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  2. thepixies

    [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

    I *think* this is what the boyfrienddvd cafe has planned. *smirks* Korean fans are spamming instagram with these posts. Do feel free to repost!
  3. Regita M. P

    SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

    Hmm might be you're right & I love ur delulu I think that too... but I personaly think for this concert he will not announce yet because SJH still filming, Mr. Protective will protect her career until she is finish it ... I wish too SJH will came (again) / at least KJK sing a song December (since December became soundtrack of SA moments) or ... 1% Miracle
  4. I think Sunny's poisoned kimbap is now invalid all thanks to Granny who killed herself and left a suicide note. Was the kimbap actually poisoned? Maybe even not. They just want to blame someone. It was easier to blame Sunny and her bentobox. I find it unbelievable that they did not detect Granny drinking poison as one of the possible cause of death. There should be marks in her mouth. Look at what the poison did to Evil Mum's arm. Imagine what it can do to all the soft tissues in the mouth. But logic is not applicable to TLE. I need to shutdown my mind while watching this for full enjoyment. Hahaha About Hyuk flipflopping between evil and good. I dunno. He is constantly flipflopping and unpredictable. It makes me wonder...is writernim having fun writing her villains? She makes her villains do and say over the top stuff a lot .
  5. Posing for photographs at the press preview event today, cr: TongTongTV
  6. I like 'Touch your heart' but the plot isn't too original, so I choose the most commun option in rom-com dramas: Episode 7-8. And now I'm going to be a little bad person and ask: Why there isn't' a bet for 'Never'? After all, it's a K-drama, those things can happen .
  7. I love that there's never a dull episode.
  8. epinklyn

    [Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

    Video compilation from Legend of Awakening BTS n Airport. Credit as tagged. https://fx.weico.net/share/59011928.html?weibo_id=4341523757385703
  9. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

  10. @peonie Absolutely agree with you, Barbara. The reason Lee Byung Hun is successful and well-respected in the industry is because of his professional, positive and hardworking attitude. He doesn't just go and do his job, he takes part actively in giving ideas and always creating a warm working atmosphere plus he listens well to the PD, too despite his top star status. This is another heartwarming mention that was highlighted by the Korean media last week. In the tvN talkshow Life Bar (aka Tipsy Talk) episode 110, the guests were veteran actresses Kim Young Ok, Kim Soo Mi and Park Jun Keum. During their conversation about Hollywood, BH was mentioned & highly praised. To watch the whole episode (HERE - LBH mention at 21:21 time-mark). Anyway, here's a rough transcript of what they talked about Lee Byung Hun in the show. Watching this really gives us the idea just how proud of them seeing Byunghun going to Hollywood because it's really no easy feat to achieve and he did it. We sure hope BH will be able to take it a step higher because we know he can really deliver what was thought not achievable before. Kim Soo Mi: So, I always think Lee Byung Hun is amazing He really works hard. I agree He's really... Park Jun Keum: So what happened was, I went to Hollywood. You know where those handprints are. Yes, I do. Those star-shaped frames I know that. It was on that street. I walked down that street, and went to this area..for 'The Oscars".. As soon as I got there, I saw Byung Hun's handprint on the left. I heard it's there. Looking at it, I teared up all of the sudden. I get it. You would feel that way. It must have been hard for him. It's admirable. You were very proud of him. I was. You would be proud. I really felt that way. I also found out that he didn't write it in English. He wrote, "Korean Actor, Lee Byung Hun", KSM: Just listening to it makes me feel emotional. PJK: I even took a photo of it. I got goosebumps. Shin Dong Yup (host): I've met Song Seung Heon and Lee Byung Hun often since we were young. In the mid-1990s, even when Seung Heon and I were having fun, Byung Hun never stopped studying. So I asked, "Why would you study so hard at this age?" We couldn't even imagine working in Hollywood back then. It was the mid-1990s. That's right. Nobody would have thought that. Of course. But even then, Even then he thought he would do it.. one day That's right. You always have to be ready. So I think what he's done is amazing. But back then, I thought like, "You think you can really get a part in Hollywood?" You would have thought so back then.
  11. rosierosie

    What do you want right now?

    magic!!! I want magic, so I can be awesome like Mary Poppins.
  12. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

  13. PinjaHeikkilä

    How to grow thicker/fuller eyelashes?

    I have spent a lot of money on eyelash serums, and honestly, serum of dermalmd one works as good as the more expensive brands! I'm truly impressed with the results! I have also had NO irritation from using this serum! I'm very happy with the results!
  14. Tao's siblings went to support her today at the pre-screening of the SP New ASICS advertisement New Softbank cm
  15. Lawyerh

    right now I am...

    Oh i watched white snake with Renjialun & Yangzi but kind of give up halfway. Also almost finish all Oppa Kang Ji Hwan drama... and was lost what else to watch. Recently kdrama all just so so. And same tom work too haha....
  16. LOONA has wowed fans with their new music video! On February 19, LOONA made a comeback with their repackaged album “[X X]” and its title track “Butterfly.” Soon after the album and music video for “Butterfly” were released at 6 p.m. KST, #LOONA_BUTTERFLY was topping worldwide trending topics on Twitter. The group previously said that […] The post LOONA Leaves Fans In Awe Over Stunning “Butterfly” MV And Its Messages Of Empowerment And Diversity: Here Are The Best Reaction Tweets appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. rosierosie

    right now I am...

    Same here. I'm just waiting for the new The Legend of the White Snake 2019 with Alan Yu and JJY. Right now, I should be sleeping, but here I am. For sure, I won't want to wake up early to go to work tomorrow! Ughh.
  18. Lawyerh

    Add and Subtract Game

    644... long long time i guess
  19. rosierosie

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    I cooked some veggies with ground beef!! Home cooked food is da best when you are far away from home.
  20. Lawyerh

    right now I am...

    On withdrawal drama syndrome. Cos nothing much interest me lately.
  21. Hunters here in the US will sometimes use scents collected from animals (these can be purchased in liquid form and the ones I know of are used for hunting deer) to lure the animals. Animals are much more attuned to scent than humans are. It is true that humans excrete scents when they are very afraid or very stressed but we may not notice these as much as an animal would. I think that they are talking about very determined hunters who are willing to do anything to take down their prey, and they would pay attention carefully to such things as scent. Interesting but perhaps unrelated fact: So I think that hunters might be able to notice such matters as this as well. When the men were on the sky tram, the older one was talking about hunting humans decades earlier and doing so within the city; I assumed that they were talking about the time of Japanese occupation.
  22. @triplem I'm not familiar with the webtoon so you can say I'm betting somewhat blind here! LOL I'm not against kissing earlier (if anything it's a good thing because that means more opportunities for more kissing later). I am curious though how the first kiss is going to happen.. intentional? Accidental? LOL
  23. soulofsnape


    By the way, if you check the comments on this Yahoo Japan news, we can see what Japanese think on recent issues. One is many Japanese fans noticed The Naeun Day occasion, T's name spelled out. Two, YHY's sketchbook T's piano play. Somewhat more down, I found this comment, "T, why did you sing the "Once I lived by you" in the show ? The sketchbook recording day and from the Naeun's birthday till the showcase day, you wore the red suite. You put more matching ring. Can someone tell me why ?" Can someone explain what this guy found out ?
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