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A dedicated space where we can appreciate all forms of fan service. Ahjummas, non-ahjummas, aspiring ahjummas are most welcome . Just need to have a keen sense of humour & fun

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  2. Sorry @Lawyerh I’m a bad club owner . Have been busy getting distracted
  3. @triplem @Ameera Ali @sushilicious This triplem's club need some moral boost.... nose bleed alert
  4. @Ameera Ali Ah he was one of the prince from Scarlet heart Goryeo. Whatever his workout routine is...I need some advice
  5. @Ameera Ali haha ! Very nice . I think I have a Mini crush on him .
  6. @Sarang21 God bless the water @Sejabin your oppa @triplem
  7. My oppa & ramen & me is love story 1 - Jang Hyuk strikes my heart with his skill I mean his acting to make clear But who would believe after years another 6feet tall Hunk strikes my heart with the same method, I still mean his acting - someone enjoy watching jugglers Tagging @gm4queen & @Lawyerh to look at my first gifs on Choi Daniel
  8. Let me sharing my oppa percentage in my heart & my handphone. Calculation based on number of pictures i owned / saved 71% Kang Ji Hwan 15% Seo Kang Joon 12% Kim Nam Gil 2% Various Mix Guy I think im pretty faithful fangirl. No?! Lol. Ok i heard @triplem complaint. Yeah yeah seo kang joon not oppa hahahaha.....
  9. Alright, as I wait for my com to update...44 minutes remaining which...Er...*sigh* imma talk about mine! 1) Kim Nam Gil. I love him with his action moves. He looks so hot and handsome in it! Surprisingly enough, I never gif any action scenes, I’m such a KNG fan disgrace hahah. His voice strikes me in my heart hahah 2) Lee Jin Wook Gosh, I love him in voice. Voice only haha. I just take a lot at his past works...there aren’t really a lot of interesting ones, but I would say he is a versatile actor! I love him too! 3) My Chan, Kim Dong Wook Kimchi have been in my list for the longest out of the first 2. I never knew I like him until I watched Guest. To this day, Guest is a master piece to me! 4) Ju Ji Hoon Hoonie. Wah. For him, I watched 3 of his movies last year in the cinema. It’s awesome! He acts as a good guy role or as a bad guy role, he works real well with it! 5) Ji Sung I never talked about him for a while, but to me, he is really a likeable man. Especially in Kill Me Heal Me I love him in that hahaha he is so good playing as serval characters with different personalities. Hongkong 6) Ruco Chan He is one of those actor who could rock earrings and rings and look so badass with that (Ps. Bought my first ring and pieced my ears cause of him hahaha) I look like a gangster at one point going full emo mode with black nail polish haha Honorable mentions Kenneth Ma Ron Ng
  10. I will write later after my complicated bosses finished their problems without making things difficult for me note: at least my love to my oppas are deeper than @Ameera Ali <~~~ this girl can love more (her slogan)
  11. Ya ya ..why we talking age here , then all the oppas I adore can’t really be oppa wae! Wah my oppa list so darn long . Later I will write . My brain is not working right now
  12. Yaa i think my GPA will be perfect 4.00 if this topic gah... haha... Master guru @triplem need to bring out her oppa list. Eh oppa shd be older than us right ? Triplem will throw rock to me. Sensitive topics right hahaha....
  13. nahhhh i wished i can do it for my FYP but it's just because i noticed that this group is down so lighten it up a little. I am waiting for more people to join then i would write mine hahah
  14. Are u writing your FYP? Lol. Last time i do questionnaire too for graduation. I wish i can do this topics instead Wheres your Kim Nam Gil devotion btw? Bring him on!
  15. How can I top this now , single & available @sushilicious I have new crush in every new drama - as my lovey @Sejabin would say * so I would start from old to a new , I need to live these first love moments between me & my oppa
  16. Can i write Essay Sushi? My oppa is Kang Ji Hwan, i only knew him at first as Manager Baek Jin Sang in office drama "Feel Good to Die". Picky, annoying, but honest and tsundere to the girl he like. I love his manager style with his suits & glasses too. Why i love him? Why not ? Hes single and available. Yeah.. bye bye so ji sub for now lol. Tall, handsome, got nice voice too lol... Ok lets not worshipping him more here lol @nohamahamoud2002 @gm4queen @jinkzzmec @phoenix24 @Ameera Ali
  17. Seeing that this group have been quite quiet lately, so decided to do this little thing. We want to understand each other’s preferences and at the same time to get a feel on other oppas that we might not encounter before. You can indicate as much as you want. This page is for you to spread your desired Oppas in front of all of us haha. Questions Which scenes from your favorite oppas’ dramas is your favorite & Why? Aside from that, tell us, why do you love him? Why is he deserving of the spot on your bias list?
  18. @Ameera Ali haha ...that’s a nice looking chap. He’s quite buff . Sometimes, the oppas are so skinny , not much to look at
  19. @Sarang21 he jerk , but nothing stand between me & my abs
  20. @Ameera Ali To be honest...I was so annoyed at him for what he said that I couldn´t enjoy that scene. I will just have to cover his face and enjoy the abs
  21. @Sarang21& @triplem & @Lawyerh this longest shower I see for a while

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