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  2. I hope it's true ivanovie ... let's just standby from Monday to Wednesday.( 27- 29)
  3. Im curious why not even single pic she heading to Taiwan. I can understand if it is late night, but i guess if she heading from korea it still morning isnt? No media or no fans in korea? Hmm.. Suspicious. Oh no..please dont make me delulu
  4. Off topic useless trivia: I have to say that LMK is very active on IG - he likes almost every post related to him or this drama , and these are just random IG fan accounts. Whenever I type in the hashtag for this drama or his name...you can see that he has taken note of every post....really sweet and very appreciative. Two thumbs up for him. So rare. This scene...gold!! My favourite CEO Ma always so wise...still the MVP @hushhh Great to be reading you here after Strongest DeliveryMan. Love the ex too...she's really cool. And because she knows him so well , she could tell he had never verbally expressed his love for JH. This actress has a very special aura about her.
  5. I think they're more relaxed now since WGM is officially over for Jin Jin and Anthony. Throughout the episode last night, they've been very public about their relationship, going on a trip together to the countryside and also hugging in the hospital. If a scandal breaks out, it will only affect National Chemical, since Jin Jin is their main model. I'm more surprised that Ji Won seems to have a very flexible schedule for a company CEO. Somewhat unrealistic to me. I also noted that they are using some time skip, e.g. Mom's supposed to be wearing her eye patch for a week, then next we see her at home with her eye patch gone. I'm not really concerned about Bella at this point. She's just a last minute conflict that will be resolved in like, 3 minutes. It's a closure that Ji Won much needed to make so that he can get over his fear of abandonment. I want to know Jin Jin's reaction about this though. I'd like to see her jealous explosion or something. Ah Reum is getting prettier by the day after dating Woo Sung! Her hairstyle is much softer now and it matches her really well. I think we're gonna hear the wedding bells for these two soon. I think the Anthony-Ho Sung ship might just happen after all, y'all. Turns out Ho Sung is also an Anthony fan and it seems like they're similar in age. I can't wait for them to meet up and develop some feelings. (PLEASE DRAMA GOD!) As a side note, Kim Jung Hwa is super pretty! It's believable that she's Jin Jin's sister. While most of her cameo scenes are of her crying, she did pretty well on the emotional part. I cried along with her on the hospital scene. Also, I died at Dad's reaction over Ji Won skipping over upstairs to Jin Jin's. That smack on the head is just golden, ROFL.
  6. )))) @kembie It was HD video, that why gifs are good)))) but anyway Jong Suk is really looking super handsome at this “The Age of Rebellion” VIP Premiere wearing HANAH Burgundy Sweater )))) It suits him very well!!!
  7. Hi allmylife, thanks for sharing his pictures during the VIP premiere of his movie. Can't wait! I love his sleek get-up here. The jacket makes him warm for the winter. He looks COOL!
  8. Add and Subtract Game

    658 am watching only one drama and even that I am not able to keep up! hahahhha....
  9. I don't think that Ji-Ho is suffering from an inferiority complex. She is a confident and rational woman. If she thought that she wasn't worthy of Se-Hee's love then I would say that she is suffering from an inferiority complex. She just doesn't think he loves her as yet--because he hasn't said so--but she certainly think she is worthy and able to gain his love that is why she is willing to wait. Not assuming someone who has not confessed to you loves you, is a sign of sanity, not an inferiority complex. She hasn't misinterpreted Se-Hee's interest in her. She has just responded rationally. When he show interest she accept his interests. When he does not express his interest she does not assume he is interested because that would indicate some delusion on her part. Ji-Ho is a woman of confidence. She goes after what she wants. She attended Seoul University against her father's wishes. She faced down her hometown neighbor over her stray dog and over Se-Hee. She doesn't let Se-Hee take advantage of her. She didn't accept the abuse from her employer as if nothing happened. She didn't quit because she thought she wasn't a good enough writer. She quit because the powers that be had aligned against her. She knew she would have to sell out her dignity and accept their bulsheet to be able to work and she was not willing to compromise herself that way. She may not have acted against them right away because she was traumatized and was not sure what to do. When she was on the mend she sued to right a wrong. That is not the behavior of someone with an inferiority complex. ********************************************* As a non-Koran speaker I am depending on the subtitles to understand what is going on. I am thinking that the episode titles not are reflecting Se-Hee's point of view. -Last episode title seemed to be about Se-Hee coming to Ji-Ho's room. -This episode "my first confession", while it could be about either one I suspect it is about Se-Hee. -I also suspect that the cliff-hanger was a bit of a cheat; it promised a confession and we did not get one from either of them. As I mentioned before, I think ending the contract is about starting a romantic relationship instead of a lease relationship. ***************************************** Bo-mi. Does anything else need to be said? No. But I will anyway. That child has a huge freak flag that she is happy to let fly. I can honestly say I am not surprised. I knew something was there, but what. . . I couldn't be sure, but I knew it was there.
  10. Dropping by to posy my Birthday Greetings to Our Dear Song Hye Kyo ssi...
  11. Hi odik, thanks for sharing this Notice. Looking forward to hear & listen to the songs.
  12. Same here, very disappointed with the news. I was hoping to see them walking the red carpet holding hands, just like song song. How can they deny us of the last chance of seeing them together at formal event, guy smartly dressed up and girl beautiful in long dress....wanna cry now... guess the only other way to see them will be blu-ray dvd when they do the commentary tgr.
  13. I’ve just react as they stated even he is able to go (despite his packed schedule) can’t go because of KB long waiting list ;-) No, I’m not that serious ;-)
  14. Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜

    'I need conversation hunting' Yoon Eun-hye, return to the SNS with the photo of companion dog Joy ... "Upload after 3 months" Yoon Eun-hye has returned to the SNS with photo of Joy, her dog companion. On the 22nd, Yoon Eun-hye said to her instagram " Joy !! I washed it out and Joy is so cute! "With two photos posted. In the public photos, there is a picture of Yoon Eun-hye's companion dog Joy who has been spreading through TVN 'hunting that needs conversation'. Yoon Eun Hye / Yoon Eun Hye Instagram In particular, Yoon Eun - hye 's upload is more eye - catching since only three months since last August. The netizens who saw this, responded "So cute", "I want to see" and "I love you". The TVN 'Hunt for conversation', which is gathering attention due to the return of Yoon Eun Hye, is broadcasted every Wednesday at 7:40 pm. http://www.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=328506#hi
  15. Ji won eonnie is such a ninja i mean there are no pictures of her departure from s.kor n minhyukshiee ummm you simply cant take good selca hahahaha but he is looking so cuteeeee
  16. Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    Minglan releases new poster of characters for minor snowfall
  17. Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer

    Birthday presents and food support for Dongwan and also the staffs. Wahhhh the custom mic is nice and its blue, Dongwan's favourite colour. Does it come with in ear too? I can't really tell from the picture, but the brand is Shure.
  18. Huh? Aren't you taking it a little too seriously? That's KHD's usual face lol. WIth Hwayugi filming, Goonghap promotions, and this new variety show (if confirmed), it won't be easy to guest on there. But he probably will at some point.
  19. @mademoisellesia Kumawo cinggu......I really want to see the picture of the TOL actors especially SHJ and YSJ together ..but I guess during the wrap-up party the actors will give a chance to the crews to take pictures with them. @angel2013 the BTS during the camping is so sweet and both of them definitely comfortable and natural to each other. I like when they holding each other palms even it is not the actual shooting - well the weather is so cold naturally they need to help each other to be warm then. The BTS "wedding scene" when JS closely holding SHJ hand, was it their informal goodbye speech to all (TOL actors and crews) and they even shyly smiled and giggled with each other... or was it the scene rehearsal? I hope they maintain their good relationship outside filming and continue to keep in touch as Noona and Dongseng. It reminds me of the relationship between Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook. I save my thought of the last episode for now. Just wanna say after the subb I am calm down and accept the finale (but still - where is kiss??? lol) and I feel lighthearted. I slept soundly last night lol... ha ha and I am planning to rewatch the 3 episodes today or within this few days. I am begining to miss them ... @mademoisellesia just saw your uploaded picture where Se Jong with a girl shielded by cat face (lol)...is it Seo Hyun Jin? What do you think? Judging by her coat that she is wearing, her height and her hair.
  20. Really appreciated you were here to even join soompi and i guess your first posting is here..in a shipper paradise. Seem that this thread really attrached you. I think chingus here not discussion about the drama, i suggest you try reading from page 1 until the latest. You can found that we're not talking about dr kwak or dr song here...hehe Wait..maybe i take it to serious..are you kidding right now? If yes..i will try to laughing at your joke
  21. Minglan releases new posters of leads for minor snowfall
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