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  2. Snow Guardian

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    That's why NQ always calls her idiot. I think I quite rude with this word, sorry
  3. kdramaislove0531

    Seo In Guk and Jung So Min | Stars Couple/ MooKang Couple

    Why like that TvN!? I hope it will not take us 10years to wait for an award for the two. I would love them to have Best Kiss, Best couple, Best actor awards.
  4. Now when you said it, i just realized how she's always well prepared.. in MITH she's much revealed her personality which is always on the lead or you can say she is a bit bossy thumbs up for JHI if he really can get her coz it musn't be easy
  5. Lol ! The Chinese fans are calling her han segye instead of hyun jin. And she acknowledged them too
  6. I like your speculation.... It is a dangerous place to be in the palace when you're with an heir (or pregnant even). So yes, it is very likely the corpse was of the first empress. But why is the necklace there though. Unless, the one given to Sunny was fake. Otherwise, this is probably a new corpse, not 7 years old corpse.
  7. she look from up her mighty chair and she is quick to judge another..... thought from her judgement on NingQue will make her realize that there are more to the book than just judging by its cover
  8. Snow Guardian

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    I see quite a lot of chinese's viewers shipping NQ-SS. I also heard the novel is quite popular in china and a lot of them read the novel too. So, I guess the shippers are strong over there. Its just that I am upset with the drama changes, thats all. I better calm my heart and mind today so I can watch today series properly.
  9. lynne22

    virtual angel

    ahahahaha.. I've been busy today with work and suddenly god smad [sad x mad ] because of a certain show.... @sushilicious Ahahaha I love DBS... He's hilarious! Hmm Cdramas.. I'm not sure what to recommend my taste mostly run to custome or fantasy drama hehehee.... Maybe Medical Examiner Dr Qin? I heard it had investigation too Anyway.. @Lmangla I don't know about In laws... I'll just share about crazy friends OK? For @dotonly... Here's some crazy friends in Kdramas that I like... Hope they cheers you up in this coming Christmas. Yoo Shi Jin and Seo Dae Yong..... Because when there's trouble in a bar... its Escapeeeeeeeeee but if its girl trouble... they stick together like a glue... And Now.... the Swag Girls They bond in in happy times ... and also in sad times.. Love them! As a bonus... Sister-best friends that joins to crash on their brother's wedding because they don't like the bride
  10. BLACKPINK - ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)
  11. Snow Guardian

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Ever Night 将夜

    Huahua... I like your bowing pic
  12. This drama is nice. Can't stand Yan Xia''s friend and Mu Ling Shan - both crazy & stupid women. This drama makes you want to punch Xu MoChen.
  13. ooh, congrats to . @booha @stella77 @Matilda_Anne @alekaonu @nakatsubebe @at2005 @ChewyChocolate for correctly guessing that sunny put yura in jail.. however, none of us would have predicted rocky bear's back stab. my, was it good! he really has super fangs!!! aside, we know the emperor is evil and all but dang, he looks so good with that bomber jacket and motorbike! (must not get swayed! ) hahahahha... back to our story -- @wannammj ~ even I have my doubts whether ari is actually the emperor's child as the nanny really comes across as diabolical. for all we know, she may not even the mother and just popped up with a random baby and claimed it as hers... seriously! he seems one step closer to madness but in one way, can you blame him? he can't even trust his own mother and is not free to make any decisions... and everyone in the palace from the nanny to his sister to everyone who works for him are all wrangling for power... no wonder, he is obsessed with yura who seems to be someone not only on his level, trustworthy and getting things done for him. @lumibear @at2005 ~ it seems to be easier for sunny to blame yura than to accept that the emperor was never hers and was just putting on an act. had to laugh when she said "I know him. I have been his fangirl for years!" ... if anything, this drama should teach fangirls to be wary that their idol might have feet of clay. hahahaha... but I had to shake my head like rocky bear when she insisted on checking for herself. what exactly did she want to check? she already knows they are having an affair and the emperor favours yura. what exactly was she hoping to do by going to the condo? catch them in the act and then what? rocky bear almost seemed to be warning her not to go but not that she listened. but must say it was a master stroke on his part. so he has to prove his loyalty by getting rid of her but at the same time remain in the palace. so he figuratively kills her by smirching her reputation and suggesting sexual harassment which is super hard to prove or disprove. @Kimchi Sweet Potato ~ am also looking forward to the romance between wang sik and sunny. given this roadblock, how will their romance play out? it will certainly be unexpected... and can we expect a romance between hello and lee yoon as well? @booha ~ any idea why we have two different english titles for this drama "last empress" "empress dignity"? -- am wondering if these titles are clues to how the story will play out...
  14. Important announcement: you have no idea how much I'm loving this drama! So it brought us back to same 2 suspects: Woo-kyung who might be suffering from some type of mental illness and is really behind everything or Eun-ho who was able to fool us and the characters (except for detective). After the episode I found myself wondering: did we really just brushed him off bc Ha-na didn't say anything during line-up and it was early to reveal the villain? I mean she could've just stayed silent because he was her kinda savior after all. And he's also a person that somehow linked to the cases. In addition now it's 100% confirmed he experienced some sort of abuse in the past, which was so extreme it was repressed so there's the motive.
  15. Team Baek vs Team Kang? Seldom see Kang defender here? I guess were too dominating and scared them away hahaha. Welcome @nana.yahxd nice to have you here. So happy the forum more alive now and have many new members. @clockworkorange1 i hope you dont give up. I think it should be improve by next episode. Overall i have positive sentiment that things will get better. The confession was much earlier now, so we have more episodes for BJS RD love to bloom. It was slow burn romance but steady and going strong i hope. Normally i got bored with romance drama often, but this really pique my interest and not mainstream. Yeah i hoped RD will redeem herself asap, and hope writer still put more humour even with the many issues we have now.
  16. She arrived Okay it was really cold without the music. You can hear the wind
  17. happyfanlgx

    Lin Geng Xin (LGX) 林更新 Official Thread

    No comments....I'm just admiring his perfect face
  18. I have to say that I wasn't into the first couple of episodes. I stayed with it because she's one of my favorite young actresses--the girl is just so good. I also love the male led. However, as I continued to watch, the drama has gotten better and better. I have to say that I have laughed out loud a number of times while watching eps 5 & 6. The CEO's childhood was a rough one, a mother who left him in the care of a berating grandfather. I'm truly looking forward to ep 7....the preview left me craving for more.
  19. Hello to friends on this thread. Finally an engaging drama to look forward to each week! I started because of KSA and she never fails to deliver.
  20. OMG !!!!! I bow to you @epinklyn for sharing these pictures..... I totally believe NQ and SS are reuniting. I can't wait to see the next epsiodes. No one has discussed the Princess @lynne22 My beeating heart just can't take it anymore. That scene was just so adorable. Can't wait to see this scene............... check out my beating heart in spoile tag
  21. Whether in dream or in reality, you're always the people I want to see
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