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    • Celene

      · 0 replies
    • Amy Phan

      1. The car wash making must be one of the cutest  ever! I mean, both of Hye Kyo and Joong Ki were playful beyond imagination. 

      Once Kyo gave JK her sweater after water-splashing him all over, she was supposed to pull the sweater tight enough to keep him warm, but instead, she intentionally tugged and pulled the sweater up his neck way more than scripted and busted out laughing like she just scored something big. Oh man that wicked sense of humor, she just wanted to mess with him!  
      The following take, after HK kept him warm with her sweater, JK then added in the adlib by snuggling up to HK's shoulders, Kyo then "violently"  pushed him away with both hands and yelled "What's wrong with you?" LOL. It then took her about 2 takes to finally understand JK's adlib and intention, that was when she snuggled him back, patted his back and said "There there". JK was so cheeky as usual, God lol.  

      2. So JK and HK was filming the scene when they both must act surprised seeing the Muslim Official coming to pick them up to meet with the President. They were supposed to set a straight serious face first then turned their heads and acted surprised, but every time they tried to pull off  serious faces, they would look at each other and started laughing! {What was so amusing? LMAO}, took them a couple of takes to finally get that simple scene right and at the end, Kyo had the cutest smile ever, like seriously cute enough to melt everyone!!!! 

      · 1 reply
    • thepixies

      Borrowing from @khxy's post:
      Q: When celebrities break up, the official statement will always include "maintaining a relationship as good senior and junior", in actual truth both parties will be strangers right?
      I don't know how big your heart must be to have a relationship as a senior and junior when the relationship ends. After the break up, shouldn't both parties not meet until they die? I think this is a courtesy towards your current partner/lover too. 
      ^ Dang, is this a HUGE hint to the shippers of her former relationships? Lol
      · 4 replies
    • thm55

      thank you our dearest ace 친구 for giving me ideas and help me out to translate some parts  as promised guys, sorry it's a bit late..
      FIRST VISIT TO MY's PLACE (sorry about the red circles.. this is the only pic i can find on google)

      so they were rehearsing for this scene and while rehearsing, HK stayed in this position so JK teased her again


      from the bts shown after dots ended we know that JK nagged HK cos she seems to dislike it when he blocked her view from the doves (the doves were running LOL). After that they continue filming
      tidbits from commentary: they discussed about JK's manager popularity abroad and HK seems to know about it too LOL. our favourite scene on the truck was filmed in 30min because the sun was setting. Both didn't know that the drone filmed them from far so they continue to do their best for that scene (ehem.. )  Last, HK said there were some embarrassing moments for her while filming the confession scene because the when she saw in monitor, the pd slow-mo the video and so she can see her expression clearly. JK asked her why she felt embarrassed and he told her the scene was fun because of it. 
      sorry a short update.. i'll add more tomorrow
      · 4 replies
    • angieknows

      Simul-post with @utkim!
      Ace Chingu worked hard translating parts of Kyo's interview with W Korea. @thm55 also helped! As best they could, they stayed true to the original intent/meaning of Kyo's interview answers. LOL. A word-for-word translation would actually end up resembling a Google Translate message . LOL. So, we hope this will clarify the meaning and the tone of Kyo's statements.
      W About Love and Marriage
      <W Korea> Do you believe in the saying, “Friendship can not exist between a man and a woman”?
      <SHK> I agree with that. I do not have a male friend. Although I am close to Ah In-ssi who is in the same agency and JK-ssi who starred in the drama together (with me), but for them, I am probably a good noona who treats them to nice meals, isn't it so? 
      <W Korea> Do you believe that getting married and having your own family is the most valuable thing in your life?
      <SHK> Most people around me have gotten married and have children. It has come to my mind that I should (get married), too. Simply, when I was young, I regarded it as something easy, but as time goes on, (I realize) its not easy. My chances of meeting people ared limited, but my view regarding the right person has become more specific. And listening to the experiences of married couple, I let my dreamlike view (of marriage) gradually disappear. 
      <WKOREA> Are you optimistic towards love?
      <SHK> In terms of doing my best, I am optimistic. While dating, I go all in for that relationship and I never look back once its over. Since I tried my best for the relationship, I never have regrets or leave any lingering feelings. However, if the relationship doesn't work, then I can accept that it's beyond my ability. 
      <WKOREA> When the entertainers date but break up, the news articles always report they will remain good friends. Don’t they become estranged? 
      <SHK> I can’t imagine how much people have to be cool in order to be friends again with their exes. After breaking up, they should not meet until they die. It is the courtesy to their future lovers. I told my friends, “No matter how much you love your boyfriends, once you separate from them, Mr. Kim who lives next door is better because he can come and help you to hammer [a nail].”
      Regarding the bit about marriage ... Essentially, what Kyo is saying is that she's graduated from thinking that marriage is easy and fairytale-like to one that is grounded in reality. She doesn't see marriage as fantasy-like, but basically, she's learned from her married friends the realities of marriage---the good, the bad, the effort to make it work, etc. So, in my opinion, she's not saying she's closing her doors on marriage ever, but rather, when the time comes, she's armed with more realistic expectations.
      Also about her response to the question about friendship between a man and woman, @joongkyo2 explained it well on her wall. And more to the point, it's about the tone ... Kyo was kidding with that last part. 
      · 6 replies