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  3. @riririru with that translation you get the first of all first class seats on our plane to Seoul. Thanks so much for that I loved reading that. Sailing girls.
  4. @sakura2016 He sang at his japanese 2012 fanmeeting. He knows to play piano, he mentioned in one of his interviews he wanted to have a hobby and thought playing piano could be a hobby, then he gave up because it was hard. It took him some braveness to sing and play piano publicly. It must have been tough for him and these 5 mins must have been the longest in his life. I'm also wondering about the blink he did at 4:12. Perhaps he was super focused and didn't want to miss any note
  5. @attriste @aladidah its on page 319 the 3rd video of @luvforever in a series of three. I need somebody to check with me or else I wouldn't be able to sleep with my suspicion!!! LOL! My mind keeps spazzing because look at his smile, its the same smile that he gives to you know who of course uri NJH! He seems to keep looking at the side stage! Chaebal, chingus debunk my delulu theory! His smile is making me crazy chincha! And check out his body posture, he keeps turning his chair to face slightly on the side!
  6. CHINGUS!! I BET THE NECKLACE WAS WHEN HE CONFESSED...A PROMISE..AND HYUNNIE'S RESPONSE WAS I WILL WAIT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MUST BE IT!!!! THIS EXPLAINS THE NECKLACE...THE KISSY VIDEO....OUR SHIP HAS SAILED!!! hyunnie going back to school is a good thing - she can focus on her studies and when wookie is back, THEY CAN DATE!!!
  7. @Dingy Conk Hope you'll feel better soon. A gif for you while recovering.... @riririru Thank you for the translations!! *hearteu* He's so in love that he becomes bolder each day. @gglex6275 Necktie and sexy eyes...she should jump on One does not mix the two and not expect some actions...kekeke.
  8. 170721 #ParkShinHye Memonde In Singapore #ParkShinHyeinSG #MamondexParkShinHye #MamondeSG #박신혜
  9. Clearly, she put up a fight to the end.
  10. 170721 Mamonde Garden in the City Flower Angel #박신혜
  11. Suspicious Partners? Or destiny and REAL PARTNERS.... Please forgive this quick stop on your thread usually a lurker who loved Suspicious Partner but not considered a regular shipper here... Yet a very close Chingu brought her excitement to me today and was beaming about the fan meeting... And while sharing our thoughts we both agreed that there was without a doubt more than just chemistry being seen and felt from these two. We both have seen them act before with others and I can tell you from my own objective point of view if they didn't feel something they missed the greatest opportunity to do so... For in just watching their body language in how they related to one another not just while acting but also in every BTS there is a bit of magic the kind that comes across through glances and touches. Smiles, grins and even laughter... There is a comfort in just being next to each other and I might add some of the most natural kissing I have seen in a while... I don't know about those here but I felt as if I was a peeping tom watching something that was so real it should have been private. It's as if you really don't need them to say the words out loud when your feeling it LOUD AND CLEAR.... My best to this ship and the couple it represents may happiness be ahead not just for them but for all you as well..... Not to mention when two people look this amazing and happy together you just can't help yourself in hoping it's true.... all credit to original owners for photos above....
  12. Wow. If they leave this as a cliff hanger...Seriously, they will ruin PA for me!! They better have a PA2, I don't care if I have to wait until LGX and ZLY have to open up their schedules for PA2, I will soooooo wait!!! Feelingso discouraged now, they hardly had any sweet scenes!
  13. yeah duh, she is most likely super chill with it, the evidence of the chillness? She shookT us as well, wearing the necklace in that kissy kissy video of hers! Now we know who the video was for, right? wait I am going to look for it! so many videos posted here!!!
  14. And judging from the way the reaction from the audience when SP came into play... Ahahahaha! I'm pretty sure they all muat be wondering about that one same person. OMG. I seriously hope tmr news won't come out sth related to this. My heartu can only take so much. Chaebal~~~
  15. Wah do you have the clip or smth. I chincha want to help you. Hahahaahahahahha.
  16. You're screwed Wookie, you outed yourself to the world.
  17. I wasn't going to comment on it, but when he was singing 101 reasons, I noticed something, I could be totally wrong you know, but he was smiling while he is singing, and check out his body posture, it was totally relaxed. Then see if you can spot him glancing at the side part of the stage. I am not sure about this I need extra eyes to confirm. Because his smile while singing was different, it was as if he knew a secret and he wasn't telling. It was entirely different from when he sang the same song in the afternoon. LOL!
  18. Will I get banned if I keep commenting??? I cannot stop!!! Traveling has deprived me but now I'm totally spazz ready omg. Wah but suddenly I feel like, the dam's gonna burst soon and these two are gonna do it like ep28... except army is like the father's picture reveal. Homagawd. but if he has confessed and she's chill with it and wants to wait or date he might just totally do ittttt.
  19. YES!! My thoughts exactly! The change in answer just directs all the feelz towards NJH!
  20. Thats why he's freaking blooming and wearing blue all over the place.
  21. I know I'm definitely not sane right now chingu! We will provide enough chicken and pizza to feed his army mates too! Chincha! We promise! Hahahahs! Imagine the heart attack we would have with the questions up and down! Gosh! So hyper Now and I shld be sleeping in bed. Damnnnn. Jiji what have you done to me? Totally right? Was he preparing his fans heart! Hahahhahas. Gosh these 2, just killing me seriously!
  22. Quick note - his answer is VERY different from what he said about dating through his military service before!!! Remember in a previous interview before SP - he said clearly that he didn't have a girlfriend and he wouldn't want anyone to wait for him since it wouldn't be fair? Well now! Post-SP!?! Why the change in answer?!!! He's in love! And it's a quite ~new~ love and he's going to love her all throughout his service and after (his words not mine)!! He wouldn't have made such a bold statement if he hadn't already confessed. If he already didn't have someone who promised to wait for him. I'm spazzing at the gym and I feel like an idiot but this is soooo great!
  23. Yes, April! That's his sunbae Sang Hyun. I love how their interaction! So fun and natural! They're actually from the same company (same with his Dongju costar - forgot his name) CEO is Hwang Jung Min... Ha Neul has ties with his Youth Over Flowers Iceland costars as he had worked with them in the past. Jong Suk and Sang Hyun from the musical world and Jung Woo from Cest si Bon and New Trial. I really had fun watching Youth Over Flowers Iceland! Love the bromance amongst the 4 guys! About the new haircut, I honestly like him with longer hair (press conference hair was really nice) .. and yes, I think he is slowly transitioning to the military cut... heheh.. anyway, our Ha Neul looks great with whatever haircut!
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