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    Right when the truck kiss scene started, JK went “Heollll~~~”. HK: “Rushing filming scene”. Jiwon: “You filmed it in a rush?”. HK: “Yeah, coz the sun was going down”. Lee PD: “It was only filmed in 30 minutes”. JK (to Jin Goo): “There was a parody of this scene too right hyung?” and both of them laughed about how the parody showed Sijin and Moyeon bumping into each other everytime they came close to kiss. And HK admitted that the parody was kinda similar to the filming process. JK then said that FD Kwangshik was the one driving the truck at that time and he tried his best to drive slowly. JK then said that he regretted about failing to do adlibs due to the rushing filming. They all laughed at the after-kiss-scene and Lee PD said JK’s head bumping was really painful. Jealous scene: Jiwon: “This was really funny”. JG: “JK was reallyyyyy fast”. Kim Eun Sook: “When writing this scene) we discussed about when they had the meeting (Sijin, Daeyoung and the 2 stewardesses) because after (Sijin and Moyeon) breaking up, they went right away to Uruk. Like “right after breaking up, Sijin went to that meeting?”” . Kim Won Suk joked that Sijin and Daeyoung did that after the shower talk. When she admitted two of them had most NGs Lee PD asked: “Myungjoo didn’t take many NGs. Don’t you wanna laugh?”. Jiwon: “I want to laugh so much but I tried to stand it coz there was not much time”. JK: “I’m sorry”. Kim Eun Sook: “You made many NGs?” JK: “I did many times”. Lee PD: “Everytime we ran out of time, there were NGs”. Kim Eun Sook: “Who made most NGs among these four?”. JK: “That must probably be me”. HK: “It seems that us two (she and JK) made most NGs”. JK: “May be I was #1”. Kim Eun sook: “You had most lines”. Again right when this scene started, JK went: “Ahh, this scene”. Kim Eun Sook: “Seems like Sijin laugh for real in this scene”. JK: “Yeah I laughed for real”. HK: “When you appeared to film, you was like waiting to see how I am going to act this out”. JK: “Oh?”. HK: “Your face expression was like “let’s see how you are going to do with this scene””. JK: “Me? Noona’s acting?”. HK: “Uhm”. When Moyeon said: "Your ideal type" After Moyeon said her blood type is “you ideal type”, JK smiled brightly while looking at the screening and Kim Won Suk (talk abt Sijin’s laugh) said: “He really liked it”. Then after “doll type”, HK: “I’m sorry… Hahaha”. Kim Eun Sook revealed that originally this scene was supposed to have serious answer, not beauty type or doll type whatever. Actually they planned that Moyeon would answer: “I’m blood type B”. But when Kim Eun Sook was going with ‘blood type B”, one of them(I think the scripwriters) mentioned: “But Sijin is type A”. Kim Eun Sook then asked: “how do you know” only to realized later that it was on his uniform. So after that Kim Eun Sook changed the dialogue to ‘doll type, beauty type’. In the surgery scene, when blood splashed to Moyeon and Myungjoo’s face, Kim Won Suk asked if that was blood or CG and the latter confirmed it was real. Lee PD said that in the first take, the blood also went to Moyeon’s eyes so they refilmed it (so that it would be reasonable that only Myungjoo caught the virus). HK said that her eyes were all red because of fake blood. They were talking about why they cut the hugging part of Sijin and Moyeon in that episode (I translated it before). Lee PD said the emotion in that scene was really good but Kim Eun Sook decided to cut it out because she was worried. Then HK said sth about appearing well on screen but in fact when filming that scene both she and JK tried to hold it in (like trying not to laugh or sth like that, this part is just based on my guess) and JK then sighed about their playfulness on set. JK kept complimenting Argus about his coolness in the rescueing scene. He said: “How can a simple ‘no thank you sounds so cool. That hyung is really cool”. When Kim Eun Sook was talking abt this scene, JK suddenly said: “There was a parody of this scene too but she died” and everyone laughed. (yeah JK seems to follow those parodies well). HK: “Who died? Moyeon?”. JK: “Yeah, he shot Moyeon to death by mistake”. HK: “Where?”. JK: “On SNS”. HK: “I have to watch that later”. ~~~ I'm nearly done with this group commentary already, can't believe it ~~~ Bye, guys.
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    1-I'd love it to be my nightmare too!! hhhhh 2-not helping!!...but yeah I was surprised seeing him fighting pretty good against Hyun Soo till he lost to him!!... 3-having Mr.Bang showing up at that time can be the start of his fall, he didn't expect to have him there and he didn't have much time to clean after him I believe knowing someone (No Ji Wook) is heading there so he could've left without cleaning behind him as good as he should and he lost Chun Ho's help in these matters so he'll start losing more of his cool and will get more anxious trying to hide his traces which will help our team to catch him eventually!! I'll stay in denial till I'm proved wrong!! oh yeah I loved it too how crazy is it that I'm excited for his show down against Hyun Soo though I'm terrified too!! on a brighter/funny note!! Now that I know that CEO Byun was Ji Wook’s adoptive dad all along, these conversations feel funnier. What a disrespectful son! LMAO! Also, it’s important to note that Ji Wook actually feels free to act this way because he was so loved by his adoptive parents. We all know how strained the relationship between a male lead and his rich dad can usually be in dramas. But we don’t see any of that here. He grew up in a very loving household and I find this so refreshing. P.S. His parents deserve a lot of credit for raising him to be the amazing man that he is today. cr: riya-in-the-valley I so love CEO and the mother for raising my No Ji Wook like they did!! @bebebisous33 owww hope you're better now chingu!! take your time, we'll be waiting patiently for your posts!!
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    Currently heard there are some updates from the FM: HJ danced TT in the fm though is the same standard as JS...meaning don't expect too much from there. There are some celebrities showing support for HJ by appearing in video messages e.g 2pm Junho, Ji Jin Hee, Bae Soo Bin, Han Ji Min, Lee Seung Gi and not to forget our Jong Suk too (But this have to be confirmed...as we have yet to see any video on these, so keep on waiting )
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    @evie7 glad you like the strip ....and yes, happy to be stripping Wookie too!
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    Because I'm in denial and I strongly believe that Chief Bang is not dead unless I see it with my own eyes (BUT NO PLS I DON'T WANT THAT), here's a cute and adorable Ji Wook
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    Actually I was thinking if there will be a MOLS 2, i hope it will not go the typical route. Usually the magic lies in the 1st part and when they make a 2nd season, it will usually be not as good and would have lost its magic. For example, it would always involve a third party, misunderstandings between the leads and finally they would patch up and usually that kind of drama tend not to be so well executed. MOLS was quite entertaining and the elements of the third party in this case, the Princess, was not the dragged out too long which i thought was good. If you guys want a MOLS 2, what will be the ideal storyline? Ondal trying to adjust to the modern world? What about the romance side? The typical third party trying to get between them? Because personally i will hate that. For me i dont mind not having a MOLS season 2 but what i would want to see is probably a special episode where they talk about the BTS, interview the cast etc or an extended episode which shows how Ondal is in the modern world. What would you want to see? By the way, this forum is read by many people shippers and even haters read this forum. This is why i will caution you guys to be careful about what is written here. Yeah the usual people in the forum know how to keep it here and are not fazed by rumours but you see there are many other readers who tend to overreact either to cause trouble or because they get easily affected. I saw someone asking in SY's IG if that earlier 'rumour' about her with a singer is true. So obviously she/he read that here. Now let me address 'that' person and any other person reading this forum: Please dont take what is written here to start bugging people's IGs. That is not the intention of our forum. If you have a question, ask it here. Now addressing that rumour, well that person has disappeared right? Someone asked that person to provide more details but where is that person now? And like i said, i question the intent and the truth. Even if SY or JH is dating someone else, so what? I dont understand why people go to a celeb's IG and asked questions like... Why arent you dating so and so. Please marry so and so. Why didnt you show support for so and so. Let me ask... what do you expect? An answer from the celeb? So to all those people out there who read our forum, just enjoy the shipping and not react in the slightest about what is shared.
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    Lemme get this outta the way first... Something happened in Bali: And it didn't stay just there. It may take a couple of days for the news to reach our subterranean and outer space friends, but that's about it. Everybody else is waxing hysterical about this vacation that has been the polar opposite of LA. And how? Song 'Samurai' Hye Kyo let herself be found. Fully conscious of the speculations, rumors, theories and hopes, she let herself be found in the next hot-off-the-press deal with Joong Ki. She has been progressively a lot less subtle and considering how incognito she can get when she wants to, this is a big, big thing. The fact that both aren't particularly bothered to beat around the bushes anymore is a harbinger to very happy news indeed. Ki definitely can't be bothered about it anymore. He has sent enough signs our way to create the port ourselves. The other half: He has always been more obvious of the two and, looking back, I have come to appreciate just how deliberate and validating his intentions were. Ever since he has been with Kyo, his only end goal has been to make her his... and to become hers. LA date was the only camouflage he allowed himself with respect to the fragile beginnings. When the news became public, it merely strengthened his resolve. Right off the bat, he upped the stakes at Baeksang, his body language and gestures crossing the point of no return, at least none without damaging consequences. If this were a lesser man, one would think the thoroughly possessive behaviour was almost an act of defiance in the face of odds and doubts. But this is Ki, and the only thing he does to please the crowds is what he does on the job. The bar was set so high that night that very few would gamble on more damning evidence. But he did the impossible and showed us well and good how it's done right. With every appearance together, he was more the 'oppa'- twining, binding, sealing their association and their fates tighter and stronger. Until the one person who needed the assurance and the promise got it- he was here to stay, with her, for good. Closet Romantic: I've found Ki more romantic that Captain Yoo. There, I said it. He is welcome to refute it until cows come home, and maybe from his perspective it genuinely does seem that way. When Kyo tossed over the ball into his court with her views on marriage, men and dating, I was highly anticipating a blistering serve. And, oh lord, how it came. He went all out and declared himself as good as taken. Spoke words that, again, breached the point of no return. He wants to get married, he wants to have a family, he wants to have it all with her. A love worth having is a love worth fighting for. There are no half measures when one's heart is in the fray.
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    All the posts here specially about how HS seems to appear in public, less touchy with others, looking/behaving more mature and BY exuding a lovelier glow, a happier heart and livelier interaction in her broadcasts. Say what others will if it is just delulu or not, but cant deny these two are happy. Besides, both their managers are being kept busy...helping with their ninja mode is hard work...
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    Halo halo, excerpts from chapter 95: When bad luck befell. (the bathroom scene.) Chu Qiao's head ached when she realized outside was brightly lit and everywhere was patrolled by soldiers. Even with her skills she won't be able to make an escape. She clenched her teeth as she recalled the despicable unknown fellow she encountered a while ago."Don't ever let me see u again!" she mumbled to herself. Her hand clutched at the diamond-shaped jade pendant which she managed to obtained during the fight with him a while ago. Although she didn't had a clear view of him during the fight, she has faith that she'll be able to investigate his identity in no time. By the way she can ask around whom is the chatelain general was inviting to the banquet and by then she'll find out. She'll sure repay him for what has been done!>~<. (actually during the fight Yy accidentally grabbed her by her bosoms) Suddenly she heard a sweet and charming voice of a lady. Hastily, Chu Qiao hide behind the folding screen. Apparently the lady of this opulent chamber is waking up. The lady's bosoms were half exposed in her skimpy outfit. She was stretching herself as she headed towards the screen. Chu Qiao went numb. There' s no time to hide at all when the two meet eyes! The lady was ready to shout but to no avail as Chu Qiao's hand knocked at her neck. The lady's eyes rolled and fell down onto the floor like a rag doll, fainted. Chu Qiao sighed with relief, "Looks like I'll be safe for tonight". Just when she has finished bundled up the lady, she heard people approaching. Chu Qiao was stunned as she heard the chatelain disgusted voice," My lord, inside this room is the new slave girl I've bought. She's still a virgin, no one has touch before. At your service." Damn! Chu Qiao was speechless, her eyes staring outside the brightly lit surrounding! A gush of wind blown in as the door was pushed open. At once sweet fragrance of cedar wood fills the air. Apparently he had aldy changed his attire. Dark and gold colored long robe. Beneath the robe, he wore a pair of shoes with the dragon embroidery. The intricate handwork was sewn with the same color thread which will easily go unnoticed if one doesn't pay attention to its detail. Yet, it gave an air of impeccable authority. The room was dimmed with only 2 lanterns covered with pink chiffon shades lit at the north west corner, resulting an aura of sexual intensity. The lady dressed in pink chiffon was bowing respectfully with head on the floor when she saw them entering the room. From the view at above, her neck slender and graceful as a swan, her skin fair and smooth. The chatelain paled as he pretended to stay calm, "Have a good rest my lord, allow me to excuse myself." The gentleman nodded, his voice deep as he spoke, " I'm in gratitude to your hospitality." The chatelain nodded with due respect and a few words of flatter. Before he walked out, he turned to the lady who was still bowing, "Serve his grace with all your best. Understand?" The lady hastily lowered her body, her actions careful with respect. Her voice soft as she meekly answered, "Yes." Her voice was charming, gentle as water, humble with meekness. She sounded as if she'd just woke up from sleep, with a slight deep nasal tone. The gentleman didn't noticed while the chatelain never take it to the heart as he excused himself and shut the door closed. Sounds of footsteps gradually fading, but still she knows there're at least over 20 more soldiers guarding around. And these soldiers are no ordinary people, they are all well trained with skillful martial arts. Candlelight danced in the dim interior. In the opposite placed an extra large bed. It's explained to be extra large because, it doesn't look like a bed. It's like a concrete slab raised up from the floor level. Even with up 5 to 6 person, the bed wouldn't Come close as crowded. The bed above was hang with red cloths, the blanket warm and the pillow soft. In front of the bed hanged draperies of red and beaded curtains. There wasn't any breeze yet the beaded curtains were swaying gently under the dimmed lights, thus resulting the unspeakable opulence. The gentleman headed towards the bed, he lifted up the beaded curtains, his expression uninterested. He sat onto the bed, casually lying down, looking at the lady who's still bowing at the door. His tone casually sounded, "Are you going to come over?" His voice was deep with heavy nasal tone. It's as if he was having a cold, his breathing slightly heavy. The lady heard him and murmured yes, then heads down as she knelt all the way to him. When she has reached his side, her small soft hands lifted up his leg and begin to take off his shoe. As she was about to take off the other shoe, the gentleman kicked off her hands to stop her actions. He wasn't that harsh yet she was pushed away. Trembled with fear she knelt on the floor, not daring to lift up her head. He was on the bed, frowning as he looked at her. His face darkened with anger and unexplainable disappointment. However amidst of these feelings, he was relief. There's no need to study her anymore, he looked up at the rooftop. He should have known that it's too much of an asking to have think it's she. She will never be so easily captured by others. She is one who can escaped even when she was badly hurt. There's no way she will be this meek and humble to serve someone. But the female assassin a while ago..with the same tone and skillful martial arts.. At this moment he was 80% sure of her identity. He was angry with himself when he thought of this. The heavy rain downpour must have been the cause of his stupidity! Whatever that may be, he hadn't send troupes to capture the assassin tonight. It's strange as he didn't know what's hindering him. Is it that he doesn't want to cause troubles or the 20% of uncertainties or just because he doesn't want others to capture her? Not wanted to think too much, he suddenly stood up, heading towards the large bathing pool behind the screen, undressing himself all the way. With only his flimsy white undergarment, his dark hair was let down swaying at his back, his skin fair and lips red, his eyes darkened, exuding the devilish charm of a handsome man. "it's after all just a woman," he thought to himself. "I just want to take back what's belonging to me," Candlelights flickered. He took off the last piece of his garment, revealing his broad shoulders. Naked, he walked towards the screen, where there's the connecting door to the bathing pool. Once the door was pushed open, the steam from another room warmed up the surroundings. Chu Qiao's head was lowered all the time. She didn't look at him once. Yes, this lady dressed in pink is indeed Chu Qiao. There're too many soldiers outside just now. It's an impossible task for her to rush out even if she's having the AK607 rifle right then. It's already an impossible task to get out of the room alone, what's more to say to get out of this mansion and the city?! Plus, there're too many soldiers outside the city now hunting for the assassin. This already stated that the man she fought with just now was definitely one cannot meddled with. In haste, she can only opt for this choice. To hide that lady, changed into her clothes to beguile them into believing her as the slave girl. And she has succeeded. The chatelain believed and the man before her wasn't interested in her. A smile lifted at the corner of her mouth. She was feeling overly great with her little achievement, hoping that this man whom has spoilt her plans too many times tonight will send her out. And then, she can walk away freely even amidst the soldiers! "You. Come over." Extreme joy turns to sorrow! Just when Chu Qiao was in the realms of her sweet dreams, he called out from the bathroom in his deep voice, "Come over and scrub my back." Her expressions lightened up. She frowned as she thought, Shall I go over quietly and get rid of him with the knife? But what the man said later on stops her plan. "Afterthat you may go out." It's better not to make troubles. Chu Qiao felt a relief of joy, heading towards in a manner of a slave servant. (I will try to continue tonight ya)
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    Y'all!!! This no cut kiss on YT from SBS catch already has 1 Million views in less than 2 weeks. Lol Srsly people??? I'll be honest and I'm guilty of rewatching this countless times. Who else are also guilty?
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    He didn't seem very close to LSK and the others on the set. I wouldn't be surprised if he was invited and declined it. The only one (among the hoobaes) he seemed comfortable with during Doctors was PSH. He already has her personal phone number so he doesn't need the chat group!!!
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    hhhhhhhhhh he's desperate to have private time with his girlfriend!! cute!! When you want to spend time with your girlfriend but other people won’t leave. cr: lovewls this is off topic:
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    @sharreb Sorry guys for not writing this week, but due to health issues I was unable to do anything. On the other hand, I was glad that my absence had been noticed. I'll write later more. Have patience chingus!
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    Have you guys seen this? It's an article online from straitstimes.com and Puppy Couple was included In love or just teasing? Some celebrities keep fans wondering if their chemistry is for real or only for reel Published: Jun 11, 2017, 5:00 am SGT Others are hoping that the make-believe romance between K-drama leads Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik is real. These much-hyped pairings are referred to as ships, derived from the word relationship and describe a romantic relationship endorsed by fans. South Korean actress Park Bo Young, 27, and South Korean actor Park Hyung Sik, 25 South Korean actress Park Bo Young, 27, and South Korean actor Park Hyung Sik, 25. PHOTO: VIU A collective sigh of disappointment could be heard when the leads of K-drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017) denied they were dating. ( ME: OF COURSE THEY WILL NOT CONFIRM THEY ARE DATING ) How could the sizzling on-screen chemistry not boil over into real life? Evidence of the couple's romance is all over social media, courtesy of fans' investigations. ( ) A viral video captured a sweet moment between the pair at Plaza Singapura here in April. Sadly, it was not a mall date, but a public appearance for a South Korea travel fair. Hyung Sik went to the rescue of his petite princess Bo Young, lowering a high stool for the 1.58m-tall actress because she was struggling to sit on the chair. Cue gushing. link: http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/in-love-or-just-teasing
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    Some excerpts from FM, translation thanks to @adeleyam_ TWITTER. During the video msg, LSG persuaded her to do the 3 stage aegyo.. and she did it shyly even tho she said she doesn't want. (this reminds me when she did the same during their interview with MBC.) HJ said every time she's at the airport she's always so nervous then she will play games with staff or use snow app to relay anxiety FM is over 3hrs, changed 3sets of clothes, expensive items as presents, even went Hawaii to buy gifts. HJ insisted on letting PKL be the mc, if she's unable to make it HJ will change her FM date just for her, PKL agreed because it's HJ BH boss was there and said she will be busy in the meantime, so next FM will be 2yrs later And here is the real reason about Choi manager and his IG... (well, although we already knew, but he's really funny.) He deactivated his IG because he wanted to rest, he said being popular is also so tired.
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    So this is why you didn't show up..hope you will get better soon!!! take care wish you speed recovery ~~ hahaha your comment about the highschool students made my day I still can't accept that JCW isn't as good at fighting as what he used to be in his previous dramas healer, the k2, warrior BDS,.. That was JW's reaction after telling EBH abt his dad, i can't wait till he tell her bout his mother..the situation will be more awkward since JW is mummy's boy
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    I check this thread and Song Song news everyday but barely celebrate with anyone. However seeing them having their time together in Bali and reading your comments make me smile. Happy shipping, everyone! Such a good day to work on translating, wait for me a little bit if you don't mind another lacking translation. P/s: kind of dejavu when seeing that comment talking about privacy of SS. I remember Sigang disappeared after some comment like that. Well, if shippers can't talk abt theirr ship in a SS dedicated thread, I wonder what is this thread for. Just saying, I mean no harm.
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    They still keep in touch so I guess they still use their chat group to communicate! I hope for a Doctors reunion with the pd, the writer, psh and...krw...and a selfie of course!!!! Please...make it real!!!!
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    I can't believe MOLS was just released last week because I already lost count on times I have watched it. I still totally enjoyed watching MOLS so far! As some of Brownies here has been happily sharing their favourite scenes, I would love to share mine too. But I really can't make up my mind and choose the best for me! I just love every scene they are together. Everytime I watch, I find myself focus on different details ! I will eventually share my thoughts about each scene together with my finds Omooo, I love how caring JH towards SY . In some scenes where they are fighting, do you notice how protective and caring JH is? Those protective gestures are like his instinct and definitely not scripted! In ep2, when SY made the "roll over" ( haha, I can't find better word, or I should say their "judo 2.0 scene" ??? ) then they fell on the floor, JH tightly hold SY's waist. He's probably afraid she fell out of him and got hurt . Another lovely scene I noticed is JH kept his grip on SY's shoulder, protected her head / back to fall so hard on the floor! I know there must be cushion for SY to fall onto, however, hahaha let's say, you cant help but being protective towards your precious belongings, JH? There are a lot of things I want to share more, but let's call it a post now. BTW, I laughed so hard watching this scene, and I am still laughing right now! It's so hilarious! Thanks to IG account who recap scene from MOLS.
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    Oh thanks to the translation, now everything makes sense, the only thing IG translated well is the part of "I love you all too" so it seems like he went to dinner last night at a chicken restaurant and he found that board with all sweet messages from his fans !! So he tells us that he loves us too, and his last post just says "Don't get sick Stone" (his dog)... well I suppose his last two posts are from last night, because even in the one that he's with his dog, through the window it is seen that it's night, right now in Korea it's 12:00 p.m ... so I'm pretty sure all the pics are from last night. It is good to see him so active yesterday and today. Why no one has posted yet, HyoJoo's pics with good quality with this yellow dress??
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    Many thanks to all chingus who have shared photos of HJ FM. The stage was cozy, pinky, so princess-like. And our HJ looked so cute and lovely like a teenage girl, I wonder where is HJ oppa, may be JS blew that oppa vibe of her out to somewhere The way she danced TT, the way she pouted her lip...were very adorable and resembled JS. Even though it may be only a coincidence, I am still happy with the fact that she wore white sweater and white skirt today I'm waiting to see JS video message shown in the FM, if he really did that, I wonder what he said and how he behaved when delivering the message
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    I think I have enjoyed lurking for the first time more than posting. Most likely and thanks to all of you for allowing me to sit back and relive some beautiful memories of my WGM days which felt as if I was watching fireworks go off one post at a time.... There has already been so many amazing words written about our JH & SY who took on characters in MOLS. But somehow it's as if I had gone back through time and once again was experiencing all those mannerisms. I was so used to and can remember as if it were yesterday. Those second glances, the softness within their voices, that although lines were being said it's as if the words were coming from their hearts not their minds. That feeling that they were like two magnets who couldn't get close enough and the scent of their personalities still so perfect for one another... Made even more beautiful because what was different, was the passion that had been held back during WGM felt as if it had been set free... It showed in every kiss that was given and even more in how it was received. Every touch, embrace and even the way they looked it was so free flowing as if it was as natural as breathing to them. And you all know what I mean... Just seeing them like that together once again was more than I could ever have asked for. It made me think about how amazing it made all of us feel. Can we even imagine what it must have been like for them.... Talk about the greatest most awaited ultimate energizing experience!!! Paradise wouldn't even come close to this. In being able to move one step beyond WGM to freely kiss with no worries because after all it's only acting ( WINK WINK ) RIGHT??? LOL IN THEIR DREAMS... NO WAY!!!! NO POSSIBLE WAY!!! AND IF I AM CALLED THE QUEEN FAIRY SO BE IT!!! I TAKE IT PROUDLY!!! Yes, there is kissing in KDRAMA but most of the time seen with little or no passion and surly not with ones arm snugly wrapped around the girl in that manor it just felt as if JH was placing his mark, his claim to all those watching that SY was indeed his. It was their first leads and he would give not just us, but SY moments of kissing & passion she would never forget!!! And to be honest I don't think we will either!!! I dare say that it may never be matched... For how does one match what comes natural from deep within. The very fact that passion came out so loudly almost as if they were screaming it to the world that no one could deny what was being seen and felt right in front of our own eyes... There is no going back although I admit change can take place at any moment. For life & love can leave as quickly as it came. Yet for me I will always believe that what they created and started during WGM found it's way to MOLS continued and became stronger. I hope there is a MOLS 2 because I think there is still so much magic that they can easily create. They are like a spark that starts our hearts in motion. Leaves us with this lingering feeling that we have not only seen something unique but in a sense knowing there is still so much more of them and this thing called love for us to see... Love to all Brownies what a sweet time for us
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    ctto I just wish them all the happiness. I think they're good people and the reason why i'm shipping them hard is how happy they look together. They are so adorable that I want to give them a hug. Lol.
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    i hope he is still in the chat group it is so strange that we never seen him having reunion with them. not even once? eyy..
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    I am happy to help with the translations and glad that we have more fans subbing My Secret Romance related videos. It takes more time and effort to make subbed videos. Their translations should be much better than mine. I often just type whatever I can catch and then translate so I may have a lot of typos and grammar errors. I believe God In Media may have filmed clips of the fan meeting. Perhaps they will surprise us fans with some clips in the future. Just want to share a short translation of a Chinese article (from HK01) I found relating to the fan meeting (June 12, 2017). It's not much but they mentioned that during the fan meeting, Sunghoon and Jieun reviewed some name (popular) scenes from My Secret Romance with fans. Fans watched the "pink sweetness" scene and all were cheering and screaming causing Jieun to be really shy and just smile/laughing. [Chinese translation usually use the word Pink Sweetness or Pink Bubble to describe the term similar like "heart fluttering sweetness"] The news article mentioned even 10 fingers were not enough to count those sweet name scenes. Out of all the sweet scenes, both Sunghoon and Jieun said they like the Pool Kiss scene from episode 8. Both also had a sweet smile when mentioning the scene making everyone to suspect they're still indulge in the sweetness of that scene. It says, Sunghoon confidently said he is a good kisser before, they believe he may have used his great kissing skills in this Pool Kiss scene.
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    Chapter 95 - 2nd time for story update A gush of hot air swept through her face when she opened the door. Everywhere was filled with white steam, disabling one to see and breathe properly. Chu Qiao's eyebrows knitted together in a frown. She was about to get in when he ordered, "take off ur shoes" Truly as unexpected, wet warmth from beneath the ground had soaked her shoes wet. Chu Qiao quickly stepped backwards, took of her wet shoes and went in bare footed. The bathroom was exceptionally large, almost the same size of the bedroom next door. But from the view outside, one have never expected that behind the screen the room will be so spacious. In the middle of the bathroom, there's a bathtub with the size of a swimming pool. 3 corners of the pool was surrounded by 4 stone sculptures of beauties in half naked with seductive gestures in each corner. Hot water gushing out from behind of these sculptures into the bathing pool, then leaking out the room through drain pipes. Chu Qiao estimated, if the pool water was filled by man power, it will be a difficult task. Moreover the water's temperature was high. Judging from the technique at that time, the water will get cold before it gets to the pool, and it wouldn't resulted any steam. Apparently the pool was constructed above the hot spring. The chatelain was a man of pleasure. He has generously employed workers to dig the ground to lead in the hot water for this manmade hot spring bathing pool. The pipes for the hot water was made with bronze and steel, with coals burning them til red hot. The moment when the water flowed in, great white steams will blown out. The surrounding of the bathroom was lighted with lanterns but the lights were dimmed. On the walls, there are some murals. All of them paintings of temptress naked with important private parts covered posing in seductive gestures. Chu Qiao had no idea whether is the high temperature or some other reasons, she found herself blushing red. At once she averted her gaze, not daring to look at the murals anymore. At the far end of the bathing pool, there's a raise platform. Underneath the platform were coals burning which will warmed up the bed placed on the platform. Ontop the bed, placed a white bear's fur coat. At both sides of the bed fruits, wine and meat were prepared. With a glance, Chu Qiao knew what were all these for. With the coals heating up the bed, the fur coat is ensuring dried at all times. All these are just for the convenience of a man's pleasure with their slave girls. "Are you dead?" his voice echoed in the room. Even with deep nasal voice, it didn't covered his air of authority. Chapter 95 - 3rd time for story update Chu Qiao rolled her eyes upwards. "I'll scrub off your skin!" She then headed in bare footed. As she near the pool, great white steams blurred her vision. When she got to the pool side, she basically cannot see her own fingers. Chu Qiao reached out blindly, her feet testing the ground. Mists are all over causing her unable to determine the whereabouts of the pool side. Suddenly, a resounding "Shoosh!" echoed in the room. It was Chu Qiao who slipped and lost her balance. She fell into the pool. In actual fact, with her skills she could easily even herself but having to reconsider there's another skilled fighter whom she'd no confident in winning, Chu Qiao can only let herself fall into the pool. With a bitter face, she suppressed the guts to retort. However, just at the right moment, a hand reached out on time to grab her by her waist. She felt the sense of great power, spinning her around with a push, enabling Chu Qiao to kneel with stability beside the poolside. "You are only here to scrub my back. Don't try to be funny." His deep voice filled the steamy air. He sounded cold with distaste. Obviously, he thought she was trying to seduce him with her little gimmick. Chu Qiao took a deep breath suppressing her anger as she made ways kneeling by the pool side. She tried to look for the towel left and right to no avail. Her forehead was beaming with sweat, her brows slowly knitted together. There's sound of swooshing water. Although she can't see at all, she can still feel the man before her has turned around. In the mist, Chu Qiao can even feel his sharp glares of impatience. As they have spoken earlier after the fight, Chu Qiao deliberate changed her tonality in fear that he will recognized her voice. Her tone sweet and soft with cautious, "My lord, would you allow me to give you a massage?" The man in front remained silent. He turned around giving her a silent permission. Chu Qiao rolled her sleeves, stretching out her little hands to give the young man a massage. In order to be a top notch agent, one needs to be perfect at role-play with different identity in different environment. Especially when you are a female special agent. In certain task, they'll be sacrifices made due to gender issue. Chu Qiao had been trained with the proper masseur's skill afore hand during her agent days. She hadn't been in practice for quite sometime and was glad her skills was not wasted. Soon, her modern days massage technique has succeeded in pleasing the man before her. She knew because his tensed muscles were slowly relaxing. Chuqiao knew he was slowly calming down. Although she can't see his expression, she still have to admit that he has a great figure. Perhaps she can't use the word "great" to explain this. His muscle was tone and solid but wasn't as terribly muscular like those martial art masters. He has a perfect body lines, smooth and healthy, not a bit less, not an inch more with an intellectual touch of a scholar and the beauty of manliness. Just from the view of his upper body, she can tell from his height, broad shoulders, tight waist and long legs, with addition that he has no fats at all, this man exercised well. Chu Qiao's aching shoulders is the proof of his excellent skill in martial arts. Using the pail, she scooped the hot water and rinse from his shoulders. Water traveling down to his spine, disappearing into the pool. Chu Qiao's fingers consistently massaging him. Unlike ordinary subservient servant girl, her wrists were of strength, knowing the whereabouts of the acupoint while her skills professional. She overheard him taking a deep breath, and leaned backwards. His head rested on her laps with intention of a short nap. Chu Qiao frowned deeply but she can't do anything for she knew he was skillful. Even with all her might, she might not be able to get away unharmed. If she kills him when he wasn't not aware, she wouldn't be able to make it with the guards surrounded outside. Moreover her plans was to rescue Cai Qin whom she hasn't any clue of her whereabouts. (note: Chu Qiao still have 2 sisters sold to other families) Suppressing down her burning rage, she continued to massage him on his shoulders. Within a short time frame, she was all sweat. The task was much more tiring than practicing Kung fu!
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    Well, it's just sayin' that our puppy couple is still a HOT issue even after their SWDBS...the writer just seen the "lowering of stool" during the SG mall tour though but the behaviour displayed by the lovebirds esp PHS brought a lot of shippers to unite.They can't blame us if we can't move on to another K-drama team-up.the last photo PHS IG is in ninja pix and still, his behaviour in accepting the flower crown during his cafe fan meet is still genuine and the slip of PBY of uri and full of happiness and excitement cannot be denied. all the shippers here already proven that there's something special going on and couple are truly happy of dropping us hints. They just begin to enjoy the real PBY and PHS relationship after Bong Soon and Ah Min Hyuk. its a choice but i choose to anchor in this ship and i am happy that blessings are pouring on this puppy couple. for me, nothing compares to their sweetness, charming and genuine some kind of special relationship bond which the only the shippers knew. I chose not moving on to other teams after SWDBS.After the success of SWDBS some of the loveteams from other channels works on chemistry but these two PHS & PBY just flows naturally and reactions are all natural beyond compare. they are the original where some of the loveteams from other tv shows copied which they can't because it is as I've said their natural behaviour and feelings toward each other.... Importantly both are progressing and advancing in their chosen fields..positively seeing them happy matters and that's after swdbs as PBY and PHS...am still loyal to them and always wish them the best of love. Addendum: I truly thank PHS and PBY managers for their utmost support to the couple and providing them with the personal space to be together is what that they need. To the managers all cheers and all the best to their endeavours.
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    They are starting to resemble each other.... As long as they're both happy and in love, can't ask for anything more at the moment... They both looked inspired now... Cto
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    Glad you joined the SP family. I'm absolutely loving his lip-licking and lip-biting mannerisms too. I always replay these particular scenes just to stare at those glorious lips. This particular screencap was when he was interviewing HS, right?
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    OMG, Jong Suk was making a live video, right before HJ FM, it's unusual he is active on Saturday, what a great coincidence!!! p/s: he is so so handsome in simple white t-shirt...And I did wonder if he would be on SNS this special day then he actually did...ok I'm beated...I'm wondering if uri HJ will be in white today
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    Times were Kdrama took a part in your life. I'm on the other hand is drinking my favorite tea while re watching episodes of SP. It doesn't taste bitter but it does remind me of JiBong saying the tea is bitter but JW drinks its everyday.
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    I hope that JW did call the ambulance prior to hearing the commotion in their phone call. He's smart enough to do that right? If that follows, Chief Bang will be directed to the hospital. BH and EH heard from JW of what happened so they followed him to the hospital where a tired and tearful Wook is anxiously waiting for any news from the doctor. BH will come to him and hug him tight while JW cries to her while smelling/kissing her nape. The doctor will come out and will say "Don't worry, he's okay now". Everyone including us "the viewers" will all sighed in relief then CEO Byunwill come running late crying as if Chief Bang actually died saying "I thought it was gonna be me!". Then everyone will have a calm and relieved smiles plastered on their faces and when the next morning comes, the team are now planning on how to bring down HS. Its payback time! How I wish this would happen. Am I hoping for too much? Writernim?
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    My favorite compilation. And, I love it that he left such a cheering video message.
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    can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from her Hawaii photoshoot. And oh, her TT dance is totes adorbs!!!! What's not to love about her? So cute my precious HJ. all vids ctro as they appear Have a good Sunday y'all!
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    My two cents that is part delulu if JS didn't send vid greetings, I think it says they do not want it public? Moreso because their W bts is a thousand times closer and more intimate, compared with bts of any other drama couple? Am sure she was congratulated in his own style, no way he doesn't know. Why the IG, again? It is no longer coincidence as it happens time and time again. Regards to all and thank you for all the FM pix and vids. I haven't posted for quite a while, but I come here daily for my JJ fix, and several times a day if there is an event.
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