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    FIRST BET Due to popular demand , I am starting this poll. For simplicity - we bet by weeks- so you have a higher chance of winning. As long as the lips touch - be it an accidental kiss - that's a win. Everyone okay with that ? Winners - may change their profile picture to our OTP's first kiss or some sweet moments between them. LOSERS - will need to change their profile picture to a sad / stressed picture or maybe one of mama boy lawyer So tag me with your bets and I will update them here Episode 5- 6 @Far^away @zagigirl @bebebisous33 @pichicouple@xyso@Winksteyk@ktcjdrama @turtlegirl @evie7 @lolly84@intrariver@ck1Oz Episode 7-8 @Ameera Ali @triplem @Lj@nubianlegalmind @Feriz @bairama @thefungster @paolaadl @mouse007@Jayan @Cindy Tjioe@dulcinea1@turtle0217@Sejabin@fitzsimmons Episode 9-10 @staygold@abnoch@sf369@Zazu2017 @moreenke Episode 11-12 @plappi Episode 13-14 Episode 15 -16
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    Jun-Rok is now practicing on how to eat Jin-Shim .. JR: I'm gonna eat you like this... The bed scenes will be up soon! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! Am I the only one who shouts " PUNCH more! " at the creepy stalker? If glares can kill... All Jin-Shimers will die right now! * with butt-scratching * He whims over it. He probably used the Boy de Chanel Eyeliner by Lee Dong Wook ...
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    Hahaha! These scenes were hilarious. His Facial Expression~ EPIC The result ... Trembling knees!
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    march 8th is celebrated as women's day. so while we drool over the hot oppas and ajusshis in dramaland, shall we also take a look at the women in dramaland? is there a character that inspires you? maybe you learned something? maybe what not to do in some situations? these could be characters that you loved or hated, maybe they were even the villain! so what to do: name the character and what it is that you found interesting about them. tag a friend and ask them about their faves/hated woman in dramaland. have fun! chat and discuss! (march 7-9) here's mine! mishil from queen seon deok she is a villain but oh she was so much fun! while the men were having panic attacks around her, she was cool as a feather even when it seemed like she was losing. she would sit there calculate her next scheme and just raised an eyebrow and give out a fun zinger. she makes lots of ruthless decisions but what I loved was her focus on her goal. she didn't sit there and moan or whine about regrets. she owned the decisions she made good or bad and simply moved on. her leadership style was something to watch! mi jung from five children she is a divorcee with 3 kids when she meets our lead sang tae. instead of getting scared by a MRI scan, she hilariously falls asleep. when sang tae is shocked, she responds that there is no one to comfort her if she is afraid and so she might as well not be. while she struggles with letting him in after having been single for so long, she recognizes her mistake and learns to voice out her frustrations and fears. when placed in the unique position of basically having two mother-in-laws, she embraces the challenge. she sets healthy boundaries of what she can and cannot accept and welcomes the relatives of his first wife as she recognizes his kids love their grandparents. the two leads develop a joint team style to all the challenges they face in blending their family. while she has a no-nonsense approach, she was hilariously cheerful and feisty in a fun way! absolute delight to watch sang tae and mi jung fall in love and blend their families. tagging friends : @sushilicious @triplem @stroppyse @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @Super Gal99 @Sejabin @avondale16 @kokodus @Dhakra @rolisrntex @irilight @jadecloud @mdj101 @sava2sava @dramaninja @cenching @mouse007 @staygold @ktcjdrama @katakwasabi @Ldy Gmerm @UnniSarah @bebebisous33 @phikyl @youngatheart @angelangie @packmule3 @ebullient @lclarakl @0ly40 @USAFarmgirl @flutterby06 @scarletheart2016 @CamelKnight @zenya22 @larus .......
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    @triplem & @cenching I rewatch the episodes, I can’t stop laughing The CEO choice of the awards name , how charming he is ?
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    @jeonghyang In this gif (cr. to you @jeonghyang), I really like KJR's reaction. He smiles so much, when he is hugged but you can notice how the lawyer restrains himself right after and tries to hide his happiness, contain his emotions. When he turns around, he is still smiling but he doesn't let her see how much her action has affected him. Actually, he has always been hiding his emotions from others. When there is no one around him, he expresses his feelings... so people misjudged him by calling KJR cold-hearted and distant. He has just a poker face. But OYS was the only one to see this side of him, as she often caught him unguarded. He couldn't help smiling with her action.
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    I really love how this character can take you from playful and even giddy moments and yet change in a blink of an eye to a more serious side. In those last moments of the episode in watching him speed while weaving back and forth in traffic there was this calmness he portrayed as his foot pressed down harder on the gas. It was his fearless reactions in an unknowing situation in showing OSY and us that feeling of I have this and if who ever wants to follow us, then bring it on. A little bit of action and yet it wasn't the spinning around or the harsh sudden stop that grabbed my attention the most. It was how in tune he is to her in seeing fear not only in her eyes but in her whole tensed body in just the view of the man outside. It was how even when she tried to stop him he without words showed what most every woman can't deny they love to see. Their man taking charge of a situation and protecting them by saying with his eyes don't worry, stay here. Giving off that feeling of trust me, you're safe with me. Yet what I loved most was when KJR went one step further when realizing the man for what ever reasons was staring at OSY and was most likely causing her even more fear. He showed us the best action scene and moment by showing us his love in action by quickly placing himself between them. In protecting even her view. Mr Creepy just might, be in for a fight.... Fighting KJR!!!!
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    Anyone who wants popcorn? Feel free to join us. What an EPIC reaction! Sudden Heart Attack! Please call 911 ...
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    @fitzsimmons I agree with @ck1Oz and @cenching that the scene where OYS is wearing the red dress is a flashback. We will see what happened back then. We saw that LGJ scared OYS very much during that night. Furthermore, we saw that there were articles where OYS claimed that she was the victim of a stalker. In the episode 10, we heard that since the stalker LGJ had been arrested on drug charges, he lost his seat as the CEO of Jehuk Entertainment. Now he has become the Vice-CEO of Jehuk Holdings, the holding company for Jehuk Group which means that he has become even more powerful than before. So his return marks his comeback too. What we know from the past, it looks like the prosecution office tried to cover up the truth, when they pressed charges against LGJ (for drug). I have the impression that the prosecution office made it look like LGJ and OYS were having a "normal" drug party and they got caught. In reality, LGJ used a rape drug as he wanted to "have" her... but he might have been stopped before. So since there were drugs, the prosecution office couldn't totally change the facts... So LGJ was punished for the use of drug and since LGJ had enough influence, the prosecution office pressed charges against OYS too. But his real behavior was never revealed, they made him look like a chaebol who had planned a party which went wrong. On the other hand OYS was declared innocent but her reputation was ruined. The people only heard the word "drug" and they had no idea what the drug was about. And this leads me to this theory: the main villain of this drama might not be LGJ but the former prosecutor who became a lawyer for the conglomerates. Why? What caught my attention is that SW, OYS and KJR's father are all victims of corruption. SW wants to prosecute a conglomerate but he can't as the district prosecutor is related to the powerful lawyer Choi (not our hot Choi!). Then we also heard that YR's father was accused of fraud but the charges were dropped by SW hence YR suffered as it looked like her boyfriend had abused his position. Finally, we were told that the CEO of ALWAYS helped KJR 5 years ago. I had made the assumption that KJR might be a lawyer at a different law firm where he was asked to do something morally wrong which he refused. So KJR was fired and the powerful law firm made sure that KJR couldn't find any job elsewhere. Besides, I noticed a certain MO: SW is asked to prosecute the Vice-CEO so the charges are not changed or even dropped. They always need a scapegoat. The Vice-CEO is in fact a victim. That's why I came to the conclusion that OYS became a scapegoat 2 years ago, just like YR's father. Her father was not powerful and rich enough... In my opinion, SW will help KJR against LGJ but at the end, SW will have to ask help from KJR as well. KJR might become the lawyer of the Vice-CEO so that he doesn't become a victim and scapegoat. At the end, KJR will have to fight in court against the powerful lawyer and ex-prosecutor which I assume is now working where KJR used to work. Let me know what you think... @stroppyse @angelangie
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    @stroppyse Lawyer Dan and Choi are perfect for each other. Although DMH is shy and apologizing a lot, she has in reality a feisty and competitive side, when she faces lawyer CYK. In front of him, she is able to say what she thinks. In my opinion, she will be able to face his "mother" too. Moreover, she is someone who pours all her affections and attention to her boyfriend which is exactly what CYK needs. CYK has a huge ego and he is craving for attention and admiration which he just receives from his mother right now. The moment DMH would show her soft side to him (which he has never experienced before), CYK would be able to cut ties with his mother and stop being a mama's boy.
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    Just for fun! Shim Hyung Tak went on Radio Star this week. As usual, he is awesome in variety. He spoke about promoting his buddy's (Sang Woo) brand of underwear (evanchris). But, MC misunderstood him as sharing underwears with Sang Woo. In the third video is Shim Hyung Tak explained how he has prepared his bod for episode 8 He has surely worked hard to impress his girl in TYH. Totally love this scene.... with my fav 3 Sang Woo has certainly worked hard and am proud of his work! Agreeing to come in so late in the drama... when the team has already started to shoot for first 4 epsiodes, he certainly had very little time to prepare. Apart from that he had extremely busy schedule in first 3 months of this year. Wish filming goes smoothly for team ...all the way!! Am sure they enjoyed shooting this scene together. Hope tvn will release BTS for this. Have an awesome weekend to all chingus here
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    I can't help but smiling while watching this clip. KJR was being himself and slowly opening his heart to OYS. OYS who already fallen for him, is going to fall harder because of his sweet and considerate comments. hard sub for the first kiss clip KJR: Oh Jin Shim-ssi? OYS: Oh? Lawyer Kwon KJR: What are you doing outside at this hour? I thought that you have gone sleep already OYS: I have an insomnia so it's hard for me to be asleep. That's why I go outside to enjoy the night air and to look for something. How about you? What are you doing at this hour? KJR: About that... (gave her the hand mirror) OYS: Omo! How do you find this? KJR: I heard the story from CEO that you lost it. Thinking it as your lucky charm, that's why I want to search for it OYS: Then, you were going outside at this hour because you want to search this? (KJR nods) OYS: Thank you, Laywer Kwon. KJR: And now, finally I can do something for you OYS: Pardon? KJR: Truthfully, I wanted to treat you well. Giving anything you wants, if you lacks something then I can cover it up. I really wanted to do that but every chance I got was taken away. I wish I could be the one who makes you happy, but everytime others have taken care of it. That's why today I'm not really happy. OYS: Lawyer Kwon, are you getting jealous? KJR: Yes, that's right. I am jealous. I used to think that being jealous is something unnecessary because if you like someone, then you have to be able to control your heart/emotion. (OYS stares at him) KJR: Why are you looking at me like that? Is it too childish? OYS: No, it's because I like it. You are saying that you are controlling your heart because you like me. I'm really happy (to hear it) OYS: Lawyer Kwon. Can I give you a quick kiss to you now? KJR: What? In here? But why would you ask me for... (quick peck from OYS) OYS: It's because you look very lovely right now. Later on, you can just do it. You don't have to ask me first. Just do it. It's getting cold, so I'm going inside first (KJR as the fast learner kissed her back immediately) KJR: You said I can do it without asking you first. OYS: Ah... (kiss again )
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    For the love of chicken feet . More OTP moments we can look forward to https://www.soompi.com/article/1306370wpp/lee-dong-wook-unexpectedly-catches-yoo-in-na-as-she-sneaks-around-in-touch-your-heart Yoo In Na can’t get away from Lee Dong Wook in “Touch Your Heart.” “Touch Your Heart” is about the romance between top actress Oh Jin Shim (played by Yoo In Na) and the successful, perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (played by Lee Dong Wook). In the released photos, Yoo In Na disguises herself in a hoodie, mask, and glasses as she sneaks her way into a chicken feet restaurant. She does her best to place her order, and furtively avoids Lee Dong Wook’s questioning gaze to hide her identity. When Kwon Jung Rok grabs her by the hood of her sweater, she freezes with her eyes wide in shock.
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    A translation, plus some notes Unable to fall asleep after Jung Rook’s confession which wasn’t a confession, Jin Shim. Even though she’s waiting fervently for a confession, but oh dear! Jung Rok was always an orderly person (meaning he takes his time and considers everything rather than letting emotions carry him)… Jin Shim becomes embarrassed at herself for having become so excited about Jung Rok who wasn’t coming any closer… Having become very drunk, Jin Shim, phones Jung Rok to tell him some ‘in vino veritas’!… (for anyone not familiar with “in vino veritas”, it’s a saying from latin that there is truth in wine, e.g. truth spoken while drunk) So, no new information. JS is going to get all excited over JR's "confession" from the last episode, but then get frustrated that he's not making a move at all. So, she'll finally call him to tell him how upset she is, and then, we will perhaps get JR's response that he's taking his time and his own ways to get close to her. Anyway, this week's episodes should see some progress in JR and YS' relationship, though any kiss, if it happens this week at all, it will probably be the later episode rather than the earlier.
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    Come to think of it, I broke up once with my husband too when we were still dating. We got back together again, of course. So I guess I should not ever complain about OTP breaking up in dramas...
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    Hi all, It’s been awhile. Work required a lot of attention but the funny thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about Pajama Friends. Like there’s an itch that I couldn’t get rid off . I’m sorry for the delayed response to private messages and emails. I will get to them as soon as I can. But here I am again, just finished watching Pajama Friends and I guess I could say that this episode is a gold mine in terms of Jihyo and Jongkook’s interactions. I have selected my “favorites” or the ones that I find the most interesting down below, otherwise it’ll get too long (but please, always be warned that my posts WILL most of the time be lengthy . I would like to preface this post by saying that the more I look at their interactions the more I am curious of what is happening between them. Their body language (especially Jihyo’s) showed a lot of things that indicates something “special”. I’m not gonna rush and say it’s romantic or the sort (I’m not a prophet or a shaman that can read someone’s mind or predict the future). However, from what I have mentioned in my previous posts, I saw a lot of things pointing to their relationship being built on immense trust, comfort with each other, and, Jihyo in particular, reliance on each other; this Pajama Friends episode and the information that I got from some very kind people in this forum has confirmed that this is the case due to some hard phases in their lives that they went through together. But let me tell you why I have my suspicions that something is going on (again, not exactly romantic, but I would use the word “attraction”). First off there’s this scene. Pay attention to Jihyo’s posture: left leg tucked inside, hands firmly rested on top of the thighs, and stiff neck and torso. These all indicate a state of wariness, or being on guard. It might seem confusing or unclear why I would say that Jihyo is setting her guard up, but if we look at what is happening collectively, we would get a clearer picture. Jongkook here is holding a book that Jihyo herself gave to him. The book apparently answers questions about life (which is total bogus, but hey, let us all have fun ). Now Jihyo is a smart person, and she is terribly close to Jongkook so what I would deduce is that Jihyo knows that Jongkook, or someone else in the room, would ask something about his marriage. Personally, when i was still chasing after my girlfriend and we played “describe your ideal type”, I got very nervous and wary of what the answer would be. I believe this is the case here too. It’s a question that generates tension for Jihyo and her posture shows that. Without getting too detailed: the tucked in leg shows that she is trying to take a protective stance (this is a behavior that we do unconsciously when we feel threatened to shield the vital parts of our body; this NOT always the case but in this particular setting and her abrupt change from her previous posture led me to believe so). The hands on the thigh is what I like to call the “clutch”. It is similar to us clutching or clinging to the top part of the chair when we feel nervous or uncomfortable. This is a natural reaction when we are presented to a situation that is either new or just uncomfortable in general. see the picture for the typical posture. But since Jihyo is sitting on a sofa, her thighs served as the “clinging place” for her hands. The stiff neck and torso is quite straightforward. When you are pensive or guarded your muscles contracts and therefore gives off the overall feeling of your body being stiff. Now put this all together and I can’t help but think, “why is she being so cautious?”. What’s the reason? It’s gonna be a question about Jongkook’s marriage, sure, but why is she so ….. pensive? Almost reluctant, even, to hear the answer. Next off, this scene where, whoever that woman was, asked if Jongkook’s partner is in the room or not. Spoiler alert: the book says no. Again, Jihyo’s reaction here is very interesting for me. I know it’s hard to capture what I would try to explain from the screenshot so I would encourage you to look at the video again if you’d like to see what was happening. But getting to the point, Jihyo’s reaction is quite exaggerated. Her whole body moved and shifted all over the place when she heard the answer. Think of a time when you’re unhappy with something but have no choice but to hide it. Bet you my puppy that you would shift your body around. Or when you were nervous so you fidgeted or tapped your feet. For me, her big movements here (her body moving around, her lifting her right leg and the clapping are the results of her trying to hide something that she’s feeling, be it a negative one or something else. I talked a little bit about smiles a while back and at that time it was the positive side of a smile, or laugh. Here we find the opposite. The difference is very subtle, but to trained eyes a very clear indicator of a fake smile: a scrunched nose and excessively open mouth. For Jihyo’s case, she is also lowering her head as if protecting her neck (you could see here that her “double chin” occurs because she tucked her chin in when she’s laughing). This is not a genuine smile. It is too exaggerated to be one and her tucked in chin indicates a defensive posture that would occur due to a negative feeling. It’s something one would facially do to conceal disapproval. Combine it with my first point and it clearly shows that she’s not exactly having a jolly good time here but since it’s a show and what not, what other choice did she have? Overall, however, the episode is really sweet. Especially where Jihyo explained how Jongkook helped her through her tough times. A lot of her behavior now makes sense to me and why her actions a lot of times indicates reliance and tremendous trust on him. As always, please let me know if you got any questions or if you disagree with any of my points. I would be glad to discuss and answer any of them. I don’t have anything else lined up next so if you have some suggestions I would also gladly consider them since I have a bit of time this weekend; although I would prefer older episodes where the members had not teased them yet to fully grasp Jongkook and Jihyo’s behavior. I also noticed that the forum was very active the past few days because of Jongkook and Somin (?). It’s quite interesting to read all the reactions .
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    Kiss scene. I wouldn't mind a kiss scene every episode. YS: Ahh. The scent is nice. JR: Since you say you like it, that’s a relief. YS: But what to do about this now? I invited you over to watch a movie, and then we couldn’t even watch it. I’m so sorry. JR: To be honest, I think it’s a relief that we couldn’t watch the movie. YS: Yes? JR: Actually, last night, I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Because I was so nervous. Thinking about coming to Oh Jin Shim-shi’s house, I felt strange, and somewhat awkward as well. And, excited, too. YS: Oh! I was like that, too. Thinking about lawyer-nim coming over to the house, my heart kept thudding and I started getting nervous as well. I have insomnia anyway, but last night, I really was awake the entire night. Wah, I thought it was only me. JR: Yes, I was also like that. Anyway, I was really nervous, but after seeing those pretty pictures and being able to talk so much, I was able to let go of my nervousness. YS: That is just like me as well! I also was finally able to relax looking at the pictures. Before that, the fact that lawyer-nim was coming over to my house and that we would be alone together led to me thinking all sorts of things! (realizing what she said) Oh, but that doesn’t mean I was imagining any of those bad things or anything. JR: If by imagining bad things, it wasn’t perhaps…? YS: Oh, that is… (he kisses her) JR: You mean something like this? Or like this? (he kisses her again, with more intensity) The forums are responding too slowly for me today. Not sure if I'll be able to post any other subs since it was such an ordeal for me to post this one. Oh well. Hope @alleram95 has better luck than I do.
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    @Lawyerh I can’t wait for MR Romeo - last week he play Ukulele , now he pull out the roses ... he is killing me
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    No wonder Atty Dan fell so hard for Atty Choi ... even his hands speaks volumes lol
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    I'm loving this drama!! I think it's the underdog factor that makes me root so hard for our couple! They're so earnest, so open, so sweet, so excited about one another... I just want them to be happy! I didn't watch Goblin and probably never will, but since I know YIN & LDW from other dramas, I knew they would be great together. No ridiculous kissing scenes!! When the drama started, the rest of the staff looked like props because they didn't say much, but I love how they all have backstories that are making us understand them, relate with them and root for them. I especially love the Ukelele couple. I really need Lawyer Dan to end up with Mr Ukelele. (OMG!! His Hair!!)) As we head into the final stretch, I want to see the troubles bringing them together and a happily ever after with a wedding and kids, so help me drama gods!! EDIT: May I note how perfect our lawyer is??!!! He's cool but expressive and open, caring, CONSIDERATE!!, courageous, straightforward. I'd fall for a man like this so easily!! No wonder uri actress is so dumbstruck by his spectacular speeches, like when he reveals something about his thoughts or tells his dad that she's his secretary but most importantly, his girlfriend. I also need men to start using the line of man makeup LDW endorses because his normally succulent lips are even more delicious!!!
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    Finally watch episode, I just done some major squeezing & grin as much I like I love that my CEO come back to his favorite habit stalking KJR of course at the Elevator . {.. It’s true that I’m handsome enough to be married by now, but unfortunately I’m single. In my 30s I was busy pleading Justice for the weak, In my 40s I was busy working day & night to manage the firm .. } WTF , How old he is then seriously, our girl going back to be airhead again , Oh my goodness, Mr CEO aren’t you married, what she expected, that he is married, hit on her for fun This scene is driving me barmy , I can’t get the way Mr abs walks to Miss never get tempted again office, the way He say goodbyes to his ex girlfriend oops I mean ex Ukulele that has definitely brought out my crush on him like whoa say goodbye to me as well Oh let’s not go to the this moment ... I can’t handle it , every time I watch it * Gasps & Falls Of Chair * Wow @angelangie we loved the same scene
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    We indeed should take a break from too much drolling (guilty as charged) and support feminism! I always love independent, strong and smart woman characters. Here's my pick. Lee Roo Da - Assistant Manager - Feel Good to Die She was working under notorious bad boss which at one point of time even questioning her capability, by asking "Are you really graduated from Seoul University ?". But she still stay in the company and continue supporting her colleague through the difficulty. She's not scared of voicing her opinion to her boss and even managed to change him to be a better man & employee. She was once prefer to live as regular person and avoid draw people attention to her, but she grew up as a person. This is very relatable to me. Kim Dan - Detective - Children of a Lesser God She grew up in incomplete family with a dark tragedy behind her. She even also possesed an "unwanted skill" that enable her to see murder happening. Despite of that, she became a great detective that is strong, with great fighting spirits and as tough & smart as any other man detective around her. Both of them dont need any man to complete or validate them and have a high sense of responsibility at their work. So they are my favourites. Tagged this woman supporters : @gm4queen @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 @Nermeen نرمين @Heidi Seow @angiedramadive Happy Womens Day ^^
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    Scene where JR kisses YS YS: Oh! You’re more surprised than I had thought you would be. Even though I did want to surprise you, so I hadn't said anything before I came. JR: What are you doing here at this hour? YS: Ta-da! I wanted you to have a snack before you continue, so I brought you some. At this hour, I thought you might feel peckish, and I also wondered if you were doing well without me. Also… I also wanted to see you. (he kisses her) YS: But, what were you looking at so diligently? JR: Ah. I watched the drama that Oh Jin Shin-shi had been in. You looked very cool when you were acting. YS: Right? It felt worthwhile, didn’t it? It’s not at the level of an acting god or crazy over acting, but it’s not so bad to be cursed at, is it? JR: Yes. In the future, even if you receive such negative comments, you should definitely not pay attention to them. Since, it is absolutely not the truth. YS: That’s what I say. In the future, if you see such negative comments, please “dislike” them. JR: Yes. YS: Why are you looking at me like that? JR: Because I wondered how much you must have been hurt until you could be so resilient like this. It must have been so hard for you all this time. You’ve really endured it well. (he hugs her) Just so sweet. I love how he surprise kisses her. He's been thinking about her for so long, and now there she is, and she's his girlfriend. So, as soon as she turns to face him after putting the bags of snack food down, he's kissing her. Nice kiss. But, even nicer is the hug at the end where he is conveying his sympathy and caring of her.
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    Video of the latest kiss is up in YouTube and the comments were all about all kinds of ailments from heart attack, difficulty in breathing, ovaries explosions, including some mental problems like thinking about jumping out of window, uncontrollably smiling etc..... KJR is addicted to skinship and lipship now.... Well, who can blame him...
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    Finally got around to watching episode 8 properly rather than just watching clips. JR and YS are as cute as ever. YS shows herself to be artless and sweet, and so thrilled at doing things that she hadn't had a chance to do because she became a celebrity at such a young age. JR is adorable as the stiff lawyer slowly trying to transform himself into someone more expressive for the woman that he has fallen for since he thinks that is what she wants. It's clear that while YS is the one who has been more vocal about her affections and her feelings, that perhaps JR is the one who has already fallen more deeply for YS since he's actively looking to change himself to better please her. Awww. The kiss scene was adorable as well, both the quick peck that YS gives JR because he's being so lovable and earnest (totally on board with that sentiment by the way, he was being earnestly lovable), as well as JR going in for more proper kisses. And, those kisses were just right for the characters as well as their first forays into expressing their personal romantic feelings, a bit awkward, a bit stiff, but also clearly enthusiastic. YS has probably had kisses in dramas, but they were scripted and directed, and she had never dated before. JR, also, aside from his crush on YR had never dated either. So, it felt just right. Though, I had to laugh at myself since I had watched LDW in full blown passionate kiss scenes before (hello Hotel King! ), and so when I thought of him as LDW rather than as JR. Even though I think LDW is a good actor to convey such awkwardness and innocence so believably, I couldn't help but wish he would get a chance to do a full on passionate kiss that I know he can do so well. The other storyline that now grabs my interest is Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi. I understand all the comments about Lawyer Choi's choco abs now. They are pretty impressive. Though, I already knew they were. There is a scene in a previous drama of his (Persevere Goo He Ra) where Shim Hyung Tak plays an ex-idol where the ajummas constantly kept catching him half-clothed and ogling him. Anyway, it would be nice if Lawyer Dan and Lawyer Choi got together actually. They're both nice and quirky characters who could have a great relationship fighting and making up all the time.
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    *countless times I did this when watching episode 8* So much love for this drama! Everyone is such an excellent actors/actresses and their chemistry is very well done. JR is very clueless when it comes to dating and thank God he has SW by his side! I really like every scene of the lawyer couple, the information desk lady being all discreet and JR being shy at the workshop>< The kisses, of course, are sweet and sexy but not as sexy as JR saying, "Ms. Oh's problem is now my problem too." OKAY JR YOU'VE WON ALL OF THE LADIES' HEART NOW. and... Mr. Divorce Lawyer, you're very hot too.
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    Jealous JungRok is cutest thing to watch…he gets too adorable whenever he gets jealous …poor him, cant even openly express his jealousy.…& YunSeo so wanna enjoy this dating period…she is having time of her life…So love whenever JungRok gives his little smiles to YunSeo & tries so hard to refrain smiling at her cute antics & innocence…it just so heart fluttering … JungRok needs to learn dating things seriously…poor girl had to go on date with Ms Dan …but she really made things difficult…how she explained the love triangle…making YunSeo jealous so soon…Glad she directly went upto clear things with JungRok…his friend seemed to be fanboy of YunSeo the actress… I was expecting YunSeo to again break into doing the chicken advt…like she did in first episode…. All male vying for YunSeo’s attention was hilarious… poor JungRok he must have been so jealous insides…no wonder he was depressed...but YunSeo made it up for him...by kiss *_*...& it was really hearttouching of JungRok to find the lucky mirror for YunSeo, he definitely touched her heart...beating everyone else... Mr Kim, is quite a fun & bright person…hopefully he will be regular cupid & peacemaker for JungRok-YunSeo in future too… Mama’s boy!! So like the character…he is too cocky…he is weird but interesting & I doubt if he will be happy to know I am rooting for him with Ms Dan …Loved how he helped her…he was really considerate there at the café…& Boy got abs..hopefully love will be in the air for them soon.... Glad to see the awaited kiss, went smooth & gentle also Nobody watched them, no mistakes... Everything was just too perfect! JungRok-YunSeo, proved EP 08 kiss rule true …was so waiting for this, hope they get many more opportunities to kiss … they hadn't enough back in Goblin… really hoping JungRok gonna be as protective of YunSeo, as Grim Reaper was of Sunny….Already sensing troubles awaiting ahead for YunSeo, the stalker is too creepy & scary…hopefully, JungRok always gonna be beside YunSeo, she will really need it. Looking forward to next episode!!! Though still can't have enough of current one!!! Lee DongWook & Yoo In-na are richard simmons adorable together…they have such a wonderful chemistry out there…. Cant wait to see more & more of them…
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    * the way to pass ur driving test Use one hand @Sarang21 : for ur post down , glad you are here
  36. 20 points
    Many fans speculated that there will be baby involves in the drama based upon this snippet....
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    Here you go...she's so cute -------------------- One of the things I love most about this drama is watching the OTP's progress from reluctant co-workers to soon-to-be lovers. It was done gradually and there's no disconnect. You witness a shift in the way they view and think of each other slowly but realistically as the episodes progress- making it believable. After watching the preview, I'd be surprised if there's no significant change in their relationship by this week ( and of course I'll be throwing potatoes at TVN if I don't win my kiss bet this week )
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    Oh nice! I didn't know about that thread! YES! Will do! By the way, here is a new amazing fan video released today. So pretty!
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    I haven't watched the latest episode yet due to RL but while thinking about YYR and her rude behavior, I realized that YYR has more in common with OYS than it meets the eye. Both have a similar experience in reality. 2 years ago, her father was under the suspicion of fraud... while OYS was suspected to have used drugs. Both were involved in a scandal 2 years ago. Although the actress was declared innocent later, her reputation was ruined. OYS's career was ruined and I believe that YYR had the same fate. Notice that she still has not got a good reputation, just like OYS. Then she is somehow targeted by mean remarks which is not different from OYS. OYS stopped defending herself and acts as if she is not aware of the rumor and gossips. YYR is behaving exactly like her, this explains why YYR is so determined to have a comeback, to be rehabilitated. Her father was not convicted but since the prosecutor was her boyfriend, people started saying that he covered it up for her. That's why he was sent away... since her father never went to a trial, his reputation, just like hers, was never truly restored. So the scandal with her father affected her work and her career. I can now understand why YYR resents SW because in her eyes, he didn't help her in the end. Moreover, she must have felt lonely... and I can not forget OYS's words. If someone by her side had believed her, if she had had a lawyer like KJR, then she would have felt and acted differently. I feel, YYR might have felt the same. SW did not behave to her expectations. Yes, YYR is rude and cold, not like OYS, however we have to understand that OYS still had the support from her manager and the CEO. For YYR, it is different. Her superior warned her that he didn't want another scandal like 2 years ago... YYR was outcast due to the scandal and had no support in the prosecution office. This justifies why she is so cold and distant, why she wants to do everything on her own, she wants to win at all cost. Sure, I still don't like YYR that much but now in this new light, I can understand why she is pushing SW away. She fears that once together again, something similar like in the past might occur. Moreover, she might resent him because he didn't believe in her father's innocence and decided to sacrifice himself for her sake which caused the break up. Don't forget her social background... maybe her father had not a good reputation too back then. In my opinion, YYR's father could have been framed, whereas the real target was YYR. I can't help thinking that just like OYS who became the target of her stalker due to her rejection, YYR could have been the target of a revenge too which SW overlooked. Imagine, YYR and OYS both victims of a revenge... and in this new perspective, YYR's personality becomes more understandable. That's why it is important for SW to meet OYS as he will get to know what she has been put through and he could realize that he made a mistake 2 years ago.
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    To add my thoughts, I think the break up was done realistically because: 1.) JR was truly there for YS in her time of need as he had promised, he protected her from the stalker and made sure the guy was arrested and taken away. So that danger was over (at least what the characters believe, but viewers know it might come back). 2.) YS's reputation was fixed finally, writers/producers/directors wanted to work with her again, her fans were on her side again, people are loving her and leaving positive messages. 3.) She was mainly being praised for taking her work seriously (going to law firm to study for her part). IF the public found out that she was dating the lawyer and having fun, they would think of her much less, we already know how the fans switch back and forth. 4.) JR did not want to break up with her. In fact, he told the manager that he won't leave her. 5.) He ONLY decided to do this AFTER he saw the effect that just ONE photo of them simply eating together did....suddenly everyone wanted an official press release asking if they are dating.... 6.) I KNEW the fact that YS's comments about how much acting makes her truly happy would come back to bite in some way. She has expressed to JR that she feels the absolute happiest when acting. He pays close attention to every word she says. So him thinking back to her own words sealed the deal with his decision. 7.) To add, he saw and witnessed how much she struggled with her career/reputation and all that pain. So again, why would anyone who truly loves someone else want for that person to lose a chance at the comeback they have waited and hoped for a long time....for that happiness. 8.) He didn't do it because the manager told him to do it. He did it precisely for her happiness because he genuinely believes she feels happiest when acting (per her own words). So what is he to do in this situation? It's actually an interesting dilemma to me. Because if he stays with her and says "whatever, who cares" about her career, then what does that make him? A selfish person in a way because he is thinking of his needs first. If he does break up with her, he ends up the guy who hurts her....So it's a no win situation at the moment. The writer is aware the break up is cliche. Hence, he even has the manager/JR talk about the cliche dialogue. BUT I think in this case, it was needed precisely because YS needs to see that acting/fame/saved reputation isn't going to make her genuinely happy. It's a combination of things in life that make a person happy. So she will act in the drama and still miss her man. And I still think that going to law school is in her future because she enjoys it too. To add, I've seen 1 or 2 people keep mentioning here that his feelings are stronger than hers for him. I personally strongly disagree. But perhaps for these two fans, seeing YS truly miss JR will make them re-think their observations. In the promos, it does look like she misses him. She is great at putting up a "face/a front." We know this. But she is vulnerable and crying. Yes, she'll do the acting because she is determined. But a HUGE chunk of her heart will be missing. And the time jump won't be long in my opinion because the Dan/Choi pairing said they will agree to a 1 month dating contract. So in my opinion, JR/YS will be separated for a few weeks to 1 month as she is filming the new drama and he is handling new cases. I don't think it will be longer than that. As for the YR character, even if she is being sweeter and nicer...sorry but that character isn't interesting to me. Also, I remember some people kept complaining on social media sites such as twitter and instagram about how the show is missing the dramatic storylines and the crazy plots. Well, the stalker plot recently lowered the ratings. So I think Touch Your Heart fans are definitely watching for the ROMANTIC COMEDY and SWEETNESS aspects....not crazy plots. So I hope ratings will go up next week now that the stalker parts are put to rest for now at least. He will probably back in the finale....but not next week. TYH works amazingly better as a romantic comedy about the love story between two adorable people....instead of a creepy guy in the mix. At least from what I see in the ratings.
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    The new song "Goodnight" is so beautiful. This series has AMAZING songs all around! Some good news! I've been watching TYH on Viki! And now, the show has a 9.8 rating from the audience! That's super high! That is the same as Descendants of the Sun! AND TYH was trending in the US on Viki! Fans are LOVING IT! I also love the fact that a simple PROMO for ep 11/12 has almost 300,000 views! Wow! Hopefully that translates to higher ratings in a few days!
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    I am laughing my head off ... oh god @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali....this ship is sailing along nicely Which I am guessing will lead him to sleepover, to protect her.
  46. 19 points
    HEART CHINGUUSSSSSSSSS!!!! First, let's talk about how Soompi locked me out of my account for a couple of days and I couldn't sign in until I changed my password, yet again. With that out of the way, OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! There was so much sweetness in these past two episodes. I love our OTP, they are so cute and innocent. I am so glad that JR woke up enough to decide to ask JS to date and be in a relationship. He is a bit slow with moving in on our goddess, but he is learning none the less. SW turned out to be a good help. Although for all of his dating expertise, too bad it didn't work out in his own personal life. I am starting to believe that there is a misunderstanding between him and YR. Speaking of her, she got on my nerves. First she neglected her health and fell out which forced JR to take her to the ER and miss out on his first official date with JS. Then she turned around and lampooned him into going for a drink instead of being with his girlfriend on his first night out. I need her to fall back now. Subway auntie and mama's boy are meant to be together. They both have issues and they both are competitive and looking to advance in their careers. They actually have a lot in common and would make a nice coupe if it weren't for their incessant feud. And yes, the actor playing mama's boy is quite nice to look at. Now is the time to gloat. It was at the end of episode 8 that we finally got a sweet kiss for our OTP. Which means, the kiss will probably start off episode 9, which I totally called in the BET. I just hope it doesn't end there. I want LOTS of kisses for them. We need to make up for all of their agony and separation in Goblin.
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    Hard sub for preview ep 9 KJR: Jin Shim-ssi? Jin Shim-a? Jin Shim-a. (JR is practicing the way he calls YS from formal way to informal way (because they are getting closer)) CEO: IF you (YS) resign from our company, I don't know whether Lawyer Kwon would be upset or not OYS: I have something that I haven't told you yet Man: Where did you say LKJ come from? KJR: From now on, Oh Jin Shim-ssi problem is my problem Congratulations for everyone who guess the first kiss at episode 8
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    JS just gave him a quick kiss... JR being a quick learner, went in for a full deep kiss
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    Hi guys, First time poster here. First time everything in soompi in fact. Long story short, I'm a behavioral psychologist and in my (very scarce) spare time I like to watch reality shows and analyze the casts' behavioral pattern and read into their body language (a hobby of mine while keeping it relevant to my profession). Recently one of my assistants was watching Running Man and that piqued my interest so having no appointments at that time I joined her for a bit and the "yeobo" part especially caught my attention. And somehow Google recommended this forum to me so I'd like to give my two cents. A little bit of a disclaimer here, people's behaviors are largely affected by a broad range of aspects such as culture, social upbringing (religion, morals, etc), and the most obvious one, emotions. I am not Korean nor am I terribly familiar with the culture, and I have not done my due research on the country, so I might be analyzing this through my own "personal lense", if I could say so myself, and am therefore prone to any misunderstanding and misinterpretation. With that said, here's what I have. When Jongkook remarked "yeobo", Jihyo instinctively extended her arm to Jongkook's direction. Generally, this is a gesture that indicates that she is very comfortable with him and that their relationship is such an intimate one that she did not hesitate to do that and that that was her first reaction. I have noticed, however, that she sometimes do this with the other members too throughout the episode, so maybe they're all just family to each other. Her expression should also be noted. Her smile is an extremely genuine one. As a behavioral psychologist and having worked for almost 9 years in this field and analyzing hundreds of thousands of people smiling under different circumstances, I can confidently say that this is a very genuine smile, pure even. Needless to say, this indicates a surge of abundant joy that comes as a pleasant surprise to her. Almost as if she's been waiting for such a moment and his "yeobo" ended her longing. Shortly after, she ended up giving her extra money to him and her actions here are also interesting. She turned around quickly after giving him the money and even still then you could still hear the joy in her voice. But her turning around quickly is what's important. Why would someone at their joyful point turn away so quickly from the situation that brought her the unexpectedly pleasant surprise in the first place? At this point there are two possible explanations: 1. I am horribly wrong in my analysis and she just wants to get out of the situation quickly. Again, this is not entirely impossible due to my unfamiliarity with Korea let alone the show (this is probably my 3rd time watching it). 2. She wanted to hide her next reactions. Imagine of a time where you are extremely happy in a situation where you know you need to keep it under control. If it was me, I would try to go to a place where I would be able to express it without restraint or try to "avoid" the reason of my happiness to prevent me from expressing my joy even further. And if I am right in this case, this was exactly what she was trying to do. This is becoming a huge wall of text and I apologize for that. I just find it extremely fascinating that there is a forum dedicated to supporting two celebrities to date or "shipping" as it's usally called and would like to give a piece of my mind on the matter. This forum is a joy to read.
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    I agree. Due to her manager and the CEO, she stopped "using" her brain... that's why she didn't even read the prescription for the vitamines pills. She was so sheltered that she could never show her true abilities. Buying the law books illustrates how dedicated OJS is. She never does things half-way. It was funny to see how she prepared the files. It looked so organized. She definitely knows how to work. I have been thinking that at some point, KJR himself might get into trouble hence I am suspecting that OJS will be forced to show her true skills so that she will surprise everyone. So far, all of them think, she is just acting as a secretary but in reality, she does more than the job of a secretary. The gesture, putting her hand into his pocket, symbolizes that he has completely accepted her. She somehow belongs to his world. The progression in their relationship is illustrated by the hands. Only at the end of the episode 2, he offered his hand for a handshake. Then she touches his hand unintentionally, notice how he retrieves his hands. Then in the latest episode, they have the pinky promise (they touch each other's hand with only two fingers) and finally he takes her hand and put it in his pocket.
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