of this article) Note: Never forget the memories that once made you smile ( i need to stress this sentence coz it also implies to us chingus shippers here in this thread, IG, Twitter-let us be a responsible shipper, rational shipper, delulu as much as we can with the limit not to harm both in/with their real life, careers & future life ahead, let support them together as an explosive chemistry couple we ever encounter in K-Drama, & as individually excellent talented actor and actress suited themselves, please do remember the memories they bring us together as they are the one made us smiles with their playful bts, how we going "rara" / turtle dance maybe lol with their kiss scene/bts, & almost a year we spazz analyse about them like no tomorrow..) Lets get together & unite to bring those happiness back to this ship.. another long post from me.. mianhe chingus.. IG & pic credit ti owner to be continue
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    Oh yes, me too! Haven't visited in a while. Too many things to catch up lol I think both are equally nervous, and shy. Especially if they are feeling the attraction to each other, intimate scenes like this will make it more unbearable. Thankfully (or unfortunately in their case lol), there's like an army of staffs around them so they'll have to really control their expression and body movement. But there's no doubt in my mind that the tenderness in the ring finger kiss is real, and their voice in that scene too, it's definitely the winner
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