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IMPORTANT : Forum software upgrade & rules

This announcement is no longer active


Good day, everyone ! 


We’ve got some news regarding the forum software upgrade and the rules



Back In June, an announcement was posted related to embedding  instagram posts and notified the community that these were no longer allowed upon a court’s ruling. We are pleased to inform you that embedding is not banned anymore



You must have noticed the recent changes, the forum software has upgraded to IPS 4.5 and has got a facelift. For now it is running with the default theme. Bringing back the dark theme is our priority ! 

The 4.5 version has brought key incremental changes



Grouping of related elements 

 A new design for content item page header as the topic view header for better logical grouping of section of each page. 

Improved post states 

To indicate the status of posts, a badge on the upper right corner and a more attractive border are added. The previous version had a flag in the top-right corner of the post.

Content view behavior 
 Invision Community now allows each member to choose when opening a thread to be taken to the unread comments or to open normally or the last comment. How to do it ? Go to the settings and  click on the feature content view behaviour !

Signing in anonymously 
 This login preference is now moved to the settings.  The feature Security and Privacy  in the setting tab enables soompiers to hang out anonymously. 

Quote Collapse
Now,  long  quotes are collapsed with an option to expand them in order to read them in their entirety. 

Topic view summary 
A topic summary gives an overview of the key moments and allowing to navigate more easily topics : 

-    A new sidebar  summarizing the following activity within the thread : the date of its creation, the last comment, the number of replies, the key members who are the most active ( i.e top posters), popular days (i.e the meat of the topic), most popular posts and a mini-gallery letting to review media that has been posted.  

-    An identifier between posts when a significant period of time has passed between replies, this adds context to the discussion.

Marking as solved
Until now, formalized way to handle members questions in the problem solvers section was to upvote answers and mark a reply as the best answer. Now, 4.5 Invision Community allows to solve topics ! This new feature helps to mark a post as the solution by adding a green tick.  

Author badge
Topic starters are given an author badge that can be seen at the upper right corner of posts 

Followers count
A new short number format for counting followers is displayed, for instance instead of 2,500 posts it says 2.5K posts. This new format reduces visual cluster and keeps a clean interface

Uploading files
The new software upgrade  includes a functionality to add chunked files ( others than images) directly from the computer desktop or other devices.  





Last but not least, we are aware of the bugs and other issues this upgrade has generated, the staff is trying to resolving those the soonest as possible. For this reason, a thread as a FAQs where users can air issues they are encountering is created : 


Thank you for your patience and understanding !




-The Soompi staff


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