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  2. We can rejoice later chingu if already confirm but im positive for this. i know this is her next drama after Encounter we know already Kyo chingu for a long time that she will accept this cross fingers chingu think positive.
  3. Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '짐살라빔 (Zimzalabim)' MV
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  6. LABOUM will be adding a new member to the group for their Japanese promotions. On June 19, Rakuten LIVE announced that they will be holding an audition for the sixth member of the current five-member girl group. On the same day, LABOUM’s agency NH Media announced, “The new member will only be participating in [LABOUM’s] […] The post LABOUM Announces Audition To Recruit New Japanese Member appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  7. I hope Kyo will accept this drama! i am positive she will accept this drama knowing kyo for a long time she will accept this and i hope this drama will prove to people who doesnt believe her acting that they are wrong let us cross our fingers and pray.
  8. Uhhh...it's breaks my heart to see him not recognizing su jin ...she came there to say something but I guess it was too late..it seems like her face disappeared from his memory. But didn't understand the part in the end of episode 8 where ah ram is playing with a man ..who is it? They didn't show the face of the man ..was it our lead or someone else ...seems like the story will either end with hero's death or he completely becoming in a fully forgotten state where he even forgets to how to speak. I am really curious how su jin behave since now everything is out.. is she gonna start taking care of him or just approach him to give lots of pity . IDK how the writer will take the plot from here.. I really don't want more heart breaking scenes . My personal opinion; if she really respects and understand why DO Hoon did all this ,she should move on and live happily with her child like he wanted her to be.
  9. I know. I'm super tired this morning. Couldn't sleep and I blame it on kdramas. I may call into work today since i shouldn't work on documents while in a sleepy state.
  10. To vomit with a man as hot as LDG? I can get that the character is not everyone taste but God, LDG in a bed is the hottest thing ever! Ni Na, Yeon Seo, none of those girls are worth his time... He needs a real woman: only Seol Hee fits the expectations. And now i won't stop imagining his happy life with Seol Hee! What a powerful couple they must have been : romantic, passionate, tender, epic! Hopefully, she will back in flashback scenes this week! Edit: damn, i made myself all worked up about him and Seol Hee! I need a long shipping post about them to calm down!
  11. Oh Jong Hyuk, the 36-year-old actor and former member of Click-B, was found to have helped rescue a driver who was injured in a car accident in the middle of the night. According to police and fire authorities on June 19, a 37-year-old driver (hereby referred to as “A”) was driving from the northern end of Hannam Bridge in Seoul toward the southern […] The post Oh Jong Hyuk Revealed To Have Helped Driver Injured In Car Accident appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Thanks for clarifying @ahdrianaa I totally agree. Nothing has been confirmed so far so we just have to keep still. Maybe the producers are really trying to drum up publicity by attaching Kyo’s name whether she confirms or not.
  13. EP 9-10 now available with English subtitles Allen Ren and Liu xueyi first appearance in Ep 9 (We can't live without each other -The destiny of White Snake team)
  14. @titania1000 You just put a nasty image in my head of KW making love to YS(vomit). I will need to erase this from my mind permanently ..let him go at it with Ni Na in a drunk state...LOL sorry that is a bit harsh but had to.
  15. While this one is lovely. This one, I don't know. I just checked the english subtitle but I couldn't understand a thing. It feels like a translation from an app maybe.
  16. Soompi has job openings! We are looking for talented and dedicated people who are passionate about delivering K-pop, K-drama, and Korean culture content to the masses to join our team. Are you passionate about everything Korea? If you love Korean entertainment and culture and are looking for a place to gain experience, exhibit your writing skills, […] The post Soompi Is Hiring: Assistant Editor appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. I think S4 and S5 can be one related story like how they cut S2 and S3. Western series sometimes also cut one story arc in 2-3 seasons and leave it as cliffhanger. So, whatever the ending is, DKW's character might and might not be included. I dont watch many K-Drama, but from what I googled in curiosity, different from Jang Hyuk and Kim Jae Wook who took many different roles, Lee Jin Wook is a typical lead for romance drama for so long and I'm sure VOICE has given him a brand new image to be attached for next! He also played three times as Detective but still, I think VOICE has challenged him the most as a psychopath too, he's acting out of his previous roles. That's why I hope he would still take the offer for next season unless DKW is dead.
  18. Hi, Please note as per the drama team that “casting is still under discussion and even the timing and broadcasting network has not been finalized”. The buzz today is only about the PD from My Love From Another Star being confirmed as the PD and Hyena will be his comeback project after many years. Like her Korean fans have been saying please wait for confirmation from UAA before believing any rumors. Otherwise we will be helping people who are trying to get media play using her name.
  19. @Liting1 Don't stress Chingu, I don't think Dan will turn evil for just wearing a black shirt. If YS finds out about Dan, she will also find out about his true identity which in my eyes should bring them together more. Let's enjoy today's episode rather than worry about waiting for another week to watch new episodes. We are all in this together and will find ways to make the time pass really quickly.
  20. Chingu, this gif is the best thing ever made! I'm on the floor! I'm going to bookmark this page and come back here each time i'll want to kick Dan out, which is basically every week. If Kang Woo was her lover and he was living under the same roof as her, you can bet that we wouldn't be crying desperately about a steamy kiss! They would already be at "the training hard to make babies" level. A man as passionate as him wouldn't let her dream of happiness and woke up frustrated, he would be in bed with her making her happy!
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