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In addition to the hand movements which I mention previously, leg movements also expose your state of mind. This is the male version of the Ankle Lock. It often combined with clenched fists resting on the knees or with the hands tightly under the arms and a seated Pelvic Display. In our professional experience we have observed that when an interviewee locks his ankles, he is mentally 'biting his lip'. The gesture shows that he is holding back a negative emotion, uncertainty or fear. When people are involved in a conversation, they also put their feet into a conversation. Research with lawyers showed that defendants who sat outside the courtroom just prior to a hearing were three times more likely than the plaintiffs to have their ankles tightly locked under their chairs as they tried to control their emotional state. A study of several hundred dental patients showed that 88% locked their ankles as soon as they sat in the dental chair to have work done. Patients who were only having a check-up locked their ankles 68% of the time compared to 98% who locked ankles when the dentist administered an injection. In work with law enforcement and governmental agencies, such as the police, customs, and tax offices, most people who were being interviewed locked their ankles at the beginning of the interviews, but this was just as likely to be from fear as out of guilt. In the pic, Timmy is likely to be fear of something sitting right next to him - Johnny, who showed an unhappy face and turned his back to Timmy. Several pictures of the same day showed that Johnny was unhappy, and a few gesture of Timmy suggest that he was being scared of that attitude. Pic from @gayyoxx #huangjingyu #xuweizhou #timmyxu #주주 #허위주

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