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  2. @questionl33 Are you really just replying to my post or you mix it with another poster post? Because I never said anything about marketing. I just said that I prefer bromance route because my bad experience watching pure BL drama/movie. What I seek from yaoi/BL is a complex and emotional storyline that different from usual romance. I don't really care with sexual scene because in my opinion love should be able to be felt even with only minimum body contact. If we need a bigger scene to show the love, then that means the actors/actress have failed in their role. I can understand if you want to watch BL in its purity and not its diluted form. That is individual preference. However, I prefer to watch the emotion not only the bodily expression. And if using bromance route can give me this, then I will go with bromance instead of pure BL. This is a good novel and I would rather they do not butcher the story by using BL route that I am afraid would not be able to give us emotional satisfaction. Again, I never have seen a good BL drama/movie. All of them felt so bland and bad. Believe me, watching bad BL adaptation can even decrease your enjoyment of the original source I am agree with @dzareth that yaoi/BL does not represent LGBT. I know people out there who are lover of yaoi/BL but do not support LGBT.
  3. Haha...Taecyeon's look slowly change.... With young fans.... With Chansung.... Sidetrack...Wooyoung also enlisted in early July. So 3 out of 6 2PM members are in army now.
  4. oh I didn't hear that part too, PD did say sth. you make me wanna read novel now, hehe
  5. ...shoot...!..one more time ..!...in another drama...!
  6. Joseph Lim

    IU (아이유)

  7. After watching raw for the first two episodes when it premiered decided to watch the rest. I'm not really much for historical facts. I'm not Korean so I mum about that. But I love the cinematography, acting and the actors and YYS. ( sorry I'm not family with the others). @rubie thanks for updates.
  8. xtlover15

    {yg} Official Seungri Thread! (승리) Seungri

    SEUNGRI - ‘WHERE R U FROM (feat.MINO)' 0722 SBS Inkigayo SEUNGRI - ‘셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)’ 0722 SBS Inkigayo
  9. ...last night ...wonderful night...!so...present's LEE...!
  10. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Episode 14 by LollyPip The interoffice rumor mill can be a vicious thing, turning something sweet and beautiful into ugly, hurtful gossip. Thankfully, Mi-so has some viciously loyal supporters and only a few days left before she’s leaving for good. She starts to put some serious thought into what she wants to do with her life from now on, and the answer will be surprising to everyone – especially herself. More....
  11. The original instagram....she said "Good Night" with "blowing kiss" emoji...mmmm. And Hae in's instagram....the moon is a crescent moon. Look at the last one in Definition. https://emojidictionary.emojifoundation.com/crescent_moon Another one....new moon (beginning)? https://emojis.wiki/crescent-moon/ Haha....just for fun.
  12. Thankyou @122am and @bebebisous33 for your answers. Oh my, I can't stand the sexual tension between them. They haven't even touched each other yet.....oh, I might faint if they hug, kiss, or start making out. This might be cruel but I'd like to see ae shin got hurt, eugene starts going crazy and beats the richard simmons out of everyone who dared to touch even a strand of her hair.
  13. Jesus Love Blessing Lee July 19 at 20:39 from vivo smartphone  Li Baoying I complained about Lee you're not out of the hole is not out of the hole Why show loving dog abuse careful I really report you....july 19 2018....the past..!
  14. xtlover15

    Yg Family Official Thread

    SEUNGRI - ‘WHERE R U FROM (feat.MINO)' 0722 SBS Inkigayo SEUNGRI - ‘셋 셀테니 (1, 2, 3!)’ 0722 SBS Inkigayo
  15. ...the story development is reminding me of Tunnel and Voice... ...change the past and the tragedy in future will be prevented... ... If the OCN producers have officially declared that this is an adaptation of the original screenplay, does that mean the producers cannot re-write the ending of Life on Mars?
  16. xtlover15


    180721 WINNER
  17. Cr.sachieeh fanart Cr.ptrlineartables fanart Cr.ssong.0914
  18. snow_angel

    Last Japanese movie you watched?

    Narratage 6/10
  19. xtlover15

    Yg Family Official Thread

    180721 WINNER
  20. snow_angel

    What Japanese drama are you currently watching?

    Yes, I like Gakeppuchi Hotel. Episode 6 is already subbed.
  21. Stjerne_ 15 hours ago Speaking of food associations, every time you see this set, you will think of pineapple miso, refreshing sweet and delicious ☺️ cr tuierB sauce
  22. Happy weekend ! The drama has gone 2/3 of the way. Fuyao and Wuji have accompanied together from Xuanyuan sect, Taiyuan kingdom to Tianquan kingdom, Yaocheng and now Tiansha. Maybe we will remember Fuyao & Wuji's Taiyuan outfit so I share some FMV that I like. Have fun watching everyone. Tomorrow will be new episode ^^
  23. "It's been a long time." "I'm happy to visit." "I'll work hard." "Wait for me." "If there's an opportunity." "In the future." "Look forward to my next project." Korean celeb award/event/interview speech 101 lol.
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