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  2. Add and Subtract Game

    762 @angelangie so it is just frndship angle... or just working as a mentor sort of??? this is highly frustrating... Lol... how on earth they plan to show things on Drama?? I keep asking this question...!!! P.S. - is there any update about Dilraba - Vengo drama??
  3. I've just started My Mister on your suggestion and have just completed 2 eps. Why does Lee Sun Kyun have to be a cuckolded husband or either a guy whose woman doesn't love him. Seriously it's worse than JH loosing his women. I think SP is already good with knife. He can protect himself on his own. But I think this time gang will protect him and they will forget their differences. Maybe Poong will genuinely start training them.
  4. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I have a question for yall!!! Do you think DH was JA's first kiss??? 'Cos I do and I need validations, hit me up
  5. Hwang Jung Eum Causes A Scene At The Airport In “The Undateables” All eyes are on Hwang Jung Eum at the airport in “The Undateables.” See Also: Watch: Namgoong Min And Hwang Jung Eum Show Potential For Romance In "The Undateables" Teaser “The Undateables” is about the romance between Hoon Nam (played by Namgoong Min), who rejects love, and Jung Eum (played by Hwang Jung Eum), who dreams of falling in love but gives up on it because of the harsh realities she faces. In the newly released photos, Hwang Jung Eum causes a scene at the airport. Dressed in a green trench coat with just a swimsuit underneath, she lies on the floor and stares at a man with a suitcase. Namgoong Min watches the situation from afar. Hwang Jung Eum also has a desolate, listless expression on her face as she is escorted from the airport by two security officers. A source from the production staff stated, “It’s a scene that is closely related to Hwang Jung Eum’s trauma. It’s one of the reasons that she changes her career from a professional diver to a couple’s relationship manager. Please look forward to the scene, as it’s one that will help establish why her character gave up on love despite having dreamt of romance at one time.” “The Undateables” will air its first episode on May 23 and will be available on Viki. If you haven’t already, watch the trailer below! source
  6. Eh.. I don't think it meant 7 years had passed after their marriage. The tree was already there the whole time isn't it? Besides if I am not wrong SJ's bro's baby isn't 7 years old. and the boy living in the mountain with them doesn't look like teenager to me as well. So I don't understand why baby is expected. Did i miss something? LOL This is my 2nd best ending after Should we kiss first. It showed us a glimpse of our favourite OTP life after marriage. Such a sweet sweet joy.
  7. Add and Subtract Game

    758 lols....i only know that right now YeXiu got on ChenGuo nerve alot and ChenGuo is pretty short fuse lols so no romantic lines are drawn in between.
  8. well they did minimize the Korean Artist entering the China Market....but that is left to be seen...now that we have both N.Korea & S.Korea finally signing off their truce......they might no longer needed the US army intelligence and this might lift the ban ......but that is left to be seen......S.Korea might choose to go
  9. I'd really hate for it to happen but i can see the signs. She cheated so many men but only married this one. We are to conclude she married him out of love. NO! She was going to leave this guy too but she was angry that YE didn't react the way other wives did. Also YE loved to preached and got on her nerves. I am really pissed off that the writer wants to say their sordid relationship is 'true love'. Is it the writer's lack of experience of what love really is?! So what if the Doc caused her to lose her baby and prevent her from ever conceiving a child. We are supposed to cry buckets for her and forget all the evil things she has done? And her running to YE to tell her about her past with the Doc. Oh man, why not come out of the closet and declare that you're obsessed and in love with YE! It's totally nonsensical. And that annoying little midget! I used to like her Dad. I started to hate him when he knelt in front of HJ to ask for forgiveness "just once" for the midget. And sure not even 10 minutes went by and we saw the little midget is same old, same old. What has she done or worst, what has the musician done that the lamebrain writer wants to pair them together? I also find that very aggravating! Haha. Sorry to vent but i really hate the writer and the way we can tell how this drama is going to end.
  10. Park Min Young 박민영

    Park Min Young for ELLE
  11. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I just realized that somewhere in the last few episodes we no longer see shots of the back of DH's head. I'd like to think that there is a significance but am struggling to make a connection. My best guess is that the old DH did not like to face a problem head on, and this is yet another one of the director's very clever way of nuanced story-telling.
  12. Hehe u know comedies are not my cup of tea.. but I managed to watch the Hyukie portions in it so far (I fast-forwarded the rest), and I find it still bearable. I am not interested in ships and I dont' really care who ends up with who, and I am also not interested in the plot anyway.... Basically waiting for Bad Papa....
  13. ..i know....the days of week !!!!!
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    760 @angelangie this is freaking chap 96 and there is no rom angle... and it is still all about games?? if there had been no yang yang , I swear I would have never touched this novel... !! so he is liking chen guo... so possibly the romantic angle is between them?? Not sure... I am gonna check now that you have told me... can't leave my sweet friend floating alone in boringness... can i?? LEt's tell @kokodus to join us considering how patiently she is waiting for Yang Yang new venture..
  15. MYOJD fans, please watch some of KKW work, he did a lot of great performance dramas great actor but underrated
  16. in case anyone wants to wear a piece of the drama (Joonhee's heart) http://www.jeum.co.kr/jeum/item/item_view.asp?Sword=&Sbrandno=1&Sitemno=&Stargetno=&Sprice=&Smaterial=&Setc=&page_list=3%2C0%2C0&num=1198
  17. Does anyone uses Kocowa.com to stream? How is it? Random thoughts on Her Husband Oh Jak Doo lol. I was so glad that they didn't make it seem that joining a city life to a country life is a simple thing to do. I'm really glad that they didn't treat SeungJoo's job as something to the thrown away without a thought when it stood in the way of her happiness with OH JakDoo. I was happy to see Hong's the little boy settled happily in the country. The documentary about self-sustaining older community will be a riot it that shot of the Grannies and the boy reliving the Grannies moment of dancing glory is any indication. I'm glad Seung Tae grew up and the their mother mellowed. She certainly didn't do a 180 turn around but it seems that she was going to be less of an emotional stress on SJ. I'm glad Eric found a friend in Jak Doo. Realistic, but unfortunate to know that Hong is still around and corruption survive. However I'm happy that SeungJoo found a way to practice her craft away from the majority of the corruption. The wedding was lovely and handmade. I love handmade weddings. I'm sure the Korean audience totally got the relevance of the red string and wooden pendant. I'd love a footnote on that. I assume it has something to do with the idea of the red string of fate that join people who are meant to be together but I wish it was explicitly explained. The simplicity of SeungJoo's wedding bouquet reminded me of the simplicity of the Duchess of Sussex's. I thought the wedding dress was right for the occasion but I thought her first dress was more flattering. In general I dislike kisses as "fan service" and I don't think I've ever suggested that a story needed more kisses. I always feel that physical expression of emotional connections should be used when they are required to drive the narrative, not because the fans would like it. THAT SAID I felt as if the story was impeded by what seemed to be an artificial restraint against the main character kissing. There were so many beats that seem to call for light lip contact and instead we got the actors backing off in ways that did not seem to reflect the characters' impulse. The moment that I remember most clearly was the hug at the alter. That just seemed, "really?" There were also several moments when they sat together, especially in the country, that seem filled with anticipation that was never fully met because we just had the characters sitting together side by side. It would have stuck out less if it was played as the character's hesitance, but to my eyes it read like one or more of the actors' contract stipulating how many kisses and the creatives having to be strategic about when they happened. SeungJoo married Jak Doo at 35, and we leave them 7 years later making her 42. I thought it was interesting that they never spoke of having or not having children, but it seems that wasn't how they were going to define family. I felt that was a touch of reality. Usually I would have thought about it, and I'm never one of those viewers that think a love story must include the promise of children for the couple to become a family. I think it stuck out to me because the drama was clear about SeungJoo's age and the amount of time that had passed. It also make narrative sense for them not to casually drop in easy babies when babies (the ease and the difficulties of making them) was the driver of two of the storylines. Anyway, I enjoyed the 24+ hours I spent with SeungJoo and JakDoo. I also appreciated the lack of controversy and thereby having only joy.
  18. Hi CallieP, we’ve always had celebrities clean out their closet and sell items usually anonymously through auction. These celeb-owned items often sell out within hours — In some online auctions, prices far exceed retail. In the case of LMH, I guess there’s a lot of stuff to sell, especially since fashion brands tend to shower the more popular, visible celebrities with free bags, sunglasses and ready-to-wear. And when you’re famous, being photographed donning the same item multiple times is considered a faux pas. Celebrities, they wear things once, maybe twice at most. Having all these items — whether gifts or purchased — piling up and not being used is very wasteful. I do agree with you that this is great - The way I look at it, through celebrity auction - one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. LMH shouldn’t be collecting these unwanted things just sitting there when other people can enjoy them. - hahaha - This made me think...if you had the cash, how much would you pay for something that has meaning, that's owned/worn by LMH? And would you want your identity kept secret or would you be happy for the world to know you are the proud owner of a little piece from him? Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures & the clip. LMH always doesn't forget to wave to his fans goodbye before entering the door. *** thanks for sharing the link. This pink coat is NICE.
  19. I believe the Hallyu ban is now lifted. Only many folks initially predicted 2020, and did not change these dates, awaiting new updates.
  20. WALBYYZY I love you, ah Monday! # # Li Baoying
  21. Add and Subtract Game

    @LSGLMH_88 currently i'm on chapter 96 lols....i sneak in between reading during works lols....and if possible when i got bored of the other stories so i stole over..currently they are still more on the game play on how to make it great and also how to occupy the leaderboard.....within the new server......YeXiu had join the internet cafe but still most didnt knew that he was once the great player 'AutumnLeaf' but his directive his expertise had already won some admiration not only within the server but also within the internet cafe ..... he had managed to perk the interest of a girl whom ChenGuo had been trying to get her to play ......so now YeXiu new ID is 'LordGrim' had he had occupy the leaderboard unintentionally -2
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