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    I think that I found their room , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct. CSH’s room in first episode She is back in the same room in episode 10 It’s the Habana Suite at Hotel Saratoga in Havana, they probably shifted the furniture around for aesthetic purposes. But the stupid continuous and curve on CSH’s balcony kept throwing me off because KJH and CSH were making out on an individual balcony. A quick search of google shows that the only floor which has separate balconies in that hotel is the 3rd floor ( the hotel claims to have 6 floors on their website, if the counting throws you off because of how floors are counted in your country then just go from the penthouse to the bottom and subtract 3 floors). The Habana suites are situated on the 1st floor and 3rd floor, given how CSH’s balcony is too elevated to be the first floor so it’s certain that CSH is on the 3rd floor. Looked on the hotel website and realized that KJH is probably staying in the room adjacent to her suite, which would explain why his balcony is individual and she has a continuous and curvy balcony. The red arrow indicating his room and the blue arrow indicating her room. So did they end up in his room and how did they end up on his balcony, please watch episode 11. Judging me? I don’t care, I found their room.
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    BREAKING NEWS: A foreign couple commit a series of misdemeanors in Havana cr : dc
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    The PD gave them full credit too. Cr dramamilk YouTube Since all the Cuba scenes were shot before the press conference, I guess this is why the PD was so confident and vocal about their chemistry.
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    You can only see the wind through the whistling of the trees. Love is like that. To see it, it has to be reflected in action. With JH it's in each and every gesture, sometimes surprisingly so. Like when he was working so hard to prepare the end of year party: I thought that he put in all that effort because he wanted to prove that he was hired on his own merit and not for his connections, and in doing so he wanted to strengthen SH's position in front of the board. But it was so much more than that. He was designing the best New Year present ever: choosing a masquerade because he knows how much she longs for anonymity, including a salsa band because he knows that dancing makes her happy, even hand drawing her mask... His love is so apparent in everything that there is no need for a single word. The secret that SH is responsible for turning his theoretical ideas of what love is into practice is no secret at all. It's there in every smile. His feelings are just too big to contain. In contrast, WS's love is invisible. It's all glib retorts and machinations behind the scenes. No wonder that even when he spells it out for her upfront SH does not believe it; instead she thinks that's it's yet another of his games. They never worked in the first place; it was a bad match based on pedigree and an explicit money exchange, not on compatibility or genuine feelings. Resurrecting a dead romance is useless; SH and ex are over. Still they should have an open adult conversation where WS can get his feelings off his chest properly and then move on. Maybe they can become better friends in the process. SH belongs with JH because they just work. Looking at the two of them together, you only see two people in love, and completely forget their age and status differences. It's all lovely done. There’s trust and respect on both sides. There's also an undercurrent of awkwardness in their physical interactions that I find realistic and endearing. JH is constantly hungry for more (like when he has to sit on his hands to prevent himself from reaching out to her during his first visit at her place). He keeps probing her boundaries, tentatively resting his hands on her shoulders after lending her his coat during their walk, then by the end of the day embracing her properly. Also she completely trusts him to go just as far as she is ready… They have to end up together. No other end-game makes sense.
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    The marriage didn't just fail because of the lack of communication between JWS and CSH, their education was the other cause. Both have never been taught to express themselves because of both mothers. CSH never dared to tell JWS how she felt, just like JWS. JWS had not realized that words have power. His education taught him that only money and connections were powerful hence he used his money to console his wife. If he had said something to his wife after the abuse, CSH wouldn't have felt lonely and pitiful. For JWS, words meant nothing that's why she perceived her ex-husband as weak. Now, he is changing a little as he tried to write a poem but let us not forget that the flowers were the main focus. JH appears powerful and manly because he expresses himself a lot... like for example "his greed has no limit" and he starts hugging CSH from behind. He tells her what he wants to do and waits for CSH's answer. She turns around and hugs him showing him that she is okay with it. Then in the episode 10, he complains that she has never told him how handsome he was. CSH has never learnt that expressing herself can have a good impact on the partner. JH is actually teaching her about that. That's why JH shows her after getting praised for his good looks, he feels loved and recognized. JH, although younger, is much more experienced and wiser than her. The reason is his knowledge of books. Books and indirectly words influenced him so much. He could gather knowledge and wisdom, therefore he used his books and words to woo CSH, while JWS keeps using gifts (flowers, dress, rings) to impress her. JH's behavior contrasts so much with JWS's behavior. JH tells her how he thinks and feels but he still respects her decision. Although our protagonist was hurt, when CSH asked him to keep their distance from each other for a while, JH accepted it. On the other hand, JWS keeps ignoring CSH's words and actions. CSH clearly expresses that she will never go back to him (episode 3, 9) and even how she views her ex-husband as weak man but JWS acts as if he was deaf. the ex-husband thinks that CSH will change her mind. He underestimates CSH's love for JH. In his eyes, since JH is a commoner, he is not worthy of CSH. He congratulated her for the good article and review but overlooked that JH's action was the reason for that. JH is someone below him and CSH. Imagine his feelings, when CSH totally ignores him and lets him wait for three hours. JWS thought, he is entitled to have CSH's visit. JWS needs to learn on the hard way that he is nothing compared to JH. That's why I am looking forward for JWS's meddling in the hotel business. I hope, JH can show him his skills. CSH is gradually changing as well... she is learning not to keep everything to herself. On the other hand, I hope that JH learns to confide more and more about his own struggles. It was hard to see how JH kept smiling, while he was hurting. CSH knew that very well that's why she asked HI about it. However, JH hadn't said anything to her. Since JH has been taught to act strong and responsible as his parents were working hard, I think, at some point he needs to show his vulnerability in front of CSH, when the latter is strong enough to fight for both of them. Until now, JH knew that CSH would worry so much hence he couldn't tell her everything, too afraid that she might run away. @twtwb @Yongzura @stroppyse @nubianlegalmind
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    Hello chingus! I was held hostage by real life for a long time but today I decided enough was enough and I marathoned eps 9 and 10. My combined thoughts- "The world is not as romantic as u think it is" Vs"Love is like sneezing-u can't stop it! "I am glad that both these perspectives exist within this drama universe. Balance the heavy with the light. "Having that normality shattered. You know it better than anyone."I think this was the line that made SH actually cave into the pressure later, as it came from someone she treasures. That misguided attempt from HI and the news articles just compounded it. "Why now? What I can't forget is how weak you looked when you stood and watched from afar.The person I'm seeing right now means a lot to me. He's someone special."I think this was one of the most frustrating parts of the episode for me. How suffocating it must've been for SH - the one time in her life when she is finally experiencing real love and affection and her ex comes in expecting she'll hop right off with him. The delusional way he just kept avoiding the obvious - please woo seek, let her live her life. And these also pointed out exactly why she likes JH- he has always stood up for her and maintained her dignity. "Some people are destined to do what's asked of them."I hope you meet your comeuppance lady. Your husband and daughter should teach you just that. It's made me feel doubly sad for SH for how she has had such a poor excuse for a mother. And proud of JH to actually answer her calmly- I would've Kimchi slapped her and gone to jail. "I'm uneasy. I'm afraid you'll get hurt. I'm afraid. Don't be afraid. "It was really sad to see JH still keep strong in the after effects, but then he only had to face SH's mom, while SH was getting attacked from all sides. Her crying broke me more than JH, surprisingly. She cherishes him so much. -Jinhuk tracing her handwriting, and finally wearing her tie! He was obviously missing his family after seeing the fruit shop in Sokcho - I wonder why he didn't go to Seoul, he would lose their bet? -That scene when SH is developing the photo in the dark room and JH 's face slowly forms - her longing crept up and filled the room, the silence just amplified it. I loved this scene. "If the sea job is to make waves, mine is to think of you. Me and the mother in this book are both the same. After all, we are both thinking of somebody."JH's love is so earnest, so sincere. I lost it within the first five mins of this ep itself lol. And I knew SH has laser vision/intuition - she glanced someone reading by the lighthouse and was like yup-that's my man. As lovely as that line was I have the feeling it was kind of bittersweet to SH? She has obviously never experienced maternal love and affection. I feel that the actual line being from a parent's heart made it much more poignant. And I really hope JH's family gives her the love she deserves. "I don't have a solution, but I'm determined to solve it." I find myself mesmerised by SHK's expressions in some of the scenes and this was one of them. Just look at her observing his face and taking in his sincerity. She was hanging onto every word. I love them both so much. "I'm the best driver in the world."I can't quote his convo with Soo hyun because nearly everything he said was gold. Driver Nam, you are the best confidant, advisor, caregiver, teddy bear, and overall best human anyone could ask for. "You shouldn't just keep things inside. You should express it."This video call!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Honestly this show has given me so many adorable moments I didnt think I could smile any more but this section had me locked in a maniacal grin the whole time. I could so relate to her awkwardness with video calls, SHK was super duper adorable in this scene. "What can I do to win Soo hyun over."Bro. Its time to stop. He can honestly start dating his handsome secretary if he really wants to shake up his life. Nearly everything he does to woo her is an imitation of other peoples feelings and talent. He can't hold a candle to JH. And he's doing peak second lead behavior right now so I can't even feel bad for him. "Do you have some money?"The whole Cuba sequence - what an absolutely wonderful callback to their initial encounter in Cuba. It was an entirely magical and ethereal feeling--no wonder Soo Hyun glanced at the clock showing Havana time while writing her new years wishes. And honestly, I cannot thank the entire production and especially our lead actors for portraying that culmination of passion so authentically that early on during filming. It made me eat my own subliminal feelings that this romance was just lacking a little spice. Turns out I should have kept my patience - this is such a well tempered romance, everything just fell into place organically. If I was squeeing the whole episode, towards the end I became weirdly silent- I just felt their whole journey till now and how beautifully it has been portrayed and I don't know if I will come across such a gem of a romance again. And if there was any doubt regarding what happened--just look at their eyes. And the ending animation showed them both horizontally soooo ok ill stop now. Why am I single again. Where is my JH?! So glad to have encounter back again, and I have more than 50 pages to backread! Love your discussions guys.
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    Watching K-drama for so many years, I grow tired of male leads who are in denial of their feelings, being rude to mask their true intention, forcing themselves on female leads (like forced kiss) or being damaged by their upbringing and social injustice. So JH is really a breath of fresh air. We already know how he is an amazing son, a hardworking person and someone who knows how to appreciate life with conviction. What I love about JH most is probably his way of saying things. Very poetic but not cheesy as he truly means and understands what he says, many of which are very deep, meaningful and thought-provoking. (to his dad) I believe I was born rich. Some kids had trouble paying for tuition. There were many friends who had to pay back student loans. They're still paying back their loan today. You paid for my tuition while I attended university, made me food, and provided a house to sleep in. I'm a very fortunate son. (to MJ) I realized that we really do live in different worlds. It's surprising. I'll make sure not to cause more trouble with my feelings, but my feelings aren't based on curiosity. Letting a person come into your heart, even if it's for a brief moment, I believe such a thing is meaningful. (to his tea-lady friend) His friend: She's a privileged woman. HJ: I don't care about that at all. She smiles every now and then. That really makes my day. (To SH) There are paintings. And there's you who likes paintings. And there's me who likes you who likes paintings. (from "Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again?") Among a multitude of stars One stares down at me Among a multitude of people I stare up at that one star Where, when, and as what will the two of us You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again? (the last two sentences are read by SH but JH will say them out lout if she doesn't) Having interest in someone is a fight between the certainty and doubt of liking someone. And that certainty and doubt cross with each other like tides. When that doubt fades away and all that's left is certainty, that's when love begins. What if we leave these emotions of certainty and doubt to fight with each other and find out if we like each other? Why don't we say that we're now in a pre-relationship stage and met here again? A poet named Rainer Maria Rilke once said only the people who hold hands as they walk in the cold city are the ones who will get to see spring. We rode a bike together, and we're drinking coffee together. It's already spring or us. I sometimes come to take pictures of the wind. If I shoot the reeds, then I can see the wind. I learned what love is through a book. Right. So this is what love is. This is what happens when I fall in love. It's clear to me now. Thanks to you, it's so clear to me what love is. My greed has no limit. I want to have tea with that person But once I do, I want to enjoy a meal with her. I want to tell her my stories. I want to tell her how I feel. I want to hold her delicate hands. I want to hold her in my arms. "If we follow the way determined by others, we become miserable. There is no such thing in my life". When these words are said with PBG's facial expression, warm voice and sweet eye gaze, I can't help but feel the sincerity in each and every word. Seriously, how can we find another character like JH in K-drama? He is not perfect but so endearing.
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    Aigoo, I thought I got to a wrong thread . What are you talking about? WS? He was her past, that’s it. Game over for WS Dc
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    One last translation post from episode 8. This is what JH says to SH as he comes up and gives her a back hug as she's pouring their tea: JH: My greed knows no end. “I want to drink tea with this person.” When I’m drinking the tea, “I want to have a meal with this person.” “I want to tell her my stories.” “I want to give her my heart.” “This person. I want to hold her graceful hands.” (JH falls quiet for a moment, maintaining the hug.) JH: “This person. I want to embrace her.” (SH turns and embraces JH. They enfold each other into their arms.) Perhaps because it is the prelude to the separation, I thought there was a poignancy to their embrace in this scene. Also, I think this is the first time that SH actually initiates the contact. Thus far, it's really been JH being brash and approaching SH. But, now, SH turns and embraces JH as well . This is JH and SH's conversation when SH calls JH on the phone: JH: Yes, it’s me! SH: Did you arrive safely? JH: Yes, I’ve arrived safely. SH: It feels a bit strange, doesn’t it? JH: It’s not all that strange, but the CEO’s face keeps appearing here and there. I want to see you so much, it’s a big problem. SH: It seems a little bit as if you were making up the sentiment. You are being sincere, right? JH: Oh? Every time I take a step, “Cha Soo Hyeon, Cha Soo Hyeon, Cha Soo Hyeon” is what I say as I walk, so what are you saying? If I keep walking this way, I probably won’t get to my lodgings until tomorrow. SH: Wow. Listen to the sentiment. JH: If you don’t like it, then I can quit. SH: Your push-pull has improved as well. (me: push-pull is flirting where one alternates being eager with being hard to get) JH: They say that dating is all about the push-pull. SH: Who said that? JH: My father did. SH: Sleep well, and have a good first day tomorrow. JH: Oh. Are you saying that you’re going to hang up already, CEO? While talking with you, I managed to get lost even. If I become lost in Sokcho, I’m going to give them the CEO’s phone number. SH: Good. I can use that as an excuse to go down to Sokcho then. JH: Good. You could come down then. SH: I’m really going to go. JH: Fine. Hurry up and come. SH: I wasn’t lying. JH: Yes. I said you should come. SH: Then, I’ll see you soon. JH: Call! I’ll see you soon. SH: Yes. It's clear that both of them miss each other so much. Yes, they can talk to each other on the phone, but they can no longer just drive (or run) to the other person when they really want to see each other. I think it is a bit different when one is an established couple and having to be separated due to circumstances, such as someone mentioned having to do with his wife. JH and SH's relationship is new and being tested. Their relationship is at the point where they probably most want to be together, and that is the time when they are having to make it a long distance relationship. Still, I think the separation led to the kisses and hugs at the New Year's party. If JH had stayed close to SH in Seoul, I think he would have been more circumspect than to kiss her in public as he did. But after having to be separate, JH can't help himself but kiss her and hold her, and SH welcomes it and returns the embraces.
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    Finally got around to watching both episodes 9 and 10 properly, and it's such a good love story. Need to go get some sleep now while I can, but one thought struck me watching episode 10 that I wanted to note before I lost it. It's about the scene with Grandfather Samuel and JH where JH is trying to persuade GS that Donghwa and its CEO were sincere in their intent to preserve the garden, understanding what it means to him. GS asks JH if he loves the CEO, and JH first prevaricates that that is a personal issue, while all JH was trying to do was for the good of the company. Then, JH confesses that he misses SH more than anything in the world, thereby tacitly confirming that he does love SH without actually saying the words. I appreciated that this moment may have been the first time that JH has put how he feels about SH into those words and that sentiment. So, JH is caught off guard by GS' blunt question. However, even realizing that is how he feels about SH, it's as if he wanted to tell SH first before he even acknowledged that to anyone else. And, the first chance that JH gets, he tells SH very simply and very directly "I love you." I just thought that this was a beautiful sequence of realizations and emotions for JH to go through, and it's all consistent with the person that JH has been shown to be. I don't know if SH has thought of it in those terms before either, but it's clear that she was happy to hear those words from JH. Now, I'm just going to wait until SH can say those words back to JH. Perhaps next episode? Also, given the way SH was playing with the ring she was wearing while smiling, I wonder if JH has given her a couple ring? Btw, SH is just luminously beautiful in every shot of this drama. Can't wait until the next episodes. One more thing, I do appreciate that SH's father is supportive of SH, even as he is concerned about her and the guy that she likes. It's too bad that it served to make her more nervous in ep 9, but I can see his sincere concern for his daughter, which is nice. Total contrast to SH's mother who is beyond tiresome. I can't believe she debased herself to go on her knees to WS' mother. Talk about literal groveling for scraps, and being willing to kiss dirt, if asked for some potential ephemera of power. LOL
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    Is there a purpose to bring in videos of other dramas to prove that our OTP's kiss is not as steamy? lol...really. What happens if all of us start posting our OTP's steamy kisses here just to compare? What do we hope to achieve? Please, people. An euphoria is an euphoria because it's for a reason and PBG and SHK as KJH and CSH worked their butt off to give us that euphoria. It must be tough on them, given all the negativities mainly from their own citizens and from other shippers and with all the comments about age and married etc. The fact that they can do such a wonderful job with their chemistry and their passionate and intimate scenes, it's seriously kudos to them! It's amazing that they could put everything out of their heads to deliver unquestionable acting talent which results in a gorgeous piece of work. Let's give them the credit they both deserve. It's the best kissing scene for me for SHK and PBG. Their passion is so real because they both gave it their all. Someone said Korea is not ready for change and that has affected the ratings. Yes, it's a pity that a fine piece of work like "Boyfriend", is not given the best support from the K-netizens. The old might frown upon romance between a married woman (SHK) making out with a younger man (PBG) and find it hard to accept the drama. We saw KJH's mum stipulating the role of a woman - to be by the husband's and kids' side. That's traditionally expected of the wife it seems. The young either loves one of them, both of them or neither of them or are too busy chasing after the K-pop idols. Some vindictive ones will post bad comments, hoping to see the drama fail. For me, SHK has broken traditional expectations when she accepted the role of CSH in "Boyfriend". I admire her for her courage to try to change the old school of thoughts, for the larger good of society. I admire her resilience to bashers. She has probably set the tone for a divorced woman to fall in love with a much younger guy with the right to experience the same respect from families and society for their own choices to live their own lives. PBG has explored his boundaries, believes in himself that he could do a good job as KJH, gotten permission to go ahead without burden, and that's what he did - immersed himself totally. From ep 1 to 10, we see nothing but the BEST from both of them. They're truly the cream of the crop. They delivered as the cream of the crop would. They gave all that they have, to bring us a magical and beautiful drama. To bring in other videos for comparison is to demean their effort because every story is different, with different directing, choreography and cinematography. If there's no purpose to be served, just bask in their love-making, be it passionate kissing or hugging, and wait patiently for the next beautiful dose of passion to sweep us along with them. And I bet "Boyfriend" cast and crew must be feeling blessed to have passionate and mature international fans like all of us here who loves the drama unconditionally. Wait, just one condition, PD. That's right. We're expecting beautiful Cuban babies, dude.
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    @stroppyse I am impressed with Park Bo Gum&Song Hye Kyo’s weight of acting in Cuba from the two strangers in ep1 to the two lovers in ep10 while they filmed in the similar time span. I am even amazed when I watched the recent scenes in Sokcho which they has just filmed during New Year2019 which several months next to filming in Cuba but KJH&CSH kept mood and tone continuously. Scriptwriting for the whole drama must be fully prepared because filming in Cuba is Encounter’s starting production for a month in September 2018. Even tiny things as KJH&CSH’s hair also continued from recent Sokcho and Cuba in ep10. As an audience, I feel grateful for the honor Casts and Crews work to deliver this amazing task, Encounter’s Casts&Crews have never taken audiences as somebody easily satisfies. Even pairing hallyu stars as Park Bo Gum&Song Hye Kyo be able to secure full CFs and selling copyrights upfront to more than 100 countries already but the truly splendidly acting leads, believable story, memorable script, and the high standard production have also been brought to audiences in a full package. The stardard bar for drama production and acting expectation to me, comparing to Encounter, is really high.
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    Y'all!! Whoa!! I didn't even bother with screenshots tonight because ...... DAYUM!!! Come thru sis! Come thru!! That kiss scene was spectacular!! He gave a small kiss with a smack, and I thought, hmm, where's this scene going? Then he goes back in for the kiss! She responds! The camera doesn't zoom out for a drone shot!! her arms go round his back! It's becoming more passionate! He's leaning in! They pause to stare at one another! And it went on and on and on...OMG!! Then the shot changes to overlook the bright hotel lights and I spy something at the corner of the screen!! OMO OMONA OMG!! She better be feeling nauseous in two months!! That kiss on the balcony is what I need to start the new year!! My soul is currently over the Atlantic, headed for Cuba because this is the year of Namja Chingu, my chingus!! They can barely stand straight, they're leaning against one another to adjust for stability, they're stumbling around...That scene sent me over the edge! I can't!!! I love it!! Also, whoever did KJH's wardrobe in this episode was determined to destroy me!! He looked absolutely exquisite in the black trouser, white shirt, grey sweater, black shoes.... His entire get up can cost 30,000 won for all I care, but men who dress like that , simple but elegant, they drive me slightly crazy!! Those visuals were meant for me!! I won't even bother watching any other drama tonight!! I'll just replay the last ten minutes!! Someone mentioned earlier today, around 20 pages ago, that KJH needs to step up and be the one to protect CSH otherwise he risks being seen as dependent on CSH. His going to Cuba and convincing the owner is his way of stepping up. It's very much in line with his character to take a long trip to see the important person, use words and letters as his tools to convince the hotel owner, just like JWS would use his power and machinations to solve CSH's problems from the shadows. EDIT: KJH should leave another note at the café, asking CSH to marry him. Then they can come back to Cuba and we can have Cuban passion and a proposal!!
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    First, thanks a lot for the compliment. It gives me great pleasure to read that my posts and analysis are appreciated. However back to your questions: I like Kdramas and since I am a teacher in literature/history (look at my nickname), analyzing is one of my hobbies. But back to Encounter: what I love about this drama is the connection between poetry, literature and paintings. The dialogues look rather simple but they are far from being superficial. I am really impressed by the writer and the director.
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    Man. I started ep 1 last week I think. People may know me to be critical. And think I don't enjoy Kdramas. I am not even a SHK fan. Or one who gushes over PBG. But boy this drama is a drama done right. I have never watched such a smooth flow from ep 1- 10 before. The evil characters are there of course. But the directing and scene transition superb. I have never liked SHK as much as her role here. PBG should play less rich guy. Or clever guy and just choose roles like this. I think this is his best so far. I am in love with the couple. I died and gone to Kdrama heaven with the video call. The eternal gripe with separated couples in Kdramas. Finally. A writer FINALLY wrote a scene with a couple contacting each other. The kiss? No comment. Much. It was a kiss scene done right. Right scene. Right time. Right atmosphere. Right epilogue. The OTP had chemistry. The PD is not a prude. The editing allowed close ups and no idiotic 360 camera zoom. The sounds not edited out. What else could you possible want? Oh yeah... part 2 apparently. The continuation on the balcony. Hallelujah a female lead with some libido. And not the shrinking virgin never heard of sex before like the rest of the Kdrama Candies who drive me insane with the limp arms and frozen lips. Hah. Glad I got that off my chest. This is a seriously well written drama written by a writer who knows what they are doing. And obviously paired with a PD who can work with her. And good casting. No idols in the lot of them. Bar one. And that is the weakest acting of the lot. That Secretary Jang has really good comic timing. She made me laugh. So does the Director Nam. I am still trying to get over having a mature male lead. I would take more poor younger male leads if it gives me less screeching. Less part time jobs and nose bleeds- you know the perpetual ones in Kdramas.. Poor communication female leads for one Kim Jin Hyuk. The character is actually mature and dignified. He has grit. It is also the first drama where I watched ep 1-8 which is basically a marathon; and not used the fast forward button. In fact may have repeated a few scenes. I do like her friend Ji Min. Her words and acting are so funny and timing so spot on. And is the Cuban blue sky a different colour? I swear it has its own unique shade.
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    Hello everyone, I’m new to Soompi in general and only discovered it because of this drama. After about a hundred pages, I have finally decided to get out of my lurk mode Thoughts on this week 1) HI is selfish and out of line, but the difference between her and WS is that she thinks in terms of JH’s best interests. She will never force herself on him and as evidenced earlier when she remarked on how cool CSH was for standing up for him, if she sees how miserable not being with Sh would make her friend, she would support him 100%. I think she’s a great friend 2) The scene where CSH asks whether he was upset about taking a break really touched me this week more than anything. I’ve watched kdrama for a while now, and it’s rare to see couples this upfront. I love how he rebuked her for not trusting in his courage and love for her in the most JH way possible as it was such a soft disapproval yet it carried the double meaning of reassuring her that he is into the relationship as much as she is and will handle anything with her. 3) on that note, how great is it that we got angsty separation for a good 25mins instead of it dragging on for 1 or 2 episodes like we see elsewhere. This is why I always side eye people who apparently can’t get into the drama because the pace is so slow, like where?? 4) someone mentioned making little Jinsoo’s after Cuba. As cute as this would be, this is just the worst possible timing. I wouldn’t mind if they got married now even with him just starting out his career as people do that all the time, it would give them a little ammunition and she can more than afford to take care of them financially for now; screw gender roles (my aunt has been married for 30 years and their marriage started off with her supporting him through school). However, they are both just about to enter into a battle zone with Taekyung group and it will be hyper stressful. It’s just not the time to be thinking about kids so please Jinsoo, be safe in Cuba juseyo 5) It’s funny how I was not onboard with Jang Dae Chan couple but the break just mellowed me so much. I wasn’t too big a fan of her before but as another user said, she really hasn’t tried to end the Jinsoo relationship ever since SH confided in her about how much she likes him. Yes, she’s still cautious but I love how she asks “what do we do about Jin Hyuk” after the mum visiting Sokcho incident instead on insisting that the relationship be over 6) This couple have got it so bad for each other it’s so cute. I loved episode 10 for just showing them as a couple doing mundane long distance couple things. I just love how the stages of getting to the Ssum stage was so long and slow but they didn’t even have to have a sit down and decide to be official, it just happened and now they are at the I love you stage. I know JH would love to hear it back but I also love how well the couple know each other and they are both aware that they are madly in love without having to say anything. I also love how the conversation here moved from everyone being happy with the prospect of a bittersweet ending and now everyone is just like nah, they have to get married, have babies and celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I’m sorry that ended up rather long, but thank you for this community because you’ve made the experience of watching a great drama even greater with all your conversations and insights
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    I think I'm on board with this sentiment. He does seem rather manly as JH is devouring SH, having unleashed the passionate side of his nature versus his more usual caring, considerate, respectful side that had been taking things so slowly and easily. Respect for the whole team, however, that they were able to shoot two such different scenes and maintain the correct emotions and the continuity through the drama. I know it's not unusual to shoot scenes out of sequence in order to take advantage of location shoots or weather or whatever, but what's been impressive is how naturally progressive the scenes feel even though shot so much out of sequence. So much respect for the actors, the crew, and the production team. I know I'm repeating myself now, but I'm still so impressed given the time lapses involved.
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    @twtwb @icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @alekaonu @USAFarmgirl@dukesa1122 Since we have to wait more than 10 days until the next episode, I would like to outline for one more time how good the writing has been. In one of my former posts, I had analyzed the different meanings of "Encounter" and pointed out that "encounters" was exactly what defined JH-CSH's relationship which explain why despite the gaps in their social status, their age and environment they could meet and understand each other. Due to many encounters, their relationship got deeper. Then in the episode 5, the turning point of their relationship is marked, when they stand in front of this painting. They are looking at each other and JH is even touching CSH's arm. She doesn't push him away. Striking is that this painting from Kim Whanki is also referring to "encounter", since his title is "Where and in what way will we meet again". What also caught my attention is the structure of this painting. As you can see, the painter drew a lot of squares with different sizes and colours. The squares could be seen as picture frames. And now we can understand why the episode started with this drawing. Our protagonists are walking side by side and there are a lot of picture frames. All of them look empty. But in reality, there are not. It is just that our OTP is not aware that their relationship has been marked with different pictures. They didn't take any picture but the director and the viewers are the spectators of their pictures. I sense that from the start, the director and writers were planning to use this drawing and painting. Let me give you examples from previous episodes: In the first episodes, we see these scenes: Due to the black frames, they definitely look like photos. Then in the second episode, wheen JH and CSH were eating ramen, the scene was so shot that you have the impression, it is a picture (metal bars remind of a frame again). and it became a photo for real. Then in the third episode, this scene on the beach which is breathtaking reminds us of a painting due to the window frame of wood which can be perceived as picture frame. In the episode 5, the director shot a scene in a similar manner: To me, the painting from Whanki should be seen as a photo album that contains all the moments of our OTP and that's why at the end of the episode, we see the painting used to show different moments of JH and CSH's life. JH and CSH are not entirely aware of their serendipity because at the end, we see how their paths crossed each other without noticing each other. By doing so, the director and writer are underlining that they were fated to meet. As conclusion, the viewers are actually watching a photo album of our OTP therefore the writer keep shooting scenes as photos. Moreover, the picture frames in the drawing look a lot like stars illustrating first the natural of their meetings and second the impact of their encounters... in this darkness, they felt happy and are kept as good memories. Let me know what you think about it.
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    My dream kiss came true so I had to post here today....... I bookmarked this drama as soon as I heard that song Hye Kyo was in it. I admit I had an issue with PBG being cast as the male lead, not because of himself, but the relationship between the three is just too close! I have no problem with Noona Romance, if anything, noona romance is an automatic plus with me! The story is also one of those that walks the line between boring cliche and good execution of cliche, so I was mostly afraid that SHKs comeback would flop because of the script. However, I looked at the screenwriter's body of work and thought that I should give her the benefit of the doubt. The story, even though filled with the usual enemies, Mother in Law and Mother, has given a refreshing look on a cliche romantic tale. I loved how the writer used the SOME dynamics as a new trope instead of just jumping into a relationship. I don't think this has ever been done in a drama. The two characters are aware of the gap between them, the age, status, employment position, etc. KJH is a man who falls headfirst into his first love, but is so considerate of what the relationship means and how it impacts CSH, that he suggests a SOME so that she can ease into it with no pressure. He desperately wants to be her boyfriend but through the SOME, he takes it as slow as she needs it to be.... and when she took her time to think about it, looked at the art on the bridge pillars ... I could see her age in that moment as she weighs the decision, and then she accepted to be in a SOME!!! I was swooning at that part!! KJH..... this perfect specimen of a man that is mostly found in dramas... Takes charge like Mr. Darcy and leaves me swooning like a teenager right behind him! Lets discuss the most important episode, ep 8. When KJH gives CSH the camera, it's like a callback to ep7 when he says he has no photo of her. She also has no photo of him, so when she takes the photo with the camera she has been gifted, she now has a photo of him. I was grinning so hard and all up in my feelings as she teared up when she took the photo. To me, the tears looked like she was overwhelmed with her love for him in that moment, that those hot overwhelming tears just sprang out (y'all know those kinds of tears). But as some of you have mentioned upstairs, she is feeling the impending separation deeply. That scene cut me up!! I knew that KJH would come to the masquerade ball. That was so obvious! LOL! I have been anxious about the kiss scene since the drama was announced because, let me be honest, SHK is not known for her kiss scenes. Not in a world where Yoon Eun Hye exists... In addition to the dynamics of their real life relationship, I wondered how far they would go with the kiss. They kissed.... And in that moment I was so absorbed, I started yelling and excitedly dropping loud f-bombs, so my neighbours know there's a mad woman in the building. I loved the kiss. I think this is the most absorbed she has ever been in a kiss scene (correct me if I am wrong), and it was such a release of the tension I had felt about the drama. I feel at peace! On closer inspection, you can see a shaky kiss, two unsure people in the way they kiss, anxious but excited, like they're saying screw it! I'm going in. They keep their foreheads in contact as they pivot around one another and change kissing sides. KJHs gulp and the loud smack at the end of the kiss sent me over the edge! However, kiss number two must be steamier. Director! Please!! What I love most about their relationship is the underdog status of the characters esp CSH. We all feel something for the woman who was in a loveless arrangement, who has this assertive man who just wants to love her, and who gets the chance to experience love, or at least a good relationship. I am rooting so hard for them! I want them to face the world together and never give up one one another espcially since Mother In Law is about to bring out the big guns! I'm cheering them on from the finish line!! The most important thing about this "easily a cliché" drama is how uncliche their path to falling in love has been. It does not feel forced or ridiculous as a story like this would be otherwise. This relationship is also their first real relationship, the first experience of love for both. KJH only knew love from books. CSH didn't even give up on love, she couldn't even dream of it in the first place! The excitement of it, the newness of it, every experience is new to them and I am as excited as they are when they hold hands or see one another or hug. Someone here discussed whether KJH is a virgin. I dunno, but they're both virgins when it comes to love. Everything CSH is feeling is all new, I'm sure their first time together (which we may not see) is a completely new concept to them as well. Speaking of the hug... When KJH comes up to CSH, he absolutely killed me when he said, "My greed has no limit." He does not need to say anymore, I had already collapsed. (Is that what they call Hugot in the Philippines?) Most importantly, I was moved as she quietly processed his speech, especially when he said, "I want to hold you in my arms". She then put her hands on his, TURNED TO HIM and PUT HERSELF IN HIS ARMS! Even he is shocked when she lays on his shoulder, you can see it on his face that he smiles in excitement and relief, and then wraps his arms around her. Her turning is significant to me, because the director has used their feet to show the state of the relationship. Earlier, CSHs feet would move away from KJH under the table, but in this scene, even if the feet were not shown, her whole body and heart have moved to face him. She reached back and wraps her hands around him too... SWOOOONNNNNN!!! Up ahead is the usual drama... MIL and Mother work to destroy their relationship and put her back her cage.... this is a drama anyway, what would it be wthout those scenes?! Writernim has successfully given a fresh take on a cliche story since around ep 4 and I LOVE IT!! I love the head office staff as a love interest for CSHs ex-husband. She'll cause grief for his mother who will definitely be unable to control her! I can't wait!! I had planned to write this tomorrow, but I am too giddy with adrenalin!! Love makes the world go round!
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    After reading the definition of "encounter", you come to realize the ambiguity of the title "Encounter". Moreover, it also reveals why JWS can never become a part of CSH's life. If we take the first definition (facing some difficulty and hostility), it is referring to the adversities that CSH and JH have already faced and will face together. So far, CSH had to deal with a few bad experiences: - the article and picture about a possible romance which forced to hear bad comments from her ex-mother-in-law and mother - the anonymous message on the bulletin board; - the gossiping - the terrible question from the reporter - the terrible comments from her own mother The same happened to JH: - the gossiping and the weird gazes from his co-workers - the harsh words from chairman Kim - the harsh words from secretary Jang But now let us focus on the second meaning of encounter. It implies an unexpected meeting and if we look back at the different events between CSH and JH, we will notice that they had a lot of unexpected meetings: - Cuba : The accident with the taxi. If JH hadn't been asked to change the seat, CSH would have never noticed him. The taxi was supposed to bring her to that place in order to watch the sunset but it broke down. She had to take the ferry... by walking on the street, she caught JH's attention which led him to follow her. She almost fell from the wall therefore JH had to intervene. I doubt that he would have approached her without her mistake. At the airport. Striking is that they missed each other at the café the next morning. And this was not an encounter but a planned meeting (rendez-vous). - South Korea: He becomes her employee. After reading his letter, she wants to visit the playground he had mentioned to her before. But she is caught there red-handed which triggers JH to invite her to look at the pictures from Cuba. JH is drunk and CSH sees him standing all sleeping. She decides to bring him home. When he followed Jang to Seokcho, this meeting was not planned by JH nor CSH. Our heroine was surprised to find him there. But even if we consider it as a planned meeting, there was a casual meeting in all this, especially if we compare it with JWS. CSH was not at the hotel, when JWS and JH arrived at the hotel. JWS kept waiting and missed her. The opposite happened with JH. CSH was walking around, until she saw him. They could have missed each other like JWS but it didn't happen. After arriving home, JH listened to radio and the message of a listener which made him realize that the listener was CSH. They met "through the radio". Then we have got the car accident. If she hadn't been involved in that accident, she wouldn't have received her birthday gift from JH and even become closer to him. CSH saw JH a little depressed at the café as she was on her way to a meeting. She changed her plan in order to cheer him up. Then at the end of the episode 5, they meet in front of that painting. JH wasn't expecting to see her there too. Maybe I might have forgotten one or two. Nonetheless all these encounters had a huge impact on CSH and JH and their relationship. Because it was always unexpected, CSH couldn't be like an ice princess. Her guard was down, besides she got sometimes caught red-handed, where she was unable to behave like a CEO. Furthermore, through these casual meetings, JH was able to see CSH in a different light. Everything was new to CSH. It was refreshing for her and she could see how natural and simple their meetings were. However, in the beginning of my post, I wrote that the title gives us an explanation why JWS can never be a part of CSH's life. If you look back at all their meetings, only one is an encounter but even this one leads to create a misunderstanding and put JWS in a bad light. CSH has never had any encounter with JWS: The meeting at the restaurant before they got married. In the first episode, JWS meets her at his mother's birthday. JWS knew that CSH had to appear there. In the episode 3, she wants to meet JWS in order to protect JH. JWS is waiting for CSH at the bar. He drove to Seokcho in order to meet her but he missed her and when he had an encounter with her, she was with JH coming back from the beach. He meets her again at a restaurant in order to resolve the problem. The press conference (episode 6): he received an invitation. JWS represents the exact opposite of "encounter"/JH. Every meeting he has is organized, even with JH. He wanted to help CSH but also see if JH was the one who received the necktie. That's the exact reason why CSH can not fall in love with him. JH is natural and simple, whereas JWS is sophisticated and artificial. We shouldn't forget that CSH doesn't come from the same world than JWS. She only entered it, when she was young... like her friend and secretary said, she used to be different in the past: more natural and carefree. @twtwb @icyphoenix @guinearoyal @alekaonu @stroppyse @foolmoondance@xu_lyfe
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    News PBG and SHK were casted.. Nets : OMG. They're practically bro and sis. How can they kiss? JH and SH were at "some" relationship.. Nets : OMG. They held hands!!! But will we get a kiss?? JH and SH kissed at masquerade.. Nets : OMG, PD-Nim? What kind of kiss is that? What a weird angle. JH and SH met again in Cuba.. Nets : OMG!!! Will they kiss again? they should, rite? hotter and longer? Meanwhile...
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