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  2. 죄송함니다. Late to the party. I always seem to take a few weeks off from the time slot after a drama ends as it takes a week or two for me to say goodbye to the previous drama. Have caught up now and back in the groove for this one. I really like this one so far. It seems different some how. There is more to it and seems deeper than just the typical rich boy chases poor girl story line you usually see in romcoms. I seem to be falling in love with Sun Ja. She really fits the bill of the mother who constantly worries about their kids even after they are grown. She puts up this hard exterior but really is tender hearted and loves her children very much including Mi Ri who she took in after In Sook abandoned her. It seems we are wrapping up the setting up the story lines phase. Looking forward to this weekend's subs.
  3. DMZ The Wild - Premieres 27th Apr. on OhK TV Asia. https://www.facebook.com/749066131803365/posts/2189512611092036/
  4. I love how he just wants to help her no strings attached he does not get anything out of it. Its nice to see leads not at each other throat early. Its been one sided so far but I am sure thats going to change soon when she starts helping him.
  5. @larus OMG. I'm excited just reading your recap. TJ and MR! ❤️️ so MS doesn't know what MR biological mother looks like or that she's the boss. I feel Chairman knows. IS doesn;' know MR is her daughter right? And wow TJ confession. This is what's goodwith the character. No coyness. Just mature one without being pushy. Yes TJ protect her! I want to him fight for her. Be on her side. Again't the his father or IS. They really have good chemistry. Hong Jung Hyun and Kim So Yeon thanks to well written mature characters.
  6. Seo is so uncool, I love him. hahahah. love how the character is drawn -- yea, he is a goofball but we have to hand it to him, he has an uncanny ability to find info in haystacks. so he does have some talent. hahahah.... kekek... did you notice that chairman kang also wears a brown coat and hat? am not sure what is with this show and raincoat type PPL?! is it in fashion? this old fashioned coat? and as for the bag, feel like I remember reading some news long ago about a finance/economics minister in some country who had been using the same bag for years and people thought he was so coolly frugal to not indulge in a name brand. was it korea? wish I could remember but noh's bag reminds me of that kind of frugality -- if it aint broke, then why buy something new? plus it adds to the dad jokes kind of air no? hahahaha... maybe the kiddos in his team will gift him something new.
  7. It is good to see him in more works but it is exhausting for him. So I hope he will go easy, because I heard that he studies the script so hard, he just keeps carrying it everywhere, he annotates certain passages using a highlighter so I guess he tries to completely absorb the role so he can give his best. This is a hard task
  8. They really looks like a royal couple. Hope they can act in a palace drama or of some sort.
  9. Awww, I had no idea that Kyo had an event earlier for Vedi Vero. I thought after she attended HFA last week, we'd see her again in public on April 26th in Thailand for Sulwhasoo. Anyway, she's so gorgeous as always! Thanks for the update!
  10. Sigh ... I really hope it’s not because @amazingyooinna’s account is shut down because it was reported...
  11. @gm4queen that’s from his movie Runway Cop with Sung Yuri... so hilarious... love it @nohamahamoud2002 I think he is doing well... he’ll bounce back like he always does... I don’t mnd seeing him in more projects... more work, more exposure... more chances to get his name out there
  12. I dont think its turn private.. bcoz no sign of acc private at all.. just "no post".. I'm so sad.. i always go to this account everyday to check up yin's status.. huhu..
  13. True that, especially after that weasel told her she has no allies and her calling out No for being too proud, she officially is now on power seeking modus. And yes, you can't blame her at all, one mistake and she is out and even worse also gets into jail like Yook and Do. But still, going now after No in the newer episodes made me cancel her *flips hair* No is still way too naive for his own good in that kind of environment, but slowly gets his wake up call. I don't expect him to turn into this swag oozing bamf one, but that he eventually is more aware of everything without losing his kindness. But please switch your coat and bag But the way he arrived, he will leave. I can't wait to see D1 imploding, killing the plans of several scumbags and he leaves with brown coat and old bag. Give me the next round of the catfight Seo is so uncool, I love him.
  14. How Hyun Jin never questioned why the killer never harm her and saved her on ep2?
  15. 190420 YANGYANG Weibo Update “there’s a donkey that randomly entered in the back ~~” Translated by weishenvpic
  16. At this point I am not picky about who he is partnered with, I just want him on screen. If "Along with the Gods" series has a different story from the movies, he would make a good lead in it, all serious and in black . Speaking of partners, I would still like to see him in a drama with Park Min Young, the chemistry between them on screen is too good to be ignored.
  17. I guess NJ was attracted to SH's kind nature unlike all the people around him. He wanted to have a different life but the evil side in him is stronger esp. feelings of revenge
  18. Off topic..anyone knows what happened to @amazingyooinna IG? Seemed to be restricted
  19. Finally caught up all 14 episodes and OMG.. I am literally bawling my eyes out in every episode!!!! Used up 1 tissue box thanks to all the crying. It's so painful on how helpless everyone feel and I can understand why Detective Kang had ran away. That helplessness. That desperation. Episode 14 is just too painful to watch. The so called game is really killing me here and when Detective Kang begged? I think I was sobbing badly and also begging with him. Why isn't there anyone talking about this?????? I'm really disappointed that it is so good and nobody notice this gem!!! I really hope that it will give us a satisfying ending. I really hate the feeling of our leads feeling helpless till the end!
  20. Anyone knows what happened to amazingyooinna IG account? It cant be accessed anymore?
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