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[NEWS] 2016.04.17 Park Hae Jin is so popular in China that his face will be distributed and used all over the country in the form of 'Park Hae Jin stamps' and 'Park Hae Jin calling cards.' And he's the first Korean actor to achieve such a feat! According to a Chinese media outlet, these 'Park Hae Jin stamps' will be initially launched as a limited set of 100 and then be launched as regular stamps in all regions. Subsequent the launching of the stamps, 'Park Hae Jin calling cards' will soon follow suit. The products have already passed the review phase and will be released in the beginning of May. The limited edition of 'Park Hae Jin stamps' is reported to cost around 123,490 KRW (~$108 USD) and the calling cards will be around 21,230 KRW (~$18.5 USD). The regular stamps are around 140 KRW (~$0.12 USD) each. Park Hae Jin is the second Hallyu star to be selected to have his face on the stamps following Super Junior-M. The actor was among the 100 most influential stars in Chinese culture, selected for a new joint venture by the Chinese ministries of communication and post. Chinese media further reportedly stated, "Park Hae Jin is normally very active in China, and with his various donations and charitable deeds, he has won over the Chinese people's hearts. There are many Hallyu stars that simply film a couple endorsements here from their popularity with one or two projects and just go on their way but Park Hae Jin acted entirely different from them, proving to the Chinese that he's an actor who truly loves China." . #PARKHAEJIN #박해진 #朴海鎮 #パクへジン #พัคแฮจิน #ปาร์คแฮจิน #奶酪陷阱 #착한배우 #착한남 #만찢남 #모태미남 #상남자 #완벽한남자 #존멋 #존잘남 #섹시남 #koreanactor #koreanstar #고마운마음 @mountain_movement

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