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  2. Ara for Korean Air Force
  3. *** RAIN isn't perfect but I'm sure he'll be the best dad. We've heard all his interviews about being married & having a kid & from there we could tell.... KTH also is so smart. So, both will give the child a lot of love. Here is to successful parenthood for both.. Well, I hope he'll also write a song for their baby just like what he did for KTH. ************************************************************************* 7 Reasons Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be the best celebrity parents ever Yesterday, newlyweds Rain and Kim Tae Hee announced that they are expecting their first baby. We are all excited that another loving celebrity couple plan to share their love with their precious little one. Whether it's a boy or girl, Baby Jung is one lucky kid! Not only will they be born into a loving home, but they have two of the most talented parents ever! Any talent they inherit, their parents will no doubt help them sharpen their skills. Let's take a look at 7 reasons why Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be the best celebrity parents ever!
  4. Maybe when everyone praises HG, but I still can not support HG and CP. I can not forget the point that HG's grandfather killed parents and CP peoples. she should be like a CP who looks at GE guiltily, feels inappropriate, and so on. About the character of GE, she's that soft on CP, and does not compose revenge on CP, I think we judge too fast. Five years, we do not know what they did for the past five years. And his most important point is, she does not know who the real crown prince is. For me, There are still many loopholes to surprise. For me, There are still many loopholes to give a lot of surprises.
  5. Ji Chang Wook. Lim Ju Hwan. Can you count Yoo Jae Suk as actor?
  6. Suk at wedding of his friend, actress Cha Ye Ryun and actor Joo Sang Wook cre: IG
  7. SEVENTEEN made their comeback a mere four days ago with their mini-album “Al1” on May 22 and experienced explosive success in terms of album sales, as they sold well over 80,000 copies in just over two days. The group’s success with their latest comeback can also be measured in views on the MV for their […] The post Watch: SEVENTEEN Reaches Staggering Number Of Views For “Don’t Wanna Cry” MV + Special Video appeared first on Soompi. View the full article
  8. Acting Couple Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun Tie The Knot in a lovely Wedding ...
  9. and a very young SH in another music video
  10. Every day will air a part in 1 episode(05/26 > 05/31)One episode will have 3 partsChannel Live Stream:
  11. Oh my HHJ looks so chic, so different and so hot .. those red lips! Man, where is JS?
  12. SYNOPSIS, EPISODE 122 As they are walking in the marketplace, Eun Soo pushes Rich Brat out of the way of a reckless bicyclist, saving her life. Rich Brat is ok but Eun Soo has hit her head and is unconscious. She struggles unsuccessfully to revive Eun Soo. In the hospital, Eun Soo is unconscious in her bed. Rich Brat pleads with her to wake up. Finally, she does. Except for not knowing where she is or how she got there, she is OK. Corporate Jerk thanks Eun Soo for saving his wife's life. Rich Brat also thanks her, but pouts. Sister Yoon helps the twins with their homework. They tell her that it would be fine with them if she moved in, although they would be short of space. The Upstairs Tenant's sister overhears the conversation and is touched. When Sister Yoon finishes tutoring the Twins, the Upstairs Tenant's sister gives her a recipe book. She tells Sister Yoon that she is impressed by the affection she shows her brother and the Twins. Rich Brat arrives home and discusses the accident with Mother Yoon. Rich Brat offers to cook dinner and Mother Yoon is shocked. Mother Yoon thinkss that perhaps Rich Brat suffered a brain injury after all. Mother Yoon enters the kitchen as Rich Brat cooks abalone porridge. She asks if Rich Brat is cooking the porridge for Eun Soo. Rich Brat denies it. Club Jerk joins his wife in the hospital room. He learns that she is checking out of the hospital. He's like, Let's go home and play doctor. Club Jerk and Eun Soo encounter Corporate Jerk and Rich Brat as they arrive home. Club Jerk criticizes Rich Brat for not showing appreciation. Eun Soo is alone in her bedroom when Rich Brat enters. Rich Brat is bringing her porridge. Eun Soo is shocked when she learns that Rich Brat cooked it for her. Club Jerk enters the bedroom after Rich Brat has left. He, too, is shocked that Rich Brat cooked it for Eun Soo. He wonders what Rich Brat is up to. He is surprised that it actually tastes good. The Aunt arrives home late. She tries to sneak in but she awakens her brother who is sleeping on the couch. Morning. Mother Yoon awakens and is surprised to see that her husband has returned to their bed. After she gets out of bed, she spots the Upstairs Tenant's webtoon book and tosses it into the waste basket. At her office, Sister Yoon receives a call from the Aunt. The Aunt demands that she either get married or get home. It's time, she insists, for Sister Yoon's boyfriend to begin acting like a man. The Upstairs Tenant arrives at Sister Yoon's office. The Assistant advises him that the Doctor is In but not in a very good mood. The Assistant also advises him that it is time to Man Up. The Manager and his work group eat pizza for lunch. Formerly Clueless announces that Eun Soo's brother has passed the Civil Service Exam. Eun Soo is somewhat taken aback. In the course of doing volunteer work with Eun Soo's grandmother, Halmoni discovers that some people live without air conditioning. Halmoni's chauffeur arrives to take her to the bank. Eun Soo's grandmother asks, what for? Halmoni smiles and tells her to mind her own business. The Former Department Store Supervisor arrives at the Aunt's cafe to help her with some heavy lifting. It quickly becomes clear that he is not in shape, The Manager and Assistant Manager arrive at an elegant restaurant. He has lured her there under the guise of introducing her to a blind date. She becomes increasingly agitated as time goes by and Mr. Right has not arrived. She is not thrilled to learn that her boss is, in fact, her date. At the Yoon Residence, Club Jerk has asked the other family members (minus his sister) to join them in the living room. He gives them matching t-shirts to promote family harmony. Back at the restaurant, there are several empty wine bottles on the table. With a thick tongue, the Assistant Manager struggles to explain to her boss why he is an unsuitable romantic partner. Also she is suing him for sexual harassment. Just kidding. Both of them end up passed out, their heads on the table. The Upstairs Tenant leaves to run an errand and is surprised to encounter Sister Yoon in the courtyard. He tells her to wait for him in his apartment as he runs his errand. Morning. Father Yoon is grumpy as he reads the newspaper. He encounters an item that surprises him. At their house, Rich Brat's father and Eun Soo's grandmother are reading the same newspaper. They are surprised to discover that Halmoni has started a charitable foundation to assist senior cittizens. The Upstairs Tenant visits Mother and Father Yoon and presents them with his life plan. Ultimate Goal: Become a rich and successful author. Mother Yoon is not impressed. Mother Yoon erupts. When her daughter arrives on the scene, she starts acting even crazier. She threatens to divorce her husband if he approves of the marriage.
  13. Line-Up for MuBank Jakarta
  14. Sorry to cut your post short. Last night when i watch the scene where he 'rejected' BH i feel mad. But now with subs, i can understand why he is afraid. The wounds YJ n EH left to him is too serious to be cure. I hope BH won't be too easily hurt and back off my his words. I hope she'll be bold enough to continue to like him even he ask her not to. Coz liking him is her feelings and he cannot stop her from doing so. It's her heart. I hope she will tell him that it's ok if he is afraid to start new. As long as they are together they can overcome their past and show those who had hurt them they can move on and find new happiness.
  15. Finally completed Chapter 14! Love the additional insights into Saimdang and Lady Shin's relationship... as well as details of how and why Saimdang dyed the coloured paper - to bring colour and the fragrance of flowers to her lonely neighbour's home. Beautiful! Am a little unsure about the use of Ouyang Xiu's poem - GTV and iflix C-subs are very different from the original poem itself, so I have to wonder if they were translated based on the Korean text, rather than from the original source material. Novel Vol 1: Part 3 Hope Chapter 14 1. After all the preparations were complete, Saimdang started searching high and low for a paper maker, and at last found one called Man Deuk. He was a bad-tempered 50-odd year old man with a red nose from over-drinking and thick eyebrows that met in a single line. He once worked as a paper maker, but was kicked out after getting into a drunken brawl. Since then, he had been engrossed in alcohol and gambling, before finally being introduced to Saimdang. 2. During Gyeom's first lesson in the school, he posed a question what constituted a great person. When Hyun Ryong carefully asked if they only needed to answer what was in their heart, his classmates all quietened down and turned to look at him. Gyeom encouraged him to feel free to answer, since there was no definite answer. Before he could do so, MJK interrupted and declared that Confucius was undoubtedly the greatest person. Still, Hyun Ryong pushed on and answered that to him, it was his mother. Ignoring MJK, Gyeom walked to Hyun Ryong and asked his reasons for thinking so, to which the boy explained that his mother always made the best choices for them no matter how difficult the situation, particularly when they moved to Hanyang. To him, she was a strong, yet warm person. As he spoke, he thought of how hard his mother worked all day and night to make paper, and his eyes glistened with tears. With difficulty, he suppressed the swell of emotions and answered guardedly. Gyeom took all this in and looked at the boy kindly, wanting to caress his head and praise him for being a good, intelligent child. This was not because he was Saimdang's son, but out of respect for him, who despite his young age, already displayed empathy and understanding for his mother's heart. 3. Tae Ryong, who had been nervously sitting quietly at the side, also gathered up the courage to answer as well. He declared that when it came to food, his mother was the kindest person in the world. However, he observed that those in Hanyang were not particularly kind in that way, since the food in the city were expensive and the portions small. Hearing his comments, all the children burst out into laughter, apart from MJK who was gritted his teeth and turned red in the face in anger, thinking he had been ignored by the teacher. 4. As Saimdang rushed home to show the children the paper she made, she was surprised to receive a letter from the deposed queen Lady Shin next door. "Although spring flowers have withered already, their fragrance still filled up the whole house. The sound of your children's laughter came...and settled on the flower petals like butterflies. It must be a gift from the heavens, taking pity on me, a wilted woman inside of a house. I thought your children might like persimmons, so I have sent them some dried persimmons. Waiting for them to dry in the wind and sun so very exciting for me. It wasn't for long, but I was very happy during those moments. Thank you." Thus the letter ended. As Saimdang looked at the beautiful, coloured paper and a basket full of dried persimmons, her heart was melancholic. Although Lady Shin was now a deposed queen, she was once the mother of the nation. When they first moved to Soojinbang, Saimdang had paid her respects by sending her some cakes. She did not expect such a thoughtful response. Apart from gratitude, Saimdang could also feel the loneliness that permeated every single word of Lady Shin's letter, and her heart could not help but ache for the older woman. 5. "Mother..." Wu pulled Saimdang's dress. "Hm?" Saimdang looked at her children who were spellbound by the persimmons. "Leave these for your father. You can share the rest among yourselves and Hyang." Saimdang put several on the table and pushed the rest in front of her children. Immediately after her words, the children's hands had already reached for the fruits. Absently, she agreed to Hyun Ryong's pleas regarding the mother-son art contest, her mind still on Lady Shin. 6. She asked Hyang if they still had dried 红花 safflower flowers left, intending to rub them in water, then after removing the yellowish water, use them as dye. The yellow leftover water could also serve as yellow dye. While Mae Chang listened with interest, Hyang was caught up with enthusiasm and suggested plucking some 芝草 turfgrass, which Saimdang agreed, since the roots could be used as a purple dye. Excited, Hyang immediately got to work, determined to obtain all the materials before sundown. Early next morning, Saimdang prepared the dyes from safflower flowers, turfgrass, 梔子花 gardenia flowers and bamboo leaves. Her children watched the dyeing process with great interest - seeing the paper being dipped into the basin filled with dye, and coming out with a brilliant colour. Hyang would then take over the paper from Saimdang and hung it to dry. As Hyang admired the beauty of the paper, Saimdang was reminded of a verse in a poem 踏花歸去馬蹄香 "Treading on flowers on the way home, even the horseshoe is fragrant." (please correct me if my intepretation is wrong!). In a low voice, she elaborated that an artist who heard this phrase, pondered how he should depict the painting so that it represented the fragrance that eminated from the horseshoe. Folllowing which, she was lost in her thoughts. Running over, Mae Chang suggested drawing butterflies, since their presence would indicate that there were flowers nearby. Overjoyed, Saimdang agreed that Mae Chang had found a way to depict the fragrance on a painting. Hyun Ryong added he finally understood. The sight of gardenia water would immediately be associated with gardenia flowers. Likewise, coloured paper would immediately be associated with flowers. He felt that the paper was so magical that even something which could not been seen, was made visible through it. 7. Saimdang neatly placed the coloured paper into a gift box, then changed into an outfit she was satisfied with, although it was just a cotton skirt and upper garment. Hyang and her children were puzzled as she told Hyang to look after them and left the house. Lady Shin, who was sitting on the kang doing needlework, was pleasantly surprised by Saimdang's visit. Putting down the gift box, Saimdang respectfully greeted her and sat down. Both women, having lived through dark times, could understand each other's sorrow with just a look, a mutual understanding that needed no words. "No good can come out of being too close with someone like me, who has been deposed and made a commoner," Lady Shin told Saimdang gently, sadness peppering her words. "Neighbours should care for one another... that is a longstanding virtue. Please do not worry too much," Saimdang smiled and responded after careful deliberation. Lady Shin's eyes welled up in tears. In life, there could be times where a person could be a source of comfort, just sitting opposite her. For 40 years, she had lived like a sinner, a widow, and now, Saimdang was exactly that person, whose presence was a wellspring of comfort for her. 8. Just before the mother-son art contest, Gyeom provided all the mothers with the aprons after seeing how disparaging the mothers were towards Saimdang's appearance. As Saimdang silently put the apron on, she understood Gyeom's intention, which was to cover her own simple outfit - an act which evoked both gratitude and sorrow in her. Likewise, Hwieumdang saw through Gyeom's act, and by the same token, was enraged and grieved by what he did on Saimdang's behalf. 9. Gyeom observed Hyun Ryong and Saimdang's exchange after the latter fled the contest from behind the wall with great anxiety, but could not do anything. Afraid of being discovered, he dared not approach and support her up, yet could not pretend not to have seen anything. Just then, he heard the school official calling out to him to join the prize-giving ceremony. Distressed, he looked back at her one more time before leaving. 10. "As the endless rain and wind sweep the garden, only sadness and anguish well up in my eyes... and the one whom I await is nowhere to be seen." Startled, Gyeom stopped and turned towards the direction of the voice. There, Hwieumdang stood as if waiting for Gyeom to notice her. Before Gyeom could say a word, Hwiuemdang continued, "That is Ouyang Xiu's 蝶戀花 Butterflies Loving the Flowers...", then turned on her heel and left. As Gyeom watched her swaying figure, a hazy memory resurfaced. Twenty years ago, unable to suppress his longing for Saimdang, he had recited Ouyang Xiu's poem one night, and thus encountered that young girl. Could MCH's wife possibly be the daughter of the tavern mistress in Bukpyeong? Gyeom's eyes were filled with suspicion. NOTE: The text in C-translated novel, as well as the C-subs from GTV and iflix, are vastly different from the original poem, though the meaning is similar: 雨橫風狂三月暮, Stormy is the wind and rain of this March evening, 門掩黃昏,無計留春住。 Doors close in the remains of the day, yet there's no way to hold on to spring. 淚眼問花花不語, With my teary eyes I appeal to blossoms, yet they silence keep, 亂紅飛過鞦韆去。 Stirred are their petals that drift across swings. cr.
  16. Thank you. I see they say episode 20 will be done tomorrow. I hope they knock the rest out right away. They are 5 episodes behind! Unbelievable. I think it's all part and parcel of making her crazy.
  17. The last scene, do Karn crying on Apo shoulder? Wow! can wait for Waii reactions.
  18. *** RAIN isn't perfect but I'm sure he'll be the best dad. We've heard all his interviews about being married & having a kid & from there we could tell.... KTH also is so smart. So, both will give the child a lot of love. Here is to successful parenthood for both.. Well, I hope he'll also write a song for their baby just like what he did for KTH. ************************************************************************* 7 Reasons Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be the best celebrity parents ever Yesterday, newlyweds Rain and Kim Tae Hee announced that they are expecting their first baby. We are all excited that another loving celebrity couple plan to share their love with their precious little one. Whether it's a boy or girl, Baby Jung is one lucky kid! Not only will they be born into a loving home, but they have two of the most talented parents ever! Any talent they inherit, their parents will no doubt help them sharpen their skills. Let's take a look at 7 reasons why Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be the best celebrity parents ever!
  19. Park Shin Hye discusses why she supports her friends 'always in silence' As one of Korea's top actresses, it is not shocking that Park Shin Hye has a busy and hectic schedule. However, how her work life has affected her private relationships might just surprise you... In a recent interview with Vogue Taiwan, Park Shin Hye candidly opened up about what it's like to be an actress, what kind of actress she wants to be, and how it affects her friendships! “Being an actress might sound fancy, but it has its own difficulties. I admire the job of an actress and its fame. However, I’ve always wanted to show the real and natural side of me. I want to be an actress who is beautiful the way I am.” When it comes to her offscreen life, Park Shin Hye described what her relationships with friends are like, stating, “I think I become quiet when I meet my friends. Since I exhaust a lot of energy in front of cameras, I tend to stay quiet when I hang out with them, I keep cheering and supporting them, always in silence.” Along with Park Shin Hye's interview, Vogue Taiwan released some photos in which Park appeared very elegant. Park Shin Hye is currently preparing to return to the silver screen with the upcoming crime-thriller tentatively titled Silent Witness.
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