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  2. @Ameera Ali I like died a little inside because he was so into her liking the mint ice cream.
  3. I have already written an essay, there is nothing complicated here.
  4. @celebrianna Chingu, which anime and manga are you watching and reading currently?
  5. dang i set a new record for myself! a whole series in under 6 hours! -2
  6. @Sleepy Owl Chingu, I watching the same games as you. 480
  7. +2 @joccu Chingu, which match are you watching right now? I am currently watching Bayern vs Atletico and Liverpool vs Ajax
  8. Hello there! Long time lurker first time poster. Wanted to join in on the witty BinJin convos in here. Hope I can make friends with like-minded people here.
  9. We finally get subs today and boy was I happy to finally know exactly what Eun Soo said when she told off KHR: KHR: How dare you? What are you all doing? KHR: You will dare to operate on my grand daughter without my permission? KHR: Aren’t you all too fearless? KHR: What if something happens to my grand daughter? Can you all accept responsibility for that? KHR: Ji Eun Soo, let me say this clearly. Things will not turn out the way you want. I will never let my grand daughter have surgery here! Eun Soo: Do you think you have the right to say that? (Gives her the DN
  10. @partyon We can call him “grandoppa” (Ok, I’ll see myself out) I dunno, I still feel kinda sorry for this guy even though he is a horrible father. Must be the actor. He usually grabs my attention in dramas. I’m almost caught up (still pending half of ep 6) and honestly I got back and forth with the drama overall. I guess the feeling that summarizes everything is “frustration”. I find Hae Jee sooooooo irritating! And I mean SO MUCH that I find myself rolling my eyes for most of my watch (because she is in so many scenes) Im still giving the side eye
  11. @partyon Every dude I know in k-dramas is now your oppa. @Ameera Ali Poor Lee Yeon... needs someone to take care of him instead. Oh look! He got Ji Ah now.
  12. Red Velvet’s Seulgi shared some insights into her life, career, and more in an interview with Esquire Korea! The interviewer complimented Seulgi on the photos on her Instagram and asked who takes most of her photos. Seulgi answered that they’re often taken by friends or by her younger cousin. “We’re really interested in photography so […] The post Red Velvet’s Seulgi Talks About Her Hobbies And Plans, Describes Why Beyoncé Is Her Role Model, And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. I don't know. Not sure I believe you guys... He looks pretty lifeless in the pictures you posted. Fits mummy description PERFECTLY! Also, @Jillia did you just refer to LDW as "your oppa"? I can assure you he is not my oppa. My oppas have abs! My oppa has abs even as a zombie!
  14. This drama is being subbed at Viki and YoYo English Youtube Channel. Looks cute! Another campus romance, this time at Art School. He's studying sculpture, she's studying painting.
  15. I am back!! Will watch the finale later on. but so glad the suitcase is stuck in the closer forever @Jillia @annamchoi @Sky8lue And everyone else (my tagging is acting up)..I shall be back with my thoughts
  16. @Lmangla, oh, thanks for sharing. I didn’t know there was an anime/manga thread on here. I just normally chat on manga channels on Discord and Myanimelist website. I have all the Ms Marple and Hercule Poirot books on my kindle so I have mostly read all of them. I kind of hated “And Then There Were None” so I will probably never re-read it. Ms. Oliver is such a bombastic companion to Hercule Poirot so I always find them amusing. I like Ms. Marple because she’s an old lady who nobody would suspect is dangerous in figuring them out. Also, I like her constant observation of human natu
  17. @Ameera Ali is right, @partyon! Definitely not a mummy. Source: DCGall, credit as labeled
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