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    • Sunset90

      I am BACK after a long time, to watch BLACK... 
      Couldn't resist the words grim reaper after watching Goblin ofcourse. 
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    • sejabin

      I just know.. this is my personality LOL 
      Commanders are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, Commanders are also characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world – but we have Commanders to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.
      Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement
      If there’s anything Commanders love, it’s a good challenge, big or small, and they firmly believe that given enough time and resources, they can achieve any goal. This quality makes people with the Commander personality type brilliant entrepreneurs, and their ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision makes them powerful business leaders. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Commanders push their goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and their Extraverted (E) nature means they are likely to push everyone else right along with them, achieving spectacular results in the process.
      At the negotiating table, be it in a corporate environment or buying a car, Commanders are dominant, relentless, and unforgiving. This isn’t because they are coldhearted or vicious per se – it’s more that Commander personalities genuinely enjoy the challenge, the battle of wits, the repartee that comes from this environment, and if the other side can’t keep up, that’s no reason for Commanders to fold on their own core tenet of ultimate victory.
      The underlying thought running through the Commander mind might be something like "I don’t care if you call me an insensitive b*****d, as long as I remain an efficient b*****d". If there’s anyone Commanders respect, it’s someone who is able to stand up to them intellectually, who is able to act with a precision and quality equal to their own. Commander personalities have a particular skill in recognizing the talents of others, and this helps in both their team-building efforts (since no one, no matter how brilliant, can do everything alone), and to keep Commanders from displaying too much arrogance and condescension. However, they also have a particular skill in calling out others’ failures with a chilling degree of insensitivity, and this is where Commanders really start to run into trouble.
      Cultivating the Science of Human Relationships
      Emotional expression isn’t the strong suit of any Analyst type, but Commanders’ distance from their emotions is especially public, and felt directly by a much broader swath of people. Especially in a professional environment, Commanders will simply crush the sensitivities of those they view as inefficient, incompetent or lazy. To people with the Commander personality type, emotional displays are displays of weakness, and it’s easy to make enemies with this approach – Commanders will do well to remember that they absolutely depend on having a functioning team, not just to achieve their goals, but for their validation and feedback as well, something Commanders are, curiously, very sensitive to.
      Commanders are true powerhouses, and they cultivate an image of being larger than life – and often enough they are. They need to remember though, that their stature comes not just from their own actions, but from the actions of the team that props them up, and that it’s important to recognize the contributions, talents and needs, especially from an emotional perspective, of their support network. Even if they have to adopt a "fake it ‘til you make it" mentality, if Commanders are able to combine an emotionally healthy focus alongside their many strengths, they will be rewarded with deep, satisfying relationships and all the challenging victories they can handle.
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    • sejabin

      Just love to listening to this song now ^_*
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    • sejabin

      Friday, November 24th 2017, 11.40 AM
      Another drama today..   supervision-division-head (mba D), finance-division-head (Miss M), secretary of government procurement (sejabin), SPM-official (miss Alief), Pembuat komitmen-official (Indri), gathered in meta's room, it was a very important meeting. LOL 
      topic: mba de cried at 08.00 AM  after an heated-debate with the head of a department (uncle T)
      if a capricorn lady cry, finally, that would means, that person, who had made her cry is the most crazy person in this planet  capricorn lady is a very logic lady, soft in heart, and will never threat people bad. even if their words can be very sharp.
      Indri (another capri in our gang): He is angry because I rejected his revision-proposal. That's the reason why he attacked mba D this morning.
      Meta: what's the relation of revision-proposal and he rejected mba de's official travel letters?
      Indri: because we are in the same gang? supervision-division and finance-division can't be separated? LOL
      sejabin: No. because he forgets to brings his brain together with his head to office. he leaves it on his pillow. his brain.
      Alief: That's sagittarius's words. LOL 
      mba D: you know sejabin.. I was just can't hold it anymore and was burst into tears in front of him and explain .... and left him.. 
      sejabin: we don't need him. He needs us instead. desperately.  Sir A can sign your official travel letters too. any department head can sign it. 
      mba D: the secretary will sign it. 
      sejabin: of course.
      mba D: why did he chooses to fight me instead to do something with our crazy treasurer? 
      miss M: of course he will not. she is his ex-treasurer.
      Sejabin: there's a red thread that tangled them. LOL a very strong thread. LOL I screamed to her last monday. I'm sorry miss M. (treasurer is her staff)  
      mba D: yes M. you know how if sejabin angry.. Indri was very shock hahahahah
      sejabin: I was just can't hold it. she was almost displaced 30 teachers in small villages. when she appeared at office this monday, I went to her, opened her door without entered her room, was said in a very loud tone in front of her door, was pointed her with my finger, "YOU GIVE ME THAT 70 millions TODAY!" then I slammed her door. 
      miss M:  ohh seja.. 
      sejabin: tbh, she was the person that I love the most in this office, she was very close to me. but this time she crossed her border. I remember I fought you to deffended her once. used to be. but NO. NO.. I won't do that anymore. very wasted. she is just not exist in my world now. we won't pointed her as treasurer next year. No. No.. btw, before I go, girls, next year I still want to be in Anto's team in public procurement yaa. please don't separate us. 
      mba D: so are you comfort to work together with Anto? haha
      sejabin: oh. yes. he is the best. my boss is the best, smart, and dependable. hahahahahaha he said will pampered me in public procurement team LOL wkkwkwwk..  
      mba D: hahahahaha.. 
      sejabin: OK now mb D can laugh again.. important meeting end now guys. LOL 
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    • sejabin

      Thursday, November 23rd 2017, 12.41 PM
      when almost 70% of our employees are in official travel to some villages. it's for Indonesian president's program in family planning for people in small villages and something like that (I love my president. Mr. Jokowi is the best)
      THE MOST IMPORTANT things are .. WE ARE HUNGRY AND TODAY IS THE DEADLINE OF OUR TUP AND HOW TO HANDLE about 4 billions IDR  before DECEMBER 8th 2017 -this is president's program for small villages in this province - (we do wish that we have 14 months in a year LOL) 
      and no drivers.. no security guards.. no office boys.. where are they?  when we need them? right now? to buy something to eat?  
      our sexy driver just came back from thailand yesterday hahahhaa okey she is not our official driver she is our gang's driver LOL  (dinni) and suddenly they were just took her in to the car and brought her to some place that is very far far away (she was still wearing her long earrings when they were just brought her LOL) 
      sometimes I think our conversation sounds too dramatic like a dream or a drama..
      Indri: I need your responsibility letters for 10 millions IDR if not gave that money back. in cash.
      sejabin: I will give 10 millions IDR back to u. in cash.
      or something like..
      head department: *screaming mode on from her room.. sejabini how much do you need for next week?!
      sejabin: *screaming back to her boss.. I need 35 millions!
      or when I was talking in a very loud tone to our treasurer because of her unprofessional behaviours
      sejabin: *from the door.. talk to her in hard tone.. "GIVE ME 70 millions RIGHT NOW!!"  *in heart (or I will eat you alive!) 
      and then somehow when you are very hungry and think about the deadline suddenly your government procurement chairman in 2017 came to you and asked about his payment HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL 
      anto: sejabin.. 
      sejabin: I know.. your money is safe LOL 
      anto: thank you.. 
      and somehow his playboy staff was just following him to your room and disturbing you like..
      bram: sejabin.. don't you miss me? 
      sejabin: No thanks .. 
      *looking to anto.. "please help me to erase this invisible asset in front of me. thanks.." 
      ckckckckckck LOL I mean I am hungry and the last thing I need to see is bram LOL  
      · 2 replies