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Update #6 - Upgrades, Economy Balances, Events

This announcement is no longer active


Update #6 - Upgrades, Economy Balances, Events




- Increased server performance by deleting custom codes into different themes and select profile setting (Location) by @Hanyeoun

- Decreased lag response from merging consecutive posts by @ebullient

- More animated emojis added by @ebullient

- Twerking reaction (+ 1 reputation point) added by @Hanyeoun

- Shocked reaction (+1 reputation point) added by @ebullient


Economy Balances


- Every positive action will earn + 1 Soompi point

- Every reaction received will earn + 2 Soompi points

- Every post / reply will earn + 1 Soompi point

- Every limited medals in the Members Shop will cost 2500 Soompi points.*


*Pricing excess refund available for members who have purchased medals over 2500 Soompi points. Please send a request to @Hanyeoun through private messaging. All refund transactions will be through your Soompi bank located in the Members Shop.




- "Earn 2x Soompi Points" weekend event active until June 29, 2020 20:00 EST

- If possible, all weekends will have "Earn 2x Soompi Points"

- Upcoming event by @Lmangla Fwd: @stroppyse




We brought some improvements and we took down some features which were causing server performance issues such as: online status & posts per day on the upgraded user info panel.


We have also noticed a rise of consecutive postings into our website and we initiated a setting for fast moving threads in which posts will merge together. In return, it has decreased lag response for our forum platform.


More emojis and reactions are added.


Over the week, we have examined closely the economy of the new Soompi currency and our initial finding was that threadstarters earned too many points for the time and effort spent. We have nerfed this possibility to have each threadstarter rewarded with +1 Soompi point per reply on their respective threads.


We have nerfed the overall value by each post from + 5 Soompi Points to + 1. Now that reactions are more valuable than ever, we added + 2 points per reaction received.


We believe high quality content in Soompi are few of many representative values of our community. Having more points towards reactions instead of # posts to these contents should follow that logic.


Every limited medal in the shop will cost 2500 Soompi points and anyone who have purchased over that amount may receive a differential refund for the purchase excess.


Every weekend will have a "Earn 2x Soompi Points" if possible. Else, an upcoming event is on the drawing board.


Applications for Future Moderators and Event Organizers are coming out soon!


Stay tuned!

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