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(2/3) Johnny Ideal Life #160425 Fashion Ifeng update cr : 鲸鱼圈养专业户 Trans cr : @jesshmc So now what i am doing is sometimes I will going for photo shooting, attend some of the event and also attend for some of the show or program. Maybe in a day I need to go for two or three places, actually is not really enough rest for me. But in front of the camera I will only show the well prepared side. I really addicted to soldier when i was young because I think soldier is really dashing and they give me some kind of cordial feeling. I wish I can become soldiers someday. But due to some of the reason i can't become a soldiers. . #黄景瑜 #Johnny黄景瑜 #Jingyu #JohnnyHuang #HuangJingYu

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