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  2. Anybody know the instrumental song that starts playing at 0:53 mark? I think it may be an original for the drama but the only OST released so far is the song sang by Seo In Guk. It reminds me a lot of the About Time theme. The video is a spoiler for those who have not watched episode 4 onwards.
  3. I have been reading comments here regarding YS and few justify YS abdoning BW. After watching many of Korean drama . I have seen kdrama mothers leaving their new borns and move on to make it rich then few r shown to regret ,search and help their kids while few r shown heartless enough to hide it till end. Well all this made me realise that though I am an asian but belong to very different culture and upbringing which actually also reflects in my thought process it says a human mother abadoning a new born for a comfortable life is never forgivable NEVER. It is responsibilty of a mother to take care of new born feed it and love it (unless it is serious health issue which is dangerous for mother and child). Mothers r considered epitom of love and in our land she is equavalent to god . A child knows all may forsake him or her but never a mother ,she will be there till he or she needs her. Here YS left BW when she was just few weeks in search of a better life .Even when she started doing better she never searched for BW to help her which shows lack of conscience in YS . She just forgot her like some bad dream !! I am surprised how come writer write such cruel thing but then writers writes what happens in society. Dramas r dramatised version but then somehow they do reflect mindset and thinking of common people of the society or country they belong. Coming to YS character of person cannot be changed. She tries to appeace people and wants to be acknowledged and loved . Alas ! in these many years living with that doctor and CR she has not got it in reality. Dr keeps being suspicious of her ( she is hiding so many things !!) and CR calls her mother only coz that mother helped her to hide her crime and is helping her to get what she wants. Like she teaches CR tricks to get people on her side ,is her part time spy as well!!.CR and DR belong to nobody they just love themselves.WW being a thankful person will surely do his share of help. Even when YS ends up in Jail i will just say Karma bites back One has to pay for bad Karma. But then it is the place for CR not YS.YS actually deserves a lonely life and lot of repentence.Her redemption will only come once she has repented and BW forgives her.BW is her biggest lesson on life. A mother who left a new born cause she is fed up of poverty while her daughter becomes a single mother and smiles at poverty and says i am happy, I will do better and she does !! Now here i will say YS giving birthe to a nice person like BW is a good Karma which will help her but then that does not mean she will not pay for forsaking a newborn.
  4. penultimate episode tonight, can't believe it's almost over. let's see how SMJ's quest to the throne will end. i don't want to keep my hopes up anymore (less heartbreak and disappointment that way) but i wish he'll get the grand entrance/welcome from the people. i really feel cheated by this drama. the title says Hwarang and not Sunwoo's Romance but majority of it focused on the romance aspect. the brotherhood/bromance were relegated to a teensy weensy part of the side stories. is it too much to ask for a Yeo Wool moment in this last 2 episodes? he could have easily been one of my favorite hwarangs next to SMJ had he been properly utilized. i find his character the most interesting of the bunch actually, pity his main purpose ended up as looking pretty for the camera.
  5. Oppaaa Kajimaaa Credit: as tagged Credit: as tagged
  6. Wow, we did it , i'm waiting for the time they're nominated and win all awards in cable drama awards, Tvn awards, baeksang awards and all other awards walking together in the red carpet
  7. Okay so I just finish the novel and it was really really good the only thing that got me was the abrupt ending I wanted more. For anyone that has a Kindle you can read it for free if you have the prime or the book is a dollar with English translation. It's called To the sky Kingdom.
  8. Preview of episode 30 with a translation of it underneath. MJ: You didn’t ask Director Han for his help, did you? DH: Director Bang! JE: Umm, sister, on your face, that scar, I had heard that it was because of a car accident. DH grandmother: Dong Hui. Dong Hui disappeared. SJ: Sang Woo. Have you found him? HW: My little brother is dead. SJ: The words you said then, do you regret them? DH: Yes. And, very much at that. So, I know subs are out, so a translation for this preview isn't really necessary, however, I think I got overexcited by the last bit of the preview. What is it that SJ is asking whether DH regrets? Is it telling him that she won't date him? Or will it be about something about work instead? Especially since DH is saying that she regrets it a lot. Also, are they just trolling the viewers to make us think that there might be another kiss or at least a romantic moment of closeness for DH and SJ? If it is a troll, could they just kiss us another cute romantic scene? I won't even dream of another actual kiss. SJ and DH are cute today as always. So glad that they have each other. Whatever their respective intents are, they clearly seek each other out and rely on each other for support and comfort. It's not just companionship, but certain peace and closeness that is there, regardless of why they are together. And, how cute was it that SJ was feeding DH, and it doesn't even occur to her until after the second bite. And, it was touching when DH was trying to comfort SJ by patting his head, even though SJ broke the moment of tension by asking if DH thought of him as Moongchi when she was patting him. LOL. I thought it was great that HJ finally stood up to HS regarding her children. I feel badly for both of them in different ways, but I expect them to protect and raise their young the way they think best, even if it's by going at it against each other rather than letting all one or the other have total domination. I'm glad that her children's unhappiness got through to HJ, and she stepped up as a mother. Even better is that JH also learns to speak up for himself rather than just passively accepting everything. Not sure about HW. I have sympathies for him, but I can't watch the train wreck of his emotions when he finally realizes that SJ is his brother after all, and he went after him with a vengeance. I think HW may be gunning harder for SJ, because in an irrational way, he probably blames SJ for not being his brother when HW had started thinking of him as being his brother and having to make sacrifices for him. As it is, I can't bear to watch HW deliberately set out to hurt SJ as he is doing. It's different than what he did with SS, for instance. HW created an environment conducive to misbehavior and bad judgement. With SJ, HW is deliberately and aggressively sabotaging his drama. I do wonder how HW intends to bring the other Han's down. I guess it's as easy as canceling their building leases in order to see them completely fall apart? Except for JE who has already tossed in her cafe, so HW no longer has any money hold over her. Not sure where they're going with HW, but I hope for his sake, that he and SJ resolve more quickly rather than after HW has been completely detestable and horrible in his need for vengeance. As so many others have said, couldn't it have crossed HW's mind at least once to do a DNA test with SJ instead of relying on old circumstantial evidence only? It's out of keeping with the Wall Street shark that HW is supposed to be. And, I suppose there is something to be said for being in shock, both at thinking that SJ was his brother, then thinking that his brother was dead, but it still feels like too flaky a point for the supersmart HW since shock isn't holding him back from other things. So for him not to think of verification seems odd to me.
  9. when CTJ said don't call him "yeobo" immidiately he notice Bomi is going to cry, all I can say is, beside all her characters easy going, playing around, fooling around, yet she's some one very sensitive, she knows she the one who enggaged him in that situation, still she can't control her emotions.
  10. I think for me today's episode was one of refection and maybe even a better understanding of HW's feeling and also the pain he continues to endure and live with. Revenge may sound shallow that is unless it's all you have left and I think for him that's exactly how it feels. Him believing his brother is also dead put him into a type of shock and I really believe he is just so full of pain not only from the news of his brother which isn't true. But it may have been the straw that broke the camels back the one thing that kept going allowed him the courage of hope in wanting and needing something to hold onto. Helping him to face life and maybe a part of him felt guilty for being late and his brother being gone in the first place. I honestly have to say just thinking about how young he was and everything he had been through and seen and dealt with it's just to much to even comprehend. I think my view of HW changed today and the silver lining is knowing that SJ is his brother and the fact that he is alive will be the medicine and cure to heal HW's heart... SJ must be so confused and getting answers from everyone except the one person he needed to hear the truth from today and it just didn't happen. Because the truth is going to hurt SJ's adopted Dad in SJ's eyes more than he could ever imagine. It would seem that SJ's Dad knows personally the price of his own revenge and crushing someones innocent life and having to live with that. His revenge didn't just cost SJ's real Dads death it destroyed a family and time which they will never get back. I still have some questions that need answering but I know we will find out soon enough... I loved when SJ grabbed DY's hand and rescued her like he has so many other times and knew just what she needed some rest. He continues to watch over her and protect her every way he can. I loved the scene in the car and him having that pink blanket for her and leaning her chair back. He is always a Mans Man even when he is crying you just know he is really a good person. I couldn't help but smile when I saw them looking at each other and both of them had dimples and were smiling it was priceless. He is getting use to her falling a sleep and him watching her it's as if his eyes are soaking up every part of her while she is laying there... This will really prove I am a romantic fool, but watching someone sleep brings to mind a few things. One that the person who has fallen a sleep trusts you in such a special way. That they are able to be at peace in comfort and rest even knowing your next to them. The other is that there is nothing like watching someone you love so vulnerable so peaceful hearing them breath in and out and being able to watch them in silence so close. The only thing that is more moving is when your head is laying on their chest and your able to hear and listen to their heart beat. Snuggled up next to the person you love, even with a space in between and in a car doesn't take away from the romance and beauty that is felt and is there... All credit and thanks to original owners of photos...
  11. I'll ask a pertinent question here ... in the preview for episode 30 was that the same library scene with Dong Hee & Sung Joon from a few episodes back or can we expect a new scene? Something that doesn't really need to be said but we really do need more Dong Hee & Sung Joon scenes. Feels like we only got 2-3 scenes over two episodes.
  12. I am so curious to know how will DH and FJ will end in this story. I know they will not end up together because it's not their time yet. But what will happen to them? And how is it possible that DH can still remember his trial time on earth?
  13. Song J Hyo clip from episode 3 of beauty view, guys where can i watch the whole episode? This may be a bit cheesy but gosh i love seeing her flirty with guys, she looks soo classy here
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  15. I feel the same way!! I really hate the way they ended this episode. I feel like it was a big tease.
  16. moj omiljeni japanski žanr slatko i simpatično a opet već viđeno u sličnim dramama. TWY nekako mi teško preći prvu epizodu, ne znam da li nastavljam.
  17. It is great to see him back and working again. When he had a hard time last year, it is also the same time I faced my turning point in career. I have been quietly following him since then. Ironically, Feb 14th this year is when his new movie's shooting starts, it is also my first back working in my profession. I call its fate and will continue watching his back. I wish him well and hope to see more of his activities soon. Please keep me updated if the above money donation is open up for foreigners. I will be glad to participate in that project. Fighting Jinuk!
  18. Thank you so much @seuswin !!! I needed to know though now i will be miserable for the rest of my life because it's almost sure that i won't be able to get my hands on it....
  19. @marjwarren23 Also reported. Jeez, what's wrong with these people.
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