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  2. Puff has been promoting the drama with other co-stars since Jiro is filming multiple projects in China. Here's some Pictures from her Taekwondo Press Conference: https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2020/09/pictures-puff-kuo-starts-promotional.html
  3. 21.09.2020 LEESOOHYUK X THE KNIT COMPANY - NEW PRODUCT PHOTOS FW20- (DOUBLE HANDMADE COAT) (ROBE HANDMADE COAT) (TAILORED SINGLE COAT) (EXTRA THE HEAT GOOSEDOWN) ##이수혁 #leesoohyuk #leehyuksoo #lxxsxxhkk #teamxxx #李苏荷 #李洙赫 #李赫洙 #YG #YGX #koreanactor #koreanmodel #leesoohyuk_official #soohyuk #soohyuklee #이혁수 #李秀赫 #李赫秀 #korea #model #theknitcompany #theknitcommunity
  4. True! No woman would do that in respect to the other person. You nailed it @Woobin Go
  5. More footage from Get Smart Dad http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/173495386.html?weibo_id=4551572770003631 https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4551572407910403/4551572770003631
  6. I think the PR person is to be blamed. Like he is a rising star and is soo popular and you go and sabotage him by asking him to deliberately not talk to yby. Its like who had this bright idea. We should make cheng yi appear like a jerk to all his new swooning fans. We love cheng yi because we associate him as sifeng who loved xuanji. And now someone made him look like he's a heartless jerk! What a great way to make him August or September boyfriend. OH and this was a LAR event!! Its not an event for a new show???? Im so mad. I can understand the anger on weibo. Im just directing my anger to whoever it is who told him that he has to distance himself from yby. Because that's the most illogical thing imo to do esp when the drama is so popular and esp when u r so popular because you r playing the part of the perfect boyfriend or husband or man of every girls dreams. And yea this image is shattered literally overnight.
  7. 420 (Recalculated) @Berou Hiii . How have you been?
  8. Good morning/ afternoon/evening everyone ! How are you ? I stayed away from Soompi for a few days due to RL. Is it malaysian/indonesian ? My home country doesn't sell teh tarik. I would need to go to asian market in order to find it. The idea of tea mixed with milk is - 2
  9. Start my week with Jiwon's content flood Now I'm ready for this hectic week! She doesn't need red carpet nor fab dress for doing that Hahahaha... how she utilize her staff to entertain her fans is lit! I love the manager who always keep his straight face and always ready to protect her every time
  10. Back to the old routine :ok:

  11. i'm waiting for Beauty Water... maybe i should go search the site where i watched Alive (2020) this monday is more blue and lonely with nothing from sat/sun and even emptier tomorrow and wed with nothing from mon/tue as well 364
  12. Lee Min-ho over flowers, flawless beauty...Perfectly Handsome Actor Lee Min-ho has released more beautiful pictures than flowers. On Monday, Lee posted several photos on his Instagram account. In the photo, Lee Min-ho is seen playing with flowers while filming. Lee Min-ho, who showed off his perfect profile by putting a flower on his cheek in the first picture, showed off his playfulness by taking the flower to his head in the next picture. Wearing a blue shirt, he showed off his flawless appearance with fair skin. His smile with a flower on his head excited fans. Meanwhile, Lee starred in the drama 'The King: Eternal Monarch,' which ended in June. https://www.tvreport.co.kr/2049085
  13. I didn't watch Peninsula yet, but thank you for the brief review . Talking about Kingdom, is there any news about its 3rd Season?. I even liked Hyun Bin's Rampant, was very similar to Kingdom, but was good +2
  14. Noona, now that is something you call controversies. Much better than someone's smoking pic shared on insta. . But didn't know he was part of the Burning Sun scandal. Talking about that scandal, they even gave a direct reference of it by showing a scandal similar to in the Fiery Priest I guess, even the club's name had "Sun" in it. As for Korean Odyssey, I'd just say, it was a really disappointing. All star cast and BOOM, ruined everything. I was skeptical about Hotel Del Luna since it was written by same writers of Korean Odyssey, but was not that disappointed, it was a fine drama, better than what I had expected, but not that good. +2
  15. it's still the best gif ever! i watched a bit and got bored with it cos there was too much talking... i prefer the ones from Kingdom hahaha! oops. that Jung Yong Hwa right? he's been quite active posting in IG after out from military. jyheffect0622 +2
  16. Yes Please, Binged watched LOTBS multiple times. I feel that is his most underrated work in a lot of terms. BTW LMH updated his IG. His sideburns distract a lot here Lol.
  17. @partyon Noona, so he first looked like this Emperor of the Sea in 2004-05 Then he looked like this in Jumong in 2006-07 Then in 2008 in Kingdom of The Winds I don't think whether it can be seen in images, but since I watched Kingdom of Winds soon after Jumong, I observed the change and thought he looked younger.
  18. cr to dohwa_8914 - Jung Jae Chan Sparkling Jong Suk in Hapsode, cr dohwa_8914
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