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  2. @Wanderlust @MC99 Thank you so much!
  3. @chibimidori Ah I also had mentioned "Your Name" in one of my previous posts. It totally made me think of it. Also interesting because it came out in Korea end of last year too so it is fresh in many Koreans' minds. I think that feeling of missing something is going to be similar to ET's based on the preview. (Did you liek it? I loved it!! Watched it twice already. Such a good anime!)
  4. Just finished watching the latest episode. And it's one hell h i l a r i o u s episode. Love every minute of this episode. Jongmin-Joonho-Defconn fooling around on the riverbank, Joonyoung finally shows up looking healthy with his chubby cheeks, the hyungs have their relaxing chitchat, maknae climbing mount jiri, the hyungs climbing 'mount everest' with all their belongings (goodness I'm still grinning like a lunatic remembering all their efforts. Of course, Joonho is the best with his slave ), maknae quietly having his kimbab, the hyungs tackling each other noisily during lunch. No one beats Kim Jongmin in sneaking in the food We call Joonho Mr. Sly but Taehyun is always Mr. Brain. He just knows he will use the kimbap against Jongmin Love the way this show welcomes our maknae back. Nothing is easy in 1n2d, members and staff. Ilyong PD looks somewhat disappointed and smiling dryly and I bet Joonyoung's crews laughing bitterly when Defconn picked 30 as the number. Let's see how Ilyong PD makes them reunited. 30 is so long faraway. Will be there be some adjustments? We'll see how the PD team execute that part.
  5. yeah the male lead often take lead for the kiss scene and Eric said he doesn't like NG in kiss scene is quite considerate for the actress, aside from being professional for doing it in one take. I prefer action/thriller drama but with Shinhwa priority, he doesn't have much freedom to go after what he likes or offered to him. I just hope luck is on his side for a good script and a good partner.
  6. Meni se glavna glumica iz Can You Hear My Heart ne sviđa a posebno onaj njezin glasić, imam osjećaj da tepa cijelo vrijeme. Na (moju) žalost zna izabrati serije koje su dobro prihvaćene pa sam neke i gledala kada sam čula koliko ih hvale ali većinom mi ih ona upropasti.
  7. I think that in your case some general recommendations for the most people will be effective anyway I agree about drinking the fresh water, it's really helpful for the weight loss and also for body cleansing Healthy diet with more vegetables and fruits is good too And of course favourite regular physical exercises! You should find smth which you'll really like, that gives much more motivation! I can recommend from my own experience yoga, pilates, dancing and practising in the gym, or at home (if you have an opportunity) with such stuff like in this list on StyleMann , also treadclimbers, treadmills etc. I have the one for my home workouts and it's a good alternative instead of gym if you can't go there regurarly Running, swimming and different sport games are a good addition too, especially outsides during the warm seasons!
  8. First 2 episodes subbed available on Dramafever. Pls do not post links of other non-licensed sites
  9. i really look forward to the fan meetings, and next rm episodes, the past two episodes have been a bit dry for spartacers
  10. I would much rather you be right, that there is no amnesia, because that would mean KES took the creative route haha But I think KS and GR did plan something out before he went to fight the Eunuch because he seem to be confident he would be able to get the Eunuch out of JET's body so he can kill him. I think KS knew the Eunuch would posses JET's body because there would be no other way he would be able to get the sword out. We all saw how JET was more willing to die than take the sword out and kill KS. I agree and I think that's why she feels the emptiness that they show in the Ep 14 preview. I'm definitely #TeamShinTak but I'm team GR and Sunny not Wang Yeo and Kim Sun. Yeah they're essentially the same person soul wise but they're not really the same person in any other way. I did ship WY and Sun but I'm no fan of WY. I also hope there are more Sunny and GR moments. I don't think her memories are wiped out. At least I really hope not.
  11. ..and replay last scene again and again right? ...i know i will She confessed...just after she said to him she wishes he gets hit and hurt again and again day by day ...its wise that old saying be careful what you wish for it might come was nice she said she was mean coz of her confusing feelings he deserved it She didn't admit she likes 2 guys...she shows respect twds king since she knows who he is now...and she worries about him coz she is a good girl...but she likes only MM 2 AR's would be great ...made my day chingu There was many good scenes today...but can't move from last scene yet ...well and that one from the preview when AR uses physician excuse to lie down beside cute Wonder will MM confess too...will they be will they act afterwds... Off to sleep for now ...with big smile on my face
  12. Impressions of Episode 20 --- (PS I said I don't want Season 2 --- but watching episode 21 --- oh wow I am shipping the rally to have season 2. Apparently, our writernim is so good in preparing risky episode of different hospital procedures and how it impact non medical practioners like me. By the way, all medical practioners out here I salute your dedication of service and still having life watching with us! ******* I would like to give appreciation to the producer, writernim, director and team of casting directors, music score etc who conceptualize this drama for research, for spending money to get consultants, preparing props that looks so real and more research and the characters from Han Suk Yu to Lee Kyo Ho (Mr Goo). The Lead and supports down to the "small" actors would not make this big drama possible thank you really! I hope our appreciation will reach to them. *** Many of us thinks that RDTK has many open holes and should not end - or wanting season 2. I know everyone will not agree to me that this was one of the finale I didn't I expect to like and then encouraged me again to practically watched the full episodes before I practically write my thoughts. From the beginning to end the storyline is real romance. Love have different ways --- Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape and this drama showed it all. Teacher Kim learned and wanted to share it as far as he can reach. This is a romance people will have the hard time to understand but we will understand. We will be like Kang Dong Joo being too focused on a love that he only knows, will understand. I am not saying its a bad love but just too limited. Again - the first scene was an exaggerated conversation of two people. I actually preferred it televised etc but in end people will forget. Its gratifying that writernim didn't write it that way. Because the effect of PD's conversation with TK in the end will not be fulfilling/satisfying; IB choosing to use his name instead of being his "father's son." SJ not going back to PD when she looks for his acknowledgement since episode 1. Goosebumps actually when TK laugh walking away; IB not turning back to PD; and SJ bow down in respect even PD disregard her. It's easy to heal physically if you are rich like PD but it would take a life time to heal in this situation. You see these 3 people are important people to PD. Their choices affected PD's life. PD claimed they are all indebted to him but its actually not true. These three learned to stand to their choices and these choice are all heartbreaking to PD plus PD scarred these three for long time yet they found how to let their scars/disappointment, a divine appointment. It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone - R.F Kennedy. Yes their wounds are never gone but they use it to show unconditional love. Another says also "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." ---KGibran. I believe all three are strong souls at the end of the show. May I also commend DIB's satiating moment when he was sandwiching his thoughts before going to his final decision to stay in DDH -- I was proud being your son; using your name... But in DDH "Your name does not work there." As for DJ "The best people all have some kind of scars." --- KCass. The scar that DJ has was because of the system. But I know he very much understood this time. Twice is so much. We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen as much. He has to listen this time and continue growing one of the best (not just good). Actually, he knows already how to handle his surgeries, more calm than ever that even DIB already submitted he can learn so much from him. Okay enough of being master Oogway. Hahaa. Other scene was the ever epic jealousy and actions of DJ-SJ (1) the handsome doctor saying hi to SJ (DJ: I'm watching") (2) DJ asking IB's type and he learned it was SJ (3) he learned that Dr Woo likes her (3) DJ too too overly protective of TK (4) former colleagues noticing DJ-SJ too close to each other when TK was brought to ER (5) sweet capturing of DJ of SJ singing (6) I love you assurance of DJ to SJ (SJ said okay really feeling assured of DJ's love. How can you not fall in love with this guy. For TK - along the years of hurt --- He knows when he is okay or not. I am glad he emphasized it to her daughter SJ. Waaahhh --- a family stick together. Overall I am repeating now 10-20 hehehe. Round 2 continuously. Just finished episodes 1-9.
  13. Audio for both is there for me, thanks very much!
  14. LOTBS new still cuts. Source: Source:
  15. @aikaite123- Hey there! Hope you liked that wet whale pic! I'm not sure about the rules anymore, but I think we are not supposed to quote pic or gif. I might be wrong but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  16. Care and affection... Actually i'm freaking miss her make me lost idea how to post something nice than just admire and prise her about her physical apearence, her last pictorial lapalete is enough to shown how God bliss her with all beutiful feature on one person could dream of. for me the important thing is whatever she can imply her thinking of thoughts and aplied on the real life to improve her image as actress who have long expierence in the cruel wild tempting world call "k-ent. Industry" nevertheless she has been trough many hard, hurt,sweet treatment in her live career since early age. I hope the bad and the good thing had happened thaugh her how to handdle this kind issue in wise way and make Yoojungie be actress who can inspire others to care and respect the nurture of people to be humankind. My wishess to her to enjoy her live and consentrat in her daily life as student and teen same big as my hope for her to take another project sooness, i know many issue flawing around about tvn drama, seem very promising, so let wait where is the issue ended then. Have nice and beautiful day ponyo deul... Hope all the best and happy moment for Yoojungie and for us as well. Everyone faighting.
  17. @paolaadl btw I like your icon! And I meet Wookie's fan from Brasil first time It's so cool to know that he's loved there at least by you @st4rdust oh I can't wait to see your post on Wang Yeo and Sunny. I'm actually so curious and at the same time afraid of what KES is preparing to WangSun. I have never cried that much as watching WY/GR suffering or erasing memory from Sunny. @ilmare can't really imagine LDW in medical drama. I have watched Hanoi Bride and he's good there as doctor, but I know that it was in the beggining of his acting career so maybe he'll nail doctor. But for sure he should play someone who'll be really very multylayered doctor. I would love him to play such character as in chinese drama "Love me is you dare". I believe it's meant for him. @selenette dear thank you so much for thoughts you have posted here and in Goblin's thread. I understand all your theories about WY and KS at the past and the blame that they should share. All I can say from my side is that I really feel sympathy for the kid WY who has left all anone in that world. He had no love, no people to trust and that evil eunuch has found right way to affect his mind and to play on his emotions. I don't say that WY is innocent ( tho I think GR is inocent) but he dserves sympathy since he hasn't experienced love and care from childhood...except PJW's fake love and care. Actually WY's story deserves much more screen time then overal 20 mins of all drama. What I'm curious the most is how WY will end up. I want him to save the most from Grim Reaper he is now. @gamshe I'm dissapointed with always. But I believe in happy ending for WangSun. they deserve happy ending the most in this drama. If she will not give them happy ending it will be her biggest epic fail. And from what we can see is that they're hiding WangSun scenes. I don't believe they will have 2-3 scenes in upcoming 3 eps. I believe that they will have proper skinship. so let's wait and see. And can you please post your fan arts on WangSun here as well? Btw I'm jealous that you're in Seoul right now. I think I would stalk them at Olivia Chicken
  18. Both of their usernames are their names. LSK name means Bible, so her Instagram name is heybib Lee. And NJH is a bit cleverer. It's also his name but here you go: I was curious too, but mystery solved.
  19. Yeah agree with you (nothing really from the bf side because he hasn't think about it LOL). I just can't imagine KGE bringing her bf to see her friends...their age difference, plus his short with words make it so not interesting. And people probably feel like he's more ajusshi and hard to talk with. However, if you bring GY, it'll be loads of fun!
  20. Skawngur is his name in hangul (Nam Joo Hyuk) typed out on the korean keyboard....
  21. Just got to watch episode 2. Whoa. So well done. Good writing. In very little time the writer managed to humanize both of the leads--two quick scenes--Jin Hyuk's visit to his son in the hospital, and Kwon Joo's hospital visit to that teenage victim she rescued. There's no question these are the good guys. Only two episodes in and I already care about both of them. And I wonder if rapid response call centers like this really exist anywhere.
  22. me too but my priority will be Hwarang!! unfortunatly that's the sad life of almost every King/Emperor in hystory!! *sigh* doesn't really matter who's older apparently, the royality sacred blood need to be married among each other to keep their legacy!! cr: hwarangofficial one more bromance to root for!! he thought Sun Woo will feel hurt that he chose him because he feels he won't need to serve him like the other highly ranked officials son's but he got the opposite reaction!! you still don't know our Sun Woo, hyung!! I laughed out loud when Sun Woo called him out on talking politely but being a jerk in disguise and was yelling that it's not a compliment when Han Sung's hyung told him he'll take it as a compliment!! that was AWESOME!! he even told him that he's thinking orf suitching and to practice that maybe in 10 years he'll hitt the target!! love these two already together!! cr: hwarangofficial this kid is so cute!! and he thinks Sun Woo is the coolest Hwarang?!! awwwwww I'm always happy when they talk good things about my Sun Woo!!
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