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Soompi Forum Staff Update

This announcement is no longer active




Due to the lack of communication from Soompi's parent company to the forum staffs, the following mods/admins will be stepping down from their position:


  • Rebby
  • endeavor 
  • triplem 
  • LyraYoo 
  • phikyl 
  • stroppyse 
  • angelangie 
  • Lawyerh
  • JC's Lingxi 
  • snowlou 
  • Lynne
  • Sushimi 
  • bairama
  • lyricallyaesthetic


Since there is no way for anyone to fully step down from their position (the admins no longer have access to do that), we are not able to update the forum's staff list. It is important that you reach out to Soompi Support if you need any assistance. Do not message Viki Admin or soompihelpdesk on the forum. They will not respond to your messages. 


The mods/admins stepping down from their position have tremendous respect for Susan, the founder of Soompi who is no longer part of the company. Because of this, some may still be moderating in limited capacity until they are no longer able to do so. Even though they may be moderating the forum, all questions/concerns should still be directed to Soompi Support as mentioned above.

-The Admins

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