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A dedicated space where we can appreciate all forms of fan service. Ahjummas, non-ahjummas, aspiring ahjummas are most welcome . Just need to have a keen sense of humour & fun

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  2. Yeah i think the guy is a radio DJ. The 2nd pic maybe SY came before to his show. Cute yah haha...
  3. @Lawyerh do you know what it is about ? She’s appearing on that guy’s show right ?
  4. They celebrated his birthday. Think his management arranged this
  5. Happy birthday to hottie Think this is the official IG of his fan club article mentioned about how he’s doing two dramas back to back
  6. Aiyo , normal ler...I always fan girl alone...especially because my oppa taste is so not mainstream
  7. I just disturb @triplem only lol... not fangirling here But I enjoyed his abs...and skin looks smooth
  8. Poor thing leh, only @triplem & @Lawyerh ahhh. Jiayou fighting!
  9. You should know the feeling first hand with LSG...ahahahahaha...ya weekend got drama, weekday got drama...in btwn I just search his videos...life's good
  10. FMV of my ill fated Dandelion ship on 100 Days My Husband
  11. I dont wanna watch cos i think my oppa so close to kiss the girl So yeah i dont know what variety show this one... lol...
  12. Omg @Lawyerh I don’t know what silly programme this is but bb cream oppa is in it too .
  13. Yay!!!!! ahahaha I was too lazy with no time to do a full proper one on our actors' threads...so put one here so that we can spazz and fangirl .......seriously someone needs to hold me back...I am watching too many videos of him instead of catching up on my dramas kkkk he likes a girl who works hard and relies on him ...lol!
  14. So he has always wanted to do romance after being casted as villains in the early days Wish they had subs for this....no one subbed this drama . FMV of Dear My Room Ahh he can sing and has a decent voice - the OTP did a duet for the drama
  15. From 2016 - after 1st big break in the movie derailed
  16. Satisfying a Kim Jae Young obsession 김재영 September 30, 1988 186 cm Filmography http://asianwiki.com/Kim_Jae-Young_(1988) --------------------- A thread / blog for videos and images of model turned actor Kim Jae- Young

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