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  2. Just watched 2 eps with eng sub....!!!! WOW... this is becoming SO dramatic now....!! Da Il stabbed her for sure... Now either she will destroy with her evil soul or she will get back to life...!! (The next week preview shows her standing on the street & no one seems to see her)...What could it be..??!! And then what will happen to Da Il..?? Will he remain the same way as he was or better or even worst..?? He stabbed her after 1am so, the evil spirit must had with her...!! And that man said that Yeo Wool was born in the same day as the lady in red committed suicide at the age of 12... Yes, that's the perfect connection... Only Yeo Wool can destroy her.. But Da Il di't let her do that b'cause if so, she would be the murderer for killing the lady in red.. And now, no one can know that what exactly happened... This is SO fantastic now.... Can't wait for the next eps....!!
  3. JamaicaK

    Kam Woo Sung 감우성

    Wow, I'm so sad. It's been so long since I had reason to maintain, and add to this archive, that I no longer remember how to upload pictures to the page, nor remember all the avenues in the Korean web I used to explore to find material to post! I still haven't watched all of Woo-Sung's latest drama, but I enjoyed what I saw. :-)
  4. Now they posted the idol pic who is competing with PMY Something fishy going on here.
  5. This is my favorite ATTITUDE Issue of all times...!! I even got a huge poster of one of their pictures for my bedroom...!! Cheers...!!
  6. “Your Honor” Ends With Highest Viewership Ratings In Time Slot TV/FILM Sep 21, 2018 by eclipse01 SBS’s “Your Honor” has ended on a high note! The finale of the drama, which aired on September 20, managed to take first place in its time slot for the evening. According to Nielsen Korea, “Your Honor” scored average viewership ratings of 6.3 percent during its first half and 8.4 percent during its second, marking a slight increase from the night before. MBC’s “Time” also came to an end on September 20. The drama, which aired four episodes instead of its usual two, scored average viewership ratings of 2.7 percent, 3.3 percent, 3.6 percent, and 3.6 percent for its respective episodes. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s “The Ghost Detective” achieved average ratings of 3.0 percent and 3.3 percent for its two parts. SBS’s new medical drama “Heart Surgeons” will be replacing “Your Honor” on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting on September 27, while MBC’s “Terius Behind Me” will take over the time slot previously occupied by “Time.”
  7. philosophie

    [Drama 2018] Time, 시간

    Did episode 16 already air? I can’t find it anywhere....
  8. I have been silently following this thread. But, can’t stop myself from commenting now. I love this drama. So far, it’s very interesting and the same time full of comedy. It is so much fun to see the prince living as Won Deuk and struggling to settle in a new life. Well not fully struggling. He is still spoiled and arrogantly cute. Same time, Hong Shim is dealing with her new “useless” husband. I am excited to see how their relationship will progress.
  9. This is the first series I've made the effort to watch the unsubbed episodes - partly because I really like the show and have the interest. But also because it seems easier to find the episode before its been subbed. Anyway - I'm fine with the unsubbed holding me over until we have the translations. I was under the impression that the subbing was coming from the production team or channel that is airing the show - I'm kinda surprised that the "official" subs are from JayBL or similar person. Nothing bad about that, just seems surprising to me. (Then again, I haven't paid close attention to it, nor did I look into why they were delayed last week.)
  10. Sorry to say that , The STARPLE thing made PP fans look bad I kind of lost my interest voting
  11. xtlover15

    ♛ BIGBANG ♛ The Official 빅뱅 Thread ★彡[ Ver. 3 ]

    YG Future Strategy Office | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  12. Watching with subs is always tricky isn't it? Idk, but my understanding is more that she feels the emperor does not want to see her after she hurt him so much, thus not wanting to appear before him. So, that's why they were separated for 3 years and she only returned to the Forbidden City after Fuheng warned her about Consort Shun.
  13. Long term relationship are difficult to hold, specially is family is against it. After watching the OST and the trailer for "The Next Chapter" I realized the mix of the 2 previous Series combined in this upcoming one: First we had this family issues in "Bad Romance" as Korn was afraid his parents would find out about him being gay... this was also a small issue in "Together With Me"... but now Korn nightmare is going to become real and even Knock is going to face his parents too. It is going to be hard to take, so much pain and so much love. Then Yihwa is going to be conflicted once again... as she is a romantic person... always longing for ever lasting romance every day anew, and maybe a sense of routine is going to push her out of the way of true love because of this childish life style Cho is not going to be able to offer her. This was the main issue in "Bad Romance" for them... and this is going to become their worst obstacle to remain together. And Farm... well... he is following a way of self-destruction because he didn't find any way to break thru P'Bright walls... and P'Bright didn't know what true love feels like in "Together with me". Now that both have placed their cards on the table their inner conflicts are just going to grow and grow until P'Bright can't take it anymore and capitulate completely to the charms of sweet Farm. It is going to be hard for the new boy in this Series (Nit, or Lit, or Rit...???) totally in love with Farm, but unable to win his heart truly, as that place has already an owner. I am sure we all are going to learn many things from this Series... but most of all: we are going to watch all these actors in the most emotional roles they have ever had until now. Is going to be unforgettable. I believe for many of us this upcoming season is going to show how difficult sometimes family issues can be, to the point where making a choice is very difficult, no matter which one is. I always had a great memory of the chinese boys love series "Like Love", specially the second movie "Nobody Knows but me" because both boys had to deal with their mothers to the very limits; those moments were not easy to watch. And also the Korean Drama "Life is beautiful"... where the mother of Kyong-Soo was a real monster... always pulling her son down to despair to almost the very end of that Drama Series. At the end love most persevere and win over all the obstacles it finds in life. Let's hope the loved ones in this Series all find the way back to each other. By the way: I didn't like the official OST at all. That song doesn't move me in any possible way, so I made my very own with a song I believe goes way much better with what is coming up, and that matches also all 3 relationships: Cheers...!!
  14. Earlier I mentioned how I love the way YSH looked at KSH.. This video.. says it all
  15. BIGBANG’s Seungri will be appearing on the pilot episode of a new SBS variety show! On September 21, SBS confirmed that Seungri would be making an appearance on the very first episode of its new show “I’ll Win You Over with My Channel” (literal translation). The variety program will follow Kang Ho Dong, Yang Se […] The post BIGBANG’s Seungri To Appear On Brand-New SBS Variety Show appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  16. lynne22

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    One of my fav song from HSALF... Sa Sa Ding's opera voice really delivers...And in my opinion the lyric composer is very smart.. where in every verse depicts the lead'scharacter arc in the story.... I'm currently re watching the drama again in 1080 pixel and viki sub... it gives me a different experience for sure..
  17. The third lineup has been released for the 2018 Asia Artist Awards (hereafter 2018 AAA)! On September 21, it was confirmed that TWICE will be attending the ceremony. They are the third group announced following iKON and Wanna One. There will be a total of 20 artists and 20 actors attending the 2018 AAA, which will be held on November 28 […] The post TWICE Joins iKON And Wanna One For 2018 Asia Artist Awards Lineup appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  18. xtlover15

    {yg} Official Seungri Thread! (승리) Seungri

    YG Future Strategy Office | Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  19. I think it's quite difficult for her to be in a variety show, she's a strong woman, but I think variety shows might bring painful memories, do you know she was filming Running man the day the tragedy happened, poor LYY my heart always aches for her
  20. mouse007

    Picture cards

    Ugh, I couldn't guess #2 and #3! #4 looks so familiar to me but I can't quite remember her dramas so I can't Google! I'm still thinking about this!!
  21. Sary Em

    HSALF couple-Yang Zi and Deng Lun

    Yes heard about the typhoon in HK. I shall be travelling there/layover in Hong Kong end of next month for 2 weeks...Singapore bound. I hope it dries up then. But yes hope everything is ok and gets better for all living in that area And how goes it in Lunzi world-Weibo. Is the fever still high...hmmm thought we would have more shippers on board. The views on this forum is increasing at least....woo hoo!!!!!
  22. mouse007

    Add and Subtract Game

    774 @kokodus is it the scene where she's skipping and he's watching her? Because I love that scene. The soft look in his eyes when he sees that it's still the same Mosheng he loved. I also love the look on his face when he gets home from his business trip and he sees the changes she's made to his place. After years and years of waiting, she's finally here with him and you see it in his face.
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