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  2. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    hahahah!! You and I have the same thoughts hahaha! that's what I'm thinking oh she's uploading she's showing our YSH oppa what she's up to at this moment she's playing their baby oppa's gift to herhahaha! we only have 1 kiss because there's only one kiss from KMK and JOJia the is KIssing scene is for YooSEUNGHO and CHAESooBIN! hahaha
  3. Hello, new fan here of Chae Soo Bin. I've been watching her previous dramas before I'm Not A Robot and I'm really impressed with her! Hoping to see her in more dramas this year!

    Hoya not wasting any time at Glorious Excited to finally hear his solo Twitter @HowonUpdates [PIC] 180213 #HOYA instagram updates: Musical sandglass. I was really happy with it (musical sandglass). I won't forget it. Twitter @HoWon_official
  5. Naver/Google translation : [Seoul Economic] actor Lee Min-ho's donated brand, ' Promize, ' (PROM IZ) ' campaign aimed at donating " foster children, " has shown a milk beard project. Child awaiting adoption means a child who is waiting to be adopted and in need of protection. Recently, as the adoption process was prolonged following the revision of the Act on Special Cases concerning adoption, the average wait period for adoption was extended, thus increasing the need to support milk and baby food. Promise Excellent The product of the project is designed to feature a milkmark in the mouth after drinking milk and a graphical motif of a bottle of milk. The total project product is a tumbler, organic handkerchief, Revenues from Naver's online donation portal " Hapibin " are used entirely to buy " milk " for children waiting to be adopted by Holt Childrens Services Inc.After finishing the campaign, she plans to continue the project through the Promise Web site (www.promiz2014.com) and also plan to plan offline volunteering activities in addition to selling the products and reconsider the reality and efforts to recognize children ready to adopt. Promise' is a 'transparent umbrella' campaign that delivers transparent umbrellas that children can safely use on rainy days to elementary schools, followed by 'excellent' campaign to support children who are waiting for adoption. And the 'Good Market', which donates 100% of sales proceeds, and has been taking the lead in social contribution activities by winning a good brand award for two consecutive years.
  6. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Yes! that KS wasn't KMG and JoJia it was YSH and CSB that's why we are all here discussing it because we knew in our gut that there's something really going on. I so agree with you soulmate! yes! even in YT it was flagged inappropriate hahahaah
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    hmmm, am glad that I didn't start watching my golden life as I didn't enjoy the writer's previous works even though they got good ratings. just felt drained after watching them. based on what @stroppyse and @USAFarmgirl wrote, I would have felt the same again. so thanks! good to know that I am not missing anything... we all enjoy different stuff... 572
  8. Kang So-ra offered fantasy-romance drama as 699-year-old barista fairy Yup, you read that right. Kang So-ra (Revolutionary Love) is considering her next drama, and the fantasy-romance series has me intrigued: It’s called Gyeryong Fairy Tale, where Gyeryong is a location in the province of Chungcheong (note: the latter part means “tale of a fairy” rather than the “fairy tale” genre of stories). Given how much I enjoy watching Kang So-ra and how disappointed I’ve been in recent projects from her, I’m hoping for a better result this time. Gyeryong Fairy Tale is based on a Naver webtoon and centers around a 699-year-old fairy from Gyeryong mountain who lives through Goryeo and Joseon times, who then becomes a barista. That’s a strange trajectory if I ever saw one. She is on the hunt for her reincarnated husband and her winged clothing, which recalls the famous folktale about the woodcutter who married a fairy when he hid her winged clothes to prevent her from returning to her heavenly home. (Yes, I have huge problems with this fairy tale.) The role Kang So-ra has been offered is the main character of the fairy, who lost her winged clothing after taking a bath in a pond (because the woodcutter stole them!) and then married the woodcutter who came to her aid (after first disarming and isolating her!). But in this drama, the husband loses his footing on a precipice and falls to his death, and ever since then the fairy has been waiting for him to be reincarnated. She now works as a barista, and to ordinary people she appears as a grandmother but retains her youthful appearance in front of certain people with whom she has a special connection. She also possesses the power of being able to talk to plants. The plot is certainly attention-grabbing, and I’m in the mood for an innovative story. Hopefully PD Kim Yoon-chul brings the quirky story to life; I have liked many of his previous dramas, like the contemplative Could We Marry?, the intense Que Sera Sera, and of course the seminal My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. (We’ll just ignore Madam Antoine, shall we?) Gyeryong Fairy Tale is being considered for a tvN slot later this year. http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/02/kang-so-ra-offered-fantasy-romance-drama-as-699-year-old-barista-fairy/
  9. *** I guess these numbers are just pure speculation because where's the source of all these numbers. Well, I know RAIN is a bankable star. *********************************************************** 10 K-Pop Idols with the Highest Net Worth It's a well-known fact that idols are not lacking when it comes to their bank accounts. Be warned: the numbers may shock you. The following is a list of the top 10 richest K-Pop idols (in terms of net worth). #4 Rain $18 million Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain makes it to number four on the list. Throughout his career, he released seven albums (one of which was in Japanese). In 2004, he released his album 'It's Raining' which sold millions of copies in Asia. He played a Hallyu Star in the drama 'Full House' with Song Hye Kyo. He is also the founder of the company R.A.I.N Company. His net worth is $18 million. (skipped unrelated.....) source : allkpop
  10. Yep show is getting interesting.I'm tired of HY . SR is harmless in my eyes compare to lunatic. Let the romance begin.
  11. LAST DAY TO VOTE .WE HAVE ANOTHER 23 HOURS&30MINUTES TO VOTE. vote for #jijicouple & SP's team for #soompiawards #soompiawards2017 . 24 VOTES per day/per category/per account.The link https://www.soompi.com/awards
  12. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Just download Vincent Blue from ITune. Miss them. Like that part saying, “I am gonna love again” and “I don’t wanna let you go away.” Like this twos. They wanna kiss forever.
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    They extended it by 2 episodes. So, 5 more episodes to go. Actually, I'm more frustrated by the female lead's father's illness arc. He thought he had stomach cancer, but then after having accepted it, was told that it was imaginary cancer because he wanted to die so much. So then embraced life and got a complete physical check up, and was told that actually he does have stomach cancer after all, it's just that the previous doctor had missed it. So, now he's facing impending death again. So, misdiagnoses do happen in real life, but it's still such a sad state. I guess I'm just hoping it won't be 49 Days kind of arc where the main character was told that if she collected 3 honest tears cried for her that she would be able to live, but even after she finally collects it, she returns to life only to then die almost immediately. Ugh. 574
  14. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    Why i always think haku is from ysh #delusionalmodeon... when csb post about haku i always thinking... ohhhh girl... she gave hint about how much she love precious gift from someone special (in late post she bring haku everytime everywhere)... she found haku when shooting INAR after mushu past away... she says she found cat in set... (but i think this from uri captain to make csb happy after she lost her precious dog... who love cat verymuch. )... like in the IV before she say we only have one kiss scene in the end of drama but we have 5 kiss scene and 1kichenhhawwwttttkiss #dont think to much this is just out of my mind
  15. Meet our Yoo Yoon Seul and Jinmok in their country high school language textbook!
  16. Kris Wu & Zhao liying

    Actually the age difference between JB and SG or KW and ZLY is not much, only 2 years and 3 years. I don't personally think older girlfriend is a big issue, If they are in the same wave length, then everything will be fine and sweet. Unlike JB who lives in the western world where his fans can accept him to have/ change girlfriends, KW and ZLY fans are so fanatical and think that they own their idols. They are so extreme that they are not allowed their idols having girl/boy friend. Hopefully they have the courage to face this unnecessary challenges.
  17. Ok TaecYeon 옥택연

    The performance was live streamed in Korea and several have posted on youtube, but they were taken down by the Olympic team. Here is one that still works, but not sure how long it will work.
  18. Yoo Seung Ho & Chae Soo Bin

    @OMihO My dearest... Thank you for taking a huge effort to translate. I want to hold you soooo tight until you cant breath... hahaha... And everybody else who take the same effort to translate... Now unnie will analyze. Based on all what we had from @OMihO, @csbysharedating and another member who can read hangul. I come to this realization. And it's gonna be a looooong boring writing you're welcomed not to read it. CONTRADICTING 1. YSH statement " I think I can add a romantic comedy and a melor to my new image once, so I don't think I can be afraid to challenge again. " And IANAR would remain the happiest set in the future. Let's see it from a profesional POV. As an actor YSH should be open to any script any kind of drama, incl Melodrama and Romcom. Seeing the huge int'l succes of IANAR he might want to take another role again in Melodrama and Romcom. And Romcom since it's light the set would be full of laughter, there will be another happy set. He should be open to opportunity like that. But he said IANAR would remain the happiest set in the future. So to him there wont be the happy set that exceed IANAR happiness. It doesnt go along with first statement. Like he was sure there wont be anything that can change his mind in the future. So it would only lead to some reason: a. He wont do romcom again in the future Even if he got offer to do romcom he wont do it again b. The 2nd statement has to be reviewed in Personal POV. Like he's planning his future with someone that he met in IANAR set. And that someone will be his only source of happiness c. Both reason, cuz both reason interconnected. If he's taken and to avoid further problems he wont take any romcom again. Cuz it prob leads to another HAWD KISSEU that he'll be too comfortable for him to do, like the KS in IANAR. Since he has to take care his loved ones he prefer to avoid Rom Com. If I was YSH, I prefer no 3. IANAR BTS raised to many suspicions that only lead to one conclusion. They are dating. If another Romcom would make him too comfortable to his co star and it only made people suspect they are dating. He will avoid Rom Com cuz he has to take care of his loved one. Unless, the costar would be a girl that's not meeting the terms of his ideal girl. 2. CSB personality and action. A. She described her self as timid, shy in front of her loved one more over doing PDA. But she's not shy doing T movement in the IANAR kiss(her previous drama kiss had only konvensional kiss compared to that). People says Love can move mountain. And people always let them self be fooled by love. But she's one of gadget lovers generation. so there's no way she doesnt know that her drama kiss wont be scrutinized frame by frame by her fans or pers trying to find the truth. She even explained the differences between theatrical kiss and drama kiss in her previous drama IV. So she should have known how to do a decent konvensional drama kiss. Yet she choosed to do the KS. Rmb YSH is not a dictator sunbae that she has to obey blindly. Unless ofc, the KS was her way to express something she could not say in public. B. She was the victim of caught dating culture and she's too much cautious to be close to her male costar, so she knew WOMAN ALWAYS AT THE LOSING END. Yet she was too close to YSH in IANAR BTS even doing T involved kiss. Again in this era, its a common thing for fans or press to scrutinized every BTS. If they dont want that, they can ask the Broadcast TV not to show it to the public. But it was part of the deal, all recording goes to the Broadcast TV. If the Broadcast TV think it's necessary they will release it. So all she can do is just avoiding any un-necessary closeness to her co star. But she choosed to do the HAWD KISSEU that got her father mad and The KS BTS describes as X Rated. I'm dying to see her father reaction to that BTS And she's been accepting all YSH offered her for a reason that we all in this forum think it is, which is love. And that what she was trying to tell the world, by the KS BTS. 3. Why the KS BTS? Cuz the KS in the drama is for KMG and Jo JA. But the BTS is for YSH and CSB. They knew that yet they let MBC releasing it. Becuz it's CSB and YSH way telling the world about their relationship. And by giving that idea, YSH is planning his future with her. He's ready for whatever risk it brings to their career. He knew IANAR was int'l hit and compare to int'l audience, the amount of SK audience is way more less. And one way to another, int'l hit will be SK acceptance. So he knew his r/ship with CSB someday will be well accepted and people will bless them. It's just the matter of time. All they has to do now is giving hints continously. By the time they are ready to get married, people will bless them. And I personally never suggest them to date in any platform. Cuz I believe they already are. THE END OF TODAY RANTS. Cuz I'm determined to make the page move faster
  19. [OFFICIAL] WINNER Thread

  20. [OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

    Twitter‏ @InfiniteUpdates [PIC] 180219 Min Phan's Facebook Update with Myungsoo https://m.facebook.com Imagine be excited to go to work everyday because of Myungsoo
  21. Ok TaecYeon 옥택연

    Set list for 2PM performance at Pyeonchang on 2/19: 돌아와줘 - Please Come Back (Taecyeon solo) Heart Beat I'll Be Back Hot JUMP 10/10 미친거 아니야 - Go Crazy! HANDS UP Please Come Back rehearsal:
  22. Oooo... that would be great. I've seen Yoo ah in in Sungkyunkwan scandal. His appearance is exactly what i want joo won take in sageuk drama. With mysterious aura and deadly looks. I remember his character in sungkyunkwan scandal is doesn't really like talk to much and just rely to the power of eyes. It would be amazing for Joo won because we know that his eyes is stunning. Yeah... it's just we have different aspect of what is the action that consider like that. And most of the people in dramabeans is from country that use english as their first language which means they might be from USA, Australia, Europe, and country that has same believe of gay in general. Now pics!!! He looks so cute in this photo. Looking Chic... Owhh... dreamy! I like his hanbok style http://m.dcinside.com/view.php?id=joowon&no=318437&page=1 So lucky! She got his full attention and he looked at her in the eyes I miss his acting and also his appearance on TV. You can feel the emotion even though you just looking the picture and not video at your screen. That is how amazing he is.
  23. Yg Family Official Thread

  24. Upcoming film “Cheese in the Trap” has revealed additional photos of Oh Yeon Seo as the main female lead Hong Seol. “Cheese in the Trap” is the film adaptation of the webtoon of the same name, and is a romance thriller following Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), the perfect guy who has a hidden side […] The post Oh Yeon Seo Syncs With Her “Cheese In The Trap” Film Character appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  25. Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | Baeksang Awards 2017 Best Actress-TV

    Wow you're sports fan too? I only watch the figure skating competitions, I think it is such a graceful sport yeah me too, wonder if she is busy looking through potential scripts or maybe filming some CF in secret haha okie today's contribution, her precious friendship with JHB, who would have thought 2 rival girls in a drama ended up to be such wonderful friends? HJ magic.
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