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SINGAPORE – #ParkHaeJin, the South Korean heartthrob best known for his roles in hit dramas such as My Love From The Star (2013), Bad Guys (2014) and Cheese In The Trap (2016), is in Singapore for the weekend as a presenter at the Star Awards today (April 17) . This year marks Park’s 10th year in the TV drama scene. He became known to Koreans for The Famous Chil Princesses (2006) where he played a sweet, younger boyfriend and spouse of a female army captain and has since starred in 15 dramas and two films. The star said because so many had given him “so much support for the past 10 years”, he decided to “return some of the support this year”. One of the things he did was organise a “Wish” event where fans sent emails detailing what they wished he could do for them. “We selected three and I helped fulfill their wishes. One was unwrapping a samgak gimbab (Korean sushi wrapped in triangular form that is sold in convenience stores) for a high school girl in Incheon; the second was to meet and cheer for a student’s father at a fire station in Daegu; and the third was meeting with drama club students in Samcheok,” he said. “There are some more plans to make the year of 2016 a year of giving back” . Q: Achieving 10 years is not easy. What do you think was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it? . A: It hasn’t been smooth sailing over the 10 years. There was this time when I didn’t work for some time after 2009. I had a hard time going through what I didn’t want to go through, but now that I look back, I think the hardships actually helped me grow as an actor. An actor has to express various things; and personal hardships, I think, helps (in my craft) . Q: People sometimes see you as your character in the show. Obviously the real you is not the same as the TV you. How would you describe yourself? A: I think of myself as someone who is too sensitive, or even harsh. Despite this, my motto in life is to “live in harmony” . Full intvw 👉 #박해진 #朴海鎮 #パクへジン #พัคแฮจิน #ปาร์คแฮจิน #奶酪陷阱 #착한배우 #착한남 #만찢남 #모태미남 #상남자 #완벽한남자 #존멋 #존잘남 #섹시남 #koreanactor

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