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  2. @USAFarmgirl Are you a poet? How you describe it sounds so poetic and beautiful First love..I wonder how many remember those feelings and emotions that runs through us as we first explore the realms of LOVE for the very first time. Totally agree with you how this drama its capturing all the essence of that. There is no such thing as moving too fast, right now its just both of them following their heart and it is a beautiful thing. Of course the reality will set in later but still it was beautiful to witness their attraction to each other, their discovering this emotions that they probably never felt before. this drama is going to bring us on a journey of their love story right from the start, its ups and downs, and in the end will love conquer all for them? When I started this drama, I was afraid that I will get second lead syndrome since KJW is so hot and handsome. But YSJ won me over with his innocence and straightforwardness. SHJ did say at the beginning that this drama will showcase the appeal of a straightforward man, yeah I prefer them not to beat around the bush. So yeah besides my fav snacks and drinks, I may have to grab some tissues next week.
  3. THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #TheWarEXO #ThePowerofMusic

    more clips ==
  4. Jiwoo twitter update! I love to see when skirt is paired with sneakers! So cute ..
  5. can't wait for the subbed version... why he needs to get their opinion to get married? this man is either aging backwards or forgot to age..
  6. [Drama 2017] The King Loves 왕은 사랑한다

    i too miss u frnds hope we all meet in some other drama
  7. {yg} Official Gdragon Thread! (G-드래곤) G-Dragon

    170920 GRI at MOTTE in Tokyo More Videos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
  8. They did attend the event BUT didn't appear together on stage .... I am speechless....
  9. @ajmamor1976_30b1 Once tou Click on the link and get to the page, on the top rifht Right hand corner you will fing something called eng. Once u Click that the page will be translated to english. To log in you Can use fb and the fb password. Afterwords you can vote. Hope it was helpdul @Harry97 U can vote for more rhan One person Per day but only one vote for each actor or actress
  10. http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=yourvoice&no=201207&page=1 VIP" read it all..by @Li Zhong Shuo's big cute
  11. Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    No i'm not watching, i just got home from work. Just get to watched the links from ZLYfb.
  12. Read from some china forum...think they didnt appear on stage together. Some fan cam pics. Not very sharp.
  13. Temperature of Love: Episodes 3-4 by LollyPip Despite Hyun-soo’s initial misgivings and Jung-sun’s attempts to respect her wishes, this seemingly mismatched pair can’t seem to stay away from each other. The heart wants what the heart wants, as the saying goes, but their romance won’t be so simple. Complications already threaten them both, and it remains to be seen whether they’ll become stronger for it, or let life tear them apart. EPISODE 3 &4 RECAP http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/09/temperature-of-love-episodes-3-4/
  14. welcome @Fenny Adriano hahaha just like @maria1983 said, seems like we're not pervy anymore... too bad!
  15. Park Hae Jin 박해진

    completely heartbroken from the news of Fourmen getting into production issues @triplem Thanks for the drama recommendation @hibiscus23 NG clips of By land and sky. Adorable couple There was also a piggy back ride in CP. Can't find pics though Latest Mind bridge video. HJ
  16. Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Suzy Join Forces To Fight Tragedy In New “While You Were Sleeping” Trailer K. Do September 20, 2017 Tweet Share888 Reddit Share SHARES888 Upcoming drama “While You Were Sleeping” has released its latest trailer promising an interesting plot, tears, and potential tragedy. The trailer starts out with Lee Jong Suk’s character (Jung Jae Chan) refusing to listen to Suzy’s character (Nam Hong Joo) and her claims about being able to see the future. An unfortunate accident occurs and his younger brother (Shin Jae Ha) becomes implicated. The trailer also introduces Lee Sang Yeob‘s lawyer character and foreshadows a legal battle. After Jung Jae Chan believes that Nam Hong Joo has the ability to foresee future events, he asks her to help him. Watch the trailer with English subtitles below! https://www.soompi.com/2017/09/20/watch-lee-jong-suk-suzy-join-forces-fight-tragedy/
  17. I can't find drama reviews of Hospital Ship in Dramabeans and I am happy to locate a forum of it. I read negative thoughts and reviews before coming here but I am happy someone is supporting it. Ha Ji Won from Damo to Empress Ki and her stunning performance in Hwang Jini --- still one of my favorites and I love her confidence and passion in this story. But I find it funny the the men in these story makes her look so young. Age is just a number to her. I find her wittyness and coldness admirable. Thanks Ha Ji Won other than Ha Ji Won I like Lee Seo-Won. Don't really know Kang Min-Hyuk but he tall figure allowed me to see his chemistry with Ha Ji Won
  18. An FYI about the AAA voting. It has 3 rounds. Top 50, Top 20 and Top 10 from which the final winner is selected. So we'll be voting for a good month or so I think. Hopefully the fandom doesn't run out of steam by then. Keep voting everyone! Let's give KSH a win for her efforts this year!
  19. ♔ The Official TAEUN COUPLE Thread ♔ [Taemin ❤ Naeun]

    No dear, I'm a Shawol too since 2009, when it comes to girls Shawol never chill (well most of them actually) only a small percentage of Shawol are cool headed (one of them is me ) Jonghyun dating Shin Se Kyung in 2010, Shawol were furious, angry at Jonghyun and his gf, you can search the articles. Jonghyun really depresed during those time. Not a goofy, funny, sun shiny Jonghyun as we know today. Onew rumored dating AfterSchool Jung Ah, Shawol angry too attacking Jung Ah cursing her hating on her because Jung Ah is older than Onew. Minho play it cool, he only openly shows closeness with SM family like Yuri, Yoona, Sulli, Krystal, so Shawol were more understanding (or in denial) Key and Arisa, well they have no chemistry, purely oppa-dongsaeng. Key and Eunji, it's Key showing interest first. All boygroup fandom under SM are so obsesive. Even Super Junior's Sungmin were told to leave the group since he is a married man. I guess all the boys will only allowed by their obsesive fans to date openly when they are Shinwa's age. Just like Shinwa's Eric, when he got married a few months ago all Shinwa changjo (the fandom) supported him, even ask the other members to quickly get married Shinwa members 79-81 liner, Eric is 38 this year. So perhaps these boys need to wait until at least 35 yo to get permission dating a girl
  20. @urslae97 This movie is not easier this year. This was filmed before Addicted -------- Fanart by Sally JY - Gifs from BAZAAR Charity video Cr 鲸鱼爱吃喵 Coach weibo update ZZ ah! what are you doing LOL
  21. I feel it too. Same concept autumn scenery. Similar pose. As Jimong said nothing is coincident. A cryptic message to someone dear to him maybe. Delulu and hungry for crumbs. Anyway just wonder king like to use love letter lately in his post. Any significant reason for that ( besides the obvious). Pict 3&4 my delulu mind said that he attempted yoga.
  22. Sorry chingu. How can I vote? Do I need to create a login name? Cannot understand coz it is in korean.
  23. Thank you for your understanding. Soon she'll be adult. OMG!! I'm getting older and will see my precious baby has adult role . She'll have daring and hot kisses.. Or maybe bed scene.. OMG!! I'm not ready.
  24. The language of the HEART.... It would seem episodes 3 & 4 continue to set up the foundation layer by layer for this romance that is a mixture of sizzle & sweet. It's moments capture not only the innocence that one can easily see. But the playfulness of just enjoying and breathing in that newness that those first moments of being together bring. It's those feelings of tenderness and honesty that is overflowing from not just JS's words alone that he says or the expressions he uses. There is such a deepness in knowing that every word he speaks is nothing less than the truth and nothing more than what he feels... Even more it's seen and shown in HS as well proving that age no matter what it is. Is only a number. That there is innocence still to be found within each of us. As shown in the past in just her expression in seeing a tiny flower there within a wall stopping to look at something most people would never even notice. Or her being found standing there alone in stillness looking out into the darkness through the glass of a train. Like a child whose nose is pressed up against a window in just wanting to soak up ever bit of that view. So it is with her in wanting to soak up this happiness and experience that she is feeling. I love that the writers continue to draw out every drop of the purest form of love, the excitement and thrill of just that one glance. That seems to pierce through the surface of who they are. Seeks each other out and without even a word it's meaning is felt and understood. In the future it would seem even this glance continued... And so did JS's love & belief in HS when choosing to stand out alone among the rest just as he had once done in a park oh so long ago. Would in his perfect way through his hearts actions alone clearly speak to her heart without one word... I Still Believe In YOU... Just like that tiny flower that struggled yet survived it seems we will experience through this drama that if love is real no matter what it faces if it is etched upon two hearts it too can survive...
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