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  2. Thanks for reporting back! So now we know the answer to one mystery Enjoy episodes 22 and 23! Lots of plot progress and movement in everybody's relationship dynamics
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    @kokodus usually if we watch cdrama they will tight the guys hair hahahaha @sushilicious I also afraid how if we dream about eating something and we eat that long hair? WKWKWKWKWK @staygold HUA HA HA HA HA HA well if I sleep with someone usually I will make bun with my hair because I didn't want them destroyed my hair hahahaha (when my hair was too long and reached my b*tt). now my hair is short hahahahahaa +2
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  5. Hobi's Birthday Is Tomorrow Credit to the owner
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  7. As reference to the above: Credit to the owner
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    -2 578
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  10. Rain showed off his moves on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything”! On the February 16 broadcast, Rain and Lee Beom Soo appeared as guests to promote their upcoming film “Uhm Bok-dong.” Speaking about his role model, Rain said, “I really liked Lee Sang Min, but it was all about Deux when I was young. Kim Sung […] The post Watch: Rain Compares Yang Hyun Suk And Park Jin Young’s Dance Styles By Expertly Covering Their Songs appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. SF9’s Chani and Rowoon will be the next guests on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”! On February 16, the variety show released a preview of the two idols. In the video, the cast and guests are full of laughter as ominous music plays in the background. “I thought that this was a place full of laughter and happiness,” […] The post Watch: SF9’s Chani And Rowoon Are Taken Aback By Reality In “Amazing Saturday” Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Hello, fellow Believers I also love crime procedurals and comedies and so this fits the bill. The other priest is called Father Matteo haha I was laughing my head off at Ep 1 preview. She's so attracted to him and the show is milking it.
  13. First of all, the EN team should realise that some fans of this show watch this for SYR. I don't know about others, but if they are going to change her for the end part which is important, I LL drop this show at that point itself. Already I know the ending which I have imagined reading CFY and SYR as NQ and SS in my imaginary world. So I hope they don't change her and use CGI effects for that part.
  14. thank you for your advice@hyuuhikari those statements on NB are there in their their faq but only thing i fear is that it would be hurtful for fans of the girl BUT being her fan i feel for the personal attack on her. I dont worry about her because she has always been brave in facing up to netz. i am not sure whether forum moderators here would censor content themselves or they inform me to modify. Please let me know if it is the latter so that i keep a lookout because i dont visit so often thanks
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    Park Bo Gum 박보검 朴寶劍 Bak Bo-geom

    When MC mentioned SokCho and Park Bo Gum was glad to hear she remembered the location from Encounter / Boyfriend, She told him that she is a big fans and PBG kiddingly called her “Tab Pae Nim (CEO)”. MC screamed and said it was as same as series she watched late night but she heard live. PBG mentioned he heard Encounter / Boyfriend has not officially been on air yet but MC told him all Thai fans can find way to watch.(eg. Viu) Encounter / Boyfriend will officially be on air in the main channel with largest coverage of audiences in Thailand very soon. Light, fireworks, papershoot, and Sound are as same as full concert. PBG often mentioned please don’t sit down and stand to dance in English. (Haha, PBG did not know that concert bodyguard team asked fans to sit down often too.) One of two Thai Songs last night. (Another Thai song with grand piano playing) PS. - There were more than 6 # hashtage in Thai and English from this fan meeting in Thailand ; therefore, trending might not look high as the whole number of tweets due to varied hashtag. - PBG’s flight back to Incheon has just changed from tonight to late night yesterday due to urgent work a couple days ago. We really hope PBG has some rest time before straight to another work schedule.
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    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @Leigh Perry It is easy to find his videos on youtube but I'll still post it here so we can drool together lol KFC L'oreal Extra lol Zhu Yi Long and the Reboot crew celebrating his co-star birthday! I think he needs another slice of cake lol
  17. he is so sweet.... His smile is everything!!! And the editor must be a crazy fan of him more than even me.... His smile is looping & looping & looping for 8 times... This should be before School 2013 announced with him & the other actor (Lee Jong Suk) here...
  18. Wow, you all are so great with keeping up on the latest episodes. I just caught up! @themarchioness, I truly enjoy your recaps! I just wanted to say that the Lotus couple is so lovely together. I do not watch many C-dramas, but these two totally got me from episode 1. I got a special feeling about these two so I kept watching and I am so glad I did so. I was actually pleasantly surprised that they became a couple so quick in episode 28 and immediately, I got the feels that they were utterly devoted to each other. It almost seemed like they married each other that night. What I appreciate most about this couple are the conversations that they have together. From working out jealousy issues to talking about their plans and future together - I absolutely love their dialogue. I love how CY started to refer to BQ as his "fu yan" and how he shares his thoughts/vision about their future family/kids together. You can tell how much CY deeply loves BQ. However, based on the upcoming previews, it seems like we will have a few more sweet scenes, but it will be getting pretty serious soon. As for CW, I am glad she is starting to show her ugly and manipulative side to CY. CY foolishly thought that he could be friends with CW. Obviously, he was totally wrong. Even though CY may honestly tell CW that he only has BQ in his heart and send her away, CW's obsession with him is unhealthy and scary. I fear what more she may do to BQ in her desperate measures to have CY. Last, as for DFS, I still cannot like the guy. BQ keeps telling him that she does not and will not like him yet DFS keeps forcing his feelings on her knowing that she loves LYK/CY. I am hoping as the story progresses, DFS will chill out and learn to accept/respect the couple. That way, he could at least be friends with BQ.
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  20. Thank you so much, friend! Yp... He doesn't want to do anything forceful! He naturally has the ability to attract fans towards him... People often say that he is so quirky but I love his quirkiness so much! It's his uniqueness that he is so open to everyone around him! And that's why I am so head over heels for him... He perfectly knows how to provoke me... He he.. forgive my silly heart!!!
  21. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has revealed that her solo debut track “TWIT” was inspired by her own personal experience! On the February 15 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” Hwasa made her very first guest appearance as a solo artist. In addition to performing her chart-topping new hit “TWIT,” the singer also sat down to […] The post MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Says “Twit” Is Based On Her Own Love Life appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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    -2 482 Welcome back. Hihi. I am the new kid on the block or in soompi town.
  23. I wonder though, will the stalker story be resolved so quickly? I think in the preview when he gets hit over the head, it will be for a different reason. But nevertheless, can't wait for our lovely JR to save the day, be it once (like he's already done), twice or more!
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